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THIS PUBLICATION MAY HAVE BEEN "SANITIZED." This digital format of this publication was extracted from TFI's HomeARC 99, which was subjected to encryption and editing by TFI, who, in order to hide its controversial writings and thus escape moral and/or legal accountability for past/present core beliefs and directives, sanitized (edited) and purged (deleted, destroyed, burned) its texts—both printed and electronic. Where possible, exFamily.org has compared this digital material with the cult's original paper-printed versions to ensure that this publication accurately reflects the original, uncensored version. Locations where the text has obviously or potentially been sanitized is hilighted with bright-red [DELETED] or [EDITED] markers.

WORLD CURRENTS!--No.28       DO 2099       Compiled 3/86

       1. JAPAN HAS THE STRONGEST ECONOMY IN THE WORLD TODAY! They may not be Christians, although many of them are. But I believe with all my heart they're a righteous nation & a hardworking nation & a behaving nation with very little crime. And God blesses the righteous even if they're not Christians! He blesses the good. They're good people, wonderful people! They're a lot like the Swiss, everybody's so good & they're always telling you what to do & not to do & everybody behaves. They have very little crime. They're good people, righteous people, hard-working people, like Japan, so God has blessed them both.
       2. WHEREAS THE DOLLAR'S SINKING & THE U.S.A. IS GOING DOWN, JAPAN'S COMING UP! They're never going to solve that trade surplus that Japan has. As long as the U.S. is wicked & Japan is righteous, God's going to keep boosting Japan & putting the U.S. down & the Dollar down & U.S. trade down, & exalting Japan & its Yen & its trade!
       3. THAT'S THE WAY IT GOES, GOD BLESSES THE GOOD & THE RIGHTEOUS, even if they don't know Him, if they're doing the best they know how. And He curses the wicked, especially the wicked who know better & know about Him & have rejected Him & refused Him & cursed Him & are going their own wicked rebellious way! The U.S. is about to tumble & go down the drain, whereas Japan & the East are coming up!

       4. NAKASONE OF JAPAN IS TRYING TO MAKE PEACE WITH THE U.S. BECAUSE THE U.S. IS MAKING SUCH A BIG BEEF ABOUT THE TRADE DEFICIT BETWEEN THE U.S. & JAPAN. The U.S. trade deficit with Japan was around 50 billion Dollars, so the U.S. has been threatening protectionist action to raise duties on Japanese products or limit them. Of course, since the U.S. is Japan's biggest customer, Japan is worried about them doing that. Of course, the U.S. is blaming it all on Japan, but the fact of the matter is it's not Japan's fault, it is the U.S. customers' fault because they prefer to buy the better & cheaper Japanese articles. Actually protectionism by the U.S. will merely amount to charging the customers more for Japanese products, & the U.S. would get the taxes & the duties & the import levies, etc.
       5. SO IT'S ALL ACTUALLY THE U.S.'s FAULT & THE AMERICAN CITIZEN'S FAULT! Japan is not forcing its products on the U.S., but the Americans just prefer them, that's all, because they're better & they're cheaper. So it is kind of ridiculous the way the U.S. blames it on Japan, but nevertheless Japan is worried about their threats of quotas & tariffs, etc. The U.S. has been threatening to raise the tariffs 25%. As I recall, the last bill was defeated because the American people realised that it was going to hurt them more than Japan because they'd have to pay 25% more for Japanese products, so the consumers started to howl because that would cost them money. It would make money for the government, of course, they'd get the tariffs themselves & it would of course probably reduce the American buying of Japanese goods, which is what the U.S. is after.
       6. AND SO WHAT THE U.S. IS TRYING TO "ENCOURAGE" JAPAN TO DO--THEY MEAN PRESSURE OR FORCE HER--IS TO SELL MORE OF HER PRODUCTS AT HOME, HA! They're telling Japan to, "Stay away from here, go home & sell your products there!" The U.S. government is trying to tell them that even though the consumers want to buy the best & the cheapest whenever they can, it is the American manufacturers who are putting up the howl because they are losing business to Japan. It's because they're unwilling to make things as good & as cheap as Japan does & also because they pay more for their labour. But it is so ridiculous for the U.S. to be telling Japan what to do!
       7. JAPAN IS ALREADY SELLING LOTS OF GOODS AT HOME & IN FACT, THE JAPANESE PREFER JAPANESE GOODS. But what the U.S. wants them to do is go home & sell more of their goods at home! It's really ridiculous! It is almost childish the way the U.S. is acting about it. They're acting childish about everything, this business with Libya, they're acting like spoiled little brats attacking Libya because they just suspect that maybe Godahfi is behind those terrorist attacks in Europe.

       8. I THINK LEBANON IS ABSOLUTELY INSANE! They don't even know how to live without war! Most of the young people there don't know life without war, all they know is killing. If they had peace, they wouldn't even know what to do, they're so used to shooting & killing each other! Other people pay for the weapons & the arms, etc., & let them kill each other! Big outside powers arm them & give them ammunition to fight each other to try to disrupt the country & disintegrate the country & make it collapse, & they've finally succeeded!
       9. THEY DON'T HAVE ANY GOVERNMENT IN LEBANON! All the so-called Lebanese government & president control is the East side of town, East Beirut, that's all. And every now & then even the palace gets hit by crossfire! There are so many different factions, I don't know if they know how many different factions they've got fighting!
       10. BEIRUT IS A SAMPLE OF A CITY WHERE THE GANGS GOT SO BIG THAT EVERYBODY JOINED SOME GANG & EVERYBODY CARRIED ARMS & HAD GUNS! That's about what it amounts to in Beirut! They used to talk about Chicago gangs & New York gangs, but they couldn't even hold a candle to Beirut! That is gangland itself, nothing but gangs, all gangs, everybody shooting guns & mortars!

       11. THE LEBANESE CHRISTIAN RIGHTISTS, THE ULTRA-CONSERVATIVE RIGHTISTS CALLED CHRISTIANS ARE ACTUALLY MARONITE CATHOLICS & NOT VERY CHRISTIAN the way they murder & kill & slaughter! Gemayel is supposedly President of the country, which is mostly just East Beirut!
       12. ALL OF THE LEADERS OF THE OTHER VARIOUS CHRISTIAN GROUPS WENT TO SYRIA & SIGNED AN ACCORD, A PEACE AGREEMENT, & came back & said it was going to be the end of the civil war, but Gemayel refused! He refused to sign the agreement because it gave the Muslims a little more power, which they deserve because they are now in the majority. But he refuses to recognise that, refused to sign the peace treaty & so the war goes on. Those Lebanese people are insane, they don't know anything but killing anymore!

       13. PROBABLY IF THEY'D DO A LITTLE MORE PRAYING & QUIT WORSHIPPING THOSE IDOLS & IMAGES, SOME OF THE DEVILS THAT THEY WORSHIP, THE LORD WOULD HAVE SENT THEM RAIN! What do you think is the matter with North Africa or the Sahara area & those big Black countries, the ones that are suffering the terrible famines, why do you think they haven't had any rain for so long? God controls the rain. ...

       15. DO YOU KNOW WHAT THEY DO TO LITTLE GIRLS THROUGHOUT AFRICA? The men are so selfish, they don't want the girls to have sexual desires after they marry'm, or they might get mixed up with some other man. So do you know what they do to the girls when they get near puberty? Oh, they make a religion out of it, they make it a ceremony! They take a knife & cut off the parts of you down there that have good feelings when you have sex & cut off your little button completely with a knife! Can you imagine anything so horrible? It would be like cutting off your penie!--Female circumcision!
       16. THEY CUT OFF THE LIPS & THEY CUT OFF THE CLITORIS, YOUR LITTLE BUTTON, CUT IT OUT WITH A KNIFE!--And sometimes dirty knives at that! And many of the girls die from infection & everything else & don't even survive the operation, so that the girls can't have any sexual pleasure after that, so that they won't desire to have sex. But they're such slaves of the men, their husbands can force them to have sex whether they like it or not, even if they don't like it any more! And they still have babies.
       17. CAN YOU IMAGINE A SOCIETY SO CRUEL WHERE THE MEN ARE SO CRUEL & EVEN THE WOMEN ARE SO CRUEL, THE MOTHERS, THAT THEY CONSENT TO IT? I'm putting some articles in the WND about that! (See WND 94.) I hope you're reading them! Horrible! Terrible! It's been one of the greatest causes of childhood death in Africa, these girls having these insanitary dirty infectious operations & cutting off the parts down there that feel good when you have sex, so you won't feel good when you have sex. In fact, it will maybe even hurt so you won't want to have sex unless your husband forces it on you, so you won't desire other men.
       18. IMAGINE A SOCIETY SO CRUEL, A PEOPLE SO CRUEL, SO HORRIBLE!--Who not only worship demons & the Devil & evil spirits & diabolical dastardly witchcraft & all kinds of junk like that, but do all kinds of horrible things as a result! They call that female circumcision, only it's much worse. In circumcising a boy, which Moses told the Jews to do, they just cut off the foreskin around the penie. And actually in some ways it was more healthful because it would toughen up the head of the penie so it couldn't get so easily infected by germs, etc., & you could keep it cleaner. It's a lot easier for all you who are circumcised to keep clean than it is for us who aren't circumcised.
       19. BUT ISN'T THAT HORRIBLE? AREN'T YOU GLAD YOU'RE NOT AN AFRICAN? Africa is Hell on Earth except for South Africa! Even some of the Muslims do that, some Muslim countries have that custom, & it arose from the selfishness of men who don't want their wives to feel good when they're having sex! They're forced to have it with their husbands, but they don't want them to feel good because they're afraid they might decide to have it with somebody else. So it's one way of keeping their wives supposedly loyal or faithful, by having this operation. Isn't that awful?
       20. THANK GOD FOR SEX! THANK GOD FOR OUR SEXUAL ORGANS! And since Moses is gone, thank God we boys don't even have to get circumcised any more! Well, some of you already got circumcised before you knew that. Sorry about that, boys, but anyway, you can still have fun! I'm sure you can & you have been!

       U.S. FLAG!
       21. The American flag today is a symbol of tyranny & oppression & selfish riches!

       22. Martin Luther died Feb. 18, 1546--exactly 373 years before I was born!

       23. Of course, the [EDITED: "Israelis"] wouldn't call that terrorist action, since they're doing it! But it's piracy!--And War!

       24. THE PHILIPPINES HAS HAD THE WORST ECONOMIC CRISIS IN THE ENTIRE EAST! And why?--Because the U.S. did it to try to get rid of Marcos! The U.S. brought on their economic crisis! The U.S. tried to knock the Philippines down flat through the IMF & those loans, deliberately trying to kill the Philippines! To try to get rid of Marcos, they were even willing to get rid of the Philippines! Really! They hated him & that country because it defied them. Those God-damned anti-Christ [DELETED] Americans & their damned lying media & cruel politicians!

       25. The U.S. is threatening force against the Communists in Nicaragua, while they're helping to power a pro-Communist government in the Philippines!

       26. South Africa would be just fine right now if all those nosey nations would stay out of South Africa's business!

       27. That's why I don't like beauty contests, because to me they all look pretty, they're all beautiful! There's hardly ever an ugly one! So how can they give a prize to anyone? I'd like to give them all prizes!

       28. WOMEN HAVE PROVEN TO BE MORE COVETOUS OF THINGS & PUT A HIGHER PRICE ON MATERIAL THINGS THAN MEN DO. Like that new popular song, "I'm a Material Girl." It's kind of like that song Liza Minelli used to sing, "Money, Money, Money Makes the World go 'Round!" The women have proven to be the most pecuniary, the most covetous, the most materialistic! 75% of the U.S. wealth is in the hands of women, in their names at least.
       29. I HAVE ALWAYS SAID I EVEN SEE A LITTLE BIT OF IT IN MAMA & I WARNED THE BOYS, "WOMEN ARE BORN NESTERS & they value the nest & everything in it!" As I have said before, a man's love for a woman is, you might say, easy come, easy go, whatever. But a woman won't settle for anything but lock, stock, hook, line, sinker, the boat & the fisherman! So beware! (See ML #529.)

       30. The TMers think their minds can create images or hallucinations or whatever they think they are. That Maharishi religion, Transcendental Meditation, apparently must think they create those apparitions as mental images or something, when actually they're calling up spirits whose apparitions or ghosts they see! But they think it's all in their mind power & all that kind of thing. They always try to make it sound scientific when it's just nothing in the World but old-fashioned calling up of spirits, which is in the Bible. Remember how Saul called up the spirit of Samuel, etc.? And the two great Prophets appeared with Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration. (1Sam.28:11-14; Mt.17:3) They were actual ghosts or spirits of actual people!

       31. AMEN, LORD, THANK YOU JESUS FOR THIS DAY IN WHICH I'VE COMPLETED ANOTHER YEAR, or You have, You helped me make it this far, & for all we accomplished this past year, & all the people who helped me do it, & even helped You do it. But You helped us all do it, Lord, & that's best of all!
       32. WE ASK THEE AS WE LIGHT THIS CANDLE THAT IT WOULD REMIND US OF HOW WE TRY TO LIGHT EVERYBODY'S CANDLE! They're the candles, but we have to give them the fire of Thy Love & Thy Salvation, to burn brightly so that others can see & be witnessed to, in Jesus' name!
       33. THAT'S SUCH A SAMPLE OF WITNESSING! The Lord used that Himself. He said if you have a candle you should put it on the candlestick so it will light the whole house, you don't stick it under a bushel. (Mat.5:15) He meant a bushel basket. I don't like to put them out, but I don't like them to drip on the cake either, so I'll let [EDITED: "her"] blow it out if she wants to. ([EDITED: "She"] blows out the candle.) Now it's like a backslider! Look how smokey & smelly it is, the fire gone, smokey, smelly & dead, their witness gone!
       34. THANK THE LORD FOR ANOTHER WONDERFUL YEAR & THANK YOU ALL FOR HELPING ME MAKE IT! Thank you especially for your prayers! I really appreciated knowing you're praying for me, it's been a real help & a real blessing. And that's why I've been doing better, TTL!
       35. I'M HOPING & PRAYING FOR PEACE FOR THIS COMING YEAR! PTL!--Peace for the countries we live in, peace for us. I don't have too much faith to pray for peace for the entire World because there are already a whole bunch of wars going on. But let's hope they don't get too close to us anyway or hurt our people & the countries they're in. Thank God He's been keeping them, they haven't had too much trouble. We get a little bad publicity & a little persecution here & there, but nothing too bad that we haven't been able to survive. PTL! So pray for peace!
       36. DO GIVE US PEACE, LORD!--PEACE TO PUBLISH THE GOSPEL OF PEACE!--In Jesus' name we ask for Thy glory. Amen! PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ! Pray for all of us that we may have peace to preach peace!--In Jesus' name! PTL! Amen!--Are you preaching His peace?

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