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MY HEAVEN'S CHILDREN!--Heaven's Children Chap. 4       DFO 2103       10/85

       1. WELL, HERE'S GRANDFATHER AGAIN! THIS TIME I'M GOING TO TRY TO TELL YOU THE STORY OF OUR VERY OWN BIG FAMILY OF HEAVEN'S CHILDREN, & MY OWN CHILDREN & GRANDCHILDREN! Of course, you're all my children if you love Jesus & are a part of this Family! But the ones I'm going to tell you about today, God willing, are my own personal little flesh-&-blood family, or families, & how they came to be what they are today. (Jn.1:12; Gal.3:26-28)
       2. IN OUR FIRST CHAPTER OF "THE STORY OF HEAVEN'S CHILDREN," WE TOLD YOU THE STORY OF THE UNIVERSE, FROM BEGINNING TO END, from the Creation to the final Heaven itself, including soon-coming future events, to set the stage & the background for this marvelous, wonderful story of God's Children throughout the World.
       3. NEXT, IN CHAPTER TWO, since many of you may not know who Grandfather is, I thought I'd better tell you just who I am & where I came from, as well as where I'm going! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord!
       4. THEN, IN CHAPTER THREE, WE ANSWERED THE QUESTION, "WHO ARE HEAVEN'S CHILDREN?" Of course that answer was really fairly simple, because all of God's children are Heaven's Children!--Every one who loves the Lord & God's Son, Jesus, & His Father, God, & His Mother Holy Spirit, all the saved born-again genuine believers & true Christians throughout all the Earth, of whom there are many millions! (Ro.8:14-17)
       5. BUT THEN OF COURSE WE HAD TO TELL YOU ABOUT THE MANY MORE MILLIONS THERE ARE IN THE WORLD TODAY OF THE DEVIL'S CHILDREN! These are the Satanic forces of Antichrist that are working against the Kingdom of God throughout the World & trying to stifle it & end it with a final onslaught against people of faith & religion around the World through the Devil in person in the form of a World ruler, an Evil World King to come, known in the Bible as the Antichrist! This conflict is going on right now between those of faith, the Children of Love, God's Children, & those of unbelief & hatred, the children of the Devil!
       6. WE ARE WAGING A WAR OF LOVE, PEACE, HAPPINESS & contentment & Heaven-on-Earth against the enemies, those children of Satan who are full of hatred for God & His Son & His Children & His Kingdom & want to take the World over selfishly for themselves & destroy it!--And they almost will one of these days, as they're fast taking over today. For "broad is the way & wide is the gate that leadeth unto destruction, & many there be that go in thereat! But straight is the gate & narrow is the way that leadeth unto Life Eternal, & few there be that find it!" (Mt.7:13,14)
       7. SO WE WHO LOVE THE LORD ARE MILLIONS, BUT IN THE MINORITY of the billions of today who do not know Him nor love Him nor follow Him. We seem to be fighting a losing battle against the Devil's forces of Evil & his children throughout the World, but actually we're winning!--We're winning souls with God's love every day--thousands of them! Thank the Lord! And many are learning to follow Jesus in nearly all the countries of the World on its six continents, for there are millions who still love Him & still want to serve Him by loving others & showing them God's Love. (2Co.10:4-5; Rev.12:11)
       8. SO I MUST TELL YOU HOW MY OWN PERSONAL FAMILY GOT STARTED AS WARRIORS IN THIS GREAT WAR OF GOOD AGAINST EVIL & LOVE AGAINST HATRED & against destruction & pollution & the wars of this World. I've already told you that I was the child of a mother who was a blatant atheist & hated God. But finally through an accident that nearly killed her, she found His Love & was gloriously saved through faith in Him & His Son Jesus, & one week later was miraculously, supernaturally raised from her deathbed to walk to her husband's church the next morning & tell the story how God had marvelously & wonderfully both saved her soul & healed her body, to love & serve Him for the rest of her life! (Jer.1:10; 1Ti.6:12)
       9. SO I WAS THE FIRST CHILD OF FAITH BORN TO HER AFTER THAT MARVELOUS & WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE! I grew up to love the Lord & could never even remember the time that I did not know Him & love Him as my Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God! For years I traveled with my parents in evangelistic work, loving others & striving to win them to Jesus, so that they could go to Heaven too.
       10. FINALLY WE BECAME VERY CONCERNED ABOUT THE HIPPIES of California & tried to reach them with the Gospel of His love, & were extremely successful in so doing! For they were hungry souls, looking for Truth & seeking solutions & desperately in need of Salvation.
       11. DRIVEN BY THE PERSECUTION OF UNGODLY SYSTEMITES, WE LEFT CALIFORNIA, FOLLOWED BY A MOTLEY BAND OF THESE STRANGE HIPPIES who now loved the Lord & wanted to follow Him & me wherever we went, & also to win others to Jesus with His Love. So with over 100 of these oddly-dressed & bewhiskered Hippies, we traveled all around the United States in a long convoy of about 35 to 40 cars, trucks, buses, caravans & trailers, & we were a sight to behold!
       12. WE WOULD CAMP OUT WHEREVER WE COULD--behind truck stops, in county parks & campgrounds & sometimes right on the streets of the cities or in the parking lots of huge supermarkets, & we became a source of wonder & amazement to the Worldly Systemites around us! Usually we were treated with courtesy & respect as soon as they found out we were true Christians, really loved the Lord & were not going to do them or their System any harm, & were only loving them & trying to win their souls to Christ.
       13. BUT SOMETIMES MISUNDERSTANDING PEOPLE, EVEN CHURCH PEOPLE, WOULD GET TERRIBLY UPSET & ALMOST VIOLENT & WANT US OUT of their towns! So we would have to move on, usually taking a few of their children with us, which didn't make them any happier! Some even said that they would rather have their children back on drugs than to have our kind of religion! But actually it was just the same kind of religion that Jesus' disciples had as they followed Him around as His motley, barefooted or be-sandaled crew in long robes & beards, demonstrating the Gospel. (Lk.9:2-5)
       14. WE DIDN'T MIRACULOUSLY FEED THE THOUSANDS PHYSICALLY like He did, nor heal the hundreds by many miracles as our Lord did. But we did what He told us to do, & that was to "go into all the World & preach the Gospel to every creature!"--And we're still busy at it & we have won literally millions of souls to Jesus throughout the many years of our work for Him! (Mk.16:15)
       15. PART OF OUR SENSATIONAL PRESENTATION WAS TO PUT ON BIG DEMONSTRATIONS AS SACKCLOTH-ROBED PROPHETS, carrying great staves & marching down the main streets of America's greatest cities, & holding a warning watch in its Capitol building for many nights, & witnessing to hungry, interested young people wherever we went. For it was mostly the youth who were open & willing to receive & follow us & Jesus. (Eze.3:17-19)
       16. MOST OF THEIR ELDERS WERE HARDENED, THEIR MINDS MADE UP, & they didn't want to be confused with the facts: That we were only preaching the same Gospel of Love that Jesus & His disciples preached, & living by faith in the same way that they lived in their day, even looking a little bit like them, with our long hair, beards, robes & so on. (Lk.8:1; Heb.11:37-38)
       17. AFTER A YEAR OF SUCH TRAVELS, WITH MANY MORE JOINING US NOW, we were weary & needed rest, so we came to find a haven at a large Ranch in Texas. There we drew our disciples aside, as Jesus did, & taught them awhile, as many more were added by the Lord to our church or congregation each day. Even as it was in the days of the Early Church that Jesus led, He was still leading us in the same way. (Mk.6:31; Acts 2:47; 5:14)
       18. MY OWN TEENAGED CHILDREN HAD BEEN LARGELY INSTRUMENTAL IN THIS PHENOMENAL SUCCESS WITH THE HIPPIES because of their own youth & enthusiasm & unconventional approach, singing & playing guitars on the streets & shouting the message of Salvation, & decrying the sins of the System & sympathizing with its poor victims!--And they were largely the leaders & teachers of these Disciples of Christ whom we had gathered together on that Ranch in Texas.
       19. SOON WE WERE 350 THERE ON THE TEXAS RANCH & beginning to be a bit too much for its owners, so we had to leave & scatter throughout the United States & Europe, which certainly proved to be the Will of God! Even as He scattered the Early Church out of Jerusalem & Antioch & to Europe as well, they went everywhere preaching the Gospel, & that's exactly what we did too! (Ac.8:4)
       20. SOON WE WERE 50 COLONIES, THEN 100, & THEN HUNDREDS!--UNTIL TODAY THERE ARE NEARLY 1,000 COMMUNES OR HOMES OF US, THROUGHOUT 100 COUNTRIES ON ALL SIX CONTINENTS of this World, preaching the Gospel of Jesus wherever we go, distributing that beautiful literature & those gorgeous full-colour Posters about Heaven, & wonderful Heavenly music on our Gospel music tapes!
       21. IN 1970, MY WIFE & I WERE THE FIRST TO PIONEER EUROPE & THE MIDEAST, traveling first to Luxembourg, then to London, then all about Europe--to London, to Spain, to Vienna, to Italy, to Paris, to Venice & finally to Israel, where we had hoped to establish our own kibbutz in what we thought was the "Land of Promise," thinking that the Jews were still God's people.
       22. ISRAEL WAS A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY & WE ENJOYED OUR STAY THERE, as we kept busy writing Letters home to our Children.--And our "home" was now throughout the World, for we now had hundreds of Heaven's Children, yea thousands! But it was there in Israel, seeing that land & its people firsthand, that we soon found out that he that is called a Jew is not always necessarily a Jew at heart! He's not always truly a Child of God or His called & Chosen People in this day & age. For most of them were anti-Christ & hated Jesus & denied His Messiahship & only wanted to obliterate His memory, even changing the names of many of the towns & cities & places where the British Christians had so faithfully put up signs & markers to commemorate His presence there in the past. Most [EDITED: "Israelis"] were mean & aggressive & antagonistic to the Message of Jesus. (Ro.2:28-29; 9:6-8)
       23. WE HAVE HAD SOME OF [EDITED: "THEM"] SPIT IN OUR FACES, CURSE THE NAME OF CHRIST & STRIKE THE BIBLE OUT OF OUR HANDS as we tried to tell them about the Love of their own Messiah, Jesus Christ, Whom they crucified! (Jn.8:47)
       24. THE ONLY SWEET, HUMBLE CHRISTIANS THAT WE FOUND IN ISRAEL WERE THE PRECIOUS ARAB DISCIPLES who were living under pitiful, poverty-stricken conditions & persecution, as the few remaining Christians in Israel! We soon found that these were the only ones with whom we had true fellowship as fellow Christians & Disciples of Christ. We enjoyed their sweet, humble homes & ate in their lowly, inexpensive cafes & learned to know & love them dearly as the true, genuine followers of Jesus!--Still suffering persecution at the hands of their [DELETED] tormentors, the children of the same [EDITED: "ones"] who cried, "Crucify Him! His blood be upon us & our children!" (Mt.27:20-25)
       25. SO FINALLY, DISILLUSIONED & DISAPPOINTED & DISCOURAGED, WE TURNED AWAY FROM WHAT WE HAD THOUGHT WAS OUR PROMISED LAND of Israel. We weren't allowed to establish a Christian kibbutz there & had to flee to Cyprus to avoid their persecution!
       26. BUT THANK GOD FOR THAT DISILLUSIONMENT & THAT REVELATION! For he that claims to be a Jew is not always a Jew at heart like the good Jews in the Bible, many of whom truly loved God & followed Jesus in Jerusalem, for the common people heard Him gladly. But just as today, their religious leaders hated Him & were jealous of Him & nagged Him & tormented Him & finally tortured Him & crucified Him, as His Own apostles wrote & described in the Books of the Gospels & the Acts of the Apostles in the New Testament in the Bible. Read it for yourself, if you don't believe it! (Mk.12:37b; Mt.27:1; Acts 3:13-15)
       27. [DELETED] They said, "We will not have this Man to rule over us!" Therefore Jesus says these former [DELETED] children of His Kingdom are cast out now & no longer members of the Kingdom of God. [DELETED]! (Lk.6:11; 19:14; Mt.8:11-12; Jn.8:39-44)
       29. SO WE [EDITED: "LEFT"] TO CYPRUS, TO THAT BEAUTIFUL CITY OF FAMAGUSTA, where we lived amongst the Greeks & the Turks & found that there, the opposite was true! The supposedly Christian Greeks were now persecuting & tormenting the Islamic Turks & there was intolerance everywhere! So finally the Turkish army had to invade the North of Cyprus to protect its Turkish citizens of that Island. This was the only solution to a very unhappy situation in which Turks & Greeks were killing each other & fighting & utterly divided! For "a house divided against itself cannot stand," & the only way to solve that situation was for the Turkish army to come & protect the Turks there who were in the minority, only 20 percent of the people. The Turks had often been slaughtered & massacred by the supposedly Christian Greeks. So in this case our sympathies were entirely with the Turks, who were being severely persecuted by these so-called "Christian" Greeks. (Mt.12:25)
       30. THERE, IN THAT BEAUTIFUL 1971 SPRINGTIME IN CYPRUS, WE CONTINUED TO WRITE LETTERS TO OUR FAMILY & tell them what we had found out about [EDITED: "in Israel"]. [DELETED] But we did find a few Greeks who seemed to be truly Christian at heart & hospitable, & we had many sweet times of fellowship there with them, as well as with the sincere & precious Turks of that time, & we were determined to come back some day to help them if we could, & we still hope to do so.
       31. IT WAS THERE THAT WE HAD MANY AMAZING REVELATIONS, both about that place & about [EDITED: "Israel"] & about God's will & the future! We began to warn our own Children of God to beware of [EDITED: "those"] who have now taken over the World!
       32. FINALLY, WITH OUR THREE-MONTH VISA IN CYPRUS UP, WE SAILED AGAIN BACK TO ITALY, this time to Genova, where we took a train to Milan & then a through train all the way back to London, where we settled down for awhile in an old-fashioned boarding house run by a dear old Jewish woman who liked us & fed us well.
       33. THERE WE CONTINUED TO WRITE LETTERS & GET REVELATIONS ABOUT OUR FAMILY & OUR FUTURE & the Lord worked marvellously, until finally we had to return to the United States to solve some of our own children's problems in our former Home. My oldest daughter Deborah & her husband Jethro were causing trouble & I had to return home in order to try to settle their mess & the problems that they were causing amongst our New Children through jealousy & selfishness & domineering & failing to follow & obey the Letters that we had written them.
       34. AFTER A YEAR THERE TRYING TO STRAIGHTEN THEM OUT & TO REORGANISE THINGS, WE HAD TO FLEE AGAIN TO LONDON, due to bad publicity & lies & persecution of our enemies, largely the religious leaders, the same kind that persecuted Jesus & His Disciples in their day! In London my Children had found a warm welcome & tremendous reception & had won hundreds of disciples to Christ & were popularized on radio & television & in the newspapers & grew in numbers & the grace of God! (Mt.10:23a)
       35. FROM LONDON THEY HAD BRANCHED OUT TO THE CONTINENT, TO AMSTERDAM, PARIS, ROME & SO ON, spreading the message of God's Love throughout Europe, that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today & forever! He can still save even the lowest of sinners, the drunks & the harlots & the prostitutes & the publicans & sinners & even the Hippies & the drug-dealers & the criminals, whom the Lord gloriously saved & completely delivered from their bad habits & their evil lives & made them new Christian Saints for Jesus, fervently winning other young people to His cause! So we spread rapidly throughout Europe, completely across the Continent, until every major city had some of our Family.
       36. MY WIFE & I REMAINED IN LONDON FOR A COUPLE OF YEARS, continuing to write the Letters which fed the Children & their sheep & instructed them how to live, how to love, how to work & how to win souls for Christ. And there, for the first time, these Letters which had always been personal & confidential to our Children & their leaders only, we began to distribute them on the streets to the general public, & they were a sensation & went like hotcakes!--Now vividly illustrated & artistically printed in great numbers! (Ps.68:11)
       37. SO IN 1973 OUR LETTERS TO OUR CHILDREN WERE FIRST PUBLICLY DISTRIBUTED ON THE STREETS OF LONDON & THROUGHOUT THE WORLD to anyone who was interested, for whatever they were willing to pay, often given away completely free to those who could not afford to give anything. Although the Gospel is free, it does cost something to pipe it to you! So we did have to charge a little something or accept small gifts, at least, to help us pay for the enormous costs of the printing of these little pamphlets & leaflets & Gospel tracts.--And now Color Posters & Music Tapes! (1Co.9:11,14)
       38. OUR GOSPEL ABSOLUTELY BEGAN TO FLOOD THE STREETS OF LONDON & EUROPE & OTHER CONTINENTS & MAJOR CITIES OF THE WORLD for those first few years, as our Children spread throughout its capitals & in major countries.
       39. AFTER SATURATING BRITAIN WITH OUR GOSPEL & REAPING A GREAT HARVEST OF SOULS THERE, THE ANTI-CHRIST ENEMY BEGAN TO RAISE HIS LIES & bad publicity & persecution against us, so that we ourselves, myself & my wife, fled alone to the Island of Tenerife in the Canaries of Franco Spain & settled in its city of Puerto de la Cruz. We stayed there in a small, modest apartment as we continued to write Letters to our Children.
       40. BUT WE COULD NOT KEEP QUIET ABOUT THE LOVE OF JESUS! We continued to witness His Love & His Loving wherever we went & to whomever we were with, showing & manifesting & demonstrating His Love to them in every way & any way that they needed it. Until we & a few followers who began to follow us there began to be known as the "Family of Love," their own name for us. Soon we became famous on that Island for such love & so much love & our beautiful Family who lived in Love & loved to live & loved to love! (Jn.15:12-13; Jas.2:15-17; 1Jn.3:16)
       41. AS MY WIFE & I WERE BUSY DOING OFFICE WORK ALL DAY, with me dictating & her transcribing & us editing the Letters & sending them out for publishing, we were often weary of this confining desk work by the end of the day & felt the need of exercise in some way. So we would take long walks into the city & tour the nightclubs, dancing vigorously & enjoying the music & such happy times together. We made many friends amongst these businessmen & women & workers who came there also for recreation & for love.
       42. MANY OF OUR FAMILY FOLLOWED US THERE, UNTIL WE HAD SEVERAL COLONIES ON THE ISLANDS, & we were showing such love to everybody that even the police who were sent to investigate us were won to the Lord & became enthusiastic admirers of my wonderful Family, & we had a wonderful time together! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! Those were days of Heaven on Earth in that beautiful city on that beautiful Island in that lovely climate of Tenerife!--A true paradise on Earth!
       43. BUT FINALLY, WHEN WE HAD AGAIN REAPED A GREAT HARVEST OF SOULS WON FOR JESUS, we had become so famous we were on radio & television & in the newspapers almost daily! Tourists & reporters flocked to Tenerife all the way from Europe just to see us & to wonder at us & some to get acquainted with us, eager & hungry for the Truth & the Love of God through us! They were getting gloriously saved & wonderfully changed in their lives for Jesus!
       44. BUT OF COURSE, AS ALWAYS HAPPENED WITH JESUS & HIS DISCIPLES, SOON THE RELIGIOUS SCRIBES & PHARISEES & HYPOCRITES OF RELIGION ROSE IN JEALOUSY & ENVY AGAINST US & thought that we were going to take over the whole Island, & we probably would have! They were losing their members to our Family, so that the Bishop of the Islands began to preach against us & warn about us & stir up the authorities against us! (Mk.15:10; Acts 13:45)
       45. ACTUALLY THE COMMON PEOPLE HEARD US GLADLY, & THE AUTHORITIES EVEN LIKED US, & some of the leading men & businessmen of the city followed us & welcomed us & warmly received us every night! They would sit around us in the clubs & cafes listening to us telling them about the Love of Jesus. (Mk.12:37b)
       46. BUT FINALLY, WHEN WARNINGS & POLICE INVESTIGATIONS & SO ON DID NOT DISCOURAGE US NOR DETER US, THE BISHOP STIRRED UP THE LOCAL JUDGE AGAINST US & had us put under investigation. He would have surely put us in jail for some pitiful little excuse or another if we had not [EDITED: "left"] again, this time to Portugal, on that beautiful little subtropical Island of Madeira, another little Paradise-on-Earth! Having been brought up in the tropics of Miami, Florida, I always preferred the warmer climate & thrived there better than in the cold, snowy North. (2Ti.3:12)
       47. THERE IN FUNCHAL, ONLY 200 MILES FROM OUR FAMILY IN TENERIFE, WE CONTINUED TO WRITE LETTERS TO GUIDE OUR HEAVEN'S CHILDREN & inspire them & to reveal God's Truth to them, until one day we bumped into someone from Tenerife whom we feared would reveal our whereabouts & we fled again! This time we [EDITED: "stayed"] in an old villa on the Estoril, the beautiful seacoast of Portugal, near Lisbon. There we [DELETED] continued to write & publish the Good Tidings of the Gospel of Jesus' Love.
       48. AGAIN WE CIRCULATED AROUND IN THE NIGHTCLUBS of the area for nightly dancing, exercise & recreation & relief from our hard office work. There again, we were well received & warmly welcomed in some of the biggest nightclubs in the area, especially in the Casino of Estoril itself, where we became fast friends of its manager & made many more friends of its members.
       49. WE WERE HAVING A WONDERFUL TIME DOING THE WORK OF THE LORD & WINNING HEARTS & SOULS FOR JESUS, until one night two German photographers showed up from that bitter Stern magazine of Germany & caught us unawares & began taking our pictures, which we have never allowed except for one or two times before, & found that was a serious mistake! It was very bad. [DELETED] (Jn.8:59)
       50. BUT SOME JUDAS HAD LEAKED OUR WHEREABOUTS TO THESE GERMAN PHOTOGRAPHERS who had come all the way from Germany to Portugal to take our pictures for their anti-Christ [DELETED] Magazine run by [EDITED: "those"] who hated us & had maligned us & lied about us already! So they got our pictures & they were soon published in their magazine & even later in a book that they wrote about us. So if you want to see what we used to look like, you can buy one of those books, but I'm certainly not going to tell you its name!
       51. BUT THERE'S A BEAUTIFUL PICTURE IN THAT BOOK OF ME & MY WONDERFUL FAMILY, at least a couple dozen of them, first taken in Tenerife in one of the nightclubs or hotels there. The pictures that the German photographers took didn't turn out very well because we were ducking their cameras. But as a result, [DELETED] we knew that they were going to let the World know where we were! So, as we have many enemies, some of whom would even like to kill us they are so insane with hatred of us, God's Children, we soon had to [EDITED: "leave"] from there to Lisbon, & from there to Madrid!
       52. SO IT WAS THERE IN A SMALL APARTMENT IN THE HEART OF MADRID THAT I FIRST MET TECHI! We had already had one child in Tenerife, our wonderful son David, whom we called Davidito, meaning "little David" in Spanish. He had flourished & we enjoyed his babyhood & were talking him with us wherever we went.
       53. BUT NOW SUDDENLY & PROPHETICALLY ONE NIGHT IN MY SLEEP OR MY DREAMS OR IN VISION, THIS BEAUTIFUL LITTLE GIRL WALKED UP to the side of my bed & said, "I'm Techi! I've five years old! I'm Davidito's little sister!"--And then she vanished! So in my amazement I told me wife, Maria, for she was not yet even pregnant! But it was still to be two more years before that child was born! What a miracle of the revelations of God!
       54. FINALLY WE SETTLED DOWN IN A LOVELY SUBURB OF MADRID where we could get more sunshine & exercise that we sorely needed, in a swimming pool & tennis court of a beautiful villa there, & take long walks through its villages. In fact, we even enjoyed its country club where we would often eat a light lunch & enjoy the view of its beautiful golf course where the famous singer & crooner Bing Crosby used to play golf after his retirement from show business. And it was there after 18 holes, at a ripe old age in his 70s, right there on the gold course that he loved, that he died & went Home to be with Jesus, his Saviour, to enjoy pleasure & beauties better than any golf courses--in that Heavenly City! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! (1Co.2:9)
       55. BUT THERE AGAIN WE BEGAN TO BE KNOWN, [DELETED] so that one Saturday night I had a dream like Joseph of old, in which the Lord wanted me that my enemies were looking for me, & to [EDITED: "leave"] Spain immediately that next day! So we caught a train the very next day & fled back to Portugal again, this time staying in a small apartment while writing & praying about what to do next. There we continued to take long walks, but were afraid to go back to the nightclubs where we were so well known, lest once again we be discovered.
       56. FINALLY WE WERE TOLD BY OUR FAMILY THAT THEY HAD RENTED A BEAUTIFUL HOME FOR US IN SWITZERLAND, to which we could now [EDITED: "move"]. So again we traveled by train, this time across beautiful Portugal, gorgeous Spain, France & into the heart of Switzerland, where we found this Home, a large old mansion on the top of a hill overlooking a beautiful green farming valley, watered by a crystal stream! And so again we wrote & lived & loved in that beautiful, wonderful country of Switzerland in a Heavenly Home-on-Earth, surrounded by our precious & beautiful Family who cared for us tenderly & lovingly!
       57. BUT SATAN, HAVING FOUND THAT HE COULD NOT KILL US NOR STOP US NOR DESTROY OUR GROWING WORK FOR THE LORD, TRIED THE SAME TACTICS THAT HE HAD ATTEMPTED ON THE EARLY CHURCH, TO DIVIDE our Family & thereby conquer it by having my willful, disobedient daughter Deborah along with her husband, turn against me & backslide, first to South America & then back to the United States! They are there to this very day, having written a lying, vicious book about us, all because she was jealous of power & wanted to run our Family herself & I would not let her because she was not worthy of it. She was not as spiritual nor deeply devoted nor as obedient nor as unselfish as some of our lowliest Family Members. She was [DELETED] rebellious like her mother, my first wife, who had long ago left me, having loved this present World & the United States, rather than be a foreign missionary.
       58. THEY HAD ALSO LED RACHEL ASTRAY, ONE OF OUR QUEENLY LEADERS, with their machinations & their lies & their rebellious, stubborn ways. So that she too deserted us & went her own way, & they took many backward with them into the pit of this World, along with their mother. (1Jn.2:19; 2Pe.2:20)
       59. WE WERE ALSO HAVING FINANCIAL TROUBLES ALONG WITH THIS GREAT DIVISION, so that finally I became so distraught & so discouraged & disappointed about the members of my own Family turning against me, that I became very ill & nearly died there in that big house in Switzerland! But thanks to the Lord & the prayers of our faithful ones, God forgave me & miraculously raised me up & we went on the attack more than ever before! So that the literature poured out in greater volume than ever, & the souls came in more than ever & God blessed us more than ever before! Thank You Jesus!
       60. BUT AGAIN, THE DEVIL RAISED UP BAD PUBLICITY & PERSECUTION against us, as we were winning so many young people to the Lord, away from the System & its abominable vice & criminal ways & vicious education & even anti-Christ parents! So once again bad publicity was flourishing nearby & we felt it wise to [EDITED: "move"] again, this time to the tiny Island of Malta off the tip of Sicily in the Mediterranean. Once again we enjoyed the beautiful climate of the lovely subtropics in this fascinating, interesting historical old Island where St. Paul the Apostle once landed, shipwrecked & won its Governor to the Lord & saved its people! (Acts 28:1-10)
       61. BUT MALTA'S PRESENT AUTHORITIES WERE NOT SO KIND TO US. As soon as they discovered us, they again persecuted us & caused us trouble, even casting into prison one of our own sweet, precious boys who was perfectly innocent of any wrongdoing whatsoever! These vicious authorities insisted that we must be using drugs to so change these young people's lives into whole new personalities, ignoring the fact that God's Word itself says that, "Ye must be born again to enter the Kingdom of God" & to become "New creatures in Christ Jesus, the old man passed away, all things become new!"--Which is exactly what happens when you receive Jesus into your heart & your life! He changes your wicked ways into the ways of His Love & righteous living. So that some parents did not even recognize their children anymore as the same children, they were so changed by the Love of the Lord!
       62. SO AGAIN WE HAD TO [EDITED: "MOVE"], SAILING THIS TIME TO THE BEAUTIFUL CITY OF CATANIA AT THE FOOT OF MOUNT AETNA IN SICILY, living in a small apartment there on its lovely seacoast with a few of our Family to care for us & help us in our work. For now we had to have more secretaries, more [EDITED: "helpers"], more businessmen & so on.
       63. BUT THERE AGAIN WE WERE DISCOVERED & HAD TO [EDITED: "MOVE"] BACK TO SWITZERLAND, WHERE WE STAYED FOR A LITTLE WHILE BEFORE WE DROVE TO FRANCE ON CHRISTMAS EVE OF 1978, with Maria now great with child, the promised Techi of the vision! They found us a house on the Riviera in beautiful Villafrance, France, close to Monte Carlo in Monaco. There we again thrived & prospered & lived & loved & enjoyed another happy Heavenly Home on Earth amongst our Heavenly Family in our beautiful lives for Jesus! Thank You Lord!
       64. BUT THERE AGAIN, AFTER A DELIGHTFUL THREE MONTHS, A VERY CLOSE FAITHFUL WORKER LEFT US because he loved Queen Rachel more, & he backslid along with his family & went to join her in her backslidden condition. So that again we had to [EDITED: "leave"]. [DELETED]
       65. THIS TIME WE [EDITED: "WENT"] FURTHER DOWN THE RIVIERA COAST TO ANOTHER BEAUTIFUL SEACOAST CITY where we rented another beautiful home & worked & warred against Satan with God's Words & Love & Life for Jesus!--Until another precious Staff Member left us to visit his family in Paris. Since we were not sure that he would come back again [DELETED], we again had to move, but not too far away. [DELETED] (Happily, he soon returned more loyal than ever, & is one of our leading Artists to this day!) This time we took with us our newborn baby, Techi, a beautiful, happy, lively little girl who overjoyed our hearts with her wonderful ways!
       66. AND SO WE [EDITED: "MOVED"] FROM CITY TO CITY IN FRANCE as our enemies hounded us, always trying to find us & discover us & cause us trouble! For awhile we again traveled in cars & trailers or caravans like Gypsies, from camp-to-camp, until the Lord Himself warned us to [EDITED: "leave"] that great & beautiful country of France because our enemies had taken control there, empowered by its new anti-Christ administration & government, & were searching for us, trying to persecute us. (Heb.11:13-14; 13:14)
       67. SO ONCE AGAIN, GOD HAD WARNED US IN A DREAM TO [EDITED: "LEAVE"] that country, this time the furthest we had ever [EDITED: "moved"], seven thousand miles, flying all the way from Paris to South Africa & landing in its beautiful city of Capetown on its Southern tip! There we found another modest apartment on a beautiful beach overlooking the Southern seas, where the children could play on the sand.
       68. AND THERE AGAIN WE WROTE PROLIFICALLY, INSTRUCTING OUR FAMILY & solving its problems & encouraging its Work & inspiring its spirit & feeding their Souls with the Word of God! We found South Africa beautiful, warm, friendly & the most Christian nation we had ever lived in, which is why the anti-Christ forces are attacking it so bitterly & trying to destroy it! This time [DELETED] no one was bothering us or persecuting us or saying bad things about us [DELETED], so we merely left when our visas were up. (Jn.15:9)
       69. WE WENT ONCE AGAIN TO PORTUGAL, returning to Europe to help our wonderful Family evacuate that great Continent as much as possible, to go South in a great exodus from both North America & Europe into safer countries & better climes with more receptive natives in South America & Asia & the Orient. God had warned us that is was no longer safe to live in the warring North with its nuclear missiles & its anti-Christ leaders!
       70. WE EVACUATED MOST OF OUR WORLD SERVICES PERSONNEL & OUR PUBLISHING COLONIES FROM EUROPE, & our great music Colony of musicians, a colony that numbered over 100 in Greece at that time, led by my own youngest daughter, faithful Faithy. They'd produced volumes of gorgeous Gospel music for the thousands of radio stations around the World who use our programmes!
       71. MEANWHILE MY ELDEST SON AARON, WHO HAD PIONEERED THIS WORK & led the Hippie work in Southern California & our caravan across the Nation & helped to pioneer Europe, had passed away on a mountain in Switzerland, having finished his task. He had fought a good fight, he had kept the faith & finished his course, & has gone to his glorious reward in that Heavenly City, & is watching over us & helping us as we continue the battle here on Earth! (2Ti.4:7-8; Heb.12:22-23)
       72. MY YOUNGEST SON (OF MY FIRST WIFE) HAS ALSO CARRIED ON FAITHFULLY, never swerving from the course that the Lord has laid down for him to follow Jesus in his ministry of Love around the World. He & his large family of precious children--I think now nine in number--sing & play for the Lord & lead other teens to Christ as my first family of children did, carrying on the tradition of his father & even his father's fathers, faithful to his Lord & Saviour, Jesus Christ, & His Message of Love & Salvation for the whole Earth--at least those who will receive Him.
       73. THIS YOUNGEST SON, HO, HAS PIONEERED MANY LANDS with his precious family & is now busy pioneering a new one. He was the first to publish our first magazine, the New Nation News, & carry on our publishing in London while we were there & even after we were gone. He has continued to help with the publishing ever since, his staff working on some of our most important publications.
       74. OUR DEAR FAITHFUL FAITHY HAS ALWAYS BEEN FAITHFUL & ALWAYS VERY CLOSE TO ME FROM HER CHILDHOOD! Defying her mother's selfishness & her sister Deborah's dandy bad example, she has been loyal throughout it all & followed me wherever I went, often preceding me & pioneering before me. She pioneered most of Europe & the Orient as well as South America & has always been her Daddy's own girl, God bless her! I love her dearly for her great work & her loyal faithfulness to both me & our Family of God's Children wherever she goes, always stirring hearts & inspiring & feeding & enthusing her followers, the followers of Jesus Christ! She is even now shepherding one of our largest fields.
       75. MEANWHILE THE YOUNGER BROTHER & SISTERS OF MY SECOND FAMILY HAD BEEN TRAVELLING WITH ME & MY PRESENT WIFE, Maria, the one who helped me start this great Revolution for Jesus of the Children of God & the Family of Love & now Heaven's Children! As I said, we had returned to Portugal to assist our Family & Staff Members in their evacuation of Europe to go South into both South America & the Orient.
       76. SO, WITH OUR TASK FINISHED IN THE NORTH, WE TOO FOLLOWED THEM INTO THESE SOUTHERN LANDS of beautiful climates & wonderful people & precious, receptive hearts & souls, & we have learned to love them more than anywhere we have ever been! They have received us so hospitably with such warm welcomes & open, receptive minds & hearts that it has made us weep to see such precious love in the hearts of these simple people of the poor Southern Third World around the Earth! (Mt.5:3,5)
       77. WHY DON'T YOU FOLLOW US TOO?--COME JOIN US! We'd love to have you! There's plenty of room for everybody--scores of gorgeous countries with billions of beautiful people, all waiting to hear about the Love of Jesus through your love, until Jesus comes!--In Jesus' name, amen.
+ + + + + + +

       Don't miss the next exciting Chapter Five of "Heaven's Children"!--"Heaven's Children's Life with Grandpa!" Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus! God bless and keep you and make you a blessing too! We Love You!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family