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HEAVEN'S CHILDREN'S LIFE WITH GRANDPA!--"Heaven's Children"--Chapter 5        DFO 2104        10/85

       1. WELL, HI! THIS IS GRANDPA AGAIN & I'M CONTINUING THE STORY OF HEAVEN'S CHILDREN! We began in the First Chapter by setting the stage for the story, which was all the way from the Creation of the Universe to Heaven! Then I told you who I am & who Heaven's Children are, & in the last Chapter I told you a little more about my own personal children. And now I want to show you in this picture story a little about their life with Grandpa in our life & travels together!
       2. THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF THE STORY IN THE LAST CHAPTER but this one is highly illustrated with actual artist's drawings of the various characters in the play. You see, we first set the stage for the play & now we're introducing the various characters, & now you're going to see the action as it's acted out by these artist's drawings.
       3. THESE ARE TAKEN FROM THE FAMOUS CHILDREN'S SERIES, "LIFE WITH GRANDPA", but we've taken just those which have to do with us personally in our life & travels together, so that you can get a brief summary of the action of my Heaven's Children living with me.--A picture story of their life with Grandpa, which I thought you'd find interesting in the way we've arranged it.
       4. ACTUALLY THESE ARE TAKEN FROM THE GREATER SERIES OF FOUR COMPLETE BOOKS OF 1100-SOME PAGES, so if you want to read the rest, you'll have to borrow one from some of our Family. This is just a quick resume of the highlights of Heaven's Children's Life with Grandpa, as illustrated by our precious artists.
       5. FIRST I'LL INTRODUCE YOU TO OUR LITTLE PERSONAL FAMILY: There's Sara & her husband Alf, both of them very good with children. Sara is one of their teachers & Alf is also one of their teachers & playmates as well as one of our business-men, & they also have three children, Davida, Mary Dear & Sammy.
       6. ALSO MEET DORA, ANOTHER NURSE & TEACHER, AS WELL AS A FEW OF OUR BOYS, who come along to help us with our growing family as bodyguards & with the house & the yard & the business, as well as a secretary or two for our stories, & a few other helpers also.
       7. SO NOW MEET THE CHARACTERS IN THIS PLAY OF LIFE of Heaven's Children with Grandpa, & let's continue to view some of the stories themselves. As Shakespeare said, "All the World's a stage & we are playing on it" in this great drama of life!--You, too, are one of the players!--What part are you playing?

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