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HEAVEN'S CHILDREN PREPARE FOR HEAVEN!--Heaven's Children Chap.7!        DFO 2106        10/85

       1. WELL, PRAISE THE LORD! GOD BLESS YOU! HERE'S GRANDPA AGAIN with thecontinuing story of "Heaven's Children"! With this Chapter Seven we hope to prepare you for the Future! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! Amen!
       2. SO FAR WE'VE TAKEN YOU ALL THE WAY FROM CREATION with a synopsis clear to Heaven in the First Chapter. Then we've introduced myself & the characters in this story, including my little personal family & their history, & we've told you who Heaven's Children really are--all of God's Children! (Gal.3:26)
       3. BUT NOW WE'VE NARROWED IT DOWN IN OUR PERSONAL STORY TO JUST A FEW CHARACTERS in this great Drama of Life, & we wantto give you a little idea of what the Future is like! We're going to enter our Spiritual Time Machine & travel into the Future, God willing!
       4. DID YOU KNOW THAT YOU ALREADY KNOW HOW TO TIME TRAVEL?--All you have to do is think back into your past life & experiences & envision those events, & the pictures come before your mind's eye & they look almost as real as they did when they happened! Even so, we can travel also into the Future!
       5. IF WE KNOW WHAT THE EVENTS ARE ACTUALLY GOING TO BE & what's going to happen in the Future, all we need to do is place ourselves there as some of the characters & a few of the players on this great Stage of the Drama of Life & put yourself into those situations & imagine how you'd feel & how you'd react. Try to think about being there under those various conditions, & you can already envision yourself taking part in those dramatic, climactic events of the Future!
       6. IT'S SORT OF LIKE HAVING A TIME MACHINE that you can enter & travel backward in memory or forward in imagination into the real events that are actually going to happen very soon!
       7. GOING FORWARD IN TIME IS LIKE USING A SIMULATOR MACHINE. Simulators are used for training automobile drivers, airplane pilots, ship captains & astronauts & many other types of travellers & drivers & pilots,etc., so they'll actually get the feel of what it's like to really do those things under simulated conditions before they actually have to do it!
       8. THE AUTOMOBILE DRIVER GETS INTO AN AUTO SIMULATOR & it looks exactly like the scenery that he can see through the windshield all around him & the highway is rolling toward him from ahead! He can actually steer his car to this side of the road or that, or pass other vehicles on the highway & feel like he is driving on a highway, when actually he is in only one little car interior which has all these feelings of sights & sounds & effects to simulate the realities, so he can get the feel of actually driving before he even steps foot inside a real automobile!
       9. THE SCIENTISTS WHO CONSTRUCT THE SIMULATORS KNOW EXACTLY what you are going to see & what the conditions are going to be like. They can even make it feel like a bumpy road or a wavy sea, or the airsickness of the airplane or the thrill of a spaceflight & even its weightlessness! You see & hear & feel all these various sights & sounds & conditions that you would actually experience if you were actually driving or piloting or flying, etc.
       10. YOU'RE EVEN ABLE TO GUIDE YOUR VEHICLE OR VESSEL OR SHIP according to the conditions that you see & feel around you. You learn how to avoid other cars & ships & planes & how to take the curves or the waves or the winds, how to drive or sail or fly safely, & how to get familiar with the actual conditions under which you're going to have to drive or pilot your vessel or fly your plane or shoot off into space!
       11. THE MAIN PURPOSE OF THESE SIMULATORS OF COURSE IS TO PREPARE YOU FOR THESE CONDITIONS so that they simulate the actual sights, sounds & conditions that you're going to encounter when you are really there driving that car or flying that plane or sailing that ship or navigating that rocket or spaceship, so that you'll be thoroughly prepared for the eventual actual experience of undergoing those real experiences when it actually happens!
       12. THAT'S WHY WE'D LIKE TO TAKE YOU NOW ON A TRIP INTO THE FUTURE so that you'll be thoroughly prepared & familiar with all of the events & sights & sounds & experiences & conditions that some of you are actually going to go through in the very near Future! Lord willing, we're going to roll through the scenes of this World in the very near Future under the conditions & circumstances & through the events that we do really know are actually going to happen because God has said so in His Holy Book, the Bible, & in the multitude of specific prophecies that He has already given regarding these coming events which are already casting their shadows before! (Isa.42:9)
       13. THERE ARE ALREADY VERY MANY SIGNS OF THE TIMES all around us, as Jesus Himself said. He said, "There shall be wars & rumours of wars" & "Nation shall rise against nation, kingdom against kingdom", & "There shall be famines & pestilences & earthquakes", & "all these are the beginning of sorrows"! He said that there would be many false saviours & false prophets that shall arise & deceive many, & that iniquity should abound because the love of many has waxed cold. (Mat.24:3-12, 24)
       14. ALL THESE CONDITIONS & EVENTS WE'RE ALREADY SEEING ALL AROUND US, AREN'T WE? The wickedness & the evilness of Mankind has become even worse than it was before the Flood, only this time God has promised that in the End He's going to send a flood of fire to destroy them all & completely burn up the entire sur-face of the Earth & its atmosphere in order to recreate a new Earth & new Heavens wherein dwelleth nothing but righteousness! (Gen.6:5-6; Mat.24:37-39; 2Pe.3:10,12,13; Rev.20:9b, 21:1)
       15. SO GOD'S JUDGEMENTS ARE GOING TO FALL ON THESE WICKED PEOPLE all around us because of their iniquity & their sinfulness & rebellion against God & defiance of His Will & unbelief in His Word! They're already falling now upon many, so that curses are coming upon the wicked in droves, & the selfishness of the rich shall be recompensed & the poverty of the poor will be avenged! (Rev.6:15-17; Gal.6:7; Mat.5:5)
       16. WE ARE NOW ENTERING THE LAST DAYS OF THIS WORLD'S HISTORY & its very Endtime, of which many climactic events are specifically described in the Bible, God's Word, & by His many prophets. These Signs of our Times are already all around us, & these coming events are already casting their shadows before! Jesus Himself said that the very generation that sees these signs come to pass shall not pass away until all of these things shall be fulfilled!--All of these events of the End of the World, as far as many are concerned! (1Jn.2:18; Mat.24:3,34; Mat. 16:2,3)
       17. THE NEXT GREAT EVENT IN WORLD HISTORY THAT WE ARE EXPECTING ALMOST MOMENTARILY IS THE WORLDWIDE ECONOMIC CRASH, worse than the Great Depression of the '30s! The world has been living on borrowed time & money for many years now, with its debts & def-cits growing. Their budgets & loans have grown to become so colossal that they are now totally unpayable & their debtors are bankrupt!--Notonlyjust individuals or companies,butwhole countries--in fact the whole world! (Mat.24:7; Pro.11:4,28)
       18. SO THE DAY OF RECKONING HAS GOT TO COME! The world cannot live beyond its income any more than you can personally, or sooner or later the time has got to come that you have to pay up or they're going to confiscate your goods! They'll take your house or car or furniture & perhaps even put you in jail for not paying your taxes, etc! (Rom.13:8)
       19. EVEN SO, THE RICH OF THIS WORLD ARE SOON GOING TO BE FORECLOSING ON THE POOR, trying to take back their money. If they can't get their money, they're going to try to take their goods, their possessions & even their countries & put them in the jail of slavery to the rich! (Pro.22:7)
       20. GOD, TOO, IS GOING TO TAKE A COLLECTION ONE OF THESE DAYS in the future for the world's failure to pay Him back the respect & the love & consideration & worship that He deserves for all of the blessings that He has showered upon us!--The wonderful Creation that He has made & all the beauties & blessings & fruit of it, for which the world is no longer thanking Him. They're no longer paying Him the thanks & the adoration that He deserves for having blessed them with it. Now they're even denying that He even exists, or that He ever created the Earth! They're believing the devilish, evil lies of the Devil such as Evil-ution, almost the most evil lie the Devil ever told, trying to push God out of the picture, out of the World, & they'd shove Him out of the sky if they could! (Psa.14:1)
       21. BUT FIRST OF ALL, GOD IS GOING TO LET THEM SUFFER the consequences of their wickedness & their selfishness, their lack of love & their lack of respect for Him! He is soon going to let their financial house of cards collapse around their ears into an awful horrible depression & famine & great want in the very near Future--and it's already beginning! (Gal.6:7; Mat.24:7)
       22. THE DEBTORS CAN NO LONGER PAY THEIR DEBTS & the loaners can no longer collect them, so that the rich can no longer extort their exploitation from the poor! The whole world is going to be turned into a Babylon of confusion because of the collapse of its financial system!
       23. THE RICH ARE TRYING TO COLLECT FROM THE POOR, BUT THE POOR CAN'T PAY! So the rich are passing laws to try to make the poor pay. But the poor can't pay what they haven't got, so they're going to refuse to pay! So the rich are going to try to take them over, but the poor are going to refuse that slavery too! There is going to be great confusion & conflict & riots & civil war & wars between nations! (Pro.22:7,16)
       24. THERE WILL BE FAMINE & STARVATION, until things get so bad that finally the nations are willing to get together & cooperate & agree to a solution, presented to them by a Superman, inspired by the Devil! He will be a world leader who'll offer them clever answers & solutions to their problems. (Dan.9:27; Dan.8:23-25)
       25. THIS SUPERMAN IS CALLED THE ANTICHRIST in the Bible because he is against all religions, particularly Christianity. He is also known as "the Beast", because he is very cruel & very harsh, very violent in crushing his opposition! At first he will cunningly persuade the United Nations of the world to cooperate with his plan for solving the economic situation & preventing a nuclear war. He will also try to solve their religious differences by a cooperative agreement regarding the religious centers of the world such as Jerusalem. He will insist that they share these holy places, at which time the Jews of Israel will rebuild their ancient temple & resume sacrificial worship. (Rev.13; Dan.11:24; Dan.8:13-14)
       26. BUT BECAUSE THE VARIOUS RELIGIONS STILL BICKER AMONGST THEMSELVES & FIGHT amongst themselves & even create wars amongst themselves, he finally decides the only solution is to abolish all religion except his own, & that is the worship of himself alone as the god of this Earth! He will personally occupy the temple which the Jews have rebuilt & sit in it, claiming that he's god & demanding that all men everywhere worship him or his Image which he erects at that holy place!--An image like a giant robot that can speak & talk & command that everyone everywhere that refuses to worship him must be killed! 2Th.2:3-4;Rev.13:15)
       27. HE ALSO INSISTS THAT EVERYONE MUST RECEIVE THE MARK OF THE BEAST in their foreheads or their hands, such as a credit number, perhaps on a computer chip inserted in their forehead or an identification number in their hand, which permits them to buy or sell & without which they cannot trade. This will occur at the end of the first three-and-a-half years, or the midpoint of this World Leader's seven-year reign. During this time he establishes his power by craft & by war until he is firmly in control & has the power to demand these things. (Rev.13:16-17; Dan.8:25)
       28. THE WORLD WILL WONDER & MARVEL AT HIS MIRACLES & HIS CRAFT & his cleverness & his Satanic wisdom, because he will be the Devil in the flesh, demon-possessed, Devil-possessed, Satan him-self, finally the king of the world & demanding worship as its god, as he's always wanted! (Rev.13:8)
       29. BUT THOUGH HE DEMANDS THAT ALL WHO REFUSE TO WORSHIP HIM SHOULD BE KILLED & all who refuse to receive his Mark cannot buy or sell & should starve, he is unable to completely enforce his world-wide rule on everyone. Many rebel against him, even whole nations of those who are deeply religious & sincere worshippers of the true God & who reject Idolatry & refuse to bow down to him or his Image or take his Mark. He is almost continually fighting wars with these religious rebels until the very end of his reign. (rev.13:16,17; Dan.11:30, 40-44)
       30. SOME ENTIRE RELIGIOUS NATIONS FIGHT HIM & REFUSE TO WORSHIP HIM, refuse to take his Mark, & refuse his Idolatry, particularly the true Christians, Orthodox Jews & fundamental Moslems, most of whom zealously reject idol-worship. They will rise up against him & refuse his government & reject his commands & finally realise as he reveals his evilness that he is not the Saviour of the world that he pretends to be, but is a curse & destroying it! He's Satan himself in the flesh, possessing the body of this cruel dictator, the Beastly Antichrist!
       31. THESE WARS WITH HIS RELIGIOUS ENEMIES THEREFORE CONTINUE to the very end of his reign, when he & his forces are destroyed by God Himself & all the forces of Heaven in the gigantic Battle of Armageddon at the end of the Wrath of God that God is going to pour out upon the Beast & his followers to help to defend & protect those religionists who have rebelled against this Antichrist! (Rev.19:11-21; Rev.16)
       32. BUT JUST A FEW DAYS BEFORE THIS MIGHTY ENDTIME WAR, Jesus Christ, the Son of God Himself suddenly appears in the sky & calls to His followers, those who love Him & believe & trust in Him & have worshipped Him & done His Will. For it says, "The Lord Himself shall descend from Heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel & with the trumpet of God! The dead in Christ"--all the Christians who have died throughout all ages--"shall rise first! Then we which are alive & remain"--all Chris-tians still living--"shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air!" (1Th.4:16-17; Dan.12:2)
       33. --AND SO SHALL WE EVER BE WITH THE LORD!"--In our palaces in Heaven on high! There we will have a great Wedding Feast with Him, for it's like a marriage, of Him the Bridegroom to us His Bride, & we will be rewarded for our works & deeds of goodness & righteousness & love that we have performed here on earth for His glory & the love of others! (Rev.19:7-9; 1Co.3:8)
       34. THEN WE'LL JOIN HIM ON WHITE HORSES RIDING OUT OF THE SKY to invade the Earth, to crush the Antichrist & his forces & take vengeance upon our enemies who have persecuted us & tortured us & slain us in days gone by throughout all ages! (Rev.19:14-15)
       35. WE WILL THEN HAVE TO CLEAN UP THE EARTH from all the wreckage of war. It says in the Bible that in Israel alone it will take seven months even to bury all the dead & seven years to destroy all the weapons of war!--Until we have cleaned up as much of the surface of the Earth as we can. I wouldn't be surprised if much of the surface of those great Superpowers of the North will be so completely destroyed & filled with rubble & radioactivity that it will be virtually impossible to inhabit any further! The only mankind left alive will be mostly in the beautiful Southern countries of the Third World, where there has been little or no war! (Eze.39:12-4, 9)
       36. THERE MAN WILL AGAIN LIVE AS HE DID IN THE BEGINNING in nations like the Garden of Eden, with the natives at peace with each other & no more wars! God Himself will rule the Earth with His Son,Jesus Christ, & His angels & His Children, those who truly love Him & love others & have tried to save them. It says, "We shall rule & reign with Him"--with Jesus--"for a Thousand Years" over this Earth, & "righteousness shall cover the Earth as the waters cover the seas!" (Isa.2:4; Rev.20:4-6; Isa.11:9)
       37. THEN HEAVEN'S CHILDREN SHALL BE THE RULERS OF THIS EARTH, its judges & teachers, often even ruling with a rod of iron or with force against any who may rebel! Whole nations shall suffer the punishments of God if they rebel against His righteous rule! (Rev.5:10; Rev.19:15)
       38. THEN GOD'S CHILDREN WILL DO THEIR BEST to teach God's love to those who have survived the horrible holocaust of Armageddon! We will try to teach them the ways of the Lord, the Love of God & His Commandments of Love & win them to His loving ways. We'll teach them to love each other & to love the Lord most of all, & save them from their sins. (Mat.24:13; Mic.4:1-2,5)
       39. MANY OF THE GOOD RELIGIOUS PEOPLE OF THE EARTH WHO RESISTED THE ANTICHRIST & HIS SATANIC GOVERNMENT will then be given a chance to hear how to be saved from evil & from Satan & his demons, who have been cast into Hell! Many will learn for the first time Who God really is & that Jesus is His Son & the Saviour of the World! Many will receive Him, multitudes of millions who will then see His personal rule & reign on the Earth, along with His angels & His rulers,Heaven's Children, who love them in obedience to His Kingdom. Many will be saved & join us in the beautiful Heavenly City floating in the sky, far above man's capabilities to attack it!
       40. UNTIL FINALLY AS A FINAL TEST OF THEIR LOYALTY, the separation of the sheep from the goats, the Lord Himself will allow Satan & His demons to again come out of Hell & to deceive the nations of the World who can be deceived, whoever has not believed or received Jesus as their Saviour & have not become loving & kind & helpful to others. They still have war in their hearts & are rebels in their minds & are ready to receive an evil World Leader again, this time Satan himself in person, to help them resist God & His Children & to try to overthrow God's rule & reign on Earth! (Rev.20:7-8; Psa.2:1-5)
       41. THE EARTHLY PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEN SAVED & TURNED TO THE LORD WILL THEN BE SURROUNDED BY THE EVIL FORCES OF THE DEVIL himself & his rebels, who will try to conquer them & overthrow their righteous rule & reign on Earth! So God will again have to remove His Children from this Earth while He destroys it with a flood of fire & completely burns up Satan & all his forces & followers & casts the Devil & his angels into Hell, where the Beast & his False Prophet & his Beastly followers already are! (Rev.20:9-10; 2Pe.3:10-13; Mal.4:1-3)
       42. THEN GOD WILL RAISE THE REST OF THE DEAD--all those who were not raised in the First Resurrection of His Saints at the Rapture. He will raise the dead of all ages who were not saved, & assemble them before His Great White Throne Judgement in the sky! For the Earth itself has been completely burned up & the whole surface destroyed & its atmosphere has rolled away in a great explosion, the Flood of Fire that God has sent to destroy them, so that only its bare ball remains! (Rev.20:11-12)
       43. GOD WILL THEN GATHER TOGETHER THE DEAD OF ALL AGES & of all places in the Earth, those who are not already saved & with Jesus in Heaven, even from the graves & the seas & the caves of the Earth! He will assemble them before His Great White Throne to judge them according to their works. And everyone who is not found written in His Book of Life will be cast into Hellfire, the Lake of Fire, & destroyed! But all those that are found in His Book of Life, those that deserved but never heard the Gospel & never heard about Jesus & didn't know He was the Son of God, never had a chance to be saved, will be given an opportunity on the new recreated Earth, like the Garden of Eden! They will be allowed to live again on the New Earth outside of God's Holy City of Heaven! They'll receive Him as their Ruler, Jesus as their Saviour & be taught the ways of God & His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, by Heaven's Children who know & love Him. (Rev.20:12-15; Jn.5:28-29)
       44. THEN THAT GREAT HOLY SPACE CITY THAT JESUS WENT TO PREPARE FOR ALL OF US WHO LOVE HIM, CAN SAFELY DESCEND OUT OF THE SKY onto the Earth, as He has promised! For He said that He's gone to prepare a place for us, that where He is, there we may be also. For in His Father's house are many mansions, & that all should behold its glory, all they that dwell upon the Earth, as well as they that dwell in that City. The Lord Himself comes down again to live with man on this Earth!--This time righteous man, saved man, those who love the Lord. (Jn.14:2-3; Rev.21:1-3)
       45. THIS MARVELLOUS CITY IS SPECIFICALLY DESCRIBED IN THE BIBLE--the largest City ever built, because it was built by God Himself! It will be 1500 miles wide & 1500 miles high, reaching far up into space & glowing with golden light from its crystal golden beauty & full of golden mansions for you & me! But it is surrounded by a very high wall with only pearly gates, to prevent the entry of any who should not enter therein, who are not yet ready to enter that Holy Place. The nations of them which are saved shall walk in the light of it! The kings of the Earth will bring their glory & honour into it! "And they shall bring the glory & the honour of the nations into it"! For there will still be nations & there will still be kings outside that great & holy City of God!--New nations, new kings on a New Earth with no more seas! (Rev.21:10-26)
       46. NO ONE SHALL BE ALLOWED INTO THE CITY WHO IS NOT SAVED, who does not know the Lord, who has not received Him as their Saviour & has not yet learned His Holy ways & the ways of His Holy City, the New Jerusalem, the Space City of God come down to Earth! For there will still be many who will need His healing touch from the Leaves of Life which we shall carry to them from the Trees of Life which grow upon both sides of the River of Life which flows through the City of God & out into the World beyond! There will still be many who were raised from the dead in the Second Resurrection who, although found in the Book of Life, still need to learn God's ways & about His Salvation through Jesus & His love & care for them. (Rev.21:27; 22:1-2)
       47. THEN THESE ARE GIVEN THEIR FIRST CHANCE TO HEAR about the true God & His true Son & Saviour, Jesus Christ, & to know that He loves them & wants to save them, so that they can be made pure & holy by His righteousness & be able to enter into that huge walled City through those pearly gates & into the full delights of His Paradise! (2Co.5:19; Eph.1:10, 2:7)
       48. HOWEVER, OUTSIDE ON THE NEW EARTH IT WILL BE BEAUTIFUL, LIKE THE GARDEN OF EDEN! It will be Paradise again, with no more seas, but only rivers & lakes to water the land!--No more rain, no more storms, no more great catastrophes & cataclysms or dis-asters, but all beautiful & peaceful, the very Paradise of God that all men have always longed for! But only those who love Him shall attain entry to the City. But the people on the Earth out-side the City shall live again like Adam & Eve in the Garden, so that for the first time in Earth's history, all men everywhere shall live in peace & love & life together with one another, & we shall live & love together forever! (Rev.21:1; Num.14:21)
       49. WE SHALL STILL ENJOY THE SAME GOD-CREATED PLEASURES THAT GOD MADE IN THE BEGINNING & that Man enjoyed in the Garden of Eden, including love & sex & children & happiness & pleasures in the kind of paradise on Earth that God originally intended for Adam & Eve, but which they forsook because they disobeyed Him & fell from His grace & suffered sin & all its consequences & brought all this evil upon Mankind for these thousands of years! But in the New Heaven & the New Earth, Man will again enjoy the pleasures of Paradise, the joys & love & happiness that God originally intended for Man, but which Man himself forsook for sin. (Gen.2:8-9, 25; Rom.5:19)
       50. HAVE YOU FORSAKEN GOD FOR SIN? Have you left the paradise of His Love & His Will for your own wicked ways & evil sins in rebellion against His Will & His Love? Have you defied Him & gone your own way & refused to believe in Him in your willfulness & unbelief, & believed the Satanic lies of the Devil & his deceitfulness of riches & diabolical iniquity, & are you suffering its consequences this very day? (Isa.59:2)
       51. OR DO YOU SIMPLY NOT KNOW GOD NOR HIS TRUE SON JESUS CHRIST because no one has ever told you & you have never learned His Truth or been taught His Love & ways because no one ever explained them to you & you have not known how to receive Him or His Love or His Eternal Salvation?
       52. PERHAPS YOU HAVE ALREADY BEEN SEEKING FOR THESE ANSWERS TO THE PROBLEMS OF YOUR LIFE, the questions of why you're here & where you're going, & what for.--What should you be? What should you do? How should you live & where are you going? What about death & the hereafter?
       53. THE LORD HAS THE ANSWER FOR ALL OF THESE QUESTIONS & problems & burdens of life! All you need to do is receive His Son, Jesus Christ, right now into your heart, & He will solve all of your problems & answer all your questions & destine you to live in His love with Him forever on that beautiful New Earth & in that Heavenly New City! (Jer.33:3)
       54. WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE SURE YOU'RE SAVED & GOING TO HEAVEN? Well, you can do it right now! All you have to do is simply pray this little prayer & ask Him into your heart right now! You don't have to wait to find out if you're going to make it or if you're good enough--no one is good enough! No one is righteous enough! He says that "All have sinned & come short of the glory of God" & "There are none righteous, no not one!" "For by grace are ye saved through faith & that not that of yourselves, it is the gift of God!--Not of works, lest any man should boast!" (Rom.3:23, 10; Psa.14:1,2; Eph.2:8,9)
       55. YOUR SALVATION IS JUST PAID FOR BY THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST SHED FOR YOUR SINS ON THE CROSS OF CALVARY, & all you have to do is believe it & receive Him & repent of your sins & confess Him before others, & you can spend the rest of your life telling others about Jesus & His Love! (Heb.10:10; 1Pe.2:24)
       56. WOULD YOU LIKE TO ENJOY & JOIN THIS GREAT HAPPY FAMILY OF HEAVEN'S CHILDREN & LIVE FOREVER? Then bow your head right now & close your eyes to shut out the World around us, & ask Jesus to come into your heart as you pray this little prayer, okay?:
       57. "DEAR JESUS, I BELIEVE THAT YOU ARE THE SON OF GOD & that You died for me. Please forgive me for all my sins. I now open the door of my heart & I ask You, dear Jesus, to please come in & give me Your free Gift of Eternal Life! Help me to love You & to love others by telling them about You & Your Love.--In Jesus' name I pray. Amen." (Rev.3:20)
       58. PRAISE THE LORD! DON'T YOU ALREADY FEEL BETTER? Didn't that make you feel good?--To know that you have Jesus in your heart now & you are saved forever & you don't ever have to worry about it again! You're going to be happy & live in His Love, loving others in His great, beautiful, wonderful, happiest Fam-ily in this whole World, the Family of the Children of God, the Family of His Love, His own Heaven's Children!--In Jesus' name, Amen! God bless you all, & I do hope that you, too, have received Him personally as your Saviour & have joined this great worldwide Family of Love of millions of all Heaven's Children who love Jesus, God's Son, in Jesus' name, amen! (Jn.6:37;10:28)
       59. ALL RIGHT! PRAISE THE LORD! NOW THAT YOU'RE SAVED & KNOW YOU'RE BOUND FOR HEAVEN, WHY DON'T YOU COME HOME WITH US & live with us in our happy Heavenly Home? We have lots of loving brothers & sisters & mothers & fathers & children who will love you to life & will make you the happiest you have ever been in your whole life! You now have Heaven in your heart & can live a Heavenly life of Love in our Heavenly Home of Heaven's Children!--Wouldn't you like to come now?

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