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GRANDPA GOES TO HEAVEN!--A Glimpse of the Future--"Heaven's Children!"--Chapter 6!       DO 2106       10/85

       1. NOW WE'RE GOING TO TAKE A HEAVENLY RIDE ON THAT HEAVENLY TIME BEAM in that Heaven-Travel Simulator as we fly through Time & Space into the wonderful worlds beyond!--Genuine space travel is finally a real reality!--But without the nuisance of all that equipment & spaceship, etc., because we're going to personally fly!--You & me together!
       2. WE'LL RIDE RIGHT THROUGH THE SKIES WITHOUT ANY SPACESHIP, without any equipment! We'll have nothing but our beautiful, glorified wonderful new bodies that have powers that you only dreamed of! We can sail through space like a bird & soar up to Heaven like an angel & leave this horrible old present-day Earth & all its horrors & terrors & dangers & fly right out of it up to meet Jesus! So, watch us, Folks! Here we go! (Phil.3:21)--ZOOOOOOM!--
       3. WELL, HI THERE! GOD BLESS YOU! HERE'S GRANDPA IN MY LOUNGE COUCH IN OUR HEAVENLY MANSION IN THAT HEAVENLY CITY! While Heaven's Girl, our Family, Maria & the children & our Staff are still back on Earth struggling with the Antichrist & his forces, meanwhile I have been sitting here reminiscing a little bit about the past! I've been shuttling back & forth between helping them in the spirit & taking time out between trips, resting here & getting my new orders from the Lord & preparing this place for their soon arrival here. It's really lotsa fun!
       4. AS YOU MUST KNOW BY THIS TIME, I GOT HERE SOMETIME BEFORE THEM, being quite an old man & up in years. So when things started getting a little bit too rough for me under the Antichrist & his Bestial World System, the Lord spared me from the worst & took me Home to be with Him, to live part time in my new Home on High! Praise the Lord! (ML#156)
       5. AS YOU KNOW, WHEN WE DIED ON EARTH in those days, we were each taken up in a sort of individual rapture to be with the Lord, hovering around over our dead body for a short time to make sure that everything was going well & that everybody was okay & knew how to handle the situation. Then the Lord would shoot us off through that protective tube, as described in our famous Letter on "Life After Death!"--(ML #850) (Eph.2:5,6)
       6. WHEN WE DIE, WE ARE IMMEDIATELY USHERED INTO THE SPIRIT WORLD & our new Spirit Bodies, & in that Spirit World around the Earth there can be even as great dangers as there are in the physical World from evil spirits & Satanic powers who would love to attack us finally on their own turf! (Eph.6:10-12)
       7. THEREFORE THE LORD HAS TO SHOOT US THROUGH A PROTECTIVE TUNNEL INTO OUTER SPACE TO SPACE CITY so that we will be perfectly safe from all possible dangers & enemies in the Spirit World on our long trip to Heaven!--Abrahim, my longtime Spirit Helper Gypsy King, was there to accompany me, of course, & we were soon shooting through Space together, God bless him! Soon, thank the Lord, we began to see light at the end of that tunnel & suddenly burst forth into the glorious sunlight, the light of God's Son, at the Heavenly Pearly Gate of His Heavenly City! (1Jn.1:5; Pro.4:18)
       8. AS WE FLOATED DOWN TO A SOFT LANDING JUST OUTSIDE THAT GATE, you can imagine there was quite a crowd of relatives & old friends & new friends there to greet me, thank the Lord!--My Mother & Father & our dear old friend Dr. Koger, who was like a Father to me, & my Grandparents--both the Swedes & the Germans--and my brother & sister & other old friends & relatives who had long ago passed on to be with the Lord. So you can imagine how we kissed & embraced & shed a few tears of joy at this glorious grand reunion at last!
       9. BUT RIGHT ALONGSIDE THEM, WAITING RESPECTFULLY for me to greet their elders, was a smaller group who really thrilled my heart the most! They were the intimate members of my own New Family! There was my own son Aaron, who had passed away some years ago on a mountain near Geneva, Switzerland, my eldest son & musician, whose music had helped pioneer our great new Family of Heaven's Children! (ML #234)
       10. AS WE HUGGED & KISSED each other tightly, he said, "Dad, I'm so glad you're finally Here!Thank You, Jesus! You're going to love it!" And I said, "Thanks, Son, it's so good to see you again! God bless you! I'm sure glad you're here to greet me!"
       11. JUST THEN, OVER HIS SHOULDER, I CAUGHT SIGHT OF ANOTHER BEAUTIFUL COUPLE standing there waiting patiently & smiling at me. I said, "Abner!--Phoebe! Hallelujah! Thank You, Jesus!--So glad you're Here! God bless you! I can't think of any others that have worked closely with us all these years & gone on to be with the Lord that I would want to see more!"
       12. ABNER WAS OUR CHIEF OF SECURITY, working very closely with us back on the Ranch in Texas, but who had been killed in a motorcycle accident there, led astray by his cruel boss, Jethro. But he had been helping us ever since in the spirit in our worldwide work Here & there, wherever he was needed, to counsel & advise on security & other important Family matters as one of our most important Spirit Helpers. (ML#s 70,72)
       13. --AND DEAR PHOEBE! SHE'S LOOKING MORE BEAUTIFUL & HEAVENLY & ANGELIC THAN EVER!--Absolutely gorgeous in her new see-through gown of light! So we rushed together & kissed & embraced & loved & wept tears of joy, having been reunited visibly again for the first time in years! Abner looked stronger & handsomer & taller than ever--a fitting General in this great Army, & Phoebe was absolutely glorious, so I immediately flipped over her!
       14. ALTHOUGH I HAD NEVER MET HER IN THE FLESH, WE HAD BEEN VERY CLOSE IN SPIRIT in her work with our Music Department, both in Greece & Sri Lanka, before she went to be with the Lord a few years ago. Now I could begin to see why, with her standing there beside Abner--both such close, intimate Members & helpers & co-workers in our great Family of Heaven's Children! What a comfort they had been to each other as they worked together for us, both in Heaven & on Earth, knowing me & my Family so well & understanding us more than any of our other relatives or loved ones except Aaron.
       15. AARON OF COURSE HAD BEEN BUSY TAKING CARE OF OUR MUSIC UNITS, inspiring our musicians & composers & singers in their tremendous worldwide music ministry as their most important spirit helper. So he is gone to Earth most of the time taking care of that ministry. Abner now for many years had been busy most of the time on Earth, supervising Family security as one of its most important spirit helpers. (Heb.12:1a; 1:14)
       16. BUT PHOEBE HAD ONLY RECENTLY JOINED THEM a few years ago, as she was one of the first refugees from the Sri Lankan Civil War!--The Lord chose to take her straight to Heaven, rather than being evacuated on that military plane with the rest of them! She had been one of our top secretaries of Music With Meaning, our music unit, as well as a singer & emcee for their television show & their radio recordings, with multitudes of video & audio tapes throughout the World!
       17. SO I FELT THAT I KNEW HER VERY WELL as I have seen her so often on video & heard her sweet voice in many of our musical recordings. Although I had never actually met her in the flesh, she had waved goodbye to me in the Spirit World as she left this Earth on her departure to Heaven. Little did I dream at that time how close she was going to be to me Here, along with Abner, as I awaited the coming of the rest of my Family! How wise the Lord is in His ways & how wonderful is His foresight & prevision & provision for our every need!
       18. ALTHOUGH MY OLDER RELATIVES & FRIENDS ARE ALL VERY DEAR TO ME, NONE ARE AS CLOSE AS THESE MEMBERS OF MY OWN PRECIOUS NEW FAMILY OF HEAVEN'S OWN CHILDREN!--Those who had worked so closely with me pioneering this great Revolution for Jesus from its very beginning so many years ago! Aaron of course had been with us as a child in our first little family of only six, & Abner had been with us from the very beginning of our growing, larger Family of God's Children. And Phoebe had been very dear to me in Spirit for several years, as she helped supervise our great Musical Unit. (Mat.12:48-50)
       19. SO WHO COULD HAVE BEEN BETTER CHOSEN TO MEET ME & GREET ME & TAKE CARE OF ME on my arrival here in this great Space City than these three of my own dearest & closest departed ones, who know me so well & so intimately & understand me & my new Family of Love better than any of the others, except those who are still back on Earth!
       20. I HAD WATCHED PHOEBE SING & TALK & DANCE ON VIDEO FOR MANY YEARS, with all her charm & beauty & wonderful sweet personality. So I was more than thrilled to see her here, as she lovingly stretched out her arms to me & clasped me close in a warm embrace with warm tender kisses that gave me such thrills I was a bit surprised & almost embarrassed, as suddenly I realised that she & Abner had come to take care of me with others of our Family!
       21. AARON WAS USUALLY TOO BUSY TAKING CARE OF THINGS ON EARTH, so he had only come back for this special celebration of my arrival in Heaven. But apparently Abner & Phoebe had been assigned to me as a top security job & precious loving responsibility for my care in Heaven until the others would later arrive. They were truly my own real Family intimates & the only logical ones with whom I would be comfortable & happy & well taken care of who are already Here.
       22. HAVING SAFELY DELIVERED ME INTO THEIR KIND & LOVING HANDS, NOW ABRAHIM & AARON HAD TO HURRY BACK TO EARTH to help take care of Maria & the children in my absence, so we bade them a fond farewell as they regretfully departed, & I told them to give the Family my love & tell them how wonderful it is Here & I hope to see them soon!
       23. SO THEN ABNER & PHOEBE USHERED ME THROUGH THE GATE & past the guardian Reception Angels over to the Directory Building where I received my own beautiful new name & identification crystal, which is like a magic wand, & my new halo or "crown of life" which gives me new supernatural Heavenly powers, enjoyed by all citizens here! After a short stroll along the Golden Boulevard of this gorgeous City, chatting all the way excitedly about old times & fresh news, they finally whisked me up & away, leading me by the hand as we flew up to my new Home in Heaven! (Rev.2:17,10b)
       24. AS WE DREW NEAR & SOFTLY LANDED ON ITS BEAUTIFUL GARDEN TERRACE, I instantly recognised it as the Mansion that I had actually designed before on Earth, as my ideal Home which I would like to have in Heaven! Now, here it was before me, just as I had designed it! The Lord had given me the desire of my heart, because I had delighted myself in Him! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! (Psa.21:2; Psa.37:4)
       25. I UNDERSTAND THAT EVEN BUCKMINSTER FULLER, MY FAVOURITE ARCHITECT, HAD A HAND IN ITS PLANNING, as he also had gone on before us, the Lord needing him to help in the planning & designing & construction of this great Space City!--A genius of an architect & scientist with ideas far beyond his time! He had already designed pyramidically-shaped gigantic cities which could float through the air, but had never gotten to realise that dream there on Earth because of the foolishness of man & their lack of recognition of his gifted genius & talents. So God had called him up Here to help Him with the planning & construction of the greatest City of all, which is now floating here in space, just as he dreamed!--This giant pyramid-shaped Golden City, 1500 miles wide & 1500 miles high, is floating up Here in its beautiful blue sphere, a protective forcefield called in the Bible the "Crystal Sea"! (Rev.21:16; Rev.4:6a)
       26. AS ABNER, PHOEBE & I LANDED ON THE TERRACE & I marvelled at this beautiful Heavenly mansion that was evidently to be mine forever, suddenly a number of other happy faces rushed out of its portals to greet me & hug me & kiss me & love me, like I had known them all their lives! (John 14:2)
       27. SO I SAID TO ABNER & PHOEBE, "YOU I KNOW, BUT WHO ARE THESE?" And they said, "Well, we needed more Staff members here to take care of you & your Home & in preparation for your other Family members coming, so we chose these Family members who had already come on before to be here to help you, even though you did not yet know them. They were saved & won to the Lord by our Family on Earth in the various nations there, mostly Latins & Orientals, because we know you have a special love for those people. So they volunteered to come here & take care of you & us & our Home until your regular Staff arrives!" So each one loved & hugged & kissed me just as fervently as those I already knew, as they knew me even better than I knew them, through my many Love Letters & writings on Earth!
       28. SO WE ALL TROOPED INTO THE HOUSE TOGETHER, PRAISING THE LORD & thanking Jesus for His wonderful goodness & love & mercy, to have brought us thus far! We walked first into the spacious livingroom with its comfortable couches & its huge three-dimensional television globe in the center, which is far more than a television set, as they explained to me! It is also a communicator, a time machine, a transporter, a materialiser & a storer of the wealth of all Heaven's information of history, science, news & everything we would want to know! We need only to think of what we want to see, & immediately it appears within that sphere, looking just as real as you & I!--And it is real!--The actual sights & sounds of those events & happenings of both the past & the present! If there's someone we particularly want to see, we can even materialise them there, & they can step out of the globe & visit us!--Such as the famous Prophets & characters of the Bible with whom we'd like to talk & ask questions & discuss matters. It's a marvellous communicator indeed! (Rev.10:6)
       29. THEN WE PASSED THROUGH THE DININGROOM, large & comfortable & commodious for such a large Family as ours & those yet to come! From there we went to the kitchen, where they explained to me the miraculous way in which meals were prepared, as if by magic, by the mere waving of our crystal wands! Then they ushered me upstairs to our beautiful master bedroom! As I marvelled at its beauty & gorgeous view & beautiful furnishings, I looked at its king-sized bed & suddenly was hit with a wave of nostalgia & homesickness for Maria, suddenly realising that she was not here yet & it would be some time before she came!
       30. AS THOUGH READING MY THOUGHTS, PHOEBE CAME TO ME & put her arms lovingly & tenderly around me & kissed me affectionately & said, "Don't worry, Grandpa, I'm here & I'm going to take care of you, & I'll do my best to take Maria's place until she comes!" As I felt the warmth of her body next to mine, that soft, beautiful body that I had watched dance so many times on those gorgeous dance videos, I was swept with a wave of emotion which almost helped me forget that Maria was not here! So as Phoebe & I sank down onto the bed together, the others retired discreetly from the room!
       31. OUR AURAS OF LIGHT SEEMED TO VANISH & WE HAD NO CLOTHES TO REMOVE! We could see our beautiful new Heavenly bodies in all their splendorous glory--with all the same original beauties that God had created, only now more glorified & perfect than ever! As Phoebe tenderly & affectionately embraced me & kissed me & caressed me, I suddenly really felt at Home here as never before! I thought, "Well, if Maria can't be here yet, thank God for Phoebe!" She began to sing sweetly & softly some of her old lovesongs to me as she stroked me with her gentle fingers & excited me with such close loving tender warmth & affection! (Pro.5:19)
       32. I HAD KNOWN THAT THERE WOULD BE SEX IN HEAVEN, but I had never dreamed that it was going to be as wonderful as this, as thrilling & exciting & rapturous & continuous!--No exhaustion, no tiring, no surfeiting, no impotence, no failures, no dissatisfactions! All was pure joy & love & endless fulfilment, hallelujah! Thank You, Jesus! Praise the Lord! (1Cor.2:9)
       33. WE DIDN'T STOP BECAUSE WE WERE TIRED, but after some time Phoebe softly whispered that she would be back soon, but she had to go & tend to some domestic matters in preparation for our welcoming dinner. So, giving me a few more loving, affectionate kisses & caresses, she patted me & tenderly, kissed me goodbye for the moment & said she would be back as soon as she could.--Meanwhile she admonished Joy of India to watch over me.--Remember her?--The sweet Family girl who died of malaria about a year after Phoebe. Her mate Thomas had asked Jesus to send Phoebe for her! She has been here for some time & knows & loves me well from my Letters & had given her life for the Lord.--Now she is one of my Heavenly Helpers in my Mansion here! She too is so beautiful & wonderful & such a comfort.--"Thanks, Joy!" I said. (Rev.14:13)
       34. I LAY BACK ON THE BED, FEELING LIKE I WAS IN A DREAM, that it all was almost too good to be true! I thought maybe I'd wake up & find that I'd been only dreaming or having another vision of Heaven! But I didn't need to pinch myself, it was all really happening & I was really Here, as I could look all around & see it for myself, & I had certainly felt it in my time with Phoebe! It was beautiful, wonderful, marvellous, miraculous, supernatural, & yet all so natural in so many ways! It was so familiar to our former ways on Earth, yet its beauty now magnified & multiplied many times over in these Heavenly scenes & experiences! It was like all the beauties of God's Creation combined, all together in one place & glorified many times over!--Truly Heavenly beyond our wildest dreams! (1Cor.13:12)
       35. I EVEN FELL ASLEEP FOR A LITTLE WHILE!--Not that my body actually needed rest, because Here you're never weary, you're never tired, never weak, never sick. You're superhumanly powerful & strong, healthy & beautiful! But it was as though my mind needed rest & a little respite from all these exciting events of the past few hours. So we can sleep if we so desire, need or wish, & I drifted off into a dreamland more Heavenly than ever before! (Rev.21:4)
       36. IN MY DREAMS I FELT THE SOFT, CARESSING TOUCH OF PHOEBE'S HAND AGAIN & the luscious warmth of her sweet kiss on my mouth & the softness of her body against me once again, as she returned to make love to me again! But I soon realised by my reaction that I was not dreaming! She was back in bed with me again, lovingly whispering soft words of love & comfort & tender care, stroking, caressing, & exciting me, & beautifully making love to me once more, & my body quickly responded!--I was no longer old & tired & sometimes limp, as I had been in my old age in my latter years, but as young & vigorous & healthy & powerful & strong & hard as I had been in my youth--even more so--& there was no problem whatsoever, as Phoebe deftly manipulated me!
       37. WE CAME TOGETHER AGAIN in those beautiful bodily movements of sexual embrace! Rhythmically undulating & whispering soft words of love to each other, we rapidly reached another tremendous climax, only waiting a few moments between before we went again & again & again, until we were both completely satisfied & fulfilled & knew that we were one forever--that she, too, was one of my lovers in Heaven, as she had always been in heart on Earth! (SoS.1:2; 4:10)
       38. AS WE LAY THERE IN EACH OTHERS' ARMS, we began to reminisce about the past & old times, happy times on Earth together in those glorious days when we were still preaching the Gospel & winning souls & joining Family members to our households!--Loving one another, living together in love in our beautiful Heaven-on-Earth Homes below! We discussed various Family Members that we knew, & past events, as well as present, together with the ominous news from Earth about the Antichrist's latest oppressions.
       39. BUT HERE WE HAD NO FEAR, NO WORRY about the outcome, we knew exactly what was happening & what was about to happen & the beautiful happy ending that was soon to come! We were only concerned about the activities & safety & welfare of our loved ones still on Earth, & it seemed our hearts were constantly lifted up in prayer for them as we prayed for their comfort & their safety & their guidance & their soon escape from his Bestial Empire!
       40. OUR HEARTS SEEMED TO BE CONSTANTLY WITH THEM IN PRAYER & supplication with the Lord & His Kingdom for their protection & divine guidance & wisdom in all their activities. Our hearts seemed to go out to them & actually contact them in the spirit as we prayed for them & their well-being there. (1Th.5:17)
       41. SO FINALLY AFTER HAVING SHARED SO MUCH FOR SOME TIME TOGETHER, PHOEBE & I AROSE to prepare ourselves for the Family dinner below, re-donning our lovely robes of light! Everything seemed so much alike & so similar to how things had been on Earth in our Heavenly Homes!--The same feelings, the same love, the same affection, the same joyful fellowship! All these wonderful feelings & emotions were all the same as ever--only more so! Even the physical feelings were the same, but greatly amplified.--The pleasures, the sensations, all of them! Those wonderful creations of God made for Adam & Eve in the Beginning were here again, completed in perfection in our final state in this Heavenly Home! (Rev.6:11a)
       42. SO WHEN THE CALL TO DINNER CAME, WE JOINED THE FAMILY IN THE GRAND DININGROOM, with me sitting at the head of the table between Phoebe & Abner, & we gave thanks as we always have, singing our wonderful little dinner song, composed by my own father & sung & prayed by our Family ever since I was a child, which our now much greater Family has enjoyed for years! So it really felt homey & I really felt at Home--beautifully, wonderfully content & happy, even though still missing, of course, our other Family members who are still on Earth. (Psa.133:1)
       43. THEN SOME OF OUR NEW GIRLS BROUGHT IN THESE HEAVENLY DELICACIES TO THE TABLE--truly celestial delights! Some were familiar natural foods & fruits that have grown ever since the Garden of Eden, others were new & novel & exciting, such a profuse variety! All had been prepared by the girls in the kitchen by the mere waving of their crystal wands, those magic wands which bear our new names & identification, as well as have supernatural, miraculous powers of creation, communication & even protection! (Rev.2:7,17)
       44. ALTHOUGH WE DON'T HAVE TO EAT IN HEAVEN, WE STILL ENJOY IT OCCASIONALLY on special occasions, such as this welcome dinner. So we relished it with tremendous satisfaction & no indigestion! And as usual, after dinner I gave them a short talk, filling them in on the latest news from Earth, from where I had just come, & the latest events occurring there, & especially personal news about our own intimate Family, & they were all thrilled & delighted with this first-hand account by someone having come straight from Earth with the very latest first-hand news & eyewitness accounts of what was going on there!
       45. MOST OF IT WAS GOOD NEWS, because God in His divine mercy was protecting our Family & keeping them--miraculously, supernaturally defending them & sending various Prophets & Prophetesses to lead & guide them, instruct them & even protect them by mighty miracles & powers, & by sending all kinds of woes & calamities & catastrophes upon their enemies & even various amazing monsters to attack their enemies & defend the Family from the Bestial Empire! So the World Dictator was having more trouble than we were, as God troubled him that tribulated us & gave him so many other things to worry about & to deal with & to war with that he had less time to attack us & focus his attention on our activities!
       46. SO WE ARE STILL CARRYING ON, STILL PUBLISHING THE TRUTH, still distributing the Divine Words of God & His revelations & His guidance. And the Lord is still providing for us there--supernaturally, miraculously sometimes, as He did in the Bible, with manna from Heaven & food carried by birds & friends & loved ones & supporters & defenders, kings & queens & governors & even leaders of nations who are rebelling against the Antichrist & his awful dominion! In these rebel nations we are given shelter & protection in their wildernesses & refuge from the horrible storm of the Antichrist reign! (Rev.12:6,14)
       47. GOD IS EVEN USING US TO HELP THESE REBEL NATIONS WHO DEFY THE BESTIAL KINGDOM of the Antichrist on Earth! We perform many mighty miracles & supernatural feats & we do exploits, which gives them great assistance in their war of defense against the Antichrist! We instruct many on what to do & what God knows is best to do, with His Godly wisdom & guidance & revelations & information, defeating the enemy at every turn & confounding his knavish tricks, confusing his politics & giving the anti-Antichrists' forces victories over his armaments in many & various battles that he is waging with the nations who refuse to worship him & bow down to his Image or take his Mark! (Dan.11:32b,33a)
       48. THE CHRISTIAN, JEWISH & MUSLIM NATIONS IN PARTICULAR REJECT HIS IDOLATRY & HIS SATANIC DOMINION! Many are still holding out against him, as God Himself defends them with many mighty signs & wonders & miracles! Our Family is still getting out the Word to those nations who are receiving it now with joy & thanksgiving as the only answer to their problems & the only salvation from their plight!
       49. FINALLY, CLOSING OUR DINNER TALK WITH FERVENT PRAYER for our loved ones yet on Earth, for their safety & protection & prosperity & fruitfulness, to win as many souls as they possibly can before they have to leave, we then dismissed & assembled in the comfortable living room where we could lounge on those soft-as-ever couches & chairs, sitting on which is like floating on air, & we watched the latest news from both Heaven & Earth, on the three-dimensional communicator in the center of the room. The commentators & participants & events look just as real as though they are right there inside the globe! (Jam.5:16b)
       50. EVENTUALLY, AGAIN WITH PRAYER FOR OUR EARTHLY LOVED ONES, WE RETIRED to our rooms for a time of love & rest of mind, & for some study & learning, as not all had to actually sleep. Phoebe & I had another glorious session together & talked & talked on into the night about the past, the present & the Future, planning what we are going to do to help our loved ones still on Earth. We can still communicate with them in the spirit & pass messages on to them, even sometimes we are allowed to go down & make personal appearances to them in the spirit in dreams & visions & personal apparitions! (Num.12:6)
       51. SO IT'S NOT ALL JUST FUN & GAMES HERE IN HEAVEN, as we're very busy working on your behalf down there below as well! We're praying for you, sending you messages, answering your prayers, giving you guidance, instruction & leadings & even protection! But apparently I am now Here, at first at least, for a little rest & surcease from my labours on Earth. I'm being given time to get adjusted & oriented to this new Heavenly life & its new Heavenly ways.--And it's quite a life to get adjusted to, considering all of its new & marvellous, supernatural & miraculous ways of living & working & experiencing & fellowshipping! Everything still is as wonderful as all of our delightful experiences & fellowship & love on Earth, as well as much more & much more magnified, multiplied, amplified! (Heb.4:9)
       52. I JUST CAN'T EXPRESS IT ENOUGH, HOW WONDERFUL IT IS HERE! Praise God! And we're praying & thanking God that you will be joining us Here soon as well, thank the Lord!
       53. AND SO AGAIN, PHOEBE & I FELL ASLEEP in each other's arms, drifting off into this Heavenly dreamland for a rest of our minds & thoughts before the next activities, when she & Abner have promised to take me on a tour of this beautiful New City! As we retired, we prayed a little prayer together for you, Maria, & the children & you folks back on Earth & fervently besought the Lord & His Angels to help guide & protect, keep & bless you & make you a blessing to as many as possible, before you too can join us!
       54. THAT'S ONE PRIVILEGE YOU STILL HAVE ON EARTH WHICH WE DO NOT HAVE UP HERE YET, & that is the wonderful, glorious, thrilling experience of witnessing the Love of Jesus to others & winning their hearts to Christ for their Salvation to Heaven! We know it's hard, it's difficult, sometimes trying, with many tests & trials, but it's wonderful! It's the most wonderful work in the World, & we hope that you're doing a good job of it, for you'll be glad you did when you see all their millions of happy, shining faces here in Heaven, thanking you for loving them & wooing them & winning them to Jesus, to become members of His glorious Kingdom of Heaven! Hallelujah! Thank You, Jesus! Praise the Lord! Amen! Are you doing your best?--I hope so! God bless & keep you! In Jesus' name, amen!

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