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THE APARTMENT HOUSE!--Heavenly Communities!--A Revelation!--"Heaven's Children"--Chapter 9       DO 2107       11/85

       (INTRODUCTION: This is a little discussion I had with Maria before I left, & I think you'll find it very interesting & informative! It has a lot to do with the way Heaven is organized Up Here, & why we're where we are!--God bless you!--Hope you'll be one of us where we are!--Amen?)
       1. I DON'T DOUBT THAT THE LORD WOULD LET THESE VARIOUS GROUPS HAVE THEIR OWN LITTLE NOOKS OR CORNERS IN HEAVEN where they could fellowship together as they have on Earth because they'd feel very strange with us & we'd feel very strange with them. (Maria: Well, maybe we won't when we get There.--Do you think?) It would take a lot to break down the differences between us. Some people are still going to be like babes. Don't you remember? Some people are going to have to be totally re-educated way down in kindergarten. (Maria: But won't they get re-educated in the Millennium?) (John 13:7; 1Cor.13:12)
       2. WELL, THIS IS NOT THE MILLENNIUM, DEAR, THAT WE'RE DEALING WITH RIGHT NOW. THIS IS HEAVEN AS IT IS NOW. (Maria: Oh yes, that's right. Oh, it's before the Millennium.) The Millennium is when we are going to have time to re-educate them, but right now Heaven is pretty much just a reception centre & they're just getting used to being in the City, & there is no place else but the City right now too, because it's still out in space. Of course, the City itself is like a whole country, I mean as big as Europe or about half of the United States. So there is oodles of room for various colonies & communities. (Rev.21:16)
       3. WELL, I WOULD SAY SINCE WE'RE GOING TO BE IN CHARGE OF RE-EDUCATION, since we are the most enlightened group of all & since that Heavenly Fair corner is sort of our idea, I think our community should be in that corner, don't you?--Or nearby so we can oversee it. We'll probably be operating the Fair & staffing the buildings. Only we don't have enough people Up There yet to do it. But I guess some of the most enlightened Saints of old maybe will be There to do it now. By this time they should have been sufficiently re-educated to man the works. (Maria: Maybe Abner & Phoebe are training some of the others.) Well, they would have had several years to do it. (2Tim.2:2; Mat.28:19)
+ + + + + + +

       Really beautiful, really beautiful! It's really beautiful Up Here! Thank You Jesus!
       4. I'VE GOT SOME MARVELLOUS NEW IDEAS, REVELATIONS! I think they're really revelations of God's organization of Heaven. My God, I'm so thankful I don't have to live with those old people, you know, all those old Tabernacle Saints, churchy saints that my Mother preached to! I mean they all know me & I remember them. But for God's sake, I don't want to live with them, a bunch of old fogies, fuddy-duddies that belong to another era, another generation! I want to live with my young people, my youth, my life, my generation, my Revolution & all of our converts! Do you know there are millions of them?
       5. GOD HAS TO RESERVE HOUSING FOR ALL OF US & ALL OF OUR CONVERTS & all those that know the Family & understand our way of life & doctrine. We're a whole colony apart. We're a whole entire group of millions who are different from the churches & the churchy Christians & the rest of those people in Heaven.--And they don't even understand us, they still won't understand us! I mean they're like in kindergarten or first grade, whereas we're sort of up near the top in the educational process. I mean we're a whole people apart, a whole colony of a separate kind of distinctly different Christians! We're up higher.
       6. MY GOD! I DON'T WANT TO BE CLOSE TO THOSE PEOPLE! I was thinking about all the old Tabernacle Saints & churchy saints that I knew when I was a child & that knew my Mother & whom she preached to & got saved, & I really don't want to have to live with them! My Lord! Those old fogies! They have so much to learn, so far to go! I don't know if they'll ever catch up with us! Thank God for my Family & my intimates & my revolutionaries!--Ten thousand times ten thousand & thousands of thousands! We're a people apart! (1Cor.15:41b)
       7. I MEAN THERE ARE REAL DIVISIONS IN HEAVEN, separations of classes & differences of advancement, & we just couldn't stand to live with those old fogies! God's gotta give them their own place, their own corner & we're going to have ours, it's really beautiful!
       8. I ALWAYS WONDERED WHO THOSE NEIGHBOURS WERE ON EACH SIDE OF US. You know who they are? Who would you consider the closest people to us, the closest houses, the closest leaders? (Maria: You mean people who are not part of our Family, or those who are part of our personal Family?) My God, I wouldn't live with anybody but our Family! How do we live now? Who are those closest in spirit to us? (Maria: Well, other Leadership Units.) Of course! Who are the top leadership second only to us right this minute? (Maria: Our Creations Units.) Yes, so they must be on one side of us, next door to us! Who else? Our other top Leadership should be next door on this side!--And then all the people in all the other Units & the Family right beneath us! We're like the three penthouses on top of the apartment house & there are many many floors below us with all the Leadership Units & Family in this one great big apartment house, only every apartment is a mansion & has its own garden & yard!--Isn't that amazing?--And they go right on down from up here clear down to there!
       9. ALL THE LEADERSHIP UNITS & ALL OF THE RELATED FAMILY UNITS & ALL THE HOMES & all the converts & catacombers & supporters, helpers, kings & queens & fish & everything, they're all right here!--I mean tens of thousands of them!--And you know who else is surrounding us?--All of our converts, millions of them!--And we are a whole entire city or community to ourselves! (Psa.133:1)
       10. I REALLY DON'T WANT ANYTHING TO DO WITH THOSE OLD FOGIES, those old Tabernacle Saints & old people that my Mother converted. God bless them, they're saved but I mean, my God, they're so far behind us they don't even know what the score is, so God has got to give them some other place! I don't think I even want to live near them! We have a whole different culture, we have an entirely different kind of Saints who know me & love me & follow me & are free from all that God-damned churchianity! (Psa.62:12)
       11. SO HERE WE ARE, WE'RE A WHOLE SECTION TO OURSELVES, BEAUTIFUL! There's first of all us & our closest Units & those just beneath us, & then there're all of our Units & all of the Family & all of our Homes & all of our TRFers & all of our real close disciples! They're all right here beneath us, see, in this big column! We're like in columns, in tiers like different floors of the apartment house. Every apartment is a mansion with its own gardens & we're all together, all in this one big building all the way down to the bottom, to the lowliest Homes.--And then all around us, surrounding us are the Homes of all of our converts, millions, millions & millions all around us! We're all one great big Family Fellowship whom only we can understand! (John 14:2)
       12. AND THOSE OLD CHURCHY CHRISTIANS OF THE PAST, I MEAN THEY'RE GOING TO STAND AFAR OFF because they don't even know what's the score or what's going on, you know what I mean? They're saved, but they're so far behind & below us, I don't know if they'll ever catch up! Anyhow, we're having a wonderful time, a real ball!
       13. (MARIA: WHEN YOU TALK ABOUT THOSE CLOSEST TO US, do you mean those who are in our present Units, or does it have more to do with who have been the most really dedicated to the Lord & really true disciples?) Aren't they? (Maria: Well, not always, not necessarily, that's what I'm trying to figure out.) Aren't they who are our closest Units & our most familiars the closest followers of us & the Lord? (Maria: Well, many of them, certainly.) The closest to us & the most loyal? (Maria: Well, many, yes.) The ones we have worked the closest with & known the best! Aren't we the tops right now? Aren't they the tops right now? So what makes you think the situation would change in Heaven? (Maria: Well, I would say that there are some little people on the field that are probably more dedicated than some of the people in our top Leadership Units.) But they're not so close to us & we don't know them & they don't really know us yet. (Jer.17:10; Heb.6:10)
       14. I MEAN WE HAVE TO WORK WITHIN THE ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURE THAT THE LORD HAS ALREADY CREATED. I mean who could be more dedicated than those with whom we are working the most closely now, who know & love us & would die for us! So who do you mean? What do you mean? I mean they may be more pure than we are! But I mean they still don't know us. (Maria: Right, that's true.)
       15. UP ABOVE US ARE PROBABLY STACKED MANY MANY TIERS OF THE MORE DEDICATED, more sacrificial, more pure & more saintly Saints of the past in the Bible, right on up to the apex where the Lord is. There are many more above us. But we are we & there's nobody else like us, so we have to stick together. I mean only our Family understand our Family & only our associates & converts understand us & love us like they do!
       16. (MARIA: WE'VE ALWAYS SAID THAT WE'RE THE BEST, SO WHY AREN'T WE THE CLOSEST TO THE LORD?) Well, there is a certain amount of seniority. The Lord gives a certain priority to seniority, & like He said, "Because of the fathers," their seniority of age & their priority in time, so they could be up there, that's OK with me. All I want to be is with my own & those that I know & love me & have even died for me!--And around us 10,000, or maybe more than 10,000, counting those who have been part of us even though somehow they left us, they know us & understand us & love us & they're still the closest to us. And just outside of them are all of our converts, all the souls we won to Jesus! (Rom.13:7)
       17. (MARIA: DID YOU SAY THE 10,000 THAT HAVE LEFT US?) No, the 10,000 who are now with us. But there could have been 10,000 more who have left us or went back, but still love us. (Maria: You mean they're next & then all of our converts?) Yes, & then there are 10 million converts who love us & know us, only who are not part of the churches of those ancient congregations. They only know us & love us & understand us & have been won by us. (ML#167:22)
       18. SO WE'RE AN ENTIRE COMMUNITY OF AT LEAST 10 MILLION PEOPLE that the Lord has got to allow to be close together & live close to each other & live in one great huge block of apartments in Heaven! That's the way I see it just as clear as can be!--And we're living here up on top of'm all! We're like the penthouses on top of the apartment house. They want to all live with me & that's as close as you can get, all living in the same apartment house, with our three penthouses on top & all of the rest of the apartment house below! We don't even have to have elevators!--All they have to do is go out on their terrace & fly up to see us!
       19. (MARIA: AND THEY CAN VISIT US WHENEVER THEY WANT?) No!--No, they can't visit us whenever they want! They can visit us whenever they deserve to or whenever we want. I mean you can't just have 10 million people coming every day! Every man in his time, in his own order, even the Bible says so. I mean the Lord will show us & help us figure it out. (1Tim.5:17; Ecc.3:1; 1Cor.3:8)
       20. (MARIA: SO ALL OUR WORLDWIDE LEADERSHIP, THOSE WHO ARE PART OF OUR UNITS.) All of those will be close to us, directly beneath us in Heaven, & have direct immediate fellowship. They're just like on the next floors below & they can visit us whenever they need to & according to God's Will.
       21. (MARIA: SO IT'S NOT A MATTER OF IF THEY DESERVE IT OR NOT, IT'S A MATTER IF THEY'RE IN THE ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURE & THEY'VE LEARNED LEADERSHIP LESSONS.) Therefore they deserve it. (Maria: Well, what if they've been bad shepherds or not been the way they should?) Well, then they'll be lower.--Those who deserve to be the closest to us, & those who don't deserve to be so close will be a little further away, but we'll still be all a part of the same structure & fellowship & Family, because only our Family can understand each other, & we have no fellowship, no understanding or communication hardly with those old fogey churchy Christians! May God deliver us from them! I don't mind living in Heaven with them as long as I don't have to live near them! (2Tim.2:20)
       22. I GOT TO THINKING ABOUT ALL THOSE OLD TABERNACLE SAINTS I used to know when I was a little boy, all those old people who are going to be There to welcome me to Heaven, & that's sweet & God bless them! But for God's sake, deliver me from having to live with them! I mean I just couldn't! They're so far behind, they couldn't possibly understand where we are at, & I don't know if they could ever catch up! Maybe so, I hope so, but they certainly aren't near where we are at now! I just want our top leadership together at the top of the building & then I want sub-leadership right under them, underneath us, & all the other loyal leaders & followers & Homes & TRFers who are part of our immediate Family of 10,000, & then surrounding us all of our loved ones & friends & converts & kings & queens & the 10 million people that we've won to the Lord!
       23. I MEAN, WE'VE GOT TO BE AN ENTIRE WHOLE DIFFERENT COMMUNITY & unit to ourselves because nobody else could possibly understand us except us,--and the Lord, of course, & the really knowledgeable Saints. Maybe the old Patriarchs & Prophets & some of them can understand us because they are so much like us. But they are way up there close to the Lord near the top. And I don't think I deserve to be up so close to the top because I don't think I'm pure enough, holy enough, righteous enough, saintly enough, but that's OK. I'm satisfied with what I've got & where we are, & the Lord loves us & He likes what we've done & the 10 million souls we've saved!
       24. (MARIA: WELL, IS IT A MATTER OF PURITY & RIGHTEOUSNESS BEING UP NEAR THE TOP?) I think so, in a way. I don't think I'm pure & holy & righteous enough to be up there so close to the Lord. It almost terrifies me because I know I'm not! But anyhow, I'm happy with you & me & the way we are. I don't think those top Saints could really exactly comprehend us. I don't think they're prepared for the shock of our kind of religion & saintliness. Ha! (Maria: Well, they've had quite a few years in Heaven already, don't you think they should have learned something?) Amen, but I'm happy with you folks. I don't think I'd be too happy too close to all those Old Testament Patriarchs & Prophets & their kind of religion. I think it's a little too far beyond me. After all, there is such a thing as priority & seniority. The Bible recognises that, so let them stay up there, that's OK with me. I'm perfectly happy down here with my own kind of Saints & religion, OK? I love you!
       25. (MARIA: WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT ALL THE RADICAL GROUPS IN HISTORY LIKE THE HUTTERITES & ANABAPTISTS, ETC.?) I think they're all going to have their place. They're all going to have their own fellowship where they'll be the most comfortable, with their own kind & their own people who understand each other & who have lived their lives & their time together & they know each other & they're close friends & Family. I think we are going to be one great huge Fellowship of different Fellowships who will want to live together & fellowship & love each other & be close together just like they were on Earth. They'll be more comfortable with each other in Heaven, & we'll have a wonderful love & fellowship together & have communication & fellowship. But everybody is most happy with their own kind, let's face it. (1Cor.12:12-20)
       26. I MEAN YOU CAN CALL IT RACIALISM IF YOU WANT TO, BUT I REALLY BELIEVE EVERYBODY IS HAPPIEST WITH THEIR OWN KIND who really know & understand each other & live together & work together & each one is a family. We're a Family, they're a family, there're many families of many different kinds, yet we're one great big Family Fellowship of all Christians of all ages, all the Saints. We're all one great big Family. We love each other & we appreciate each other. But when we go home we really appreciate & enjoy being with our own kind who know & understand each other best, the intimate close-knit personal family. See? Do you understand?
       27. MY GOD! I DON'T WANT TO LIVE WITH THE HUTTERITES & THE ANABAPTISTS & all these other people that I don't know anything about & I never ever knew them & they never lived in my time. I love them & appreciate them & admire them for their marvellous strength & martyrdom & all the rest, but they're strangers to me really, except in the Lord, & I love them because they love Jesus & we have the communion of mind & heart of being one in Christ. (John 11:52; 10:16)
       28. BUT STILL, I WANT TO LIVE WITH MY OWN FAMILY whom I understand & who understand me & my own leaders & workers & co-workers that I've worked with for years & all of their people & staffs; & around us, completely surrounding us, all of our converts, those we won to the Lord. I mean they wouldn't feel comfortable with anyone else. They want to be close to us, right? We won them to the Lord. They know us, they don't know these other people. They don't know Hutterites & Anabaptists & Methodists & Presbyterians & Baptists & all these other people, they don't know them, they don't even understand them. All they understand is us & our love & our kind of free religion, & they want to be close to us.
       29. SO WE'RE GOING TO BE IN THIS BIG HOUSING BLOCK RIGHT HERE, SEE? Like a big apartment house, on which we have these three penthouses on top. (Maria: Just three penthouses on top?) Yes, who else? Who else deserves to be on top but us & our top leaders? Us in the mansion in the middle, & the others in the mansions on either side, & all the floors below like a great huge apartment house.--And then surrounding us are all these 10 million converts. See?
       30. I THINK THAT'S BEAUTIFUL! I LIKE THAT! (Maria: Me, too!) Don't you think that's logical & sensible? That we're all here together, our Family, our kind of family? I think the way we live would shock some of those old fogey Tabernacle Christians & my dear Mother's converts etc! I mean they don't even understand us or comprehend our hippie generation.--And they've got to get used to the idea, hear it like news from afar. But we understand & know each other & we understand how we live & our freedom & sexual freedom & glorious & wonderful Fellowship altogether! We're a people apart! We're in an "apart"ment house, in an "apart"ment house. See? We have to be, because nobody else is that close or can understand us, it will take them time.
       31. SO THAT'S JUST THE WAY IT IS! I don't want it to be any other way. I just want to be with you & I want them to be with me in our own apartment house community. I want our 10,000 present personal Family right here around us & beneath us & around us, & probably our old-timers & those who were once with us & are now glad to be back with us. (Maria: Even backsliders?) And those who were a part of the Family. And then around them all of our converts & all those who got saved through our witnessing, & babes & catacombers & all the people who know us & love us & only found the Lord through us. So there! I guess that's the next Heaven's Children chapter already written! Praise the Lord!
       32. (MARIA: WHERE WOULD SOMEBODY LIKE ABRAHIM, FOR EXAMPLE, FEEL THE MOST COMFORTABLE?) Oh, Honey, he's always with me right next to the top! But the thing about him is, he is so busy on Earth, he's usually down there very very busy. (Maria: Still, even when we are in Heaven?--He is going to be on Earth very very busy?) I think he will have to be like Aaron: He's got to help our people who are still on Earth. He can't be loafing around Heaven! (Maria: Won't you be doing the same thing though?) Yes, of course, but for God's sake, aren't you going to give me a little time to have a little rest Up There before I have to go back to work?
       33. (MARIA: BUT ABRAHIM, FOR EXAMPLE, EVEN THOUGH HE CAME FROM A DIFFERENT GENERATION, HE WILL STILL FEEL MORE COMFORTABLE WITH US?) Yes, of course, Honey, that doesn't even need to be said! I mean he is one of us almost from the beginning, of course! (Maria: So some of these departed spirits that have come to help other generations, they fit better in the other generations at the end than they do in their own?) Yes, yes, of course! Honey, we have ours & they have theirs, & to each man his own. But some will feel more comfortable & familiar with their own familiars, & we will feel more comfortable & familiar with ours. I mean that's logical, that's sensible, I mean that's obvious.
       34. (MARIA: WELL, MAYBE THE OLD DAVID & MOSES, since they're your helpers now, maybe they feel...) They might feel quite comfortable with us, but, Honey, they have seniority, they're way up there near the top! I don't know if I would feel too comfortable with them because they have precedence, seniority & they're the top chronologically if nothing else. I'm perfectly happy here. I don't know if I want them around all the time, because they outrank me & they have seniority, they probably outclass me. (Maria: Well, in chronological time, Abrahim would have come first too, but he is more with us now, so maybe it is the same with them, you know?)
       35. YES, BUT IN SOME WAYS I DON'T KNOW THEM AS WELL. They help me but I think they can go back Up there because I think I'd be more comfortable with you. OK? (Maria: That's fine with me!) OK? Because I'm not such a holy Saint as they were. (Maria: Honey, they were just weak humans like the rest of us.) Well, in some ways I'm even more unholy than they.
       36. I'M PERFECTLY CONTENT, COMFORTABLE & SATISFIED WITH YOU, MY OWN FAMILY, my own children, my own disciples & my 10,000 immediate family & my 10 million immediate converts. (Maria: Amen!) We understand each other, we're a Family, we'll still be a Family in Heaven. We'll all be part of the great Family of billions, but we are our own Family. I think that's the way it is going to be. The churchy people are going to be with the churchy people, & the Old Tabernacle people with the Old Tabernacle people, & my Mother's own kind with her kind. But we are going to be Fellowships within Fellowships. We'll understand each other & love each other & all of whom love each other & love the Lord, but they're more comfortable within their own Families, their own Fellowships. (Maria: Your own Mother & Father will be with their converts?) With those old Saints & all those old people.
       37. I GOT TO THINKING ABOUT HOW MANY OF THOSE OLD TABERNACLE SAINTS & ALL THOSE OLD PEOPLE I USED TO KNOW ARE GOING TO BE THERE, & I thought, "Oh my God! Thank God I don't have to live with them!" My Mother & Father can shepherd them & take care of them. I mean they're their fruits, they're their Family, their products, their Fellowship, & they can have them, that's fine, God bless them! But My Lord, I don't want to have to live with them! They wouldn't even begin to understand us & our freedom & our sexuality & all the rest. I mean it might take them a thousand years to learn! (Maria: It seems they're going to have to learn it sooner or later.) Yes, but we're the pioneers, we're so far beyond them & above them when it comes to those things, I mean we are beyond their comprehension at first. It is going to take them years to understand & learn. (John 16:12)
       38. (MARIA: MAYBE AFTER THE MILLENNIUM THINGS WILL CHANGE?) I think during the Millennium a lot of things are going to change! (Maria: But then maybe in Heaven things will be all melted into one, then maybe their situation will be different.) Well, right now in Heaven they're still learning. Right now in Heaven it's still like kindergarten for a lot of people. I mean a few of them have been There a few years, a few of them have been There a few hundred years. Some of them have been There a few thousand, but we're all still learning. To each his own & his own kind.
       39. (MARIA: WELL, SHOULDN'T THE ONES WHO HAVE BEEN THERE A FEW THOUSAND YEARS HAVE LEARNED ALREADY?) Yes, they're probably going to teach us something! I mean we've got a few things to learn, but I still think that we're the ultimate, the last, the best, I mean the refinement of all generations, the ultimate of all classes! I think we're the real cream of the crop! So praise the Lord!
       40. BUT I THINK EACH WILL FEEL MORE COMFORTABLE LIVING WITH THEIR OWN KIND, even some of their own generations, their own families. I think Heaven is a group of a lot of families & Fellowships of which we are one, because I think we are the ultimate & the last, & one of the most important, but who can say?--He that is hired first & goes in the heat of the day, or he that is hired last? They each got a penny, each had his place, each had his reward. (Mat.20:1-16) But each of us is a distinct Fellowship unto ourselves.
       41. THAT'S THE WAY I SEE IT & THAT'S THE WAY I WANT IT, AS FAR AS I AM CONCERNED. I wouldn't feel comfortable living with those old churchy old fogies, even my Mother's Tabernacle friends & those old-timers that I knew when I was a child. I mean we have very little in common now. They have too much to learn, we are so far ahead of them we're almost out of sight!
       42. SO I'M PERFECTLY HAPPY TO LIVE WITH YOU & OUR LEADERS & OUR UNITS & OUR FAMILIES & Homes & our 10,000 & then our 1,000 times 10,000 converts, they only understand us. That's who I want to live with & that's who I am going to live with, because we wouldn't be comfortable with anybody else. And I think the same with them, they wouldn't be comfortable with us, those old Tabernacle Saints & even those old Biblical Saints. I mean we're so different & so far ahead of them we just have to be our own community. Don't you understand? Praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus!
       43. I MEAN THAT'S THE WAY IT'S GOTTA BE! So I guess now I have opened the 9th chapter of "Heaven's Children," huh? I wouldn't be happy with anybody else but you & them & all of us together as a Family that I have shepherded. I have my sheep & they know my voice & they follow me, & a stranger they will not follow. They don't even know those old churchy people & churchy preachers & shepherds of other sheep. They follow me, right? They know my voice & they follow me, & a stranger they will not follow. So we are of one great fold, one fold with one shepherd. That's what the Bible says! So this is our fold, altogether about 10 million. We've got to figure out about how many houses that would take, OK?--And how big an apartment house on which we have these three penthouses of our top most close associates & the ones who work most closely with us. (John 10:27,4,5)
       44. (MARIA: I GUESS ALL OUR TOP LEADERS WILL BE THERE, not necessarily all the people that have ever been in our Units, but the top leaders, right?) Yes, of course, those who deserve it. (Maria: The ones that really deserve it & have been faithful?) Yes, there are three top penthouses & therefore three columns of apartments that go all the way down to the bottom. And then around us are all these other converts, 10 million converts. See?
       45. I HAVE TO FIGURE OUT HOW MANY APARTMENTS THAT WILL TAKE & how many people that will be in this one big block of Heaven. It will be quite an apartment house, huh? We have to be a community unto ourselves, with the different churches & denominations within their own communities, they're their own Fellowships & they only feel comfortable amongst themselves. They all love each other. But it's just like you're more comfortable at home, that's all, with your own family. That's just the way it is. Each one after his own kind.
       46. YOU SEE, THOSE CHURCHY PEOPLE WOULD NOT FEEL COMFORTABLE WITH US & we would not feel comfortable with them for at least a thousand years! I mean it will take a thousand years to help bring everybody up to date & blend us all together & help us understand each other. Meanwhile, each has got to be within their own Fellowships, & live & work & play within our own communities & Fellowships. I mean we will recognise them, they will recognise us, they will know they're all saved & Saints & members of the Kingdom, lovers of the Lord, but we won't feel quite at home with each other until we have probably lived & worked together for about a thousand years, because it will take awhile. Do you understand?
       47. SO PRAISE THE LORD! THAT'S THAT! I WANT MINE WITH ME & THEY CAN HAVE THEIRS WITH THEM, OK? XXXXXXX! So what do you say we go to sleep now? We've got that all settled. The Communities of Heaven! That's a good title for it, huh? The Communities of Heaven. And it's composed of many many Communities & many many strata, many many levels, many many families all through History, the past many generations, present & us, the final generation, the last future, you know, Sweetheart? That's the truth! I mean there is no other way, I mean there is no other way you could possibly figure it out because we just have to be to each his own, in our Communities, our own families, our own denominations.
       48. HEAVEN IS A BIG VARIETY COMBO OF MANY MANY FAMILIES & FELLOWSHIPS & DENOMINATIONS & different kinds of Christians, but we're all Christians. We all love Jesus, we're all saved, but it is going to take a thousand years to sort of melt us together to help us understand each other. After all, there have been about 6,000 years of misunderstanding & in-fighting & separation & division, you know? So it is going to take at least a thousand years to sort of get us together & help us understand each other & love each other & work together & become one. Right? Well, I want the people we're going to win on Earth yet, see?
       49. THERE ARE VARIOUS LEVELS OF EDUCATION, INDOCTRINATION, my God, there are so many! Don't you understand? We have so many people to teach & re-educate & rehabilitate! It's really going to take a lot & a lot of time & a lot of patience & a lot of love to win them all over to our view of things, ha, ha! Ha, ha, ha! Because we know we're right! Right?
       50. BUT IT WILL TAKE A LITTLE WHILE TO CONVINCE THEM TO BE LIKE US, because I really think we're the best & we're the ones who are right, & they have to see things like we do even if it takes us a thousand years to get them converted to our ways & our concepts, our practices, our freedom!
       51. BUT I THINK THEY'RE GOING TO LIKE IT.--Especially when they see some of my beautiful Heaven's Girls & FFers! I think they're going to win the men over real quick!--They'll be lining up at our doors! (Maria: Maybe our men can win the women over real quick.) Yes! Yes, I think that is really going to help a lot. They're going to be very thankful for us & our love & our sexuality. Really, I believe it!
       52. I BELIEVE IT BECAUSE THEY NEED IT & THEY KNOW IT, THEY JUST DON'T LIKE TO ADMIT IT because they think it's not sanctimonious & it's not holy & pure & saintly. Whereas our kind of religion is the most holy pure & saintly there is because it's not self-righteousness, it's strictly the righteousness of God, the Salvation of Jesus, right? Amen! Praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus! Amen! Oh, Honey, I think we're going to have to go to sleep, in Jesus' name.
       53. (MARIA: WELL, I THINK THAT WAS PRETTY IMPORTANT, don't you think?) Yes, very important.--To explain the categories of Heaven & the classifications & the priorities & seniorities. I think it is pretty important. Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! Otherwise we could never possibly ever get along with each other unless we first started living in Communities & Fellowships separately in a way, but together, but you know what I mean. As we each develop & gradually learn to know & love & appreciate each other & we finally begin to fuse together.
       54. THEIR MEN ARE GOING TO LIKE OUR WOMEN & THEIR WOMEN ARE GOING TO LIKE OUR MEN, I agree! So there will be inter-fellowship & intercourse, interlinking & locking till we're all one in Christ Jesus! In Jesus' name, amen.
       55. THAT'D BE A GOOD TITLE FOR IT!: "THE COMMUNITIES OF HEAVEN!" This can be one of our "Heaven's Children" Chapters to explain the way we live & why we have to be together & why they have to be together, until we finally learn to understand each other, even if it takes a thousand years!--Do you?

Copyright (c) 1997 by The Family