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OUR HEAVENLY COMMUNITY!--"The Apartment" Continued!--"Heaven's Children!"--Chapter 10!       DO 2108       11/85

       1. WELL, HERE'S GRANDFATHER AGAIN, STILL UP IN HEAVEN, WORKING AS USUAL on my lounge couch where I do most of my paperwork, as I still have lots of it to do, as you can see! Dear Phoebe & India Joy are hovering around softly & quietly, trying not to disturb me as they go in & out to check on me & make sure that everything is all right. Abner is outside overseeing the house & security & the Staff.
       2. THE MAJOR SECURITY HERE OF COURSE IS TO MAKE SURE I'M NOT DISTURBED or interrupted while I'm talking to you on our Heavenly communicator & sending this message down to you folks still on Earth for your encouragement & inspiration.
       3. I'VE BEEN WORKING ON THE PLANS FOR OUR APARTMENT BLOCK OR APARTMENT HOUSE, or whatever you want to call it.--At least our section of Heavenly mansions Up Here. And I've come up with some amazing details & statistics on how to house our huge Family & our millions of converts in one small area of the Heavenly City!--About 10 million of us all together! And in trying to figure this out, I really launched into a major project, which is really developing into something fascinating!
       4. YOU KNOW, WHILE I WAS YET ON EARTH I WAS TRYING TO FIGURE OUT HOW MANY PEOPLE THE HEAVENLY CITY COULD HOUSE ALTOGETHER, according to the room & the space, the number of mansions, averaging about 20 people to the mansion. That is what started us on the Posters, because I was drawing sketches & diagrams of the mansion itself & how it was placed on the inside walls of the City. It's exactly the way Buckminster Fuller, the World-famed Geodesic Dome Architect, had planned his Heavenly City! At that time I came up with some amazing stats & conceptions of the Heavenly City & its Heavenly Mansions, which started the whole Poster series rolling!
       5. NOW I'M FINDING OUT SOME VERY FASCINATING FACTS REGARDING THE SIZE & SPACE & numbers & distances & heights & groups & population, etc., here in our Heavenly Fair corner of the Heavenly City! It has again inspired me to draw sketches & diagrams in proportion to the actual sizes & numbers & locations of our group of mansions of our Family Community here in the Heavenly City.
       6. SO, SINCE I FIRST GOT THE REVELATION ABOUT HEAVENLY COMMUNITIES IN HEAVEN & therefore the idea of the Apartment House (see "Heaven's Children" Chapter 9), I've been thinking & meditating & musing & amusing on just how many mansions it would take to house those 10 million people, & what would be the best location & placement & arrangement of those mansions in order to keep us all together.--And I've really come up with some amazing facts! Thank the Lord! I'm sure He's leading & guiding & inspiring me about it!
       7. HE'S THE ONE WHO CAME UP HERE TO PREPARE A PLACE FOR US IN THE FIRST PLACE, when He told us that in His Father's house are many mansions.--And you have no idea how many there are! It is just almost absolutely beyond our comprehension! But on the other hand, you'll also be amazed at how little space 10 million people need in this Fair corner of Heaven, our little corner which I have asked the Lord for, as you know, before. (John 14:2)
       8. THERE ARE ABOUT 10,000 OF US REALLY IN THE FAMILY, plus a lot of Family friends & supporters & kings & queens & fish, etc., plus going on toward 10 million converts now, & there'll surely be that many by the time the Lord comes. So I took that figure of about 10 million altogether of the Family & friends & converts as my starting point. Then I figured, "Now let's see, how many mansions would it take to house 10 million people, with an average of about 20 to the mansion, including children & helpers, etc.?"
       9. AND I WAS AMAZED TO DISCOVER THAT WE COULD WORK IT OUT TO ONLY ABOUT HALF-A-MILLION MANSIONS TO HOUSE 10 MILLION PEOPLE at about 20 to the mansion! How about that? So then I wondered how much space those half-a-million mansions would take, & it's really amazing when you figure it out mathematically!
       10. I USED AS AN AVERAGE CRITERION THE SIZE & SPACE OF MY HEAVENLY MANSION that I originally drew, which was on a 100-foot-square lot & four stories high, surrounded by its beautiful gardens! The first floor is occupied by the living room, dining room & kitchen. The second floor is three master bedrooms, the third floor staff bedrooms, & three children bedrooms on the fourth floor.
       11. FIGURING EACH FLOOR ABOUT 10 FEET HIGH, THAT MAKES OUR MANSION ABOUT 40 FEET HIGH, & then giving it about 10 feet of airspace above, below the next tier of homes above us, that makes each tier about 50 feet high. In other words, about a 50 foot space between the lower tier & an upper tier, & that space would be about 100-feet square, about 33 meters wide & long. Then we have an exact measurement to build on to figure out how many mansions we'll need & how much space they will occupy.
       12. AS YOU KNOW, THE INSIDE OF THE CITY IS WHERE THESE MANSIONS ARE LOCATED, but not just on the floor of the City or in towering apartment buildings such as they have back on Earth, all of which are someday going to fall! The mansions of the Heavenly City literally climb the interior walls in decks or tiers, or like shelves attached to the inside wall of the City.--Shelf after shelf after shelf, tier after tier after tier!--That's "tier," by the way, no "tears," t-e-a-r-s up in Heaven, only tiers of houses, t-i-e-r-s! (Rev.7:17b)
       13. --AND THEY LITERALLY GO SKY-HIGH! They begin down about a half-a-mile from the garden floor of this beautiful City, or at about 2500 or 2600 feet, which is a little higher than that beautiful "Crystal Building" which is about 1,000 feet tall, as high as the Empire State Building! Since the mansions line the inside walls, with only neighbours to their right & left & no neighbours behind or in front of them, they have a beautiful unobstructed outside view & an inside view. The outside view is of the beautiful Heavens without, & someday it will be the New Earth, & an inside view of the beautiful gardens of Heaven itself, including our wonderful Heavenly Fair!
       14. IN OTHER WORDS, EACH MANSION ONLY HAS APARTMENTS OR MANSIONS ON EITHER SIDE OF THEM & NOT IN FRONT OR BEHIND THEM. They have a clear view of everything to be seen from their lovely terraces! I'm hoping our artists will be able to draw you some conceptions of this mathematical plan, worked out in actual detail & proportion to give you a little picture of what they look like in this arrangement.
       15. I'LL JUST TRY TO GIVE YOU A LITTLE IDEA of these shelves lining the inside walls of the City for miles & miles & miles, each shelf a different level as these mansions literally climb the walls of this beautiful, beautiful City! They are arranged in rows along the sides on these various levels. So taking each mansion to occupy that 100-foot-square, 50-foot-high block of space on the shelves, I'm trying to figure out how much space on those shelves or tiers a half-million mansions would occupy in this corner of the City. And I've come up with the following remarkable data!
       16. FIRST OF ALL, I HAD TO DECIDE ON EXACTLY WHERE WE WOULD LIKE TO BE LOCATED.--Which mansions would I like for the Lord to reserve for us & our Family, friends & converts? And it came to me, where else but here in our corner of the Heavenly City Fair that we conceived some time ago for the education of our folks & our children, if not the entire population!
       17. WHY SHOULDN'T OUR MANSIONS BE RIGHT HERE IN THE VICINITY OF THIS BEAUTIFUL HEAVENLY FAIR!--In fact, hovering over it! Since this Fair is in this corner of the City, in figuring out the shape of our apartment block of mansions, I took as my starting point the very corner directly above the Fair, where you can see in one of our pictures of the Heavenly City my own mansion right at the very corner of the City above the Fair! It has a gorgeous view in all directions!
       18. CORNER APARTMENTS & CORNER HOMES ARE ALWAYS CONSIDERED THE MOST DESIRABLE because of the double view, only mine has a triple view! You can see out into Heavenly spaces on the right & Heavenly spaces on the left of the City & then down on my beautiful Fair inside below! So beginning with my own apartment or mansion, the idea sort of grew from there.
       19. BY THE WAY, DID YOU KNOW THAT THERE IS ANOTHER TRANSLATION OF THE GREEK WORD USED IN THE NEW TESTAMENT FOR "MANSION"? AN ALTERNATE TRANSLATION IS "APARTMENT", believe it or not! Well, as you can see, these are some apartments! Actually each one is a large mansion about 40 feet wide, 70 feet long & 4 floors or 40 feet high, surrounded by a 100-foot square of gardens & a 50-foot-high airspace, open on both sides to the two neighbours.
       20. IT'S ALSO OPEN AT THE REAR ONTO THE INTERIOR OF THE BEAUTIFUL HEAVENLY CITY WITH A VIEW OF THE FAIR & THE CITY'S HEAVENLY GARDENS! But it's closed on the sides towards the outside by the crystal golden wall of the City itself. This is for our own protection from any possible interference or attacks of the enemies in the Spirit World or out here in space. It is furthermore surrounded by the beautiful blue ball of the Crystal Sea, which surrounds the entire City itself--a powerful force-field to prevent any unauthorised access to this gorgeous City of God by any unwanted creatures, spirits, satellites or creations of Man or the Devil! So we're very well protected here, both by the beautiful blue force-field sphere & the walls of the City itself. (Rev.4:6a)
       21. SO AS YOU CAN SEE, SINCE WE'RE IN A CORNER, WE HAVE ON TWO SIDES OF OUR MANSION THE TWO WALLS OF THE CITY, on the other side, the open-side view of the City itself & its interior & our Fair & its gardens, & on either of the other two sides our two neighbours.--Actually five sides!--Here, I'll have to draw you a sketch to see what I mean: [EDITED: "pic"]--As you can see, we have an unusually big pentagon-shaped lot in the corner, about twice the size of the other normal square lots, since we always need lots of room & privacy!
       22. BUT THE AMAZING THING I DID NOT REALISE, being that our mansion is right here in the very corner of the City so that we have the beginning of the sides of the City on each side of us--the two sides of the City--therefore our two neighbors are a little behind us on either side in a V-shape. And as I began to think of what would be the best location for the rest of our Family neighbours & friends & converts, it occurred to me that since our leadership mansions were to be right here in this corner & above all the rest of them, that of course, the ideal logical plan for the shape of our entire group of mansions is a "V," with our house at the apex of the V & the other Homes running off to the right & to the left along both sides of the City in a V-shape!
       23. SO THEN I BEGAN FIGURING ON HOW MUCH SPACE THIS WOULD TAKE in this corner of the City for these half-million mansions to house 10 million people, & how far out the walls of the City they would run & how high up the walls of the City they would go. Figuring that we would certainly not want to be too close to the Fair or interfering with it, we would begin with the first row or tier of mansions about half-a-mile or 2500 to 2600 feet off the City floor. This would make our first row a few hundred feet above the top of the Crystal Building, or the first & lowest floor of this huge apartment building about half-a-mile up from the ground!
       24. BUT HOW HIGH WOULD THEY RUN, & HOW MANY TIERS WOULD IT TAKE, & how far would each arm or wing of this group of mansions extend out each wall of the City? So I simply took my little calculator & figured out the square root of half-a-million mansions & I was nearly dumbfounded when I found that it came out to a beautiful Heavenly number of, believe it or not, 707 mansions wide & 707 mansions high!--Thank of that!
       25. FIGURE IT FOR YOURSELF, IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE IT! A BEAUTIFUL, SCRIPTURAL NUMBER RELATED TO THE LORD, GOD'S OWN PERFECT NUMBER 7! In other words, this apartment block will have to be 707 mansions wide & 707 mansions high! Then furthermore, when I figured out just how far that would be, each mansion's lot taking a 100-foot-wide space, I found that would be about 7 miles in each direction from the corner & 7 miles high! So what could be more Godly & Scriptural in number than that! It was just like a confirmation of the whole idea!
       26. YES SIR, THIS V-SHAPED APARTMENT OR BLOCK OR MANSION GROUP WILL HAVE 707 FLOORS WITH 707 MANSIONS ON EACH FLOOR, with each floor extending out with its two wings 7 miles in each direction with about 353 mansions in each wing on each floor, plus each corner one, making a total of 707 mansions per Floor on 707 Floors! I guess that 7th one is right in the corner, to give an equal number of 353 on each wing of each floor! So that each wing of the V-shaped apartment block is about 7 miles long, & the entire block itself is about 7 miles high!
       27. YOU SAY THAT SOUNDS PRETTY BIG & COLOSSAL, but when you think of the size of the City--1500 miles wide & 1500 miles high--it's almost nothing! It's a mere speck in one little corner, & yet enough to hold all of our 10 million people right above the Fair! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus!--Where it's easy to get at & of easy access.--And since we don't need any elevators we can just fly around! We can jump off our terrace & sail down to the Fair, or leap from its floor & fly back up to our apartment or mansion. (Rev.21:16)
       28. AND IT'S ONLY LOGICAL & REASONABLE THAT SINCE THE FAIR WAS OUR IDEA, WE SHOULD BE THE ONES TO STAFF IT & OPERATE IT & oversee it, having been taught by the Lord & His angels how it works. And of course they & His Heavenly Saints who are already here are the ones who are now having to oversee, staff & operate it until you get here.--My daughter Faith & son Ho will love that, since they always loved Fairs & helped run the Religion Center at the 1964-65 New York World's Fair all by themselves at the young ages of 14 & 16!--Ha!--With only a little help from me, Grandpa! (2Tim.2:2)
       29. SO--YOU GOT IT? THAT'S THE WAY I SEE IT & that's the way our artists are trying to picture it for you on our communicator so you can get a pretty good idea of what your Heavenly Home is going to look like in our Fair Corner & the relationship & arrangement of our other Homes in this same area. So I've been sitting here for some time now figuring these figures & drawing these sketches & plans & figuring out how we were going to fit in our little corner, as we had already envisioned in discussions on Earth below (see "Heaven's Children" Chapter 9). So here it is! God bless you!--Hope you like it! This way we can all be together!
       30. OF COURSE ALL OF THESE MANSIONS WERE ALREADY PRETTY WELL BUILT & LOCATED BEFORE by the Lord & His hosts as they prepared this City for us! They know how many it's going to have to accommodate altogether, & He simply is reserving this block of our apartment mansions for us in His wonderful provision & prevision of the needs to come when you folks finally arrive here also! So we're really busy getting this corner ready for you, with all of its mansions furnished comfortably with every convenience & beauty conceivable, so that all that will remain is for you to come & occupy them! God bless you! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! Amen!--Amen? (John 14:2,3)
       31. SO HERE WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU, WITH YOUR BEAUTIFUL MANSIONS ALREADY PREPARED for you & waiting simply for your occupancy to bring full life & activity to this wonderful corner of our marvellous City! (Rev.6:11)
       32. SO COME ON! HURRY UP & GET THE JOB DONE DOWN THERE so the Lord can come & bring you Home! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! It's really beautiful beyond your wildest imaginations & your most beautiful dreams, but it's still a lot just like I pictured it & just like we Postered it, so it'll still be very familiar to you & you'll recognise it all when you get Here! (1Cor.2:9,10)
       33. WELL, LOVELY PHOEBE'S CALLING ME TO LUNCH AGAIN, & although we don't really have to eat, we eat for the pure pleasure of it, these delightful delicacies of Heaven! Some of these luscious fruits that they prepare for us they tell me are from the Trees of Life that grow along the River of Life that flows through this beautiful City. These trees bear not only the Leaves of Life for the healing of the nations who'll someday be outside when this City gets to Earth, but also they bear twelve different kinds of fruit every year, each month a different kind of fruit. So we really have a lot of variety Up Here to enjoy! (Rev.22:1,2; Eze.47:12)
       34. AND IF THEY WANT A LITTLE REFRESHING OUTING, THEY CAN GO DOWN & PICK THE FRUIT directly off the Trees of Life themselves if they so desire. But if not, they can merely wave their magic crystal wands & the fruit appears on the plates! Our girls then arrange it in lovely patterns that are beautiful to see & bring it to our table for us to enjoy!
       35. SO PHOEBE'S TELLING ME THAT THE FAMILY IS WAITING FOR ME AT THE TABLE, so I've got to fly! God bless you! I love you & can hardly wait until you get Here to enjoy all of this too! Praise the Lord! Thank you Jesus! It's all yours in Christ Jesus because of His love & His sacrifice for you, giving His life for your Salvation & spending these thousands of years Up Here preparing this gorgeous City for you to enjoy forever! (Rom.8:32)
       36. SO PLEASE HURRY & GET THAT JOB DONE OF WINNING AS MANY SOULS AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN so the Lord will know it's time to call you Home! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! God bless & keep you all until Jesus comes to get you to bring you Home!--In Jesus' name, amen!
       37. BY THE WAY, DON'T MISS THAT HEAVENLY TOUR ABNER & PHOEBE PROMISED TO TAKE ME ON THROUGH THE CITY & ITS GLORIOUS FAIR, which I hope to tell you about in the next communication! Okay? So this is Grandpa signing off from the Heavenly City from Station HVN. And if you want to call me, my personal call letters are GPA! God bless you! So long until next time! I love you! Bye bye! In Jesus' name, amen!

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