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GRANDPA GOES TO THE FAIR!--"Heaven's Children"--Chapter 11DO 210911/85

1. WELL, PRAISE THE LORD, CHILDREN! GOD BLESS YOU, ALL MY DEAR HEAVENLY FAMILY! I LOVE YOU! HERE'S GRANDPA AGAIN, TUNING IN to you on our Heavenly communicators, which are sometimes called prayer! We sure have been praying for you down there in your hard work of continuing to publish the good news & spread the good Word & save the good people, as well as the bad, by the message of Jesus' Love & Salvation! Praise the Lord! (Isa.52:7)
2. BUT MEANWHILE I'M GETTING A LITTLE REST after my many years of hard service--really it was Heavenly service--& we lived Heavenly lives in Heavenly Homes with Heavenly people doing a Heavenly work, thank You Jesus! But I am a little relieved & enjoying my rest Up Here in my Heavenly Mansion with these Heavenly ones who are taking care of me, dear Abner & Phoebe & India Joy & others who have already gone on before you, like me. They're helping me to get settled & adjusted & oriented to this beautiful Heavenly atmosphere & surroundings! (Rev.14:13)
3. WELL, THAT WAS CERTAINLY A DELICIOUS LUNCH of those delightful fruits of Paradise from the Trees of Life! This afternoon Abner & Phoebe have told me that they're going to take me on a little tour of the City & particularly the Fairgrounds below us. (Rev.22:2; Eze.47:12)
4. I ALWAYS DID LOVE FAIRS, particularly World Fairs! When I was on Earth I attended three of the greatest World's Fairs the World ever knew!--The great Chicago World's Fair of 1936 & '37 & the great New York World's Fair of the 1940s & then an even greater New York World's Fair of 1964 & '65 in which we had our little Gospel exhibit, operated by our teenage children, reaching the World with God's Love & advertising our television show, "Church in the Home".
5. IN FACT, MY FAMILY'S EXPERIENCE WITH WORLD'S FAIRS GOES EVEN FURTHER BACK than that, because my Grandfather Brandt, my mother's father, had a hotel in the famous St. Louis World's Fair at about the turn of the Century.--And my daughter Faith had an exhibit at the Japan World's Fair in 1985! So I & my family have been involved in World's Fairs for nearly a Century! So maybe that's one reason I always loved World's Fairs, because they are so thrilling & exciting & educational & such a marvellous place to witness!
6. I EVEN SANG A SONG ABOUT JESUS TO AN AUDIENCE OF HUNDREDS AT THE 1940 WORLD'S FAIR IN NEW YORK, & I wisely picked a song that didn't mention the Name of Jesus until the last word in the song! The song was, "I Know a Name!" I wonder if I can remember it now?:
I know a Name that is greater than them all!
I know a Name that can take away all sorrow,
O wondrous Name when those tears of anguish fall!
I know a Name, a wonderful Name!
That wonderful Name is Jesus!"
--And they promptly cut me off when they heard the Name of Jesus, those damn [EDITED: "ACs"] that were running the Fair! But Praise the Lord! I got the message across & actually I got applause from the crowd! (1Th.2:14b,15,16)
8. SO FAIRS ARE A WONDERFUL PLACE TO WITNESS! My daughter Faithy finished a tremendous witnessing & Postering drive at that last great World's Fair in Japan--Expo '85! We also had a big witnessing drive with my own mother & my children & some of their friends at the famous Montreal World's Fair, I think it was in 1967. We witnessed, sang & testified in a small amphitheater there right on the Fairgrounds.--That is, until they found out who we were & I came along & blew them away with a blast from both barrels about the vices of the System & the churches & the hypocrisy of the churchy Christians!--Ha!
9. BUT OF COURSE THE LAST STRAW WAS WHEN ONE OF OUR MEMBERS WON THE DAUGHTER OF THE DIRECTOR TO THE LORD & she started to leave home & join the Family! That was too much for him! That was the end of our official witness at the Montreal World's Fair! So my kids went over & worked for Billy Graham & his exhibit for awhile until he found out who we were! Ha! Then they simply infiltrated the Fair itself & went out amongst the publicans & the sinners & the drunks & the harlots & those who really needed Jesus! They quit trying to work with those ridiculous, hypocritical, spineless, powerless churchy Christians! And they reaped a real harvest there, God bless them! (Mk.2:16,17)
10. SO MY CHILDREN & I HAVE HAD LOTS OF EXPERIENCE AT FAIRS & they are a tremendous witnessing opportunity, so don't miss one while you're there! Get in there where the people are, where the crowds are, where the thousands are to whom you can witness & Poster & tapeness! The Lord will bless you for it & bless them with Salvation! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! (Luk.14:23)
11. THEN YOU CAN BRING THEM UP HERE & SHOW THEM THE FINAL GREATEST FAIR OF ALL, a really fair Fair where everything is fair & beautiful & wonderful & just & righteous & true!--No more of those lies of the exploits of man! This Fair manifests exploits of God & His true creations! This is the final Fair of all & fairest of all Fairs! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus!
12. I FIRST SAW THIS FAIR ON MY FIRST TRIP TO HEAVEN, & I marvelled & wondered at its colossal, gigantic & amazing buildings! At the time, I wondered what they were & what they were for, not really realising what I was seeing, except that it was beautiful & gorgeous & wonderful & amazing! But I remember at the time it did remind me of a World's Fair with its multitudinous beautiful & unusual buildings & tremendous activity & its gorgeous parks & foliage & trees & lovely, delightful Heavenly people floating along with their toes barely touching the ground! Everybody was so happy, & even many animals were grazing about!
13. I REMEMBER THERE WAS A LION THERE LICKING MY FACE that woke me up when I was about to go to sleep There & stay There forever, & my daughter Deborah was tugging at my hand to bring me home. That would be just like her to bring me back to that awful Earth instead of letting me stay Here & enjoy the delights of Paradise forever! But I did have a job to finish down there on Earth, & so I guess that's one time she was right, & at that time she was more-or-less a head of our organisation there & she did need a lot of help, that's for sure! So I rather reluctantly returned with her to Earth. But I was never able to forget those marvels that I saw there in that beautiful corner of Heaven!
14. SO TODAY THEY ARE GOING TO TAKE ME ON A REFRESHER TOUR OF THIS BEAUTIFUL CITY! Hallelujah! And I'm going to see it better than I ever saw it before! For now down there on Earth you only see through a glass darkly, but one of these days soon, like me, you're going to see it face-to-face! Hallelujah! So we donned our loveliest robes of light, together with Abner & Phoebe, my principal guides & caretakers in your absence, Maria & children, & here we go off to the Fair! (1Cor.13:12)
15. WOW! THIS FLYING IS REALLY SOMETHING! We just go out on our back terrace facing the interior of the City & we step lightly into the air & away we go, sailing at our choice of speed! In this case, slowly floating so we can enjoy the beautiful sights & sounds below in their fulness without haste or hurry.
16. SINCE ABNER & PHOEBE HAVE DECIDED THE BEST PLACE TO BEGIN was the most familiar territory which I had visited before, we float slowly & gracefully down together as we circle above the beautiful Fairgrounds below so we can take it all in in a beautiful bird's-eye view & enjoy its gorgeous colours & amazing buildings to the full!
17. THEY'RE TAKING ME TO THE BUILDING I WANTED TO SEE AGAIN MOST OF ALL, that first colossal, astounding building of the giant Crystal which seems to empower this corner of the City, revolving slowly, soundlessly & beautifully on its invisible pivots as it scintillates the gorgeous sunlight of Heaven, the light of God's Son, Jesus Christ Himself! For as you know, this City needs no sunlight or moonlight, no other light than God's Own light Himself, which causes this City to shine like a star when viewed at a distance from out in space! (Isa.60:19-22)
18. WE'RE STILL OUT IN SPACE, AS YOU KNOW, IN THE BEAUTIFUL CRYSTAL BLUE SPHERICAL SEA as we're finishing our preparations for our trip to Earth to rescue you folks out of all that mess! Meanwhile they're giving me a little time to rest & look over the City itself.
19. SO HOLDING PHOEBE'S HAND, WE FLOAT GENTLY DOWN TO THE GARDEN OF GOD BELOW, landing softly on the Boulevard of the River of Life near the Crystal Building itself. But to my surprise, they did not lead me into that building again, which I'd already seen from its top in a previous vision (see ML #75A). But instead we walked effortlessly in the opposite direction along the bank of the River of Life to the wharf for the riverboats, which, if you take your beautiful colour Poster of the Heavenly City, you'll find in the immediate foreground where the River flows toward you. (Rev.22:1)
20. AND THERE, AT THE RIVER OF LIFE BOAT RIDES TERMINAL, instead of braving the crowds who were already here, many of whom already know of me & might have followed us about in curiosity & wonder & hampered our sightseeing, Abner & Phoebe & I climbed into one of these beautiful, lovely, Heavenly gondolas, supernaturally powered & directed by thought! We began to glide peacefully & quietly up the River of Life toward that gorgeous Crystal Building, the tallest & most beautiful in all of our Fairgrounds, with its giant Crystal rotating slowly & scintillating like a diamond!
21. ON BOTH SIDES OF US AS WE FLOAT ALONG ON THIS CRYSTAL CLEAR RIVER OF LIFE are the Trees of Life, some even growing in the middle of the River on tiny islands which separate the lanes of traffic as we move up the left side of the River, as boats & ships do, travelling to the left of each other with their opposite lane of traffic travelling on the right. Our lane of traffic was moving upward on the port side & the other lane of traffic was coming downward on our starboard side.
22. WE WERE GLIDING ALONG SO QUIETLY & so peacefully, so gently, so slowly so that we could easily absorb all the beauty & the glory of this marvellous City around us! Then I realised that we were not actually to visit the exhibits today, but to simply glide slowly past them & view them from afar in all their glorious wonder, to get a slow, easy ride to absorb them slowly one-by-one from a distance before we later actually visit them individually & see their exhibits.
23. AS WE LEAVE THE DOCK, ON OUR RIGHT YOU CAN SEE THAT TALL BEAUTIFUL GOLDEN GENEALOGY TOWER where you can trace your family back to its roots, clear back to Noah & Adam & Eve when you have time, where you can learn all about your ancestors in between! (Gen.5)
24. WE NEXT PASS UNDER THE BRIDGE of the Entrance Boulevard that leads directly from the gate through the Reception Center into the heart of the Fair, behind the Directory Building where you can find the names & addresses of all of your family & friends who have already arrived Here. So as we pass under the bridge of Reception Boulevard where it intersects the River of Life Boulevard, we then look up at the towering, monumental, colossal Crystal in the Crystal Building & are awed by its gigantic wonder & splendorous beauty!
25. HERE THE RIVER SLOWLY CURVES AROUND THE ATOMIC ENERGY BUILDING which demonstrates the power that God Himself created & with which He runs the Universe, with its many globes & exhibits. Everything between the buildings is like one great, beautiful Garden or Park, with thousands of people floating along its boulevards & visiting its buildings for their education & instruction & edification, to learn of the wonders of God's Creation! (Mat.28:18; Job 36:22)
26. THEN WE PASS BEHIND THE AUDITORIUM BUILDING where there is seating for the audience to view the marvels of Astronomy in the huge Planetarium Building, the second largest building at the Fair. Here you're not merely shown pinpoints of projected light on its dome, but where you can see an actual simulation or view of the Solar System & its Planets circling the Sun within its gigantic blue globe viewer! An angel is explaining the wonders of God's creation of the Universe & its Heavenly bodies & how it all began & why God did it--for you & for me in His Love for us, to give us a Heavenly Home! (Gen.1:1)
27. TO THE RIGHT WE SEE THE TALL, BEAUTIFUL CRYSTAL TOWER OF THE SONIC TEMPLE, the source of this beautiful Heavenly music which floats on the celestial breezes of this Heavenly Fair! We glide smoothly under another bridge following the North River of Life Boulevard on our left with the South River of Life Boulevard on the shore on our right. If you'll look carefully, you there on Earth, at the beautiful plan of our Heavenly Fair in that gorgeous colour Poster we made for you, you'll see exactly what I'm talking about & follow our trip just like a tour through the Fair.
28. NOW WE CAN SEE IN THE DISTANCE THE BEAUTIFUL GLOWING HOUSE OF LIGHTS on our right as we move slowly up the River & we can hardly wait to see its Heavenly light shows in the future!
29. BUT ON THE LEFT LOOMS THE GORGEOUS, HEAVENLY CATHEDRAL OF LOVE which now captures our attention & fascinates our view! There are thousands pouring into its heart-shaped entrances to view the marvels of God's most wonderful creation of all, a human being, a child, a baby! This is where you can watch the actual development of a pregnancy & a foetus within the mother's tummy & an actual childbirth with a real mother having a baby at each performance! As well, there is an exhibit of sexual intercourse, the source of all pregnancies, with a closeup view of both the outside & inside of this amazing sexual mechanics while it is in action, & its climactic explosion in a beautiful, thrilling, marvellous orgasm of the couple demonstrating!
30. THERE'S NO SHAME OF SEX HERE IN HEAVEN! This is God's City & God's Own demonstration of God's Own Creation that He made for us to enjoy & procreate, that we might replenish the Earth & have dominion over it & be fruitful & multiply--God's very first commandment in the entire Bible, in the first chapter of its first Book! Here is His commandment for us to have sex & have children, citizens of the Kingdom of God forever!--Gen.1:28.
31. SO THERE'S NO EMBARRASSMENT, NO SHAME HERE ABOUT SEX, as it's one of the most beautiful of all of God's creations, made for us to enjoy & bring forth His children into His Kingdom! I just can hardly wait to see those beautiful realistic exhibitions!--Actual demonstrations of the marvellous powers of God's sex & the creation of His children! But our boat is moving slowly on as we pass on the left the pyramid of Pyramid Power, one of the mysteries of the ages, where you can ascend to its apex & wait your turn to ride the Time Beam into what area of the past you wish to see.
32. BEYOND IT IS THE PRAYER TOWER, THE CENTER OF GOD'S COMMUNICATION SYSTEM HERE. Beside it is the Childcare Center with its nursery for children where you can leave your littlest ones while touring this great exhibition. On our right we're passing the gorgeous lotus-shaped Biology Building where there are beautiful exhibitions of flowers & horticulture & the science of life, the real story of true life, not the lies of evolution!
33. FROM OUR BOAT HERE ON THE RIVER OF LIFE we can't see the Food Museum just beyond the Biology Building, but I've been told it offers samples of cultural dishes of all nations of all ages that are fascinating & interesting to see & to taste! It includes the manna the Lord fed the Children of Israel in their wilderness wanderings, as well as samples of Heavenly food & the twelve fruits of the Trees of Life that we can see growing here along the River, each one a different fruit each month. (Rev.22:2)
34. BUT WE CAN SEE THE BEAUTIFUL, HUGE GIGANTIC CRYSTAL BALL 3-D TV COMMUNICATOR right here beside the River! It's so gigantic it can be viewed by thousands surrounding it, watching its shows of various marvels & wonders of the Lord, including a view of Jesus Himself as He gives a word of welcome & love to the Fair visitors! I was so fascinated by this vision of Jesus in the Crystal Ball that I almost forgot to look at the beautiful Creations Building just beyond, where you can go to watch the actual Creation of the Universe & the Earth & all its wonders!
35. BEYOND THAT WE CAN SEE THE CRYSTAL TOWERS OF THE WORLD OF WATER & its marvellous hydrodynamic displays of water wonders, the most valuable commodity on Earth, outside of Life itself, which is why God symbolises Life with water, calling it the Water of Life, along with the Word of Life, the Water of the Word!--Water being such an essential element of Man's life, existence & survival, & without which all life dies! (John 6:63; 4:14; 7:37,38)
36. OH, THERE'S A BUILDING YOU LADIES WOULD LOVE, THE CLOTHING BUILDING on our left, where there are samples of all the kinds of clothing of all nations of all cultures of all ages! You can even try them on yourself to see how you would look in them, a very interesting exhibit of the costumes of all cultures.
37. BEYOND THAT ON THE FRINGE OF THE FAIR IS THE UGLY LITTLE TEMPLE OF TEMPLISMS, a museum of false religions & defunct faiths that failed!--Forms of Godliness without the power thereof, as the Bible says. Religions that deceived the people by hypocritical leaders & led them astray, away from the Truth of God. What a horrible exhibit!--But a necessary one for your complete education & knowledge of not only the good things, but the bad & the cause of much of the World's failure. (2Tim.3:5; Mat.23)
38. BUT IMMEDIATELY BESIDE & BETWEEN US IS THE PLAYFUL EXHIBIT OF MERLIN'S MAGIC HAT RIDES, where you children would really have a ball & lots of fun riding those flying saucers around & about the Magic Hat & over the Fair in groups, with a beautiful, exciting, thrilling view of the entire Fairgrounds, with a Tour Guide explaining it!
39. ON OUR RIGHT IS THE LOVELY BUILDING OF THE GARDENING & FLORAL DISPLAYS for you who love gardens & flowers. It has every conceivable variety of God's marvellous beauties of Creation, those wonderful decorative flowers with which He has dressed up the Earth & decorated it beautifully for our pleasure!
40. AGAIN ON OUR LEFT NOW LOOMS ONE OF THE TALLEST BUILDINGS OF THE FAIR, THE CULTURAL TOWER, with its lofty rotating observatory at the very top! You can see through its crystal windows all the glories of this beautiful Celestial City in this corner, a lofty view of the entire Fair! There are no elevators, you just elevate yourself & float gently up to its top revolving observatory floor where you can also sit at a table right beside its crystal window & munch on delightful Heavenly delicacies for your refreshment & your enjoyment!
41. OH, THERE ARE JUST SO MANY BUILDINGS & DISPLAYS & EXHIBITS TO SEE that the Fair seems almost without end, as we glide gently up this beautiful River of Life! I can hardly wait to visit some of these gorgeous & fascinating exhibits myself in person when we return for a further observation of its wonders! Actually, it would take years to see them all & witness all their demonstrations & observe all of their exhibits & shows!
42. FOR THIS FAIR IS DESIGNED TO BE AN EDUCATION & an inspiration & edification for all of God's children who are here, to learn the Truth about His marvellous Creations & His wonderful Worlds & the entire Universe! --Not the lies of Man & his deceitful false tales of ridiculous evolution & his wild stories about Creation being just an accidental "big bang" of the forces of the stars! (Col.2:6-8)
43. BUT HERE WE CAN KNOW THE REAL TRUTH about everything God has made from the very beginning of the Creation until this very Heavenly City itself & how it was constructed!--And that's a story in itself! Wait'll you hear it!--How the Lord built this City out here in space inside of this beautiful blue crystal sea sphere, for you & for me & our Future Forever! Some day it's going to glide to the Earth, the beautiful, newly re-created, renovated Earth--the New Earth where we shall live together in this Heavenly City & on His New Earth forever! (Rev.21:1,2)
44. BUT NOW WE'VE ALREADY HAD QUITE AN EYE-FILLING AFTERNOON TRIP up this beautiful, gorgeous crystal clear River of Life & its surrounding amazing marvels of the Heavenly Fair, so it's time for us to be getting home for our Family dinner & fellowship! So Abner directs our beautiful little gondola by thought power over to one of the riverside docks & we there safely alight for our journey Home. We waft swiftly upwards through the sky to our lofty Mansion on high at the top of our huge mansion apartment complex being prepared for our Family, friends & converts Here in this, the most gorgeous City that we will ever know!
45. WE ALIGHT GENTLY AGAIN ON ITS BEAUTIFUL REAR TERRACE FACING THE CITY, & enter through the rear entrance into the living room, & Phoebe leads me gently by the hand upward into our master bedroom, where we remove our robes of light & sink lovingly into that beautiful bed together!--No more foot washing & leaving of shoes & clothing outside or in the outside closet, no more having to bathe in our pool to wash off the filth of the pits of the System, no more having to worry about bringing in vicious germs & poisons & diseases & filth from the System to the rest of the Family! (Isa.11:9)
46. FOR THERE IS NO POLLUTION HERE, no dirt, no filth, nothing unclean, for all is perfect & clean & unsoiled & unspoiled, uncontaminated by the filth & curses of the Earth! We are just as clean when we get Home as we were when we left, thank the Lord! Even the bed linen is perfectly pure & never needs changing, as it never gets soiled, as there is nothing unclean in Heaven!
47. SO PHOEBE & I ONCE AGAIN FALL INTO EACH OTHER'S ARMS, locked firmly in a beautiful, loving embrace ... !--Thrilling! Exciting! Beyond all your wildest dreams! ... Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! And again then we drift off into dreams, needing mental rest, if not physical, until Family dinnertime & fellowship.
48. SO I GUESS THAT'S ENOUGH FOR ONE DAY of activities here in this beautiful, wonderful Home in Heaven, as we're now called to dinner! God bless you all! I love you & we pray for you continually that the Lord will help you & bless you & continue to make you a blessing to countless numbers of souls who still need to know about Him & His Love & His Salvation, so that you can bring them together with you when you come to this Heavenly City at last! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! In Jesus' name, amen!

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