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THE MOON!--And the Hidden City!--"Heaven's Children!"--Chapter 12!       DO 2110       11/85

       1. WELL, PRAISE THE LORD! THANK YOU JESUS! HALLELUJAH! HERE I AM AGAIN ON OUR HEAVENLY COMMUNICATOR contacting you with more information about Heaven, & I hope you're enjoying it! I've been sitting here figuring & sketching & working away on my work in what I call my lounge couch, simply because that's the formal worldly name of this type of seat, which is also called a chaise lounge, in which you half sit up & half lie down. Your body & head are sort of sitting up & your legs are sort of lying down. But maybe that name of it for me is a misnomer to say it's a lounge, because I'm not lounging! I'm very busy here all the time working on communications for you & on figuring out some of these things, & the Lord is really giving me pictures & ideas & facts & figures to go along with it! Thank the Lord!
       2. SO I HAVE BEEN DOING ANYTHING BUT LOUNGING & loafing & lazing around, except I have rested up quite a bit in my first few days Here, sort of like a rest up from a jet lag on Earth, only this was from a space lag from Earth to Heaven! And that was really some trip, I'll tell ya', shooting through that Heavenly tube into Outer Space! (Rev.14:13)
       3. MAYBE FIRST OF ALL IT MIGHT INTEREST YOU TO GET A LITTLE PICTURE OF OUR LOCATION out Here, the location of our Heavenly City & its blue protective sphere floating out Here almost as big as the Moon & even now awaiting our trip to Earth! As you know, the City itself is 1500 miles wide & 1500 miles high, so that requires a sphere of about 2,000 miles in diameter in order to accommodate the entire City in its pyramid shape with its five separate corners within the sphere, the four corners of the four-square base of the City rise along its edges to the apex at the top. And the base, as you know, is 1500 miles by 1500 miles square, & the altitude of the apex is 1500 miles above the base. These exact dimensions are given right in the Bible in the 21st Chapter of Revelation! And from these then it is easy for any mathematician who knows his Geometry to figure out a few of the other dimensions. (Rev.21:16)
       4. FOR EXAMPLE, THE LENGTH OF ONE EDGE FROM THE APEX TO ONE CORNER IS 1,837 MILES! The distance from the apex to the middle of the base of one of the triangular sides is 1,677 miles. The distance from one corner of the base of the Pyramid to the opposite corner across the Pyramid's floor, catty-corner as we say, is 2121 miles!
       5. THEN AS I WAS TRYING TO FIGURE OUT THE SIZE OF THE SPHERE which contains it, I had to make some rough geometric diagrams in order to measure it & I kept coming up with this figure of 2121 miles, that the sphere around it would have to be at least 2121 miles in diameter in order to contain this large pyramidical-shaped City!--These multiples of threes & sevens keep coming up!--Like 3 x 7 = 21!--God's favourite numbers!
       6. SO IN ORDER TO GET SOMETHING TO COMPARE IT WITH, with which we are familiar, I turned to my communicator to ascertain for sure the size of the Moon, because I knew from former calculations that this ball containing the City was close to the dimensions of the Moon. And to my amazement I discovered that the diameter of the Moon itself is just 2160 miles, only slightly larger than the sphere containing the Holy City!
       7. SO I WAS PRAYING & ASKING THE LORD WHY SHOULD THESE TWO BALLS BE SO CLOSE to the exact same size, with the Moon only slightly larger?--And I think I received the most shocking revelation that I have ever received in almost my entire life!--And it is going to be something hard for you to believe! So I rapidly began looking up Scriptures to see if the Word confirms what I have just learned, & I ran across some of these beautiful Scriptures that firmly confirm this revelation & are so thrilling that I got so excited I nearly jumped off my chair!
       8. HERE ARE A FEW OF THEM FOR YOU: PSALM 8:3-5: "When I consider Thy heavens, the work of Thy fingers, the Moon, the stars which Thou hast ordained." Here He mentions the Moon first! Why first the Moon? Why not the Sun? He says, "What is man that Thou art mindful of him, & the son of man that Thou visitest him? For Thou hast made him a little lower than the angels & hast crowned him with glory & honour." Why does He say "a little lower than the angels"? Has that to do with status? Or perhaps even distance?
       9. THEN IN PSALM 72:7 IT IS SPEAKING OF THE COMING OF THE LORD & THE MILLENNIAL KINGDOM of Jesus Christ on the Earth. In this beautiful 7th verse of this 72nd Psalm--several beautiful 7's, God's number--He says, speaking of the Kingdom of Christ on Earth...let's read the first part of the Psalm: "Give the king Thy judgements, O God, & Thy righteousness unto the King's Son." (Here's God & His Son, Jesus.) "He shall judge Thy people with righteousness, & Thy poor with judgement. The mountains shall bring peace to the people, & the little hills, by righteousness. He shall judge the poor of the people, He shall save the children of the needy, He shall break in pieces the oppressor." (Psa.72:1-4) This is a picture of the coming Millennial Kingdom of Christ on Earth just as clear as can be!
       10. "THEY SHALL FEAR THEE AS LONG AS THE SUN & MOON ENDURE, THROUGHOUT ALL GENERATIONS!" (Psa.72:5) How long are they going to fear God?--As long as the Sun & here comes the Moon, "& Moon endure, throughout all generations!" In other words, man is going to fear God as long as the Sun & Moon endure. How long will that be? Well, man is going to fear God forever, so that means the Sun & the Moon are here to stay, to endure forever!
       11. "HE SHALL COME DOWN LIKE RAIN UPON THE MOWN GRASS; AS SHOWERS THAT WATER THE EARTH. In His day shall the righteous flourish; & abundance of peace so long as the Moon endureth." (Psa.72:6,7) Why again this emphasis on the Moon?--That "the righteous will flourish & there will be an abundance of peace as long as the Moon endureth!" Well, we know that certainly the righteous are going to flourish forever in that Heavenly City & there will be abundance of peace on Earth forever, according to the Word of God on the New Earth, the Heavenly Earth. But He says, "As long as the Moon endureth!" Why again the emphasis on the Moon?
       12. AND THEN IN THE 89TH PSALM HE IS EVEN MORE SPECIFIC! In the 36th & 37th verses, speaking again--oh my, let's not miss that 35th verse because that's definitely for us!: "Once have I sworn by My holiness that I will not lie unto David." Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! (Tongues) "I shall not reveal those things which are not true unto David, for I shall be honest & show thy father all things!" Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! Amen! Thank You, Lord!
       13. "HIS SEED SHALL ENDURE FOREVER, & HIS THRONE AS THE SUN BEFORE ME!" I'm even going to have a throne in Heaven, did you know that?--And you're going to last forever if you're my seed! "It shall be established forever as the Moon, & as a faithful witness in Heaven." My throne shall be established in Heaven forever as the Moon! So the Moon is going to last forever!--Why the Moon?
       14. AND "AS A FAITHFUL WITNESS IN HEAVEN." Well, what's a faithful witness?--My throne? Yes, but since He is likening it to the Moon, He is saying also that the Moon is a faithful witness! Now how can the Moon be a faithful witness? Well, the Lord has often likened us, His Church, His people, to His reflection, like the Moon is the reflection of the Sun. He is our Sun, we are His Moon, & He also calls us His Bride, the Bride of Christ. And we reflect His Light, His Love, His Word, His beauty & all that He is like. We are a reflection of it all, a reflection of the Lord. People look at us & see us shining & the brightness of our faces & our joy & our happiness, & they cannot understand it! We just tell them it's the Lord, it's Jesus! We're merely reflecting His glory like the Moon reflects the Sun!
       15. THEN AGAIN IN PSALM 104:19 HE SAYS, "HE APPOINTED THE MOON FOR SEASONS." Now we know that the Moon has a great deal of influence upon the Earth, right? It affects the tides, the menstrual periods of women, & for years man has believed & the Ancients were convinced of & there have even been a few scientific examples of it, that the Moon has a definite effect upon our minds. Why? Why this importance of the Moon?
       16. IN FACT, THE MOON IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT THROUGHOUT THE BIBLE, as it was the sign for the times of the various important religious feasts of the Old Testament & it was the measurement of the years & the days of the month & was considered extremely significant in all of their religious activities, as the days of the feasts were determined by the various phases of the Moon. (Gen.1:14)
       17. THEN IN THE SONG OF SOLOMON THERE IS A VERY STRANGE VERSE, for as you know, although it is a definite love poem to one of Solomon's wives, particularly it is said to be about the Queen of Sheba, nevertheless, all theologians & ministers for ages have considered that it was also a significant poem, an allegory or like a parable. It was really the Lord speaking to His Bride, His Wife, whom He calls the Bride of Christ! In the 6th Chapter of the Song of Solomon, the 10th verse, He speaks of her as, "Who is she that looketh forth as the morning, fair as the Moon, clear as the Sun, & terrible as an army with banners?" Here again is a picture of the Bride of Christ likened to the Moon!
       18. IN PSALM 81, THE PSALMIST ASSOCIATES THE BLOWING OF A GREAT TRUMPET TO THE NEW MOON, saying, "Sing aloud unto God our strength: make a joyful noise unto the God of Jacob! Take a psalm, & bring hither the timbrel, the pleasant harp with the psaltery. Blow up the trumpet in the New Moon, in the time appointed, on our solemn Feast Day." (Psa.81:1-3) Now that sounds a lot like the coming of the Lord, doesn't it? And the coming Wedding Feast with His Bride!
       19. WHEN HE COMES AGAIN, IS HE NOT GOING TO HAVE THE TRUMPET BLOWN, THE LAST TRUMP? When He says that "We shall all be changed in an instant, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump", when we will be raptured up to be with Him forever! (1Cor.15:52) And is it not by that Trump that He summons us on high to come to that great Wedding Feast of the Lamb, as it is called?--The Lamb, the Bridegroom with His Bride, the true Church, all true saved Christians of the World! (Rev.19:6-9; Isa.62:5b)
       20. AND HERE AGAIN HE ASSOCIATES IT WITH THE MOON, THE NEW MOON! Remember now, the Moon being likened to the Bride of Christ & associated with the Bride of Christ, His truly saved Church. Then we turn over to Revelation & what does it say?
       21. REVELATION 21: "AND I SAW A NEW HEAVEN & A NEW EARTH: for the first Heaven & the first Earth were passed away." (Rev.21:1) The first atmospheric heavens had been burned away & the first surface of the Earth was also burned away, to cleanse it of Satan & evil man & all their pollution. And God has now in this passage created a New Earth, a new surface on this eternal ball, & a new beautiful atmospheric heavens that shall never pass away! (2Pe.3:10)
       22. AND THEN HE SAYS, "AND I JOHN SAW THE HOLY CITY, NEW JERUSALEM, COMING DOWN FROM GOD OUT OF HEAVEN PREPARED AS A BRIDE adorned for her husband!" (Rev.21:2) John sees the Heavenly City coming down out of the heavens prepared as a Bride adorned for her husband. Now remember, this Bride has also been pictured as the Moon, the Lord being our Sun & we being His Moon, as a Bride reflecting His glory.--And now He pictures this Moon-Bride as a City!
       23. SO HERE AGAIN WE HAVE A PICTURE OF THESE RELATED SUBJECTS of the Bride & the Holy City & the Moon! So I began thinking, "What does that mean, Lord? What are You trying to show me? What are You trying to tell me?" And I guess He was thinking how dumb can I be, for suddenly it dawned on me as I looked into my communicator that the Heavenly City is not nearly as far away as we have thought it to be all these years! It was far away, yes, once upon a time, but it has travelled a long way since then, & it is nearer than you think!
       24. THEN SUDDENLY IT DAWNED ON ME that there is a reason why that beautiful blue crystal globe sea surrounding the Heavenly City is only slightly smaller than the Moon! For the Heavenly City is already here, beloved! As I saw so clearly in my communicator, it is already not far away, but it is hidden from the sight of man by the Moon!
       25. "OH!", YOU SAY. "YOU MEAN IT'S BEHIND THE MOON! Then why didn't the Moon astronauts see it when they were around at the back side of the Moon?" Because, beloved, it is not behind the Moon, it is the Moon! It is within the Moon! That is why the Moon is only slightly larger than that beautiful globe which contains the City itself!
       26. LOOK UP, BELOVED! That gorgeous beautiful orb there in the sky which God has compared to His Bride, & said will last as long as "my throne endures" & as long as the righteous endure & as long as His reign & rule over all the Universe endures, He says that Moon will last forever! And why?--Because that Moon is extremely important! It merely hides the Holy City from the view of Worldly man! (Psa.72:5; Psa.89:36,37)
       27. AND WHY IS THE MOON ONLY SLIGHTLY LARGER THAN THE GLOBE CONTAINING THE HOLY CITY? Because God had to make the Moon big enough to hide the Heavenly City with that crust of rocks, its diameter being only about 40 miles wider than the blue crystal sea orb surrounding the City itself! So therefore that shell of Moon rocks must be only about 20 miles thick & merely a covering for the beautiful blue orb of the crystal sea which contains the City!
       28. SO I QUESTIONED THE LORD: I said, "But Lord, what about this beautiful blue sky that we see above us here in the Holy City, or outside the Holy City, the blue sky which must be Your crystal blue forcefield protective orb surrounding the City? How come I see through that sky beyond & see the Sun & the stars?" And then it suddenly dawned on me we hadn't seen the Moon, & it began to dawn on me that we are the Moon! This Holy City, this Bride of Christ, is within the Moon itself!
       29. WE ARE HIS MOON & within it here ourselves, & we only see that blue orb outside as our sky, our blue sky, & because of our spiritual sight we can see completely through the rocky crust which surrounds & hides & protects us from evil man who has already walked upon our surface! Ha! If they'd only known what they were walking on & what was beneath their very feet! Their cavorting & jumping around on those rocks must have really given the inhabitants of this City a real laugh when they saw them up there! For it seems we can see through that rocky crust as clear as crystal out into the outer sky, the Sun & the stars & all the beauties of God's firmament! Our sphere is only cloaked in those rocks that they discovered on the face of the Moon!
       30. THE MOON'S SURFACE IS MERELY A DISGUISE, A CAMOUFLAGE TO HIDE US FROM THE EVIL GAZE OF EVIL MEN! For if they knew we were here, they would surely want to use their bombs to break that crust, to pierce through to discover the precious treasures within, all this gold & silver & diamonds & rubies & sapphires & the whole walls of the entire City made of crystal gold, & the great high 216-foot wall around it made of layers of diamonds & sapphires & rubies & precious gems! (Rev.21:17-21)
       31. DON'T YOU THINK THAT MAN WOULD SURELY WANT TO TRY TO BORE THROUGH THE CRUST OF THE MOON, that 20-mile crust, in order to get at the treasures & riches within?--Not to speak of the Heavenly Paradise & all of its beauty! You know they surely would if they knew we were here! But God has marvellously & wonderfully in His great wisdom placed that rocky desolate-looking crust around us to protect us, both from their gaze & from their tampering!
       32. SO THAT THE MOON ASTRONAUTS CAME BACK WITH THE REPORT THAT THERE WAS NOTHING SEEMINGLY PRECIOUS THERE BUT A BUNCH OF ROCKS! Although they were rather unusual rocks, they said, which seemed to reflect sunlight as the beads on a beaded screen reflect the projection of pictures from a projector, particularly & peculiarly, marvellously designed for light reflection! So this blinds their eyes & they cannot see further than that stony, beady, brightly reflecting crust of the Moon itself, which is actually only a hollow empty shell surrounding us!
       33. IT'S SOMEWHAT SIMILAR TO THE SHELL OF THE EARTH ITSELF, which too is also merely a hollow empty shell surrounding the Bottomless Pit & the Lake of Fire, & is four times as large in diameter as the Moon! No wonder!--There are so many more people going to Hell than to Heaven! There has to be a lot more room for them in the heart of the Earth! (Rev.21:8; 20:1-3)
       34. I WAS FIGURING OUT JUST TODAY APPROXIMATELY HOW MANY MORE PEOPLE GO TO HELL THAN TO HEAVEN! If you just take the present population of the Earth itself at approximately 5 billion people, & you figure that the Christian population is officially tabbed at something around 1 billion of formal Christians, members of churches & members of so-called Christian nations, the Christian population of the Earth is roughly estimated at about 1 billion or 1/5th of the total.
       35. BUT AS YOU KNOW, NOT NEARLY THAT MANY OF THE SO-CALLED CHRISTIANS ARE REALLY CHRISTIANS but only professing Christians or just those dubbed Christians because they belong to a Christian nation or so-called Christian churches! We know that they're not all Christians because they're not all saved! They may be nominal church Christians, called Christians, but the only true Christians are those who are truly genuinely saved by being born again by the Spirit of God, the Mother Holy Spirit, by the seed of Her Son, Jesus Christ, into the Holy Kingdom of God! (John 3:3,5)
       36. I THINK A VERY GENEROUS ESTIMATE, AS WE HAVE SAID BEFORE, WOULD BE PERHAPS ONLY 10% OF THOSE NOMINALLY CALLED CHRISTIANS OF THE WORLD! Which means that of the 1 billion so-called Christians of this World, certainly not more than 100 million are actually saved Children of God, Heaven's Children! So that would only be about 1 out of 50 of the World's total population or only about 2% of the World's population actually saved & really Christians & on their way to Heaven!
       37. SO NO WONDER HEAVEN IS SO MUCH SMALLER THAN HELL, & HELL IS SO MUCH LARGER THAN HEAVEN! No wonder their Hell is so much larger than our Heaven, when you consider that about 98% of the World's population are going to Hell! As Jesus Himself said, "For wide is the gate & broad is the way that leadeth unto destruction & many there be that go in thereat!" (Mat.7:13) But He said "Strait is the gate, & narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life eternal, & few there be that find it!" (Mat.7:14) So the vast majority of the World's population is headed for Hell, whereas only a very small minority, a bare fraction, approximately only 2% of the World's present-day population are actually bound for Heaven! But thank God, you & I are part of that 2%! Amen? Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus!
       38. WELL, THIS MARVELLOUS DISCOVERY OR REVELATION ABOUT THE MOON CAME THROUGH MY TRYING TO DESCRIBE TO YOU OUR SITUATION HERE IN HEAVEN & to tell you how beautiful it is & the marvellous view, etc! I realised I had some missing gaps in the picture & I didn't quite understand the full import of our location. Although I had looked out through the blue sky of our blue globe above, I'd not realised I was looking through the, to us, clear-as-crystal surface of the Moon, sort of like a two-way mirror! We can see through it from this angle, but to you on Earth it is merely a reflective surface like a mirror! We can see out, but you can't see in! Thank God for that! Otherwise, wicked man on Earth would be tampering with the Moon for sure!
       39. BUT I'M SORRY YOU CAN'T SEE IN RIGHT NOW or you would see all the glory & Heavenly beauty of God's great Heavenly City itself & us within! But praise God! In the Spirit, in your mind's eye you can see in & see what is beneath the glorious lustrous pearly beauty of this lovely Moon up here, God's symbol of His Bride & His Church reflecting the glory of His Son! (1Cor.2:9,10)
       40. JUST SHUT YOUR EYES & DREAM YOUR WAY THROUGH THE SURFACE OF THE MOON into the interior of this beautiful orb within & our great pyramidical City of God! Or just go out & look at the Moon & dream your way through its surface & see inside this crystal ball, like the visions seen by the fortune tellers in their crystal balls! See visions within of the beauties of Heaven, the glories of God in His Heavenly City! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! What a wonderful revelation! (Acts 2:17; Num.12:6b)
       41. SO, HEAVEN IS NOT AS FAR AWAY AS WE THOUGHT! How about that? It's right up here hidden under the surface of the Moon! I know that is going to be hard for some of you to believe. It came as a shock to me & was hard for me to receive it at first! But the more I studied it & the more I measured & the more I looked into my communicator & the more the Lord revealed to me, I could see it just as clearly as could be! It's so beautiful & so wonderful to realise that "Heaven is here, is here right now! Heaven is here, I'll tell you how! Jesus to know is Heaven below! Heaven is here, is here & now!"--As the old song goes!--We're so glad we're so near you! But we're also within your sight, right up here inside the Moon! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise God!
       42. WELL, I SUPPOSE SOME OF YOU THINK, "DAD HAS FINALLY GONE OFF HIS ROCKER! It must have been that last sickness that caused it, & he's finally lost his mind, he's really gone wild, & now we won't know what to expect!" Well, I must admit, this is the most shocking revelation I think I ever got! So there it is, Beloved!--And that is not what I expected to talk about at all! That is not the revelation I was going to give you about the organisation & ministries of Heaven, but I wanted to give you the setting first. So, since I wanted to know & I was praying the Lord would show me just where we are in Outer Space & what the view was like outside this globe, the Lord showed me, & what a shock!
       43. THAT WAS ABOUT THE BIGGEST SHOCK I THINK I'VE ALMOST EVER HAD when it comes to surprises!--And the Lord is full of surprises! He loves mysteries! He loves conundrums & puzzles & problems that we have to figure out, because He loves for us to seek His help & ask for His solutions, & He is more than glad to give them if we'll just look to Him & ask Him for the answers, which we couldn't possibly know in many cases, certainly not in this one! (Amos 3:7; Mar.4:11a; Psa.25:14a; Jer.33:3.)
       44. BUT THAT IS THE MOST WONDERFUL, MARVELLOUS, THRILLING DISCOVERY I THINK I'VE ALMOST EVER MADE!--That Heaven is here, is here right now, & you only need to look up here & see this Moon to see it! Hallelujah! Praise God! Thank You Jesus! It's a two-way mirror! You can't see in, but we can see out through its reflective surface, thank the Lord!
       45. YOU'D BETTER THANK THE LORD IT IS HIDDEN FROM EVIL MAN, or he'd certainly be chunking away on its surface trying to dig through! Thank God, although Man came up here & paid it a personal visit, he only found out that, as far as he was concerned, it was worthless & the surface rocks were of no value! Well, it's a good thing he didn't see the rocks that are inside, all these beautiful jewels & acres of diamonds & gems & the biggest pearls ever seen!--Twelve Pearly Gates, each Gate a single pearl, gigantic, beautiful, lustrous Pearly Gates! And the acres of diamonds & rubies & sapphires & gems of all kinds which make up the walls around the City!--And the crystal golden walls of the City itself! Thank God wicked evil Earthly man cannot see this City, hidden so cleverly by the Lord by that thick crust of Moon rocks! Thank You, Jesus! Praise You Lord! (Rev.21:19-21)
       46. BUT WE CAN SEE OUT! Hallelujah! We can see the beauties outside, the beauty of the Sun which shines upon you, & the beauty of the Earth, your Earth, which is like a large Moon to us at night! Actually, you know, I've only been here a couple of days & so I hadn't spent much time looking outside, there was so much to see inside! So I hadn't even noticed hardly what was going on outside in the sky above. One reason being, of course, that the base of the pyramid of our City is always turned towards the Earth.
       47. NOW WHY DO YOU SUPPOSE THAT THE SAME SIDE OF THE MOON IS ALWAYS FOCUSED TOWARDS THE EARTH? You never see the back side, only the Moon astronauts who flew around the Moon saw the back of the dark side of the Moon! But the bright side that is towards you is always towards you, & the Moon never turns that face away from the Earth. Although the Earth rotates all of its faces towards the Moon, the bright side of the Moon that you always see is always facing the Earth & never in any other position throughout all ages!
       48. SO THE BASE OF THE PYRAMID IS ALSO ALWAYS FACING THE EARTH, possibly for even greater protection from all of its evils & its dangers! So it will be ready & in position to land one of these days when God lets it slip right through that Moon coating & its protective ball to come down out of Heaven from God to land on the Earth, the New Earth after the Millennium with New Man! Hallelujah! Thank You, Jesus! Praise the Lord! (Rev.21:2)
       49. SO THERE IS A REAL REVELATION FOR YOU! Heaven is not so far away! Thank You Jesus! No wonder it doesn't take us very long to get here when we shoot through those tubes or tunnels! No wonder you have such quick & ready communication between you & Heaven, between you & the Lord & His angels & all the Saintly spirits who are living here in Heaven!
       50. YOUR MESSAGES TO US IN PRAYER TRAVEL FASTER THAN THE SPEED OF LIGHT & WE GET THEM INSTANTLY! They are not delayed like radio waves & radio signals from man's broadcasts on Earth to his astronauts & spacemen & space vehicles, satellites, etc., in which there is always a short few seconds of delay as they bounce back & forth. But our communication with you is instantaneous! We can hear your prayers instantly when you really pray & get through to us, & you can get the answers immediately also, as we answer back & give you the answers! Praise God! Thank You, Jesus! (Isa.65:24)
       51. WELL, I WAS GOING TO TELL YOU ABOUT THE ORGANISATION & MINISTRIES OF HEAVEN which the Lord has been revealing to me as well, but I kind of got off on the geometrics & the astrophysics of it all, & the astronomy of it, & that was really a shocker! But I'm not sorry, are you? Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! We & Heaven are not far away, thank the Lord!
       52. EVEN THOUGH THE MOON ASTRONAUTS, THE MOON WALKERS, HAVE BEEN HERE, THEY WERE ONLY ON THE OUTSIDE. The doors were locked, the gates were locked, in fact, the whole planet was closed to them! They could not possibly pierce its 20-mile crust! Man has never even pierced the Earth's crust upon which he dwells, as deeply as that!
       53. WELL, HALLELUJAH! THANK YOU JESUS! THAT WAS QUITE A REVELATION! QUITE A SHOCKER! Amen? Praise God! Thank You Jesus! God bless you! Well, you're really getting some news from Heaven now, huh? But my tummy is telling me that it anticipates some of those delicious, delightful, celestial delicacies & they're calling lunch, so I think I'm going to have to sign off for a few minutes while I tend to the Heavenly desires of my loved ones, God bless them! And then maybe we can get back to you with some of these fascinating & interesting points on the Organisation & the Ministries of Heaven!
       54. GOD BLESS YOU! I LOVE YOU! And that's why I'm trying to find out all these things for you, so it will encourage you & inspire you & thrill you & give you tremendous anticipation of the marvels & joys & wonders that await you here! They say that anticipation is 50% of the enjoyment. So you're having half of the fun of it already just thinking about it & thrilling to it & imagining it & seeing it in the Spirit even before you get Here! Amen?
       55. DOESN'T THIS INSPIRE YOU? Doesn't it inspire you to want to come & bring as many souls with you as you possibly can? Amen! God bless you! Well, work hard & witness hard & win hard so that you can bring as many souls to Heaven to Jesus as you possibly can, to enjoy all of these wonders with you! Amen?--And the wonderful Love & fellowship with the Lord & His Saints forever in this marvellous, Heavenly, Golden City of God! In Jesus' name. Amen!
       56. LOOK UP! FOR YOUR REDEMPTION DRAWETH NIGH! Amen! Next time you look up at that Moon, realise how close your redemption is, & it won't be long now! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! In Jesus' name. Amen! (Luk.21:28)

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