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THE CITY OF THE FUTURE!--"Heaven's Children!"--Chapter 14!       11/85       DO ML#2112

       1. WE'RE CERTAINLY MAKING SOME TREMENDOUS DISCOVERIES REGARDING OUR CITY OF THE FUTURE, OUR HEAVENLY CITY IN THE MOON! The one we made today is that the Moon is larger than they say it is! As we know by the Bible, in Revelation Chapter 21, our great Heavenly City is 1500 miles square at its base, which means that its diameter from one corner to the opposite corner is about 2121.32 miles, to be exact! (1Cor.2:9-10; Rev.21:16)
       2. --AND IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE THIS, I COULD WORK IT OUT FOR YOU MATHEMATICALLY for those of you mathematicians who are sticklers for accuracy, & I don't blame you! Although I get a little bored with innumerable figures, which is why I usually try to give you things in round numbers & say "about so-and-so" & "approximately so-and-so," etc., so it's in some kind of easy number for you to remember.
       3. BUT I'LL WORK THIS ONE OUT FOR YOU RIGHT HERE, if you want to! The way we find out this distance from one corner of our City to the opposite corner at its base is by following one of the rules of Pythagoras, the famous great ancient mathematician of Greece, & that is that the square of the hypotenuse of a right triangle is equal to the sum of the square of the other two sides!--And our right triangle is half of the base of this City, & the two sides that we know are each 1500 miles long. So if we square the one side, which means 1500 miles times 1500 miles, then we get 2,250,000 square miles. Of course we square the other side, which is also 1500 miles long, & we get 1500 miles times 1500, which is again 2,250,000 square miles. Adding those two sides squared together, we get a total of 4,500,000 square miles.
       4. THEN BY THE LENGTHY PROCESS OF FINDING THE SQUARE ROOT of 4,500,000 square miles, which I won't go into detail with here, we come up with an exact measurement from one corner to its opposite corner of 2121.32 miles. And I said that would fit nicely into the Moon, whose diameter, science says, is 2163 miles. But someone else brought to our attention that the base might fit nicely inside the Moon's diameter, but the apex would be sticking way out in Space!
       5. SO WE DID SOME MORE FIGURING & FOUND OUT IT WOULD TAKE A MOON WITH A DIAMETER OF ABOUT 2250 MILES to contain our lovely Heavenly City here, all five corners!--Four corners of the base & the corner of the apex above.
       6. SO I STUDIED & THOUGHT & FIGURED & PRAYED ABOUT IT & said, "How come, Lord? It doesn't seem to fit after all!" And it came quite clear to me, "Are you going to believe God or Man?" (Acts 5:29) We know God's figures are right, straight out of the Bible, & we know these mathematical figures are right because we've checked them over several times. So a city the size of ours would require a Moon at least 2250 miles in diameter for our great blue sea crystal globe to be placed inside of it.
       7. SO, WHO IS WRONG?--GOD OR SCIENCE? Is the Moon only 2163 miles in diameter, as science says, or is it at least 2250 miles in diameter in order to contain our City, 87 miles wider than science says? An Angel measured our City, & the Bible says that it is 12,000 furlongs square! The dictionary says an English furlong--and we're using the English King James translation of the Bible, so this is the English furlong--is 660 English feet, or 220 yards, or 1/8 of an English mile, which means there's 8 furlongs to the mile. So with 8 furlongs to the mile, you simply divide the 12,000 furlongs by 8 & you get 1500 miles exactly, right? So in the terms of English miles, to which we're accustomed, our City is exactly 1500 miles square.--1500 miles long & 1500 miles wide.
       8. SO THAT GIVES IT A DIAMETER DISTANCE BETWEEN OPPOSITE CORNERS OF SLIGHTLY OVER 2121 MILES AT THE BASE, which would take a globe of at least 2250 miles in diameter in order to contain it, along with its apex--both base & apex.
       9. SO WHAT'S WRONG HERE? DID WE MIS CALCULATE?--TRY IT AGAIN! But we come up with the same figures every time! So is our City too big to put in the Moon?--Or is the Moon not big enough for our City? Are God's dimensions correct, or are Man's dimensions for the Moon accurate?
       10. WELL, AN ANGEL MEASURED OUR CITY, & I wouldn't trust too much how angelic the men were who measured the Moon!--And they certainly didn't get out there & bore a hole through it & then measure it with a tape measure to be sure it was exact, they reached that figure of 2163 miles in diameter for the Moon by various estimates & calculations from right here on Earth!--Nearly a 1/4 Million miles away! The Moon astronauts didn't measure it with a yardstick on the spot! But our Angel measured our City with a golden reed on the spot! So we know that's right! So if our City's in the Moon, that Moon's got to be at least 2250 miles wide! (Rev.21:9,15-16)
       11. SO THAT SUITS ME! I'LL TAKE GOD'S FIGURES ANY DAY, & simply say you scientists are at least 87 miles off! You miscalculated somehow, somewhere, because I know our figures are right, but I'm not so sure about yours!--Except I'm pretty sure they're wrong! And again I say, I'll take God's Word over Man's word any day! God's Word says, "Let every man be found a liar, but God be found true!" (Rom.3:4) Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus!
       12. SO THERE IT IS! I'M STICKING TO MY STORY! Our beautiful Heavenly City is inside of our beautiful Moon up Here, Thank God!--And I ought to know, I'm right Here inside of it & I can look up through that beautiful crystal surface out into the sky beyond & see the beautiful stars & the Sun! But I can't see your Earth, because you're directly beneath the base of our City, which is always turned toward you, along with the one side of the Moon which always faces you.
       13. I THINK THIS HAS SOMETHING TO DO WITH OUR VERY SLIGHT GRAVITY HERE, & perhaps also for our protection from missiles or radiation or what have you, & whatever Man might try to do to pollute or damage the Moon, as he has everything else & has nearly destroyed the Earth! So our City faces away from you right now, out into Space. But our base is facing towards you, ready to come down & land on your surface when the New Earth is ready for us, over a thousand years from now! (Rev.21:2)
       14. BUT MEANWHILE WE'RE RIGHT HERE IN CLOSE COMMUNICATION WITH YOU & by very fast Heavenly space transportation, so we're keeping in close touch with you & all your activities there. Billions of our inhabitants already have jobs down there, working hard to take care of you. So, many of them are in & out & on duty down there most of the time. (Heb.1:14; 12:1a; 13:2)
       15. BUT MANY OF US REMAIN FOR SOME TIME HERE, monitoring things there on Earth & observing things Here & preparing for your coming, such as this beautiful group of mansions which we are preparing & reserving for you & our Family & friends & converts.--707 rows of mansions clinging to the sides of this Fair Corner of our City, with 707 mansions in each row, for a total of half-a-million mansions to house our 10,000,000 people! Hallelujah! Thank You, Jesus!
       16. BUT WE'RE ONLY A VERY SMALL CORNER OF THIS GREAT CITY, even though our corner is 7 miles high & 14 miles wide, running 7 miles in each direction along each wall from this corner, & towering 707 floors above us! That's quite a building in itself! The tallest building on Earth is only a little over 100 floors, whereas ours, our own little corner here itself has 707 floors! And as I've said before, we need no elevators because we can fly! But this is almost nothing compared to the enormous size of this entire gigantic, colossal City & how many mansions like ours that it can hold!
       17. THE OTHER DAY I WAS CURIOUS AS TO JUST EXACTLY HOW MANY MANSIONS the size of ours that these walls could contain, so I began to figure it! As you know, I designed my mansion 70 feet long, 40 feet wide, & 3 stories high on a 100-foot-square lot, clinging to the wall of this beautiful City, with ours in the very corner.
       18. IN FACT, I'VE DECIDED I'D PREFER TO LIVE RIGHT HERE ON THE BOTTOM FLOOR ABOVE THE FAIR, right in the same corner where my Mansion already stands, rather than move clear up to the top floor, as I had once suggested! I think I'd prefer to be closer to the Fair if we're going to run it, & where I can observe its beauty from a fairly close distance, about 2500 feet above its surface. That's up about a half-a-mile & we have a beautiful view from here, & can even hear its lovely soft music!
       19. SO I'M STILL RIGHT DOWN HERE NEAR WHERE THE ACTION IS & I've decided not to move way up yonder! Besides, it would take some time to move this mansion & we're all nicely settled here now & I just don't feel like moving again! I'm perfectly comfortable here with my Family around me & we're very happy as we are. So we're going to stay here, aren't we, Family? (Family: Yes! Amen! Praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus!) So we'll keep our other important leadership here nearby & around us on these lower floors, & you other folks can have those highfalutin mansions 'way up yonder!
       20. ANYHOW, WE'RE ONLY A PRAYER AWAY, OR A SHORT FLIGHT, OR A QUICK THOUGHT, so whenever necessary it will be very easy to visit each other. But I haven't decided yet where to have our Fellowship Meetings, I haven't been here long enough to look over the accommodations & what auditorium or banquet hall they have that can seat 10,000,000! But I'm sure I'll come up with something, or the Lord will, or Abner will, so we'll see about that later, okay?
       21. MEANWHILE, I WANT TO GIVE YOU A LITTLE IDEA HOW MANY PEOPLE THIS CITY CAN REALLY HOLD, believe it or not, in only these rows of mansions clinging to its sides alone! So figuring that our lots are 100-foot-square & our airspace is about 50 feet above the floor of each row, so that each mansion space only requires about 5,000 square feet on the side of the City to which it clings, I then had to figure how big each triangular side of this City is, & how many mansions each side could hold.
       22. WE KNOW THAT THE BASE OF EACH SIDE IS 1500 MILES LONG & that the altitude of the apex is 1500 miles straight up from the middle of the square. But this makes the actual altitude of each triangular side from the base to its apex on the side of the City 1677 miles high! Again, you get this figure by figuring the length of the hypotenuse of a right triangle.
       23. SO IF YOU DROPPED A PLUMB-BOB ON A STRING FROM THE APEX OF THIS CITY, it hits smack dab in the center of the square, exactly 1500 miles below--if you had a piece of string that long! That point in the very center of the square would be exactly 750 miles from the center of the square out to the center of the base of the triangle of one side.
       24. SO THEREFORE WE KNOW THE DIMENSIONS OF THE TWO SIDES of this right triangle are 1500 miles high & 750 miles wide. But we have to figure the length of the longer side, the hypotenuse, as its known in geometry, which is the distance from the apex to the center of one side of the base. So again we square each of these sides that we know, & we add those two squares together & we get a total sum of the two squares, which is 2,812,500 square miles, & we then find the root of that, & we find that that hypotenuse, or that third side from the apex to the middle of the base of one side of our pyramid is 1677 miles!
       25. SO NOW WE HAVE THE ALTITUDE OF ONE SIDE OF THE PYRAMID--1677 MILES. And we know its base is 1500 miles wide, so what is the area of this one side of our pyramid?--Well, as you should know, the area of a triangle is equal to one-half its altitude times its base. So if you multiply that together, you get the area of one entire side of our pyramid, which is 1,257,788 square miles!
       26. NOW WE NEED TO KNOW HOW MANY OF OUR MANSIONS WOULD FIT INTO A SQUARE MILE, at 5,000 square feet of City wall space per mansion.--100 feet wide & 50 feet high = 5000 square feet of wall-space! So since a mile is about 5,280 feet long, then a square mile would be 5,280 times 5,280 & you come up with 27,878,400 square feet per square mile! So now all we have to do is divide 5,000 square feet per mansion into 27,878,400 square feet per square mile, & we've got it!--About 5,575 mansions per square mile. And how many square miles per side of our City?--1,257,788 square miles per side. So now all we have to do is multiply that by 5,575 mansions per square mile & we've got it!
       27. BUT IT WASN'T THAT EASY, BECAUSE MY POOR LITTLE CALCULATOR CAN'T HANDLE FIGURES THAT BIG, so I had to work it out by hand with pen & paper in long multiplication!--5,575 mansions per square mile, times 1,257,788 square miles. But anyhow, I came up with about 7,000,000,000 (7 Billion!) mansions per side of our Pyramid! And of course it has four sides, so you simply multiply that 7,000,000,000 by 4 & what do you get?--Over 28,000,000,000 mansions on all four sides!--28 Billion Homes!
       28. SO, WITH ABOUT 20 PEOPLE PER MANSION, WHAT HAVE YOU GOT?--You've got room for over 500,000,000,000 (500 Billion) people to live in gorgeous big mansions on all four sides of the City all together! And that doesn't even count the floor, which is mostly beautiful parks & our Fair & a lot more that I haven't explored yet, plus a lot of room at the top for the Lord's Throne Room & the Council Rooms & other meeting rooms & offices & whatever else is necessary to run this great City & even the whole Universe! Just think!--Even with beautiful, gorgeous, spacious mansions the size of mine clinging to the walls of this City alone, this City could house over 500 Billion people!--One hundred times the World's present population! (Rev.4:2-6)
       29. SO IT'S QUITE A BUILDING if you look at it that way! Even if you allow 50 feet to the floor, that is, 50 feet between floors, each floor 50 feet high, that could be a gigantic building of 7,920,000 feet tall, or at 50 feet to the floor, 158,400 stories high! Compared to other buildings with floors an average of only 10 feet apart, our building is the equivalent to 792,000 stories high! Even the Empire State Building was only 87 stories high! There was never such a building in all the Universe's history until this building was built by the Lord Himself! So this is some town!--With a potential population of over 500 Billion!
       30. SO WHAT'S ALL THIS ROOM FOR? WHY SO BIG? Why sufficient room for housing over 500 Billion people?--When the World's total population so far, from the beginning of Man, is estimated at having been from Adam & Eve up to now, of not more than 70 Billion people all together who ever lived! I mean, even if they were even all saved & could enter this City, that would only fill up one corner of it!
       31. SO WHY SO MUCH ROOM? Only about 1 Billion of this Earth's present estimated population of 5 Billion are even estimated to be called Christians of the so-called Christian nations of this Earth!--And you & I know that only a small fraction of those are really saved! I'd say it'd be a generous estimate if even one out of ten of those 1 Billion "Christians" are saved, or 10%!
       32. EVEN SO, THIS WOULD BE A TOTAL OF ONLY 100 MILLIONPEOPLE LIVING TODAY WHO MIGHT POSSIBLY BE SAVED! That's only about 2%, 2/100 of the World's total 5 Billion population! And if we'd apply that guesstimate to the World's total population of all Times estimated at approximately 70 Billion, we get only about 1.4 Billion truly saved born-again Christians all together, if that!--And that's only about .28% (28/100 of 1%) of the total capacity of this great building, even with everybody living in spacious three-story mansions on 100-foot lots with 50-feet of airspace above!
       33. SO WHAT'S ALL THIS ROOM FOR ANYHOW? It doesn't look like we really need it! But it comes back to me again what the Lord brought to my mind once before when I asked that question. He said, "Well, what makes you think the population of Heaven is not going to grow?" Wow! You mean, Lord, we're going to have that many babies? (See ML#1560.) Whew! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus!--Or does it include also the saved of Other Worlds!
       34. WELL, WE'VE GOT ALL ETERNITY--WHY NOT? WHY NOT FILL IT UP! Maybe this City is just going to be the incubator to develop populations for the entire Universe! So get busy, boys! We've gotta grow if we're ever going to fill it up!--And it's certainly rather sparsely settled right now. Even our corner is waiting for most of our people to come from Earth!
       35. SO GET BUSY! HURRY UP & WITNESS & WIN MORE SOULS & SAVE MORE PEOPLE & HAVE MORE BABIES! We need a lot more settlers up Here to populate this huge City! Right now there'd be room enough for us to live miles apart! But me, I like to live close to you, amen?--And Abner & Phoebe & India Joy & our wonderful staff who are already here are taking real good care of me & we're all together in our one Mansion so far. Otherwise I'd really be lonesome!
       36. SO COME ON, GIRLS! I'm tired of all these figures & statistics! I've worked hard at this communicator telling those folks on Earth all about how much room there is up Here! All I need room for right now is Phoebe & India Joy on this nice great big comfy bed! Praise the Lord! What's better than one beautiful woman?--Two beautiful women! Hallelujah!
       37. COME ON, LET'S HAVE SOME FUN & INCREASE THE POPULATION!--After all, there's no morning sickness, heaviness or child birth pains up Here! (Rev.21:4)--And there'll be plenty of Family to help take care of 'em!--So, come on, let's go, Girls! We've gotta long ways to go!--Whaddaya say, Men?--Let's get goin' now!--Amen! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! Isn't this wonderful!--Whatta place!--Whatta time we're havin' here in Heaven!--Get that job done & join us as soon as you can!--Amen?--Amen!--God bless & keep you till Then!--In Jesus' name, amen!--I love you!--Your Grandpa!

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