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HEAVENLY MINISTRIES!--Heaven's Children Chapter 15       DO 2113       11/85

       1. WELL, HERE'S GRANDPA AGAIN, COMMUNICATING TO YOU ON MY HEAVENLY COMMUNICATOR from that Heavenly City in my Heavenly Home, surrounded by Heavenly people! Besides my personal staff here in my house, consisting of Abner, Chief of my Security, & Phoebe, chief of me, & India Joy, one of her helpers, we've got quite a few other Family members on staff Here already who also came on to be with the Lord Here sometime back, & therefore are present Here now helping me since I've arrived. Also Here are all their children who have been born Here since they came, plus a number of Family children who passed away some time ago.
       2. SO, SINCE OUR FAMILY ALWAYS LIKE TO LIVE TOGETHER, HERE WE ARE, ALL TOGETHER! Hallelujah!--Not all in this house, but the ones who are on my personal staff Here, & the others in the surrounding Homes. All we have to do to visit is to step across in our neighbor's yard or simply fly up a floor or two above us.
       3. OF COURSE THERE AREN'T THAT MANY OF OUR FAMILY WHO HAVE PASSED AWAY YET, so we're not too many Here now, just a few houses in this neighborhood, but we're having lots of fun together, even though most of the rest of the houses are still being reserved for you folks yet to come, Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Amen!
       4. SO, HURRY UP & FINISH THAT BIG JOB DOWN THERE & WIN AS MANY SOULS AS YOU CAN TO BRING WITH YOU! We've got room for about 10 million right here in our corner, all of you & other close Family leaders & staff & members & friends & converts, hallelujah!
       5. WELL, LAST TIME I TOLD YOU ABOUT HOW BIG THIS CITY IS, how enormous it is, not only in its size--1500 miles wide & 1500 miles tall--but also how many people it could actually hold if it were full! With only 20 people to the mansion & mansions on 100-foot lots with 50 feet of space above, & occupying City wall space therefore of 100 by 50 feet, we figured out for you in that last Chapter on the "City of the Future" ("Heaven's Children!" Chapter 13), & as you recall, it came out to about 500 Billion people that it could actually hold as a total population, with room to spare!--Not even including the Park-like floor!
       6. SO THAT'S A LOT OF PEOPLE, & as I said, it proves that God is planning to have a lot more people up Here one of these days & the population is going to grow! So we are going to have babies, babies, babies right up Here, besides all you millions who are still down there & yet to come one of these days soon! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord!--Plus maybe a few millions or billions from other Worlds one of these days, which we may yet have to evangelise! (Joh.10:16; Eph.1:10)
       7. WHY ELSE WOULD THERE BE ROOM FOR OVER 500 BILLION people in this City alone, plus all the outside New Earth we're going to have, which must surely be able to accommodate hundreds of Billions, with no more seas & five times as much land as the Earth has now! Wow, we are going to have some population! We are going to have some big World! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! (Rev.21:1)
       8. BUT IT'S GOING TO BE THIS HEAVENLY WORLD & THE HEAVENLY NEW EARTH, it's going to be made over after the Lord comes & after the Millennium & when this Heavenly City is ready to come down to that Heavenly New Earth & we're all Heavenly saved!--No more bad people any more, nothing but good people, saved people, thank You Jesus!--Billions & billions of them & hundreds of billions of them!--No doubt trillions & quadrillions & quintillions & sextillions & septillions, octillions & on up the line, hallelujah!
       9. GOD'S PLANS WILL NOT BE DEFEATED, HE CREATED THE WORLD TO BE POPULATED, & populated it's going to be, with more people than you've ever dreamed of, thank You Jesus! It's not going to be all crowded up, bunched up in big filthy cities either. It's going to be spread out over the land & most of them engaged in nice, clean, healthful righteous agriculture living in small villages, perfectly planned & beautifully cooperating together in love & helpfulness & unselfishness. All one great big huge happy Family of Heaven's Children! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord!--Isn't that wonderful? (Gen.1:27, 28a; Isa.65:21)
       10. WELL, HOW IS THIS CITY GOING TO HANDLE ALL THOSE PEOPLE ANYHOW? I got to thinking about that, & the Lord showed me quite a few things! One of its present ministries of course is the Administration of the people already Here in this City itself. So now that we've started here at the bottom & shown you what our corner is like, we might as well start at the top & tell you what I've heard about the Administration of this City!
       11. THE LORD'S THRONE ROOM OF COURSE, IS WAY UP THERE IN THE PEAK, in that apex of our beautiful pyramidical City, with a gorgeous view of almost half the Earth, or it will have when it gets down to Earth one of these days. Now we have a gorgeous view of the beautiful sky all around us with its gorgeous stars & the Sun, but no Moon, because we are the Moon! We're in the Moon! Thank You Jesus! (Rev.4:2-6)
       12. WE DON'T EVEN REALLY NEED THE LIGHT OF THE MOON, neither do we need the light of the Sun, for the Lord is the light of this City & His light permeates every square foot of it! There's no night Here, even though there's night outside.(Rev.21:23; Isa.60:19)
       13. BUT WE STILL LIVE ON A FAIRLY WELL-ORGANISED SCHEDULE, as everything has to be well-run up Here, as we have so many people living in one Town! There are quite a few million Here already!--All the Old Testament Saints who were resurrected from the dead when the Lord was resurrected. Then there's all the saved Saints who have come to be with the Lord ever since then, so that's quite a few more million, including me! (Mat.27:52,53)
       14. SO WE'VE GOT QUITE A BIG POPULATION UP HERE ALREADY that needs to be kept organised & administered & ministered to & their various jobs & ministries organised, etc., of which there are many Here, believe it or not! Just think of all the Christians who die every day & need to be received & located up Here, so that takes quite a Welcoming Committee by the Ministry of the Reception Centers, of which there are twelve, one at each Gate. (1Cor.12:4-6)
       15. REMEMBER WE FIGURED OUT ONCE BEFORE that of the World's present 5 Billion population, probably only about 100 million are actually saved--one out of fifty, or about 2% of the World's total population are saved, as far as we know. Since the Earth's stats tell us that about 54 Million people die down there every year, or about 150,000 every day, if only 2% of that 150,000 are Christians, we still have to receive about 3,000 of you Christians up Here every day! So that's around 120 an hour! But since we have twelve Gates of Entry, that cuts it down to only about 10 per hour per gate, which is not too difficult to handle.
       16. SO THE RECEPTION MINISTRY HAS TO ORGANISE RECEPTION COMMITTEES, composed of relatives & friends & loved ones of those who are about to enter, & have them there ready at the gate to meet them. This also includes the Angels who guard the gates & the Angels at the Reception Centers who receive them & direct them, sending them to the Directory where they receive their halos & their crystal wands, or name & address stones, which is also like a key to their mansion, which turns everything on, & brother, you can really get turned on up Here! Hallelujah! (Rev.2:17)
       17. THE OLDER RELATIVES, OF COURSE, ALWAYS PRECEDE the newcomers & are busy preparing & furnishing mansions the way they know that their blessed loved ones who are soon to come like to live & like to have it, just like mine did for me! They already had this lovely, comfy reclining chair here for me, in which they know I like to study, write & meditate & do my work. The old-fashioned ones used to be called chaise lounges, but now I understand they call them contour couches, but whatever it is, it sure is comfy & you're so light Here that you just barely touch the cushions. It's like floating on a cloud! See me?
       18. SO YOUR ALREADY-PASSED-ON FRIENDS & RELATIVES & LOVED ONES PREPARE YOUR MANSION for you before you come & then they meet you at the gate & guide you through the processing to your new home. They see that you're comfortably settled & have lots of company & are comfy & happy & well taken care of, thank the Lord! So that's one of the main Ministries of a great many of the personnel here in the City.
       19. AND OF COURSE ONE OF THE LARGEST PARTS OF THIS MINISTRY IS TAKING CARE OF ALL THE LITTLE CHILDREN & BABIES who have died on Earth. If they already had good Christian grandparents, or a parent who has gone before them, those dear relatives will meet them & take care of them & take them to their mansion to live at home with them.
       20. BUT SOME OF THESE DEAR LITTLE BABIES & LITTLE CHILDREN WHO HAVE PASSED ON TO UP HERE HAD NO CHRISTIAN PARENTS, not even Christian grandparents or great-grandparents, so their saved relatives have to go back quite a few generations to who are up Here waiting for them to take care of them when they come. Of course all small babies & tiny children come Here, the innocents of the Earth, but especially the progeny of the saved.
       21. THAT TINY BABY YOU LOST, THAT LITTLE CHILD YOU LOST IS ALREADY UP HERE enjoying these glorious delights & beauties of this Heavenly place & has good, wonderful people taking care of him or her, including some of their ancient forebears who were Christians! It seems like almost everybody has relatives in Heaven, & that there were believers somewhere back down the line in your ancestors, if you go back far enough!
       22. SO THANK THE LORD NEARLY EVERYBODY HAS GOT RELATIVES UP HERE waiting for them. Even though some are quite distant, their great great grandparents or cousins, aunts, uncles or whatnot, you've got some relatives who are Citizens up Here already, & some of them have been Here for hundreds of years! So they'll be here to greet you, even if you didn't have very many near-relatives who were saved.
       23. BUT YOU'LL HAVE FUN GETTING TO KNOW SOME OF YOUR BELIEVING ANCESTORS, & I'm sure you'll find them a lot of very interesting people & just as lovable as the ones you had on Earth, or maybe even more lovable, since a lot of those you had on Earth were not Christians & not saved & didn't make it Here. But thank God some of your ancestors did, even if you have to trace them clear back to Noah or Adam & Eve! You'll at least have fun meeting those folks & oodles of folks in between who love the Lord & love you & will be happy to see you coming.
       24. BUT OF COURSE FOR THOSE WHO MAY NOT HAVE HAD ANY NEAR CHRISTIAN RELATIVES or near forebears who were Christians, perhaps not even any distant ones, there are special Nurseries for their little children & babies who did make it up Here as babies or tiny tots. Those are operated of course under the supervision of other wonderful Christians, many of whom had no physical children of their own & are so happy now to be able to care for these who have no relatives Here. So everybody's well received & well taken care of & extremely happy & everything is just going fine, thank the Lord!
       25. --AND THEN THERE IS THE FOSTER MOTHER-CARE MINISTRY, girls & women who volunteer to have other women's babies who were lost through miscarriages, still-born or abortions even before they were born! Their spirit-fetus is immediately placed within the new mother, like you use incubators on Earth. They are then nourished & loved to full term & healthy, natural painless birth into this wonderful new World of Heaven to be lovingly cared for by its new Foster Mother as though she were its own!--And she is!--Including the millions of innocent infants murdered on Earth by their own mothers!--So even if evil people of Earth don't want them, God loves them!--And He takes them back from those who don't appreciate them & gives them new Mothers who will love them Here!
       26. OF COURSE, ONE OF THE BIGGEST MINISTRIES IS SPIRIT HELPERS, PEOPLE WHO ARE EITHER UP HERE NOW OR HAVE BEEN UP HERE, but go back down to Earth to help you folks who are still down there. I'm looking forward to a trip like that very soon, but meanwhile I'm getting sort of oriented up Here & adjusted & familiar with the place & taking a little time to describe it to you. I also hope to do a little more exploring up Here besides the Fair, to see what else is in this glorious City, besides our Fair & these beautiful Parks & all these mansions!
       27. I WAS GOING TO SAY THAT THE TOP ADMINISTRATION IS AT THE TOP where the Lord's Throne Room is & where He's frequently having counsels with the 24 Elders & the various councils of past Prophets & Patriarchs & great Saints & men & women who have merited authority Here by their great wisdom & their wise supervision of God's Children while they were on Earth. They have merited a place of supreme supervision & administration Here in Heaven to oversee all of God's Children up Here & to settle all the various problems that come up down there on Earth & keep everything well-organised & well-oiled & operating smoothly with Love & the wonderful constant presence of His precious Mother Holy Spirit. (Rev.4:2-5)
       28. SO THERE'S THE RECEPTION, ADMINISTRATION, FOSTER MOTHER-CARE & THE EARTHLY MINISTRIES, & there are millions engaged in some of these. Everybody Here is busy doing something valuable & fruitful, because everybody is needed desperately to supervise both this great City & all of its people, plus all of you folks down there on Earth whom the Lord loves & who love Him. So since there are probably about 100 Million Christians still alive down there on Earth today, that takes a lot of people to hover over you & be your spirit-helpers & guides & messengers & protectors & providers, so everybody's busy, praise the Lord! (Heb.12:1a)
       29. AS THE LORD HIMSELF SAID, THERE ARE NEVER TOO MANY WORKERS who know how to work & how to handle things, for the real workers, compared to the multitudinous billions of others, are scarce! The real workers are few, as He Himself said, compared to all those who need caring for--not only those already saved, but those who are going to be saved, & are already saved in the mind of God & according to God's Will!--Foreordained, predestined to be saved before the foundation of the Earth! God knew they were going to receive Him! For "many are called", even though few are chosen because so few choose Him. (Mat.9:37-38; 22:14)
       30. AND OF COURSE THEN THERE ARE MANY MIGHTY ANGELS & Archangels & angelic Hosts who are in charge of the World's affairs below. They supervise nations & kings & presidents & prime ministers & leaders & governors & magistrates of all the nations on the face of the Earth, to make sure they don't get too far out of line & louse things up before the End! (Rom.13:1,6)
       31. EVERYTHING DOWN THERE IS UNDER CONTROL, BELIEVE IT OR NOT! It may not look like it sometimes, because God has to let Man have his way & have his choice, with a free will to make his own decisions, whether he wants to serve God or Mammon or the Devil! But everything still has to be kept within certain limits & under control so that Man or Satan doesn't go too far & totally destroy the Earth & all the people on it!
       32. SO, TAKE HEART! One of these days very soon the Lord's going to stop all that ruckus down there & all that foolishness & all that violence & all that hatred & all that destruction & all that craziness & horrible horrors! He's going to come & rescue you out of it & pour out His Wrath upon those wicked left behind, especially the Antichrist & his followers! Then we're going to come down & conquer the Earth in the Battle of Armageddon & set up the Millennium, His Kingdom there on Earth, for a Thousand Years to come! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! (2Th.2:8)
       33. SO ALL THAT TAKES QUITE A BIT OF ORGANISATION & quite an administrative structure, & is getting us all prepared, with our experience Here & our experience on Earth, to rule the World when we come back with the Lord in that mighty Revelation of our return with Him in the Battle of Armageddon, to set up His Kingdom on Earth & to destroy the power of the Devil & the Antichrist & the False Prophet & all his followers & his kingdom there! So we've got a lot to learn & experience & get organised! (Rev.19:11-21)
       34. THEREFORE, NEXT THERE'S THE EDUCATIONAL MINISTRY, the Ministry of Education & Edification. It's a vast ministry, because so many of the Christians up Here were mere babes in Christ, like retarded children spiritually, & knew so very little about the Lord & even about the Bible & God's ways & God's Truths & His Law of Love! They were just barely saved, & then they got stuck in some church that encouraged them to stay there instead of going out to witness & win souls & become missionaries! So they just stultified & got stagnant, like in a pool with no outlet! They almost got to be like that stinky water in some of those ponds!--Almost dead & so half-dead they almost stink & are not much good to anybody except for paying the preacher's salary & building those useless, ridiculous church buildings, wasting all their money on those & what little time they give to God attending them!
       35. SO LET ME TELL YOU, THOSE CHURCHY CHRISTIANS HAVE REALLY GOT A LOT TO LEARN! Wow! They have to practically start from scratch, from kindergarten on up, to learn the Word of God & the ways of the Lord & the ways of some advanced Christians like ourselves & our wonderful knowledge that God has given us & our freedom, etc. They are so bound & so traditional & so conventional! They've got so many idols in their hearts to have to destroy & so many traditions of Man to get rid of & so many false ideas of the Lord & His ways & of the realities of His real loving religion, God's kind of genuine religion of Love! (Mat.15:6b-9; Tit.1:16)
       36. THEY'VE BEEN SO MISLED BY IGNORANT BLIND PASTORS, leaders of the blind, so they've fallen into a lot of ditches of doctrine & wrong methods & wrong ways & wrong messages! They had so many false prophets & false teachers & false pastors, misleading them & misguiding them! They are really a mess!--Though saved! (Mat.15:14)
       37. BECAUSE GOD IN HIS MERCY SAVES EVERYONE WHO BELIEVES IN HIS SON JESUS, & RECEIVES HIM as their Saviour. Even though they are as dumb as can be & know very little, or almost nothing about the Lord & His Word, except that they know Him a little bit & love Him, having received Him, & are glad they're saved & are glad He died for them & they know that He saved them. (Act.16:31)
       38. THEY'VE RECEIVED HIM IN THEIR HEARTS & felt that difference of being born again, new creatures in Christ Jesus! But still, they're mere little tiny babes spiritually, who need a lot of training & a lot of knowledge & a lot of education. They need a lot of experience & a lot of growing to really grow in the Word & the nurture & the admonition of the Lord!
       39. SO RE-EDUCATING THOSE DUMB CHURCHY CHRISTIANS--ALMOST HALF-DEAD CHURCHY CHRISTIANS--IS ONE OF THE BIGGEST JOBS UP HERE!--And it looks like it's going to keep us busy for a few Centuries as least!--And of course there's the big job of rearing, caring for, training & teaching all the children in the Word & Ways of the Lord, so they'll be able to help the billions left on Earth during the Millennium!
       40. SO WHEN YOU'VE FINISHED THAT JOB DOWN THERE, THERE'S PLENTY TO DO UP HERE, & back down there as well!--Especially when we get to the Millennium & have to educate all those people who never even heard about the Lord & know nothing about Jesus & never knew how to be saved before!
       41. SO THERE ARE OODLES OF MINISTRIES of all kinds, & I'm sure you'll fit in somewhere! It takes tremendous organisation to run this whole outfit, so I'm sure there'll be a place for you, as there has been on Earth.
       42. THERE'S NOT ONLY PLENTY OF ROOM DOWN THERE ON THE HARVEST FIELDS BELOW, but there's plenty of room & Ministries for you even up Here after you get Here!--As well as some of you commuting back & forth to Earth to help those that are still there. But at least while you're Here at Home, we have wonderful times together & a tremendously invigorating & inspiring & refreshing fellowship, learning more & more from the Lord & His Saints & Communicators all the time, & becoming more & more capable to handle the many many Ministries of Heaven's Children, both in Heaven & on Earth! But it's so wonderful to come up Here for a little time of refreshing & inspiration & rest between jobs down there! So I know you'll love it!
       43. SO MANY OF OUR FAMILY ARE ALREADY HERE, even quite a few of our own members & their children who have come on up Here to be with the Lord, plus a number of our friends & fish & relatives & converts. So we've got quite a Family fellowship going on up Here already! And I think one of the next times they're going to take me to our Family fellowship up Here! And what a time that must be! We're really going to have a wonderful time up Here, & we're already having it! Thank the Lord!
       44. SO, COME ON UP AS SOON AS YOU CAN, AS SOON AS YOU'VE GOT YOUR JOB DONE DOWN THERE & the Lord lets you go! We'll be looking for you & will be ready to receive you & give you a grand welcome Home at last! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! Amen?
       45. SO WE'RE WAITING FOR YOU, & I understand I'm going to be allowed to go back down & visit you some, after I've been briefed & gotten a little more information & education up Here myself about God's plans for you down there, & how to help you & guide you & protect you & lead you in His Will & His way to the destiny & goal that He has for you Here & your final release from your task there when it's finished. It reminds me of that beautiful old song that I used to sing, I think maybe it's on one of my song tapes you folks still have down there: "My Task!"
       To ponder o'er God's Holy Word & pray,
       And rest when evening comes,
       And rest when evening comes.
       --This is my task!
       To do my best from dawn of day til night!
       To keep my heart fit for God's Holy sight,
       And smile when evening comes,
       And smile when evening comes!
       --This is my task!
       To lay the Harvest at our Saviour's feet!
       To know that He has made our task complete,
       Within these jasper walls,
       Within these jasper walls!
       --This is our task!"
Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Isn't that a beautiful song? I always loved that song, & I loved to sing it to Christians, many of whom didn't know what their task was!--To win souls for Jesus! (Mar.16:15; Pro.11:30)
       49. BUT YOU KNOW, THANK GOD, & I KNOW YOU'RE DOING IT & I know you're going to get it done! You're going to finish it in God's time at God's place, & then He'll call you Home. We'll be looking for you! We'll be waiting for you, God bless you! As the old song says, "We're going to have a wonderful time up Here!" Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! Amen! In Jesus' name, amen!
       50. I'LL BE SEEING YOU LATER THROUGH MY OLD COMMUNICATOR, & give you lotsa dater! So be sure you're listening! Just tune in when you need me & I'll be happy to have a little fellowship with you in the spirit! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! I love you, & I'm trying to help you all I can. That's why I'm telling you all about things up Here, to inspire you & encourage you & help you to know how real it is, how wonderful it is, how thrilling, how satisfying, & worth it all! Thank You Jesus!
       51. I'M STILL LOOKING FORWARD TO MY SPECIAL RECEPTION WITH JESUS that some of us are going to have pretty soon, but we have to get prepared for it & understand what's expected of us & how to take it. But He's given us a little rest & orientation Here right now, so we'll become familiar with things Here & this kind of life & it won't be such a big shock, such as being ushered immediately into the Lord's presence the moment we get Here! Some of us have to have a little time of preparation, like a bride adorned for her husband! So we've yet to meet Him personally by sight, although we have had Him in our hearts & known Him for years, thank the Lord! (1Jn.3:2)
       52. SO WE'RE LOOKING FORWARD TO THAT GREAT RECEPTION WHICH ALL OF US NEWCOMERS ARE GOING TO HAVE VERY SOON. This is not the final great Wedding Feast that's going to occur after you all get Here, but we have sort of little Fore-feasts, little small receptions each day in the King's courts upstairs, with the latest group of new arrivals, to meet the King & His Court, where He sits on His throne, judging this whole City & the whole World & the whole Universe, Praise the Lord!--God is still on the Throne!--And prayer changes things!
       53. SO I'M REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO THAT! It scares me a little bit & it certainly awes me, & I hope I'll know how to behave when I get there! But I'm sure looking forward to actually seeing the Lord & meeting Him visibly firsthand! Although I've known Him & had His Spirit in my heart for all these years & felt His presence! So I don't think it's going to be too much different, I think I'm going to feel pretty much at home with Him when we meet, just like old time friends, as we have already been friends for many years, thank the Lord! (1Cor.13:12)
       54. SO I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO THAT, & they tell me that my day will come up Here pretty soon for my group of new arrivals, & that'll be a wonderful day! That's when we'll first get some of our awards & rewards & recognition, we who are already Here, when we meet the Lord Here.--Although some of you will have to wait for that great Wedding Feast when so many of you arrive at once in the Rapture! (Mat.16:27b; 5:12a)
       55. SO BE READY! GET THAT JOB DONE so you'll be ready to come when He calls!--And it won't be long now, thank the Lord!
       56. TIME DOESN'T SEEM SO LONG UP HERE, BECAUSE UP HERE TIME IS NO MORE! We're living in God's great Eternal Now, Forever! But time is still measured down there for you folks on Earth. But even that seems very short now to us up Here, who can now see the future so clearly, praise the Lord! (Rev.10:6)
       57. BUT THANK GOD FOR HOW MUCH YOU KNOW ABOUT THE FUTURE ALREADY, & what to expect & how to behave & how to survive, if possible, & how to keep on working for Jesus until He comes for you. So keep on keeping on! Keep the faith! Fight a good fight! Finish the course! Keep the Heavenly vision & finish your course that God is teaching you down there, by all those experiences there on Earth. He's preparing you for an even greater job Here in Heaven, helping Him to rule the whole Universe in the Ages to come, including the soon-coming Millennium! (1Ti.6:12; 2Ti.4:7,8; Rev.5:10)
       58. THEN WE'LL HAVE TO ORGANISE HIS KINGDOM ON EARTH & mop up the mess down there & rule over all those people who never knew the Lord, but whom He loved & felt were good enough & deserving enough to survive the horrors of His Wrath & the Battle of Armageddon & to come out on top into the Millennium, & be given a chance to know Him! This will be the new Golden Age of Christ's Kingdom on Earth, ruled by His Saints & Angels throughout the World, thank the Lord!
       59. SO WE'VE GOT A LOT TO LEARN ABOUT ALL THESE VARIOUS HEAVENLY MINISTRIES, BOTH IN HEAVEN & ON EARTH! So study all you can & pray hard & ask the Lord for leading & guidance & revelations & experience, so you'll know what you're talking about & you'll have learned how to obey the Lord & love Him & keep His commandments of Love. You'll have learned how to win souls for His great Harvest so that you'll be prepared for even greater leadership in the future. Some of you will be over whole cities, whole countries, great nations, educating the people of the World still left, to know the ways of the Lord & to be saved, if they will. (Joh.13:34; Hab.2:14)
       60. SO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF EVERY OPPORTUNITY TO LEARN & TO WORK FOR HIM THERE & TO WIN AS MANY SOULS AS YOU CAN, so you'll be well-prepared for a bigger job up Here & even back down there again during the Millennium! Praise the Lord? God bless you all, I love you, & thanks for your prayers that kept me going so many years & still comfort me, to know that you still love me & appreciate what little I've tried to do for you.--Wish I could have done more!
       61. SO KEEP THE FAITH, CHILDREN! Never stop loving Him & others, & lead as many as you can into His wonderful, glorious Love, so that He will rejoice to see you when you come, & say unto you, "Well done, thou good & faithful servant! Enter thou into the joy of thy Lord!"--If you think you've entered into a lot of joy down there in the Lord, wait until you get Here! There's more to come! (Mat.25:21)
       62. THAT'S ONLY THE BEGINNING, FOLKS, ONLY THE BEGINNING! Praise God! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! So Amen! I gotta sign off now, so we can squeeze this into the Communicator & get it off to you as soon as we can! But you'll be hearing from me later with some more about this wonderful, glorious Heaven of Heaven's Children, to thrill & inspire your heart & encourage you & make you know it's worth it all, & give you a revelation of this wonderful goal that you're striving towards! It should make you want to bring as many with you as you can when you come! Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Amen?--Amen!
       63. GOD BLESS YOU, I LOVE YOU & AM PRAYING FOR YOU, & as soon as they let me make my first trip back down there, I'm going to visit you & whisper in your ear how much I love you & how much I care for you & how I'm going to help you all I can!--In Jesus' name, amen! Praise the Lord! See you soon, I hope!

Copyright (c) 1997 by The Family