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HEAVENLY THOUGHT POWER!--"Heaven's Children!"--Chapter 16!       DO 2114       11/85

       1. IT ALL BEGAN THIS MORNING WITH ABNER LANDING THAT BIG FLAT-BOTTOMED GONDOLA OUT ON OUR LAWN! You say, "What do you mean, Grandpa, this morning?--I thought there wasn't any night in Heaven, & no time!" Well, time as you know it on Earth will no longer be Here in Heaven, time shall be no more (Rev.10:6). But that really means the limit of time, or limits of time, or a time limit, for we Here in Heaven are now in Eternity & there is absolutely no limit to time Here! But we humans have all come Here from Earth so far, & we still have these habits of counting time periods & measuring times of day, etc. Even though it's always day Here inside the City, there is still day & night outside. (Rev.21:25)
       2. I'M FINDING OUT QUITE A FEW THINGS ABOUT LIFE HERE that I didn't really understand before, & that is we seem to need a little rest & even a little food! Our new spirit-bodies seem to be far more efficient than our old physical bodies & far more powerful, as well as our minds. But there is still a certain amount of spiritual & mental energy which seems to be consumed, which needs a brief period of rest to replace it, like charging up your battery. We need very little but we do need some. (Rev.6:11)
       3. YOU SAY, "OH, COME ON, DAD, I THOUGHT YOU SAID WE DIDN'T HAVE TO EAT IN HEAVEN, WE DIDN'T HAVE TO SLEEP!" Well, that's what I thought too before I got Here! But you'll notice I have been taking little rest periods & little naps & a little sleep in what you would call your night period there, if only to sort of give my mind a rest & refresh my mental capacities. But even these spiritual bodies, though far more efficient than those on Earth, seem to need a little energising & a very small amount of fuel. And that seems to be what the fruits of the Trees of Life are for! Even God had to rest a day after Creation! (Rev.22:2; Gen.2:3; Exo.31:17)
       4. AS YOU'LL REMEMBER, THE LORD WAS DISCUSSING WITH THE OTHER HEAVENLY BEINGS in the third Chapter of Genesis (Gen.3:22) about Adam & Eve having fallen from grace & sinned against the Lord by eating of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil, which was forbidden. They already had the knowledge of good because they knew nothing but good, until Satan tempted them to eat of that tree which also contained the knowledge of evil. (Gen.3:1-6)
       5. AND WHEN THEY DID SO, THEY BECAME AWARE OF ALL THE EVIL AROUND THEM, so that for one thing they no longer thought wholesomely about sex & their sexual parts. Up to that time they had used them constantly without any guilt or feeling of evil whatsoever, because those sexual parts had been created by the Lord their God, & the very nerves that feel so good & the function & operation of them was ordained & even commanded by the Lord in the first Chapter of Genesis. (Gen.1:28) So they had been enjoying sex to the full like we do Here in Heaven.
       6. BUT WHEN THEY ATE OF THAT TREE OF GOOD & EVIL, they not only began to think evil thoughts about sex & sexual perversions, but they even became ashamed of their bodies & their sexual parts & tried to cover them!--Another result of sin--clothing & being ashamed of sex & your sexual parts! All that guilt & shame came through sin & not through the beautiful creation of God!
       7. SO THAT WHEN THEY FELL, GOD WAS DISCUSSING THE SITUATION WITH THE OTHER HEAVENLY BEINGS, His Son, our Mother Holy Spirit, archangels, etc., & the Lord said, "Behold, the man is become as one of Us, to know good & evil: & now, lest he put forth his hand, & take also of the Tree of Life, & eat, &live for ever: Therefore, the Lord God sent him forth from the Garden of Eden, to till the ground from whence he was taken. So He drove out the man; & He placed at the east of the garden of Eden Cherubim, & a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the Tree of Life." (Gen.3:22-24)
       8. --SO THAT SINFUL MAN COULD NOT EAT OF THE TREE OF LIFE LEST HE LIVE FOREVER! When he ate of the Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil, Man became as gods, knowing both good & evil like the angels of God & the angels of Satan! As the Devil had promised, "Ye shall be as gods, knowing good & evil." (Gen.3:5)--Implying that God was holding out on them by denying them the Tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil.
       9. SO THEY WERE TEMPTED THERE BY THE DEVIL TO EAT OF THAT TREE OF KNOWLEDGE OF BOTH GOOD & EVIL, & sure enough, immediately their eyes were opened & they immediately became aware of the difference between good & evil, including the knowledge of the difference between good wholesome Godly pleasurable sex & the evil perversions thereof, so that they even became ashamed of their bodies & their sexual parts!
       10. SO THAT THEN THE LORD SAID HE WAS GOING TO HAVE TO REMOVE THEM FROM THE GARDEN OF EDEN because they had gained this knowledge, particularly of evil, & lest evil Man put forth his hands & eat also of the Tree of Life & live forever, & thereby cause infinite trouble like Satan & his demonic angels, & have super powers as those Satanic angels have! God said they must be driven out of the Garden so they cannot touch the Tree of Life lest they live forever!--In other words, lest they have such power that they will live & do evil forever or for ages, like Satan & his angels.
       11. THE HEBREW WORD HERE TRANSLATED "FOR EVER" IS THE WORD "OLAM", MEANING "FOR AN AGE", FOR A VERY LONG TIME, or a very great long period of time, which sounds like "forever" to us Earthlings! When God talks about the real Forever, Eternity, He uses another expression, in Greek meaning "forever & ever," the aeon of the aeons, the Age of the Ages, Eternity!
       12. SO THAT IF ADAM & EVE HAD PARTAKEN OF THE TREE OF LIFE they would have had such power, such spiritual & mental powers, they would have become as powerful as angels! But particularly since they had now become evil, they would have become as powerful as Satan & his demonic evil spirits & begun to do all of the damage that Satan & his evil angels have been doing now for ages! So the Lord drove Man from the Garden & put some mighty Archangels, Cherubim there to guard the gate with fire like a flashing fiery sword, a force field of lightning in other words, flashing back & forth to prevent him from reentering the Garden & eating of that Tree of Life!
       13. BUT HERE IN HEAVEN, THANK GOD, AS THE LAST BOOK OF REVELATION IN THE BIBLE SAYS, WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO EAT OF THAT TREE OF LIFE (REV.22:14), thank the Lord, because of the grace of God through His Son Jesus Christ saving us from sin & from evil! So now we do live forever! But it seems for some reason that we need to continue to partake of the fruits of that Tree of Life to sort of recharge our batteries. And we do seem to need a little rest in order to rest our minds. (Eze.47:12)
       14. WE NOW HAVE SPIRITUAL BODIES.--I call them spiritual bodies because they're not yet our resurrected bodies, as the New Testament Saints Here have not yet been resurrected. That resurrection does not come now until the Second Coming of Christ. (1Th.4:13-17) Only the Old Testament Saints have been resurrected & were raptured at the time of Christ's resurrection. (Mat.27:52-53) But those of us Here who have not yet had our bodies resurrected, have been given these temporary spiritual bodies or theophanies, "god bodies," as theologians call them, but which are nevertheless quite material & normal in many ways. They have substance just as Jesus did when He rose from the dead & He sat & ate & drank with His disciples & said, "Touch Me, feel Me. A spirit hath not flesh & bone as ye see Me have." (Luke 24:39)
       15. SO WE HERE IN OUR SPIRITUAL BODIES DEFINITELY HAVE A MATERIAL FORM, which, however, has amazing powers. We can dematerialise, vanish, appear & disappear, walk through walls & fly & have many amazing superpowers, for now we are God's super race, Heaven's Children, & we eat of the Tree of Life & live forever!
       16. BUT WE STILL SEEM TO ENJOY A LITTLE REST & SLEEP even for the pure pleasure of it, to rest our minds for a time & to meditate & get into a sort of trance-like state in which we have even better communication in the Spirit World. So we still seem to have certain daily time periods. There is a time for everything Here just as there is on Earth. (Ecc.3:1-8)--A time to eat, a time to sleep, a time to be active, a time to work, a time to play, a time to walk, a time to fly--a little bit of everything, including the time to do a lot of things you can't do down there such as enjoy infinite sexual pleasure again & again without tiring!
       17. AND IT IS NOT ONLY FOR PLEASURE & FELLOWSHIP & INTIMATE RELATIONSHIP & LOVE FOR EACH OTHER, BUT ALSO FOR THE PROCREATION OR REPRODUCTION OF BABIES TO POPULATE THIS IMMENSE PLACE CALLED HEAVEN! Now there are only a few million of us Earthlings Here, but perhaps if we'd count all the host of Heavenly angels, you might say a few billion, where nevertheless there is room for literally hundreds of billions of residents! So we're either going to have to have a lot of babies, or recruit new citizens for the Kingdom of God from other Worlds!
       18. I HAVEN'T FOUND OUT ABOUT ALL THAT YET, but I'm sure in due time the Lord will show me. He only seems to be showing me a little at a time because I presume I just couldn't grasp it all or handle it if He would show me too much of everything all at once! So, like a child, I just seem to learn a little bit more each day of the wonders of God's marvels, His Creation & His greatest creations of all, Man & Heaven & Heavenly spirits & Heavenly adventures & experiences & the knowledge of so much good Up Here! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! (1Cor.13:12; Pro.4:18)
       19. SO HE'S BEEN GIVING ME JUST A LITTLE BIT MORE EACH DAY to add to my store of knowledge of things both in Heaven & on Earth. And I seem to get a lot of it, the same way I did while on Earth, while I'm in that trance-like state of half awake, half asleep or even in my dreams! Or sometimes when I'm wide awake with my eyes wide open He shows me pictures or visions of things.
       20. REMEMBER HOW I USED TO GO AROUND THE HOUSE WHEN I WAS LOOKING AROUND FOR IMPROVEMENTS or how to solve problems?--How the Lord would just show me a picture of just exactly how to do it, & we'd try it & it would work! Or how the Lord would give me dreams in the night of the solution to problems or predictions of the Future, & it would be just as realistic as if I were really there, so that when I woke up the dream was still vivid in my mind, sometimes a definite message or warning or revelation of some kind that I needed to know.
       21. SO IT SEEMS THAT EVEN HERE THAT SPIRITUAL TRANSMISSION WORKS BEST, when it comes to grasping the secrets of this Heavenly place & things that you need to know, by thought transmission or spiritual transmission, spiritual communication. It seems to reach you best during those periods of deep meditation, contemplation, concentration, prayer or even a state of total suspension of physical animation, a total motionlessness of the body such as in resting in bed, so that your thought processes & your spirit can be loosed to perform feats & wonders which the bodily movements would distract you from. So the less conscious you are of your body, the more conscious you are of spiritual things & spiritual communications, revelations, dreams, visions, etc. --Try it!
       22. SCIENCE SOMETIMES CALLS IT THE ACTIVITIES OF YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND or memory & that sort of thing, whereas it is actually your super-conscious mind, not below your consciousness but above your consciousness! As the Lord said, "Set not your affection on the things that are on the Earth, but upon the things that are above." (Col.3:2) And He told us to think good thoughts about things above & Heavenly things, good things, & try to get your mind off the lower mundane mere physical & sometimes even evil things! (Phil.4:8) So it's not just sub-consciousness but it's super-consciousness. It's a spiritual state of consciousness in which you are far more receptive to the things of the Spirit & dreams & revelations & visions & spiritual communications. (Job 33:15,16)
       23. SO I WAS IN SUCH A STATE THIS MORNING before the beginning of our day's activities while enjoying a little rest period. And at first I thought perhaps I was dreaming as I came out of that rather sleepy unconscious state, or spiritually conscious state, or that perhaps I was having a vision or a revelation as I saw this big flat-bottomed gondola vehicle land in our yard! Well, that certainly woke me up in a hurry & I arose & went out to take a closer look at it along with Phoebe & some of the others of the staff. Abner gave us a cheery greeting & said, "Well, the time has come! It's the day for your group of new arrivals to be presented to the King of Kings, to have an audience with the Boss Up Here!"
       24. WELL, IF I'D THOUGHT THIS STRANGE SPACECRAFT THAT HAD JUST LANDED IN OUR YARD WAS SHOCKING, THAT WAS EVEN BIGGER NEWS & almost drowned out our curiosity about his flying boat! It was not shaped like those lovely gondolas we rode in on the River of Life while seeing the Fair, but it was much much wider, even though not much longer, as though to accommodate small groups of passengers. It was really beautiful & unlike any craft I have ever seen before, truly Heavenly!
       25. IT HAD A SWEPT-UP PROW THAT CURVED BEAUTIFULLY INTO A SORT OF A CURL on the front & then the body widened out quite wide, I would say at least 10 feet wide, & then was about 15 feet long or more, & the rear part swept up very high in a graceful curve & a curl as the sides came together again at the stern. It seemed to be made of lovely ornately carved wood & it was very beautiful! I'll have to draw you a picture of it to show you just what it looked like. But the bottom was quite flat & round & it was very comfortably lined, padded like our Heavenly furniture Up Here, with a flat bottom. The passengers sit around in a circle leaning against the sides of the boat or spacecraft--(whatever you want to call it, it looked like a boat to me!)--facing each other apparently, so that they can have fellowship & communication with each other as they ride or they can turn halfway around & put an arm over the side of the boat & view the scenery outside.
       26. ANYWAY, IT LOOKED VERY COMFORTABLE & I WAS FASCINATED WITH THIS NEW KIND OF SPACECRAFT! I guess that's all I could call it, because it apparently flies! Abner had descended, it seemed, out of nowhere & landed right on our lawn, where it rested so lightly that it didn't even mash the grass! So he said, "Well, come on now! It's time! Let's go! It's time for you Newcomers to join the other Newcomers in your presentation to the King of Kings, your audience with the Boss! I warned you of this some time ago, & now He has called for you. He seemed to feel that you're ready to see Him." (Isa.33:17a)
       27. I WAS THANKFUL THAT WE HAD HAD WHAT YOU MIGHT CALL A MONTH OR MORE to get accustomed to these Heavenly delights & almost supernatural experiences & ways of living Up Here in this marvellous City & this wonderful life in Heaven, because it's almost too much to grasp all at once! It takes a little time to get accustomed to things Here & oriented & to learn all about these new ways & new things & new habits, new customs. Although very much akin to Earth & similar to our Earthly life in some ways, it is much superior & more supernatural in so many other ways, so it takes a little getting used to. But by now we were pretty well settled in & adjusted & had rested up from our "space-lag", recharged our spiritual batteries with food from the Trees of Life, & apparently the Boss thought it was time for us to come see Him & that we were ready to meet Him! Praise the Lord! (1Cor.2:9)
       28. SO WE QUICKLY RAN BACK IN THE HOUSE TO DON OUR BEST COURT ATTIRE, our new Heavenly robes of light & beautiful colour! Only a few of us were going, just the new arrivals, & we came back out & gingerly climbed over the side into this beautiful boat or spacecraft! I keep calling it a boat because it looks sort of like a big flat boat--I almost said "tub", because it is sort of round & tub-shaped, although it has that beautiful curly prow & that beautiful big high-backed stern! It even looked a little bit like those ancient boats of Man on Earth like Columbus' boat & those old small sailing vessels that had that beautiful prow & the very high-backed stern with the crew's quarters, etc., only this strange craft is very much smaller.
       29. AS I SAY, IT LOOKED LIKE IT WAS ONLY ABOUT 10 FEET WIDE & 15-20 FEET LONG at the most, with just enough room for perhaps a dozen people to sit around its circular bottom, leaning with their backs against its sides & their legs resting on its floor, just wide enough that your feet don't have to touch each other, unless you want to play a little footsie with those pretty girls! You know we're always barefoot Up Here, we don't need any shoes because the streets are smooth glossy crystal gold with not a trace of dust or dirt & no pollution, no dirt, no filth, nothing to get your feet dirty & nothing to hurt them on because you sort of float even when you walk, so we don't need shoes Up Here, thank the Lord! (Rev.21:21b)
       30. WE'RE FREE OF THAT FOOT BONDAGE, AS WELL AS THE HEAVINESS OF EARTHLY TYPES OF CLOTHING. Here we seem enshrouded in vapours of light, so light & so gossamer that you hardly feel that you have anything on! You don't look like you have much on either, as you can see our beautiful bodies right through this lovely semi-transparent, see-through clothing of light!
       31. SO WE LOOKED AROUND OUR NEW VEHICLE IN WONDER & AMAZEMENT at its beauty & its comfort! This one has no bubble-top whatsoever, for no protection is needed from atmosphere nor heat of the sun nor flying objects in this perfect City! There are no accidents Here, so this is an open boat, beautifully open to all the sights & sounds & wonders of Heaven itself surrounding us!
       32. SO ABNER SAID, "ALL RIGHT, ARE YOU READY?--LET'S GO!" And I might have expected to hear some kind of whirring or buzzing or humming of power, as you have on all those noisy crafts you have there on Earth with all their horrible pollutants, but not this Heavenly craft! This Celestial Gondola simply quietly, silently, with almost imperceptible motion, easily floated softly & lightly upward & outward over the railing of our rear terrace, & then out into the great spaces of this enormous City, floating first out over the Fair, so we could get another beautiful view of it while spiraling slowly upward!
       33. FIRST ABNER FLEW US ALONG THE ROWS OF GORGEOUS MANSIONS, close enough to see their beauty & their lovely gardens, some of them already occupied with beautiful people to whom we waved & could even call a greeting from afar, because our vehicle made no noise whatsoever which would drown out the sound of our voices, nor theirs! It's so wonderful to live in a community where all are Christians & all are loved ones & friends & Family & we have nothing but good neighbours!--All of whom love each other & love us & we love them & we all understand each other & all have the same kind of Life & Love & Spirit & Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! (Gal.3:26)
       34. SO AS WE GLIDED SOFTLY BY THESE BEAUTIFUL RESIDENCES WE WOULD WAVE at an occasional family that had already taken occupancy of their mansion. But of course there are still so very many empty ones, because so few of you have come Here! But they're all being prepared for that enormous influx which is going to occur at the Coming of the Lord & the Rapture of the Saints from the Earth to bring you Here for the first time! (Mat.24:29-31) But we who have gone on before you & are Here already, are already beginning to enjoy all of these Heavenly pleasures & beauties & sweet fellowship of the Saints who are already Here! Thank You Jesus!
       35. THE ATMOSPHERE IS PERFECTLY CLEAR! The air Here seems to be absolutely crystal clean with no smog, no fog, no mist to obscure the view, & it seems like we can see hundreds of miles into the distance, even 1500 miles, clear over to the other side of the City! But of course it is so distant & far away that we can't tell much about it except to see there is the other wall of the City on the other side. And at 1500 miles, of course, the houses are so small to our view that we cannot even see them! It just looks like another crystal golden wall of the City, only slightly darkened & shaded by the shelves of mansions which line those walls.
       36. SOMEHOW THE INTERIOR OF THE CITY SEEMS TO BE PERFECTLY AIR-CONDITIONED but not too cold--the perfect climate, the perfect weather! In fact, there's no weather at all, no change of weather!--Just the perfect temperature, the perfect atmosphere, no rains, no storms, no winds, no clouds, just perfect & beautiful! There are just slight little lovely Heavenly breezes, enough to feel good & to wave the beautiful palm branches & the lovely shrubbery & the trees & give all this beautiful creation a slight beautiful, graceful & lovely motion, as we float slowly by & view this gorgeous scenery!
       37. I'M REMINDED OF HOW MY MOTHER USED TO ALWAYS LOVE TO DRIVE THROUGH THE BEAUTIFUL RESIDENTIAL AREAS ON EARTH containing the mansions & gorgeous estates of the rich in Miami & Coral Gables, Florida & on Miami Beach, with almost Heavenly mansions there when I was young! She couldn't afford to live in one but she at least liked to look at them. So often she would have me drive her on a little restful ride about the lovely quiet residential areas of the mansions of the rich.
THAT'S ALL THE HEAVEN MOST OF THEM ARE EVER GOING TO GET, because most of them are not even saved! In fact, they have more troubles than the poor! They have all kinds of troubles with each other!--Troubles with themselves & their riches, sicknesses, disease, mental disorders, spiritual problems & afflictions!" If you think "Many are the afflictions of the righteous", remember the Lord delivers us out of them all! (Psa.34:19) But those people have even more afflictions & no Deliverer! Most of them have been serving the Devil all their lives, & cheating & robbing the poor in order to get these unholy riches to try to enjoy life as though they were living in Heaven, but it turns out to be a living Hell! (1Tim.6:10)
       39. WELL, PRAISE THE LORD! WE ARE LIVING IN HEAVEN NOW, & it's even better than those Heavenly Homes & Heavenly Family of you folks there that we lived with on Earth & the Heavenly life we lived there! This is really Heaven!--Not Heaven-on-Earth but Heaven-in-Heaven! In fact, Heaven in the Moon!
       40. APPARENTLY THIS TRIP WAS NOT ONLY TO BE A TRIP TO THE PEAK & THE LORD'S THRONE ROOM AT THE APEX OF OUR PYRAMID, BUT ALSO A LITTLE SIGHTSEEING TOUR ON THE WAY to view a little more of this marvellous, wonderful, celestial City & its beautiful buildings & mansions & parks & Heavenly scenery. So we were enjoying every minute of it!
       41. SO THEN I BEGAN TO GET USED TO THE RIDE & ADJUSTED TO THIS LOVELY SLOW MOTION--no one ever seems to be in a hurry in Heaven! There is no such thing as speed Here, unless there is some emergency on Earth below, & they have other means of transportation & vehicles for that which I'll tell you about later. But we glided smoothly & silently & beautifully along at a pace delightfully slow enough to enjoy the scenery.
       42. PEOPLE ON EARTH SELDOM TRAVEL SLOWLY ENOUGH TO ENJOY THE BEAUTIES OF GOD'S CREATION, & hardly ever walk very much, as Maria & I used to do! Because at a walking pace you can really take it all in slowly within the scope of your perception, enjoying every detail of God's beautiful Creation as you walk on Earth, like we were now slowly moving along enjoying the beauties of Heaven & oohing & aahing at this or that & exclaiming, "Oh, look at that!" "Oh, look here!" "Oh, look there!" "Look at this!"--etc.
       43. AND ABNER WOULD SMILE ALMOST A LITTLE AMUSED, BUT PLEASED THAT WE WERE ENJOYING HIS RIDE, past scenery, apparently, with which he was already very familiar. It was like the same way I used to enjoy showing new visitors around that beautiful Heavenly city of Miami, when it used to be Heavenly before all those New York[EDITED: "ers"] moved down there, & when it was still beautiful & mostly trees & shrubbery & jungle & God's natural gorgeous creation with its beautiful ocean & lovely unpolluted beaches & crystal blue Biscayne Bay! Those poor Northerners from the frozen wastes of the North would come down there to enjoy our nice warm sunshine & the beauties of our tropical city & mansions, & would ooh & aah at the gorgeous scenery, which to us then was a bit of Heaven on Earth! So it seemed that Abner was pleased with our enjoying this scenic tour of his Heavenly City, now our Heavenly City too!
       44. BUT FINALLY MY CURIOSITY BEGAN TO BE AROUSED SCIENTIFICALLY! I've always had an analytical mind & been very scientific in my interest in engineering & aviation & mechanics & astronomy & all of these fascinating sciences of the knowledge of true science of God's true Creation, so I began to wonder just how our tiny spaceship was flying & under what kind of power, & what made it float along so easily & levitate so lightly! So I asked Abner about this, & thank God he seemed to know quite a bit about it!
       45. HE SAID, "WELL, IN THE SIMPLEST OF TERMS, IT IS WHAT SCIENCE ON EARTH CALLS PSYCHOKINESIS OR MIND POWER, THOUGHT POWER, the power of mind over matter!" You remember how on Earth certain psychics & mystics can sit at a table & cause spoons & forks to bend & small objects to move slowly across the table just by exerting mind power over those bits of matter? And do you remember how doctors used to talk about psychosomatic illnesses, the power of the mind over the body to cause it to become sick through worry or hate or bad emotions? And how the Lord & His Word spoke of trying to always think on good things in order to make you feel good & even keep in good health? Even other religions practice it! (Phil.4:8)
       46. OUR MINDS HAVE TREMENDOUS POWER, & they even had such powers on Earth, only they were used very little, compared to how they are used Here in Heaven! There the scientists told us that we only use a very small part of our brain & very little of our brain power. Science even knew this, but did not know how to increase its capacity of operation or how to use this power. We had even heard there of instances where a person's brain had been extensively damaged, but the little that they had left had taken over the functions & capacities of the other parts of the brain & continued to operate their bodies & minds so that they could resume almost normal living, despite the destruction of certain portions of their brain! (Mark 9:23)
       47. SO FOR A LONG TIME EVEN EARTHLY SCIENCE HAS KNOWN THAT MAN DOES NOT USE HIS MIND TO FULL CAPACITY BY ANY MEANS, & that it has great powers that Man could not fathom, but suspected existed, & even proved existed, in certain studies of ESP or Extra Sensory Perception, mental telepathy, hypnotism, etc. So Man knows these powers exist in the mind & the use of his brain, but Man is only beginning to discover how to use them, & on a very small scale to a very little extent, thank God, because Man cannot yet be trusted!--Certainly unsaved, unregenerate wicked Man cannot be trusted with the marvellous powers that our minds experience Here in Heaven, for Here there is no limit to the power of our minds!
       48. THERE IS NO LIMIT TO THE SUPER NATURAL, TREMENDOUS, SPIRITUAL & EVEN PHYSICAL MENTAL CAPACITIES OF OUR BRAINS of these new spiritual bodies, whose operations now have been activated by the power of God's Spirit & His mighty spiritual power! So that our minds Here have almost unlimited capacities & powers to perform miracles & wonders & feats never dreamed of on Earth!
       49. LIKE MAN DISCOVERED SOME TIME AGO THAT HE COULD DO WONDERFUL THINGS WITH THE POWER OF ELECTRICITY, a power which you cannot see, but you can only see what it does or feel it!--A power which can drive his giant engines & motors & ships & planes on Earth, & even his spaceships & rockets into space! Electricity is an unseen energy, only the effects & the wondrous manifestations of it can be seen, although the energy itself is totally invisible! (Rom.1:20a)
       50. SO, LIKE ELECTRICITY, YOUR SPIRIT, THE SPIRIT OF YOUR MIND, HAS TREMENDOUS POWER TO GENERATE MIGHTY WONDERS Here in Heaven & even on Earth when empowered by the Lord!--Powers to heal, powers to do signs & wonders & mighty miracles & great & amazing physical exploits, powers to save & powers to destroy, & when empowered by the Spirit of God, can equal the mighty powers of God's Universe! (Mt.10:1; Mar.16:17-18; Luk.10:19)
       51. EVEN SCIENCE ON EARTH HAS DISCOVERED THE MIGHTY POWER OF THE LOWLY ATOM, A TINY BIT OF ELECTRICAL ENERGY so small that Man cannot even see it with a normal microscope, but only with electronic microscopes, & even then can only see the effects of it! But by discovering the power of the atom, Man has learned to harness its energy for driving great ships & giant submarines & huge electrical power plants--all seemingly good peaceful uses of atomic energy. But Man, being both good & evil, has also discovered how to use the atom to destroy, to even destroy itself in tremendous explosions & implosions & fusions & fissions! So that evil Man has invented the most horrible Hell-bombs ever conceived by the awful mind of wicked Man, which now threaten to totally destroy the Earth & you & all civilisation thereon if God does not stop them soon!
       52. SO THERE IS TREMENDOUS POWER IN THIS ELECTRICAL ENERGY WHICH WE CALL "SPIRIT", THE POWER OF YOUR MIND OVER MATTER! You remember when God created Man, when He created Adam on Earth, He says He made him of the dust of the Earth! He was made of the chemicals & the elements of the soil itself & lots of water, about 75% water! And yet Man was still just a lump of dead clay, though beautifully formed, expertly equipped, with marvellous organs & various faculties, etc. All of the material, all of the machinery was right there, all finished in the perfection of God's creation, & yet still just a dead lump of clay, until God Himself breathed into Adam the Breath of Life, the Spirit of Life, into that dead body, & that dead Adam, that dead body, became a Living Soul! (Gen.2:7)
       53. SUCH IS THE POWER OF GOD'S BREATH, WHICH WE CALL SPIRIT! It can bring to life the dead & even raise them from the grave & raise them from the Earth & heal their minds & bodies & transform their minds & hearts & lives & give you powers you never knew you had or existed! For they're not your powers alone, they're activated only by God!
       54. BUT EVEN NATURAL, CARNAL, UNSAVED, EVIL MAN HAS A CERTAIN MEASURE OF THESE NATURAL POWERS WHICH WE SOMETIMES CALL SUPERNATURAL! But they actually are in the framework of God's normal Creation, just as natural as any of the other wonders of God's Creation, but can only be fully activated by the power of God Himself through the Spirit, the union of His Spirit with your spirit, which activates your total capacity of mental & spiritual powers!
       55. WITH SUCH SPIRITUAL POWER, you can even point or look at an object to destroy it or move it or "freeze" it or vaporize it!--Or barely touch or think of a person to heal them, or merely look into their eyes to read their minds!--Or even see or sense distant things or coming Events! The mind of Man is a marvel of God's creative--or even destructive--power when energized by His Spirit!--Or even by evil spirits!
       56. "SO,"ABNER SAID, "I'M FLYING THIS BOAT, AS YOU CALL IT, BY ACTUAL THOUGHT POWER! I just think where I want it to be & where I want it to go & how I want it to fly & at what speed I want it to travel, & it responds to the power of my mind & the powerful spirit of my thoughts as we travel along! It's really no very great effort on my part, I just have to think about it. And I have to watch & think about where I am going, just as you do when you're driving a car on Earth or piloting a ship or an airplane! Only there you use your hands & feet to manipulate certain controls which activate the natural energies & powers of your vehicles from various fuels, etc., & even electrical power.
       57. "BUT HERE THAT POWER IS ALL IN OUR MINDS & WE CAN JUST TELL THINGS WHAT TO DO BY THE POWER OF OUR THOUGHTS! We can move vehicles, fly this spacecraft, move objects, move people, we can even move buildings--which I was about to do with your Mansion when you suggested you wanted to live on top of your mansion group instead of on the bottom, & you changed your mind just in time! Otherwise it would have gone up there in short order, quicker than you realise! (Mat.17:20b)
       58. "GOD HAS GIVEN US HERE SUCH POWERS OF THE MIND & THOUGHT & SPIRIT THAT WE CAN MOVE ALMOST ANYTHING! And of course Here we only want to do good things & make good moves & do that which is beneficial & helpful & creative, so we do not use them to destroy in this Heavenly City, thank the Lord! However, on Earth, we can use these powers to even destroy our enemies & even destroy their buildings & their machinery & their planes & their guns at will when we please, within the scope of God's permission & His plan.
       59. "THERE ON EARTH WE USE THESE POWERS TO HELP YOU & other Christians who really love the Lord, for your protection & for your defence. We can just give their enemies one look & literally pulverise them or vaporise them or totally dematerialise them, so that they blow away like the wind! We can do the same with their machinery & their infernal Hell machines & Hell bombs & buildings & vehicles if we so desire! But God restrains us to only be restricted within certain limitations for your protection & to help you accomplish your work there on Earth, since He is still allowing evil Man to go his own way by his own choice & do as he pleases within certain restrictions & limitations until the End! (Rev.11:5,6)
       60. "SO WE ARE LIMITED IN THE USE OF THESE POWERS ONLY BY THE POWER OF GOD & HIS RULES & His laws regarding the organised, synchronised plan of God & His destinies for Earth, & within the operations which we are allowed to perform there for your benefit, protection, provision, even supernatural & miraculous wonders to perform for you when necessary, that you might carry on the Work of the Lord!
       61. "MEANWHILE HE IS LETTING THE DEVIL & HIS FOLLOWERS GO THEIR OWN WAY & SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES, as long as they do not interfere too much with your operations. But when they do & begin to & try to, we immediately begin to defend you & protect you! Although He does not always allow us to, because sometimes He has destined you to suffer a bit & even die for your faith as a test & testimony of your love for Him!--And many have been saved through the deaths of such martyrs!--It can be your final witness!--Which is why they are called martyrs--a Greek word meaning witness!" (Rev.12:11)
       62. HALLELUJAH! THANK YOU JESUS! GOD BLESS & KEEP YOU AS YOU LIVE & DIE FOR JESUS & OTHERS!--In Jesus' name, amen!--I love you!--See you later, God willing! (Don't miss my next exciting Chapter about "Our Audience with the King of Kings!")

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