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OUR AUDIENCE WITH THE KING OF KINGS!--"Heaven's Children!"--Chapter 17!       DO 2115       11/85

       1. WELL, HERE'S GRANDPA AGAIN ON HIS SIMULATED TIME TRIP INTO HEAVEN IN THE FUTURE! I'm trying to show you all the amazing & wonderful & marvellous & glorious possibilities of this happy Forever-land for your encouragement & inspiration & to thrill you & excite you & give you a tremendous enjoyment of anticipation, to inspire you to do your best for Jesus wherever you are right now, so that you can bring as many more souls as possible with you when you come! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! Amen! (1Cor.10:11)
       2. MY LAST STORY WAS ALL ABOUT "THOUGHT POWER!" & THE FLYING GOLDEN GONDOLA! ("Heaven's Children!" Chapter 16)--Although it seems to be gracefully made of beautifully carved wood, it's of that gorgeous golden blonde colour of the ash tree wood, which is so beautiful in furniture when wrought & polished with an expert hand! But I don't think Abner had to get out & polish our flying car this morning before he came to pick us up, because there's no dirt or pollution or scum or any kind of filth Up Here in our beautiful Heavenly City to make it dirty!
       3. AS YOU RECALL, WE WERE SAILING ALONG IN OUR LOVELY COMFORTABLE LITTLE FLYING BOAT past the beautiful rows of mansions on the inside walls of this giant City, 1500 miles high & 1500 miles wide & capable of housing 500 billion souls in the future! But now we were spiralling up much more swiftly toward the top, as we had been invited to be there in time for a promised luscious midday luncheon feast with the King & His courtiers!
       4. REMEMBER, IT'S 1837 MILES FROM THE BOTTOM CORNER WHERE WE LIVE TO THE TOP WHERE JESUS HOLDS COURT! So now we were really sailing swiftly along, as we spiralled upward, upward, ever upward, still thrilling to the beauties of this gorgeous City on all sides! Now we were flying so high that its beautiful gardens below looked like a map of the countryside.
       5. AT LAST WE BEGAN TO APPROACH WHAT LOOKED LIKE A GIANT DOMED ROOF inside the apex, nearly 100 miles wide, with a tiny round aperture in its centre, which grew bigger & bigger as we approached. Finally we saw that it was very large indeed--large enough to accommodate the much increased flow of traffic passing back & forth through it, as a multitude of civilians & officials visit this area & its administrative offices on business for the King! They all are passing quietly & noiselessly to & fro on their assigned routes between the area below & their destinations above.
       6. AS WE PASS THROUGH THIS AMAZING ENTRANCE guarded by yet more Angels to prevent any unnecessary or unauthorised traffic, we look up & high over our heads see that the apex is still nearly a hundred miles away! But the walls of this pyramidical top of our giant City are still lined with the mansions of those who live & do business here, various officials of the Kingdom, who live here close to their work here on top.
       7. SO ABNER, GOD BLESS HIM, KNOWING HOW CURIOUS I AM ABOUT EVERYTHING, GAVE US A QUICK FLY-BY past some of these glorious mansions Up Here in the top of our City, with residences of some of the most important officials of the Kingdom!--And they are beautiful indeed! The higher we rose, the closer the walls began to close in toward us, so that we could see even much larger buildings than the residences themselves, as we viewed the great spacious offices of the Kingdom where the various administrations are carried on, overseeing this gigantic Kingdom of Heaven! Everyone is busy & floating to & fro. The pedestrians, or aerialists, as I guess you'd call them, flying short distances Up Here on their own between offices, while visitors like ourselves come in these tiny spaceships from great distances below.
       8. I JUST CAN'T POSSIBLY DESCRIBE ALL THAT WE SEE HERE, but it is beautiful to behold the orderliness, the efficiency, the quietness & serenity with which everyone is going about his business for the Lord. They smile at us Newcomers as we pass by, waving a cheery greeting, knowing that we are coming up for the first time in this newcomers' airship. It's apparently a daily occurrence here, of course, with many others besides us aiming upward toward our final destination.
       9. FINALLY AS WE APPROACHED ANOTHER OF THOSE DOMED & GUARDED DIVIDERS, the traffic became much lighter, as access to the King & His Court & His courtiers & His various Councils & Counsellors & Judges, etc. is much more restricted Here. These are the very top administrative offices of all. As we pass through another angelically-guarded entrance in the top of this dome, we saw that we were in Seventh Heaven indeed!
       10. OH, YOU DIDN'T KNOW THAT THERE IS A SEVENTH HEAVEN?!--WHY YES INDEED! Of course there is a Seventh Heaven! This is where all the most important people live & work around the King Himself. This is where they have their residences on the walls now so nearby, so close that we could see through the transparent golden crystal sides of the City itself beyond them out into the beautiful blue sky of the spherical crystal sea that surrounds & guards this great City, with its giant forcefield. These walls are not only lined with the homes of the administrators, but also huge Council rooms & meeting rooms & spacious offices of the most important ministries of Heaven!
       11. FINALLY, AS WE NEARED THE TOP, ABNER BROUGHT US TO A GENTLE SOFT LANDING on what appeared to be a sort of parking lot for other gondolas like ours, & we all piled out to follow Abner through a beautiful entrance-way, like the gate of a palace, stopping only to check our credentials with the Palace guards. Then walking on, or should I say floating on, our feet seem to barely touch the ground as we glide along with effortless ease, through gardens more beautiful than any I've ever seen, even by king's palaces! They're more beautiful than the formal gardens of the palaces of Italy
or Versailles or Europe!
       12. WE THEN APPROACH AN ALMOST INDESCRIBABLY BEAUTIFUL PALACE, even more celestial than the Taj Mahal, which to me was always the most beautiful building on Earth, built in India by one of its greatest kings for his greatest love! This Palace too was built by a great King--the greatest of them all!--In fact, the King of kings, Jesus Himself, the Ruler of the Kingdom of God! It has a lovely golden dome similar to that of the alabaster Taj Mahal, & ornate golden entrances & beautiful windows, such as I have never seen before!
       13. I'M JUST PICTURING IT TO YOU AS I SEE IT! I want to describe it to you so you'll know what it's like, for your thrilling inspiration & encouragement, to know what the home of our King looks like--the greatest King of all in the most gorgeous, beautiful & Heavenly Palace of all!--Not made of alabaster nor marble nor the most precious building materials of Earth, but of this same beautiful golden see-through crystal, of which it seems all Heaven is composed.
       14. CHECKING OUR CREDENTIALS AGAIN WITH THE RECEPTIONIST ANGEL here, as he checked the guest list for this Newcomers' Luncheon feast, we passed on through its golden halls filled with soft, beautiful, angelic music & hymns & anthems of praise to the King! We finally came to a spacious waiting room, like a large guest lounge where we sat down for a bit to collect our wits & calm our almost reeling senses, as we tried to take in all this glorious beauty such as we had never seen before! We had come a little early to be sure we were on time, because you don't keep a King waiting, & you don't come in late for Royal banquets!
       15. MEANWHILE WE GAZED IN WONDER AT ALL THE GORGEOUS ANGELIC BEINGS who were passing to & fro, both Saints & Angels, in all of their radiant beauty--more beautiful than all the beauty contests on Earth put together! Our women meanwhile, as women always do of course, were adjusting their clothing & tidying their hair, making sure they were looking fit for a King!
       16. AT LAST THE CALL CAME!--THE NEWCOMERS' FIRST LOVE-FEAST WAS READY to be served! So we rose almost trembling with awe as we followed our Hostess & Abner into the Great Hall of the King Himself!
       17. HERE TO OUR AMAZEMENT WAS A HUGE ROUND TABLE heaped with all kinds of delicious & luscious fruits & viands of this Heavenly Kingdom! Of course all eyes were on the King Himself at the head of the table, as we looked in wonder on His glorious beauty & majesty! But He immediately put us all at ease with a gracious smile & words of loving welcome, & motioned to us all to be seated. We then joined hands in thanksgiving & praise for the delightful meal before us & the wonderful fellowship of the Saints!
       18. THERE WERE OVER A HUNDRED OF US present on this feast day, as these luncheon feasts are held each midday for the Newcomers to this great City. They usually arrive on an average of about 100 to 200 each day through its twelve Pearly Gates, & spend about a month before the Feast in getting oriented & settled in & accustomed to this amazing Celestial life!
       19. ON THE SLIGHTLY RAISED DAIS AT THE HEAD OF THE TABLE SAT GOD HIMSELF as the Ancient of Days, with His Son Jesus at His right hand & His beautiful Mother Holy Spirit on His left!--Indeed the Queen of Heaven looked even more ravishingly beautiful Here amid all this splendour than when we had seen Her in a few visions while yet on Earth! Again waving toward the food, Jesus said, "Enjoy yourselves & be refreshed before we have our fellowship together!"
       20. SO DESPITE OUR AWED WONDER, IN OBEDIENCE TO THE KING WE BEGAN TO SAMPLE THE DELICIOUS FOODS before us, for our refreshment after our long trip. We were talking softly, but excitedly between ourselves as we ate, even as we did on Earth at our own humble Family tables, sharing the news & victories & interesting events of the day, between staring in awe & wonder at the Rulers Themselves! (Psa.133:1; Isa.33:17)
       21. FINALLY WHEN OUR MEAL WAS OVER & the beautiful hostesses had cleared the table, we sat with great expectancy, wondering what was coming next! Suddenly an Announcement Angel arose & blew a trumpet, which brought us all to silence, as we listened to the list of names that he read with awesome solemnity, reading each one slowly & clearly, & calling them to the front before the King! As each one's name was read, we rose & circled around the table as we lined up to be presented individually, one-by-one to the Heavenly Royalty Themselves!
       22. AS EACH ONE'S NAME WAS ANNOUNCED AGAIN & THEY STEPPED BEFORE THE KING & HIS QUEEN & HIS PRINCELY SON, we knelt before them in worshipful wonder & adoring love, & rose to be embraced by each in a warm, tender, loving welcome of a few personal words for each one, as we kissed & hugged, just like we do in our Family on Earth!--And we began to feel just as at home with them as we do with our own humble ones! This Royal Family seemed to be just as natural & folksy & down-to-Earth as our own Family--and they are our own Family!--In fact the Heads of our Family! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! (Eph.2:19; 3:14,15)
       23. I'VE ALWAYS WONDERED WHAT THE LORD WOULD SAY TO ME WHEN I FINALLY MET HIM, & hoped hopefully that it would not be some rebuke or reproof for my failures, to embarrass me before all!--And no, it wasn't, thank the Lord! But it was the Words I've always longed to hear from His loving lips, when I meet Him face-to-face:
       24. "WELL DONE, DAVID, MY GOOD & FAITHFUL SERVANT, thou hast entered Here into the joy of thy Lord!" (Mat.25:21) Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! I couldn't have heard any words that I would have wanted to hear more than those! It didn't seem that I had been so good, but He said so, "A good & faithful servant," & that I did try to be. And I certainly saw & felt that I was entering into more joy Here in the Lord's presence than I had ever felt before!
       25. I THEN TURNED RESPECTFULLY & REVERENTLY TOWARD THE BEAUTIFUL QUEEN MOTHER OF ALL HEAVEN HERSELF, & I didn't know exactly what to do, but She solved the problem for me immediately by throwing Her own arms about me & warmly, lovingly kissing & caressing & hugging me to put me at ease, to know that She really loved me as much as ever, even when I only knew Her in the spirit!
       26. AND I IMMEDIATELY EXPLODED IN A TREMENDOUS ORGASM OF THE SPIRIT as I felt as though my whole body were inside of Her!--There was such a surge of Power as I'd never felt before, but like those we'd had on Earth when under Her Power in the spirit!--It was almost embarrassing, but She smiled reassuringly & comfortingly as I barely staggered on!
       27. THEN LAST, BUT NOT LEAST, I TURNED TO JESUS HIMSELF & He smiled warmly & encouragingly as He clasped me in His loving, tender, gentle arms & hugged me close to His bosom & kissed me encouragingly as I burst into tears with joy, & He wiped them away with His Own dear fingers! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! He said, "There there now! You've got lots to be thankful for & so much to be grateful for, for all you've accomplished there on Earth to help others & win so many souls for My Kingdom--our Kingdom! So rejoice & be exceeding glad, for great is your reward in Heaven!" (Mat.5:12a; Rev.7:17b)
       28. HALLELUJAH! THANK YOU JESUS! PRAISE THE LORD!--THESE WORDS WERE SO ENCOURAGING! Now I knew what it was like to meet Him face-to-face! I was not nearly as frightened or terrified or nervous as I had always thought I might be when that hour came! But They all put us perfectly at ease & we felt almost as comfortable with Them as we do with other members of our Family!
       29. THEN HE ANNOUNCED THE REWARDS that each of us were to receive for our faithful services.--Not only our Crown of Life & our magic namestone & that gorgeous Mansion which we'd already enjoyed, but special gifts & privileges which we would enjoy now, in recognition for our faithful services to Him below. (Rev.2:17; Jam.1:12; 2Tim.4:8)
       30. AMONGST THESE I RECEIVED THE SPECIAL PRIVILEGE OF ACCESS to these Court Chambers of the Councils & Judges & even to the presence to the King Himself, if necessary, to plead for my people for any needy cause there on Earth, or Here in Heaven, where my petitions would be heard as quickly as possible & judgement given & decisions made to meet whatever situation might arise in which I needed Their help, either Here or on Earth. So the Saints do intercede for us in Heaven & they can reach the highest Courts & even the ears of the King when necessary & urgent & important, with their prayers & petitions for you down there.
       31. ON THIS OCCASION I HAD BUT ONE REQUEST! And He said, "Speak! You have My ear as always!" And I felt that wonderful, warm comforting feeling of His presence, the same as I had always felt it on Earth, as I made my petition known to Him. I said, "I have everything I need & my family has everything we need in Your bountiful provision Here in this Heaven-of-Heavens!
       32. "SO I HAVE BUT ONE REQUEST, & that is that as soon as it could be possible & within Your will, I be permitted to return to Earth in the spirit to help & guide & minister to my little family there & to encourage & inspire them & whisper words of love in their ears & help give them direction & guidance & even protection, if possible, until their work is done & they join us Here in our Heavenly Home!" (Heb.12:1a)
       33. WITH A SMILE, HE IMMEDIATELY REPLIED, "OF COURSE! THAT IS GOING TO BE YOUR MAIN MINISTRY, TO CONTINUE TO LEAD & TO GUIDE YOUR PEOPLE THERE ON EARTH, as much as possible!--But," He said, "David, you still have much to learn Here in Heaven before you go, & to be briefed on our plans for you & your Family during the short time that they still have there before they join us!
       34. "SO, PLEASE BE PATIENT & LISTEN & LEARN & view all you can while still Here. Counsel & visit with other great Saints & men of our Kingdom who have been Here for a long long time, learning much that will be of great help to you there. Gain knowledge of your new powers in order to help those whom you love, & experience how to use them for their best good. So be patient, Son, & that time will come in due season, when you have learned all that you need to know before you go. (Heb.10:36)
       35. "MEANWHILE, YOUR LOVED ONES WILL BE GREATLY COMFORTED by those of us who are visiting with them right now & watching over them & leading & guiding them & caring for them & protecting & providing for them. So you needn't worry for their safety, nor their comfort nor care. That is all of prime importance to Us Here! We are continuing to care for them & encourage them & inspire them & use them just as much as ever, & as we always have.
       36. "SO COME YE APART, & REST AWHILE Here while you learn the things that you need to know before you return there, & you'll be glad you did! Let patience have its perfect work as you complete your present training Here before your return."(Mar.6:31; Jam.1:4)
       37. I FELL ON MY KNEES IN GRATITUDE again & thanked Him again & again for His lovingkindness & tender mercies & all that He had done for us for so many years, in blessing & protection & provision & tender loving care! He provided every comfort & all that our hearts could desire, in making our ministry so fruitful--the Salvation of millions through our Family over the years gone by! I simply couldn't thank Him enough, until I almost had to be carried away by the attendants & gently led away so that the next could have their turns.
       38. AS EACH OF US FINISHED HIS OR HER AUDIENCE WITH THE ROYAL FAMILY, we returned to our seats to enjoy watching those remaining complete their presentations, until all were presented & received & blessed & encouraged & given their rewards & assigned ministries & returned to their seats.
       39. WE THEN ROSE IN ONE GREAT SHOUTING HALLELUJAH SESSION OF PRAISE TO THE LORD in this glorious Royal Family, Who have been with us always in spirit, though mostly unseen. We thanked Them & praised Them for having been so good to us & having so gloriously, wonderfully received us into this, our final reward! We felt so unworthy, as we cried only tears of joy, the very tears that He had promised to wipe away, in this land of no sickness, death nor pain! (Rev.21:4) Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus!--Home at last!--And feeling at Home, even with the King Himself & His Royal Family!
       40. SO AT LAST HE DISMISSED US WITH A BLESSING & BENEDICTION, as He waved us all farewell & we retired from His presence, each mounting our respective gondolas & chattering excitedly about this tremendous experience which we had just enjoyed! As we settled comfortably down in our little craft, Abner again skilfully manipulated it & piloted it back toward the spaceship entrance, or teleport, or whatever you might want to call it, the entrance to the Seventh Heaven! We passed again down into the Sixth Heaven & on to the other Heavens below, as Abner began to explain to us about some of the government of Heaven as we rode again on our long journey Home.
       41. "AS YOU MUST KNOW," HE SAID, "IT TAKES MANY MANY POWERS & OFFICIALS & OFFICERS TO OVERSEE THE GOVERNMENT & operation of such a mighty Kingdom as this, with its billions of inhabitants! There are multitudes of all kinds of officials & officers Here in the Kingdom of God. (Rom.13:1)
       42. "BEGINNING WITH THE VARIOUS GROUPS BELOW, EACH DISTINCT RELIGIOUS FELLOWSHIP HAS ITS OWN MEMBERS & AREAS Here in Heaven in which to live in close fellowship together in a similar type of organisation to which they were accustomed on Earth, with its immediate officers & governors & representatives supervising them personally in their day-to-day activities. They make sure that all is done in decency & in order, according to the rules of the Kingdom. (1Cor.14:33,40)
       43. "THEN THE HIGHEST OFFICER, OR LEADER, OR OVERSEER OF EACH GROUP, LIKE YOURSELF, DAD, is given the privilege of being the personal Representative of his respective fellowship or local Family, with the privilege of access to the governing bodies & their officials & representatives above, even to the King Himself, if need be! (Isa.55:3,4)
       44. "OF COURSE," HE SAID, "YOU ALWAYS HAVE ACCESS TO THE THRONE OF GOD IN PRAYER, so things have not really changed all that much! You still have the pervasive fellowship & love & warm, tender, loving care of His Mother Holy Spirit in your daily lives Here, as much as you had on Earth, & even more, as you feel Her presence even more strongly in this Heavenly atmosphere! (Heb.4:16; John 14:26)
       45. "THEN OF COURSE THERE ARE THE SECURITY MINISTRIES Here, mostly performed by the powerful Angels of God & their officers & Archangels & Cherubim. It's a very well organised & tightly-knit body of superpowers to guard the City & its entrances & its offices & officers & all its people from any outside interference. They guard against Satan or his demons or even evil & wicked Men who might try to approach this Heavenly City & damage it if they could!
       46. "AS YOU KNOW, MAN HAS EVEN LANDED ON THE SURFACE OF OUR MOON, trying to investigate & see what's Up Here! But thank God, they can never penetrate this Planet, much less our crystal sea force field, nor the walls, nor the gates of the City itself! All are impenetrable barriers against any invasion of alien forces from outer space! So thank God we're well protected Here & nothing interferes with the beautiful order of our wonderful lives in this Heaven-of Heavens! (Rev.4:6)
       47. "THEN IN THAT FIRST SECTION THAT WE CAME TO ABOVE THE FIRST DOME, THE SIXTH HEAVEN, THERE ARE THE VERY MANY VARIOUS OFFICES of the various Departments & Ministries & their functionaries, with which occasionally we have some business to attend to, or they summon us to their offices on some matter that we need to take care of.
       48. "THERE ALSO ARE THE VARIOUS COURTS & JUDGES TO SETTLE PROBLEMS & differences of opinion, both Here & on Earth! For you know, we are still free moral agents & we are Here by choice, & sometimes there are differences of opinion. That's why we have these Judges to decide matters in only a peaceful way, of course, & in which all are ready to agree.
       49. "THEN IN THAT SECOND SECTION AT THE TOP THAT WE PASSED INTO, THE SEVENTH HEAVEN, are the most Supreme Councils, which, upon necessary occasion, are presided over by the Lord Himself, or even the Royal Family! These councils are even spoken of in the Scriptures, as you know, as the Lord frequently summons them for counsel & advice & suggestions on how to solve & deal with certain matters, particularly on Earth.
       50. "THEY ARE ALL FORMER EARTH PEOPLE who have had considerable experience there as human beings & in the affairs of Man, & so are well-versed in the things of Earth & capable of giving wise counsel to the King in making decisions regarding certain matters there, as you'll find even described in the Bible. (1Kings 22:19-22; Job 1:6-12; Mat.5:22.)
       51. "THEN THERE'S THE SUPREME COUNCIL OF ALL, THE COUNCIL OF THE 24 ELDERS, the 12 Patriarchs & 12 Apostles of the Lord, whose seniority & priority of service makes them the supreme authority of this land, under the Royal Family themselves. They sit upon thrones, judging the tribes of Israel & the peoples of all the nations who live Here. Of course only the most urgent & vitally important matters of supreme concern which no other council is sufficient to deal with, come before them. (Rev.4:4,10)
       52. "SO THAT'S A ROUGH SUMMATION FOR YOU," ABNER SAID, "OF HOW WE ARE PERFECTLY ORGANISED UP HERE to operate in such a beautiful way, with the utmost peace & serenity & no turbulence of any kind. Everything is settled lovingly & amicably so that it seems good to all, & everyone is satisfied with the outcome. (Isa.60:17b,18)
       53. "ACTUALLY," HE SAID, "THE AFFAIRS OF EARTH GIVE US MORE PROBLEMS THAN ANY! Most of our time is spent taking care of our people there & bringing them through their difficulties, trials & testings, etc. We're guiding & counselling them & leading them in the spirit, to do things as they should, in order to receive the approval & blessings of the Lord on their ministries. If they obey our leadings & guidance & whisperings of our still small voices, they then always get results, things always come out right in the end, even though they don't always understand it at the time. (1Kg.19:12b; Isa.55:8)
       54. "BUT IF THEY DISOBEY OR DEPART FROM OUR WISE SPIRITUAL COUNSEL that we give them in the spirit, then they have nothing but trouble & reap nothing but what they have sown in wilfulness & stubbornness & waywardness & disobedience, in not following our advice & counsel & leadings of the spirit.(Isa.1:19,20; Job 36:11,12; Heb.1:14)
       55. "SO YOU SEE, DAD, WE STILL HAVE A BIG JOB UP HERE, & DOWN THERE an even bigger one, because the World is the most unruly of all, with all the wicked they still have there & Satan & all his angels & demons & devils provoking them to do evil & iniquity! So Earth is still our biggest job! You, our Family & all of God's Children are our major responsibility, with whom we are the most concerned & involved most of the time & where most of our billions of ministering Saints & spirits & Angels are engaged in overseeing the welfare of Heaven's Children on Earth." (Psa.34:7; 91:11,12)
       56. SO IT'S A TREMENDOUS JOB & IT TAKES EVERY ONE OF US, & WE'RE ALL NEEDED, just as you're all needed there. So do your job & do a good job of it while you're there, because you'll be very glad you did, you folks on Earth, when you see your rewards in Heaven!--Especially those wonderful eternal souls you have saved forever! You'll see their happy, shining faces Up Here & hear their praise & thanksgiving for your love & sacrifice & hard work in winning them to Jesus & the Kingdom of God, & saving them for this wonderful Home in Heaven forever more!
       57. YOU'LL NEVER BE SORRY, IF YOU'LL KEEP YOUR MIND & HEART & EYES & SPIRIT STAYED ON THE LORD & on this Heavenly Kingdom that you're coming to so soon! So keep going for Jesus & souls! Keep working hard to win them, so that you can save more millions of them for this marvellous Heavenly City that they can enjoy with us forever! (Rev.22:14; Acts 5:42)
       58. YOU'LL BE SO THANKFUL YOU DID WHEN YOU GET HERE & see it & all of them thanking you for helping them find Jesus & His glorious Salvation & its wonderful rewards & beautiful, thrilling, marvellous, glorious life Here in our Final Home! So God bless you & keep you & make you a blessing till Jesus comes!--In Jesus' name, amen!
       59. DON'T MISS OUR NEXT STORY ABOUT OUR FLIGHT HOME & the many more wonderful things that we're going to experience & learn in Heaven!--Amen? God bless you! I love you! I'll see you next time I get on my Heavenly Communicator, with more interesting experiences to tell you! So tune in & turn on & take up your cross for Jesus day-by-day until He comes!--In Jesus' name, amen!

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