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HEAVENLY COMMUNICATION!--"Heaven's Children!"--Chapter 18!       DO 2116       11/85

       1. ABNER LANDED OUR TEN-PASSENGER HEAVENLY GONDOLA SOFTLY & GENTLY ON OUR FRONT LAWN, & we all clambered out & rushed toward the Family who were running out to greet us, all of us talking excitedly about our trip to the Top & our marvellous audience with the Royal Family of the King of Kings! We could hardly stop talking as we walked together with them into the house, after our loving greetings, hugs & kisses & welcomes Home again!
       2. THEY WERE THRILLED WITH OUR ACCOUNTS & our stories of the glory of it all, & the special attention that each of us had received, the individual rewards & kind words of recognition & instruction we each were given, & the commission & ministry to which each of us had been assigned. Though all of these Old-timers had been there before long ago, they were thrilled to hear the new accounts of us Newcomers in our first beautiful, thrilling, wonderful audience with that gorgeous Holy Family!
       3. I TOLD THEM how that now that I was well oriented & settled in & becoming accustomed to the ways of things Up Here & this Heavenly new place, & getting a bit organised on a fairly regular schedule, I was now being assigned to a Heavenly educational programme to prepare me for my return to Earth to help those still there!
       4. SO AS THE OTHERS WENT ABOUT THEIR HOUSEHOLD DUTIES, ABNER, PHOEBE, INDIA JOY & I SETTLED DOWN in that comfy living room before that giant 3-D TV crystal ball, & they became my first educators, explaining to me, one by one, all these wonderful new things about Heaven! They outlined its amazing educational system, which of course includes its phenomenal communication system, & even involves some of its transportation system. (John 6:45)
       5. ABNER CHUCKLED A BIT AS HE REMARKED, "THIS IS QUITE A SWITCH, HUH, DAD?--WE'RE NOW YOUR TEACHERS & YOU'RE OUR STUDENT! Ha! But of course it's only natural that we should be, because we're more familiar with what's going on Up Here & how we do it. Most of us have been Here quite a few years already, & we've learned all these things in the course of our stay Here. But even we are still in training & are on a continued perpetual educational course constantly, all the time. (Job 36:22; Isa.48:17)
       6. "FIRST YOU WILL RECEIVE HOME INSTRUCTION FROM US RIGHT HERE, just like we do back in our wonderful Homes on Earth, with our disciples & babes & other members there. We'll explain the simpler things that we can tell you about right here, then the more difficult & complicated things will be actually shown to you & explained to you on the Communicator here, including actual visits & chats with the famous characters of the Bible, God's heroes in His Hall of Fame, as well as a review of the true events of history, to refresh your mind & make sure you've got them all straight. The "facts" that you now know were often distorted by Man, as history was usually written by its conquerors, & of course they never tell about all the bad things they did! (2Pe.2:1-2) So you're going to learn a lot about true history, for one thing.
       7. "ALSO YOU'LL LEARN MUCH ABOUT TRUE SCIENCE, in contradiction to Man's theories & wild tales of his own imagination! You'll witness the actual creation of the Universe & its stars & Suns & Planets, including the wonderful Earth below, designed to be inhabited by Man, & everything in it created for his benefit! You'll even have a general re-education & review of the Bible & its stories & characters, to clarify any difficult passages or scenes or occurrences which may have previously mystified you.
       8. "ALL YOU HAVE TO DO, DAD, IS JUST SIMPLY CONCENTRATE ON THIS CRYSTAL BALL & think hard about what you would like to see, or know, or hear, or view, or to whom you would like to talk, & they will appear within its globe! You may ask them questions & they will answer you & make suggestions & they will show you the various scenes you want to see. You may ask these questions orally, if you wish, or merely think them strongly, & your teacher of the hour will get the projection of your mental telepathy & can also answer you either orally or mentally."
       9. "WHICH BRINGS UP THE SUBJECT, BY THE WAY," PHOEBE SAID, "OF OUR VARIOUS MEANS OF COMMUNICATION, both Here in Heaven & there on Earth. First of all, there is the perfectly natural method of communicating by word of mouth to your ears, to which you're accustomed in your Earthly life. But Here, & there also, we can also communicate by thought, or what you Earthlings call 'mental telepathy.' We simply have to turn our face toward you & look into your eyes & concentrate on the message we want to give you mentally, & immediately the picture of it &/or the words of it will appear, or be heard in your own consciousness, mental images of what we want you to see, or the soft sound of our voices in your mind, even though our mouths are not actually speaking."
       10. I SAID, "YES, I KNOW, I'VE HAD SIMILAR EXPERIENCES WHEN I WAS STILL ON EARTH, WHEN I WAS IN THE SPIRIT. I remember that sometimes in the night seasons when I was concerned & particularly when I was sick, the Lord comforted me by permitting me to hear Maria's thoughts, even in her sleep! All I did was turn my face toward her & it seemed I could hear her voice within my mind, speaking very softly--usually so softly I couldn't exactly always identify the words. But I heard it in a very familiar tone of voice, just like she always speaks so softly & quietly. I could only identify a few words, but I remember I could always understand when she would say, 'I love you!', just as sweetly & beautifully as she says it out loud, but she was only thinking it! (Psa.16:7; Job 33:15,16)
       11. "I KNOW I COULD ALSO TURN MY HEAD TOWARDS TECHI ON HER LITTLE TRUNDLE BED & I then could hear her soft little voice talking, it seemed, in her sleep. It was as though her thoughts were actually audible! I could actually hear her voice, although her mouth was not even speaking!
       12. "AND OF COURSE THE LORD HAS OFTEN SPOKEN TO ME THAT WAY IN MY HEART, as we say, or in my mind, He's given me pictures of the things He wanted me to see, in both dreams & visions. It seemed all I had to do was simply think about the question or my problems & immediately there would appear on my mental screen the picture of what I needed to know! Sometimes it would come along with actual oral explanation or words!
       13. "SO I'M ALREADY FAIRLY FAMILIAR WITH THAT METHOD OF COMMUNICATION, although it was not always as clear as I wanted it to be, or would have hoped for it to be. But as the Apostle Paul said, 'For now we see through a glass darkly; but then face-to-face.' (1Cor.13:12) So while I was on Earth, it seemed as though I was seeing through a glass darkly, or hearing softly & not too clearly sometimes through a veil or a wall between us. Although some messages did really come through loud & clear, & even woke me up from my dreams! In others, the mental image was so vivid & brilliant that I have not forgotten them to this day!"
       14. "YES, DAD, BUT YOU'RE ONE OF GOD'S PROPHETS!" Abner explained. "Not everybody is as sensitive in the spirit as you are. Many are very dull of understanding & almost blind of vision, & their hearing is nearly deaf in the realm of the spirit. They are insensitive to spiritual voices & sounds & mental pictures, much less spiritual feelings, which can be just as real & even more tremendous than those in the physical!
       15. "FOR THEY ALSO AFFECT YOUR PHYSICAL BODY AS YOU HAVE THESE FEELINGS, such as your many occasions of [EDITED: "interactions"] with some of your Heavenly Helpers & goddesses of the spirit world, when they appeared & came near to you. They actually caused you to have those tremendous, explosive, spiritual & physical simultaneous [EDITED: "experiences"], in which you often burst into tongues & got interpretations & visions & messages in the spirit!
       16. "IT ALL WORKS THE SAME WAY HERE," ABNER SAID, "EXCEPT THAT NOW IN OUR NEW SPIRIT-BODIES WE ARE FAR MORE SENSITIVE & conscious of these spiritual influences & messages & pictures & feelings than we ever were before! Here we are all spiritually conscious & aware, like you Prophets were on Earth. Here everyone is like a Prophet & conscious of the messages in the spirit & mental telepathy & visions & the spiritual & physical sensations which we can doubly enjoy, therefore, in our communication & our [EDITED: "interactions"] Here in Heaven."
       17. "YES," I SAID, "I REMEMBER SEVERAL TIMES IN THOSE GODDESS EXPERIENCES that I would have a tremendous spiritual & physical [EDITED: "experience"], even before they touched me! Sometimes just by looking into their eyes, such as happened with me & our wonderful Mother Holy Spirit at the audience with the Royal Family! She had done that several times before when I was in need of help on Earth. She would suddenly beautifully appear & look into my eyes & I would explode instantly without even a touch or physical contact!
       18. "THE HEAVENLY HOURIS OFTEN AFFECTED ME THAT WAY AS WELL, usually when I was in the process of [DELETED] loving with one of my own wives, for if I was tired or having a difficult time [DELETED], she or I or both of us would pray for spiritual help from our Spirit-Helpers, Goddesses, Houris, or even the Holy Spirit Herself, & one or the other of them would appear to me in vision! Just by looking into their eyes I would suddenly explode in that marvellous, wonderful, fantastic [EDITED: "experience"] of both spirit & body! I suppose you could say mind too, my spirit, mind & body, because also I would suddenly get messages in tongues & interpretation or visions & prophecies, & my mind & mouth would be working too as I exploded! I would get some wonderful message or words of encouragement or instruction or a vision, even, of something supernatural!
       19. "ONE TIME I SAW THE LORD [EDITED: "WITH"] MARY & MARTHA, & I was so shocked at how dark-skinned He was, compared to how fair Mary was, with her rather buxom body & golden hair! Martha also was rather olive-skinned with very dark, beautiful hair, customary for a Jewess, very Oriental looking. So apparently they must have had different fathers, although they're spoken of in the Scripture like they are sisters. (See No.549:44-48.)
       20. "BUT JESUS HIMSELF WAS VERY JEWISH-LOOKING IN THAT VISION, the only vision I think I've ever had of Jesus, until I've finally actually met Him face-to-face! It was thrilling to see that He completely fulfilled the vision that I'd had of Him long ago! He looked identically like the Jesus that I saw [EDITED: "with"] Mary & Martha! (Isa.33:17)
       21. "SO I UNDERSTAND A LITTLE BIT ABOUT WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT, BEING SENSITIVE IN THE SPIRIT, as well as the body & the mind, to these spiritual influences that can be projected by you Heavenly people & the angels & the Holy Spirit of God! So that communication is marvellous, & I can attest to that fact through many multitudinous experiences while yet on Earth."
       22. "WELL, HERE," ABNER SAID, "WE HAVE DEVELOPED THOSE MENTAL & SPIRITUAL & EVEN PHYSICAL CAPACITIES TO A FINE POINT, to where we can use them at will, upon any necessary occasion, & make them extremely effective & very clear & not faint or partially obscured as they often came to you on Earth. You were still Earth-bound & physically bound & somewhat mentally clouded sometimes, often receiving static & interference from the Devil & his evil spirits themselves, trying to becloud your mind & dull your senses & keep you from receiving our broadcasts from Heaven. (Eph.6:12)
       23. "THERE'S NOTHING REALLY SUPERNATURAL ABOUT IT, IT'S ALL A PERFECTLY NATURAL PART OF GOD'S CREATION, of your mental, spiritual & physical capacities & talents. Even your scientists on Earth have discovered these extrasensory perceptions do exist. Your radio & television stations use these basic principles all the time in their broadcasting on various wavelengths there on Earth, with music & visions & actions filling the air all about you. But they are only observed or heard when you have an electronic instrument with which to tune in to that particular wavelength or channel.
       24. "SO THAT'S REALLY EXACTLY WHAT WE'RE DOING HERE IN OUR MENTAL COMMUNICATIONS, is that one concentrates to broadcast a certain picture or message, or even feeling, & the other, desiring to hear it, see it or feel it, tunes in & receives it. So it's very similar to those very primitive types of broadcasting & receiving that Earth has developed. It's because evil, wicked Men are beginning to discover these personal human mental, spiritual & physical capacities & powers, that the Lord is going to have to stop them very soon, otherwise they could do a great deal of damage if they attained the same development of these marvellous natural powers of the human mind, body & spirit that we have Here!
       25. "OF COURSE MEN DON'T CALL IT SPIRIT, they don't like to even use the words spirit or spiritual, because that sounds religious, so they call it 'consciousness' or 'subconsciousness,' or 'mental suggestion' or 'psychosomatic' or 'psychokinesis' & all kinds of other fancy scientific words to try to explain & identify the powers of the human mind & spirit.
       26. "SO, DAD, WE HAVE THESE WONDERFUL & MARVELLOUS & PERSONAL MEANS OF COMMUNICATION HERE IN HEAVEN between each other when we so desire. We can either talk naturally to each other when possible, or if the occasion requires quiet, so as not to waken others or requires security & secrecy when we're on Earth, so as not to let others be aware of what we're communicating, we can use any of these various methods of personal communication.
       27. "WE CAN ALSO SPEAK IN VARIOUS LANGUAGES. We can speak in the language of Men on Earth of the various nations, or we can speak in our own Heavenly language, the tongues of Angels Up Here when speaking with either the Angels or other Heavenly beings, or persons of another culture & another language. So we have many means of personal communication with each other in this Heavenly sphere & our Heavenly culture.
       28. "BUT THEN FOR EITHER SMALL OR LARGE GROUP COMMUNICATION, WE HAVE FOUND THESE HEAVENLY CRYSTAL GLOBE COMMUNICATORS VERY HELPFUL & effective, so that all can see the same image & hear the same message & sense the same feelings at the same time!
       29. "HERE, OUR COMMUNICATOR CAN NOT ONLY TRANSMIT SIGHTS & SOUNDS, BUT ALSO EVEN FEELINGS! One of your science-fiction writers predicted this on Earth in one of his novels, & he said he was not just going to the movies, but he was going to the 'feelies'! At the movie projection theater or cinema, he simply grabbed these two knobs on the top of these two electrodes in front of his seat with both hands, & suddenly he even felt the feelings of the people on the screen [DELETED] simultaneously, even while just sitting there in his seat!
       30. "WELL, THAT IS WITHIN THE POWER OF OUR HEAVENLY COMMUNICATOR HERE, so that if you want to feel what you're seeing & hearing, you can both see, hear & feel it! So it's quite an experience! Would you like me to demonstrate it, Dad?"
       "Well, of course! Thank you, son!"
       "What would you like to see, Dad?"
       "Well," I said, "I can't think of anything more beautiful to see than what I've already seen--the Lord & the Holy Family! But next to them, you know what I would like to see & feel the most, the most beautiful creatures that God ever made, a beautiful woman!"
       31. "WELL, YOU NEED TO BE MORE SPECIFIC, Dad!" Abner said. "You need to specify what beautiful woman would you like to see?" "Well," I said, "you know what beautiful woman I would most like to see, of course, is my dear Maria! But she's far away on Earth & I presume that would be either impossible or difficult right now!" "Oh, no," said Abner, "we can do that for you! Just a moment, just be quiet & let's all concentrate now on Maria & bring up her spirit within our crystal ball!"
       32. SO WE FELL SILENT FOR A MOMENT, & ALL GAZED INTENTLY INTO OUR AMAZING CRYSTAL COMMUNICATOR! And suddenly, sure enough, within its crystal globe began to materialise the image of Maria, inside that big globe, just as real as life!
       33. "NOW TO HER," ABNER EXPLAINED, "SHE THINKS SHE'S HAVING A DREAM ABOUT YOU, as she sees you here in our Heavenly mansion. But you can see how thrilled & surprised she is by just looking at that radiant, wonderful expression on her face!"
       "Hello, Dad!" Maria said, "You look wonderful!--And you, Phoebe, & India Joy! My oh my! What a beautiful Place you folks live in! Wow! How gorgeous! Thank You Jesus! I'm so glad to see you looking so well, Dear, & happy!"
       34. "WELL, I'M SURE GLAD TO SEE YOU, SWEETHEART," I replied. "I've really missed you, but they've kept me so busy Up Here with all this new life & getting oriented & accustomed to it & learning so much, that I haven't had an awful lot of time to spend dreaming of you. But I'm sure glad to see that you're looking good too, thank the Lord! The folks must be taking good care of you down there!"
       35. SHE SAID, "OH, YES, OF COURSE, AS ALWAYS! But especially the Lord has been extremely good to me & close to me & dearer than ever in your absence, as well as our other comforters & helpful spirits! I've been having marvellous dreams like you used to have, & wonderful communications & messages & prophecies & interpretations, & the Lord has anointed me with all the marvellous talents & gifts that you had when you were here, in order to help our precious people & all of our Family!
       36. "SO THEY'RE ALL THRILLED WITH HOW THE LORD IS HELPING ME TO TAKE OVER IN YOUR PLACE & IN YOUR ABSENCE! Things are still going strong & just as wonderful as ever, & even more marvellous, because we're having more difficulty operating now, so we need more miracles & more supernatural manifestations & more direct spiritual guidance. The Lord is supplying it in abundance, just as He always did whenever we needed it when you were here. So, praise the Lord, Sweetheart, I have not lacked for all the help that I need to carry on. I've only missed you & your presence." (Rom.5:20b)
       37. I SAID, "WELL, HONEY, YOU'LL SOON BE ABLE TO HAVE THAT AGAIN TOO, after I receive my complete indoctrination & edification & education & revelations Up Here about how to use all of these spiritual powers & how they operate. When I understand the whole program of communication & education & transportation Up Here so that I will be able to be most helpful to you there, they're going to allow me to visit you in person once again! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! Hallelujah!"
       38. "GOD BLESS YOU, SWEETHEART! THANK YOU! I'LL BE LOOKING FOR YOUR COMING!" Maria said. "I really really appreciate that, & I love you just as much as ever & I wish I could love you right now!"
       "Well you can!" Abner said. "All you have to do is reach out in spirit & feel his spiritual body close to yours & you'll have those same wonderful feelings that you had when you were still in his arms on Earth!"
       Maria said, "Oh, really?--Wow!"
       I said, "Yes, Honey! [DELETED] It feels just as good, if not better, than it did on Earth! Thank You Jesus!"
       39. SHE & I SEEMED TO MELT INTO EACH OTHER'S ARMS. [DELETED] I was yelling at the top of my voice in tongues & then giving her the encouraging interpretation of how the Lord is always with her & I was with her in spirit, & that she had many helpers & hosts of angels about her & our Family members & her personal household! They are giving her all kinds of help & protection & provision in every way, so she had no reason to fear nor doubt, nor be concerned, but to just trust the Lord & all His Heavenly hosts, that He is going to bring her through & bring her out & soon bring her Up, together with the whole Family, when Jesus comes! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! (Psa.27:5; 91:10)
       40. I WAS SO EXCITED THAT BY THIS TIME I WAS STANDING ON MY FEET, SHOUTING, until I suddenly sort of woke up & became conscious of where I was & what I was doing! I then saw Maria's image again within the crystal Communicator, smiling & laughing & waving me farewell. So she said, "I'll be back! You come as soon as you can! But we're still as close together in spirit as ever!" "--And we can have communication this way whenever you need it!" I promised, "Bye! I love you!"
       41. I SAID, "THANK YOU LORD, THANK YOU JESUS, HALLELUJAH, PRAISE THE LORD! I love you, Maria! God bless you, Sweetheart! Take good care of yourself, & I know you take good care of the kids & all the precious Family, as their faithful Shepherdess! I will be with you in prayer always, & in spirit as often as I can, & one of these days soon in spirit-body on my first return-trip to Earth! So I'll see you then & I'll see you even Here in our crystal Communicator, just as often as possible. Thank you for coming, Sweetheart!
       42. "NOW YOU GO BACK TO SLEEP & SLEEP WELL, & when you wake up, you'll remember you had a marvellous dream about me, that you saw me in Heaven with Abner & Phoebe & India Joy & Family, & that we talked & made love & had a wonderful little visit together! You'll wake up so encouraged & thrilled & inspired that it'll help you thrill through the day & know that I'm not so far away, but you can still be in close communication with me! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord!"
       43. SO AS SHE SMILED & WAVED GOODBYE, HER IMAGE FADED AWAY IN THE CRYSTAL GLOBE & I was thrilled to pieces!--I was just absolutely overjoyed that I could now communicate with Maria through our Heavenly Communicator & give her messages in the spirit & in dreams & visions, even from up Here!--Even before I return in spirit-body to the Earth itself!
       44. SO THE LORD DID NOT LEAVE ME COMFORTLESS, THANK THE LORD! He was giving me a means of communication with her that was quite direct & personal & even intimate! I could even feel her. [DELETED] We could still have communication [DELETED], even though far apart in body! So thank the Lord! Hallelujah! Praise God! Thank You Jesus!
       I said, "It is more than wonderful! It is out of this World!--Ha! It is terrific, marvellous! I just can't even find enough superlatives to express it! It's fantastic! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord!--Isn't the Lord wonderful, isn't He good to us? Isn't He thoughtful to give us such wonderful blessings!--Not only all this Heavenly realm we live in Here & its blessings & pleasures & sweet fellowship & all the things we're learning, but we still have direct communication with our loved ones on Earth! We can still be close to them & feel so close, that we can even actually feel them in the spirit! They can still give us these actual physical sensations in our spirit-bodies!" (Rom.11:33)
       46. SO THANK THE LORD I'M FAR FROM BEING TOO LONELY HERE! I not only have my loved ones Here all around me, taking such loving, tender care of me in every way & trying to fill your place as much as they can, dear Maria, but I even have you here on spirit-trips in the spirit! We can come together in our dreams & visions & speak & communicate with each other in our thoughts & in our minds & even our bodies! So we're never too far away from each other, but can be together whenever we need to through this marvellous Heavenly Communicator! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! Amen!
       "How do I like it?!--I love it! It's wonderful! Thank You Jesus! It's marvellous! Wow!--I'll never miss Maria too much again, because I know she's so close through this marvellous means of communication! She will never feel too lonely either, because she knows she can tune in to me whenever she really needs to, if she'll just concentrate in the spirit & ask the Lord to give her dreams & visions of me, where we can meet together & discuss any problems & answer any questions & even share any love that we need, in our marvellous loving relationship that we've always had! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! Thank God she's not that far away that we can't visit together on occasion, when needed!"
       48. "WELL, I UNDERSTAND," SAID ABNER, "I knew that was who you'd like to see the most, so there you are! Praise the Lord! Now we can get down to a little more serious business regarding your new education. What's your next desire? What do you feel next that you need to know about the most? What questions do you have, beside the many other things we are going to teach you Here. What mysteries do you want solved, what facts do you need to know?" (Amos 3:7)
       49. "WELL," I SAID, "SO MANY THINGS COME TO MY MIND, THAT I HARDLY KNOW WHERE TO BEGIN! I have questions about difficult Scriptures & problems about certain things which have occurred on Earth which I couldn't explain, & some of the ways you have of doing things Up Here, about which I'm very curious." And I went on & on.
       50. "WELL," SAID ABNER, "THAT'S GOING TO TAKE QUITE A BIT OF TIME, & right now I hear the girls calling us to our supper. So perhaps we'd better wait for some of that until either this evening or tomorrow, as you say on Earth."
       51. SO AFTER THESE THRILLING, EXCITING HEAVENLY EXPERIENCES that I'd been through today, I indeed felt like I was walking on air for sure! We gathered in our Family dining room & sat together, sang our song & prayed & thanked the Lord for all of His marvellous blessings, & prayed for our loved ones back on Earth, & then ate.
       52. NOW I DIDN'T MISS MARIA QUITE SO MUCH, since I knew she was within easy reach by this Heavenly communication. I looked around the table, taking in with great joy & happiness all the lovely, happy, shining, smiling faces surrounding me!
       53. I HAD BEEN SO ABSORBED & THRILLED & IN SEVENTH HEAVEN, filled with all the exciting experiences of the day, I had hardly noticed a new face at our table, but I looked over & I said suddenly, "Shuly! Shuly Bolivar! Honey! How did you get here?--When did you come?" And I rose from my chair & she jumped up & rushed around the table to clasp me in her arms & I embraced her & kissed & hugged her & loved her & said, "Oh, I'm so glad to see you here, Sweetheart! I knew that you had come Here some years ago, but I was wondering where you were!"
       54. SHULY SAID, "WELL, YOU KNOW, GRANDPA, I'VE GOT TO GO TO SCHOOL & I'm in an educational program too, & I also have many other duties & ministries, mostly involved in learning all the things that I need to know that I didn't learn on Earth! So I'm in a sort of a boarding school for young people like myself, where I stay most of the time. But now they're going to let me come Home & visit with you whenever possible. So this is my first visit since you've come, although I've been here before, visiting our Family on previous occasions, but living with my Grandparents."
       55. I SAID, "I'M SORRY, FORGIVE ME FOR NOT NOTICING YOU SOONER AT THE TABLE! I was so excited, & there are so many new faces here that I haven't known before, & you yourself have grown & changed quite a bit! Although I remember you from photos of years ago, you've grown to be quite a fully-developed woman! You were only a teenager when you passed on to be Up Here."
       56. "YES," SHE SAID, "AND I'M REALLY ENJOYING IT HERE, TOO! I've fully developed in many more ways than that, & I'm much more mature spiritually than I ever was before. I've learned a lot of lessons & the Lord has explained to me now why I had to go through all that suffering on Earth, in order to humble me & purge me & make me pure & desire celestial things, rather than Earthly things. (1Pe.1:7; Col.3:2) Finally He gave me the desire of my heart, to come Home to Heaven! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus!--And this was the next desire of my heart, Grandpa, was to see you! So as soon as they thought that you were ready & I was ready, they let me come! So here I am!"
       57. "WELL, I'M CERTAINLY GLAD OF THAT, SWEETHEART, & I'M SO THANKFUL YOU CAN COME SEE US LIKE THIS! I just can't tell you how happy I am to see you looking so beautiful & healthy & perfectly whole & out from under that awful affliction of the Enemy, so that now you can enjoy life to the full."
       58. "--AND BOY, AM I, DAD!" SHULY SAID, "I'M HAVING A BALL UP HERE, such as I was never able to have on Earth! I'm not only in school & learning a lot, but I'm also having a lot of fun that I wasn't able to have before with the boys, & enjoy all the pleasures that I couldn't enjoy back then, including wonderfully sweet fellowship with the men Here[DELETED]! In fact, I now have these two children, which I don't think you've met!"
       59. SO SHE CALLED THE CHILDREN TO HER SIDE & there was this handsome little boy & the cutest little baby girl! She said, "I know you know I've been Up Here several years now, so I'm in what you would call the 'mid-twenties' down on Earth, as I left there when I was nearly 18, & I've been Here now for quite a few years. So I've had lots of time to learn a lot & have lots of fun & lots of experiences & love & fellowship & sex & even children! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus!"
       60. "WELL, WELCOME TO OUR HOME!" I said to the little children as I picked them up, one in each arm, & loved & hugged & kissed them & told them how much I loved them & that I was proud to be their Grandfather! They said, "We love you, too, Grandpa! We're so happy to get to see you & visit here, & we have lots of fun when we come here for our visits!" I said, "Well, you come as often as you can, & be sure to see me if you can when you're here, & we'll have lots of fun together! Thank You Lord!"
       61. SO SHULY GAVE ME ANOTHER [DELETED] warm embrace[DELETED]! She said, "[DELETED] [EDITED: "J"]ust let me know if you need me!" I said, "I surely will, Shuly! God bless you, & thank you for your sweet [DELETED] offer. I'll certainly take you up on it whenever possible!"
       67. SO I SAID, "GOD BLESS & KEEP YOU! I know you must be a blessing wherever you are!"--And she said, "Well, that's part of your education, Dad! As they explain the educational system, they are going to bring you by my school & show you some of our educational departments, & how we're training these young people for various services, both Here & on Earth, & for the Millennium!" "I'll love that!" I replied. "I hope that it'll be soon!" So she said goodbye, & I gave her one last little kiss & squeezed her hand & she departed.
       68. SO I HOPE YOU FOLKS DOWN THERE are all working hard to get your jobs done, so you can come Up Here as soon as possible!--You'll love it! God bless you!--I love you!--Grandpa.

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family