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HEAVENLY EDUCATION!--"Heaven's Children!" Chapter 19!       11/85       DO ML#2117

       1. PRAISE THE LORD! GOD BLESS YOU ALL! I LOVE YOU! HERE'S GRANDPA AGAIN ON HIS SIMULATED TRIP TO HEAVEN IN THE FUTURE, & telling you all about it on my Heavenly Communicator! Today, Abner is going to give us a little lesson on Heavenly Education, God willing. He's been Here a lot longer than I have, & he's received all this Heavenly education, so he's got a lot more knowledge about it than I have! So today he's my teacher!
       2. YOU SAY, "WHY DAD, HOW COULD ABNER BE SMARTER THAN YOU, when you've had so many years of education on Earth! How could he be your teacher! You're his superior!" Well, not necessarily Up Here! I'm his superior in seniority & priority, in a way, but you're soon going to find out how he has become my superior in Heavenly knowledge, because of his Heavenly education Up Here! So, praise the Lord! God bless him! (1Pe.5:5)
       3. HERE WE'RE SITTING IN OUR BEAUTIFUL PRIVATE BEDROOM UPSTAIRS for greater privacy, around the special crystal sphere that I have here for receiving messages & sending messages & most of all for receiving my Heavenly education. So Abner's going to explain it to us & how it works, & what education is like Up Here! So, praise the Lord, Abner! God bless you & take it away! No!--Don't take it away, give it to me! Amen!
       4. "HA! THANK YOU, DAD," SAYS ABNER. "Well, God bless you! I have been Here quite a bit longer than you, Dad, in fact, now nearly 20 years! So I've received an awful lot of education Up Here! Remember, I first came Up Here, Dad, in my early twenties, when I had that motorcycle accident on the Ranch at TSC, & so the Lord took me Home to help you from Up Here with much greater power & superior knowledge than I could have ever had down there, all these nearly twenty years! (See Nos.70,72 & 73A.)
       5. "SO NOW, ACCORDING TO YOUR EARTH TIME, I'M IN MY MID-FORTIES, & a fairly respected middle-aged senior official around Here, which is why I've been assigned to you, Dad, because you're considered very important to the King & His Kingdom, being a king yourself of our great Family of Heaven's Children--the Children of God & the Family of Love! (Mat.5:19b) And you have quite a Kingdom, with its millions of citizens, nearly all of them still on Earth, but a few of us had to come Up Here early to get things ready for you, & to help you out from Here & down there.
       6. "SO, DAD, I'VE BEEN ASSIGNED TO HELP YOU WITH YOUR HEAVENLY EDUCATION, of which I've had nearly twenty years now, so you're soon going to see how much that really is!--A lot more education than you'd ever get in twenty years on Earth! We have much more effective & efficient & faster means of educating folks Here than you could ever have in those physical bodies with physical means on Earth.
       7. "FIRST OF ALL, DAD, I OUGHT TO TELL YOU ABOUT OUR VARIOUS LEVELS OF EDUCATION. Up Here are various levels of education, similar to those you have down there on Earth. First there is the intuitive knowledge, which is implanted in the mind of every baby who is sent to you, & is impregnated into its genes & chromosomes of its cells from the time the child is first conceived in the mother's womb. These are all the various physical gifts or talents & abilities, such as movement & feeling & hearing, & though it cannot yet see, the ability to roll its eyes & sense bright light outside of its mother's tummy.
       8. "HE ALSO HAS THE DISTINCT ABILITY TO HEAR SOUNDS within the room of his mother's environment & to enjoy music & his mother's & father's voice & the voice of his other brothers & sisters & family members. He can even be startled by loud & unusual noises & even bad sounds! So you should try to always protect your fetal infants in the womb from any unusual & frightening noises. Instead, you should give him all the comforting sounds as possible from family voices & family music, with which he will become familiar, long before he's born!
       9. "SO SOME OF THOSE ON EARTH WERE RIGHT WHEN THEY GUESSED THERE WAS SOME FORM OF PRENATAL INFLUENCE, while the baby was yet in its mother's womb. Now even your own scientists on Earth have proven this, & of course we have known it Up Here all along. The Lord Himself ordained it that way, that the tiny babe could become accustomed to his environment, even before he was born.--Even its movements & schedule & customary sounds & mealtimes, etc. (Isa.44:24)
       10. "SO THE UNBORN INFANT RECEIVES LOTS OF EDUCATION DURING THAT NINE MONTHS in his mother's tummy, as well as lots of love & affection & loving sounds to comfort him & woo him & make him feel loved & at home & not alone.
       11. "HE THEN IS BORN into the outside World, & is even prepared for this great event by inside preparations in his mother's womb. The moment he is born, he knows that he needs to breathe air & he's comforted by the sound of his mother's voice & feeling her warm, familiar body next to his & has that innate desire to nurse. He seems to know exactly how to do it, as long as you help him find it & put it in his mouth, & he already knows how to suck away! He not only knows how, but he knows when, & he will wake at those particular hunger periods with a fair amount of regularity, when he needs more nourishment.
       12. "THE MOTHER'S MILK is now being produced by the marvels of God's creation within her own breasts, in preparation of this great event & this wonderful little miracle of life, so her bosoms are now producing the perfect nourishment for this tiny babe. It has all the ingredients necessary for his growth & strength, & even to fight disease!
       13. "SO MOTHERS WHO DO NOT NURSE THEIR BABIES THEMSELVES ARE REALLY DENYING THAT POOR LITTLE TINY LIFE of the absolutely essential necessities for his survival! Cow's milk may be good for calves, & of course it is, because it is designed for calves, but it was not designed for little babies! It's more difficult to digest for an infant, & it does not contain all of the needed nourishment & protective elements to resist disease, etc. that your little child must have to survive & grow normally & strong, as he should.
       14. "SO ALL OF THIS ON THE PART OF BOTH THE MOTHER & BABY ARE CREATED MIRACLES within the human bodies for the preparation of life & childbirth & nursing & mothercare, etc.--All knowledge innately planted within the controlling cells of their bodies & genes & chromosomes which guide these developments within the human physique.--A sort of an intuitive automatic education & training & guidance which takes no particular thought on the part of either the mother or the child, but is a marvellous creation guidance-course implanted by the wonders of God's Creation! (Psa.139:13-14)
       15. "ALL THE MOTHER HAS TO DO IS LET THE FATHER IMPLANT THE SEED, & the seed knows exactly where to go & what it's headed for! When the God-ordained little sperm finds that egg, he knows exactly what to do to fertilize it. And the egg knows exactly what to do then to become pregnant & develop, & where to go from there. All this is implanted education, designed by the Lord Himself.
       16. "THAT IMPLANTED LITTLE CHILD IS AUTOMATICALLY NOURISHED BY THE MOTHER'S BODY through a marvellous, wonderful, fantastic created system which operates without her even taking conscious thought about it at all! It is completely controlled by involuntary processes which are guided by the genes & chromosomes & nerves & automatic muscles, etc., without the mother even knowing what's going on inside her tummy, except that she knows that she's now pregnant, & there's a little tiny child there who is growing & will soon become large enough that everybody will know it, because she will show it as her tummy gets larger & larger with the growing babe.
       17. "THESE ARE ALL MARVELS OF CREATION IN THE FORM OF IMPLANTED EDUCATION, sometimes called by your science 'intuition' or 'instinct', but it's all the Heavenly education of God Himself Who put it there, controlled by His Own means & created processes guided by various cells & knowledgeable instinctive & intuitive processes of His Own creation.
       18. "THESE CELLS ALSO KNOW HOW TO MAKE THE BABY GROW in a natural, normal form & develop his various physical characteristics & abilities & habits automatically, without even any knowledge or teaching by his mother.--Although she can now already begin to teach him how to behave & how to have good habits & try to teach him when's the best time to eat & sleep & be a good boy. So her main job is learning what the baby is teaching her, in his eating habits & his sleeping habits & his need of comfort & love & words of consolation. These are all a part of our various forms of Heavenly education, designed by the Lord Himself.
       19. "SO BABIES UP HERE & THEIR MOTHERS RECEIVE THE SAME FORM OF EDUCATION from the very beginning, & even better than those on Earth. For Up Here there is no sickness, nor disease, nor discomfort, nor attacks of the Enemy, nor morning sickness during pregnancy, no abnormalities or complications, no unwanted births, no abortions, nor stillborns nor abnormal formations!--All is perfect & beautiful & delightful Here, operating in perfect harmony & synchronisation with the Love & Will of God & the mother!
       20. "BECAUSE OF THEIR FAR SUPERIOR EDUCATION & greater sensitivity in the spirit to the powers & knowledge of the Lord Himself through His Spirit, our mothers Here know far better how to take care of themselves in prenatal care. They know how to prepare their bodies & nourish their babies long before they're born.
       21. "THEN COMES PERFECTLY PAINLESS CHILDBIRTH, with no more effort or pain than having a normal bowel movement! Because of our very little gravity Here, there's no heaviness during pregnancy & no heavy babies to carry about after they're born. Everybody's almost as light as a feather, so everything is easier. Everything is done with almost effortless ease, Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! So having babies Up Here is almost a breeze, but it's a beautiful breeze, wafted from Heaven itself, to give us these angelic little gifts from the Lord! (Psa.127:3)
       22. "SO AFTER THE BABY IS BORN, THE MOTHER HAS MUCH GREATER KNOWLEDGE about how to take care of it & herself, & to even read the baby's mind to know what he wants & needs before he has even learned to speak a language to tell her! I remember that was one of the problems we had with our babies, is when they had a severe crying spell, to try to figure out what was wrong & what they needed, what they wanted, what was bothering them, what was hurting them! All they could do was cry, & that's all they knew how to do.
       23. "BUT THANK GOD, OUR BABIES UP HERE KNOW HOW TO PROJECT THEIR THOUGHTS into our minds & we can see pictures of exactly what the baby's mind is concentrating on & what he's concerned about! So we know immediately what he needs--that he's either hungry, or he has some kind of discomfort. Our babies Up Here in Heaven also have no need of diapers, so there's no problem of diaper pins sticking them, because there are no human wastes Up Here in Heaven. What little bit of Heavenly food we consume is completely assimilated in our bodies with 100% efficiency & absolutely no waste whatsoever! This is why we have no bathrooms or toilets, & we need no diapers or potties for our little ones. What little milk our mothers produce is so effective & efficient & so powerful that it gives the baby all he needs, & it is completely digested & assimilated within his body without any waste whatsoever! So there are no waste materials to necessitate diapers, or even toilets for us adults! (Rev.21:27a)
       24. "THERE IS NO NEED EVEN TO WASH your hands & faces or bodies Here, because there are no contaminants, no filth, no dirt--nothing to have to wash off, except perhaps a little fruit juice from the girls' preparation of our delicious Heavenly meals! And as I said before, we don't even have to wash the dishes, because they seem to wash themselves! If there are any leftovers--which, of course, there shouldn't be--they simply eventually disappear if not used, & the dishes remain just as clean as ever, ready for re-use again. So for our dear mothers & their babies, there's no tedious washing of diapers & the messy mess to clean up & potty training & all the rest of that hard work.
       25. "HAVING BABIES UP HERE IS SO EASY, & having children such a joy, with everything in perfection & nobody naughty or bad! Everybody is just exactly the way they ought to be & growing in the way they should, & formed the way they're supposed to be, & behaving how they ought, so that child-bearing & child-rearing is an absolute joy & a pleasure Here! It's not considered work at all, but a tremendous satisfaction in helping to bring into God's Kingdom another child for His glory, another Citizen of the Kingdom of God, to rear & nurture in the admonition of the Lord! (Eph.6:4)
       26. "CHILD TRAINING HERE IS SO EASY, because the mother can communicate with the babe by thought power, reading his thoughts & needs from his own little mind & communicating her thoughts & ideas from her mind to the babe's. So he knows exactly what she means without even a word being said! Of course, she also teaches him to speak & to learn words in her language. So this is still a part of our child training Here, but they learn it far more rapidly, whereas your training on Earth takes years. Here, our babies learn to speak within just a few days, & are able to express themselves & communicate with no trouble at all. They learn through thought power & mental telepathy from their mother & others.
       27. "SO OUR EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM HERE IS FAR MORE ADVANCED than that of yours on Earth. We are indeed a super-race of super beings Here in Heaven, with a much more advanced intelligence & superior powers than Earthlings have on Earth.
       28. "SO THE BABE GETS HIS EARLIEST TRAINING THROUGH HIS MOTHER & her thought power & his own thought power & of those about him, so that his learning advances at a phenomenal rate! You would call a child Here at the age of a few months a child prodigy, & at the age of just a few years an absolute genius! So our little children have absorbed more knowledge & understand more & have greater wisdom than most of your adults on Earth. So it is no problem to take care of them, they take care of themselves, & even help to take care of us & help us with our various duties & ministries, as our greatly advanced & mature Family children do on Earth! But you have never seen such child geniuses as you will see Up Here, & as you have already seen manifested in our own Home Here with our children."
       29. "YES," I SAID, "THESE CHILDREN HERE ARE INDEED WONDER-CHILDREN!--Marvels of this Heavenly society! They're all so good & wise & helpful & wonderful! God bless them! They're so much better than even the adults on Earth, some of whom are so foolish & silly & childish & immature themselves."
       30. ABNER CONTINUED: "AS SOON AS THE MOTHER HAS TAUGHT THE CHILD AS MUCH AS SHE CAN with her superior intelligence, she then supervises the child in using the Heavenly Communicator, which can give a high-speed input to the child's brain, which is absolutely phenomenal! As you will soon see, it works much the same, Dad, as the spiritual communications which you received when you were still on Earth.--When you were in a state of sleep or trance or prayer or meditation, tuning into the Lord's wavelength & listening to His voice or the voice of His Heavenly messengers when quiet & often alone, so that there would be no distractions or noises or interference from the static of the Enemy. Our children Here absorb education in much the same way that you did as a Prophet of God there on Earth!
       31. "FIRST OF ALL, THE CHILD IS MADE COMFORTABLE, preferably in a fairly prone position where he is no longer conscious of his body, in the communications room where it is quiet & fairly private. There he is shown how to tune in to the Heavenly Communicator in the same way that he has been communicating with his mother & family already.
       32. "HE IS EITHER PUT TO SLEEP & IS TAUGHT IN HIS DREAMS in a fashion which even your scientists on Earth call sleep-teaching, or he is taught to relax into a state of complete meditation, prayer or trance so that he becomes unconscious of his own physique & physical surroundings & oblivious to the sights & sounds of his immediate environment, with his concentration wavelength focused on the Lord's Own broadcasting band.--Just as you do on Earth when you pray there, or get into that meditative trance, in which you're so sensitive to the spirit & receive messages from Heaven.
       33. "SO AS SOON AS HE IS COMPLETELY QUIET & FREE FROM ALL OTHER DISTRACTIONS, his mind & heart completely concentrated on the Heavenly frequency, tuned in to God's Own channel, dreams & visions & messages begin to come. Only they come Here much more rapidly & much more clearly than they do on Earth. We do not have as much interference Here, as you have there. We have a perfectly pure atmosphere, free from all static, & a totally safe environment, completely free from any intrusions or interference from the Devil & his evil angels & demonic spirits.
       34. "SO IT IS MUCH EASIER FOR US TO GET INTO SUCH A RECEPTIVE STATE AS RECEIVERS Here than it is for you there. We have an absolutely clear channel to the Lord's source of Central Intelligence, & the pictures & words & thoughts & ideas begin to come at a terrific rate! It's similar to the way in which the video tape travels when you press the 'fast' button. A child's receptivity Here is so superior--not supernatural, because it's perfectly natural Here--but it's so superior to yours on Earth, his memory cells are of such great capacity & with such speed of receptivity & his brain is so powerful that he can receive all these images, facts, figures, ideas, words, messages & pictures at a tremendous rate of speed with his super-mind, super-consciousness!--Not subconscious, but super-conscious of all of this information which is pouring into his mind on God's channel from His Source of super intelligence from the Central Intelligence Center's broadcasting facilities!
       35. "IT'S DONE MUCH THE SAME WAY AS YOUR BROADCASTING STATIONS BROADCAST INFORMATION, music & pictures electronically on various wavelengths & wave frequencies on the Earth. Here it is done in a form of which you might call 'electronics', but which we call 'spirit' & 'spiritual'--a far higher, purer, more powerful form of communication than any of your broadcast frequencies on Earth. They are far superior to them & above them & completely out of your Earthly range. So it would be impossible for anyone on Earth to tune into them in any way whatsoever, unless they are extremely receptive spiritually there, as some are, such as your Prophets & Prophetesses & psychics & mediums & some fortune-tellers, etc.
       36. "OF COURSE, THERE THE DEVIL ALSO HAS POWER & HE CAN ALSO COMMUNICATE with his followers in the same fashion, & in a seemingly miraculous way reveal things to them as well, but only to do evil & to perform curses & destroy! Here of course our information only does good & performs miracles of blessings to create & educate & bring our children to very early maturity, before they're even completely full-grown.
       37. "AND THEY GROW MUCH FASTER HERE too, because of this perfect, angelic environment. Here little babies & tiny tots & small children don't have to wait for years & years to grow up, as they do on Earth. On Earth, God has made their growth very slow because their mental growth is also very slow, & their mental capacity & receptivity & learning is a very slow process because of the far inferior usage of their brain's capacity on Earth. This is due to sin & Satan & all kinds of evil influences & the sub-mental growth of their parents, etc.
       38. "SO GOD HAS SLOWED DOWN THE GROWTH OF CHILDREN ON EARTH BECAUSE OF THEIR SLOW MENTAL GROWTH, for they cannot be trusted with full-grown bodies unless they have full-grown minds, with the knowledge & wisdom of how to use it & how to behave themselves. But our children Here mature so rapidly mentally that they can also mature rapidly bodily & they can be trusted with larger bodies at a very early age, as you count years on Earth.
       39. "IT'S SO SIMILAR TO THE WAY OUR OWN FAMILY CHILDREN THERE DEVELOP WITH SUCH ADVANCED MENTAL CAPACITIES & such advanced training & super receptivity to the spirit & the guidance of the holy spirits of God, just as even your small children there acted more like teenagers, our small children Here act more like adults! They grow to full mental & physical maturity in just a very short time! So there are no wasted years of insufficient mental capacity & insufficient education, insufficient training & insufficient growth, as there are on Earth. Here, because of our super intelligence & super receptivity to a spiritual education, our bodies are allowed to grow as rapidly as our minds--and this is very rapid! Again, it's like pressing the 'fast' button on your video set.
       40. "SO OUR CHILDREN ARE FULL-GROWN & MENTALLY MATURE, with a far greater education & super mental capacity & superior intelligence at what you would call on Earth a very early age. So they are soon full-grown & mentally mature adults in a very short time. This, of course, greatly facilitates the process of Heavenly education & solves a lot of problems that you have there on Earth with the slow growth & slow mental development of humans on Earth.
       41. "SO AS SOON AS A CHILD IS SHOWN HOW TO TUNE IN TO THESE HEAVENLY COMMUNICATIONS, he is very rapidly educated in all the knowledge necessary for his maturation Here in Heaven. His physical body grows just as rapidly as his mind & his mental capacities & his knowledge & wisdom, in the nurture & admonition of the Lord.
       42. "JUST AS YOUR YOUNG CHILDREN THERE COULD MEMORISE & QUOTE SCRIPTURES & knew facts about history & were so much more knowledgeable & wiser than the children of that World, so Here, our children are far superior even to that! They are mathematical & scientific & spiritual geniuses, even as children, with a far greater & vaster knowledge of both Heaven & Earth & the Universe & all Creation, than even the adults on Earth! They are truly super-children, wonder-children, marvel-children, as you have already discovered, Dad, right here in your own Home.
       43. "EVEN OUR SMALL CHILDREN HERE CAN TALK WITH YOU ON THE LEVEL OF AN ADULT, & understand you & your mind & your knowledge & your wisdom, just as well as any adult. So that by the time they are actually full-grown adults, with full-grown mental capacity, they are so well educated & so knowledgeable & so wise that they are literally super-beings, or supermen & superwomen! They have remarkable, supernatural powers & capabilities & are more than ready to be trusted with various super ministries, both Here & on Earth.
       44. "THEY HAVE BECOME LIKE THE ANGELS OF GOD, to govern the heights of the Heavenlies & to keep the depths of Earth under control, as well as to be your friends & protectors & spirit-guides & suppliers & leaders even there on Earth, where you need Divine, supernatural, spiritual guidance so very very much in your battles & struggles there with the Enemy & all the forces of evil!
       45. "BUT DON'T WORRY! THE LORD IS ALLOWING YOU TO GO THROUGH THAT PART OF YOUR EDUCATION & TRAINING THERE before you come Here. The more you learn there, the more rapidly you will learn Here, & the higher grade you will be put into when you arrive, like you, Dad. They're not going to put you in with the beginners classes just learning the basics, because you & our Family already know them! Our Family are very highly educated compared to the rest of the World, & even to the church Christians. Most of them have to be put into first grade Up Here, to even begin to learn the bare essentials & basics of spiritual things & the knowledge of God & His Love & His Word.
       46. "OUR ADVANCED FAMILY IS ALREADY HIGH ON THE LEVEL OF EDUCATION in the spirit & in the Word & in works, so that when our Family Members arrive--especially our leaders--they are put in the much higher echelon of our educational system Here, as you will soon see! They are no longer babes in the spirit, or babes in mind like most Christians, much less the World!
       47. "BUT HERE, WE WHO HAVE ALREADY LEARNED SO MUCH, EVEN BEFORE WE CAME, & had such great knowledge of the Lord & His Word & His works & leadership of others, Here we are immediately put into a higher level & sphere of education in this Heavenly Planet. So the Members of our Family & particularly its leadership already have a head start on all the rest of the saved Christians of the Earth who are so backward & retarded & almost spiritually deformed!
       48. "MOST MUST BE TAUGHT HERE FROM THE VERY BEGINNING THE VERY BASICS of the Word of God. Most of them don't even know the Bible, & know little or nothing of God's ways & what should be their true mission there on Earth! They sit around in those churches listening to pious pulpit platitudes & lullaby music that lulls them to sleep & helps them to forget what they're supposed to really be doing--getting out & going into all the World to preach the Gospel to every creature, evangelising the World & saving millions for the Kingdom of God! (Acts 7:48; Mk.16:15; Lk.14:23)
       49. "THEY HAVE WASTED THOUSANDS OF YEARS & MILLIONS OF LIVES through their neglect & their ignorance & the retarded spiritual condition which they have been kept in by their wayward & twisted & ignorant leaders & ridiculous churches! So those poor church Christians who arrive Here from Earth--though saved--have to begin at the very bottom, like little kids in kindergarten, learning the most simple & the most basic things about the Lord & His ways & His Word & Work!
       50. "SO THEY'RE REALLY FAR BEHIND YOU, DAD, & MOST OF US IN OUR FAMILY. So thank the Lord we don't have to begin at the bottom like they do! Of course just a bit above them are some of their leaders & some of their missionaries & Gospel preachers & a few prophets of God who were genuine great men & women of God, & who certainly knew more than most of the church people. They did their best to get out & evangelise the World & encourage others to do so.
       51. "THEY HAVE A HEAD START ON THE DUMB CHURCH MEMBERS who have never known anything but sitting like bumps on logs on those church pews in church once or twice a week, singing the old hymns that they could sing in their sleep, & almost do, & listening to those pretty little sermonettes given by their preachers who only exhort them to come to church on Sunday & put their offering in the wastebasket!
       52. "THEN THEY GO HOME & LIVE SELFISHLY for themselves & their families all week long at work at some secular worldly job for Mammon & the Devil! How ignorant they are! What retarded children they are! How deformed they are! How horribly retarded they are! It's pitiful the products they are producing in the churches there on Earth!
       53. "BUT THANK GOD OUR FAMILY HAS LED THE WAY INTO A HIGHER PLANE of spiritual & mental development & knowledge of the Word of God & His ways & His missions, so that we get a head start when we arrive Here, thank the Lord! When I got Here," Abner said, "I was put in an advanced course of Heavenly education almost immediately, after I had become oriented & settled in & adjusted to this new Heavenly life, just like you, Dad.
       54. "SO NOW TODAY, THE AUTHORITIES HERE FEEL THAT YOU ARE READY TO BEGIN YOUR HEAVENLY EDUCATION! You have had time to get oriented Here & accustomed to our new Heavenly life. So they want me to show you how to use the Communicator. I've been doing it for you so far, but I'm now going to teach you how to do it yourself & on your own so you can do it whenever you want to when you're alone!
       55. "BECAUSE THERE'RE MILLIONS & MILLIONS OF US UP HERE, the spiritual airwaves are quite full of communication frequencies, so they have to be allotted & proportioned according to the need, times & the various levels & the capacities of the various people who are being taught. But I requested a very early morning frequency for you, Dad, because I know you like to get up early, around four or five o'clock nearly every morning, & you like to spend that time alone with the Lord, receiving messages from Him, & sometimes even before that in your sleep. (Pro.8:17)
       56. "SO I HAVE SECURED FOR YOU THESE EARLY-HOUR FREQUENCY BROADCASTS on some of the higher frequency channels on the level of your present capabilities, to teach & lead you from where you are now at, on into far greater Heavenly knowledge & revelations & wisdom in those quiet, beautiful early-morning hours.
       57. "SINCE HERE YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE TO SLEEP AS MUCH AS YOU DID ON EARTH, where you slept very little as it was, Here you will have even more time in those early morning hours to spend in communication in the spiritual realm. As you are already familiar with the spiritual state into which you have to lapse in order to receive such communications, I won't have to teach you much about that either, Dad, because you already know that you must be quiet, & usually alone, or with Maria. (Isa.26:9a)
       58. "SO HERE PHOEBE & PERHAPS INDIAN JOY WILL SOMETIMES ACCOMPANY YOU, particularly if it is in the wee hours of the morning & you are together in bed. Even right there in bed, you can quietly, silently just think & pray & meditate & get into that spiritually receptive state of super-consciousness & super-sensitivity & super-receptivity, & concentrate & focus your thoughts on these communications, as you did on Earth.
       59. "YOU WILL NOT EVEN ALWAYS NEED THE COMMUNICATOR, but the Lord through His various channels & agencies will communicate with you directly, into your mind, heart & spirit. You will see pictures & dream dreams & have visions & hear messages & get prophecies & various communications right there in bed, right in your own head & heart, just as you did on Earth! So it's not going to be any great new thing for you, Dad! (Ac.2:17)
       60. "THE GLOBAL HEAVENLY COMMUNICATORS that we have in our living room & you have up here in your bedroom also, are more for community communications, group therapy, you might say, when you wish to share together these messages & pictures & revelations. So that sitting in a small or larger group around one of our crystal globes, all of you together can see & hear the same things, & picture the same scenes.
       61. "SO THE GLOBAL COMMUNICATORS ARE MORE FOR GROUP TEACHING & GROUP COMMUNICATIONS. But with you, Dad, in putting you on your educational course, you'll usually need nothing further than your usual means of communication. Just get quiet, be still & know that you're tuning in to the Lord. Get your mind & thoughts & heart & spirit focused on Him, & as unconscious of your body & surroundings & others as possible, in an attitude of meditation & prayer & spiritual communication, & you will receive your new course of Heavenly education just as you always have before on Earth! (Psa.46:10a)
       62. "BUT NOW IT WILL BE WITH MUCH GREATER CLARITY, purity, lack of interference, no static from the Devil nor distractions from around you, no noise, no interference--just pure & clear & brilliant pictures & loud, clear voices & words & messages & marvellous revelations that you're going to have regarding the Heavenly knowledge that you still need in order to return to Earth to help those there. You'll learn how to use your Heavenly powers to help those there when you return.
       63. "SO, THERE YOU ARE, DAD!--Take it away whenever you're ready! You can do-it-yourself, in a sense--or really let the Lord do it through you, as He always has. Just tune in & turn on & take it as it comes! Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! You can either do it right here on your comfy couch while the girls leave you alone, or very quietly watch over you from the background, as Maria always did. They can listen & pray for you & be ready to help you if you need anything, but leaving you alone & undisturbed & undistracted so that you can have close contact with the Lord's Heavenly educational system & get on the channel that you have been assigned Up Here.
       64. "YOU CAN OF COURSE DO THIS ANY TIME OF DAY THAT YOU NEED TO on one of the other channels available. But because we know that that is your usual time to want to be alone & quiet & in prayer with the Lord in the early morning, you'll have even more frequencies available then. But anytime, in either place--whether it's with the group around the crystal ball downstairs in the living roomlivingroom when you wish to share some of the sights & sounds & scenes of Heaven & Heavenly education, we can gather together there, or you can receive privately here.
       65. "OR IF YOU WISH TO BE ALONE & QUIET & IN PRIVATE & HEAR PERSONALLY FROM THE LORD on His channel, upstairs in your bedroom here on your comfy couch, or even in bed with the girls, you'll be able to tune in.--And He'll really turn you on with some wonderful things that He has prepared for you! Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus!
       66. "SO, PRAISE THE LORD, DAD! I'll leave you now, because I know how you already know how to tune in & turn on to the Lord & His Word & His messages & His visions & dreams, so that you'll get all you need to know in preparation for the future.
       67. "IT'S AMAZING, ISN'T IT, DAD, that so many Earth people, even Christians & our own, don't realise that dreams are one of the Lord's ways of teaching & training & offering you opportunities to make decisions & educating you with Heavenly education, even in your sleep during the night!
       68. "THEY SHOULD BE MORE MINDFUL OF WHAT THEY DREAM & try to get the point & the lesson & remember it & tell it to others, so that they can together share it & its blessings & its messages & its warnings & its interpretations & its revelations, so that you all can benefit from God's sleep-teaching in your dreams! (Job 33:15-17)
       69. "BUT SO FEW REALISE THIS, how important it is, & that dreams are a very important part of God's Heavenly education. Few take advantage of this marvellous opportunity, when their spirit is not asleep & is just as active as ever & can learn just as much, if not more, while you're sleeping.
       70. "SO, HAPPY DREAMS, DAD! God bless you & keep you & give you wonderful visions of all the things that are so wonderful Up Here & so marvellous & all the revelations that you need to know in preparation for your trip below!
       71. "SO, SO LONG FOR NOW, DAD, I'LL SEE YOU LATER! I have some other duties to attend to. As you know, I'm a very important official Here now, but of course my biggest job & ministry that has now been given me is watching over you, Dad, & taking care of you & teaching you these things. Soon I'm going to have to teach you about Heavenly Transportation, besides the little small personal gondola that we have already used & the individual flying that we've already enjoyed!
       72. "BUT THAT'LL COME TO YOU IN A LATER LESSON ON HEAVENLY TRANSPORTATION!--And in fact, you can even get it here in your meditation or prayer or trance or sleep, God can show it to you, giving you pictures in your mind as He so often has, & messages in Words, explaining it, as He will again, if you will just tune in & let Him turn you on!--And you can't top that! You've already got the know-how, Dad, now go ahead & use it, & you'll find it's far more powerful Up Here, & you have a far better reception & receptivity & much stronger signals & clearer pictures & louder words than you ever had down below! So, use it!--And thank God for our marvellous, wonderful, supernatural, miraculous Heavenly educational system that you have used for so long, & now will use even more & better Up Here! Thank the Lord!"
       73. SO ABNER CLIMBED INTO THE GONDOLA & TOOK OFF, apparently to return it to the Transportation Pool, as everything is shared Up Here, & we need it no longer for now, as we can fly around individually or in couples, trios, or very small groups without any vehicles to keep us together--we just hold hands!
       74. SO I DECIDED I'D HAD ENOUGH HEAVENLY EDUCATION FOR TODAY & could take a little break with the girls! So we all three piled into bed together again & had quite a romp before a short nap again!--And looked forward to a bit more Heavenly Education in our sleep!--You should really try it more! It's great!--And such an easy way to learn!--Just turn off the sights & sounds around you, & tune in & turn on to the Lord's Heavenly Channels & He'll really educate you in a hurry!--Hallelujah! God bless and keep you! I love you!--Grandpa.

Copyright (c) 1997 by The Family