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HEAVENLY TRANSPORTATION & WEAPONS!--"Heaven's Children!"--Chapter 20!       DO 2118       11/85

       1. WELL, PRAISE THE LORD, LOVED ONES! God bless you all & keep you! I love you so, & I do miss you sometimes, but they've kept me real busy Up Here! Here I am again in my simulated trip to Heaven in the Future, reporting back to you on your channel through my Heavenly Communicator! I'm telling you all about things Up Here as I see them, & the way I believe you're going to find them when you get Here. So God bless you! I hope you're really learning a lot about Heaven!--I know I sure am!
       2. AS YOU KNOW, IN MY LAST FEW COMMUNICATIONS I HAVE BEEN TELLING YOU all about the enormous size of Heaven & its potential capacity for a population of 500 billion, at least, & its millions of Heavenly Mansions! I've told you how we're right here inside the Moon & not so far away as you thought, & very busy with all kinds of Heavenly Ministries & audiences with officials & visits with the great men & women of the past! We're learning all about the marvels of Heavenly Thought Power & Communications, Education & now Transportation, as Abner is preparing me now for my first trip back to Earth to see & help you all there!
       3. IT'S JUST ABSOLUTELY MARVELLOUS, ALL THE HEAVENLY FACILITIES THEY HAVE in this great City, which far surpasses anything we have ever known on Earth! We have had some little samples of it while there in our communications with the Lord Up Here. But we're really finding out we were pretty ignorant down there, & it's a wonder we ever made it! (1Cor.2:9)
       4. BUT THANKS TO HIS LOVE & GRACE & patience & longsuffering & child-training, you are making it down there, God bless you, & I guess I'm making it Up Here too!--I'm sure making it with the women too, God bless them! They're certainly keeping me happy & from getting too lonesome without you!
       5. OUR CHILDREN HERE ARE ALWAYS SUCH A JOY & A BLESSING & an encouragement & inspiration & are real little cheerer-uppers, just like you always were to me down there on Earth, Techi & David & Davida & Mary Dear & Sammy Boy--and all of you! God bless you! You're our little angels on Earth who continue to inspire us & help keep us going!
       6. SO I'M CERTAINLY LOOKING FORWARD TO ACTUALLY VISITING YOU AGAIN IN PERSON, thank the Lord! I'm so thankful for all these nice little Communicator visits & chats we've had with you, & your glowing reports of what's going on down there in the way of great victories & marvellous witnessing & tremendous reaping of souls! God bless you!
       7. SO IT WON'T BE LONG NOW! I'll be seeing you soon, God willing!--And I believe He is, because they've sent Abner now to explain to me more about how we're going to get there! He's my Superintendent of Communication Here, as you know, since he knows a lot more about it now than I do, after his twenty years Up Here!
       8. WE'RE NOW SEVERAL YEARS IN THE FUTURE UP HERE, as you know, & you folks down there are already approaching the End of the Tribulation & the coming of Jesus to rescue you out of that mess! So I've got to hurry up if I want to help you any in these last days of you folks there on Earth!
       9. SO HERE COMES ABNER RIGHT NOW, SAILING DOWN OUT OF THE SKY & flying all alone this time, as he needs no Gondola, & neither does anyone else Up Here, except when they want to have group trips together. So here comes Abner floating right through our front door! God bless him! "Hi there, Abner! God bless you! How are you? How is everything going Up Yonder?--Way, way Up There where you do a lot of your work in those official offices & administration areas at the top! We're so glad you could spend some time with us down here, in our lowly little corner at the bottom by our beautiful Fair!"
       10. "HI, DAD! I'M SO GLAD TO BE ABLE TO SPEND A LITTLE TIME WITH YOU AGAIN & explain some of these things to you, because the time is getting short & we're going to have to go soon!" "Hi, Abner!" said Phoebe & India Joy & the other Family members as they each gave him a warm kiss & a tender hug & a welcome greeting. "We always love to have you visit us," they said, "as you're always such a blessing, especially to Dad, in familiarising him with everything Up Here & preparing him for his first trip to Earth!"
       11. "THANKS, FOLKS, I LOVE TO COME TOO, & I'm really thrilled with the progress Dad's making with his education Up Here! The authorities seem to feel that he's almost ready to go! I just need to explain to him a little bit about our transportation & weapons systems."
       12. SO I SAID, "SINCE ALL OF YOU KNOW ALL ABOUT IT ALREADY, YOU CAN RETIRE to your various household duties & childcare, etc., while Phoebe stays here with me to hear what Abner has to say." Abner & Phoebe are my prime caretakers Here, as you know, babysitting this new little babe in Heaven--me! They're my keepers & caretakers & providers & protectors & lovers, who were assigned to me to welcome me & get me settled in & accustomed to life Up Here & to explain it all to me. So, we've been having a ball! It's a wonderful, wonderful, marvellous life in this glorious land! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! Hallelujah!
       13. "THEY NOW FEEL THAT YOU'VE LEARNED ALMOST ENOUGH TO BE READY TO GO!" said Abner, as he stretched out his long, tall, lanky frame on one of the viewing couches by the crystal globe Communicator beside us, with gorgeous Phoebe on the other side, constantly showing her love & affection for me in every way!
       14. ABNER SAID, "FIRST OF ALL I'M GOING TO TRY TO EXPLAIN RATHER SIMPLY TO YOU OUR TRANSPORTATION SYSTEM & VEHICLES HERE & those used from Here to Earth. Then I'm going to give you some views of them on the Communicator & how they're used. Finally you're going to have the amazing experience of sampling a few visits to their landing sites, to examine them first-hand for yourself, with the guides & those there whose ministry they are. There is a place for everybody in Heaven, even in the Ministry of Transportation! (Heb.1:14)
       15. "AS YOU REMEMBER, DAD, YOUR FIRST SAMPLE OF OUR TRANSPORTATION WAS WHEN YOU CAME WHIZZING UP HERE FROM EARTH with Abrahim leading & guiding you through the Protective Tube! These are great for individuals who are just passing on & have just passed away from Earth & are coming Up Here by themselves, with their Spirit Guide or loved one or even an angel--whoever is available & related to them in some way & with whom they are familiar. This way they won't be frightened or feel strange or alone as they pass from Death unto Life Here in Heaven. (See Nos.80,679,1638.)
       16. "AS YOU KNOW, MOST PEOPLE DIE INDIVIDUALLY, or sometimes two or three or more together will die in accidents or for various other reasons, so these individuals are fairly easy to transport Here, more-or-less alone, or in very tiny groups, such as small families with children. We always send someone to bring them & guide them & comfort them on their way. Preferably it's some loved one with whom they are already familiar & know & love & who can reassure them that everything's all right, they're just passing from Death unto Life & are on their way to Heaven! (See also No.850.)
       17. "SO THESE FORCEFIELD SPACE TUBES ARE TO PROTECT THEM ON THEIR WAY from all the evil & evil spirits & the evil forces of Satan, as well as all the space junk that Man has shot up here to pollute the areas in space above the Earth! You really need a lot of protection to get Here safely! So the tubes, or tunnels, as some of you call them, are very effective for that purpose of transporting individuals & very small groups.
       18. "THEY SHOOT THROUGH THESE TUBES VERY RAPIDLY TO THE PEARLY GATES THEMSELVES!" "In fact," I remarked, "it kind of reminds me of those old-fashioned suction tubes that they used to have in the department stores for speeding messages from one department to another, or from a sales clerk at the counters below to the finance offices far above. They were either compressed air or suction tubes in some of those old department stores, as some of you might recall. They used little tube-shaped, round containers about two inches in diameter & about six inches long, in which they placed sales slips or credit references or checks, etc. for the finance office above to check & okay. They would place these in the little containers, put them through an opening which placed them into the tube. Then the compressed air would shoot them--whoosh--just like that!
       19. "THEY WOULD SOMETIMES GO CLEAR UP SIX, SEVEN, EIGHT, TEN STORIES ABOVE the counters on the floors below, clear up to the finance offices where they would stop & be removed & opened, & whatever papers & materials were inside would be examined & processed & okayed with great alacrity. Then they would be replaced with the office's answers to the clerk's questions & shot back down to many floors below."
       20. "YES!" ABNER AGREED, "THAT'S THE WAY OUR HEAVENLY TRANSPORTATION TUBES WORK HERE, very similarly to those vacuum tubes on Earth! They are very convenient & very fast for individuals or just a few coming from Earth. But when there are very large groups who die suddenly, such as in great disasters, floods, storms, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, explosions, wars, etc. we need larger forms of mass transportation which can transport a large number of people at once, all together.
       21. "OF COURSE OF ALL THE PEOPLE WHO DIE, of the thousands who pass on in these great disasters, usually only a very few are truly saved, born-again Christians. So we don't really have to have transportation for thousands at once. Even though thousands are killed & die, very often there are only a few dozen or perhaps at most, a few score who are really saved & ready for Heaven & who loved the Lord & were trying to serve Him there on Earth. Usually the Lord & we give them such good protection, it's very seldom that they themselves die in such great numbers in these so-called natural disasters & catastrophes on Earth. (Psa.91: 11-12)
       22. "SO WE FOUND THAT THE CELESTIAL VEHICLES WHICH YOU CALL UFOS THERE ON EARTH, ARE USUALLY SUFFICIENT IN CAPACITY for small groups--or some even larger groups upon rare occasions of a few dozen at once--who die at the same time, same place & who require immediate, safe transportation to Heaven.
       23. "WE ALSO USUALLY KNOW IN ADVANCE when these things are going to happen & when their time has come & the Lord has ordained for them to pass away in such a fashion. We have a vehicle ready & waiting, standing by to receive them & catch them all away, out of the Devil's reach! (Ecc.12:7)
       24. "THIS IS WHY YOUR EARTH PEOPLE HAVE SO OFTEN SEEN THESE STRANGE VEHICLES hovering over the Earth, or soaring rapidly by. Sometimes they're in groups & sometimes the larger ones are standing stationary in the Heavens, waiting to receive the people who are being collected to go to their Heavenly Home! (See No. 623)
       25. "AS YOU KNOW, THEY'VE BEEN DESCRIBED IN EVERY SORT OF WAY, as having every form & shape imaginable.--Some with lights, & some with soft, whirring, humming sounds & some with brilliantly flashing lights & some saucer-shaped & some oval-shaped. But most of your descriptions have been fairly accurate down there, even though your authorities don't believe them, because they don't want to believe them! The authorities are usually flatlanders who just refuse to believe that such things exist, therefore they simply ignore them. After about twenty years of research, they decided that they simply don't exist, or if they do exist, at least they're harmless & they're no threat or danger to society on Earth.--Ha!
       26. "THE REASON SOMETIMES WE EVEN ALLOW THEM TO APPEAR TO EARTHLINGS IS AS SIGNS in the sky & warnings & signs that will even encourage those of faith that we're Here!--Our mighty Angels & Archangels & powers of the Heavens are present & very attentive & very observant of what's going on! We're around to protect them & take care of them & they shouldn't worry about any harm, no matter how great the danger. It assures them that there are Heavenly beings who are watching over them, a Superior Intelligence that is friendly & benign & ready to help them, if they're willing to receive us.
       27. "HOWEVER, WE ARE USUALLY INVISIBLE, of course, & operate clandestinely without being apparent to observers on Earth because in our many hundreds of thousands of missions of going to & from the Earth, your night skies would be completely lit up with our appearances if we were not mostly invisible! (2Ki.6:16-17)
       28. "BUT ONCE IN AWHILE WE HAVE SEEN FIT TO APPEAR VISIBLY, sometimes to encourage some people's faith, other times to frighten away evil-doers & sometimes simply to mystify the minds of wicked men with the things of Heaven & to make fools of them! As God's Word says, 'Driving the diviners mad' (Isa.44:25) because they cannot divine what we are, who we are, or what we're doing there! It even sometimes creates great fear amongst the evil-doers by manifesting our presence & presences above them.
       29. "BUT ACTUALLY THESE SPACESHIPS OR SPACE VEHICLES, AS YOU EARTHLINGS CALL THEM, or UFOs as some of them are known, are somewhat bubble-shaped forcefields in which the larger groups travel, both to & fro between Earth & Heaven. They are either large groups sent from Heaven to their various ministries on Earth, to be dropped off here & there for these various missions, or they are large groups returning from missions accomplished.
       30. "SOMETIMES THEY ARE USED FOR FAIRLY LARGE GROUPS OF THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN KILLED or died in various large disasters & catastrophes in one place or another & therefore require a fairly large method of transportation together to go to Heaven, along with the supervision & guidance of some of their loved ones & other angelic beings to help transport them to our Heavenly sphere.
       31. "SO THESE ARE THOSE AMAZING ROUND & OVAL-SHAPED SPHERES that you have seen in your skies many times at night, & mystified your scientists & government officials who just seemed to have closed their eyes to them now & hope they'll go away, since they cannot find out what or who we are or what we're doing there. Except there are a few believing individuals who realise they are spiritual & Heavenly manifestations of intelligent beings & superior intelligences who are touring their skies at night, & days as well, on various missions from Outer Space to Earth & back again!" "Praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus! Hallelujah!" I exclaimed.
       32. "SO IT'S WONDERFUL, THE SYNCHRONISED & WELL-ORDERED TRANSPORTATION SYSTEM that the Lord has designed for the safe transportation of our Heavenly beings back & forth between Here & Earth, perfectly safe within their beautiful luminous spheres of protective forcefields! They are invisible most of the time, but visible whenever we so desire for any particular purpose. These larger vehicles will hover over, for example, a scene of great disaster or a large catastrophe on Earth, waiting to pick up the various saved ones who pass away at such a time, & they are gathered together by the helping spirits & their loved ones--and some by Angels, for those who have no loved ones in Heaven--to guide them & place them safely within our Heavenly spheres.
       33. "THEY ARE SOMETIMES SEEN AS SOMEWHAT DISC-SHAPED VEHICLES OF LIGHT, WHICH YOU CALL 'FLYING SAUCERS'! This way they can be transported together in comfort & safety & even happy fellowship back to the Heavenly realm, knowing that they are now in good hands & safe & sound, all bodily injuries gone, & with their new spirit-bodies better than ever before & headed for Heaven!
       34. "MOST ARE TRULY THRILLED when they find out that they have survived those disasters & catastrophes, even though their flesh bodies did not! So they are truly happy, clothed in their new white & colourful robes of light, designed for Heavenly places! They are often laughing & praising & thanking the Lord on their way, having at last escaped the clutches of the Enemy & his minions & demons & followers through death & even martyrdom, or the slaughters being perpetrated by the forces of the Antichrist in these Last Days of the Tribulation, the worst slaughter the World has ever known, by a demonic, Satan-in-the-flesh ruler who is also the worst the World has ever known! (Rev.6:9-11; 7:13-17; 12:11,17; Psa.116:15.)
       35. "SO WE'RE HAVING TO WORK HARDER & FASTER THAN EVER BEFORE IN GATHERING TOGETHER ALL THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE DYING & being martyred & passing on from the great strains & stresses & persecution & slaughters of the Enemy there on Earth! But be not afraid!--It's your graduation, your release, your relief, & you'll be so thankful that you came, even if it is through such an exit! We have our helpers & angels & loved ones ready for you, to pick you up & carry you safely Home, thank the Lord! You'll soon forget all that horror there in the happiness of Heaven, thank You Jesus! (Isa.25:8)
       36. "YOU'LL REMEMBER THAT THE PROPHET EZEKIEL TRIED TO DESCRIBE ONE OF THESE vehicles on which the Lord Himself was riding, in the very first chapter of his prophecies & revelations (Eze.1:3-28). But he had a rather difficult time trying to describe such amazing vehicles of Heavenly transportation! So, not understanding completely the marvels of these amazing vehicles, or UFOs, or flying saucers, he did the best he could to try to describe them, as 'wheels within wheels' with 'flashing lights' & with 'powers like living creatures' & with 'rings of light' like holes around their edges, which are the windows with which we gaze at you below! And when these large vehicles travel through your heavens, sometimes they do make sounds 'like water flowing'!
       37. "OF COURSE, THE ONE WHICH HE DESCRIBES HERE IN THE FIRST CHAPTER OF EZEKIEL IS A VERY SPECIAL & ELABORATE CONTRAPTION UPON WHICH ONLY THE LORD HIMSELF RIDES ON VERY EXTRA-SPECIAL VISITS TO EARTH to personally supervise how things are going there. This vehicle bears His throne & His various powerful beings & creatures that protect Him from Satan & all of his evil angels, & it is a beautiful, gorgeous, 'chariot of fire' indeed! It's full of colour & light & sound & power, to transport the Lord Himself on very special supervisory journeys to Earth!
       38. "SO THE ONE WHICH EZEKIEL SAW WHICH BORE THE LORD WAS VERY UNUSUAL & not like the normal ones that are usually seen by some of you there. These are much smaller & not as fancy, but still very effective & efficient for the transportation of the saints & angels to & from the Holy City.
       39. "SINCE THERE ARE MANY MANY MESSENGERS & HELPING SPIRITS & ANGELS TRAVELLING BACK & FORTH CONTINUALLY on various missions to help the folks there on Earth & to defeat the devilish devices of the Devil, there is considerable traffic streaming back & forth constantly, going both directions. It also includes the fairly large traffic necessary to transport to our Pearly Gates of Heaven the approximately 3,000 saved souls who die daily there on Earth. That 3,000 is about all of the 150,000 who die each day who are actually saved. The rest of the 150,000 who are not bound for Heaven don't have much of a problem of transportation, since their destination is so near! They simply sink down into the bowels of the Earth & the various waiting places & preparation chambers there, including the Lake of Fire--Hell-fire itself for the worst ones!
       40. "SINCE THE UNSAVED ARE MOST OF THE APPROXIMATELY 150,000 PEOPLE WHO DIE EVERY DAY ON EARTH, that solves the transportation problem, as they can simply sink down into the Earth into the waiting chambers below. Many of those are assigned to wait on Earth itself to haunt various places, to witness the results & reapings of their evil deeds in their own families & their own homes after they're gone. Sometimes they even haunt some of their enemies to take vengeance upon one another! (2Pe.2:4)
       41. "OF COURSE THERE ARE MANY OF SATAN'S FOLLOWERS who have faithfully followed him most of their lives & are totally dedicated to the Devil's service & who are often put into full-timefulltime service for him as demons & evil spirits to plague those of you who are still on Earth, creating havoc & Hell-on-Earth everywhere! So there's not too much of a transportation problem there for the souls who go to Hell, the trip is short & direct--directly down!
       42. "FOR THE FEW WHO ARE SAVED WHO DIE DAILY, as we've estimated, approximately 3,000 saved Christians each day on the average, a means of safe transportation through the spiritual storms & evil atmosphere & influences of Earth & all its devils & demons, a form of sure, secure, safely protected transportation is needed for the very long journey of nearly a quarter of a million miles from Earth to the Moon!
       43. "SO THE FLYING SAUCERS, as you call them, or UFOs, or more accurately, force-field bubbles, are very convenient & commodious, comfortable & wonderful for those who are being transported & translated from Earth to Heaven at such times in such groups. Individual messengers also use small bubbles for single trips. So, praise the Lord! He has everything well thought-out & planned & perfectly designed, even in the realm of transportation for these uses & purposes. Everyone is well cared for, well protected & safely transported from the one realm to the other. (Psa.121:8)
       44. "SO, DAD, YOU NEED TO GET READY SOON TO MAKE OUR JOURNEY BACK THERE! So finish all the classes you possibly can, & learn all the lessons you can, in order to be prepared for helping them there on Earth.
       45. "ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS that I have yet to explain to you & demonstrate to you on the Practice Firing Range above, is how to use these marvellous powers that we have as weapons against the enemies down there below, so that you'll be able to be a defence to your loved ones, to protect them from the attacks of the Devil & his demons & well able to handle the supernatural weapons. They are natural to us, but seem supernatural to you.
       46. "SO COME ON, DAD! LET'S THE THREE OF US FLY UP NOW TO THE FIRING RANGE, where you can safely test these powers for the first time, because you need to learn how to use them against the enemy, okay?"
       47. "OKAY, SON," I SAID, "IF YOU & PHOEBE GO WITH ME, I certainly am willing to go, although I never cared much for weapons & death-dealing dangers, especially of the kind that Man manufactures & uses in that Hell-on-Earth below, & by which he has destroyed many, many millions & millions of lives, of both the innocent & the guilty! But if you say I am going to need them & I have to use them, then I will! So okay, let's go!"
       48. SO WITH THAT, WE BADE THE HOME FAMILY MEMBERS FAREWELL for a little while & we soared upward together hand-in-hand toward what Abner called the "Firing Range", or in other words, the weapons-testing area of Heaven!
       49. YOU MIGHT SAY, "WHAT DO YOU MEAN, DAD, THEY'VE GOT DANGEROUS WEAPONS UP THERE with which they kill people?" Yes, we have seemingly supernatural physical & spiritual powers with which to defend our own & if necessary, kill our enemies, if nothing else can stop them! Heaven is not a pacifistic Nation! But it is prepared to defend itself with very powerful & amazing weapons, including those which it carries on its spaceships, or the flying saucers as you call them, to protect themselves from the onslaughts of the Enemy! (Rev.12:7,9; Isa.66: 15,16)
       50. SO WE SOON ARRIVED AT THIS HUGE BUILDING, which is the only noisy place I've found in Heaven! For although the weapons themselves are perfectly silent & powerful, the damage that they can do can sometimes be quite noisy! So we touch down & hand-in-hand walk through the entrance into the Weapons Testing Center. This is for beginners here in this heavenly sphere who are planning to return to Earth & need to learn how to use them.
       51. SO WE THREE TOOK OUR PLACE ON THE FIRING LINE & VIEWED THE TARGETS in the distance. Some were shaped like the evil soldiers of the Antichrist, some like devils & demons, & some like buildings & tanks & weapons of Man, & the others like flying objects, resembling his airplanes & rockets & military satellites. Our particular individual range reminded me of some of those private gun ranges on Earth, but oddly enough no weapons of any kind were actually visible, only the targets in the distance, some moving, some stationary.
       52. INSTEAD OF PICKING UP A GUN OR A RIFLE OR PISTOL, Abner suddenly just grasped the railing with both his hands & looked intently with his eyes at one of the first targets, an evil-looking representation of an Antichrist soldier. It was as though some kind of death rays or powerful force was emitted by his eyes that struck the soldier & he literally vaporised! Another target, which was moving, he used less power on & it was suddenly frozen in motion & stood perfectly still as though stunned!
       53. THEN WITH GREAT CONCENTRATION & POWERFUL DETERMINATION, HE POINTED HIS FINGER at one of the target planes in the sky & it immediately disintegrated! He tried the same thing on a target tank that was rolling back & forth, & it too completely vaporised!--Guns, weapons, soldiers, planes, tanks, missiles--nothing seemed safe from his powerful gaze or pointed finger! (2Ki.1:9-12)
       54. IN ONE CASE, TO MY DUMBFOUNDED AMAZEMENT, HE EVEN OPENED HIS MOUTH & OUT OF HIS MOUTH ISSUED A STREAM OF FIRE like a flame-thrower, that totally devoured a small group of Antichrist soldier targets! Then he looked at me & smiled at my horrified expression! (Psa.104:4; Rev.11:5)
       55. "IT'S EASY, DAD! JUST TRY IT! YOU CAN DO IT TOO! Come on, come up here & I'll show you how! Now, look hard at that Antichrist soldier target there. Concentrate. Glare at him with all your might & think hard with your thought power, that you want to either stop him dead in his tracks, or freeze him into motionless, stationary posture, or with even greater concentration & stronger thought power, totally disintegrate or vaporise him! You'll find out that you now have such powers, & you need to learn how to use them."
       56. SO, REMINDING ME OF HOW I ONCE STEPPED UP TO THE FIRING LINE IN ONE OF THE ARMIES OF EARTH & sighted my gun on a target in the distance & made a special record as the highest in my company for shooting accuracy & won a medal for it & had often hunted on Earth with my own rifle, before I learned better, I stepped up to the railing & decided, "Well, I might as well give it a try!"
       57. SO I DID AS ABNER TOLD ME: I looked at this image of an Antichrist soldier & I glared at him with wrath, thinking about all the horrors they were doing to our people on Earth! I concentrated my eyes on his form, & exerted tremendous thought power energy, thinking that I wanted him frozen or destroyed! Suddenly this moving target stopped dead in its tracks & poof!--Vanished! Vaporised! Disintegrated completely!
       58. "WOW!" I SAID, "ABNER, THAT'S TERRIFIC! WHEW! It's a good thing I didn't have these powers on Earth when I was down there before, or I might have been tempted to use them on some of our enemies then, when it might not have been a very good idea & might have gotten us in trouble!"
       59. "OKAY," ABNER SAID, "NEXT TRY THE FINGER WEAPON. Just point your finger at that little target building there & think forcefully with tremendous thought power & concentrate on that building & just want it destroyed with all your heart, as it's a simulated building of the Antichrist & his forces & your enemies!"
       60. SO I DID. I STRETCHED OUT MY ARM & POINTED MY FINGER at that little building--only a target of course--but I wished with all my heart, as I imagined that it housed Antichrist enemies, & that God would destroy it.--And boom! It suddenly blew up! I said, "Wow! This is terrific! It's amazing! These certainly are powerful powers that you use for defense there on Earth & even in the heavenlies, or at least in the space heavenlies, from the missiles & satellites & weapons of Man in space!"
       61. "OKAY, DAD, NOW TRY THE MOST SPECTACULAR ONE, THE ONE LIKE THE FLAME THROWERS OF EARTH, in which you blow flames out of your mouth like a fire-eater, & devour that target over there!" I said, "Okay, I'll try it. It seems a little risky to me, but I'll sure give it a try!" So I looked with great thought power concentration at this target of a little group of Antichrist soldiers coming toward me as if they were coming to get me, & I tried to imagine that I was actually in danger & how I hated the Devil & his powers & his people, who are totally sold-out & marked by Satan with the Mark of the Beast, & I gave them a real blast, just like I had with my voice & my words on Earth, in which I had blasted our enemies with the fiery Words of God! (Heb.4:12)
       62. AND LO & BEHOLD, RIGHT OUT OF MY MOUTH CAME THIS LONG STREAM OF FLAME that literally licked them up like the dust from the Earth & consumed them all! I was just absolutely aghast at the tremendous powerful weapon that my mouth had now become! Even as it had been a powerful weapon of the war of words on Earth, it was now literally a forceful, violent weapon of destruction that could not only infuriate our enemies with the Words of God, but literally devour & consume them in flames! "Wow! This is some target practice & some firing range," I exclaimed, "--the likes of which I have never seen nor experienced before, that's for sure!" (Isa.11:4; Heb.12:29; Rev.19:15)
       63. "ALRIGHT DAD," ABNER SAID, "ONE LAST TEST NOW. Beyond that wall there, out of sight there is a sniper peeping through a window, normally unseen. But by your telepathic powers & your distant vision he is known to be there. He's aiming his gun towards you, ready to fire & try to kill you if he can. Now, without the eye-power, finger-power or mouth-power, just concentrate your thoughts on him, just think about him & think his destruction & see what happens."
       64. SO I LOOKED TOWARD THE SMALL APERTURE IN THE TARGET BUILDING at the end of the range, & though at first I couldn't see the sniper himself, nor at that distance even the muzzle of his gun, I began to visualize him & thought of him as Abner directed & I concentrated on his being there, knowing now, because suddenly I could see him right through the wall of the building! I knew he was pointing his gun toward me like a target, so I immediately summoned all the power I could muster & wished his destruction!--And he completely vanished--just like that! He just vaporised into thin air! And I thought, "Wow! That is really something!--That even at a distance, out of sight, we can destroy our enemies who are often unseen, just by thinking about them!"
       65. ABNER SAID, "YES, DAD, YOU CAN EVEN DO IT AT GREATER DISTANCES THAN THAT! Through the power of prayer & thought concentration, with your new Heavenly energies & so-called supernatural powers, you can even think the death & destruction of your enemies half-way around the Earth, if you would just concentrate upon them & get a mental picture of the one who is causing you the most trouble & wish him destroyed, & it'll happen!
       66. "EVEN SATAN & HIS FOLLOWERS & EVIL SPIRITS, DEMONS & HELL'S ANGELS USE SOME OF THESE CURSE-POWERS for the destruction of enemies on Earth & those whom God has ordained to be destroyed because of their wickedness. He often tries these weapons on us, but usually unsuccessfully, because God protects our Family on Earth by His Angels & forcefields, so that they are unable to break through the walls of our defenses with their supernatural spiritual powers, unless we allow them by our own sins & our own waywardness & disobedience, as we run out from under God's protective shelter & the power of His defenses & we get on the territory of the Devil & in with the wrong people, doing the wrong things! Then we are vulnerable & we are pregnable, up to a point, to the forces & destructive powers of the Enemy & all his evil minions! (Psa.91:2,10)
       67. "SOMETIMES GOD THEREBY ALLOWS US TO BE SCORCHED WITH SATAN'S POWERS & fires & forces to give us a spanking & a chastisement, to learn our lesson. Other times very severe backsliders who are doing lots of damage & causing us lots of trouble there on Earth, God will even allow Satan to take charge of them & completely slaughter them, execute them, as a penalty for their sins & to remove them from the Earth, as they are a stumbling block to others. Satan, too, has to operate within God's rules & limits!
       68. "SO THERE YOU ARE, DAD! I THINK YOU'RE READY! You handled that very well & with great courage! Some people who come here are scared to try these things, but I can see you're an old soldier who's used to the firing line & you did very well! Praise the Lord!
       69. "NOW I THINK YOU'RE ALMOST READY TO RETURN TO EARTH! Just a few little tidyings up & tying up of loose ends & finishing of a few more courses & the learning of a few more facts & procedures & we'll be ready to go! Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! Maria & the children & your staff down there are really eagerly waiting for your first return journey! They are expecting to hear from you soon, to hear your whisperings in their ears with the still small voice of the Lord & those various means of telepathic communication & spiritual leadings & dreams & visions & all the methods of communication you've been telling them about in your Spiritual Communications!--So hustle along, Dad! It won't be long now! God bless you!"--
       70. SO I'M COMING SOON, MARIA! Just be patient!--God bless & keep you, in Jesus' name!--Amen!--I love you!--Grandpa.

Copyright (c) 1997 by The Family