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GRANDPA GOES TO EARTH!--Heaven's Children!--Chapter 21!       DO 2119       12/85

       1. PRAISE THE LORD! THANK YOU JESUS! HERE I AM AGAIN, COMMUNICATING TO YOU FROM HEAVEN, & THERE IS BIG NEWS! Things are getting so hot down there on Earth that they tell me that it's time for us to go down & help them!--I've been here in training long enough!
       2. MY LAST COUPLE OF LESSONS WERE A FEW FINISHING TOUCHES TO MY EDUCATION for the warfare down there below, & one was how to appear & disappear, & another was how to transport, or teletransportation by thought power! I learned how to simply disappear or dematerialise here & reappear or materialise some place else, which comes in very handy in a pinch! Also I learned how to wear my aura as a protective force fieldforcefield from all the onslaughts from either Man or devils, & even protection against objects or missiles or space debris, or whatever! (2Cor.10:4)
       3. NORMALLY THESE THINGS CAN'T HARM US anyhow, because in the Spirit World we are in a different dimension & can pass right through them or they can pass right through us without our even hardly noticing it! But because there are other powers also in the Spirit World--the evil forces of Satan himself & all his evil angels & demon spirits--we need extra protection most of all from them! So our Heavenly auras give us spiritual protection as well as material protection, wherever we are. (Eph.6:12)
       4. I'VE ALSO LEARNED HOW WE DISGUISE OURSELVES & take on other forms or the appearances of other creatures or other human beings. Even as the Devil himself can disguise himself as an angel of light (2Cor.11:14-15), we can also infiltrate their evil forces by disguising ourselves as angels of darkness, if need be!--Or even as a member of the forces of the Antichrist, so that they think that we're one of them!
       5. THIS WAY WE PENETRATE THEIR INNERMOST SECRETS & COUNCILS & find out all we need to know about what they're up to & what their plans are next. We of course can also read their minds & their thoughts, while we can keep our own to ourselves, thank the Lord! So I've just finished a course in practising some of these tactics here, & they seem to think I'm ready to go back down to you folks there to give you a hand in these final battles with the Enemy.
       6. WE ALSO ARE ENJOYING LOTS OF VISITS WITH OTHER DEPARTED MEMBERS OF OUR FAMILY who are now Up Here, & some of them have been Here for some time now. Others have just come recently. The little children are staying mostly with their relatives who visit us with them occasionally, because they all want to see Grandpa! But the adults of our Family who have arrived Here recently are now moving in around us, because they all want to be near to Grandpa, God bless them!
       7. OF COURSE WE CAN'T HAVE THEM ALL RIGHT HERE IN THE HOUSE, except for visits, because we are reserving rooms for you Members of our Family down there who have always been with us & always lived with us--Maria & Peter & the different ones of the children & staff members. So as much as I'd like to, we just can't have everybody living with us!
       8. BUT YOU CAN CERTAINLY LIVE NEARBY & COME FOR FREQUENT VISITS, & we'll have some real parties Up Here when you folks get Here! Praise God! And the dear girls & women who've always wanted to make love to me, as well as meet me, are all getting their turns, God bless them! So we've really been busy at both work & play, praise the Lord! We all not only have lots of jobs & ministries, but we also need a little rest & recreation & playtime Here, as you do on Earth. (Rev.6:11)
       9. BUT NOW THEY SAY IT'S TIME FOR SOME OF US TO GO, those who are best equipped to help you down there, those who have the longest training Here. Some are already accustomed to these trips, like Abner & Phoebe & India Joy & Shuly, some of whom have been here for several years, & Abner even for nearly twenty years! So he's a real professional leader Up Here & a genuine soldier, a Heavenly warrior who has made many, many trips below to help you folks out there in your multitudes of struggles & emergencies, etc. Thank the Lord!
       10. PHOEBE, TOO, HAS ALREADY MADE SEVERAL TRIPS BELOW to love & encourage & help & guide different ones of you, as well as India Joy & Shuly & a few others who have been Up Here for awhile. But because we're the closest to you, Maria & our own personal little family down there, Abner & I & Phoebe & India Joy, Shuly & a few others have been chosen for this, my first returning trip. Others of our staff Here are being left to care for the Mansion & our children & visitors, etc.
       11. SO, AGAIN THE DAY HAS COME WHEN ABNER IS TO LAND HIS HEAVENLY GONDOLA ON OUR LAWN to pick up this group of us who are going! It's so wonderful to not have to worry about packing or luggage or even clothing, since our Heavenly robes of light never get dirty & don't even need to be changed, unless we want to, & they can last us for the entire duration of our visit there without any problem! We don't even need a toothbrush, nor money!
       12. EVEN IF SOMETIMES WE NEED TO OPERATE DISGUISED AS EARTHLINGS in Earthly clothing, all we have to do is think about it, & we can create the money right in our pockets! I guess the governments there would call it counterfeiting, but it's not counterfeit, it's the real thing! We just transport it from other places where they don't need it & have too much of it already! Talk about pick-pockets, we can even slip our hand in their pocket & take it right out of the pockets or purses of the rich & the wasteful & put it to much better use! They probably wouldn't ever even miss it!
       13. SO ANYTHING EARTHLY THAT WE NEED WE CAN PICK UP WHILE WE'RE DOWN THERE, in case we need to use such things that are sometimes needed on Earth for operating under disguise, such as clothing & money, etc. We can even commandeer vehicles down there if we should need to appear to travel just like other Earth beings. So they tell me we have no problems along those lines at all, we just pick up right down there whatever we need there, if we should have occasion to use it.
       14. SO HERE WE GO! We all pile in to this beautiful Golden Gondola & lift off noiselessly, quietly, softly, & go soaring upward toward the Teletransportation Center where the huge mass transportation spaceships are harboured, & this time quite a number of people are going. So we land softly on the outer perimeter of this space dock & Abner leads the way to one of these huge space vehicles which you sometimes call UFOs or flying saucers on Earth.
       15. THIS SPACECRAFT LOOKS AS THOUGH IT WERE ALMOST AS BIG AS OUR HOUSE! It sits there resting gently on its pad, huge, circular, with a large transparent dome for observation in flight. Quite a number of passengers have already assembled here on the launching pad, waiting for the assigned departure time.
       16. IT LOOKS AS THOUGH THERE MUST BE AT LEAST A HUNDRED PEOPLE HERE, all chatting excitedly & expectantly about our coming trip. We have time to meet a few new friends & get slightly acquainted as we're waiting. Some other Gondolas have already landed, bringing more, until apparently finally we are all here & the signal is given to board. A portion of the wall then descends & forms steps into the interior through which we all glide, or almost float, as we do Here when we walk.
       17. THE INTERIOR CIRCULAR WALL IS BEAUTIFULLY LINED WITH COMFORTABLE COUCHES, similar to those in our Home, only it seems to be one continuous couch-like seat around the entire circular interior, just beneath the bottom edge of the dome. On these marvellous spaceships, everybody gets a window seat & everybody has a clear view of each other, as we face each other in a great circle, as well as a beautiful view out through the dome beside us.
       18. EVEN THE BOTTOM FLOOR IS TRANSPARENT material, as though it were transparent glass, similar to the material with which everything Up Here seems to be made, like the golden crystal walls of the City! Only these materials of the spaceship floor & dome are of clear glass, without colour to interfere with the beautiful sights outside.
       19. NO INTERIOR EQUIPMENT IS NEEDED, such as lavatories or galleys for cooking or preparing food, as our journey to Earth is quite short & speedy, & we Heavenly folks don't need lavatories anyhow, since we have no wastes & we seldom need food. Since these giant spaceships operate on the same kind of thought power as even the small Gondolas, no machinery of any kind is necessary to impede the view, or obstruct our viewing of each other or space outside.
       20. AGAIN, ABNER SEEMS TO BE THE PILOT of this ship, as he is a high official Here with many years of experience in flying back & forth to Earth, so he soon gives the signal that we're to be prepared for liftoff. We all turn from talking to each other to gazing out through the crystal dome into the realms beyond, as we slowly & softly, quietly lift off from Heaven's Teleport!
       21. WE LEARN FROM ABNER AS WE RIDE THAT THE SPACESHIP IS ALSO SURROUNDED BY A VERY POWERFUL FORCE-FIELD FOR PROTECTION from flying objects or evil Men or demons & all that space junk Earth has shot up into the heavenlies, as well as meteors, asteroids, space debris, etc. So we're off! Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! This is beautiful, wonderful!
       22. WE GAZE IN WONDER AT THE CELESTIAL beauties around us, the rising walls of the City, tiered with their beautiful mansions & our beautiful Fair below, with the parks & lovely vistas stretching out within the City as far as the eye can see! I was about to wonder how this immense thing could get through one of those Pearly Gates, when Abner explained to me that we did not have to pass through the Pearly Gates because this amazing craft & all that is in it has the ability to pass right through a clear space in the wall of the City itself, below the mansions, & also through its crystal sea force-field outside, as well as right through the rock shell of the Moon itself!
       23. SO WE'RE OUT & AWAY, SOARING RAPIDLY THROUGH THE DARKNESS OF SPACE! For as you know, out in space all is dark except for the light of the Sun & the Moon & the Stars. But since there's no air, no atmosphere to reflect the light, the feeling is of darkness & the blackness of night, except for the brilliance of the Sun & the pale beautiful reflection of the Moon, as well as the Stars shining in the distance.
       24. WE PICK UP MORE SPEED AS WE GO, & we new passengers are absolutely fascinated by the view, as the Moon recedes & Earth approaches, much of it enshrouded with clouds. As we approach Earth's outer space, we begin to pass different pieces of Earth space junk--satellites, defunct missiles, scientific laboratories etc., & avoid them skilfully like the plague! For Man has not been satisfied with polluting the Earth, he has to clutter up space as well, which is why we're soon going to have to stop all this & put an end to all of Man's foolishness!
       25. AS WE DRAW NEAR THE SURFACE OF THE EARTH, WE BEGIN TO SEE SOME OF THE FAMILIAR OUTLINES OF THE CONTINENTS through the clouds. We seem to be approaching the Earth, zeroing in on the Eastern Hemisphere, where most of our Family have fled to escape the vicious Northern regions where the Antichrist now is in full power! But here in the Third World there are still many rebel nations which have refused to yield to him & with whom he is still fighting wars, & they with him. (Dan.11:40.44)
       26. WE SOON DESCEND SLOWLY IN THE DAYLIGHT, BUT INVISIBLE TO MEN ON EARTH, & we approach a beautiful green, lush tropical paradise-land, the very one to which, I understand, Heaven's Girl has now fled for safety & refuge from the Antichrist forces. (Rev.12:6,14)
       27. IT IS ONE OF THE FEW LANDS LEFT WHICH HE HAS NOT YET CONQUERED, because of its remoteness from his home country & his greater concern with much larger, richer & more powerful nations he is seeking to dominate, figuring that these little ones usually fall into his lap when he has eliminated some of the powerful nations who are rebelling against him.
       28. FOR AS WE HAD LEARNED FROM THE SCRIPTURES, IT HAS BEEN THE MOST DEEPLY RELIGIOUS FAITHFUL WHO HAVE REJECTED HIS IDOLATRY because of their deep religious convictions. The other faiths & nations who are so involved in idolatry & Devil-worship themselves had long ago fallen easy prey to his Satanic powers, as they were already largely controlled by Satan & his forces. Therefore they welcomed the Antichrist & his demonic followers.
       29. FINALLY WE ARE HOVERING NOISELESSLY & EXPECTANTLY ABOVE THE COUNTRYSIDE near a great city of this beautiful, natural land! Each team is told to get ready to descend with its leaders to their various destinations below. Apparently many of our passengers are familiar with this country & know where they are going, to help those they're assigned to & various religious groups who are still struggling here & helping this nation to resist the Antichrist forces.
       30. EVIDENTLY FROM HERE ON, EACH LITTLE TEAM WOULD BE ON THEIR OWN, to go to each chosen destination to help those they're assigned to in religious groups & Family Homes here in this land. We are now to descend individually or in small groups, flying personally without spacecraft, as we usually did in Heaven on short individual trips.
       31. SO ABNER GRASPED MY ONE HAND & PHOEBE THE OTHER & the others grasped each other's hands in turn, as we prepared to stick together for our flight down to the surface. A large circular hole opened in the center of the floor of the spacecraft, & each team approached it & then floated gently down through it as they stepped off into the air.
       32. I HAD BECOME USED TO THIS IN HEAVEN by now, so it was no new or scarey thing anymore, but I still have the same feeling each time I do it, as the parachute jumpers must have when they first step out the door of their aircraft into space!--And it is quite a thrill, as suddenly you find yourself floating down through the air with no aircraft but yourself! The only thing between you & others & the World around you is your own small individual force fieldforcefield aura.
       33. SO WE SIMPLY FOLLOW ABNER as he guides us by hand over the vistas below, & we thank God that we are invisible to them! Now there are all kinds of aircraft in the air around us & we can even begin to see the auto traffic on some of the roads below. Except for its tropical verdure & beautiful paradisiacal greenery & warm climate, which I'd become acquainted with in the Tropix, the location of Maria's Home was entirely unfamiliar to me, as our family had had to move several times since I left.
       34. BUT FINALLY WE HOVER OVER A BEAUTIFUL FARM IN A LOVELY LITTLE VALLEY just outside the city & begin to slowly descend toward it. "This is your Earthly Home, Dad," said Abner, "where your little Family lives now, having fled here to this country recently since the many events of the past few years." I can see animals grazing in the fields stretching out from the farm house & its various barns & sheds. But most fascinating to me are the little children playing in the yard with their nurses watching over them!
       35. SO I ASK PHOEBE, "WHOSE ARE THESE?" Because my own children are full-grown by this time! "Oh," she says, "these are more little ones which your children & some of your staff have had since you left!" It's hard to realise how grown up my own children have become! The older ones are already in their late teens & the younger ones in their early teens, all old enough to have little ones of their own by now!
       36. IN OUR FAMILY WE HAVE SEX & BEAR CHILDREN EARLY, instead of wasting time & talent on the foolishness of this World & its ridiculous education that tries to prevent pregnancies with the various devices & abortions of Worldlings! We have always encouraged sex & mating & pregnancy & having children as the gifts & creations of God Himself to more rapidly people His wonderful Kingdom, even here on Earth! (Pro.17:6; Mat.19:14)
       37. SO AS WE SLOWLY HOVER & DESCEND toward the yard where the children & nurses are playing, I search hungrily & eagerly for familiar faces! And sure enough almost immediately I see dear, darling, beautiful Dora out there caring for little Sammy, Sara & Alf's most recent progeny! And there's our dear, precious, wonderful beautiful Sara, one of our most marvellous faithful mothers, who has three children of her own & has diligently cared for ours & others as well. Playing about her feet are some small ones, little ones that I have never seen--children of our staff & even of my own grown children now!
       38. THEY OF COURSE DO NOT SEE US, as we settle down to land softly on the grass before them. For to them we are invisible &, as Abner had instructed us, are to remain so, except on the rarest of occasions or urgent emergency situations when we will need to appear to them for some outstanding reason to impress or reassure them with our presence in difficult situations. Otherwise we are to remain to them invisible & silent, except as they need help or guidance or encouragement, in which case we can either whisper in their ears--actually in their minds--the thoughts which we wish to convey, or even appear to them in visions or dreams to show them what they need to know.
       39. IT'S ALL I CAN DO TO RESTRAIN MYSELF from running up & trying to hug them, but since we are now in dematerialised form, my arms would only pass right through them & they wouldn't even know it, except they might feel something of my presence in their spirit. I want to pick up the little ones too, but this is not possible in my present form. They are running all about, some of them even running right through us, unconscious of our presence!
       40. ABNER SMILES INDULGENTLY AT MY BEWILDERMENT AT THIS NEW SITUATION of being unable to appear or talk or visit with these here at first, but only to observe & help & guide & protect them by our various supernatural methods & means. For "that which is seen is temporal, but that which is unseen is eternal". (2Cor.4:18)
       41. GOD HAS LAID DOWN CERTAIN RESTRICTIONS & LIMITATIONS ON WHAT WE, IN THE SPIRIT WORLD, CAN DO for those of you who are yet in the material, physical world & Earthly life. He wants you to believe in things unseen because of His Word & to have faith in Him & Heaven & Salvation purely through faith & not by sight. (2Cor.5:7; Rom.10:17) For if you could see all that is around you in the Spirit World, it would be too easy to believe, & it also might frighten you as you see how the Enemy is operating, as well as the Angels of God & the Holy Spirits of God!
       42. YOU ARE USUALLY SPARED THESE SCENES & THE SIGHTS & SOUNDS OF THE SPIRIT WORLD unless you particularly need them for some reason on some particular or special occasion, when you desperately need to see or to hear something to encourage your faith or to guide you or counsel you or direct you or warn you. (1Cor.2:9,10)
       43. SO WE ARE TO REMAIN UNSEEN & unheard & even unfelt, except in spiritual manifestations, such as dreams & visions & the still small voices with which we speak within your mind & heart, so you will continue to depend entirely on His Word & faith in Him without any other proofs except His constant, faithful, never-ending care, provision & protection, as always. (Isa.30:21)
       44. FOR AS HE SAYS, "THE JUST SHALL LIVE BY FAITH" (HEB.10:38A) & "WITHOUT FAITH IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO PLEASE GOD." (Heb.11:6a) He wants you to trust Him & trust His Word, trust the messages that He's already sent & is still sending, without visible, audible manifestations & proofs in this present Earthly age of faith & grace.
       45. FOR ALTHOUGH "BLESSED IS HE THAT HATH SEEN & BELIEVED," He himself said, "More blessed are you who have not seen, & yet have believed!" (John 20:29) God can prove things to you sometimes & actually let you see the proof, or hear it in some miraculous way, to encourage your faith & help you truly realise manifestations of His grace--and this is good. But those who simply trust His Word that He's already given, & still believe without proof or manifestation, are even more blessed in His sight because of their strong faith in His Word & faithfulness to His Word.
       46. BUT I STILL HAVE STRONG FEELINGS OF WANTING TO CRY OUT & CALL to them & say, "Hey, folks! Look! We're here! We've come back!" But I am not permitted to do so, nor to interfere with your normal daily lives in any way, except in emergencies. I am merely to observe & only to speak with our telepathic powers to your minds & hearts in spirit, rather than in the flesh.
       47. I STILL FEEL LIKE CRYING OUT, "MARIA! MARIA! Where's Maria! Kids, where are you? Family! We've come back for a visit!" It's so hard to restrain myself, but Abner cautions me again, "You're not to intervene in any way except in emergency situations where they really need supernatural help! You are merely to observe, to pray for them, to try to help meet their needs, to intercede for them & with their Guardian Angels & the Powers who have authority over them, to counsel with the Lord or these Powers & Angels before offering any form of intervention physically, visibly or audibly--those're the rules here!"
       48. THAT'S HOW THE LORD & HIS ANGELS & SAINTS HAVE OPERATED THROUGHOUT THE AGES, ONCE THEY HAVE PASSED INTO THE SPIRIT WORLD. They are to continue to let you fend for yourselves, eagerly absorb the Word for yourselves, & thereby gain the faith for these things yourselves, & to meet these needs & confront these situations with your own faith & spiritual strength gained from the Lord through His Word, & not by the too-easy help of supernatural means & spiritual assistance.
       49. WE ARE MORE-OR-LESS TO OBSERVE AS PART OF THE GREAT CLOUD OF WITNESSES which surround you all always, watching & praying for you & doing our best to encourage you in spirit & in heart & in mind, without actual intervention except in extreme emergencies.
       50. "SO, WHY DON'T WE GO ON INTO THE HOUSE & SEE WHAT MARIA IS DOING!" Phoebe eagerly suggests. "Sure!" Abner says. And I reply, "By all means! I can hardly wait!" So we glide across the yard & up the front steps, passing right through the door itself without even opening it, & find Maria sitting there in the living room, leading a little class of new student staff members whom she has gathered around to teach & train & to help learn the ways of the leadership of our Family. (2Tim.2:2) She's sitting there as beautiful as ever, speaking in her soft, sweet voice, calmly, faithfully giving them the Word of God, thank the Lord!--Just like she always does!
       51. IT'S ALL I CAN DO TO CONTAIN MYSELF & CONSTRAIN MYSELF from rushing up & gathering her in my arms--which she wouldn't feel anyhow, as we are now strictly in the spirit & the spiritual realm & cannot be in direct contact with anything physical or material here in this Earthly World, except in emergencies. So I am compelled to content myself with merely watching & thrilling to be able to observe her once again!
       52. "BE PATIENT," SAYS ABNER, "you'll be able to have some more of those seemingly physico-spiritual contacts with her at appropriate times in her dreams in bed, where you can again make love to each other in the spirit & she can even have orgasms with you in these night dreams--even better than she's ever had in the physical in your life together before! There is nothing superior to the thrills of the spirit & the excitement of spiritual love & affection!"
       53. SOME OF THE MEN ARE HERE, busy about their household & maintenance duties, & several of our familiar staff members are here, still faithful in their care for Maria & staff & the children. "But where are the older children?" I ask. "Oh," Phoebe says, "they're probably in the classroom, as usual, learning to know all the things that they need to learn on Earth before they come to Heaven!"
       54. SO WE MOVE ON THROUGH SEVERAL WALLS until we find them sitting about the table, with their schoolbooks, writing pads & pens, listening intently to one of their teachers. "Some of the older children," Phoebe says, "are probably out helping Heaven's Girl somewhere, while these younger ones are staying at home studying & helping with household chores & the children."
       55. --AND THERE SHE IS! MY OWN DEARLY BELOVED, BUT NO LONGER LITTLE, TECHI, sitting beside the teacher as her assistant. Now she is a full-grown teenager, in her mid-teens! She's a gorgeous, ravishing beauty with her long, beautiful shiny hair & those bright radiant eyes, & her sweet smiling face! She's tenderly helping some of the little ones around the table.
       56. FOR OUR OWN CHILDREN, THE LITTLE ONES THAT WE HAD KNOWN BEFORE, ARE NOW ALMOST ALL NEARLY FULL-GROWN & they are now the teachers & the helpers & the nurses & the mothers & the cooks & part of the household staff! Instead of being just little tykes that have to be taken care of, they're now taking care of other little ones, some of which are even their own!
       57. SO HERE ARE TECHI & DAVIDA HELPING with the little ones & the teaching & the household chores, while our older teens have gone out on some important missions.
       58. SO THERE IS LOTS OF EXCITEMENT & lots of things going on around everywhere, as usual, both within the Home & in other places nearby. The Family & its many converts are on a particularly strong final witnessing push, as they sense that the End is nigh & that it will not be very much longer that this, one of the last hold-out countries, can resist the powers & forces of the Antichrist World government. (John 9:4; Eph.5:16)
       59. THIS SEEMS TO BE THEIR LAST CHANCE TO REACH EVERYONE THEY CAN with the message of God's Love & Salvation & His Heavenly Home, to which they are drawing closer day-by-day, as the end of the Antichrist reign approaches & times wax worse & worse! We are here to prepare them & help them through these last difficult days just before the Coming of the Lord. (2Tim.3:13)
       60. SO HERE I AM AT LAST, BACK WITH MY LITTLE PERSONAL FAMILY ONCE AGAIN, but unable to take them in my arms or speak to them, or comfort them, except in the spirit! But they seem to have been doing fine without me! Maria is carrying on as strong as ever, thank the Lord, among her other helpers & household staff & the many children, as usual.
       61. IT DOES SEEM SO HOMEY AGAIN, & I myself am comforted through at least being able to see them & hear them & watch them & help them when they need it. I am encouraged to realise that it will not be long before they will be joining me in the Spirit World, to ascend on high together at the Coming of the Lord! Therefore I am comforted with these thoughts. It is wonderful just to be here & to see them again & watch their daily activities & their diligent work for the Lord & continuing to communicate with His Children, with helpful counsel & advice & guidance through these last dangerous days!
       62. WE ARE TO BE A PART OF THAT CLOUD OF WITNESSES watching over this wayward World & its few Saints & our dearly beloved Loved Ones! So I am to be content with this for the time being, thank the Lord! At least it's wonderful to be here & to be able to watch over them & help & guide them & protect them, if need be. So, praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus! (Heb.12:1a)
       63. AS WE WATCH THROUGHOUT THE DAY, with them going about their very busy schedule & concerned with the physical & material as well as the spiritual activities of the household, they are too busy to be very spiritually-conscious of our presence. So I can hardly wait until bedtime, when they will all need to go to sleep & can dream, & then I can visit them in their dreams & talk to them & even love them & make love!
       64. SO WE HOVER ABOUT AS THEY CONCLUDE THEIR DAY'S ACTIVITIES with another happy Family dinner, with us hovering over them & behind them, watching their every move, pleased with their joy & happiness, until they finally retire!


       70. I HOPE EVERYONE HERE IS LOOKING FORWARD TO THEIR WONDERFUL FAMILY REUNIONS AGAIN TOGETHER VERY SOON, because it won't be long now until we're all together again forever & ever & evermore with Jesus & His Holy Family! (1Th.4:17-18)
       71. SO EVERYONE HERE HURRY & GET YOUR JOBS DONE SO YOU CAN GO! God bless & keep you, in Jesus' name, amen!

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