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CURRENT EVENTS!--How a Country Goes Communist!--The Overthrow of the Philippine Government       DO 2121       Comp.3/86

       1. WE HAVEN'T SEEN MUCH OF HALLEY'S COMET, IT HASN'T MADE THE BIG SPLASH EXPECTED, but already in 1986 cataclysmic events have been taking place!: Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, terrible floods, all kinds of so-called natural disasters, pestilences & plagues, plus a lot of political turmoil, assassinations & overthrow of governments!
       2. PROBABLY THE MAJOR EVENT THUS FAR OF 1986 WAS THE OVERTHROW OF THE ANTI-COMMUNIST GOVERNMENT OF THE PHILIPPINES by radical Liberals & pro-Communists with the help of the U.S. This event had the most worldwide media coverage of any event in recent World history, both before, during & after, because the Philippines was considered one of the strongest anti-Communist bastions in the East & of great importance to the U.S. as the home of its two largest foreign military bases!
+ + +

       3. I DREAMT THAT I WAS PRESIDENT MARCOS OF THE PHILIPPINES. Corazon Aquino, the contender for the Presidency, & I were facing each other about 30 meters apart & whoever wanted the Presidency just had to walk the 30 meters to have it, if they had the faith, just walk in. So I deliberately let her & she just walked in! I could have walked in but I let her. All she had to do was walk in. Isn't that funny? It's just like the way she took it over. She just walked in & took it because I let her. I don't know what the 30 meters means, but it was easy! I just stood there & let her walk in. Three is very significant to the Lord & the Lord's language.
       4. I THOUGHT THAT WAS A VERY SIGNIFICANT DREAM! It was very vivid & I woke up with it very fresh on my mind. All she had to do was walk in & take it, but she couldn't have if I hadn't let her. So I let her & she walked in & there was peace!
+ + +

       5. IT LOOKS LIKE MARCOS WAS READY TO QUIT, HE WAS TIRED OF BEING BLAMED FOR EVERYTHING. I'm glad he let them have it & suffer the consequences & let them try to solve the problems instead of blaming it all on him! They think Marcos was the problem, the problem, but now they're going to find out it wasn't just Marcos! They won't have anybody to blame but themselves!
       6. THE MIRACLE TO ME IS THAT MARCOS DIDN'T PULL OUT THE BIG GUNS & BOMB & BLAST THEM AWAY! I believe that was a real answer to the prayers of the Family there for sure, & even all of us in all the rest of the World who were hearing the news as it happened, so no credit to them. They ought to be giving Marcos the credit, & the Lord, of course! Some of them did give the Lord the credit, thank the Lord!
+ + +

       7. THE NEW PHILIPPINE GOVERNMENT IS GOING TO LOSE ITS AFFECTION FOR THE U.S. & FIND OUT THE U.S. WAS NOT QUITE SO CHARMING AFTER ALL for helping them & all of that. Some used to hate the United States & they were always blasting the U.S.! They were the ones who said, "Get rid of the Marcos/U.S. dictatorship & get rid of the bases" & all of that, so they are going to be disillusioned before long when they find the U.S. trying to continue to dictate to them the way they tried to dictate to Marcos, & that is kind of going to lose its appeal.
       8. GOOD NEWS DOESN'T MAKE NEWS, & when the foreign news media begins to find fault with their administration & pick on their faults & failures, they're going to be a little disenchanted with the foreign news media, who were their foremost backers.
+ + +

       9. DICTATORS LIKE THE SHAH, ETC., SELDOM LIVE VERY LONG AFTER THEY ARE DEPOSED. They just die of grief & sorrow & loss & broken hearts, that the people they really did love & tried to take care of turned on them & hated them & put them out! As Shakespeare said, "Blow, thou winter wind, thou art not so unkind as man's ingratitude."
       10. THE MARCOSES WERE OBVIOUSLY TRYING TO GET TOO RICH That's evidently why the Lord allowed his downfall, because he didn't do as much as he should have for the poor. But this new president, Cory Aquino, won't be perfect either! Not being as strong a character & dictator as he was, she is bound to have a weaker government, listening to everybody, every little Tom, Dick & Harry!
       11. SO THIS GLORY WILL SOON WEAR OFF wherein they're pleasing all the people at the moment, it is not going to last long & it is already dissipating. Soon she is going to find out she is not going to be able to please everybody, because nobody can!
       12. THE BIBLE TEACHES THAT THE MAJORITY ARE ALWAYS WRONG! "Straight is the gate & narrow is the way that leadeth unto life eternal & few there be that find it. But wide is the gate & broad is the way that leadeth unto destruction & many there be that go in thereat!" (Mat.7:13,14) Therefore the majority are wicked & unsaved, & the majority therefore are wrong! They may be temporarily right about some things, but the majority will be wrong a majority of the time. So they can't have a perfect government.
       13. I'D SAY THEY'RE TRYING HARD, BUT YOU CAN'T HAVE RIGHTEOUS GOVERNMENT WHEN YOU CAN'T HAVE ALL RIGHTEOUS MEN OR WOMEN! The government cannot be any better than the people, & the new government has said that it wants the people to govern, & since the people are not all righteous, it is not going to be an all-righteous government! But there may be some improvements.
       14. WE'RE WATCHING THE PASSING OF A FIRM GOVERNMENT OF MARCOS, GIVING WAY TO A YOUNG NEW CONFUSING, SUPPOSED-TO-BE DEMOCRACY! Spain went downhill economically after the post-Franco era, but I wouldn't be surprised if things will improve in the Philippines, because the U.S. & the [EDITED: "ACs"] will pour in the money to prove they were right & it was all Marcos' fault.--And the media will pour on the praise & help them all they can! Whereas before they were doing all they could to make Marcos fail!
       15. CHANGE IS USUALLY GOOD FOR PEOPLE ANYHOW, & MARCOS HAD HIS SHARE! I think 20 years is enough. But they're saying now that he took more than his share with him. We'll see. What do you bet that even the U.S. will hold all his possessions & precious things & valuables sort of in escrow waiting for the Philippine Government to sue or make charges for confiscation? Eventually, I'm sure, they'll get around to asking the extradition of Marcos to put him on trial. So the best thing for him that he could possibly do is to die! There's no way out except to die, go Home to be with the Lord! That is the only safe place on Earth for him, & that is not on this Earth. That will all come.
       16. THAT POOR COUNTRY, YOU'D THINK NOBODY WOULD WANT IT WITH ALL OF ITS PROBLEMS! But the greedy rich covet everything & the land is rich in natural resources. They've been very poor in management & development & exportation compared to what they could have done if they had had better management. If the U.S. had kept the country it would be booming by now! It would be like California! It has an ideal climate & multitudes & millions of cheap labour & all that. It would be booming with all of America's know-how & technological talent & money for investment & development & exportation. I believe that country would be like California by this time, like Hawaii!
       17. TAKE A LOOK AT HAWAII! Hawaii was in about the same condition as the Philippines when the U.S. first moved in there, just a lot of poor natives in grass skirts growing pineapples & singing pretty songs, kind of like the Philippines. But look at it now! It's a booming, prosperous, rich U.S. state!
       18. SO I REALLY DON'T THINK INDEPENDENCE WAS THE BEST THING FOR THE PHILIPPINES BY ANY MEANS! Obviously there were some big rich people there who wanted to be independent & not be dominated by the U.S. & told what to do with their money & their cheap labour & thought they could do it on their own without U.S. help. But you can see what it came to, just almost complete economic collapse! They tried to go too fast & too far & too technological when they should have given more emphasis to agriculture & kept the poor on the land & made it profitable for them to stay there & given them enough of their products, etc. But that's what they wanted & that's what they got & that is the mess they got themselves into!
       19. NOBODY, NOT EVEN A GOOD DICTATOR LIKE MARCOS COULD HAVE OVERCOME THAT! And that's one of the drawbacks of a one-man government. Unless he is a superman or Jesus Christ Himself, he just can't handle everything & know everything & do everything!
       20. BUT IT'S SAD TO SEE HOW PEOPLE CAN TURN ON YOU SO QUICKLY, his nearest officers, officials closest to him, his Minister of Defence & Vice Chief of Staff, men that had worked with him for years! That's what happened to me, but I survived it because we had the hearts of the people, thank the Lord! So I just took it away from the officers & there was nothing they could do to stop me. It was hard to see those close friends & co-workers join against me, even members of my own family, but I survived it, thank the Lord, & recouped it!
       21. BUT HE JUST LOST EVERYTHING & now they're going to take away his personal possessions & everything! Marcos gave his life for the Philippines, but they want the last ounce of flesh, the last drop of blood!
       22. I WONDER WHY THE LORD DOESN'T TAKE HIM, WHY HE HAS TO CONTINUE TO SUFFER LIKE THAT? I guess it's probably to humble him. Also to show him just what an unreliable friend the U.S.A. is! They're pretending to be hospitable now & kind to him & take him in, but wait & see! I expect them to strip him!--Of course legally, because they say his government is sueing for all of that stuff, & they'll probably hand him back to them one of these days.
       23. WHAT A TREACHEROUS "FRIEND" THE U.S. IS! He'll probably die before long anyhow, probably of a broken heart, because I think he really loved the people & was trying to help them. It's always really a sad thing to see, & I can tell how he must feel.
       24. SO NOW THEY'LL HAVE A NEW GOVERNMENT, BUT WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THE POOR ARE NO BETTER OFF & STILL STARVING & JOBLESS WITH POOR PAY? Then what are they going to do? It could bring on the Red Revolution! They could then turn on their past Philippine friends, church, business & Opposition that brought in the new government, & say, "Well, you didn't do it, so we'll have to do it ourselves!" I can see that happening very very easily, but it'll take a little time until they get disillusioned with the new government.
       25. THE OPPOSITION CRITICISED THE PRESIDENTIAL DECREE SYSTEM, BUT THEY'RE DOING THE EXACT SAME THING ONLY WORSE, illegally & unconstitutionally! The new president is a dictatoress because she is operating outside of the Constitution, outside of the law, & her will is the rule, is the law! In other words, they consider whatever Cory Aquino says is the law, which is a bigger dictatorship than Marcos!
       26. WELL, EVERY NEW GOVERNMENT CLAIMS TO BE MORE RIGHTEOUS THAN THE LAST ONE, but usually they become even more corrupt!--Just exactly as the Scripture says, "Evil men & seducers & deceivers shall wax worse & worse!" (2Tim.3:13) So if the Scripture is true, the new government is not going to be better than the last one but worse! So that's what I expect!
       27. TO SUM IT ALL UP: THE PHILIPPINES NOW HAS A VERY LEFTIST GOVERNMENT WHO ARE NOTORIOUSLY HOBNOBBING WITH THE COMMUNISTS! This weasel operation, or mole operation as they sometimes call it, where the Reds sneak in pretending to be only liberals, socialists for democracy until they get control, is one of the commonest Communist tactics. They used it on the church, they used it on the military & they've used it on the diplomatic corps. It is common standard Communist practice. You see how effective it has been with the church, & it was obviously just as effective in the military.
       28. THEY GET A LOT OF IDEALISTIC DREAMY-MINDED PEOPLE TO COOPERATE WITH THIS SUPPOSED IDEAL, & at the same time they're the organisers & the drivers who really do the dirty work. For example, the Russian Communist Revolution involved a nation of nearly 200 million people at the time, but even to this day only 2% of the Russians belong to the Communist Party! That was the way it was in the Revolution & it took even less to engineer it & lead it. See, they just furnish the plotters, they furnish the leadership, they furnish the very clever minds, fast-talkers & salesmen, the real dyed-in-the-wool card-carrying Communists, Party members & organisers & plotters & planners who then persuade the people!
       29. THIS IS THE WAY THE COMMUNISTS WORK, THEY WEASEL THEIR WAY IN AND GET CONTROL and persuade enough people to work with them like they have the church there, obviously, and now they've done it to the military. This has happened time and time again and you could name a whole long string of countries following this pattern. First they weasel their way in, and if the country is not yet ready to go completely Communist, they throw some kind of a revolution which is leftist and liberal and which other nations will accept and recognise, like they're doing now. And the U.S. has backed it time and time again and every time it has turned Communist, or something worse, like Khomeini!
       30. THEY FINALLY GET FED UP WITH THEIR LOYAL LOCAL DICTATOR, & World opinion & the AC press opinion & everything hounding & hounding & hounding for years & years on it, finally persuade the U.S. to back some new government that is more liberal & supposedly democratic, blah, blah! And every time they have done it, in the long run it has turned Communist & totally anti-U.S.! It's just a first step.
       31. THE NEW PRESIDENT OF THE PHILIPPINES HAS LIBERATED ALL OF THE TOP COMMUNISTS, including the head of the Communist party in the Philippines. She is making the Communist Party legal & has already declared their publications legal. She is seeking negotiations with the Communist New People's Army. Those Communists are smart talkers! They know how to influence the poor who have no jobs & no money & no food, etc.
       32. THIS NOW GIVES THEM FREEDOM TO OPERATE & PERSUADE THE PEOPLE! Let me tell you, once they have thrown one revolution, they won't hesitate to throw another one when they think they're ready! And how many nations can we name where it has happened already, where they've done exactly that thing? The U.S. backed some new, more liberal, supposedly democratic reform movement or government, which then the Communists got control of & the country went totally Communist & totally anti-U.S.!
       33. REMEMBER,SOME OPPOSITION OUTFITS IN THE PHILIPPINES WERE ALREADY RADICALS, ALREADY ANTI-U.S.! In the early days before this little lady came to power & kind of soft-pedaled & down-toned the anti-U.S. sentiments & anti-base sentiments, they were all talking loudly about being anti-U.S. & anti-Clark & Subic bases! Apparently both the U.S. & their own advisors & probably even Communist advisors & smart politicians like those U.S. Congressmen Solarz & Lugar persuaded them to soft-pedal that pro-Communist anti-U.S. message. "It's not going to do you any good in the United States. You soft-pedal that & we'll help you. Quit talking about being against the U.S. & overthrowing the U.S./Marcos dictatorship & ousting the bases, hush! You may feel like that but don't talk about it! Your time will come, wait till you get in power & then maybe you can do that sort of thing."
       34. HOW MANY EXAMPLES ARE THERE OF COUNTRIES THAT STARTED OFF WITH A LIBERAL DEMOCRATIC NEW REVOLUTIONARY GOVERNMENT WHICH WAS AT FIRST SUPPOSEDLY PRO-U.S. & recognised immediately by the U.S. Government & favoured & helped? I was there when it happened to Castro in Cuba! The U.S. just praised & extolled him to the heavens when he first moved in & ousted Batista--Batista, who was their own little boy but got too hard to control. Instead of letting the U.S. run him, he finally decided to let the Mafia run him, there was more in it for him.
       35. AT FIRST THEY PRAISED & IMMEDIATELY RECOGNISED THE NEW CASTRO GOVERNMENT. But then he gradually turned & showed his Socialism more & more, & his brother & his cousin turned him more & more toward the Communists & he began to nationalise industry & these immense thousand-acre farms. Then he offended the rich when he came all-out in his program to re-distribute the land & the wealth, etc., & reclaim the Cuban possessions for Cubans!
       36. IT IS A PATTERN THAT THEY FOLLOW CONSTANTLY! And as President Marcos said, "You are going to be sorry if you go backing & hobnobbing with the Communists & radicals just in order to get me out & take control! In the end the answer is Communism!"--And he was right. And you'll see it.
       37. AT FIRST THE U.S. BACKED CASTRO'S REVOLUTION, helped him, helped arm him & glorified him when he came to power. But then it took a turn, he went too far. The U.S. doesn't want a dictatorship, especially when it has become unpopular & World opinion has turned against them by the Jewish media, etc. They want a more liberal democratic government, they don't mind if it's even a little leftist, as long as they can dump this unpopular dictator who has begun to give the U.S. a bad reputation & is turning World opinion against the U.S.
       38. NOW THIS IS THE PATTERN: They at first back the new leftist revolutionary government, which is supposedly going to be a democratic government & supposedly going to be pro-U.S. There's a whole long string of'm! Even the present Mexican government which the U.S. helped to come to power some years ago has now turned quite bitterly anti-U.S. & has relations with Cuba & Nicaragua & a lot of other very Communist or pro-Communist governments & is definitely pro-Communist more than pro-U.S. They only keep relations with the U.S. because they're right there on the border & they're afraid, so they have to kind of play along with the U.S.
       39. THE U.S. HAS BEEN SO DUMB ABOUT ALL OF THIS! WHY CAN'T THEY SEE IT? Some people see it, but the government never seems to see it! They did the same thing to Nicaragua. They backed the revolutionary government there & helped get rid of Somoza. They did the same thing with the Shah in Iran. They backed the change hoping for a better government, & then every time it turns out worse, either extremely dictatorial like Khomeini--which is the same thing only worse--& then very anti-U.S. They help these revolutionary governments get into power in order to dump their unpopular dictator, & then, having been undoubtedly helped to power with the cooperation of the Communists, the Communists take over & run it. It's happened in Cuba, Nicaragua, Iran & Vietnam. In Vietnam they tried a full-scale military intervention by the U.S. & that didn't work when they saw it had turned against them.
       40. IT'S HAPPENED TIME & TIME AGAIN, YOU'D THINK THEY'D WAKE UP & SEE IT! This is just the anteroom for the final government of the Philippines. It is the ideal set up for Communism where there are millions of impoverished, starving, jobless, hungry poor who have a cause that they're willing to give their life for because they haven't got a life anyhow! The Philippines is a perfect hotbed for Communism, except for the fact that a lot of them are Christians & Catholics. But now the Catholic church is cooperating with them, furnishing priests for their leadership, furnishing money, no doubt furnishing arms. They've been doing all that just to get their cooperation to help try to annoy Marcos if nothing else.
       41. MANY OF THE CHURCH PEOPLE ARE COOPERATING WITH THE COMMUNISTS NOW. The idealists, the dreamy dreamers, the utopians & whatnot, they've been persuaded by these fast-talking Communists that God, in a way, is history, a moving Force that is moving forward progressively, revolutionary, & that Christ was a liberator & the Christians were the Communists! We used to say a lot along the same line & that Communism is true Christianity, that Christianity can only be expressed truly by communal living.
       42. WE HAVE TAUGHT SOME OF THE SAME THINGS IN A WAY, THAT WE ARE THE ONLY TRUE GENUINE COMMUNISTS & that Christians who live together & cooperate, etc., in a cooperative commune are the only really true genuine Communists, because we share in heart & spirit & soul & mind & everything, & no man calls anything his own.
       43. SO THEY PERSUADED THESE CHURCH DUPES IN THE PHILIPPINES! They just furnish the teaching & the leadership & persuade them to weasle & bore & mole their way into various church organisations, until some of the church services have become totally led by Communists. Some of their organisations & certain services are now dominated by Communists.
       44. THIS NEW REVOLUTION HAS BEEN FINANCED & ENGINEERED BY BOTH THE CHURCH & THE UNHAPPY BUSINESSMEN & RIVALS FOR MANY YEARS NOW! The church & the liberal rich & the radicals & the Communists have all gotten together to pull this revolution & now they've got it this far with the U.S.' help. They even persuaded the U.S. to help them engineer it & finance it, & the [EDITED: "AC"] press has whipped it up! I mean, it is all part of their world Protocol program to get control, they've got to get control!
       45. THIS IS HOW A SOLIDLY CHRISTIAN & CATHOLIC COUNTRY IS GOING COMMUNIST! Did you know that it's history that the most Catholic countries have been the first to go Communist?--Because the people are fed up with the hierarchy & the hypocrisy of the religious system. The Leftist Communist movement has appreciated the help of the church & the businessmen & all that, but they will soon turn on them as soon as they have the help & the power.
       46. SO THIS IS JUST THE FIRST STEP IN WHICH THE U.S. IS MAGNANIMOUSLY & STUPIDLY ENGINEERING & FINANCING THIS NEW REVOLUTION, hoping they can dump this unpopular dictator that has become a fly in the ointment & is sort of besmirching their reputation. They're hoping now they'll have sort of a middle-ground government that is not as bad. "It's a little leftist & radical, but you know we'll tolerate all that as long as it is not fully Communist & not fully anti-U.S." But that is the next step!
       47. THEY'RE GOING TO FIND OUT THE COMMUNISTS ARE TOO SMART FOR THEM & outsmart them & out-persuade them & weasle their way into control of this & that & the other, until finally they've gotten set up to where they're strong enough to take over. And if they wouldn't hesitate to dump one dictator or pull one revolution, they certainly won't hesitate to pull another one when that puts them right fully in power!
       48. SO FROM EVERYTHING I HAVE READ & HEARD THUS FAR, THE PHILIPPINES IS A COUNTRY RIPE FOR COMMUNISM & it's going to go Communist & this is the first step. It's going to take them awhile to get established, & they'll keep getting all those U.S. millions to help finance them & get full control of this present government, which I'd call the interim government, the temporary government between Marcos & Communism! As Marcos himself said, "There are only two choices, either me or Communism!" The new Philippine government is the first step towards Communism.
       49. SO THAT'S THE WAY I SEE IT, THEY'RE JUST GOING TO STAY QUIET ON THEIR ANTI-U.S., ANTI-BASE VIEWS until they get all the money they can squeeze out of the U.S. & until they've gotten strong enough control & power & stabilised their control. And when the U.S. finally sees it's again backed the wrong horse & starts turning against them, then they'll come all-out! All the moles & the weasles & the rats will come out of their holes & will begin to show their true colours & their teeth!
       50. WHAT OTHER HUGE EVENTS ARE GOING TO HAPPEN IN '86 I DON'T KNOW, WE ALREADY KNOW SOME OF THEM HAVE BEEN TREMENDOUS SHAKE-UPS, INCLUDING THIS ONE! This has been the front-page news & the top news of the World media & the world [EDITED: "AC"] media all over the World, because they've done their best to swing it! They not only like to cause revolutions in their favour, they like to advertise them & get the World to be in favour of them & recognise them, & they've done it!--And they've done it with the cooperation of the church & the rich! Imagine! What stupid dupes they are!
       51. J. EDGAR HOOVER OF THE FBI WROTE A BOOK CALLED, {\ul \i YOU CAN TRUST THE COMMUNISTS!}--AND THE SUBTITLE WAS, "--TO BE COMMUNISTS!" No matter who they use & who they finagle & who they manipulate, it'll turn out in the long run that they are after Communism & Communism only. But they'll get the church to cooperate with them, the rich to cooperate with them, & of course they always get the poor to cooperate with them, even the U.S. to cooperate with them & of course the [EDITED: "ACs"] to cooperate with them because they're behind the whole thing, to turn the whole World Communist!
       52. THEY DON'T ALWAYS ACT LIKE IT OR SOUND LIKE IT, they are even the rich & the owners of the media & industry & business & banks & everything. But that is not important because what they're after is World conquest & the Antichrist! But they'll use anything & go by any name or in the name or cause of any group just to get control of them & finagle them & manipulate them to work with them to get control.
       53. SOME OF THOSE RADICALS ARE LIKE WILD ANIMALS JUST LET OUT OF THEIR CAGES, & they are going to rampage across the Philippines now with the Communist Party legalised, all their publications legalised & their leaders turned loose! They're going to have a heyday & it will not be hard to persuade the poor, starving, jobless, homeless Filipinos to follow.
       54. THEY MANAGED TO FOOL THE CHURCH & THE RICH IN OVERTHROWING THE TOUGH ANTI-COMMUNIST GOVERNMENT, now they've got what amounts to actually a pro-Communist government who claim not to be Communist but friends of the Communists. That's all they needed to get them all turned loose & liberated & the means & the media & everything else liberated to now get ahold of the minds of the people & lead the poor, the millions & millions of poor who will definitely follow them just like they have in every other country where the poor were downtrodden & mistreated & starved & homeless.
       55. THE PHILIPPINES IS RIPE & READY FOR IT! They just needed the liberation & the freedom to do it, & now they've got it! So they're going to use this period now for their propagandising & getting ahold of the minds of the people until they're ready for their final revolution.
       56. COMMUNISM IS LIKE THE JUDGEMENT OF GOD ON THOSE WICKED COUNTRIES THAT HAVE ABUSED THEIR PEOPLE!--And the Lord sent it even if the Devil does bring it! If the rich won't feed them, Communism promises to.--Whether they ever will or not, that's another question, but at least they promise to & that's better than the rich have promised to do!
       57. I CAN SEE AN ADVANTAGE IN SOME WAYS OF THEIR STRIKING RIGHT NOW WHILE THE GOVERNMENT IS VERY WEAK & IN CHAOS, really literally chaos, & while there is this euphoric sentiment of "everybody's brothers & sisters & everybody's friends," the church & the Communists & everybody. Now would be an ideal time to strike if they had the strength & the plot & the forces & enough people & organisation & a plan whereby they could effect it. The conditions right now would be almost ideal before this new government gets too strong. But I don't think they're probably strong enough. They just got out of jail & are just beginning to get enough to eat & a few other things. They're not really strong enough yet, & also, even the Communists want to see the Philippines get as much money from the U.S. as it can!
       58. THEY'RE ALWAYS SMARTER THAN THE DUMB DUPES THEY USE! So they may have to wait if they're not sufficiently numbered yet & they haven't captured enough minds yet. They've captured the minds of the intelligentsia & the students & the poor & the liberal rich & the church, even the religious, they've got a lot of people they're capturing already, but it could be that they don't think it's enough yet to really turn the revolution full blast their direction. I don't see it going any other way. I mean, they are off to a flying start!
       59. AS FAR AS I'M CONCERNED, MARCOS WAS GOD'S MERCY TO THE PEOPLE! He may have been a tough dictator--& I don't necessarily want to be quoted publicly on this--but my objection & my complaint about Marcos was not that he was tough, I think his problem was he wasn't tough enough! He began to listen to too many voices, including the U.S. & the press & all those murmurers & complainers & bellyachers & backbiters, & as he was getting old he got soft & wanted to be popular so he tried to start pleasing everybody. And that way he didn't please anybody, or very few.
       60. MARCOS WAS NOT TOO TOUGH, HE WASN'T TOUGH ENOUGH! He was plenty tough at first & that's how he managed to check the Communists. They had practically taken over the country before he came in 20 years ago. There was a full-scale civil war with the Communist-led Huks, I can remember reading about it in the papers years ago. It was the Communist army in the Philippines & there was a full-scale civil war before he came along, but he squelched that & got the country back to some semblance of order. It took a tough hand & a lot of rough dealing & some people got hurt. But in his last years I think he began to soften up more & more to please the U.S., to please the press, to please the people, & now you see where it got him! But he was certainly right in what he said, "It's either me or Communism!"
       61. CORY AQUINO & HER BUNCH HAVE THROWN THE DOOR WIDE OPEN TO COMMUNISM! I mean, the Communists never had it so good! She couldn't have done them more favours or done them more good than she has done.
       62. WHO IS IT THAT HAVE MADE THE GREATEST LEADERS OF COMMUNISM?--It hasn't been the poor. It has been the intellectual, well-educated children of the rich who are conscience-stricken about how their parents have robbed the poor & want to now do them justice.--The idealistically-minded rich intellectuals, including some of their liberally-minded mothers & fathers who are also conscience-stricken about having robbed the poor, & also fearful that the poor are now about to rob them, so now they try to appease & do something for them.
       63. SO I THINK THE PHILIPPINES HAS MADE A GIANT STRIDE TOWARDS FULL COMMUNISM & IT'S ONLY A MATTER OF TIME! They talk about prayer & the miracles of God that brought about their Revolution--it will be prayer & only the miracles of God only that can stop it or withhold it or slow it down before it goes too far!--The prayers of a lot of sincere genuine Christians there who can see & foresee the dangers. They can see how their Catholic church is now playing footsie & working hand-in-glove with the Communists, & how their rich Capitalists are doing the same thing, & now this new government.
       64. SHE IS MRS. PANDORA! She has opened the box & let them all out, now they're just going to take over & have full sway.
       65. WELL, IT'S BEEN VERY INTERESTING TO READ & HEAR ALL ABOUT HOW A COUNTRY GOES COMMUNIST! That might be a good title for this little chat! This is not the end, this is only the beginning. This is not the solution, this is the problem! Marcos was God's dike & dam, damned as he was, to hold back the flood! Now Mrs. Pandora has opened the box & the floodgates & let it all out & it'll sweep the country! It doesn't usually happen overnight, it's little by little, step by step, as they weasle their way in & mole their way in until they take over.
       66. RUSSIA WAS THE SAME WAY! They threw out the Czar & the Czar's government, & the liberal democratic constitutional government of Kerensky took over. That was even better than this new Philippine government, this one is even non-constitutional! It sounds like Cory Aquino is more of a dictator than Marcos was! He at least tried to abide by government laws & the constitution & the national assembly, but she is taking the whole thing into her own hands & her ministers are encouraging her to declare a revolutionary government whose only laws are her dictums & her edicts, her decrees.--No more laws, no more judges, no more local officials, she appoints them all! That is the most dictatorial kind of government you can imagine! And once that's set up, it would be easy for the Communists to take over. She's established the framework.
       67. THE RUSSIANS WENT THROUGH A REVOLUTION TO GET RID OF THE CZAR FIRST, WHICH WAS NOT A COMMUNIST REVOLUTION!--A lot of people don't know that. The Communists brag so much about their Revolution that the history or even the remembrance of the first Revolution in Russia is almost obliterated! You've heard about the Communist Revolution of Russia, but you probably don't even know there was a Revolution before that that threw out the Czarist regime & established a democratic, constitutional government under a fellow by the name of Kerensky. Kerensky was a personal friend of my Political Science professor in University. When Kerensky had to flee Russia he stayed in his home in the U.S. so he knew the whole inside story.
       68. SO THAT WAS THE FIRST STEP, THEY GOT RID OF THE DICTATOR. After the Rasputin era they then got rid of the Czar & they made peace with Germany, because they'd already lost the war.
       69. THEY TRIED TO ESTABLISH A DEMOCRATIC, SOMEWHAT SOCIALIST GOVERNMENT WITH ELECTORAL PROCESS, CONSTITUTION, ETC., but as I recall, it only lasted a few months because it wasn't enough. The people were poor, they were landless, they were breadless & a lot of them were homeless, & Lenin & Trotsky were whipping up the mobs & they infiltrated the Army & turned it into the Red Army, just like they did in the Philippines in a sense. The Kerensky government was new & inexperienced like the Philippine one & just could not solve the problems, couldn't move fast enough to give the people bread & land. That was the slogan of the Communists, "Bread & Land!" The Kerensky government couldn't solve the problems fast enough.
       70. SO LENIN WAS SHIPPED BACK INTO RUSSIA IN A SEALED COACH BY THE GERMANS TO UNDERMINE THE GOVERNMENT OF RUSSIA. Russia had lost the war with Germany, but now Germany wanted control.--Like what the U.S. is doing. They thought if they got Lenin in there to kind of overthrow this government, then Lenin would be loyal to them & do what they said & Germany would get control of Russia. But Lenin was for Lenin & Communism!
       71. THE GERMANS GOT HIM INTO RUSSIA IN A SEALED COACH, shipped him themselves, financed it, financed all the early Communists there. And because the new weak liberal government couldn't immediately solve all these problems & give the people the bread & the land, they just didn't have what it took to do it, it was an impossible situation, the Communists whipped up the mobs, whipped up the Army & they got their Red Army units, the units that had turned to Communism, that Lenin had turned to Communism, to surround the Kremlin while Kerensky & the Duma, their new Parliament, were in session, & forced them under that duress to declare a Communist takeover & a Communist government. They called it the Bolshevik Revolution. What could they do? They were surrounded!--Just like they did in the Philippines, only there the forces of the Revolution were the ones that got surrounded for protection.
       72. THAT'S THE WAY RUSSIA WENT, FIRST AN INTERIM LIBERAL GOVERNMENT THAT WAS TOO WEAK, things in too much chaos & not sufficient financing but which was backed by the U.S. & Europe & European powers--some of whom were helping the Communists when they saw Kerensky was too weak--& then the Communists took over just by sheer force of numbers & the hungry & the landless, the poor!--The same situation that is true in the Philippines today.
       73. THERE WERE VERY FEW RICH IN RUSSIA. The landed barons were called Kulaks, these huge rich farmers that owned tens of thousands of acres & ran their acreage just like it had been run for thousands of years, a feudal system in which the poor peasants on the land were mere serfs, literal slaves. They had no rights, nothing, just like they are in the Philippines. And that's the way the Russian Revolution went. That's the way a country goes Communist.
       74. THERE IS USUALLY AN INTERIM GOVERNMENT FOLLOWING A STRONG TOUGH ANTI-COMMUNIST DICTATOR. The other powers even help to overthrow it hoping they will get a more liberal form of government, a more democratic & freer form of government. But then the Communists just move right in & take over under that freedom with the help of that liberalism & the help of the church & the help of the rich & the help of the poor. So there it is.
       75. THE LESS SUPPORT THE RUSSIANS SHOW THE NEW GOVERNMENT, THE MORE SUPPORT THE U.S. IS GOING TO GIVE THEM! Why should Russia finance it when the U.S. has promised to finance it? They'll hang back & let the U.S. finance it until it peters out & then it'll be time for them to step in & take over!
       76. HOW IT'S GOING TO HAPPEN, I DON'T KNOW, BUT IT CERTAINLY LOOKS LIKE THAT'S THE WAY IT IS GOING! It could happen within a few months as it did with Kerensky. I'd have to go back & read that again. One of the most interesting courses I took in college was Political Science, a big thick book with the history of all of these revolutions, etc., & our professor made it very interesting because he had first-hand information about the Russian Revolution which at that time was not so long ago. The Russian Revolution is almost exactly the same age as I am, the February Revolution of 1917.
       77. SO ANYWAY, THAT'S THE WAY IT'S GOING, THAT'S HOW A COUNTRY TURNS COMMUNIST & it can go fast if they think they've got what it takes & if they think the government is now weak enough like they did with Kerensky & a few others, they just muscle right in & take over! But that would lose them a lot of those U.S. hundreds of millions & they probably don't want to do that.
       78. THE COMMUNISTS HAVE TIME & AGAIN ALLOWED THE U.S. TO FINANCE THEIR REVOLUTIONS, to be the first to recognise them, finance them & everything, help them get powerful & stabilised to the point they could then turn around & thumb their nose at the U.S.! You just can't understand how the U.S. could be so absolutely dumb & ignorant, except for the fact that apparently the Lord just blinds them. He is just giving them enough rope so they'll hang themselves. And it's happened in so many countries--I only named a few--so many countries where the U.S. has actually helped the interim revolution to take power so that then the Communists could eventually take over.
       79. IT IS SO SIMPLE, IT IS SO COMMON & IT HAS HAPPENED ALMOST EVERY TIME WITH COUNTRY AFTER COUNTRY AFTER COUNTRY, IT'S JUST HISTORY! It is a cycle just as sure as war-boom-bust, the way countries have turned Communist--from dictator to interim government to Communism! That's the way it goes, it's history!--Everything from the Russian Communist Revolution to the one in the Philippines, which is merely an interim government before the Communists take over.
       80. --WHICH, OF COURSE, IS EXACTLY WHAT THE ACS WANT, & THEIR PRESS, & THEY WILL BACK THAT WHEN THE TIME COMES. They will abandon Pandora as having let loose too many bugs & say, "Well, now we need a better, more efficient, tougher, more organised"--they'll call it--"Socialist government."--And they'll get it!--Because that's the time we are living in & that's what's coming!
+ + +

       81. THERE IS NO WEAKER KIND OF GOVERNMENT THAN DEMOCRACY. You'll find this funny thing, the people who yell the loudest for democracy are usually in the minority. When they get in the majority then they don't need or want democracy any more! No side really wants democracy, they want control!
       82. JUST LIKE THE JEWS: As long as they're in the minority & don't have control they yell against anti-Semitism, racial discrimination, blah, blah, blah & get laws passed. But then when they're in the majority & in control like they are in Israel, they're one of the most racially discriminating countries in the World, where the Arabs have little or no say-so whatsoever! They treat the Arabs like dirt with no protection & no rights!
       83. LET'S FACE IT, NOBODY AT HEART REALLY WANTS DEMOCRACY, they all want to rule & they would just as soon shut up the opposition. It is a lip service they pay in a false pretence of freedom & democracy.--Except when they are the minority, then they can really say a lot about it. But once they're a majority they don't really want democracy or the opposition, they want to rule & become dictatorial!
       84. SO DEMOCRACY IS A FALSE FRONT! Kerensky went the same way. There's always a weak government & a weak leader which then the Communists are able to take over.
       85. WE BELIEVE IN COMMUNISM, REAL COMMUNISM, CHRISTIAN COMMUNISM, TRUE COMMUNISM, it's the only kind really. But to them the word "Communist" is a false front too, because it is just another anti-Christ dictatorship.
       86. YOU'RE EITHER COMMUNIST OR YOU'RE ANTI-COMMUNIST. There are no neutrals. Communism thrives on industrialism. It seldom ever thrives in the country, mostly in the city. The Revolution in the Philippines was a city revolution, not a rural revolution.
       87. THAT'S ALL A CAUSE NEEDS, A MARTYR TO ROUSE SYMPATHY & TO GET THE PEOPLE TO FOLLOW.--Like Mrs. Aquino's husband who was shot in the Philippines. It's worked many times because it really stirs the hearts of the people that someone was willing to die for the cause or willing to die for them. As Jesus Himself said & did, "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." (John 15:13)
+ + +

       88. POOR MARCOS, HIS BIGGEST MISTAKE WAS TO THINK THAT THE U.S. WAS HIS FRIEND. About the only friend he had there was Reagan, & finally Reagan had to yield to political pressure to desert him. I was asking the Lord about what was going to happen to him in the U.S.A. & what the U.S. was really up to in being hospitable & inviting him, like "Come into my parlor, said the spider to the fly", & I saw this big snake, this huge big snake like a big python coiled around this nest. It was a python as big as my arm with a big head like this, coiled around bending down talking to these little people, a whole line of little tiny people led by Marcos. The python was saying to Marcos, "Come into my nest where you'll be safe!"--Like the U.S.!
       89. IT'S JUST LIKE SATAN'S INVITATION TO ADAM & EVE! They're already seizing all their possessions & have revoked all their passports, so now they have to stay in the U.S., they can't go anywhere! The U.S. has got them right there where they can make sure they're on call for special delivery whenever they want them. "There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof is the way of death." (Pro.14:12)
       90. YOU CAN SEE HOW CLEVER THEY ARE, HOW THEY ARE SELLING THE BILL OF GOODS OF THE PROTOCOLS & THE ANTICHRIST! Sell, sell, sell! And the people are so dumb, even Marcos swallowed the whole thing hook, line & sinker, thinking the U.S. was for him. He just couldn't seem to bear the idea that the U.S. was against him. He just couldn't seem to bear it! He just seemed to need that idea that the U.S. was his friend, constantly appealing to the U.S. & to the government & saying, "Well, they'll stand by me," etc.
       91. SUCH SAD DAYS TO WATCH THE FALL OF A KING, A TRULY GREAT MAN, TRULY A MAN OF GOD BEFORE THE ANTI-CHRIST FORCES! It's so pitiful!--And then he fled into the nest of the devourers! How could he have been so deceived by the U.S. to think they were his friends? That was the whole mistake he made all along, thinking the U.S. was his friend when they were his bitterest enemies!
       92. I'M CALLING MRS. AQUINO "MRS. PANDORA"! I think she is going to find out she opened Pandora's Box & let out all the bugs & the creatures & they're all coming out now to have their say under the guise of People Power, "power to the people"!
       93. THEY'VE ADVOCATED THAT SO MUCH ABOUT "LET EVERYBODY HAVE THEIR SAY," that now they're not even able to shut up the people they'd like to shut up! They'll even have to let the Opposition speak, maybe. We shall see what happens, how liberal & how free & how open to dissenting opinion her new administration will be. When you do that you give the Devil his say! You open the box & let the Devil have full sway & freedom also.
       94. I'LL NEVER FORGET THAT NIGHT AT THE CLUB when I was speaking & this demon-possessed guy kept shouting out & interrupting & trying to contradict me. I finally said, "You sit down & shut up! I'm speaking. This is my Club, these are my people, this is my class & I don't care to hear the voice of the Devil interrupting & contradicting!" "Oh, you don't believe in free speech! Oh, it's a dictatorship!" I said, "Absolutely! It's a dictatorship in here & I don't believe in free speech for the Devil! You either sit down & shut up or get out!" So he started screaming & hollering & I said, "OK, boys, carry him out!"--And they took him & threw him out on the street!
       95. SO, SO MUCH FOR DEMOCRACY! I think the time is going to come when they're going to wish they had Marcos back! Of course they wish right now they had Marcos back, but not for the same reasons! In spite of all the semblance of piety & righteousness of religion which is supposed to be reigning with Love, they're vicious & vengeful & they're on a witch hunt! They keep saying, "We just want justice, we want complete reconciliation. Let's forgive & forget!--But let's find out what they did with the money & get it back. Eventually we're going to have to bring him to justice!"
       96. IT IS SUCH A FALSE FRONT, THE WHOLE THING! They're contradicting themselves constantly, playing two tunes out of the two corners of their mouths, which again proves that no government of man or woman is righteous except the Lord's!
       97. THEY'VE BEEN BLAMING EVERYTHING ON MARCOS--I'm going to kind of enjoy hearing about all the trouble they're going to have & bring on themselves without Marcos & even because they got rid of Marcos! I'm just praying for our Family there that they'll have peace & it will not be severe enough that there will be civil war again. The Lord says you will reap what you sow & whatever they've poured out on others is going to be poured on them!
       98. THOSE PEOPLE ARE COMING IN WITH THE GUISE OF GOODNESS & RIGHTEOUSNESS & FAIRNESS & THE VOICE OF THE PEOPLE, "people power" & "let the people reign"! There have never been any people fit to govern themselves, not in all history! Every democracy has been a mess! You've been reared on all that propaganda about democracy being the greatest & the best & blah, blah, blah, & it is the worst! You can see it! You can see what is happening to every democracy & to Europe & the U.S.A. & the whole works!
       99. THEY WILL BE GULLIBLE, ABSOLUTELY GULLIBLE VICTIMS OF THEIR OWN FOOLISHNESS & TARGETS OF THE ANTICHRIST! What's the word I want?--Dupes, gullible dupes! All these so-called democrats are going to be pleading for the "Superman." The Philippines was a mess before Marcos ever took it over 20 years ago, it was one horrible mess, just one revolution & civil war after another & nothing but dissension & disunity! Marcos was the only guy that ever actually brought the thing together & made it a viable government, etc., & he had to be tough about it to do it! Now she is opening Pandora's box & letting them all out, & she is going to be sorry, what do you want to bet!

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