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WORLD CURRENTS!--No.29--SOUTH AFRICA & THE ACs!       Compiled 3/86       DO 2122

       1. IT JUST REALLY GETS MY GOAT WHEN I READ THE NEWSPAPER & THEY KEEP TALKING ABOUT THOSE HORRIBLE BESTIAL SOUTH AFRICAN POLICEMEN who arrested all these little "children" & put'm in jail! You'd think they were a bunch of little kids! They're talking about those big bruisers, black bucks, wild savages! They call anybody under 21 a child!
       2. THEY'RE FULL-GROWN MEN WHO ARE THROWING ALL THE ROCKS & THE MOLOTOV COCKTAILS & killing policemen & killing people & burning people alive & things like that! "Oh, they put all those children in jail!"--Who'd just been killing people & burning'm & destroying property! They say, "The police arrested 200 children!" And you think, "Oh my, just think of little children killing police & throwing Molotov cocktails, bombs, & shooting guns & my oh my! But the poor little children must not have known any better. After all, they're only school children. How could they put them in jail & arrest them?"
       3. THEY'RE NOT CHILDREN, THEY'RE GROWN MEN, FULL-GROWN TEENAGERS COMMITTING CRIMES!--Killing people!--Burning people alive! I call that crime, I call that violence, I call it war! They're at war with the police, so why shouldn't the police shoot'm? My sympathies in that case are all with the police!
       4. THINGS WERE PRETTY QUIET WHEN WE WERE DOWN THERE, THE PEOPLE WERE QUITE CONTENT. There was just a little disturbance outside of Capetown there where [DELETED] people [DELETED] were causing trouble. The squatters had built a squatter town out there because they wanted to be near Capetown where they could come in & get jobs & they thought they could make a lot of money. So they came in from the outback & the sticks & the farms & let the farms go to seed & rot. "Come in & let's have a big time in the city & make lots of money & get big jobs & let's be big shots like the white people, blah blah!" They didn't know how to do anything but farm out there in the sticks, what could they do in town? About all they could do was some low form of manual labour, pick-&-shovel work or maid work or something like that.
       5. BUT THEY WANT TO COME TO THE BIG CITY WHERE ALL THE FUN IS & THE BRIGHT LIGHTS & LOTS OF MONEY & GET RICH QUICK, BLAH BLAH! Instead of that, you can see the cities of the World today are largely shacktowns, shantytowns, squatter towns loaded with the poor who can't possibly make a living in the city, who don't know how to make a living in the city. So most of them are unemployed & they'd be far better off to go back to the farm where they came from, where they'd have a decent atmosphere to live in--work hard, raise food, have enough to eat & live a nice clean life compared to what they get into in the city, crime & everything else!
       6. SO HERE COME THESE BLACKS DOWN FROM THE STICKS INTO CAPETOWN just a mile or so outside the city limits & built this big shacktown out there. [DELETED] Then the police would go down there & flush'm out & say, "Go back home! There's no room for you here, no place for you here!"
       7. "OH DAD, YOU'RE A RACIST, HUH?" WELL, I BELIEVE IN WHAT'S GOOD FOR THE RACES, what's the best good for these poor people who come in from outside! I've said the same thing about other countries. It has nothing to do with skin colour at all! It's ridiculous! It's the background & the occupation & the talent & what they can & can't do.
       8. IT HAPPENS ALL OVER THE WORLD, NOT JUST IN SOUTH AFRICA, it's happening everywhere! They want to come in & live the easy life, they call it the good life, the rich life, lots of entertainment, places to go & things to see & blah blah, most of which aren't even good for them. They're far better off living a natural agrarian life back there on the farm, with clean atmosphere, clean air, clean water, clean food & a clean life, clean family, living the way God intended for people to live.--Instead of bunched up in these big festering sores, cancers on the body politic, as Toynbee called them, cities!
       11. AS I HAVE SAID BEFORE, WHEN I WAS THERE, IT WAS THE MOST CHRISTIAN COUNTRY WE'D EVER LIVED IN, much more so than the U.S.A.! Although Reagan does talk a little bit about God once in awhile, he probably gets bawled out by the Jews when he gets home, or by his wife or somebody!
       12. SOUTH AFRICA IS ONE OF THE MOST CHRISTIAN COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD! When I was living in Spain I thought that was the most Christian country I'd ever been in, & it was! I mean, they had more religion even on TV than I'd seen in the U.S. On the official government station, every night they had a nice little half-hour of mass or a little talk by the priest or someone. So at least it was Christian, even if it was Catholic. The same thing in South Africa. The official government station had a half-hour religious show every night, & some even during the day in the morning, I'd never heard of that! They opened the station with a religious program in the morning & almost all day Sundays!--Christian as it could be, at least as any country we'd seen!
       14. I NEVER SAW THE SHANTYTOWNS OR THE SHACK TOWNS IN SOUTH AFRICA THAT I'VE SEEN SINCE I LEFT THERE! At least they built good housing for them! The only shantytowns they had were the ones that were illegal, that the people who weren't supposed to be there & had no work permits or anything, came in & built themselves against police orders. And do you know how most of them got there? We were there, we saw it! We heard it! They were being bused in [DELETED] !
       15. [DELETED] And they were busing them in from two or three hundred miles away, from their little countries & the places where they belong & would have been much better off. The Blacks thought they were unhappy because they look at the city & what they see & hear on television & radio, oh my, all this stuff they don't have & that they don't need! And it's even bad for'm! They're better off without it! They're better off back on the farm where they were. Some places might have had a little famine or there wasn't any rain, but everybody suffers that some time or other.

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