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HEAVEN THE WAY I SEE IT!        DO 2123        1/12/85--More Blessed Are Ye Having Not Seen!

       1. I WAS BORN FEBRUARY 18, 1919, SO I'M AN AQUARIAN, & I'VE KNOWN THE LORD EVER SINCE I CAN REMEMBER. I can't ever remember when I didn't know the Lord & love the Lord. So praise the Lord! And what's my main job, Mama? (Maria: You know what your main job is, giving out the Words! Right now it's taking trips to Heaven every day! Just imagine, he actually can go There, he goes There, & he sees the pictures. He's There!)
       2. I REALLY SHIED AWAY FROM THIS JOB SO LONG, I TRIED TO GET OUT OF IT, BECAUSE I DIDN'T THINK I COULD DO IT. I'd never done anything like that before. Well, I've taken trips to Heaven & had spirit trips & dreams, visions & all kinds of things, but I didn't see how I could write a story about it. But I found out it comes just the same way everything else does. I've even quit planning these trips & chapters because often I give them one title & then I wind up talking about something else!
       3. DID YOU NOTICE THE FIRST SEVEN CHAPTERS ARE DESIGNED FOR OUTSIDERS, primarily evangelistic really, explaining everything to the simplest, as though I was talking to somebody who knows nothing. It was like I was talking to pagan Chinese or something, people who know nothing about our kind of religion or God or Jesus or the Bible or anything. It's amazing how the Lord did that!
       4. HE DID THAT IN THOSE GARDEN OF EDEN VIDEOS WE MADE YEARS AGO TOO! Every time I was trying to teach Bible Prophecy to the Family, instead it was always aimed at the outsiders. So I guess maybe the Lord's going to use that someday. After I'm gone Maria can let'm be circulated, & I believe they may be another tool that you'll be using in those days, & a very effective one I believe. They'll get to see me as well as hear me in those days, Lord willing.
       5. BUT I REALLY WAS CONFRONTED WITH A REAL PROBLEM! I'd never done anything like this before or written anything like this before, so I didn't know how I could possibly do it. In fact, I really had a battle over it & even a battle with the Devil who tried to kill me, & if you all hadn't prayed for me I probably wouldn't be here tonight! But I can now see why, because I believe the Lord is going to use it!
       6. THE FIRST SEVEN CHAPTERS WERE TO OUTSIDERS, ALL THINGS YOU ALREADY KNEW & HEARD MANY TIMES BEFORE, so I'm sorry if you got a little bored with it. Then all of a sudden, the minute I took off for Heaven, it's all for the Family, all for insiders. It's no longer DFO & for all, it's strictly DO. Well, there might be some of those things you can share with good Family friends, real supporters, catacombers, fish & people who really love us. Maybe you can let them sit down & read it at the Home. You might be able to share some of them. But it's all pretty much confidential information just for you!
       7. THE MAIN PURPOSE OF IT IS TO ENCOURAGE YOU! In the Posters we have pictured Heaven for you, now I believe the Lord is really trying to make it very realistic, to realise the reality of it all & the practicality of it all & how many of the various problems are faced, situations & capacities & measurements & all kinds of things, organisation, a little bit of everything.
       8. I JUST FINISHED THE 21ST CHAPTER TODAY, BY THE WAY! It's amazing, it took me 7 chapters to get to Heaven, now I've been in Heaven 14 chapters! It only took 7 chapters to get to Heaven, but it took 14 chapters to get back down to Earth!--And I don't think I'm back down to Earth yet!
       9. I THINK THE MAIN PURPOSE OF IT IS TO REALLY ENCOURAGE YOU & GIVE YOU A GLIMPSE OF THE REALITY OF HEAVEN & try to show you how realistic it is & not just theoretical & ethereal, something particularly mystical & far off.
       10. WHEN I THINK ABOUT IT, IT'S AMAZING HOW LITTLE THE CHURCHES TOLD US ABOUT HEAVEN! All the good Gospel preachers I heard all my life almost every night, they seldom ever preached about Heaven, & when they did, about all they'd say was "those golden gates" or "those pearly gates". Some had golden gates, others had pearly gates, I mean they had so many different ideas of Heaven it was pitiful, & most of them not even Scriptural, nothing about the reality, the exact measurements & exact size etc. I never got that until I read the Bible for myself! (See Rev.21:10-27; 22:1-5)
       11. I THINK IT'S BECAUSE THEY REALLY DIDN'T BELIEVE IT! They just couldn't believe that that was literal! They all made it theoretical or imaginative or like it was something maybe just spiritual, they sort of spiritualised the whole thing. They just simply did not make it realistic, so that you had any real concrete idea of Heaven. Thank God it's not concrete, but you know what I mean, a real substantial idea of what Heaven is really like!
       12. BUT IT'S DESCRIBED THERE IN REVELATION IN FULL, THE MATERIALS, THE SIZE & EVEN THE HEIGHT OF THE WALL, ALL KINDS OF THINGS! It's all there! And yet they never dealt with any of those exact measurements that I can ever remember any preacher ever preaching! And the picture usually given you of Heaven is that proverbial "sitting-on-a-cloud-playing-a-harp" idea, which is so ri-diculous! It doesn't say that in the Bible.
       13. BUT I BELIEVE THE LORD IS REALLY GIVING THE WHOLE SERIES TO TRY TO SHOW YOU THE REALITY OF HEAVEN! I haven't told this in any of the chapters I don't think, but sometimes I sit down there with that tape recorder & just sit there & wonder, I don't know what I'm going to be talking about!--Ha! How can I talk about Heaven? I've given all the facts & figures & measurements & all the specifics & all that sort of thing, what else can I say besides the little I'd seen when I'd been There on the spirit trips?
       14. BUT THE LORD JUST REALLY PUT IT ON MY HEART, "WELL, YOU JUST GET THE TAPE RECORDER, OPEN YOUR MOUTH & I'LL FILL IT!" I doubt if even my typist knows how many times I've grabbed that tape recorder & said, "1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 testing! Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! TYJ! God bless you, Typist! Lord give you strength & wisdom & skill as you transcribe it, & God help me as I try to dictate it!"--And I still didn't know what I was going to say!--Really!
       15. BUT THEN DO YOU KNOW HOW IT WOULD COME? IT WOULD COME JUST ALMOST EXACTLY THE SAME WAY AS THE DREAMS OR THE VISIONS, THE LORD JUST BEGINS TO BRING ME PICTURES! I haven't the faintest idea what I'm going to say sometimes or what I'm going to describe or how I'm going to describe it, or how it's built or how it's constructed or what!--Like that spaceship today. You're going to get one about spaceships pretty soon! But all I have to do is just watch & look & just tell you what I see. It's really amazing, it just astonishes me! And I'm sure Maria's amazed sometimes too, as she's usually sitting nearby praying for me, rootin' for me! She always gives me my first encouragement, her first response. Of course she always says it's good. (Maria: It always is!) She says, "Oh, wonderful! It's exciting! That's wonderful!" She's my most loyal fan besides Techi here, & you!
       16. (MARIA: YOU'VE NEVER DONE ANYTHING LIKE THAT BEFORE!)--Never, ever. (Maria: Mostly it's been when you've been asleep, dreams or things, but to actually just turn on the tape recorder & get these pictures & be right there is marvellous!) Sometimes I have a little idea of what the next subject is going to be or what I want to talk about, what I would like to tell them about, even though I don't know anything about it & I haven't even seen it, but I figure I oughtta tell'm something. After all, they're bound to have an educational system & administrative organisation & transportation & all these things in Heaven, so I want to give you an idea of what they are. But how could I when I don't even know anything about it myself?
       17. BUT I JUST DID WHAT THE LORD SAID, I TOOK IT BY FAITH, TURNED ON THE TAPE RECORDER & STARTED OPENING MY MOUTH & THEN THE LORD JUST POURED IT ON! It's really been the Lord. It sometimes scares me to turn on that tape recorder. I think, "Oh my Lord, I don't even know what I'm going to talk about or what to say, because I just don't know!" But I turn it on & as soon as I go ahead & act by faith, it's just like putting your foot out on the next step even though you don't see the ground! If you go ahead & obey & take that step of faith, the Lord can just shove the ground right under it! Sometimes you feel like you're stepping out on thin air, but immediately the Lord gives you good solid ground to walk on, because He's promised it! The Lord has promised!
       18. SO IT'S REALLY WONDERFUL HOW THE LORD HAS MADE IT COME! I had such a struggle with some of those first chapters. But that was not too hard because I was telling past history, more or less, & things we already know & have taught for years, all about the history of the World & the future & what's coming & all about what it is to be a Christian, in other words, one of Heaven's Children. All of that, the first seven chapters, was sort of foundation & groundwork. That was not what I was planning to talk about at all, that wasn't what the series was supposed to be about! But that's what came!
       19. SO THE LORD MUST HAVE WANTED THAT DESIGNED FOR OUTSIDERS TO REALLY EXPLAIN THINGS FROM SCRATCH, for poor ignorant people that maybe don't even know the English language well, just telling everything about who God is & who Jesus is, what Heaven's all about, who Heaven's Children are, who I am & who we are & all the rest of it! So do you think it's a pretty good explanation? (Fam: Yes!) I think maybe I often thought of the Chinese when I was dictating, thinking, "The poor heathen, they don't know anything about what I'm talking about", so I had to try to explain it to them in simple terms.
       20. SO I THINK MAYBE THE LORD'S GOING TO USE THOSE FIRST CHAPTERS WITH PEOPLE LIKE THAT, & they're DFO so you can share them with trusted friends & fish & supporters & converts or catacombers, I think it would be all right, if you can trust them. But from then on I was really getting into deep water! I didn't know what I was talking about. But just like He showed me before with other things, I just took that tape recorder & by faith I went ahead! My typist knows how often I stutter & stumble & stammer & don't know what I'm going to say next, but then the Lord just shows it & I just see pictures of it! I don't know whether you call that visions or what, but I can just see those things in my mind's eye as I get to it, then He shows me the next thing.
       21. HE NEVER SHOWS ME HARDLY ANYTHING IN ADVANCE, EXCEPT A FEW NIGHTS I'VE GOTTEN THINGS IN MY SLEEP or in prayer time during the night. I really was discouraged the other day because I had an outstanding dream about it & when I woke up I couldn't for the life of me remember that dream that I thought was very important! Even while I was dreaming I started thinking, "This is very important, I must include this, I must remember this!" I apparently realised I was dreaming & I was getting this in my sleep. But I woke up & all I could do was like Nebuchadnezzar, I could remember I had an important dream, but I forgot it! So if you want to get it you're going to have to pray the Lord will give it to me. (Maria: We already have been!)
       22. I'M SURE THAT'S ONE REASON THE LORD IS CERTAINLY GIVING THESE THINGS, because you've been praying the Lord would reveal some of these things. I don't know, maybe some of it sounds ridiculous to you, but I could have called it "Heaven the Way I See It", because that's what it amounts to! PTL!
       23. IT'S NOT HARD TO IMAGINE HEAVEN WHEN YOU LOOK AT THESE GORGEOUS ANGELS WE HAVE HERE all around our table, you can see what Heaven is like right here! But to start describing things that I sometimes have no actual Scriptural authority for & which I can't document with the Bible is a lot more difficult! But I just know that it has to be There, they've got to have those things in Heaven or they just couldn't operate, so I just ask the Lord to show me & it comes, that's all I know! So if you don't like it you'll have to blame it on the Lord! He has given the ideas & the pictures.
       24. MAYBE YOU'LL BE THANKFUL NOW THAT I'VE COME BACK DOWN TO EARTH & IT'LL BE A LITTLE BIT MORE DOWN-TO-EARTH! I spent 7 chapters getting to Heaven & 14 chapters getting back to Earth. But I was kind of glad to get back to Earth too! But this might be a little rough too, I don't know! I don't know what's going to happen! I couldn't begin to tell you what's going to be the next chapter, it just comes!
       25. WHEN I WAS DESCRIBING THAT SPACESHIP, I KNEW THEY MUST HAVE SOME KIND OF TRANSPORTATION, not just filling the skies full of a bunch of independent people flying a quarter-of-a-million miles from the Moon to Earth & that sort of thing! What do they do for group transportation & that sort of thing? Well, maybe you figure they all string out holding hands, but I didn't think that would be very practical! And then the Lord began to show me just as clear as anything!
       26. YOU MAY THINK I'M CRAZY & MAYBE I AM, BUT IT'S BEAUTIFUL & I THINK I'VE GOT SOME CORROBORATION of that sort of thing from these UFOs that people have seen & the flying saucers etc. PTL! I've got a lot of witnesses. And there's even one chapter in the Bible about a space vehicle, Ezekiel 1! I had to go back to that & read that & study that over again. Of course, that's a very fancy one that only the Lord rides in! Our others don't have so many decorations, but are just as effective!
       27. SO THE LORD REALLY HAS BLESSED & HELPED US & IT'S REALLY BEEN A MIRACLE, THANKS TO YOUR PRAYERS! And even if you think it's all my imagination & pretty wild, well, at least it's my idea of Heaven anyhow & the way I see it! I think we figured out pretty scientifically the size & the capacity & some of those measurements we gave you & how many people it could hold etc. I was amazed when I really figured all that out, because that's figured out mathematically according to the exact dimensions we are given in the Bible. So that's all quite possible & that's what I see! I hope you can believe it!
       28. I HOPE IT'S A BLESSING & I HOPE IT INSPIRES YOU & ENCOURAGES YOU TO BE MORE HEAVENLY-MINDED & realise Heaven is a real place that you're really going to & that you're really going to see & live There with all the beauties & glories & pleasures that only Heaven could hold! Well, of course we have a little bit of Heaven right here with all these beautiful people & these gorgeous angels & the pleasures we enjoy right here & now & the thrills & wonderful fellowship of our Heavenly Homes. This is a little sample of Heaven!
       29. AND YOU NOTICE MY HEAVEN IS NOT MUCH DIFFERENT FROM THIS! As far as I'm concerned, nothing could be much better than what we've already got, except that it's more permanent & even better & more wonderful & you're even more beautiful Up There & more sexy & everything is just better! It's the same thing, only better! I guess you can see that I enjoy our Family life here on Earth, because our Heavenly life is much the same. I started to say it's modelled after this, but no, I won't say that. Our life here & now, our Heavenly life & Heavenly joys & pleasures & fellowship & our Heaven here on Earth now is modelled after that Heaven above! So don't think the Home I'm showing you Up There is just like what we've had down here, but this is like what we're going to have Up There! PTL! So TTL! Amen? PTL!
       30. SO HOW FAR ALONG ARE YOU NOW? How many have read the first Chapter, hands up! 2nd Chapter? 3rd Chapter? 4th Chapter? 5th Chapter? 6th Chapter? 7th Chapter? 8th Chapter? 9th Chapter? 10th? 11th? 12th? 13th? 14th? 15th? 16th? 17th? 18th? 19th? 20? 21? Mama heard it, bless her heart! She always keeps up neck-&-neck with'm! She's a pretty good gal to be neckin' with!
       31. I NEVER TRIED TO WRITE ANYTHING LIKE THIS BEFORE BUT THE LORD IS GIVING IT SO I HAVE TO GIVE HIM ALL THE CREDIT! I was thinking when I was watching a recent video & they're always thanking me for this & that etc., I said, "If they only knew how much they have her to thank for rather than me!" I just get so amazed when they thank me for so many things, when if they only knew me as some of you do...(Maria: They'd thank you even more!)
       32. IT'S NOT ME THEY SHOULD BE THANKING, THEY SHOULD KNOW IT WAS THE LORD, JUSTTHE LORD, THAT'S ALL! (Maria: We know it's the Lord, but He's using you.) I'm just a big mouth, that's all, that He can use. I just give what He gives me & that's all the Lord & all from Him. As far as I'm concerned I'm a mess, as most of you already know. If it weren't for the Lord we'd all be sunk, because it's all the Lord, it's all Jesus! He's the One Who gives it, so I don't really get any credit. All this credit you're giving me should be given to the Lord!
       33. I APPRECIATE YOUR LOVE & THANKS & THANKING ME & ALL THAT, BUT WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN A MESSENGER BOY JUST DELIVERS YOU A MESSAGE? (Maria: You thank him!) Well, you might thank him for delivering it, but after all, he didn't write the message, it's not his message. (Maria: You always thank him anyway. We're just living up to your letter on "Appreciation".) (See No.997) Okay, I guess I'm going to have to eat my words! Well anyway, it's all the Lord, so let's thank Him for it, PTL? Amen! PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ!

       34. IT'S ALL YOU, JESUS! JESUS PRECIOUS JESUS! Thank You Lord! Hallelujah! Amen! So let's join hands & pray the prayer that He Himself taught us to pray, thanking Him for all of His blessings! TYJ! Amen, amen, amen! It's all You, Jesus! We thank Thee for all Thy blessings, Lord, all Thy many blessings!--This wonderful Heavenly life we live even here on Earth, this Heavenly Family & our Heavenly Homes, with all Thy Heavenly Words that You give us, Lord, & our Heavenly Salvation, Lord, Thy Heavenly Love, everything!--All Thy safekeeping, Lord, & provision of every need, protection, even luxuries, Lord, everything! TYJ! PYL! Hallelujah! Amen!
       35. BLESS & KEEP US TONIGHT, GIVE US ALL A GOOD NIGHT'S REST, safekeeping, especially these who have worked so hard & these who have laboured hard & these who have had heavy responsibilities of leadership over the past few days, even weeks, Lord. Give them rest now & strength & recoup their bodies, Lord, & build up their strength. Help them to eat well & to look to Thee for Thy strength. When they're weak then they're strong, because Your strength is made perfect in weakness. (2Cor.12:9,10) Help them to get lots of good rest now & use their time wisely, be well-fed on Thy Word, Lord, as well as in fellowship, food & all the rest. Help them to get good exercise too, Lord, to keep their bodies in shape that they may be faithful messengers. TYJ! PYL!
       36. AND THANK YOU FOR ALL THESE PRECIOUS LITTLE ONES HERE tonight, Lord, we're all little in Thy sight, & for their sweet little testimonies, Lord. Help us all to now live in great love & harmony & sweet nourishment & fellowship with each other, nourishing each other, Lord, in the nurture & the admonition of the Lord as we fellowship together here in Thy Home, Lord, where You're the Head of the House & You're the last word, in Jesus' name! As we pray together the prayer which You taught us to pray: (Prays the Lord's Prayer) PTL! TYJ!
       37. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU'VE GIVEN US, LORD! Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! TYJ! PTL! "All glory & praise be unto the Father Above!" Hallelujah! TYJ! "For His Love & His Power, that has been given unto thee, in the Name of His Son Jesus!"--All of these things, revelations! TYL! Amen! TYL!
       38. WELL, PTL! HOW MANY OF YOU FEEL A LITTLE BIT HEAVENLY RIGHT NOW? PTL! Well, don't get so Heavenly-minded that you're not an earthly bit of good! Thank God for the practicality of our Family. We need to keep our feet on the Earth as well & get our jobs done for all these wonderful wonderful children that we're training, including you, every one of us!

       39. IF THERE'S ANYTHING I'VE LEARNED ABOUT HEAVEN IT'S THAT WE NEVER STOP LEARNING, we're constantly in training, there's always more to learn! Just think, Abner's been Up There almost 15 years, think of all he knows! No wonder he's my teacher! He's my teacher Up There because he knows more than I do! 15 years in Heaven is like 15,000 on Earth! They learn so much & so fast! He's very important There now. So I feel honoured that he was even sent to be my teacher, because he's very important & knows a lot, TTL! And he sure has been showing me a lot too! Have you gotten to where Abner's teaching me? How about that? Isn't that something? I'm his student now!
       40. YOU WONDER SOMETIMES AT THE WISDOM OF GOD! When it happened at TSC we wondered, "Why, Lord? Why did You let this happen to this wonderful boy, such a blessing & such a help, so wonderful, who had all these talents? Why did You let him die in this accident? Why did You take him so soon at his early age?" Why, look! Look how long he's been in Heaven & how much he's learned, how much more he can help us! Now he's my teacher, he's telling me & explaining things to me & showing me. He's my teacher, my guide, my guard, my protector! He's my leader, believe it or not! 15 years in Heaven is worth a lot more than 15 years on Earth!
       41. IT'S REALLY WONDERFUL HOW THE LORD HAS USED THAT! At the time we couldn't understand why the Lord would let such a thing happen, but now I understand more than ever before! Because he's been helping us for years, as well as Aaron, Phoebe, Shuly & others, all these various people that have gone on. I can't mention them all in the Story by name because somebody might feel left out or something, but they're all There, all those that have gone on, even the little children, & they're growing up!

       42. WHAT A PLACE TO GROW UP! HEAVEN IS AS MUCH BETTER THAN WHAT WE HAVE NOW AS WHAT WE HAVE NOW IS BETTER THAN WHAT'S OUT THERE IN THE WORLD! Amen? So, praise the Lord! If you think this is great...(Sings:) "Heaven is here, is here right now! Heaven is here & I'll tell you how! Jesus to know is Heaven below, Heaven is here, is here & now!" PTL! Hallelujah! So we have a little bit of Heaven right here on Earth, but we're going to have a whole lot of Heaven Up There!--And some are already having it, & I'm already getting a little taste of it, TTL!
       43. SEVERAL PEOPLE HAVE TOLD ME IT GETS SO REALISTIC THEY'RE SURPRISED TO FIND ME STILL HERE! It's becoming so realistic to them that I'm in Heaven, they almost forgot that that's in the future & I'm still here! Well, it's just that real, & I hope you're getting the feeling of it, the realism of it, the genuineness of it, that Heaven is real, & it's real right now! And it's not all that far away! Isn't that wonderful?
       44. THAT WAS PROBABLY ONE OF THE HARDEST THINGS FOR YOU GUYS TO BELIEVE, WHEN I DISCOVERED HEAVEN WAS IN THE MOON, of all things! I mean, that was a shocker to me too, one of those things I was afraid to tell you! I thought, "Lord, they're going to think I'm crazy now for sure! That's going to be hard for them to believe!" But there it is, believe it or not!
       45. I'M ACTUALLY BEGINNING TO ENJOY IT NOW! I was scared to death to start that trip, but I'm really beginning to enjoy it, because I realise now that I don't have to worry about it any more, I just pick up the mike & wait to see what the Lord's going to show me next & tell you about it! I know if I take that step of faith & pick it up & I open my mouth, that God's got to do His part, He's got to fill my mouth. And it's amazing, first He fills my sight, my heart & vision, then it runs out my mouth! PTL!
       46. SO I HOPE YOU'RE ENJOYING IT, & IF YOU'RE GETTING A FEELING OF THE REALISM OF HEAVEN, its reality & its wonders & its glory & its beauty & its pleasure, then it's worth it all! It's worth my taking the trips if it's helping you to believe it even more than ever & realise the reality of it all. TYL! The Lord is just amazing! He's revealing it just like He has everything else before, just like describing a dream or a vision or a trip, that's all I'm doing, TYL! He's just showing it to me & all I do is describe it. PTL! Amen?

       47. DID I SEE AN ANGEL RIGHT THERE BEHIND PETER? (Dora: Mary Dear's playing over there.) Ah! Well, she's a little angel! PTL! Well anyhow, they're here all around us! TYJ! PTL! Hallelujah! Always remember to thank the Lord for His angels & His ministering spirits all around us. They're here! And you're going to get some interesting, almost shocking information in some of these, things that I never really realised before! I think the Lord showed me today more than ever before why the Lord doesn't usually let us see them or hear them, because He wants you to have faith to believe His Word.
       48. FAITH IN THE WORD, THAT'S SUCH AN IMPORTANT PRINCIPLE! We're having a lot about that, how important the Word is! "Faith cometh by hearing the Word of God." (Rom.10:17) "And without faith it's impossible to please God." (Heb.11:6) You have to have faith! That's what this whole era & Age of Grace is built on, faith! "For by grace are ye saved through faith!" (Eph.2:8-9) The Lord has deliberately not let you see these things, except for occasional Prophets or those who have certain gifts of the Spirit.
       49. AS I'VE OFTEN MENTIONED, THE MOST IMPORTANT GIFTS OF THE SPIRIT ARE UNSEEN & UNMANIFESTED, REALLY, things you cannot see. You can see miracles & healing & wonders & signs & things like that, but most of the gifts of the Spirit are unseen, you just have to have faith in them. Tongues you can hear, prophecies you can hear, but the most important gifts are unseen gifts, & they're usually leadership gifts.--Knowledge, wisdom, discernment & faith. The other five gifts are manifest gifts that you can hear or see the effects of.
       50. BUT THE FOUR MOST IMPORTANT GIFTS, ESPECIALLY FOR LEADERS, ARE THOSE UNSEEN GIFTS OF KNOWLEDGE THAT GOD GIVES YOU, the wisdom of how to use it, the discernment of spirits--not only evil spirits but good spirits, & your spirits--& faith to believe it! PTL! Those things you can't see but they're the most important of all, really. The others are important for a manifestation, really for the sake, He says in one place, of the sinner, for the outsiders, to help them believe, miraculous things, miracles, healings, tongues, interpretation, prophecy & all that sort of thing. (1Cor. 14:13-22) Those are manifest gifts, but it's those four hidden gifts that you really have to believe by faith. But yet I truly believe they are the most important for leadership.
       51. I'VE SEEN PENTECOSTAL PEOPLE PLAY AROUND WITH SOME OF THOSE OTHER GIFTS LIKE TOYS & show'm off like 4th of July fireworks etc., not really even comprehending what they're doing or what's going on. But as for leadership--& you're all leaders & leaders in training--every one of you need those most of all. And I must say, I think ever since I was little, when I first heard the story of Solomon I wanted to pray like he did--he didn't pray for power, he didn't pray for money, he didn't pray for women, he didn't pray for the kingship, he just prayed for wisdom, & with wisdom came everything else! (1Kg.3:9-13)
       52. AND FROM THE TIME I WAS YOUNG, I CAN REMEMBER EVERY TIME I'D KNEEL DOWN BY MY BED AT NIGHT & PRAY, & many times when I was alone I prayed because my parents were often gone & I had to go to bed all by myself--something hardly any of you ever have to do, thank God for the fellowship of our Homes & many mothers & fathers--but I can remember kneeling down by my little bed just as a little lad many times praying alone before I went to bed, & I can remember when I first heard that about Solomon, from then on every time I prayed, I prayed for wisdom.
       53. THOUGH YOU CAN'T SEE IT, I'VE GOT IT! The Lord gave it to me, I know!--If He hadn't you wouldn't be here & neither would I. PTL! I'm not always wise, sometimes I'm very foolish, as some of you know. But most of the time when I manifest the Spirit of the Lord it's very wise & He gives wisdom. And I believe He's really giving wisdom about these Stories as well. And it's not anything really new because the Lord has given these revelations for years. I've had'm! I know it! I've seen it! I've felt it!
       54. I CAN TELL YOU FOR SURE IT'S THERE, I'VE SEEN IT, SO I KNOW IT! Because when I ask for a fish He's not going to give me a serpent, when I asked for bread He's not given me a stone, but He's given me a lot of good bread & fish for you, good food to feed you & encourage you & inspire you & help you realise the realities of Heaven! PTL! GBY! (Mat.7:9-11)
       55. BUT YOU'RE EVEN MORE BLESSED THAN I AM, BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO EXERCISE YOUR FAITH, & STRONG FAITH, TO BELIEVE IT! Of course, I have to believe it when I see it & when I hear it. If I didn't believe it, I wouldn't dare tell you about it. But still, you've got more faith than I have & you're going to be more blessed for having believed though having not seen! Isn't that wonderful? PTL! Think of that, you've got more faith than I have!--At least it takes you more faith to believe it, even though you haven't seen it.
       56. WELL, HERE I AM TALKING TOO LONG AS USUAL. It's a little earlier than I've let you off sometimes, but I think it's a good time to quit. Everybody here works hard all day & even sometimes Sundays. I even forget what day it is! I wouldn't know what to do if I tried to knock off a day. Today I ran out of work from my typist because she's got so much work stacked up, so when I run out of texts to proofread & other things like that I figure, "Well, I guess I'm just going to have to go back to Heaven & get something else!"--So I did! TYL! So she's got another one-hour tape on my Trip to Earth!
       57. MY GOODNESS, IT'S AN ENDLESS STORY! After the Tribulation we've got to rapture you guys & I've got to show you around Heaven yet & we've got to have the Marriage Supper & our briefing sessions for Armageddon & then we've got to do the moppin' up, then we've got to have reconstruction of this Earth & organisation of the Earthly Kingdom, then a thousand years of Millennium! There's no end to the Story!
       58. THERE'S NO END TO THIS STORY, IT GOES ON FOREVER! And by & by we have the Battle of Gog & Magog & the Millennial Christians are raptured & the Earth is destroyed with fire & then the New Earth & the New Heavens! This is going to go on & on! PTL! We've got so much to look forward to!
       59. SO WHAT DOES HE SAY ABOUT THE THINGS OF THE PRESENT? (Fam: "The sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glories which shall be revealed in us.") (Rom.8:18) That's it! See how much better you guys even know the Bible than I do! You guys even know where it's found! I have to look it up! I have to spend part of my time telling these Stories looking up Scriptures to see if I'm right about what I'm seeing! And I'm getting a lot of things along that line that the Lord never revealed to me before!
       60. IT JUST SHOWS YOU, IF YOU REALLY WANT TO KNOW & YOU REALLY GO AHEAD BY FAITH & YOU REALLY TRY, THE LORD WILL SHOW YOU! PTL! He's explaining a lot of mysteries I've not understood before & I've wondered about for years. "Why, Lord? Why this? Why that?" Now we see clearly, face-to-face, at least in my Story. Actually, "now we see through a glass darkly, but then face-to-face!" (1Cor.13:12) Well, I'm then! I'm already There seeing face-to-face, so He's revealing these things! TTL!
       61. I WAS TELLING MARIA TODAY, HOW COULD ANY KING HAVE HAD ANY MORE QUEENLY, BEAUTIFUL WOMEN THAN WE HAVE, & HANDSOME KINGS! I am proud of you! I am proud of our Family! We're not supposed to be proud, but the Lord is not ashamed to be called your God, so therefore He must be proud of you in that sense. (Heb.11:16) That's not an evil sense of pride, but that's a justifiable pride in you, that you're as wonderful as you are, bless your hearts! And I'm proud of you! I'm proud of these fine, intelligent, strong-looking men that we have, you here & those I've just been watching on video, & these beautiful, capable, queenly women leaders! Marvellous! Wonderful!
       62. LOOK AT THAT GORGEOUS MOTHER OVER THERE, DOESN'T SHE LOOK LIKE AN ANGEL, a saint, sitting there suffering all this time with this long session when she's tired & carrying double duty there! God bless her! Lord bless her & keep her & we know You'll bring this child in Thy time & Thy place, & have Thy way! We ask Thee to give her strength for these last few days, & all of these here, Lord. TYL!
       63. YOU SAID IT YOURSELF, LORD, "BLESSED ART THOU WHO HAVING SEEN HAVE BELIEVED, YET MORE BLESSED ARE THEY WHO HAVING NOT SEEN, YET HAVE BELIEVED!" So bless them for believing even though they've not seen, Lord, as we have, in Jesus' name. Help them to believe it as they read it too. Help them to see it, Lord, as they read it, as You're showing it to us, in Jesus' name. PTL! Amen!
       64. WELL, I GUESS WE'RE GETTING SO CLOSE THE LORD JUST HAS TO BEGIN TO REALLY SHOW US THINGS! I knew as we got closer to these Last Days & closer to the End, the Lord would show us more & more as we get near, because we're the ones here who need to know, because we're so close to it all. PTL! Amen!
       65. WELL, NOW I'M BACK DOWN HERE ON EARTH WITH MARIA & SHE'S GLAD TO HAVE ME BACK! PTL! I'm sure glad to be back with all of you beautiful little queenlets too, & all of you gorgeous queens & kings. You're kings & queens & princes & princesses of the Kingdom of God, the Lord Himself said so, PTL? (Rev.5:10) PTL! GBY all! Amen! Well, we've gotta stop someplace so I can go back & learn more about Heaven. Amen? So we've already prayed, anybody else got anything to say?--Why not?--Because it's too late! PTL! GBY! ILY!

       IT'S ALL JESUS!
       66. THANKS FOR YOUR LOVE & EVEN THANKS FOR YOUR THANKS, but just please remember to thank the Lord. It's not me! "It's not I that live, but Christ that liveth in me. For the life that I now live"--what?? (Fam: "I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, & gave Himself for me.") (Gal.2:20) PTL! Amen!
       67. IT'S ALL THE LORD, IT'S ALL JESUS, SO GIVE HIM THE THANKS & THE PRAISE FOR IT MOST OF ALL! I appreciate your thanking me, but I've just been a little messenger boy, that's all. I just open my big mouth & He fills it. But it's His message & it's His pictures & His information. I don't get any credit for that except that I just was willing to take the message.--Sort of like those new telephone recorders they've got, nearly all the Americans have them now attached to their telephone where you can leave a message. It just automatically turns on & the line is alive & the speaker is giving the message, then it just automatically shuts off.
       68. THAT'S SORT OF LIKE ME! WHEN HE STARTS TALKING I JUST AUTOMATICALLY TURN ON! When He finishes talking I automatically shut off & pass it on to the typist & she has to finish it off. (Typist: The way you originally gave it is almost perfect, there're very few word changes or crossing out of paragraphs or anything, it comes out perfect!) TYL! The Lord really has given her amazing ability to type those transcripts almost perfectly! (Typist: You give them perfectly!) I was trying to give you some credit! But it's true, we really don't have very many corrections to make at all, a few little typos, or once in awhile I think I find a better word to make it simpler to explain it better to you, & now & then I get a little extra revelation as I go along & I stick that in! So there are really very few corrections. By the time we've reached the 3rd draft it's virtually perfect. PTL! So thank the Lord! And I think she's got some 3rd drafts for you, of Chapters 18 & 19! You've got some reading to do, so I'd better let you go. If you're not too tired you can read a little bit, read yourself to sleep!
       69. MY BROTHER SAID THERE'S ONE WAY HE KNEW THE BIBLE REALLY WORKED, HE SAID IT WAS THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD TO PUT SOMEBODY TO SLEEP! I thought that was a terrible thing to say, I was just shocked when he said that! Maybe you can try that with my stuff, read it before you go to bed & it'll put you to sleep. The trouble with me is, it doesn't put me to sleep, I just keep getting more! PTL! I hope you're enjoying it & it inspires your faith & helps you to really have something to look forward to. And I hope most of all that you can believe it, because then you'll be more blessed than I am!--Period! That's a good place to quit! We've already prayed! GBY all! Goodnight!
       70. (SINGS:) "BLESSED BE THE TIE THAT BINDS, OUR HEARTS IN CHRISTIAN LOVE! The fellowship of kindred mind, is like to that Above!" PTL! Hallelujah! (Sings:)
       "What a fellowship, what a joy divine,
       Leaning on the everlasting arms!
       What a blessedness, what a peace is mine!
       Leaning on the everlasting arms!

       Leaning on Jesus, leaning on Jesus,
       Safe & secure from all alarm!
       Leaning on Jesus, leaning on Jesus,
       Leaning on the everlasting arms!"
PTL! Amen!
       71. (SINGS:)
--that's the Word!--
       "In His arms securely fold you"
--that's His Love!--
       "God be with you till we meet again!
       Till we meet, till we meet, till we meet at Jesus' feet!"
--He's here!--
       "Till we meet, till we meet,
       God be with you till we meet again!"
PTL! And we meet very often around here, thank the Lord! We're always meeting, in & out & round about! GBY all! Now get to your rooms, read some more stories & get some good sleep so you can work hard tomorrow! Haven't I got beautiful children?--All of you! Good night! GBY all! Happy Thanksgiving! We have thanksgiving every day!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family