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MORE ON THE AC WARS!       DO 2124       1/85       ET# 25

       1. WE KNOW THAT AT LEAST ONE OF THE AC'S WARS, THE ATOMIC WAR, WOULD HAVE TO BE IN THE LAST HALF OF THE LAST 7 YEARS, OF COURSE, AT THE END OF THE TRIBULATION. Now remember, don't call that first 3-1/2 years the first half of the Tribulation. I've heard many preachers & many people, even our own people, say, "Oh, that's the first half of the Tribulation!" Well, you may call the whole 7 years tribulation, but the real heavy stuff doesn't begin until the middle of the 7 years (or later)! We call it the Last 7 Years of World history, & the real Tribulation doesn't begin until the middle.
       2. YOU CAN'T EVEN BE TOO SURE EXACTLY HOW MANY WARS THE ANTICHRIST HAS AGAINST HIS OPPONENTS. So don't try to understand every single little detail! When the time comes we'll understand it, that's all you really need to know. You just need to know enough to know that he's going to have some wars. But let me tell you, if you're here, which most of you probably will be, you'll know when & how many! But all you need to know right now is that he has several wars during that period. To try to get so picky & specific & number'm & name'm & "tell me when they are" & all that blah blah, forget it! Bible Prophecy is not always that clear!
       3. THERE ARE SOME THINGS THAT ARE EXACT, DOWN TO THE VERY DAY!--SOME EVEN TO THE VERY HOUR! God's Word says that Babylon is destroyed in one hour of one day. (Rev.18:8,10,17) Some things are timed explicitly, perfectly, the exact number of days, months & years, particularly the Tribulation, time & again, over & over & over again, because He wants to encourage you, He wants to let you know it's not going to last forever! That's as long as it's going to be, period, that's the end, that's all, enough! Drop the curtain, that's it!--So you don't have to worry about it lasting any longer or you might give up & get discouraged. I'll tell you, when you're getting toward the end of things & things are really getting rough, you're going to be counting every single day! I wouldn't be surprised if we're going to be counting every day from the beginning.
       4. BUT NOT ALL PROPHECIES ARE THAT CLEAR & MATHEMATICALLY EXACT AS TO EXACT TIMES ETC., SO YOU JUST HAVE TO SORT OF GUESSTIMATE WHAT THE SITUATION IS. But it's quite clear that he has a number of wars, that's clear enough. I've counted them several times & it looks to me like he has four during the last 7 years, maybe five, not even counting Armageddon, that would make five or six. Exactly whether they're before or after the middle or not, that's not perfectly clear, but it looks to me like he has two of them during the first half of the 7 years. This is my guesstimate, my guess, if you want to call it that, my theory, & you can do as you want to with that. Your guess is as good as mine if you're led of the Lord.--Providing you agree with me! Ha! Do you want to look back at Daniel 11 again?
       5. IT'S OBVIOUS THERE ARE WARS, & THE FIRST WAR BEGINS IN WHAT VERSE? (FAM: THE 25TH.) "And he shall stir up his power & his courage against the King of the South with a great army; & the King of the South shall be stirred up to battle with a very great & mighty army; but he shall not stand: For they shall forecast devices against him." He's going to have the wisdom of the Devil & be able to forecast things & see things & the Devil is going to give him visions & prophecies & all kinds of powers to know what to do & what's happening. He's got the Devil on his side. So these other guys who are probably only the Devil's subjects anyhow, the Devil wants his way with his own, & this is what happens. So there's the first war that happens after the signing of the Covenant.
       6. THEN IN THE 28TH VERSE HIS HEART TURNS AGAINST THE HOLY COVENANT, PROBABLY BECAUSE HE'S SO ANGRY WITH THE KING OF THE SOUTH REBELLING AGAINST IT, & IN THE 29TH VERSE THERE'S ANOTHER WAR: "At the time appointed he shall return & come toward the South; but it shall not be as the former or as the latter. For the ships of Chittim shall come against him." And who did we say that probably is? It's an old term used for the power which until only recently ruled Chittim or Cyprus, Britain. There are other reasons Bible students & scholars tell you why they believe it's Britain, but I don't have time to go into it. But it's very likely the way the World looks today, because who's going to be siding with those Jews, the King of the South?--Certainly Britain, that's for sure, & certainly the U.S.! Maybe in some of these early wars, even some of the countries of Europe, the West, will be sympathising with the Jews ... & fighting against the Antichrist. At first they thought he was great, wonderful! He made this agreement, this Covenant, this Pact, this compromise to have everybody get along with everybody, but as usual the Jews cause him the most trouble.--Because he won't do exactly what they tell'm to do, & he starts telling them what to do. So they fight a war here & they fight a war again in the 29th & 30th verse.
       7. AND WHO WINS THE WAR IN THE 31ST VERSE? (FAM: THE ANTICHRIST.) You shouldn't be so slow answering that, I even gave you the number of the verse! "The arms shall stand on his part." He wins the war & immediately does what? (Fam: Pollutes the sanctuary.) Doesn't it sound like it's the Abomination of Desolation?--That the mid-point comes around the same time as this second war? So there are at least two wars during the first 3-1/2 years that he fights which precede the breaking of the Covenant that he himself has specified.
       8. THERE MIGHT BE SOME OTHER MAJOR WAR EVEN BEFORE THE ANTICHRIST ARISES (see #2193, "Antichrist Wars Before the Covenant!"--Coming!), but I don't think it would be an Atomic War because there wouldn't be enough left to do much with after that. That's what we've become convinced of, & we've found lots of verses & given you that argument already, that it looks much more like he will rise to power on solving the economic crisis & solving the war crisis, preventing the Atomic War. Wouldn't the World go after any guy today who could solve the World Economic Crash & prevent the Atomic War?--You bet they would! They will gladly worship anybody who could solve those two problems! In fact, Paul Spaak, the former Secretary General of NATO [EDITED: "1957-1961"], said, "If we can find a man who can solve these problems, we don't care if it's the Devil, we'll worship him!"--Think of that! I mean, they're open & honest about it! They'll worship the Devil if he'll solve their problems.--And that's exactly what he's going to do, & that's what they're going to do, exactly!
       9. SO HERE SPECIFICALLY, DEFINITELY, THERE ARE AT LEAST TWO WARS BEFORE THE MID-POINT, BEFORE HE BREAKS THE COVENANT. Then he comes out & breaks the Covenant, pollutes the sanctuary, takes away the sacrifice, the Abomination of Desolation is set up & he cooperates with those then who work against the Covenant & there's all kinds of violence & persecution. It even specifies here--it doesn't name the Christians--but it's obviously us Christians: "But the people that do know their God shall be strong & do exploits. And they of understanding shall instruct many," & we'll be purified by all these things. All of this is to really get you down to business for the Lord, to see if you're willing to die for Him here in these days! (Dan.11:33-35) But don't worry about it!

       10. REMEMBER WHAT I TOLD YOU ABOUT THE TWO OLD LADIES & DR. DWIGHT L. MOODY? They were two little old self-righteous, hypocritical, holier-than-thou types like those little old church saints some of them used to be. Well, they weren't such saints, some of them were devils in old ladies' clothing! They approached Dr. Moody after one of his sermons on Grace. He was a great preacher on Salvation by Grace, Eternal Salvation. Some people call it "Eternal Security," some people call it "once saved, always saved", but whatever it is, we believe in it! Amen?
       11. THEY WERE PROBABLY A COUPLE OF METHODISTS WHO BELIEVE IN ETERNAL INSECURITY, & THEY CAME DOWN TO PUT HIM TO THE TEST! They said, "Yes, you've got grace, but Dr. Moody, have you got dying grace?" He said, "No, sister, I'm sorry, but I don't!" "Ah, Dr. Moody! You don't have dying grace?! We have dying grace! We are perfect!"--All this business the Holiness people go on about. "We cannot sin, we have eternal perfection!" Once they've got this special "entire sanctification", they've got a form of eternal security & then they can't sin any more! So they even said they had dying grace. But he said, "No, sister, I'm not dying yet!"
       12. I'VE TOLD YOU THAT BEFORE! YOU DON'T HAVE TO HAVE DYING GRACE NOW! You don't have to worry about it & fear it & wonder about what's going to happen when you die. When it comes the Lord will give you dying grace & dying will probably be the easiest thing you ever did, the hard thing is to live!--Right? The easiest thing Christians ever have to do is to die! Even if you die as a martyr at the stake or on a cross or whatever, that's going to be the easiest thing you ever did, & probably the quickest! The Lord's going to make it easy & quick, I'm sure, in order to relieve you of your job since it's over. PTL?--Maybe make a testimony of your death to show how much you believe what you've been talking about, that you're willing to die for it!
       13. THAT'S WHAT CONVERTED THE ROMANS, WHEN THEY SAW HOW THE CHRISTIANS DIED! Nobody but people with supernatural grace & supernatural love & victory & faith could have died as gloriously, rejoicing, singing, smiling, laughing & happy while they were burning at the stake, flames licking about their bodies or lions chewing on their legs or arms! I mean, you couldn't have much worse than that! But they died happily, rejoicing, singing hymns, praising the Lord! Do you think they could have done that if the Lord hadn't eased the pain somehow? Oh, you might suffer a little pain, we all suffer some pain sometime. The only place where you're going to be completely relieved of pain is in Heaven, where there'll be no more pain!
       14. BUT IT'S AMAZING HOW MUCH PAIN YOU CAN STAND IF YOU HAVE TO! Some people have been shot & didn't even realise they were shot! Most of the guys who were shot, even in the army etc., didn't even realise they were shot at the moment. People have testified that time & time again. Science is now discovering that the body contains certain types of chemicals that relieve pain, ease pain & even overcome pain! In emergencies like that it releases certain kinds of chemicals that are similar to morphine & the various drugs that they have for that purpose, to ease the pain so it won't hurt so bad.
       15. PEOPLE HAVE DONE SOME AMAZING THINGS IN TERRIBLE CONDITIONS! I remember hearing a story about a guy who had his arm hanging out the window driving his car & side-swiped a truck too close & tore his arm right off! And he picked it up & drove to the hospital with one hand & tried to get'm to put it back on again. I've heard lots of stories like that, about people who had both legs cut off by a train, but they still got'm to the hospital & sewed'm up! They didn't put the legs back on, but they actually managed to survive it & live!
       16. DID YOU HEAR THE JOKE ABOUT THE HAND? Somehow or another in an accident the guy got his hand cut off, so he grabbed it & ran quick to the hospital & asked the doctor, "Quick, sew my hand back on!" The doctor said, "Well, if we do it's going to cost you $20,000!" He said, "$20,000! Give me back my hand!" And he ran to the little clinic down the road with one doctor & said, "How much will you charge me to sew this back on?" He said, "$250." "Okay, put'r there!" And the clinic doctor sewed it on, charged him $250 & it worked fine. Later on he ran into the other doctor & he said, "Hey, what's the big idea? How come you were going to charge me $20,000 for a job this other doctor did & did well & it worked just fine? Looky there!"--And as he did that, the hand went flying off through the air!
       17. DO YOU KNOW MY OTHER FAVOURITE JOKE ABOUT THE GUY THAT LOST HIS HAND? The fellow was handless, he'd lost his hand right at the wrist, & this other guy that worked with him was always bothering him & asking him, "How'd it happen? How'd it happen?" And he wouldn't tell him. Finally he said, "Now if I tell you once & for all, will you promise me you will never ask me again how it happened?" He said, "Yes, yes, yes, tell me!" He said, "It snapped off!" That's the joke! That still doesn't tell you anything.--Ha! (Techi: What does that mean?) Well, I don't know what it means, he didn't know either. It was no answer, in other words, he still didn't tell him. He was just spoofin' him! "It snapped off!"
       18. WELL, LORD FORGIVE ME IF I DIGRESS TOO FAR & TELL YOU TOO MANY JOKES, BUT THEY JUST COME TO ME, ALL THESE PREACHERS' JOKES & WHATNOT! But maybe they kind of help relieve the pain a little bit. They're my little bit of, I think they call them endorphins or something like that, these chemicals. I give you a shot in the arm every once in awhile in order to ease the pain of the rest of the lesson. Well, let's go back to Daniel again. In all that excitement I even lost Daniel!

       19. STARTING WITH VERSE 36 IT DESCRIBES ALL ABOUT WHAT HE DOES THERE, HOW HE DECLARES HE'S GOD & ALL THAT. The beginning of the Tribulation runs all the way from the 31st verse on. And then where's the next war? (Fam: Verse 40.) And who's he fighting that one with again? (Fam: Israel, the King of the South.) The King of the South again! Just use the Biblical term, King of the South. It's our interpretation that it's Israel, because who else could it be but Israel?--Especially to have all these Westerners cooperating with'm!
       20. SO HE'S FURIOUS & THIS TIME HE ESTABLISHES HIS PALACE, HIS HEADQUARTERS, HIS WORLD CAPITAL RIGHT IN JERUSALEM! This is his third war with the Jews & he decided he's just going to absolutely sit on'm this time, right on top of'm! "They want some kind of power & influence & independence, they want to rule the World, they want Jerusalem to rule the World?--Okay! I'll put my throne in the Temple in Jerusalem & we'll rule the World right from Jerusalem!" But that's not the last one, right? That's apparently the next war & it comes after the Tribulation begins. I didn't have that very clear in my own head. But I knew they weren't all four in the first half of his reign.
       21. WHERE'S HIS NEXT WAR? (DAVID: VERSE 44!) Good boy! David had it all ready here. Verse 44. And this war begins with "tidings out of the East & out of the North."--Trouble with the East, how about that? So that's at least four wars. Then the next thing after that, that is described here at least in this passage, is what? (Fam: The Rapture.)--Right! (Dan.12:1-3) So he has fought about three wars with the Jews, & it sounds like at least one with the Muslims, & of course the Jews include the West & all. With the one war He makes Jerusalem his capital & still fights another war with the Muslims. Well, it actually doesn't say he makes it his capital till the next verse, but most Bible scholars believe that when he finally crushes the Jews, that's when he decides to set up his capital there.
       22. BUT WHICHEVER WAY YOU LOOK AT IT, THERE ARE FOUR WARS! Two of them happen when?--In which half? (Fam: First half.) The first half of the 7 years. So the other two, of course, happen when? (Fam: The second half!) That's as easy as a test in which they say: "Where was Joan of Arc from?" or "What was George Washington's last name?" You know two of the wars happened in the first half & so you know the other two happened in the second half by the process of elimination! I always loved those choice tests, especially true or false. If they had a choice of 3 or 4 things, that was a little tough, but at least you had a 50% chance of getting it right if it was just true or false! If they had four choices you only had a 25% chance of getting it right. So I try to make it easy.
       23. SO THE 44TH VERSE IS THE FOURTH WAR DURING THE 7 YEARS & IT SAYS HE PLANTS HIS TABERNACLE IN JERUSALEM, THEN THE VERY NEXT BIG EVENT IS THE RAPTURE! Therefore this fourth war must be which war we've been talking about so much? (Fam: The Atomic War!) That includes the fall of Babylon, apparently, after the three wars with the Jews & one war with the Muslims. Jerusalem is the holy city of both sects, both religions, both cults! Why don't we call them cults? They're always calling us cults, they've got just as much right to be called cults as we do! So since that's the last war of the Antichrist during his reign at least, that must be the Atomic War in which he & Europe destroy America. (Maria: Are you convinced of that now pretty definitely? Because in one of the sessions we had not too long ago you said maybe the war with the Kings of the East is even another war, a separate war from the destruction of Babylon, the Atomic War.) (See No.1904:23-25.)
       24. I CAN'T PROVE IT, THAT'S WHY I'M NOT GOING TO BE DOGMATIC ABOUT IT, BUT THAT'S MY THEORY, THAT'S MY ANALYSIS. But according to Daniel here, since it is apparently the last war just before the Rapture, then it would have to be the war in which Babylon is destroyed. Therefore, by sequential logic you arrive at the fact that it must be the Atomic War! Some things you arrive at like 2 plus 2 is 4 plus 3 is 7 etc! You've just got to add'm up! So that's my opinion, you don't have to take it if you don't want to. When I teach you some things about the Rapture & Salvation & things like that, you've got to take it or leave it, that's it, flat-out, no getting out of it! But some of this interpretation you just arrive at by logic, by mathematics, by finding the missing quantity, the unknown quantity in the algebraic equation.
       25. SO THERE ARE FOUR WARS HERE, TWO IN THE FIRST HALF OF HIS REIGN & TWO IN THE LAST HALF. The fourth one is logically the last one since the Rapture follows it, & according to other places in the Scripture, the last one results in the fall of Babylon. If you read the description of the fall of Babylon, it's obviously an Atomic War. I think I can pretty much document & prove it by the Scripture along those lines, but since it doesn't actually say so, I can't swear to it perhaps to your satisfaction. But I'm satisfied with the explanation, that satisfies me, I believe it! (Rev.18)
       26. WHY DO WE BELIEVE THAT THAT'S GOTTA BE THE ATOMIC WAR?--BECAUSE OBVIOUSLY THE LAST WAR OF HIS REIGN BEFORE THE RAPTURE IS THE FALL OF BABYLON! And from the description in the 18th Chapter of Revelation, the fall of Babylon is obviously an Atomic War! No other war could totally destroy even North America, much less the West or whatever, unless it's an Atomic War, not in one hour! That's one nice thing, at least, about the Atomic War, they say it'll be over almost before you knew it started! Most of the people will die without even knowing what hit'm. At least it's gonna be quick! And of course the people who are left are probably going to wish they were dead!
       27. SO IT SOUNDS LIKE THE ATOMIC WAR IS THE LAST WAR DESCRIBED THAT HE FIGHTS DURING HIS REIGN. I'm not talking about the Battle of Armageddon which he fights with the forces opposing him, & us coming down from Heaven to win it. The Battle of Armageddon at the end of the Wrath of God is his last war, his fifth war, as far as we know. There may be other wars during the Wrath, I don't know. I don't see how there could be, considering all of the War of God that's pouring out on him, the Wrath of God & all kinds of horrible things! His power is being beaten down to the Earth like Pharaoh's was during the plagues of Egypt. Pharaoh couldn't attack the Children of Israel, the Children of God at that time, because he was under such attack himself & the wrath of God! This is very symbolic! The plagues of Egypt were an exact prototype & foreshadowing of the Antichrist & the Wrath of God being poured out on him there at the end of their persecution!
       28. SO ACCORDING TO REVELATION, THE LAST WAR IS OBVIOUSLY AN ATOMIC WAR, BECAUSE IT IS A ONE-HOUR WAR IN ONE DAY, THE DESTRUCTION OF BABYLON! Therefore, you can go back down the line: If you've got the last one right, then the second one must have been right & the first one must have been right! Do you understand how to arrive at some of these conclusions? It's what they call logic if you know anything about it. But you don't have to know anything about logic, you've just got to understand what I'm talking about, that's all! That's logical, isn't it?
       29. SO IT'S THE FOURTH WAR, THEREFORE OBVIOUSLY FROM DANIEL HERE IT'S THE LAST WAR HE FIGHTS DURING THE TRIBULATION. Therefore since the last war of the Tribulation is the fall of Babylon, according to Revelation, & also because right here the next thing is the Rapture, & the fall of Babylon is the last war before the Rapture, then this must be it! Because it doesn't say it's the Atomic War, I can't swear to you from this verse that that's the Atomic War. But because of these other Scriptures & the logical sequence & the chronological sequence of these events that we studied from other Scriptures, it must be the Atomic War! But I'm not going to flat-out say it is because it doesn't say so right in this verse! Do you understand?
       30. FROM THE DESCRIPTION OF THE WAR IN REVELATION 18, HOW BABYLON WAS ALL DESTROYED IN ONE HOUR OF ONE DAY, IT'S OBVIOUS THAT THAT'S THE ATOMIC WAR. But it didn't say the Atomic War because they didn't have such an expression then. So I can't tell you that it says Atomic War, because it doesn't. But it's our logical conclusion that it must be because you couldn't destroy the whole Whore, the whole Capitalist Western commercial system & the whole works in one hour unless it was an Atomic War! So do you understand how we figure some of these things out?
       31. NOW ALSO THE FACT THAT THIS WAR IS BEING FOUGHT WITH THE KINGS OF THE EAST IS A VERY INTERESTING POINT, because we hear this other places in the book we've been studying, the Book of Revelation. Let's focus on this Kings-of-the-East war. It doesn't say "Kings of the East" here in this 44th verse, but it says, "Tidings out of the East trouble him," so it means trouble, right? And most of the trouble most kings have is wars!--Fighting wars with their neighbours & enemies etc. So undoubtedly from what we read later in Revelation, it means war. So if this is the last war & the Atomic War, it sounds very much to me like it is war with the Kings of the East that precipitates it.
       32. YOU SAY, "WELL, HOW COME HE WIPES OUT NORTH AMERICA IF HE'S FIGHTING WITH THE KINGS OF THE EAST?"--WELL, YOUR GUESS IS AS GOOD AS MINE! Why do you think? Lots of wars were started someplace over here & wound up someplace over there! Lots of wars started with a little tiny country over here--a little town called Sarajevo, Yugoslavia--& wound up in World War 1 involving North America! One shot--the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand, the heir to the throne of Austria, by a little rebel, a Slav or somebody that didn't like his rule--became the shot heard around the World! He just rushed up when he was riding along in his carriage on the street & shot him point blank! First of all, of course, it made the Austrians mad, but it also made the Germans mad because they were making some kind of pact with Austria. They said, "Well, you guys can't even take care of this little bunch of rebels down there & they're going to cause all of us trouble!" They started getting tough with Austria & they got into a big fight over one little assassination.
       33. SO THAT'S WHAT CAN HAPPEN. WARS CAN START IN ONE DIRECTION & WIND UP IN THE OTHER DIRECTION! All the other wars are pretty specific, every one of them talks about the King of the South, but then all of a sudden it brings in the ships of Chittim, & that's a long ways away, Britain etc.--Probably "all the young lions thereof" as well, as it says in another place. (Eze. 38:13)
       34. I KNOW THIS IS A LITTLE INVOLVED & COMPLICATED FOR OUR LITTLE ONES, but I think they should be congratulated on how quiet they are & how they sit & listen. XXX! ILY! God bless Techi! It gets pretty deep & complicated sometimes, but I hope I make it simple enough. At least you get the general idea, don't you? (Children: Yes, Sir!) Good!
       35. WELL, WHILE WE'RE STILL ON THAT SUBJECT, LET'S GO BACK TO EZEKIEL! Is that where it mentions the verse about "all the young lions thereof"? There it is, Ezekiel 38:13, my eyes fell right on it, thank You Lord! I know these verses, I can remember what they say, but I don't always know exactly where they are. It's describing here what we usually term to be the Battle of Armageddon. Now remember, after the end of the Tribulation & the Rapture, the Antichrist & his forces are still here, & his enemies are still here, & the alignment of nations is still pretty much the same, don't forget it, because the fifth war again centers on what country? (Fam: Israel.) And it winds up in what place specifically? (Fam: The Valley of Megiddo.) The Valley of Megiddo, & the Height of Megiddo, called the Ar-mageddon. "Ar" means "the height of," & "Mageddon" is simple Hebrew for Megiddo, the Height of Megiddo.
       36. THE HEIGHT OF MAGEDDON IS A VERY PECULIAR BIG ROUND MOUND, A PERFECTLY ROUND MOUNTAIN SHAPED LIKE A BOWL TURNED UPSIDE-DOWN, RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE VALLEY OF MEGIDDO! It's only 14 miles from Haifa, because we passed by a sign when we were there that said, "Megiddo, 14 miles." They still had a few signs in English in those days. But now the [EDITED: "Israelis"] have torn down all the English signs they can & put up everything in Hebrew! The poor tourist can't even find his way around, it's as bad as being in China where everything's in Chinese! Isn't that ridiculous? At least in Europe the European languages resemble each other enough that even if the sign is in another European language, it's at least in Roman characters. See, all of the European languages use the same alphabet & the same Roman characters so you can at least read it & decipher it somehow & get a little idea of what it says.
       37. BUT WAIT'LL YOU HEAR ABOUT ISRAEL! WE COULDN'T EVEN TELL WHAT THE STREET NAMES WERE IN HAIFA! It used to be an all-English town, English & Arab. They used to have the street signs in English, in big bold letters, & then they had it written in Arabic underneath. In the good old English days of Palestine ... most of the Jews of the World didn't even speak Hebrew anyhow.
       38. ISN'T THAT THE MOST STUPID THING, TO MAKE THEM COME BACK THERE & LEARN A DEAD LANGUAGE?--A difficult dead language! Educated men, university graduates, prominent great leaders & politicians, etc., every one of them have gotta knuckle down & go to the school & the classes & take Hebrew & they must learn. ... --Making them learn an ancient dead language that isn't even very comprehensive! English is far superior! In fact, nearly all the European languages are.
       39. I DARE SAY EVEN CHINESE IS PROBABLY SUPERIOR TO HEBREW! It's got more expression & more words to express ideas, etc. Good night, with 6,000 characters & 20,000 variations, you're bound to be able to express a lot of things!--Whereas Hebrew has only got 24 characters, two less than our Roman alphabet! You didn't know you were studying the Roman alphabet, did you? You didn't know when you were memorising the alphabet you were memorising Roman characters & that a lot of your words are Roman words! It's called Latin because the language the Romans spoke is today called Latin, but it's Roman! How about that?

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