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AC WARS & THE BOPS!       DO 2125       1/85       ET# 26

       1. HAVE YOU GOT THE CHAPTERS STRAIGHT IN YOUR HEADS NOW? I didn't get an "amen" or a "yes" from anybody! You really should memorise the subject matter or the general title of each of these Chapters of Revelation so you can turn to them quickly. You folks are eschatologists, you're scientists, you're experts in this field, or supposed to be! You're certainly a lot more expert than any other preachers I ever knew or any other Christians I ever knew!
       2. IN OUR LAST CLASS I WAS STARTING TO TELL YOU SOMETHING ABOUT THE LAST WAR OF THE ANTICHRIST. We'd gone back to Daniel & sorted out those wars again. How many wars are in the first half of the 7 years? (Fam: Two.) And how many wars, as far as we can count in Daniel at least, occur during the Tribulation? (Fam: Two.) And what's the main war he fights at the end of the Wrath? (Fam: Armageddon!) So there are at least five specific wars with his enemies that you can actually count here. Now obviously if he has to go to war & fight whole wars with groups of countries--himself heading his group of countries, headed by Russia & mostly Communist-based countries to begin with at least--if there is enough opposition, enough countries that go to war with him, there must be quite a bit of opposition!
       3. HOW COME THE PREACHERS OVERLOOK THAT?--THAT THERE ARE A LOT OF PEOPLE WHO DON'T LIKE THE ANTICHRIST or finally turn on him & refuse his Mark & even fight wars against him!--Even though they are not Christians, much less saved! There are millions of people in the World today of various religions who will turn against the Antichrist when they finally see what he's like, especially when he breaks the Covenant & sets up an Image of himself & insists he be worshipped as God Himself & forces the Mark of the Beast on everybody he can! There are going to be a lot of people who won't like it! So he has a number of wars with whole nations & groups of nations who fight against him.
       4. SO DO YOU WANT TO KNOW WHO IT IS THAT SURVIVES BOTH THE TRIBULATION & THE WRATH OF GOD, BY GOD'S MERCY? Most of us survive the Tribulation, of course, & we're rescued by the Rapture, but what about the rest of the Antichrist's opponents?--All these whole nations & whole religions that are fighting against him? They're not taken up in the Rapture, they go right on into the Wrath of God then. Of course, the Wrath of God is specifically poured out upon the Antichrist & his kingdom, his people, & obviously the Lord spares millions of people & whole nations of people, maybe millions of people in all nations, various places, who turned against & fought against & resisted the Antichrist & refused his Mark, even though unsaved, even though not Christians, much less saved.
       5. SO THERE AGAIN YOU HAVE WHO HE'S FIGHTING AGAINST IN THE BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON! It begins as another normal war, if you can call war normal. It's about as unnormal as anything you can think of!--Bestial, cruel, horrible! But he fights another war, the final war, & it's a war in which he gathers his forces together against Israel once again for the last time. Here are these stubborn, bull-headed, rebellious Jews again, they never know where to quit or when to quit! That's why they're still on top, they refuse to quit! And if you just refuse to quit, sooner or later you may win!
       6. DON'T EVER LET THE DEVIL GET YOU DOWN & JUST LIE THERE! HE WHO FIGHTS & RUNS AWAY LIVES TO FIGHT ANOTHER DAY! My brother used to have a favourite saying which he was always quoting to me. I guess I used to be somewhat subject to discouragement sometimes & he'd say, "Dave, if you fall in the mud, you don't have to lie there, get up! Try again!" I always had a terrible inferiority complex about mistakes & not doing my best & the right thing. I told Maria a few times, "Well, maybe the Lord will at least give me credit for that, or maybe He'll at least give me credit for this, that I did do a pretty good job on this or that.--Even though I failed on quite a few things & I didn't always do my best." Well, at least I think I have done a lot better than a lot of people, at least a few other people.

       7. MY DEAR BROTHER, I SURE OUTRANKED HIM IN SERVICE FOR THE LORD, GOD BLESS HIM ANYHOW! He loves the Lord now & he loves us too, how about that? That's a 180-degree turn-around for him! But he used to make fun of me when I was even religious, period, much less belonging to this outfit. He even used to call my Mother's & my religion the "underworld of religion," & that was before we became a so-called "cult"! That was before the Family & anything else, when we were in Gospel circles. My Aunt called us "Full Gospel Bums" & "Gospel Beggars"!
       8. SEE, GOD'S PEOPLE ARE ALWAYS MALIGNED & MADE FUN OF & PERSECUTED & DEPRECATED & ALWAYS BEING CURSED, SO IT'S NOTHING NEW! "Rejoice & be exceeding glad, for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you!" (Mat.5:12) It's one of the signs that you're doing a good job for the Lord! Because when the Devil gets mad at you & the enemies get mad at you & curse you & persecute you & try to stop you, that's a compliment! It shows the Devil's mad because you're being successful. It's not because you're a failure, it's because you're being too successful to suit him, & he's furious! So he does everything he can to stop you, curse you, give you bad publicity, persecute you & try to kill you! That shows that you're getting the job done! Amen?
       9. JESUS HIMSELF SAID, "BEWARE WHEN ALL MEN THINK WELL OF YOU!" (Luk.6:26) I used to wonder what was wrong with Billy Graham because he was so popular, but he finally began to get his! He began to get maligned & criticised & downed, especially by the [EDITED: "ACs"]. They never have a good word to say for him in the [EDITED: "AC"] newspapers, which are nearly all newspapers! So they persecute him now too. Of course, he's sort of a has-been so they're not so hard on him any more. He's been sick & he hasn't held too many campaigns lately, & I don't much blame him! If I was as old as he is, I wouldn't either. He's getting up there! I guess he's in his 70's now, nearly 80. I know he was at least 10 years older than I was when I was young. I remember he was about as old as my brother, who's about 8 years older than me. So how did I get on that?--The wars of the Antichrist!--The Tribulation!--Persecution!

       10. SO THE ANTICHRIST IS FIGHTING WHOLE WARS, & THE LAST ONE IS A BIG WAR THAT BRINGS HIM AGAIN TO ISRAEL & TO THE VALLEY OF MEGIDDO & EVENTUALLY RIGHT TO THE VERY GATES OF JERUSALEM! But I'm going to read you a passage by-&-by from another Prophet which shows when the battle gets hot, up to the very walls of Jerusalem--which God calls Ariel sometimes in prophecy--then the Lord decides that's enough, He's going to put a stop to the whole thing! He's poured out enough judgements, poured out enough Wrath, He's seen that enough people got their just deserts & the Antichrist has gone on long enough & his evil forces have gone too far, so that He decides it's time to absolutely annihilate them!
       11. AND OUR FORCES SWEEP DOWN FROM HEAVEN! CAN YOU IMAGINE THEIR SURPRISE? Here he thinks he's just about to win the victory & has got all those Jews cooped-up in Jerusalem & has destroyed their armour & their resistance & he's just about to shout the victory that he's won over all these resisting nations & opponents, that he's won the major battle, the Battle of Armageddon! The Battle, or you could call it a war, of Armageddon, remember, is just the last battle of a big war. It is not something that just suddenly happens, there's a war going on! We don't know how long the war is lasting, maybe for the entire Wrath of God!--And God's giving them a lot of plagues & a lot of cursings & a lot of trouble during the whole thing.
       12. BUT FINALLY GOD SAYS IT'S ENOUGH! Can you imagine their surprise when we appear out of the Heavens riding on white horses out of the sky?--Supernatural supermen with supernatural powers like angels, by the millions, maybe even billions! Who knows? Whew! I mean to tell you, that's enough to scare'm to death! But we not only do that, we slaughter'm, all of them, all the Antichrist people are completely slaughtered!--The Antichrist & the False Prophet not only slaughtered, but thrown straight into Hell!
       13. BUT WHAT HAPPENS TO THE REST OF THE PEOPLE WHO WERE FIGHTING THEM, THAT GOD SPARED & WAS GOOD TO, MERCIFUL TO? What happened to them after the Lord Himself came down & helped them win the battle over the Antichrist? (Fam: They came out into the Millennium!)--Exactly! The Battle is won, the victory is won! Praise God! Hallelujah! TYJ! (Sings:)
       "Some golden daybreak Jesus will come!
       Some golden daybreak, battle all done!"--This is really a good song about Armageddon!
       "We'll shout the victory, break through the blue!"--Coming down, not up!
       "Some golden daybreak for me, for you!"
       "Some golden daybreak Jesus will come!"--And we'll come too!
       "Some golden daybreak, battle all done!
       We'll shout the victory, break through the blue!
       Some golden daybreak, for me, for you!"

Will they be surprised! Hallelujah! TYJ! Well, that's a good song to end on:
       "Some golden daybreak Jesus will come!
       Some golden daybreak, battles all won!
       We'll shout the victory, break through the blue!
       Some golden daybreak, for me, for you!"

Well, we'll be shouting the victory in the Rapture when we go thattaway too, I'm sure!--But we haven't won the battle yet, not until we come back with the Lord & win the Battle of Armageddon!
       15. WELL, WE DIDN'T GET VERY DEEP INTO IT THIS TIME, BUT MAYBE IT'S GETTING CLEARER IN YOUR HEAD ALL THE TIME AS WE SORT OF RUN OVER IT. I was just reviewing you again, review review, repeat repeat repeat, & then maybe you'll get the picture clearer each time. I was just reading about a lady writer who said she started out as an artist painting pictures, so that now in her writing she sees pictures & her words are merely the paint that paints the pictures in words for the people to whom she's writing! In a way, don't you get that picture better that way? Of course, you can actually see a picture like we're putting out now & have for a long time with our titles even on our leaflets, & then our Komix, we're getting more into pictures all the time. Then with our children's books & illustrated MOPs & BOFs, & maybe we're going to have some BOPs too! You get a lot of bops in the BOF with all these wars! And now we're going into Posters, praise the Lord?

       THE BOPs!
       16. THERE'S YOUR {\ul \i BOPs}, THE BOOKS OF POSTERS! NOW WE'RE GOING TO BOP'M FOR SURE!--BANG!--WITH ALL THOSE POSTERS! Just wait till you see'm! You've already seen some of them! Boy, they're all going for colour now!--And why not? The Devil uses colour, why can't the Lord use colour? We just need to have the faith for it & go ahead & praise the Lord & produce & expect the Lord to pay for it. Amen?--And He is, amen? TTL! Praise God!
       17. SO THAT'S THE {\ul \i BOPs}, THE BOOKS OF POSTERS! We'll probably have a few Books of Posters one of these days, we've already got a book of them, we've got so many of them, almost more than we know what to do with! But I know what to do with them, we're going to publish them as long as we can! And the Endtime News is going to be our poster-size little Newspaper of the End! Think of that!--Every little picture in colour! Somebody said it'll look like the funny papers! Well, it may look like the funny papers, but I'll tell you right now, it's not funny!
       18. THAT'S BIBLE PROPHECY IN A NUTSHELL! We boiled it down & boiled it down. First it was the Book of the Future, the BOF, and that was a pretty long, thick book compared to most of the stuff we've written, 500 pages! Then we've got the condensations of those too, and then we've got the {\ul \i Kids BOF}, all illustrated, and that's even smaller, 64 pages. Now we've got it boiled down to 36 pictures and only four pages!--Just one little newspaper! Opened up it's the same size as a poster, only there's something on both sides, 36 pictures all in beautiful colour with little captions explaining them so you've got the whole thing in a nutshell now. The words are condensed enough that you couldn't cut it down any further than that!--And besides, we need enough Word in there to give it explanation and power and not just the pictures. I think that thing is going to really bop'm between the eyes on the streets and door-to-door and store-to-store, cafe-to-cafe and more and more! PTL!
       19. I THOUGHT THERE MUST BE A BOP SOMEWHERE!--WE'VE GOT {\ul \i MOPs} & {\ul \i BOFs} & NOW WE'VE GOT {\ul \i BOPs}! So praise God! Hallelujah! Ooof! Wow! Some of these beauties sitting here in front of me are just gorgeous! XXX! Thank You Lord! It's wonderful how the Lord manages to keep my mind on what I'm talking about. Maybe that's why I have to talk so fast & tell you so many stories, so I don't get distracted by these gorgeous beauties that I behold! PTL! Shall we pray our Kingdom Prayer?--The prayer that the King taught us to pray: (Prays the Lord's Prayer) Amen! Lord bless & keep us all safely in Thy care & make us a blessing!--In Jesus' name, amen! ILY!

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