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       1. THIS WORLD IS GOING TO BE A MESS WHEN WE TAKE OVER! You get a little picture of it in Ezekiel 39, the mess it is after the Battle of Armageddon! It takes them 7 months to bury the dead & 7 years to burn up all the junk! Well, in the meantime, what are our kids doing? We've got to be thinking about what they're doing! Are they directing the scavengers that are finding the dead bodies & helping to bury them, or are they directing the teams that are burning up the weapons of war, or are they doing something that they can do better than that! I have a feeling it's just going to be the Earthly people who are going to have to do the mundane manual labour jobs, whereas we are going to be so Heavenly we are going to be directing things!
       2. I BELIEVE OUR KIDS WILL BE OLD ENOUGH THEN TO BE REAL LEADERS, NOT JUST A BUNCH OF LITTLE KIDS IN MY HOUSE! They're going to be leaders directing Earthly people what to do! So I think we've got a lot more to pray about, think about & plan, & answers to get about what they'll be doing during the beginning of the Millennium than we have right now. I think it's going to be a lot easier to figure out what they're doing in the Rapture, meeting the Lord in the air & flying to the Heavenly City. It's going to be a lot easier to describe all that because that's all so specific in the Word.
       3. THE LORD HASN'T GIVEN US THAT MUCH THAT WAS SPECIFIC ABOUT THE MILLENNIUM. Here's one of the longest & most important periods of all World history & yet we have been given very little about specifics there! Of course you can find an awful lot that we've already given & an awful lot in the Old Testament, in many Scriptures. We've got a lot about it!
       4. BUT MOST OF WHAT WE'VE GOT IS AFTER IT HAS ALREADY BEEN WELL-ESTABLISHED & CLEANED UP & EVERYTHING'S BEAUTIFUL & everything's going hunky-dory. We've only been presented with the good side & the bright side, but the clean-up & the reorganisation & the mop-up after Armageddon is the one part which is not very well described, except in Ezekiel 39!
       5. IN ALL OF OUR PICTURES WE'VE TRIED TO PRESENT THE BRIGHT SIDE OF THE MILLENNIUM & how it's going to be after a few years when we get things cleaned up & organised & the Kingdom is established & running & everything is hunky-dory. But to really get into details & not just try to gloss over & skip over some of the things we don't know yet, we're going to have to get some answers from the Lord & solve some problems about how to start the Millennium!--Its reconstruction, rehabilitation & organisation of the Millennium.
       6. WELL, WE DO ALREADY HAVE A FEW THINGS ON THE MILLENNIUM & ITS ORGANISATION ETC. Do you remember that picture of a model Village? (See "Heavenly Villages", No.1573.) I think that's going to come in handy in this. A lot of civilisation will be wiped out! What are we going to do with the mess? How are we going to clean it up? I don't know if we're going to even worry about all the part that's destroyed.
       7. THEY SAY IT'S BEEN PROVEN IN SEVERAL WARS THAT IT WAS EASIER TO START OVER AGAIN THAN TO REBUILD! That's why some of these destroyed cities were never rebuilt, all these ruins they find & dig up, because once they're destroyed it's more difficult to rebuild them on the same spot than it is to go out on a nice clean piece of dirt & start all over, believe it or not!
       8. SO WHO KNOWS? MAYBE WE'RE JUST GOING TO LEAVE THAT DAMN NORTH IN A HELL OF A MESS JUST LIKE IT WAS AFTER THE WAR! Why go in there & try to clean it up when we've got the whole beautiful Southern part of the World to build on! There's one idea I got already! Why not just leave that mess as a horrible testimony to the Universe of what man did to himself! It's going to be this Earth in the Millennium, & just the way we're going to find it after that war, in fact two horrible wars, both the Atomic War & Armageddon!
       9. WHY WORRY ABOUT CLEANING UP THAT MESS UP NORTH? Why worry about trying to rebuild North America or that Hell of Europe! Why worry about it when we can have all the nice simple wonderful sweet people in the South & in the Equatorial areas, in the subtropics, to help us build a new World, & the simplest kind of World with simple buildings. Who cares if they're thatched huts? We can build our villages out of thatched huts or whatever! I believe they're going to have to have definite structures! They're Earthly people, they're still going to have to live just like we're living now. In their human bodies they're going to have to have a place to live & things to eat, they're going to have to grow food and take care of animals and all the rest!
       10. FRANKLY, I THINK THE ONLY PART OF THE WORLD THAT'S STILL GOING TO BE ABLE TO OPERATE AT ALL IS GOING TO BE THE PART OF THE WORLD WHERE MOST OF OUR MISSIONARIES ARE RIGHT NOW--The Southeast, South America, maybe even some parts of Africa, although I've about given up on Africa except South Africa. Just go right on around the Equator & see the places that could still be left! Maybe the Mideast will be left, although they're going to be in such a mess after so many wars there, I doubt it. But let's take India, there's a country we hope will escape it, as well as Southeast Asia, the Pacific & South America.
       11. WHY REBUILD THE REST OF THE WORLD WHEN WE HAVE SO LITTLE TIME, ONLY A THOUSAND YEARS!--Ha! Why fiddle around with trying to bring something out of that mess when we can rebuild a new World in that beautiful Southern Tropical climate! Why try to mop up that mess, why don't we just leave it like it is?--It'll be a testimony against the people that destroyed it!--And start all over again! That's what our Family has done, haven't they? They've gone East & South & they're starting all over again!
       12. LET'S JUST FORGET ABOUT THAT MESS IN THE NORTH & LET'S START ALL OVER! Who knows, in the Millennium it's not the New Earth so the climate may be just the same as it is now. I think the North is still going to be frozen, & the South Pole too. The Lord doesn't have a New Earth with a corrected Polar axis etc. so that the climate is beautiful all over the Earth until after Gog & Magog!--Savvy?
       13. SO WE'RE GOING TO HAVE TO PUT UP WITH THIS MESS AT THE BEGINNING OF THE MILLENNIUM! We're going to have to look at that mess in the North & the horrible destruction & all the radioactive areas etc. that will be radioactive for what some people claim will be thousands of years! We wouldn't even want our people to go up there! We will be in supernatural bodies, but not the Earthly people! The only people alive will be the people that escaped, & mostly in the areas of the South where our missionaries now are.
       14. SO WHY GO UP THERE IN THAT UNSAFE AREA WITH ALL THAT JUNK & THE SAVAGES? I believe some of these movies that they're showing now about man reverting to savagery are going to be true of those places like North America & Europe etc.! Why go up there in that Hell where there are still some of those hellish American savages & European ones around, & all the rest too, what few may remain. Why worry about them except maybe to slaughter'm or get'm to repent or something? Why worry about that contaminated, polluted area of the World when you've got all the beautiful country down South to build villages & towns in etc. I don't think the Lord's going to really want any more big cities, they're the curse of humanity! I think the whole thing is just like Avak says, it's going to be built on the basis of these small communities & little villages & little towns & agricultural life, back the way the Lord created man to live!
       15. SO FORGET THE GOD-DAMNED NORTH!--Amen? Let's start working on the South in the Millennium, that's my choice! Now there's a few ideas for the beginning of the Millennium! I believe the North is going to be so devastated it's going to be a hopeless case, & so many people killed that there's hardly enough left up there worth saving. I really do! Although there will be some survivors, if anything, we'll probably invite'm to get out of that polluted, contaminated, radiated area & go on down South where we're free of all that and we've got beautiful fresh new Earth the way God made it to start on!
       16. THAT'S MY OPINION, MY THEORY. YOU CAN TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT, BUT I THINK THINGS ARE REALLY GOING TO BE IN SUCH A MESS IN THE NORTH WE WON'T EVEN WANT TO TOUCH IT! If anything, if there's anybody there worth saving we're going to invite'm down South where everything is beautiful & untouched & unpolluted & undefiled & unirradiated & whatnot!--Well, not everything, but it's going to be a Heaven of a lot easier to clean up that part of the World than it will be the North!--So why bother when we've got all that space down South for whoever's left? Why not just have everybody go down there to paradise & build whatever they're going to build?--And they're not going to build any skyscrapers, I'll tell you!
       17. WE'RE GOING TO HAVE AN AGRICULTURAL ECONOMY & COUNTRY LIFE & FARMING & TINY LITTLE VILLAGES, maybe a few small towns, just whatever's necessary for commerce & trading & primitive manufacturing just of basic needs, back to the old household industries! If you want to know what it was like & what it would be like, that's the way it is in many poor countries in the boonies, back in the country.--Not like it is in the big cities of that part of the World, that's Hell on Earth! But out there in the country it's still just like it's been for thousands of years! They're still living just like they have for thousands of years!--No electricity, no telephones, almost no automobiles, hardly any roads! They're just now getting some roads built back into some of those places. They've been villages that have been isolated for years!
       18. IT'S ONLY BEEN RECENTLY THAT THEY'VE CONTACTED SOME OF THE TRIBES WAY BACK IN THE INTERIOR OF COUNTRIES LIKE BORNEO & THE CELIBES ETC. I can remember when our Alliance missionaries visited some of those natives & they were seeing white men for the first time!--In my lifetime, think of that! So in some of those countries they're not far from primitive man & some of them are still living like primitives.
       19. SO WHY WORRY ABOUT THE MESS THAT SO-CALLED CIVILISATION HAS MADE OUT OF THE NORTH, let's build down South where we don't have to clear up all the rubble! We may burn up some of the weapons, but it sounds like most of that is going to be around Israel especially, from that description in Ezekiel 39. Well, you could expect the Jews, of course, to want to clean up Israel!--Ha! Leave it to the Jews! Well, let'm have it, damn it! If they want to clean up Israel, let'm have it, I don't want it! As the old song goes, "I don't want it, they can have it, it's too much for me!" So let's go to the beautiful Southern part of the World & invite people who are worthy down there to help us reorganise things and get rid of some of those cities. In fact, we may not have to get rid of the cities, some of the big cities down there may be destroyed too, you know. Let's just move to the country!
       20. MAYBE THAT'S WHEN I'LL FINALLY GET MY LONG-DESIRED MOVE TO THE COUNTRY! You know me, I've always been talking about wanting to go to the country, my country house! If you want to see a picture of me & the way I want to live, look at that Poster of "The Farmer"! Remember that one? That could be me right there! You'll notice I've always got a lot of pretty women around!
       21. SO THERE ARE SOME OF MY IDEAS ABOUT WHAT THE BEGINNING OF THE MILLENNIUM IS GOING TO BE LIKE! I think we're just going to desert these horrible cities & leave them in the mess that man made of them--contaminated, polluted ruins, irradiated & radioactive! Why worry about them? It's harder to clear up the rubble & rebuild! City after city throughout history, when the city was totally destroyed, most of the time they didn't even try to rebuild it! They went out nearby & built a new city because it was more trouble to clear away all that rubble than it was to just go out & find a new place to build. Sometimes they used the old rubble, like they did at Tyre, they used the stones & the rocks & the rubble & the ruins to build their new city, but it was too much trouble to try to clear it away before building. So they just found a new location. And they used the old rocks & the old stones & the old junk to rebuild it on an island!
       22. THAT'S WHAT THEY DID AT JERUSALEM AFTER JERUSALEM & THE TEMPLE & ALL WERE DESTROYED. Do you know where all those building blocks & everything that they made the Temple & the walls & everything around the Temple went to?--They went to build some of those big Crusades churches! They went to build a bunch of churches & everything else around there away from the ruins even outside the city! None of those churches are built inside the old city, it was too much of a wreck! They built them on the surrounding hills & valleys all around the city. But they used the rubble & the rocks & the stones to rebuild. Well, if the Jews want to do that in Israel, that's up to them, I'll let them have it, but as far as I'm concerned, I prefer it down South!
       23. SO THERE'S MY IDEA OF THE FUTURE & THE BEGINNING OF THE MILLENNIUM: LET THE NORTH STAY IN THE MESS IT'S IN & LET'S BUILD DOWN SOUTH WHERE YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE TO REBUILD! What do they need down there to live in?--Nothing but a little thatched hut & almost no clothes! They're almost back to the Garden of Eden already, picking fruit off the trees! Who wants to rebuild these cities? Who wants to rebuild anything like that junk man used to have in these Last Days? All we need to do is preach the Gospel & reorganise those people & show them how to live! They can probably show us a lot about how to live under those conditions! We just need to supervise them & control them & rule them & show them the way & keep the peace!--Keep order & keep down the wicked & help the righteous etc.
       24. MY OPINION, & WHAT I WOULD CERTAINLY ADVISE THE LORD, IS FORGET THE NORTH! Let's not rebuild anything, let's just go down South & help the poor & help the crops & get things organised so everybody will have enough & be fed & be comfortable & be happy & have a little Heaven on Earth where it's already a paradise, almost Heaven on Earth, only we'll be without all the evil. Isn't that wonderful? Praise God!

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