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HOW TO GO ON THE ATTACK!        DO 2128        11/85--Quote Scripture, Pray, Praise & Sing!

       (MARIA: FOR THE FIRST FEW DAYS FOLLOWING THE ABOVE PRAYER FOR MY HEALING, my eye condition stayed the same, then gradually cleared up completely to where my eyes were totally back to normal for the first time in months.--A real miracle of the Lord's healing! But after a while I began to have problems again. The Lord had answered & done the work, but He still had more to teach us. And again, He spoke through Dad with further counsel on fighting the Enemy & getting the victory.

       1. THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT SAYING THINGS OUT LOUD. IT IS A TESTIMONY TO YOURSELF & TO THE MULTITUDE OF WITNESSES THAT SURROUND US! It's not enough to just say it in your head, you need to say it out loud, quote Scriptures & rebuke the Devil & praise the Lord! That's why my Mother used to say, "Words are real things", & you need to say them. Words can curse or words can save. "By thy words art thou justified or by thy words thou art condemned!" (Mat.12:36,37) You have to give an account of your words.
       2. WORDS ARE VERY IMPORTANT! YOU NEED TO USE THEM! The Lord hears them & the Heavenly hosts hear them & you hear them & the Devil hears them. It is very important that you use the words, even if you can only whisper them. (Maria: Then it's not as effective if you just say them in your head without using your mouth?)--No, it doesn't seem to have the same power for some reason or another.
       3. YOU'VE HEARD STORIES OF HOW MY MOTHER FOUGHT THE DEVIL, SHE EVEN USED HER FISTS! She'd shove one fist out & quote a Scripture, & then shove the other out like she was fighting! You need to go on the attack, Honey! The Scripture does you good, & no telling how many other people it'll do good. (Maria: I've been quoting Scripture in my head but it doesn't do the same thing, then?) Well, if you don't want to wake me & Techi, I guess that's about all you can do. But if that doesn't do it, you ought to get up & go in the bathroom & quote Scripture out loud & praise the Lord out loud!
       4. GIVE NO PLACE TO THE EVIL ONE! (Eph.4:27) If you get so busy quoting Scripture & praising the Lord & rebuking the Devil, you won't have so much time to think about your headache. "Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee because he trusteth in Thee." (Isa.26:3) And while you're quoting Scripture & praising the Lord & rebuking the Devil, you've got to think about those things, you've got to think about the words & you can't think about your headache. If your mind is centered on the Lord & stayed on Him then He is the One you are thinking about & you can't think about both things at once.
       5. SO KEEP THINKING ABOUT THE LORD & PRAISING THE LORD & QUOTING SCRIPTURES & PRAYING OUT LOUD. That takes concentration, you have to think about it, you have to keep your mind on the Lord & your mind on the Scripture & on your praises, even sing! The Devil hates song because it's praise to the Lord. You've just got to keep at it, really work at it! It's a testimony even to the Lord that you are really trusting Him, that you really have faith in His Word.
       6. THAT'S HOW MY MOTHER GOT HEALED IN THE FIRST PLACE, QUOTING SCRIPTURE OUT LOUD! She could only whisper it, but she whispered it. Gradually she noticed her voice was stronger & her hands were up praising the Lord! See, you're feeling better already just getting your mind off your headache. As long as you keep thinking about your headache & concentrating on your headache, then it's your headache you'll have! But if you get your mind on something else, it won't be as bad.
       7. I THINK THAT'S WHY YOUR HEADACHES GET SO BAD AT NIGHT, YOU'RE NOT WORKING, you're not reading & all you can think about is your headache. But you need to get your mind off it & rebuke it & praise the Lord! Sing, quote Scriptures & really go on the attack! I even praise the Lord & pray out loud in my shower (shower stall which is turned into a little breakfast room) in the morning when I am fixing my coffee, not very loud, I usually whisper.
       8. BUT THERE IS JUST SOMETHING ABOUT SAYING THE WORDS THAT REALLY CRYSTALISES YOUR RESISTANCE & CAUSES THE DEVILS TO FLEE! They hate to hear the Word. Just saying it in your mind is good but sometimes it is just not quite enough. You need to say it out loud. Besides, if others are listening it is a declaration to them that you are trusting the Lord, that you have faith in His Word. It's a testimony & a witness to them, it even encourages them to know that you're really trusting the Lord & have faith in His Word & you really believe those Scriptures & just keep quoting them even if you can only whisper them. (Maria: Amen! That's very good. TYJ!)
       9. IT TAKES MORE CONCENTRATION & IT OCCUPIES MORE OF YOUR MIND & YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS IF YOU HAVE TO SAY IT OUT LOUD, quote it out loud & praise the Lord out loud! Rebuke the Devil out loud! He has to obey. "Resist the Devil & he will flee from you!" (Jam.4:7) You really need to do it out loud. You don't do that enough. Quiet faith is fine but it is not enough of a real attack, a real fight!
       10. YOU'VE REALLY GOT TO DO IT OUT LOUD, THE LOUDER THE BETTER! (Maria: Does that really make a difference?--The louder the better?)--Yes! The more people that hear you the better! It's good for them. It encourages their faith & lets them know that you're declaring that you're trusting the Lord instead of just moping around & suffering in silence.
       11. YOU NEED TO GO ON THE ATTACK! BE POSITIVE & SHOW THAT YOU HAVE FAITH IN THE WORD, faith in the Lord, faith in praise, a sign that you really trust & you really believe. It's like a declaration of faith. And when your mind is occupied with that, you can't be occupied with your suffering & your pain. It really helps, I know. I even pray out loud on my work couch in the morning, more or less a whisper because I don't want to wake you up, but I do it out loud at least so I can hear myself. There's just something about it that seems more powerful than just thinking it.
       12. IT'S THE WORD! IT'S THE DECLARATION! You're claiming it & it really occupies your mind & your heart & the Lord can hear you, the Devil can hear you & a great cloud of witnesses can hear you! It's your declaration of faith! It shows your confidence in the Word & your belief in praise. It's like they say, "You believe in prayer as much as you pray. You believe in praise as much as you praise. You believe in the Word as much as you quote it" & you need to do it at least loud enough that you can hear it yourself, & all the holy spirits can hear you too!--So that the Lord can certainly hear you & certainly the Devil.
       13. THERE IS POWER IN THE WORD! THERE IS ABSOLUTE POWER IN THE WORDS! You really need to say it with your mouth. "Thou shalt confess with thy mouth that Christ is Lord." (Rom.10:9) "With my mouth will I make known Thy faithfulness unto all generations." (Psa.89:1)--Not just thinking it in your head, that's not enough. You've got to put it into words & say it! I mean it!
       14. I NEVER SAW MY MOTHER GET THE VICTORY JUST BY THINKING THE WORDS OR THINKING PRAYER. You can do that too under some circumstances, but when you're having a real battle with the Devil or sickness or headache or something, you've got to say it out loud, you've got to go on the attack & really fill your mind & heart & your mouth with declarations of faith & praise & prayer & Scriptures--the Word! You have to use your mouth to say the Word. Words are things that you have in your mouth made by your mouth. You've got to use your mouth & then that becomes not only a testimony to yourself but to others as well.
       15. THERE ARE A GREAT CLOUD OF WITNESSES WHO ARE ALWAYS WATCHING US, TRYING TO HELP US, but you need to declare your faith openly & loud enough at least that you can hear it yourself. (Heb.12:1) It'll keep your mind & your mouth occupied with the Word & with prayer & praise & with attacks on the Enemy. It really helps to occupy your mind & your heart & especially your mouth, as well as your spirit. It will do you a lot of good! Your head is feeling better already just from doing this, right? (Maria: Amen. Yes!)
       16. YOU'VE JUST GOT TO GET BUSY, YOU'VE GOT TO SAY IT, YOU'VE GOT TO WORD IT, PUT IT INTO WORDS & SAY IT OUT LOUD & really rebuke the Devil & declare your faith & show your trust in the Word by quoting it out loud. Even though nobody can hear you but yourself, it will do you a lot of good. "By thy words shalt thou be justified & by thy words shalt thou be condemned." (Mat.12:37) We have to give an account of every word. You'll be blamed for every idle word, but you'll be given credit for every good word, so you have to put it into words.
       17. I ALMOST WORRIED MYSELF TO DEATH ABOUT THE "HEAVEN'S CHILDREN" STORY & THE DEVIL REALLY ATTACKED ME TO KEEP ME FROM PUTTING IT INTO WORDS. Every time I take ahold of that tape recorder, he tries to scare me half to death that I am not going to be able to do it, but I just have to go on the attack & start dictating whatever the Lord gives me. And just as long as I open my mouth He fills it.
       18. NOW YOU NEED TO OPEN YOUR MOUTH, HONEY, & LET THE LORD FILL IT WITH WHATEVER HE WANTS TO GIVE YOU. Pray in tongues as well & the Lord could give you interpretations to encourage you. You've got to do it out loud! Forget this suffering in silence business. I know in bed here you are trying to keep from waking me up, but you've got to do it somehow. Either whisper to yourself or go in the next room & do it.
       19. BOY, WHEN I GOT UP EARLY SOME MORNINGS, IF I DIDN'T GO IN MY LITTLE CUBICLE & PRAY & PRAISE THE LORD OUT LOUD, I DON'T THINK I COULD MAKE IT! I mean it does me good just to hear my own voice quoting Scripture & praying & praising the Lord even if it is only in a whisper. It just takes a lot of concentration to say it with your mouth & use your tongue & the Devil has a hard time getting past that.
       20. WHEN IT COMES TO THE DEVIL, WORDS ARE SORT OF LIKE BULLETS OR DEATH RAYS OR SOMETHING & THEY JUST BLAST THE DEVIL! Every word just zaps him! They're part of our of-fensive weaponry, the Word! It describes the armour of a Christian--it says the sword of the Spirit is the Word! (Eph.6:10-17) It's sharper than any two-edged sword. (Heb.4:12)
       21. YOU NEED TO WIELD IT OUT LOUD SO THAT AT LEAST YOU CAN HEAR IT & THEN THAT HELPS TO OCCUPY YOUR MIND & IT HELPS TO CONFIRM YOUR OWN FAITH. There is just something about saying it out loud. Even in a soft voice or in a whisper it takes just about as much energy & strength, & it seems to be just as effective as if you say it out loud. Of course, if you're where you can say it out loud & be really loud, it's all the better because it is even good for others to hear. It is good for them to know that you are fighting!
       22. THEY CAN'T NECESSARILY READ YOUR THOUGHTS & THEY DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING IF YOU DON'T SAY ANYTHING!--Whether you're groaning & moaning to yourself & complaining & murmuring & just worrying over your sickness or your headache or what! You go into a kind of a silence when you get sick & have these headaches. I know you probably don't feel like talking, nor do you want to complain, but you need to make an effort to go on the attack & talk back to the Devil. Praise the Lord! Just praise the Lord! Go on the attack & start praising the Lord, quoting Scripture, praying, talking in tongues. You need to go on the attack!
       23. YOU NEED TO GO ON THE ATTACK OUT LOUD! IT'S GOOD FOR YOU & IT'S GOOD FOR OTHERS. It will do more good to hear you whispering a prayer & praise & quoting Scripture than lying there thinking what a bad state you're in with your headache. (Maria: I have been quoting a lot of Scriptures but I wasn't quoting them out loud so I guess it didn't do me much good.) Yes, it does good, but it does a lot more good if you do it out loud! It would do me good just to hear you. Then I know you're quoting Scriptures. I can't tell you're quoting Scriptures when you're just lying there silently. You're not exactly groaning but I can almost feel it.
       24. BUT IF YOU WERE QUOTING SCRIPTURES & PRAISING THE LORD & PRAYING & TALKING IN TONGUES I'D KNOW YOU WERE REALLY ON THE ATTACK! It would even encourage me. But when you have these headaches & just sort of go silent, you just sort of freeze up. (Maria: I always thought that that kind of thing would be drawing attention to yourself & asking everybody to concentrate on your sickness.)--Good!
       25. LET THEM CONCENTRATE ON IT! LET THEM PRAY & PRAISE & PRAISE THE LORD WITH YOU, quote Scriptures & stand with you in faith. Then they'd know you need prayer, they'd know you need help. "One can chase a thousand, but two can put ten thousand to flight!" (Deut.32:30) You really need to do it out loud & go on the attack & let others know that you are attacking, that you're not just suffering in silence.
       26. PRAISE THE LORD! THANK YOU LORD! AMEN, HELP HER TO REALLY GO ON THE ATTACK, LORD! If she can only whisper, let her whisper these Scriptures aloud to herself & to Thee & to the Devil & to whoever else may be listening, all the hosts of Heaven & even Hell! The great cloud of witnesses who are watching us from the Spirit World will be thrilled by her positiveness & her definite attack out loud in the Spirit, Lord, in Jesus' name. Help her to voice it! Help her to read Scriptures about the Word & about the voice & how important the tongue is, "sharper than any two-edged sword" when it's quoting Thy Word, Lord. Help her, Lord, to do it instead of just suffering in silence.
       27. IT WOULD DO ME A LOT MORE GOOD IF I COULD HEAR YOU WHISPERING PRAYER & QUOTING SCRIPTURES & REBUKING THE DEVIL & PRAISING THE LORD than just having you rolling & tossing & holding your head. When you do that all you can do is concentrate on your headache. You really need to do it out loud.
       28. DOING IT OUT LOUD REALLY FOCUSES YOUR ATTENTION ON WHAT YOU'RE DOING & WHAT YOU'RE SAYING, & you're not only using your mouth & your tongue, which takes concentration, but your ears are busy listening so your consciousness is almost fully occupied with what you're saying & you can't think so much about your pain or your problems or worries or whatever.
       29. I'VE WATCHED MY MOTHER FIGHTING THE ENEMY MANY TIMES. SHE ALWAYS DID IT OUT LOUD & it caused us to want to pray with her & it encouraged our faith. Don't submit to the Devil! He gets you on the run where you're just thinking about nothing but your headache & that's the worst thing in the World you could do!
       30. YOU NEED TO REALLY SPEAK OUT LOUD AGAINST THE DEVIL & RESIST HIM ORALLY AS WELL AS IN SPIRIT! And while your mouth & your tongue & your ears are busy with prayer & praise & Scriptures, you just can't think about your pain. You've got your mind full of the Lord, you've got your heart full of the Lord, you've got your mouth full of the Lord! So you've got to do it! I think that's been one of your main problems. I don't think you really do things like that enough out loud.
       31. THAT'S HOW WE FIRST STARTED THIS THING, HONEY, IN PRAYER & PRAISE SESSIONS TOGETHER in which you prayed in tongues & I interpreted it etc. You need to declare your faith & just fling it in the face of the Devil! Just throw fiery darts of Scriptures at him out loud in prayer & praise! He hates that because it is a testimony to you even if you're all alone. And if there are others present, it is a testimony to them. It is a declaration that you are trusting the Lord & that you have faith in the Word, & you need to use your own words as well as God's Words. Amen? (Maria: Amen! Thank You Jesus! That's right!)
       32. SO LORD HELP HER, IN JESUS' NAME. HELP HER TO REBUKE THE ENEMY & DECLARE HER FAITH OUT LOUD & quote Thy Word out loud & pray out loud & praise Thee out loud & sing, speak in tongues, whatever, Lord, so she can't hear the voice of the Devil. She can even drown it out with prayer & praise & tongues & song & Scriptures, Lord, the Word! Help her to voice it, mouth it, tongue it, so she can hear it & others can hear it in Jesus' name! Amen! (Maria: Amen! Thank You Jesus!)
       33. DON'T JUST GO MOPING AROUND! I can tell when you're like that, you go silent. I know you don't want to complain & murmur, well, don't complain & murmur, be positive! Praise the Lord out loud, pray out loud, quote Scriptures out loud, sing, pray in tongues, say something, do something! And if it doesn't do anybody else any good but you, at least you can hear it! And the louder the better, because the more you'll drown out the voice of the Devil!
       34. IF YOU'RE NOT DOING THAT & YOU'RE THINKING ABOUT HOW YOUR HEAD ACHES & you're thinking about how your eyes ache, & he is telling you all kinds of lies about how this is caused by this & that, you're always going to have this, & blah, blah, as long as you're quiet & silent, he can really talk to you! I ought to know, I've been through it plenty. You need to just go on the attack & be positive & say things out loud against the Devil.
       35. QUOTE SCRIPTURES & SING & PRAY & PRAISE THE LORD & TALK IN TONGUES & KEEP YOUR MOUTH BUSY & your mind busy & it keeps your ears busy too. And it's just like a vicious cycle against the Devil & it's a saving cycle for you! Just keep it in circulation. Keep it going! Say it & hear it & think it & say it & hear it & think it, & say it & hear it & think it & keep it going!
       36. KEEP YOUR MIND & YOUR MOUTH & YOUR EARS SO BUSY THEY DON'T EVEN HAVE TIME TO LISTEN TO THE DEVIL.--Amen? (Maria: Amen! That sounds really good! Thank You Lord! Hallelujah!) Keep your mind & your mouth & your ears (& even your eyes if you can read the Word) so occupied that they can't even hear all those lies of the Devil.
       37. HE JUST TALKS UP THAT PAIN & AGGRAVATES IT & the more you concentrate your mind & your heart on your pain & your headache & your eyeache & your backache or whatever it is, the more it magnifies it, aggravates it & the more he makes you think about it. But if you'll keep your mind & your mouth & your heart & your ears busy with the Word, you just haven't got time to listen to the Devil or even feel his pain! Just rebuke it & rebuke him & do it out loud, & quote Scriptures & sing, pray, praise, talk in tongues, anything to keep your mind & heart & your mouth & your ears & your eyes busy!
       38. ONCE I GET ROLLING I GRAB THAT MICROPHONE & THAT TAPE RECORDER & even though I am scared to death & I don't know what I am going to say or what I am going to do, I just open my mouth & trust the Lord He is going to fill it, & He does! And I say all kinds of things I never dreamed of saying. We're going to wake Techi up. Now is the time to whisper & not be too loud. There is a time for everything. There is a time to shout & there is a time to whisper.
       39. BUT WHATEVER YOU DO, KEEP YOUR MOUTH BUSY & YOUR EARS BUSY & YOUR MIND & HEART BUSY praying & praising & quoting & singing & talking in tongues so the Devil hasn't got a chance to get a word or a pain in edgewise! Just out-talk him! Drown him out, because you can't be thinking about two things at once. You can't be thinking about both of them. You can't be concentrating & thinking & worrying about your pain or your problems while your mind, heart & spirit, mouth, tongue, ears & eyes & everything are busy with the Word. Even if you don't know much Scripture to quote, then just read it, but read it out loud.
       40. THERE IS JUST SOMETHING ABOUT SAYING WORDS OUT LOUD THAT SEEMS TO BE MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE THAN MERE THOUGHTS. The Lord said to Isaiah, "Command thou Me!" (Isa.45:11) He meant for him to put it into words, to tell Him what to do. You need to use words more, Honey, out loud even if you can only whisper them. It will keep your mind & heart & mouth & tongue & ears busy with nothing but the Word & you don't have time to think about your headache & your pain & your problems.
       41. A LOT OF TIMES THAT'S WHY I GET UP EARLY IN THE MORNING INSTEAD OF LYING HERE SILENTLY IN BED thinking about all the things I ought to be doing & about all my problems & worries & whatnot. I get up & I do something! That's another thing, keep active, keep busy, what they call"work therapy", & keep your hands busy if you can't do anything else. But all the time be talking to the Lord & praising.--Talking in tongues, praying, quoting Scriptures & singing!
       42. IF YOU CAN KEEP YOUR ACTUAL PHYSICAL BODY BUSY WITH THE WORD, including your tongue & your mouth & your eyes & your ears & your thoughts & everything, then you won't have time to think about your problems! You won't have time to think about your worries or your pains if you're concentrating on the Lord. And He promised, "Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee." (Isa.26:3)
       43. ONE OF THE BEST WAYS IN THE WORLD TO KEEP YOUR MIND STAYED ON THE LORD IS TO TALK TO HIM. Talk to Him! Praise Him! Pray! Sing! Talk in tongues! Quote His Word! Keep busy! Keep yourself occupied in every way including working with your hands, your feet or whatever you have to do so that you're thinking about other things & not about your pain or your problems! Keep so occupied, your mind, your heart, your spirit, your tongue, your mouth, your ears, your eyes, even your hands, so occupied with prayer & praise & Scripture & song & everything you can think of, & the Lord, that you haven't even got time to think about your pains & your problems! Keep your mind on the Lord & the best way to do it is out loud! Say it! Speak it! Mouth it! Confess it! There are so many Scriptures on words. You've just got to do it, Honey. Amen? (Maria: Amen!) Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! Now you pray.
       44. (MARIA: THANK YOU JESUS FOR THIS WONDERFUL COUNSEL, LORD. Thank You for helping me to understand how important words are & saying them, Lord, not just thinking them. Thank You Jesus for Thy counsel & Thy Words to cleanse us & heal us. You said You sent Your Word & healed them. (Psa.107:20) So thank You, Lord, for thy Word & its power when we use it out loud to attack the Enemy. Thank You for healing me, Lord, & for how much better I feel already! Thank You for making it possible. "By Your stripes we are healed." (Isa.53:5) In Jesus' name! Thank You Lord for this wonderful counsel! Bless it, Lord, & make it a blessing to the whole Family, in Jesus' name! Thank You Lord! Praise You Lord! Thank You Jesus! Amen!) Amen! Well, that's it!
       45. I REALLY PRAYED ABOUT IT WHILE YOU WERE IN THE BATHROOM & THAT'S THE ANSWER I GOT! You need to keep your mouth & your tongue & your ears & your mind & your heart & your spirit busy with the Word out loud so your ears can hear it & even others can hear you. Then you just haven't got as much time to think about your pains & aches & problems & worries. You really need to sock it to the Devil! Out-yell him! Out-talk him! Drown him out!--In Jesus' name! Amen!
       46. NOW DIDN'T THAT DO YOU GOOD? (MARIA: AMEN! IT CERTAINLY DID! THANK YOU LORD!) Just keep busy! I've been in there some mornings I thought I was going to die & I just started talking out loud to the Devil & talking to the Lord, just declaring my faith & praising the Lord, quoting Scripture, rebuking the Devil & I got the victory every time! It just does your ears good to hear yourself talk, especially if you're talking about the Lord & His Word & praising Him & praying & quoting, singing, talking in tongues, whatever. But use words!
       47. "BY THY WORDS SHALL THOU BE JUSTIFIED" & YOU MIGHT AS WELL SAY, "BY THY WORDS SHALL THOU BE SAVED!" It's like, "If thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus...thou shalt be healed." (Rom.10:9) Now that's a good Scripture for you to remember. We usually use it for Salvation but it works for everything, including healing. "If thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, & shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised Him from the dead"--see, that's faith in His resurrection power, which is healing--"thou shalt be saved", or healed.
       48. NOW YOU USE THAT FOR YOUR HEALING! CONFESS WITH YOUR MOUTH! Every time the Devil tries to get you down with those headaches & eyeaches, don't think about it. Start praying & praising & singing & shouting & thanking the Lord & quoting Scriptures & just get him on the run! I think sometimes I would have died if I hadn't done that! I did it out loud so I just couldn't think about the Devil's lies!
       49. QUOTE SCRIPTURE & TALK TO THE LORD & PRAISE THE LORD! There's something about it, just hearing your own voice seems to help you! There's just something about words. My Mother used to say, "Words are real things! They can either damn you or save you!"
       50. SO MUCH OF THE WORD IS BASED ON THE WORD & THE WORDS! We wouldn't have Salvation today, we wouldn't know anything about Jesus if somebody hadn't used words. It's the words that did it, & they'll do it for you!--Even your own words! Your own prayers & praises & Scriptures, quoting out loud & singing & talking in tongues will save you! The Lord uses it. It's a manifestation of your faith, a declaration of faith. It's a declaration of independence from the Devil!
       51. AS LONG AS YOU'RE SAYING THOSE WORDS & YOU'RE HEARING THOSE WORDS & your mind is occupied with making those words, & your heart & your spirit are involved, then you can't think so much about your pain & about your problems. Say it! Do it! Hear it! See it! Speak it! I mean it, it's the Truth!
       52. YOU OUGHT TO LOOK UP ALL THE SCRIPTURES YOU CAN ABOUT SPEAKING & WORDS & TONGUE & MOUTH & HOW IMPORTANT IT IS! (Maria: Yes, Sir! Amen!) Quote all the Scriptures you can think of about the Word, the mouth, the tongue, speaking, confessing. It's extremely important! It's a part of your witness, your testimony. Those are some other words you can look up. How important your testimony is, your witness. It's your words, it's words! They can save, they can heal. They can resist the Devil, especially if they're the Lord's Words! But you've got to use your own words to say them.
       53. KEEP YOUR EARS BUSY HEARING THEM SO YOU CAN'T HEAR THE VOICE OF THE DEVIL! Drown him out. Just shout! Don't doubt! Kick him out! (Maria: Amen! Thank You Jesus!)--With your words, vocal, out loud, even a whisper helps if you don't want to wake up other people if they're sleeping. At least you can whisper & praise the Lord!
       54. HELP HER TO KEEP HER MOUTH FILLED WITH THY WORD, PRAISES & PRAYER & rebuking of the Devil in song, tongues & declarations of faith, in Jesus' name! Praise the Lord! "By your words will you be justified!" By confessing with your mouth you shall be saved & healed, in Jesus' name!
       55. IF YOUR MIND IS BUSY, IT MAKES YOU FORGET OTHER THINGS! It pushes everything else out of your head. When you're talking you can't think of anything else but what you're saying. So say it!--Amen?

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