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DAD DECIDES TO WRITE "HEAVEN'S CHILDREN"!        DO 2129        9/85

       1. I NEVER TRIED ANYTHING LIKE THAT BEFORE, WHAT YOU MIGHT CALL FICTION. But if the Lord gives it to me, maybe it won't be fiction! Maybe it will really be the real thing! (Maria: Just like the Heaven Posters!) Amen! (Maria: The Lord gave you those, so the Lord could give you the other!) I'm sure if He wants it written He can just give it to me!
       2. I'M GETTING ALL KINDS OF IDEAS! I CAN HARDLY WAIT! I got that "Whispering Vision" in a hotel late at night with my first real tape recorder. (See No.334.) It was late at night so I had to whisper, but I got that inspiration to describe that vision, so I did.
       3. THAT WAS BOB'S FAVOURITE TAPE, the old drunk bum that we got off the streets who became our loyal cook. You know what he used to do if people came to see me or wanted to talk to me or something? No matter who it was, he'd take them & plunk them down in the living room & say, "Well, he's busy right now, you'll have to wait awhile, just listen to this while you're waiting"--& he'd turn on the tape recorder blasting away! And he deliberately wouldn't tell me anybody was there until they finished listening to that tape, "The Whispering Vision"!
       4. IT WAS KIND OF DRAMATIC, YOU KNOW, IN STORY FORM. (Maria: See, the Lord reminded you that you can do it, He did it for you before.) I know I'll get something! It's just like you have to go ahead by faith with anything, just like a dream or a vision. Remember the vision I had of "Stand in the Gap"? (No.70) I just had to keep describing it before the Lord would show me any more, & as I went ahead by faith & described what I saw, He kept unfolding more, & I described that. (Maria: That's happened quite a few times.) Well, as far as daytime visions are concerned, there haven't been too many, but that was the most outstanding example where He just unfolded it as I went along describing it. Otherwise I've usually gotten things in dreams & described them afterwards, or I've gotten direct prophecies.
       5. THE LORD PROMISED ME THAT IF I'D DELIGHT MYSELF IN HIM, HE'D GIVE ME THE DESIRES OF MY HEART, & I WOULD LIKE TO DO THAT! I would like to try to describe it for the kids. I'm sure the Lord would give it to me, or give me something anyhow. I don't know exactly what, but I'm sure it will be according to the Scripture.
       6. THY WILL BE DONE, IN JESUS' NAME! I know You can do it, Lord, & I know You can help me to do it. You'll have to do it, Lord, it will have to be for Thy glory. You've given us a lot of other things, Lord, You can do this too!
       7. IN ALL THOSE DREAMS & VISIONS, ALL I DID WAS I JUST SAW THINGS & DESCRIBED THEM AS THEY WERE!--Like the Snowman in Grandpa's cave & all that! It's too exciting! (Maria: For you to go to sleep?) No, I've got to go to sleep, I've just got to!
       8. I JUST KIND OF FEEL LIKE THE LORD DIDN'T WANT ANYBODY ELSE TO DO THIS BUT ME! I couldn't get by with trying to get somebody else to do it for me. I couldn't say, "Here am I, Lord, send somebody else!" I've had a guilty feeling all along that the Lord wanted me to do it, but I kept trying to get somebody else to do it. I felt like that about "Heaven's Girl", & I was so glad to find Apollos to get me out of it! But that's worked out for good because I couldn't do both very well & he's doing great!
       9. WELL, I FELT A LITTLE BIT LIKE JONAH, I WAS RUNNING AWAY FROM THE JOB. I wanted to do it, but I was afraid to try. (Maria: I'm glad you got up the courage!) Well, I think this in a way is really even...(Maria: More important!) Well, I don't know if it is more important, but it is more difficult! What worries me is, it's like prayer, the Lord takes you at your word. He's apt to do the things the way I want them. (Maria: Well then, I'm certain you'll make sure you want them right!) Yes, that's a pretty heavy responsibility. He is apt to design the Future the way I see it! How could I see it unless He gives it to me? I mean, if I ask for bread He'll not give me a stone, if I ask for a fish He won't give me a serpent. So how will my Heavenly Father not give me good things like we give good things to our children? (Mat.7:9-11)
       10. WELL LORD, YOU HELP ME TO SEE THE FUTURE, IN JESUS' NAME! Only You can show me the Future the way it should be & the way You want it & the way it's best. I have to foresee the Future! This is something that really has to be prophetic & only You can show it to me, Lord. Give me the wisdom to see what it ought to be & to make it that way, in Jesus' name, amen!
       11. THAT'S THE TROUBLE WITH THE FAMILY, THEY EXPECT IT OF ME! If I write it, they're going to believe it, so the Lord is going to have to show it to me to make it right. Amen? I know He can, He has before. He's done it before & He can do it again! I think this is the biggest job I ever undertook! It is just like predicting the Future in detail the way it's really going to happen! I'll just have to ask the Lord to see it & I'll just describe it, that's all I know.
       12. JESUS, LORD, YOU CAN DO IT, YOU CAN GIVE IT TO ME, JESUS! To encourage & ensure the children, Lord, as to their future, to see their future, Lord, to believe it & know it & not be afraid of it! TYL! Amen.
       13. "JESUS WILL GIVE THE WORDS & NEEDS OF YOUR FATHER!" Amen! TYJ! "With His seven kisses." TYJ! (Maria: Amen, there's your confirmation!) That's the promise. The Lord will do it, He has to do it, I can't do it!
       14. IT'S REALLY THRILLING & IT HAS SOME TREMENDOUS POSSIBILITIES! I must admit I love it & I just hope I can do it justice, because it's like foretelling the future of these children & that's an awesome responsibility. I'm just going to have to ask the Lord somehow to show me the Future, & I haven't really done that for a long time. I almost run from it because it's so scary, such a heavy responsibility to tell people the Future! It's really very awesome because you've really got to get it right! (Maria: I know you will, Honey, the Lord never fails. He's not going to show you the wrong thing.) Well, He's sure showed us thus far! Things have worked out like we saw them thus far so He's just got to show me, that's all! I can't do it! I couldn't do anything unless He shows it to me. TYL!
       15. HONEY, THIS IS A VERY CATACLYSMIC EVENT, IT'S ALMOST CATASTROPHIC! I mean, I've really got to get it! The Lord has got to show it to me. I've got to see it, PTL! I have to be alone to do it, I almost have to get into a trance! You're going to be amazed when you find out what visions I'm already having! (Maria: Can you tell me?) I'm not going to tell you now! Do you want me to go to sleep or not? (Maria: Will you remember them?) Of course I'll remember them! How could I forget them? When you see something, you never forget it!
       16. "ONLY JESUS CAN INSPIRE THE VOICE OF YOUR FATHER!" How could everybody be sleeping at a time like this, it's a historical moment! The Lord is going to start showing the Future, I mean really realistically, in detail! Are you all ready for that? (Maria: Well, I don't know, do you think we are?) I don't know if I am either, but I think that's going to be the way it comes! So put away your pen & let's go to sleep. "All things are possible to him that believeth." (Mark 9:23) PYL! TYJ! You can give it to me, Lord, I believe it! I guess I'm the first guy who ever tried to write his Family History in advance!

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