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WORLD CURRENTS!--No.30       Compiled 5/86       DO 2130

       1. GARCIA OF PERU HAS BEEN THE BOLDEST TO THREATEN NOT TO PAY BACK THE IMF IF THEY DON'T LET HIM CUT DOWN HIS PAYMENTS, but he hasn't done it yet. Because then Peru will be listed as a pariah, ineligible for any loans from any banks, any borrowed money anywhere!
       2. THAT BORROWED MONEY IS A VERY TEMPTING CARROT THAT THEY'RE ALL AFTER, & the whole World has gotten to where it can't live without borrowed money! They're so far in debt they can't keep going unless they keep borrowing. The only cash they've got is what they're borrowing!--Unless they can make a little money from their exports, which the rich countries are making it as hard as they can to do, threatening protectionism. Every time they squeal & complain about it, they threaten to make it worse!

       3. THE [EDITED: "AC"] PARTIES OF NEARLY EVERY COUNTRY THROUGHOUT THE WORLD ARE USUALLY CALLED SOCIAL DEMOCRATS or Democratic Socialists, or the Social Democratic Party. They've tried to make it a worldwide Socialist organisation, the [EDITED: "ACs'"] worldwide political party, & they have, preparatory to their actual World takeover. In fact, they have a complete union of those parties in many countries. They're all inter-related & united & they even meet in conventions, the top representatives meet together.
       4. SO THE NEW [EDITED: "AC"] WORLD GOVERNMENT IS ALREADY ESTABLISHED IN ALL OF THESE COUNTRIES UNDER THIS USUAL NAME, SOCIAL DEMOCRATS, DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISM, blah blah! They like that name. They like to keep touting the fact that they're democratic & they're not Communists, they are merely Socialists, which is a milder form of Communism, really. They avoid the term Marxist too, they don't like that, because they know that all their big Capitalist friends & enemies don't like it! They're actually operating under disguise & deceit, when they're all the time working toward the World government just as fast as they can! They want to take the World over before it is torn to pieces, but if they have to tear it to pieces to get it, they will do it. But they would rather have it undamaged as much as possible.

       5. When you hear about Christian Democrats, that usually means Catholics. The U.S. has supported the largest & most powerful political party in Italy, which is the Christian Democrats, & made sure they got into power & have kept them there ever since. They have been in power now, I don't think with any exception, for about 40 years, due to U.S. pressure, U.S. control & U.S. millions. It's virtually a U.S. colony--the closest thing to a U.S. colony in Europe next to England. France has refused to be dominated by the U.S. Well, Germany is virtually a U.S. colony & occupied by 200,000 American troops. But Spain was neutral & stayed out of the war, so they've been a little more independent. France has been very independent because they refused to be anything but French & refused to let the U.S. dominate them & they've been rebelling against U.S. pressure & domination ever since WW1!

       6. THE WHOLE WORLD'S GOING ANTI-U.S., LET'S FACE IT! Nearly all the World condemned the U.S. raids on Grenada & Libya & its attacks by its proteges on Nicaragua. The whole World is becoming anti-U.S., let's face it, not just the Arabs. The non-aligned nations sent a special delegation to Libya to see just exactly what happened, & they came out with a wholesale condemnation, a resolution condemning the U.S. for its attacks on Libya, etc. And they represent most of the Third World poor nations of the World.

       7. It's such a basic principle of Communism: the right of the people to overthrow a government by arms.

       8. FOOTBALLERS EVEN KILL PEOPLE OR TRY TO KILL EACH OTHER, LIKE THEY DID OVER IN BRUSSELS RECENTLY & HAVE MANY TIMES BEFORE! One football team in Central America started a whole war one time in which thousands of people were killed! One football riot, I think it was in Peru, killed 300-some people! (See WND 86, pg.11.)
       9. THIS RECENT INCIDENT HAS JUST BROUGHT OUT HOW VIOLENT SPORTS FANS ARE & HAVE BEEN FOR YEARS! It's nothing new! Sports fans killing people, having riots & people getting slaughtered is nothing new at all! That kind of sport arouses their fighting instincts & their competitive instincts & their aggressive instincts & their killing instincts, where they get stirred up to where they want to kill the others!
       10. GENERAL DOUGLAS MacARTHUR, PROBABLY THE U.S.'s GREATEST GENERAL, PLACED GREAT EMPHASIS ON ATHLETICS, & as Superintendent of West Point, wrote the motto which still appears on the wall of the West Point gymnasium: "Upon the fields of friendly strife are sown the seeds that, upon other fields, on other days, will bear the fruits of victory!"
       11. AS I HAVE TOLD YOU IN THAT LITTLE TRACT, "ARE YOU A GOOD SPORT?" (No.179A), THAT'S WHAT SPORTS IS ALL ABOUT!--Preparing man to war! That nearly killed me with some sports enthusiasts in our Family who didn't like me to portray sports as a competitive preparation for war, which is what it is, that's how it started! So don't be like the "good" sports, not even the good ones! God help us!

       12. THEY USED TO INSIST THAT THEY TEACH EVOLUTION AS A THEORY, THEY HAVE NOW ABANDONED THAT & THEY TEACH IT AS A FACT!--The most widespread teaching in the World taught as a fact without one single tiny speck of evidence! Think of that! What a lie!--The biggest lie ever foisted on mankind to destroy their faith in God & the Bible!
       13. THEY HAVE PLEASURE IN UNRIGHTEOUSNESS! (2Th.2:12) Sometimes I read those stupid idiotic articles in the newspaper on "the latest fossil we've found to prove evolution, the latest scientific theory on the creation of the Universe, the latest new estimate of how long evolution took." First of all, in the early days of evolution, they said it took just a few thousand years, then they got to stretching it out to a few hundred thousand. Then they went to six million, now it's up to six billion! The way they juggle around numbers reminds me of the Federal budget!
       14. IT REMINDS ME OF THAT CARTOON OF THAT GUY SITTING IN A FEDERAL GOVERNMENT OFFICE LOOKING THROUGH ALL THE DRAWERS IN HIS DESK saying, "Hey, does anybody know what I did with that million Dollars petty cash?" Petty means just very little, very small. Petty cash is a little tiny bit of cash you usually keep on hand to make change, etc., such as the little bit you keep in the drawer of a cash register. You don't keep all the money there, if there's very much you take it & put it in the safe where it will be secure so you don't get robbed. Because the cash register drawer is often open at the checkout counter at the market. Some of our kids have hardly ever been to markets, they don't know what I'm talking about, God bless'm! And this guy was looking through the drawers of his desk saying, "Where did I put that million Dollars petty cash? Anybody know?"
       15. IN OTHER WORDS, IN THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT TODAY A MILLION DOLLARS IS JUST PETTY CASH, it could get lost in somebody's drawer. It's just a very small amount of money in comparison to all the money the government needs. They speak in terms of billions! Now the Federal debt is three trillion Dollars! That used to be all the money that there was in the entire World when I was a boy. But that's all the money now that there's not in the entire World, because they'll never pay it & they'll never get it & it'll never come back!

       16. RUPERT MURDOCH, PUBLISHER OF THREE BIG NEWSPAPERS IN LONDON, IS TRYING TO MODERNISE & go to printing methods like we use, & like all the modern newspapers use in most places--lithography! But the London linotypists' type centres are still using 100-year-old machines, the old hot-lead type machines that form strips of actual metal type to print the newspaper with! I mean, they're old ancient machines! But their Union has been so strong for so many years that nobody has ever been able to make them give them up, & they refuse to learn the new methods because the new methods only use about 1/10th as much labour & are much cheaper, faster & everything for any newspaper. That's what we use.
       17. SO IT IS RIDICULOUS THEY'RE STILL USING THOSE ANCIENT OLD ANTIQUES, but because of their strong Union they've been able to fight every newspaper or publisher & make them use the old-fashioned method. Because if they modernise, it means a lot of these old guys that don't know anything but linotype will lose their jobs.
       18. ALL PROGRESS COSTS SOMETHING & here they're still forcing the newspapers in London to use these old antique machines which require more hard work & are more costly, require more labour & everything. It's just silly! Ridiculous!
       19. MURDOCH HAS FINALLY DECIDED TO CHALLENGE THIS UNION & HE HAS SET UP A PLANT where he has nothing but the most modern offset lithograph printing methods that are faster, cheaper, use less workers, etc. So this Union is just absolutely furious, they're out to get him to try to stop him!
       20. IT WOULD PRACTICALLY MEAN THE END OF THEIR UNION! What do they need with linotypists when it is an ancient antique method they're not even going to use anymore? These guys need to learn some other kind of job or lithography or something else. Most of the guys are so old anyhow they ought to retire.
       21. HE HAS KEPT THE MODERN WORKERS WHO KNOW MODERN METHODS & LITHOGRAPHY & FAST OFFSET PRESS. Murdoch has nearly doubled their salaries, they're not complaining! He has kept the young smart ones who are willing to learn new methods. It's a revolution in newspaper publishing, & these old Systemites are resisting it.

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