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"HEAVEN'S CHILDREN" JEWELS!       Comp. 1/86       DO 2131
--Jewels on "Heaven's Children" & Counsel Taken from Various Tapes & Notes to Apollos & the "Heaven's Children" Team!

(Dad's battles before starting to write "Heaven's Children":)
       1. I'M REALLY GETTING EXCITED ABOUT IT NOW! I THINK I'M BEGINNING TO GET OVER THE HUMP! This project had me scared for awhile, I'd never tried anything like this before, to write what you might call "semi-fiction," but I'm getting into it! I'm just doing it like I do all the rest of them, as the pictures come to me, as I just shut my eyes & visualise it, it comes to me & I just describe it like I do the dreams & the visions.
       2. SO I'M SURE IF I'M ASKING FOR BREAD, HE'S NOT GIVING ME ANY STONES, & if I ask Him for a fish, He's not giving me any serpents! (Mat.7:9-11) I'm asking for the pictures & the ideas & He's giving them! I was losing there for awhile, but I'm winning now, TTL, so here we go!
       3. I DON'T KNOW HOW TO WRITE, BUT I'M JUST TRYING TO TELL IT AS I SEE IT! At least I'm getting into it now. I was scared to death to get into it, but finally when I really knuckled down today, this was the hump, now we're getting off the ground! You guys must have really been praying for me! I was having a hard time figuring out how to do it & it finally just came to me, "Well, tell it like you see it, that's all!" So that's what I'm doing, just telling it like I see it & how I think it will be. The pictures just come to me as I go along!
* * *

       4. I WAS DREAMING ABOUT THINGS & GETTING IDEAS IN MY SLEEP! I was on the borderline between sleep & waking up, when you're just sort of waking up & almost in a trance, & I really began to get things! Boy oh boy, I can hardly wait to write'm! God just gave me pictures, stuff I never even thought of before, never even dreamed of! I just see pictures of it! I think the kids are going to like it.
       5. I'M SO AFRAID I'M GOING TO RUN OUT OF THINGS TO WRITE, I JUST HAVE TO GO AHEAD BY FAITH WITH WHAT LITTLE BIT HE GIVES ME EACH TIME. I guess my mind just couldn't handle it all. I'm like a lot of people, I want Him to show me a few things in advance so I'll know where I'm going! Ha!
       6. BUT HE SEEMS TO JUST GIVE ME IDEAS FOR ONE CHAPTER AT A TIME, & I have to just trust Him for the rest & just go ahead step-by-step. I can't see all the way ahead. I guess if I could, it'd be too much for me. Our little brains couldn't handle it. So much of it is so new, completely new revelations! It's not much that's ordinary, customary. So much of it is things that are absolutely brand new, things that I never even thought of before!
* * *

       7. THE MORE I GOT TO THINKING ABOUT IT DURING THE NIGHT, THE LESS I LIKED IT! You don't need swords like that in Heaven! We'll have powers & we may have weapons that are sort of similar, but I expect them to be force rays or something like that & not an actual bejeweled sword with a bejeweled scabbard & all that sort of thing! Please erase that, I don't like it!
       8. AND PLEASE TELL EMAN TO STOP DRAWING SWORDS FOR HEAVEN & EVEN HEAVEN'S ANGELS. I'd rather have them have a sword of light or something like that, not some kind of actual sword with a scabbard. It'd be better to have them have a light ray in their hand or a bolt of lightning in their hand like a sword, how about that?
       9. I THINK THAT WOULD BE UNDERSTANDABLE TO THE PUBLIC, A LIGHTNING BOLT! I think I've seen some of that in some of the ancient art, some of the classical art, God with a lightning bolt in His hand! So why don't we have that instead? I expect to have things like that!
       10. NOW WHEN THE PROPHETS DESCRIBE SOME OF THESE SCENES THEY SAY "SWORDS" BECAUSE THAT'S ALL THEY KNEW, but the Scripture does speak about lightning bolts, the Lord's lightning bolts, & sometimes speaks of them as His arrows & His bows, etc. (2Sam.22:15; Zech.9:14) So why don't we have some real "light show" stuff instead of these old bejeweled swords with bejeweled scabbards?
       11. LET'S GET TO HEAVEN! LET'S GET THE HELL OUT OF HEAVEN!--Ha! Let's do what we are learning now, let's not be ever learning & never coming to a knowledge. (2Tim.3:7) As the Lord shows us things, let's quit these old hangovers from ancient art & let's go to the real things!
       12. I DON'T CARE TOO MUCH FOR HEAVEN TO BE POLLUTED WITH SWORDS. Even in the Millennium they're going to beat their swords into plowshares & their spears into pruninghooks & they're not going to study war any more! (Isa.2:4) So I'd hate to see Abner carrying around a great big sword in Heaven, of all things! I know he's the Chief of Security, but that's not the way he's going to keep the peace!
* * *

       13. If "Heaven's Children" doesn't do anything else but give them a sense of the reality, the practicality of Heaven, it will be worth it!
* * *

       14. WHEN I WENT THIS TIME IT WAS WITH SHULY! I DIDN'T EVEN REMEMBER WHAT SHE LOOKED LIKE TILL NOW. (Maria: What does she look like?) She was a little chubby. (Maria: Yes, I remember that. Does she still look about the same?) Well, I don't remember what the "same" is.--Part Spanish. It looked like she might be half-&-half. (Maria: She was half-British & half-Spanish.) She was dark-haired.
       15. WELL, HONEY, I DIDN'T EXPECT TO GO AGAIN! (MARIA: SHE'S A REAL GO-GETTER!) She's one of our teenage queens! (Maria: Shuly was always a go-getter, very very smart too.) I wonder why the Lord took her?--It must be He needed her. (Maria: She was very potential but I don't think she was really getting the proper training, so maybe the only way the Lord could train her was to take her Up There.) PTL! TYL! Amen! Thank You Jesus! Lord bless her. Thank you, Shuly! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! Thank You Lord!
       16. THANK YOU, SWEETHEART! WOW, THAT WAS REALLY UNUSUAL & UNEXPECTED! (Maria: Two from Up There today too.--Phoebe first & Shuly second!)--Amen. Thank You Jesus! God bless them! (Maria: She sure had a lot of potential. I suppose she was quite proud & self-righteous, maybe that's why the Lord had to afflict her & humble her first.)--And take her. Amen. Wow, that must have been very humbling to confess she had need & wanted me. (Maria: Well, I don't know, it's quite an honour!)
       17. IT'S A FUNNY THING, IT DIDN'T SEEM AS THOUGH I WAS FUCKING HER, IT SEEMED LIKE SHE WAS SUCKING ME! Isn't that odd? I don't think I've had that experience before. Thank you, Sweetheart. (Maria: Thank you, my Love!) Maybe I can go to sleep now.
* * *

       18. IT ABSOLUTELY FITS PERFECTLY! I THINK YOU'RE GOING TO FIGURE IT IS ABOUT THE MOST THRILLING REVELATION I EVER GOT! That's one of the biggest revelations I ever had & I got it because I was persistent in making those diagrams. I was really trying to find out. I stopped & prayed & asked the Lord, "Where is Space City?"
* * *

       19. HEAVEN IS REALLY BECOMING A REALITY. IT'S RIGHT THERE! (Maria: He's just opening up to you all these things. If He's shown you that, what more is He going to show you!) I don't know, it scares me! Thank You Lord that I can still eat & still work & still get revelations for these people that are going to be left here!
       20. THANK GOD I HAD A LITTLE MATHEMATICS & GEOMETRY OR I NEVER COULD HAVE FIGURED THESE THINGS OUT OR KNOWN THEM. I suppose the Lord could have just given me a flash of revelation, but I am kind of a natural sceptic & I have to sort of have proof & go on the fleece & confirmation that it's going to really work.
       21. BOY, THIS TIME HE ALMOST BROUGHT THE REVELATION THROUGH MY MATHEMATICS! I kept coming up with the diameter of the Heavenly sphere almost exactly the same as the Moon & I couldn't figure out why in the World that would be, & it just came to me like a picture, just as clear as anything--it's inside the Moon!
       22. (MARIA: AND THINK OF HOW WONDERFUL IT IS THAT THE LORD IN HIS PREVISION ALLOWED MAN TO GET THEIR CALCULATIONS OF ITS SIZE AS ACCURATELY AS THEY HAVE, within a hundred miles!) It's amazing that they have been able to figure it out that accurately! That's one of Man's scientific calculations that has evidently been fairly accurate. Some of Man's others don't work out too well!
       23. (MARIA: AND HOW WONDERFUL IT IS THAT THE LORD HAS REALLY GIVEN YOU THESE REVELATIONS NOW while you're in the physical before you really do get Up There, because it would be a little harder for us to get them if you were Up There!)
* * *

       24. I THOUGHT TODAY, IT CAME TO ME LIKE A SCRIPTURE ABOUT PAUL, DO YOU REMEMBER WHY HE HAD TO HAVE A THORN IN THE FLESH?--To keep him from what?--From getting too highly exalted about the revelations God had given him about Heaven & his trip to Heaven! (2Cor.12:7) It's really exalting, I've had some of the biggest revelations I've ever had writing this Story! The Devil tried to kill me before I even got started, but now that I'm started I can't even stop!--Ha!
       25. HE EVEN ATTACKED JAC! HE GOT HIM DISCOURAGED ABOUT BEING ABLE TO DO THIS BEFORE HE EVER GOT INTO IT! He just almost went to pieces & thought he wasn't going to be able to do it. As I began to get into the new series where he actually had to start drawing the art, then he got scared that maybe he wasn't going to be able to draw it, & that's when he hollered for help! Isn't that amazing, that's the way the Devil tried to discourage me, telling me I couldn't do it, that I might as well give up & quit & give it to somebody else!
* * *

       26. I believe that's probably one reason why the Lord let me get so sick, to get everybody praying!
* * *

       27. FRANKLY, I WASN'T TOO FOND OF THAT FIRST THRONE SCENE. Jesus is too high up & exalted & isolated. I think I mentioned before that I don't like hard, marble stone thrones. Of course, I can't always blame it on you artists. Because unless I make you a sketch or describe the scene to you the way I see it, it's not your fault if you don't get it the way I see it if I haven't even told you how I saw it!
       28. I DON'T LIKE BIG SHARP CORNERS & SHARP EDGES & STIFF-LOOKING THRONES! I'd sooner take a beautiful hand-carved wooden cushioned throne. Give us a nice pretty carved throne of some kind. I just don't like those hard, stiff-looking, cold, cornered marble thrones!
* * *

       29. THE HOLY SPIRIT IS A GODDESS!--What's wrong with that? You hadn't thought about Her being a Goddess, had you? She's the Wife of a God & the Mother of one, so why isn't She a Goddess?
* * *

       30. (NOTE ON AN ARTIST'S SKETCH:) I KNOW THIS WILL COME AS A SHOCK, BUT THEY'LL HAVE TO GET USED TO IT!--ALL THE MEN SHOULD HAVE BEARDS!--There'll be no shaving in Heaven!--It was even against the Mosaic Law! Shaving was started by the evil Egyptians & led to effeminacy & Sodomy!--Let's give'm all beards!--No haircuts either!--Neck-length hair--Ha!--Sorry, I know it's extra work, but I gotta be honest!--Just sorry I didn't think of it before!--But I'm learning!
* * *

       31. (A LATER NOTE TO THE ARTISTS:) GORGEOUS!--BUT GIVE ALL OUR HEAVEN'S YOUNG MEN SMALL BEARDS, blonde or brunette, & all our older mature men larger fuller beards like you drew on me & Far-Far, white for former blondes & grey for former brunettes.--Ok?--Tx!--I realise this is a major revolution in our Art but we've gotta be truthful!--Amen?--It's too late for the Posters, but that's OK for the GP--they're used to it!--But let's get it right, now, for us & ours!--OK?
* * *

       32. CONCERNING THE BEARDS ON AARON & ABNER: Quite young men usually have rather small beards, as they're fairly young. It shouldn't look like it's a trimmed goatee because even the Mosaic Law, believe it or not, forbad trimming the corners of your beard! (Lev.19:27)
       33. THE LORD APPARENTLY HAS SOMETHING ABOUT THIS BEARD BUSINESS THAT HE DOESN'T LIKE MEN CUTTING OFF THE BEARDS HE GIVES THEM. It's a sign of their masculinity! My father used to say man lost his authority over women when he cut off his beard, believe it or not!
       34. YOU SEE WHAT THE WORLD HAS COME TO NOW, WITH ALL THIS EFFEMINACY & HOMOS & WOMEN RUNNING THINGS & ALL THE REST. The Egyptians started it & it led to all kinds of evils. So I'm sorry that nowadays we have to kind of blend in with the System and shave. Thank God we won't have to shave in Heaven!
       35. SOME OF THESE THINGS, YOU KNOW, DON'T DAWN ON ME UNTIL I'M TRYING TO REALLY GET INTO THIS & the details that the Lord is showing me, things where we were wrong before, the things we just didn't know about!
       36. SO JUST GIVE THEM SMALL, MODERATE BEARDS, BUT YOU CAN GIVE THE OLD MEN NICE BIG FLOWING BEARDS--older men. You know, we do mature somewhat in Heaven from our youth, when some people get There, & grow to maturity so that the older people still look more or less like they did when they left, only not real degenerated or real old, but in their prime!
       37. I EXPECT TO LOOK A LOT LIKE I DO NOW WHEN I GET THERE & that's the way you're picturing me, right? So do the same with my grandparents & Mother & Father.--I'd like to see my father with a beard, I never did ever see him with a beard! He wore a moustache, but never a beard! I think just to make a difference in our art at least, we'll make that conception that the young men will have smaller beards & the older men will have bigger beards.
* * *

       38. IT'S FUNNY, BUT ANGELS DON'T SEEM TO HAVE BEARDS, AT LEAST NOT IN ALL THE PICTURES I'VE SEEN! Of course, I haven't seen any actual photographs yet! Ha! In all the traditional conceptions of Angels, they're supposed to be sort of a neuter gender, but according to Genesis 6, they're not exactly neuter! They had intercourse with the daughters of men & produced giants! So they must be somewhat male! And I've never seen a brunette Angel yet! They all seem to have blond hair.
       39. I'VE HEARD PREACHERS ARGUE THAT ANGELS DON'T HAVE WINGS, but the Cherubim described in the Bible--who are chief Angels even above the Archangels--they have wings, according to God's representation of them, the way He described them in the Bible in several places.--The ones on the Ark & the ones in Ezekiel's vision, etc. (1Kgs.8:7; Eze.10:5; 11:22) It even talked about the Lord having wings! Well, that's a figure of speech, of course, but I think therefore we're justified in having our Angels have wings. We have drawn them that way in all of our pictures so far, so let's do it!
* * *

       40. I WOULDN'T BE SURPRISED IF THEY'LL START CALLING US HEAVEN'S PEOPLE! I'll bet they're already calling us that some places! That's great! I was just telling Mama this morning, did you know who named most of the religions? It was not the religionists themselves, it was outsiders who nicknamed them! It says, "They were first called Christians at Antioch!" (Acts 11:26) See? And do you know who nicknamed the Jews?--The Babylonians! And do you want to know who nicknamed us?--A reporter! And then our new name down in Tenerife, do you know who named us there?--Our friends! Almost every time it's been others who named us according to what they thought about when they saw us & met us & what we reminded them of!
       41. WHAT DO YOU BET THEY'RE GOING TO CALL US THOSE "HEAVEN PEOPLE!" Ha, ha! Isn't that name good, though, "Heaven's Children"? It relates to a former name, you know? I'm sure the Lord really inspired that because I really like it more all the time. Mama was just saying that this morning, "I love that name!" And do you know, of all the 62 Posters, about 50 were about Heaven! Most of those pictures were about Heaven! Think of that! So now we're the Heaven People--Heaven's Children!
       42. GOD'S GIVEN US NAMES THAT I HAVE NEVER HEARD ANY RELIGIOUS GROUP CALLED BEFORE, ever, our first name & our second name, & now this will probably be our third name! Isn't that a glorious name? Hallelujah! TYL! So how's that?--Heaven People!--Who are Heaven's Children?--We are!
       43. I THINK REALLY THOSE POSTERS ARE GOING TO GET US THAT NICKNAME, because all they'll remember about the Posters is that they were about Heaven, those people with the Heaven Posters, those Heaven People! So there we are! We're always needing a new name!
* * *

       44. LORD BLESS HIM & KEEP HIM & STRENGTHEN HIM & GIVE HIM SKILL, LORD, & REAL DIVINE ANOINTING & REAL VISION. "Without vision the people perish." (Pro.29:18) He's a real pioneer, Lord, it's going into the unknown in a way & he has to really get vision from You to see the picture & to bring it into shape & reality. We know it takes a real gift from Thee, Lord, to do it, real vision & inspiration. So give his hands skill & his eyes accuracy, Lord. Really help him on all these things & make it a real credit to Thee, Lord, to glorify Thee & bless Thy people, in Jesus' name.
* * *

       45. THE FACT OF THE MATTER IS, IN A SENSE, YOU'RE MY GHOSTWRITER! Important men who have a lot of things to do & a lot of work beside writing their life story or their biography or their memoirs usually get somebody else who really knows how to write to write it for'm, right? And that's the writer they call the ghostwriter. So in a sense, I'm telling you what to write & what to do & you're the ghostwriter, you're putting it into words! Get it?
       46. AFTER ALL, IT IS MY STORY TO BEGIN WITH, RIGHT? You could give me a little credit for it if you want to by putting me in like we did on the Posters with Father Fontaine as the Editor. But you've got more time than I have & this is your main job, to write this Story!
       47. DON'T FORGET, I'VE GOT A WHOLE LOT OF OTHER THINGS TO DO BESIDES THIS STORY! I've got oodles of other pubs that I have to read & proofread & approve, & I have classes to teach & I've got several other pubs, & this is the only one you're responsible for. I have the whole World on my shoulders as well & the responsibility of a whole lot of business. So I've got a lot of other things to do besides write this story. So I don't see why you can't do the pick-&-shovel work of actually working out the words & the Story while I simply give you ideas & supervise you & lead & guide you.--Amen?
* * *

       48. "BUBS" IS MY ABBREVIATION FOR BUBBLES!--The bubs! (The speech bubbles with the art.) That saves a lot of writing. That's going to be one of my projects for the Millennium, to simplify English: I'm all for completely phonetic spelling to eliminate all these unnecessary letters, & do a lot of abbreviating. I think we could simplify the English language a lot & make it a lot easier on everybody that speaks English, especially when they're writing!
* * *

       49. IT'S ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT TO MAKE INVISIBLE SPIRITS LOOK SEE-THROUGH WHEN IN SMALL PICTURES WITH MORTALS TO SEE THE DIFFERENCE. But if materialised they are flesh "as ye see Me have," Jesus said. (Luk.24:39) When materialised they look & feel just like us--as Jesus did after His resurrection!--But when invisible ghosts they should look more see-through.--So it depends on the situation & story to make'm accordingly.
       50. JESUS SAID, "TOUCH ME, FEEL ME," & TOLD THOMAS TO FEEL HIS WOUNDS! (Jn.20:27)--They can definitely assume solid flesh-&-bone appearance just like us when necessary.--In fact, some of the Angels I saw looked just like us!--I at first thought they were normal people!--Until they manifested supernatural powers!--As the Scripture says, "Many have entertained Angels unawares"!--(Heb.13:2) Even dressed like us!--Which is their common human disguise!--It's all through the Bible!
       51. --SO TREAT EACH PIC ACCORDING TO WHETHER THEY ARE MATERIALISED IN FLESHLY HUMAN FORM OR INVISIBLE PARTLY SEE-THROUGH GHOSTS. Of course, we don't make'm totally invisible, or we wouldn't see'm at all!--Savvy?--But that's to show they're supposed to be invisible!--Ha! My Goddesses were both seen & felt!--Ha!
* * *

       52. AS I'VE SAID, THESE GHOSTS CAN TAKE ON COMPLETE SOLID FLESH-&-BONE APPEARANCE THAT YOU CAN FEEL! When Jesus came back from the dead in the resurrection, He was exactly what we are going to be. So if you want to get some ideas of what we're going to be like & what we're going to be doing & what we can do, all you have to do is study the life of Christ after His resurrection & all the things He did.
       53. HE COULD BE INVISIBLE, HE COULD TELEPORT FROM ONE PLACE TO THE OTHER & He could walk through solid walls & locked doors, but when He did appear, when He materialised, He was solid flesh & bone & you could feel Him, & He could sit down & eat! In fact, on one occasion He even cooked the fish over a fire for the disciples when they were out fishing & called them in. (Jn.21:1-13) So He was quite physical. When the spirits materialise they are very physical, I can tell you from experience!
       54. THE ONLY GHOSTS I HAVE EVER MET LOOKED VERY SOLID. In fact, they were disguised as human beings, that bum I met on the streets of San Francisco & that businessman I talked to coming out of that office building on the street of Cincinnati. They were disguised as humans & they looked just perfectly normal, I couldn't see through them or anything.
       55. BUT WE'RE TRYING TO GIVE AN IMPRESSION TO THE PEOPLE, TO OUR READERS, OF THEIR GHOSTLINESS. Eman, you're trying to convey the idea that they are spirits, so we can tell the difference between the spirits & the mortals.
       56. MAYBE I SHOULDN'T HAVE SAID SEE-THROUGH, I SHOULD HAVE QUALIFIED THAT & SAID THEY NEED TO BE SLIGHTLY SEE-THROUGH. So they should have enough appearance that they hide at least part of the things behind them, at least enough so it's very clear that they're in front of those things, like the chair. Otherwise, if you have them too see-through, then the chair's going to look more see-through than they are & you won't be able to tell which side they're on.
* * *

       57. NORMALLY GHOSTS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO APPEAR FOR SOME REASON, THAT'S THE RULES OF THE GAME, UNLESS IT'S SOME KIND OF AN EMERGENCY. They're restricted from appearing or speaking audibly or touching or making any kind of physical manifestation unless it is some kind of extreme emergency. You'll find in most cases, ghosts, Angels or Spirits have not appeared to people unless it was really something very drastic. In other words, when nothing else could stop them, when nothing else could get through to them but an audible voice or a personal appearance or touch or feeling.
       58. SO THAT SHOULD BE ONE OF THE STANDARD RULES OF THE GAME, because it's all the way through the Bible like that & in all the ghost stories I've ever heard, it was something pretty extreme that caused them to appear or to be heard or be felt!
       59. WE'RE KIND OF LEARNING THE RULES OF THIS GAME, A WHOLE NEW FIELD, revealed for your story & your art--our story & our art, I guess we should say. Everybody's got a finger in the pie now!
* * *

       60. I THINK IF YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE WINGS ON FLAME, THEY NEED TO BE A LITTLE MORE FOLDED. Frankly, I've heard it argued by theologians that Angels don't have wings, but we settled a standard for that because the Cherubim do have wings, the Archangels, etc. We decided that because it's a general tradition & something people expect, that we'd give our Angels wings.
       61. BUT I WOULD SUPPOSE PERHAPS THAT THE WINGS ARE A LITTLE MORE FOLDED IN THE BACK OF THE BUS (HC60, PG.5), NOT QUITE SO CONSPICUOUS. Take a look at a bird when it's got its wings folded, you can hardly even tell he's got wings. I know in some of our Angelic pictures we've had'm slightly extended, perhaps overextended, in order to show that they were wings & they were Angels. But normally, you take a look at any bird & see his wings folded up, they just look like shoulders, just like high shoulders. So if they do have wings, they should be able to fold them & they shouldn't stick out too far unless they're flying. Sometimes a bird will ruffle its wings when it's playing around, standing on the ground or on a twig, but usually when they're done & they're sitting still, they fold'm & they just look like high shoulders.
* * *

       62. MAMA THINKS THAT MORE NEWS OF MARIE'S ESCAPADES IN THE BEAST-DOMINATED COUNTRY SHOULD HAVE BEEN HEARD BY THOSE OF US LIVING IN THE A-AC COUNTRY. I don't think any country has been able to choke off any major events that well, that the stories couldn't have leaked out or that she couldn't have been in some kind of communication with the Family. I heard you wrote something on that & I got your note, but that still didn't satisfy Mama. She doesn't expect us to get that cut-off that we can't smuggle messages through.
       63. LET'S FACE IT, THERE ARE ALREADY AC COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD, COMPLETELY ACCONTROLLED! But we have people going back & forth into these countries, in & out all the time, even distributing literature & smuggling in lit! My goodness, they could certainly take messages! No country has been able to choke off communication that good! If I thought it was going to be that choked off I'd almost give up, because I'd think then when the AC took over we couldn't do a thing!
       64. BUT LOOK WHAT WE'RE DOING IN VARIOUS CLOSED COUNTRIES THAT ARE ALREADY TOTALLY COMMUNIST & totally anti-Christ & anti-religious, & yet we're operating in all these countries undercover, anonymously, clandestinely.--Passing freely back & forth across their borders from free countries into those closed countries, also some of the Arab countries.
       65. NOW SOME PEOPLE GOT A LITTLE TOO FREE IN SOME OF THOSE ARAB COUNTRIES, LIKE EGYPT, & apparently they forgot where they were & that it's a predominantly Moslem country, & they all got kicked out. And that's what's happened to us in a few other countries because they weren't careful & prayerful enough & they got a little too free & acted like they were in a free open country, so they nailed'm & ran'm out!
       66. SOME OF THESE PEOPLE WOULD LIKE TO OVERLOOK US TO SAVE FACE & NOT HAVE ANY PROBLEMS IF WE WOULD BEHAVE OURSELVES & have a little wisdom & stay out of their way. But slapping them in the face with the lit & absolutely doing it in such a way that they couldn't overlook it, it's just like the cops in the U.S.A. A lot of times we were doing things against the rules, or would pass out lit here or there, & they just ignored it the best they could. But if we just go walking right up to them & start doing it right in front of the cop who's on the corner, that's a different story, then they've got to say "no" because that's the rules. The main thing is never to ask'm so they don't have to say no, & especially stay out of sight so they don't have to say no!
       67. SO WE DON'T WANT TO GET AN IDEA THAT THE AC IS GOING TO BE SO ALL-POWERFUL THAT WE CANNOT OPERATE AT ALL ANY MORE! I think that's going to discourage people to think that even such a super wonderworker as Marie, doing some of those miracles in this country, that the Family there had absolutely no communication with the rest of the World! I just can't believe it!
       68. I KNOW YOU MAY HAVE GIVEN THEM THAT IMPRESSION ALREADY, BUT LET'S LIBERATE THEM FROM THAT IMPRESSION, & now's the time to do it! We're going to have to give them a better impression, that things are not that tight, & they won't be, they can't be! Otherwise the Lord might as well take us to Heaven now if things are going to slow us up completely.
       69. WE EXPECT TO STILL DISTRIBUTE LITERATURE, TO HAVE LETTERS CARRIED BY COURIER & SMUGGLED INTO COUNTRIES. We're smuggling our lit into a lot of "closed" countries right now & we're getting away with it, & our people are getting in & out & encouraging the Christians there, & they're getting the news of the whole Family worldwide. There's no country that's absolutely blacked out completely like it seems to indicate here, that they haven't heard from or of Marie for years! I don't think we're going to be that out of communication.
       70. OKAY, SON, YOU'RE GETTING YOUR SHARE OF IDEAS NOW! After all, you've got to have the idea, & I guess a lot of them have to come from me or the Lord to clarify some of these things, because we're talking about something in the future. But I think just like the Spirit World, a lot of people have such a vague idea of the Spirit World that they don't even think about it at all & they're not even trying to imagine it! And they make it so spiritual that they can't see it at all! It's so far away to them & so spiritual that it virtually doesn't even exist! We're trying to bring out the reality of the Spirit World so much like it is now & the spirits there are so much like we are now, except that there are certain miraculous supernatural situations & powers, etc. that are beyond our present powers.
       71. BUT I'LL STILL BE ME & YOU'LL STILL BE YOU & WE'LL STILL LOOK LIKE WE DO--MAYBE BETTER, I HOPE--NOT YOU, BUT ME! Of course, you'll look better, but I hope to look better!
       72. ANYWAY, WE'VE GOT A LOT OF NEW & UNFAMILIAR SITUATIONS TO TRY TO MAKE REALISTIC TO PEOPLE, BUT WE'RE TRYING TO SHOW THEM HOW REAL IT IS & how realistic & how much like this life it is & that these are the same people. They look the same, they talk the same, they think the same, they're just in a kind of a different dimension & working in a different dimension, & there are certain conditions under which they work & certain rules & restrictions which are a little bit different from our present dimension.
       73. AND YOU'RE HANDLING IT VERY WELL, SON, YOU'RE DOING JUST BEAUTIFULLY! But Mama & I both questioned this business about not having heard of Marie for years or heard from her for years. I don't think it's going to be that tight! We're still going to be sneaking in, around, about & in & out & smuggling in messages & Letters & lit & all kinds of things. The Lord's going to keep our Family in excellent communication with each other so we'll know what's going on worldwide! We may have little binds here or there & once in awhile have a little problem, but I don't think we're going to be totally cut off from each other. If I've given you that impression, I'm sorry, I just don't believe it.
       74. SO I DON'T SEE HOW SHE COULD HAVE BEEN SO UNHEARD-OF & UNKNOWN FOR YEARS, no communication, no messages coming through or anything to the rest of the Family, or how the Family in that Beast country could have been so out of fellowship with the rest of the World & not even know what's going on anywhere else. I think we're still going to have communication, & lots of it, & lots of even transportation, going in & out, & getting lit in & out, as well as messages. For goodness sake, people going in & out of those countries could at least have carried it by word of mouth!
* * *

       75. GBY, BOYS! I THINK YOU GUYS ARE GOING TO WIND UP HAVING DRAWN MORE PICTURES THAN ANY OTHER TWO MEN IN ALL WORLD HISTORY! I believe it! And oh man, with this Story you're bound to outstrip anybody else that ever lived! They never even had comic books or volumes of pictures like funny papers & comic books till I was a kid or not long before that, so you wouldn't have to outshine too many worldly artists to outstrip'm! And I think we have certainly done more artwork in our 15 years or so than any other artists, or at least any other one publisher, especially including all the other artists! And you two guys are the main ones, you have done more than any of them. You've probably done as many pictures as all the rest of them put together. So you're going to be famous for volume if nothing else! And we've gotta get'm out in volume because this Story is really carrying on! GBY, you're really doing great!
* * *

       76. WE DON'T WANT PEOPLE, LITTLE KIDS ESPECIALLY, TO HAVE TO STOP & STUDY IT & TRY TO FIGURE OUT A PICTURE. A picture is not much good unless you get the right impression at the first impression. We used to say first impressions count the most, whether of people or objects or art or whatever. The first impression you get at first glance is the one that usually sticks with you from then on. And we want these little kids & all, including some of the grown-up kids, to get the right impression at first glance & not have to stop & figure out, "What in the World is this?"
* * *

       77. THERE'S SOMETHING ELSE THAT I WOULD LIKE TO SEE IN THIS APPEARANCE OF ESTHER WHICH I THINK WOULD BE VERY EXCITING & DRAMATIC! I just got the inspiration as I was reading it & I was hoping this was going to happen.--You know, like you sometimes read stories & books & you hope that certain things are going to happen? I just felt like it should happen. So when I came to this part where Esther is appearing to the spirits & introducing herself, etc., it just suddenly seemed to me that she should manifest herself to Marie!
       78. NOW GET THE FEELING FOR THIS: SHE'S JUST SAID THAT SHE'S BEEN SENT, THEREFORE THEY IMMEDIATELY START PRAISING THE LORD. They don't know that she's there yet but they start praising the Lord by faith, not knowing that God has really already answered their prayer. Now the Lord is going to manifest the answer!
       79. SUDDENLY QUEEN ESTHER SAYS, "AND NOW I'D LIKE TO INTRODUCE MYSELF TO HER PERSONALLY!"--And sinks into Marie's body & begins to speak through her mouth in prophecy! "Behold, Marie, I have heard thy prayer & I Queen Esther have come to be thy helper in this important matter," & then she goes on.
       80. YOU KNOW, THAT'S HAPPENED SEVERAL TIMES IN THE BIBLE, like the Angel appeared to Daniel, etc., the Annunciation Angel to Mary & that sort of thing, he even appeared! (Dan.9:21; Luk.2:26-28) In this case she simply speaks through Marie's mouth as Esther & announces her coming as her helper. Now you're smart enough to figure out what else to give her to say, & Scriptural enough, & it could even paraphrase some of those appearances in the Bible.
       81. DON'T YOU THINK THAT'S A LITTLE MORE EXCITING & DRAMATIC than having it say in the next paragraph that Marie gets another vivid vision of the illustration on the cover of "Esther--Queen of FFers" & Mama feels her presence, etc.? Why not have an actual outright manifestation here? We don't have to have an apparition, but we can at least have a direct prophecy!
       82. I'VE HAD THIS EXPERIENCE MANY TIMES WITH ABRAHIM, WHICH HAS BEEN A TREMENDOUS ENCOURAGEMENT TO MY FAITH, things I knew didn't come from me but merely came through my mouth. After all, Marie's a prophetess, she might as well manifest her gift & receive the message direct from the Lord's messenger, Queen Esther!
       83. LET'S HAVE SOME REAL VISIBLE MANIFESTATIONS, OR AT LEAST AUDIBLE MANIFESTATIONS!--Amen? I think that would be more exciting, don't you?--That Queen Esther actually announces her presence & that she has now come to help! This happened several times in the Bible, so why not? And Esther is as good as an Angel, so PTL!
       84. WE NEED TO SHOW PEOPLE THIS SORT OF THING IS POSSIBLE & ACTUALLY HAPPENS! They don't have to just depend on little feelings & even little brief glimpses of visions or dreams, but they can have outright audible manifestations & sometimes even apparitions if necessary! They're not allowed to give apparitions unless it's extreme conditions, but they can freely give prophecies. We have those gifts now & they're free to give them & could be giving them constantly.
       85. IF MARIE'S A PROPHETESS, SHE OUGHT TO GET MORE PROPHECIES! She needs a lot of real solid confirmation & encouragement, & to really hear from the Lord like that through her own mouth, the mouth of her helpers in direct prophecy! That's one of the things that made this whole outfit, Boy! Let me tell you, we never would have gotten this far if we hadn't had some real strong confirmations in the spirit & some very concrete evidence that we were really hearing from the Lord via these emissaries!
       86. SO I THINK WE OUGHT TO HAVE A LITTLE MORE REAL ACTION HERE, DON'T YOU?--Not just a mere little feeling & a little glimpse of an ML cover & that sort of thing. Maybe they can have that first to kind of get'm warmed up to the subject & then boom, they can hear from Queen Esther herself! That'll really bowl'm over, that'll leave'm gasping! Leaves you breathless! Hallelujah! Mama's saying, "Amen! I agree! That's wonderful!"
       87. WELL, I BELIEVE IT WAS A REAL INSPIRATION BECAUSE I JUST HAD THE FEELING IT SHOULD HAPPEN. I think Queen Esther's helping me tonight! So, PTL! Hallelujah! Amen, I'm almost busting out in tongues! I got the witness!
* * *

       88. REMEMBER, IT'S NOT ALWAYS CHECKS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT, "checks" has to do with stopping you. The "witness" is another expression you can use, which is a confirmation or an affirmation, which is more positive. A check is a sort of a negative feeling that sort of stops you, "mind the checks of the Spirit," etc., meaning actually a stopping. The witness is the positive, check is sort of the negative. You get the witness of the Spirit that you're right, like I did just now. You get a check from the Spirit that you're wrong & going the wrong direction, stop. He checks you, He stops you. It's like a police checkpoint, if you're going the wrong direction they stop you. So keep those expressions in mind, I think it will help you. You mind the checks, in a sense, you're careful not to go beyond what the Lord shows you, but you definitely also mind the witness that you're going the right way & He gives you the witness, He gives you that confirmation in the Spirit! Savvy?
* * *

       89. I THINK THIS STORY IS A TREMENDOUS TEACHING TOOL, SON, TO REALLY SHOW PEOPLE WHAT GOD CAN DO & HOW HE DOES IT! From now on Marie can speak with the authority of Queen Esther, she's like Queen Esther in person! She is! I mean, what am I when I get those experiences? I'm Abrahim in person, that old rascal!
       90. SO WHY DON'T WE JUST HAVE A LITTLE REAL GENUINE MANIFESTATION OF THE DRAMATIC & EXCITING WAY THAT THE LORD'S HELPERS CAN MANIFEST THEMSELVES IN US! She then sort of becomes like Queen Esther in person with irresistible charm & beauty, etc. The Lord could even make her look like Queen Esther, like a metamorphosis or something!--Or at least make her look like that to her fish. Of course he's already met her so we don't want her to be changed now, but anyway, I'm just giving you a few little ideas you can work in sometimes maybe. You can make her look even more beautiful than she is with the addition of Queen Esther's charm, personality, beauty, cleverness, intelligence & all of these things. Queen Esther must have learned a lot while she was living with kings under God's inspiration, so powerful as to save a whole people! And that's just exactly what Marie's up to right now, getting to plead with the king to save her people!
       91. SO LET'S REALLY USE THAT PARALLEL TO THE FULL & GET AS MUCH MILEAGE OUT OF IT AS WE CAN! You know us Jews, that's the way we like to do it, we like to get all the mileage out of anything we can get!
       92. SO HOW'S THAT FOR A LITTLE INSERTION THERE? I like insertions, they're very exciting!--Ha! So put this little insertion in there, get Esther into Marie's body & speaking with her mouth & power! She appealed to kings & saved peoples & so on under the inspiration of His Holy Spirits!
       93. YOU CAN PARAPHRASE SOME OF THAT WORDING FROM THE APPEARANCE OF THE ANGEL TO DANIEL, "Behold, Marie, I have heard thy prayer & I Queen Esther have come to be thy helper in this important matter," etc. Doesn't that make your hair stand up & get the chills, get the witness? Okay, that's the witness!
       94. I THINK THAT'LL MAKE A TERRIFIC PICTURE TOO! Let's really have her get in there! Let's hear her & let them hear her! Just think what an encouragement & inspiration that will be to Marie to know, not just think maybe, "Oh well, I feel her presence, I can see that cover on the Letter" & so on, but let's let her feel her & hear her & know she's there! Think what confidence & faith that will give! She knows she's not only got a lot of people praying for her & spirits helping her, she senses all this sort of thing, but to know it & feel it that Esther's right there & talking through her!
       95. LET'S BRING IT DOWN TO EARTH, BOY, & LET'M KNOW IT & HEAR IT! It's all through the Bible, we might as well have it here. That'll light your fire & start your wagon rollin'! I'd say you could work that into the tail end of your Chapter since you've got lots of room for it & fill it up! Let's fill it up & make it dramatic, give her a real message & let the people hear it, confirm her spirit helper!--Not just me, I'm just an old man, what do I know about FFing?--Ha! Maria certainly can tell you a lot. But anyway, I think she's certainly on a level with Queen Esther & can certainly be in a sense ordained by her & possessed by her to have tremendous power & wisdom, cleverness & charm & all the rest!
       96. COME ON, LET'S REALLY GET IN THERE & PUSH IT! We don't want to do things halfway, let's get some action here! I think that'll be one of the most exciting things to happen here in your chapter! They will be thrilled!--Not only all the mortals & immortals in the Story, but all the dear mortals reading it! They'll really thrill to that! It just came to me & I think it was an inspiration, so maybe Esther gave it to me! Amen, I'd better stop soon or I'm going to start talking in tongues! I hope that'll get you moving, Boy! You are moving & doing great, Son, but you could even do better with a little inspiration there!
       97. WE'RE SURE GETTING A LOT OF ANSWERS! We never had to face some of these problems before, but it's amazing how the Lord's now revealing how these things work, how all this works, & I think it's really going to be quite a revelation to a lot of people to really see it in action & see how it's done & how God does it! Because we really haven't had to face these questions before literally of exactly how the Lord does these things, how His sphere & system works in His relationship to us. But we're sure getting the answers now! PTL!
       98. OKAY, HAVE QUEEN ESTHER TAKE POSSESSION OF MARIE NOW! Amen? If they can have demon possession, why can't we have holy spirit possession? We do have! We've already outlined how the Holy Spirit works through Her emissaries & representatives who speak that language or who can possess us to do whatever it is. Just make it really vivid & real, exciting, so we can see & hear the real thing! Boy, what a picture that's going to make!
* * *

       99. MAYBE AT NIGHT YOU CAN DREAM DREAMS & SEE VISIONS & GET MESSAGES! I ain't kidding, boy! We've gotta get this from the Lord! If He's not in it, we might as well forget it! But you're sure putting Him in it in Scripture & confirmation, documentation & all the rest, that's great! We need it! Some of these churchy critics might try to take issue with it. But if you've got the chapter & the verse right there, you've got the documentation, they can't deny it. That's what Jesus did. It says in that Scripture they could not deny that they had been with Jesus. Though they were ignorant & unlearned men, they couldn't deny that they had certainly been with Jesus, because they were inspired! (Acts 4:13)
* * *

       100. ALWAYS BRING OUT THAT THE LORD HAS SENT THEM & THE LORD'S IN IT, behind it all, & that they can also have more actual direct communication with Him. They don't always have to go through these agents. I liked that where you brought out a little conversation straight from Him. I don't want this series to make us start feeling more distant from the Lord, like we have to go through too many other people & that sort of thing or too great a distance. But He's just as close & just as real & just as available as ever! So bring Him in all you can personally with direct messages.
* * *

       101. I GOT IN THE NIGHT THE OTHER NIGHT THAT MY MOTHER & FATHER, DR. KOGER & MY GRANDFATHER FEEL A LITTLE BIT LEFT OUT & that I haven't given them enough attention & credit. Now my Mother in particular often comes to me in dreams. My Father's sometimes a little in the background, my Grandfather too. But Dr. Koger's even put in personal appearances! So I think I got a definite impression that they were feeling a little hurt & left out, that I was not giving them sufficient honour to whom honour is due, credit to whom credit is due, & that we need to put them into the Story somewhere a little bit here & there somehow as some of the spirit helpers, because they are definitely on my list. (Rom.13:7)
       102. I THINK THEY REALLY CAME THROUGH, BROKE THROUGH THE OTHER NIGHT, & Mama just reminded me that I got a distinct feeling & impression. It's almost like I could see'm in that twilight zone, that they were feeling a little hurt & left out that we weren't giving them enough credit. Instead we were giving a lot of credit to other people, some people we never even heard of, like Flame!
       103. I THINK SHE'S GOTTEN A LITTLE TOO PROMINENT & I'M GLAD QUEEN ESTHER'S COMING ALONG TO KIND OF DISPLACE HER A LITTLE BIT, & maybe we ought to give her a trip or something. I mean, who is she compared to Queen Esther? Although she's apparently an Angel, or seems to be, & we used this personification because it was already illustrated, I think she's been shoved a little bit too much into too much prominence & you're going to have to tone her down a bit & maybe put her a little more in the background while Esther takes over. She can still be Marie's Guardian Angel, & Angels are powerful, possibly more powerful than the saints & mortals, spirits, helpers, they are very powerful. But she doesn't have to be given such pre-eminence & prominence all the time in the forefront of every picture. I know she's beautiful, but sometimes I haven't even liked the pictures of her, they've been a little hard. Something about her almost had a little sort of a worldly look about her. So watch out about that, caution Eman about that. We need to kind of push her a little more in the background & let's bring out Queen Esther now as a prominent helper. That was a great inspiration!
       104. GOD BLESS EMAN, HE'S REALLY INSPIRED, I'M SURE HE MUST HAVE HEARD FROM THE LORD ON THAT ONE BECAUSE THE LORD'S CONFIRMING IT! So listen to suggestions, the Lord can speak through anybody & with anybody. Just be sure, check'm out, & make sure you get the witness of the Spirit & it's right & check things out as the Lord has told us, try the spirits & make sure it's of the Lord & the idea is of the Lord. (1Jn.4:1) He certainly has confirmed it, this is it!
* * *

       105. LORD BLESS & KEEP THEM & CONTINUE TO MAKE THEM A BLESSING, LORD! Inspire them & really help this team to really go go go under Thy go & Thy inspiration. Thank You for answering these questions, Lord. Thank You for even giving us the questions so we'd seek the answers, & thank You that You're bringing all of this out in this Story. Bless & keep them now, & if you want to give Apollos a little more inspiration in the night, well, Lord, I'm sure he's open. You can speak to him & show him & inspire him with ideas & pictures of how to do this, & Eman too, in Jesus' name we ask for Thy glory!--Amen!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family