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LOVE SLAVES!--Adultery, Prisons & Slavery!       DO 2134       1/85

       1. Take a good look!--She's beautiful! I don't blame you! PTL! Hallelujah! I love to look at a beautiful woman! PTL? The Lord said something once to those hypocritical, self-righteous, wicked Scribes & Pharisees, the church people of His day, that some people misinterpret entirely. He said, "Ye say, thou shalt not commit adultery, & whosoever commits adultery should be stoned to death, but I say unto you"--knowing what they were thinking--"he that looketh after a woman to lust after her, has already committed adultery with her in his heart!"--Which meant everybody & every human man in the whole World!--Mat.5:27-28.
       2. It is impossible for us men to look at these beautiful women without lusting after them!--God made us that way & God made them that way! Does that shock you? I've said that before. You should read some of those old Letters, it'll do you good It's impossible!--And the Lord knew it! He knew they already committed adultery in their hearts just as much as anybody else, lusting after beautiful women. And with all those beautiful Jewesses there in Israel, sauntering the streets of Jerusalem, there must have been plenty of them around. They had top-notch whores & harlots & courtesans that were popular with the top-notch Priests & Rabbis of the day.
       3. The Scribes & Pharisees had their favourite courtesans like Mary Magdalene. She was treated like a queen in the city of Jerusalem, because she was one of the most popular of all the courtesans. That's a nice word for a high-class prostitute. They called them that because they so often found them in the kings' courts & amongst the courtiers. They had an exalted, leading position, rich, dressed in fineries, enjoying the best of everything, living in palaces, set up & kept by the richest & most famous men in the countries! This was just as true in Israel in Jesus' day as it was all through history & still is now, just the same, no difference!
       4. You say, "Then oh my God, you mean I'm committing adultery every time I look at a woman with lust & desire her?" Well, I guess there's no need for me to preach that sermon again, why don't you look up the Letter on adultery & find out what adultery really is! (Maria: Well, could you just repeat it here?)--Ha! Dear Mama, she's never satisfied. She's the insatiable woman who always cries for more, more, more! She never gets enough Seed & never has enough children. She's about the most fruitful in the World, God bless her! Maybe that's why.

       5. Well, according to the old Mosaic Law, they were not living under the Law of Love, they were living under a tough, harsh law for lawbreakers. I must say, after seeing that documentary on prisoners & prisons, did you know that prisons are the worst & most ineffective kind of punishment for crime?--And they're booming, growing, becoming more of a burden all the time! They throw ordinary people, even good people who have made mistakes or signed a bad check or something, right in with absolute wolves, violent criminals who beat'm up, rape'm & kill'm! The criminals figure they finally have a chance to get back at the other half, the other classes!
       6. Our dear Aaron was thrown in jail with his lawyer in Washington D.C. for standing up & interrupting the U.S. Senate & preaching them a sermon--at least giving a Scripture or Prophecy about how America was going to be destroyed--& he got run out by the police & thrown in jail overnight. [DELETED] As I recall, they were the only White ones in this particular jail.
       7. And do you know what the jailers said to them as they led'm to their cells? Do you know what they asked'm? They said, "Are you guys homos or not?" They said, "No, absolutely not!" They were horrified! They said, "Okay, then we'll give you a separate cell."--Because they knew if they threw'm in with all those monsters, those fiends, those devils, [DELETED] that they would probably rip'm apart! (Maria: Those Christian authorities on prison life said a young man going into prison has two chances: Slim & none!)
       8. They said a young man going out of the System into prison is bound to either get beaten up & raped, or if he fights, kill somebody, or get killed himself!--Today, in the American prisons! The American prisons today are absolute Hell on Earth full of demons & devils that just tear'm limb from limb! They have whole gangs organised amongst prisoners right inside the prisons. There's just as much crime, if not more crime, than outside.--Beatings & killings & robberies & gangs--organised gangs that fight each other right in the prisons. And they throw poor helpless kids, even women, into prisons like that! Think of it! That's the most hellish, horrible system there is!
       9. Not even the harsh old Mosaic Law provided for prisons, imprisonment, prisoners or incarceration as they call it. There is no prison code in the Mosaic Law! One of those prison authorities in the documentary even spoke on that subject. The preacher was asking, "Well, what's the solution?" He said, "We'd like to see the church people get stirred up about it & do something about it!" They haven't done it, they've said, "That's not my job, leave it to the prison, leave it to the government, leave it to the politicians, forget it!"--Typical of the churches, they won't even take care of their own oppressed & imprisoned & mistreated right in their own country! Next to churches, prisons are just about America's biggest crime, the way prisoners are treated in American prisons & jails.
       10. The Mosaic Law had no imprisonment, it had what they called servitude. They even had slavery & indentured servants. If a person committed a crime, he stole something from somebody & didn't have the money or whatever it took to pay it back four times as much--because usually that was the penalty, that they had to make restitution four times as much as they stole--then they had to go to work for that person until they worked it off & earned it. Well, working as a servant in some rich man's house to work off the amount that you'd stolen was a whole lot better & you were better-treated & better-housed & better-fed, especially so the guy could get his money out of you if nothing else. As soon as it was worked off they were free to go, & on the Years of Jubilee they were all let go, regardless. Think of that! The only kind of bondage they had was slavery!
       11. Believe it or not, the Bible is not against slavery! The Bible not only condones slavery, but encourages you to be a slave of Jesus Christ! Everywhere the New Testament uses the word "servant," the original Greek word is "servus," which has no other meaning in the Greek except slave, an absolute owned slave, body & soul! Look it up! So Paul says, "Art thou called being a servant? Seek not to be loosed!"--1Cor.7:21.--Some difference from so-called Western democracy & so-called U.S. freedom!
       12. Don't worry, the U.S. has their slaves, they've got more slaves today than they ever had in the old days before the Civil War!--More slaves in their prisons today than they ever had Blacks in the deep South. They have slaves in the prisons by the millions! They can't build the prisons fast enough to accommodate all the people they're sending to jail!--Especially since they pass a lot of these crazy, silly, stupid, idiotic laws that hardly anybody can turn around & spit without having to go to jail! You can't even add a stick to your house without a permit, & if you do, you go to jail! You can't do anything about your automobile without a permit & a license & inspection & everything else, or you pay a heavy fine or go to jail. Well, I'll admit that the traffic laws are about the most needed laws they have there because they kill more people with cars than anything else, but some of them are just ridiculous!

       13. When we started going to those churches & sit-ins in Orange County, the cops got to following our convoys just to give us harassment & trouble. Every Sunday morning we'd go to a different church.--Not just in Huntington Beach, but all over the County, we covered them all!--Ha! So they couldn't stop us any other way & they started following us & making us pull over. They'd go along on motorcycles & check out each car & see if they could find a broken windshield wiper, a cracked tail light, a little pock spot on the windshield or any little thing. They'd use the law, exaggerate the law & stretch the law to cover that thing & give us a ticket or a summons to court or make us pay a fine, just to harass us!
       14. Talk about oppression, suppression & persecution, the U.S. does it to a fine point! They've got it specialised in the U.S.! Russia has got nothing on the United States when it comes to harassing & persecuting & imprisoning its people. Just forget it! You'd probably be better off in Russia! "Dad, are you a Communist? We wondered about you, Dad, you do sound like a Communist sometimes!" Well, we don't like Communism any better than Western Capitalism. It's all of the Devil & it's all anti-Christ & it's all materialism, it's all the worship of Mammon & Babylon, it is all God-damned & Hell-bent as far as we're concerned!
       15. We are not of this World or this System! Every time the New Testament uses the word World they're talking about the System! You look it up, it says the System, the Worldly System. We're not of it, this is not our World--not yet, praise God! "If you were of the World, the World would love his own, but because ye are not of the World, the World hateth you" (Jn.15:19)--& will persecute you & hound you to your death like they have us if they can! The only way we have survived is by the protection of God Himself & by fleeing when we're persecuted, like Jesus said, to another city that hasn't yet had the Message or heard the Gospel, going someplace else that's still receptive & where we could still have some freedom & still have some real reaping & success.--Mat.10:23.
       16. And as a result we've covered almost the whole World! Nearly the whole World has heard about us! There are only a few places that haven't heard much about us. Even Russia now has heard about us & they're writing articles in the newspapers & the magazines against us by name!--Us!--You!--Because we're having such tremendous success in Russia! They're now even banning some of our folks who used to go in with all that lit & Posters & whatnot & won't let them back in any more. But praise God, they go in from all directions & all kinds of people & different ones & they'll never be able to stop us! They can't stop our rain!--No more than that vision I had that time of the people running outside & holding up their hands trying to stop the rain. (ML#128) Isn't that ridiculous? Have you ever gone out & tried to hold up your hands to stop the rain? How much rain are you going to stop that way? A few dozen drops might hit your hands, but all the rest will hit the fertile soil & cause fruit & growth & harvest! TYJ! Amen?
       17. So they'll never stop us! They may catch a few here & there, they may stop a few here & there, God lets them do it to teach them a few lessons, that they were careless, or even to let'm be a testimony & a witness. How in the World are you going to be a witness? He says, "I send you forth as sheep amongst wolves, be ye therefore wise as serpents & harmless as doves! Ye shall be brought before kings & magistrates & governors as a witness"--get the last part of it though--"against them!"--Mat.10:16-18. Apparently it doesn't usually do much good to witness to that kind of people, the authorities, kings, governors, magistrates & judges, but God is merciful & He wants them to get the witness anyhow. Then He can give them their just deserts & judge them according to their sins. He can tell them in Hell, "I gave you every chance! I even sent My Messengers to your face & they face-to-face told you the story!--And you still rejected them & turned them down & refused the Message & refused to obey, & you persecuted them & beat them & killed them! So you're getting in the fires of Hell what you deserve!" They're not going to be able to shake the finger at God & say it was His fault.

       18. Boy, how the Jews do that! Did you see "Fiddler on the Roof" or any of those Jewish movies? They've got a special little custom where they look up toward Heaven & say, "Why me, God?" They may not even say God, but they say, "Why me?" You can see it in the movies, a constant reproach against God, a reflection on God, accusing God for all their faults & all their troubles & all their judgements & crimes & everything! "It's not our fault, God, You're the One that did it!" That is the ultimate in self-righteousness of wicked, vile, filthy sinners, claiming to be more righteous than God Himself! [DELETED]
       19. But thank God for the Jews, because neither can hardly anybody in the World be a more aggressively on-fire witness for God & a fighter for the Truth than a Jew! Hallelujah! That's why I'm here! I was not a Jew after the religion, but after the flesh, my forefathers & all. And my goodness, I was looking at pictures of my son Ho today, & he's really starting to look Jewish! [DELETED]
       20. Thank God we're Jews! Amen? Paul said, "What good is it to be a Jew? Well, much in every way!"--Rom.3:1,2. Then he goes on to tell the four main reasons why the Jews should be thankful. Can you remember them? Does anybody remember the Bible Knowledge class about the four reasons why the Jews were especially blessed? (Fam: "Unto them were committed the oracles of God."--Rom.3:2.) Right! Who did God give His Word & the Words of His Prophets to? To whom were they given?--To the Jews! As Paul says, "To the Jew first, & afterward to the Gentile."--Rom.2:9,10. There's another reason that ought to be easy to remember. We're throwing in a little Bible Knowledge here!
       21. So why else were the Jews blessed? (Fam: Because through them came the Messiah.)--Exactly! Of course, He doesn't belong to them, in fact He doesn't belong to them at all now, they rejected Him & killed Him! So they lost Him & they've got to come the same way now as everybody else, the same as every "goy" & every Gentile, every "shmuck," every one of us! They've got all kinds of dirty names for you Gentiles. Let's see, I can hardly find a Gentile in this bunch to look at when I'm saying that! But anyway, they're using more & more of those dirty names in movies now. [DELETED] [EDITED: "L"]ike the star of David, you see it so many places on so many things.
       22. It's not the star of David [DELETED]! There's no sign of the star of David anywhere in the Bible. There are some stars, mostly angels, & there's the Morning Star, Jesus, the brightest of all, & it speaks of stars, but you'll not find a star of David in the Bible. That's strictly apocryphal Jewish tradition. They claim that King David used to have that star on his shield, but that's a lot of baloney! Bullshit! [DELETED] Even bullshit is not as bad as that kind of shit! I've had to clean barns with bullshit & cowshit & it doesn't stink as bad as that! So bullshit is too mild a term.
       23. If you're taking care of cattle you don't mind the bullshit! It's a necessary function & it does the earth good & fertilises the ground & causes better crops & everything! If Man didn't interfere with the plant cycle so much & would let the cattle wander around through the fields & "muzzle not the ox that treadeth out the corn," they'd have their fields better fertilised with natural fertiliser. There's something on one of the children's educational videos about how much good it would do the fields if they would let the cattle graze like they used to & not interfere with the cycle & not take all the vegetables away someplace far away, & the cattle too, so that the ground starves & gets dry & barren & wears out & they can't grow anything any more & it becomes desert!
       24. You wonder why they've got those deserts over in Northern Africa? Well, first of all because they disobeyed God & worshipped the Devil & demons & all kinds of deviltry & all kinds of horrible, wicked practices, mistreatment of their children & wives & everything else! They lived like Hell so God gave'm Hell, the hottest Hell of deserts almost in the World, the Sahara Desert, & it's growing!
       25. So what are the four reasons why the Jews should be thankful to be Jews, that God so blessed them? First of all, He gave them the Bible, next He gave them the Messiah. There are two other reasons, does anybody remember them? (Fam: Is it because they have so much fight in them?) Well, that's something I said, but it wasn't in Scofield's original four reasons. He's supposed to be an authority. [DELETED] If you want to hear all kinds of compliments about the Jews, just read the Scofield Bible! He's expecting the Jews to all get saved, & even all the Jews in the Tribulation, they're going to be running the Millennium & all that kind of bull ... maybe I can think of something worse to compare it to than bullshit!
       26. Dog shit stinks worse, much worse! Did you ever get some on your shoe? My Lord, you can hardly ever get it off! I've stepped in cowpies & it wasn't half as hard to wash off. You get used to working in a barn with cattle, you get so used to it that it almost smells sweet to you, really, even horse shit. It actually almost smells sweet by comparison with some of this other junk of unclean animals like dogs. Even cat shit smells horrible. Thank God at least cats are cleaner animals & if you give'm a chance they'll go out & bury it someplace. But dogs, ugh! They go all over the ground!
       27. The sidewalks of London were the worst I ever walked!--In spite of that beautiful city & those gorgeous green parks. I never saw so many parks in any town in my life, & everything beautiful, beautifully-kept gardens & homes & hedges & yards & everything just gorgeous & neat & tidy like the typical British. Except that from one end of the block to the other you could have stepped in a dozen dog dungs! They say they've got more dogs per capita in London than almost any city in the World! They have gone to the dogs! Just like that Angel told me there on that corner that day, he said, "They've gone to the dogs!" [DELETED] (See ML #536:1-7.)

       28. [DELETED] It used to be that the word "discrimination" was a good word. If you had a lot of discrimination, it meant you knew how to choose the good from the evil, how to choose the clean from the unclean. A discriminating person was to be praised & exalted & to be admired! Now [EDITED: "it's been"] made it a dirty word, it's even in the laws now. You can go to jail for discrimination in the U.S.A.! [DELETED] You are not allowed to make your own choice of employees or tenants or customers in your restaurant or store. Talk about freedom, forget it! Think of it!
       29. Some people think that's good, & I think a lot of it is good, because the way some of the Southerners treated the Blacks was terrible, just absolutely inexcusable! But even most of the slave masters of the South were good masters who were good to the slaves & gave them more than they ever had before in Africa--homes, goods, food--& took care of them from the cradle to the grave! It was the best social security system you could possible get into & didn't cost them a penny except their life! Their masters loved them, cared for them when they were sick, fed them & helped them bear their babies. How do you think there got to be so many Blacks in the South if they were killing them all & treating them like Simon Legree in "Uncle Tom's Cabin"? That was a Northern story written by a Northerner who hated the South & wanted to bring on the Civil War. And Uncle Tom's Cabin, in which this horrible cruel monster, Simon Legree, whipped his slaves & killed them & tortured them & did all kinds of horrible things, helped to bring on the Civil War! Any master of slaves would have to be out of his mind to do that sort of thing! He'd have to be crazy to mistreat his own property instead of keeping them strong & in good health & happy so they'd serve him well.
       30. "Oh my God, Dad, now you're for slavery! We knew you were really crazy, but that's going too far! It's bad enough to be a Communist without being for the slave trade too!" Well, I'm not for the slave trade & I'm not for that kind of slavery. The mostly Arab slave-traders & Dutch slave-traders & other European slave-traders went over to Africa & just captured them, stole them right out of their country & from their home & from their wives & their children & even captured their children & separated families & all kinds of cruel things, chained them in dark holes of those old stinking ships that took two months to cross the ocean until half of them died! Horrors!
       31. So if you want to get tough with the wicked, why not get tough on the wicked slave-traders, the White Europeans that did it!--The White Arabs that did it too! [DELETED] The South made money on their labour, because the South was agricultural & they had these huge plantations & they needed cheap labour, so they imported slaves. But most of them were good to their slaves. They even built them chapels & churches & schools & clinics to take care of them. They let them have their own, of course, they didn't want to mix with them, & I think most people like to more or less mingle with people of their own choice.
       32. But to us, colour makes no difference! Christians are colour blind! We're all brothers & sisters under the skin & at heart & it makes no difference! We're about as integrated a bunch as you could possibly find anywhere! We've got oodles of blacks & every other colour you can think of!--And we marry'm & have their children! So don't talk about us being racially prejudiced or being discriminatory or having discrimination! Yes, we're discriminatory all right, we just believe in mingling with Christians as much as we can! We go out amongst the sinners to try to give them the Gospel & find a few sheep, but we've got racial prejudice, all right, I'll tell you we have! We prefer the Family to the rest of the God-damned wicked sinful filthy stinking World & the Pit! So what a class on Bible Prophecy!--Ha!--But it's a fact!
       33. So the Bible's not against slavery, the Jews were allowed to have slaves as long as they treated'm right. But even the Mosaic Law forbade them to be cruel to their slaves & they had to liberate'm in the long run on Jubilee years, the Year of Jubilee. (Lev.25) And if a slave loved his master & wanted to stay in his house, they could, & a lot of them lived well! You take a lot of those slaves during the time of the Romans, the Greek slaves & the Christian slaves, they lived in palaces, mansions, castles & had good quarters & were treated well! They lived almost like the children of the rich man himself! They were teachers & scientists & had all kinds of skills, etc., artisans, artists! They weren't paid, but who gets paid around here? We're all slaves in that sense! But who needs pay? Who needs a salary if all your needs are taken care of & even your wants are showered upon you? Who cares about being a slave when you live better than those slaves out in the System who think they're free, working for a salary that never lasts all month, working with their nose to some grindstone they hate & a job they despise & a work that they almost can't stand! It's terrible! They do it for a little pittance of money that doesn't even pay for their needs.
       34. Let me tell you, we are bond slaves of Jesus, we are servants of Jesus Christ, & if we serve Him with love He will give us anything we want, anything, our hearts' desires! It's a promise, you can claim it! If you delight yourself in Him, He will give you the desires of your heart! (Psa.37:4)--Because the desires of your heart will be for Him & His glory & all you want is what's for the Lord & what's going to help His cause & what's good for you & good for others & good for the Family & even good for the World! He heaps on us blessings & luxuries more than our heart could desire, pressed down, shaken together, running over! More than you can contain!--Luk.6:38.
       35. There are lots of the World & wicked people that don't live as well as we do, who are out for nothing but serving the Devil & Mammon & Babylon & money & are miserable! Not only that, even when they get the money it doesn't make'm happy & they're not satisfied. Well, according to the Bible, what they call the study of the penal code--it has nothing to do with your penies, boys--the legal code of the Bible was that they had slaves, but they didn't have prisoners. And even the indentured slaves who sometimes had to work off loans or debts or fines had to work them off actually under really very good conditions. They lived as a servant, as a slave in the homes of the rich person they robbed or stole from until they worked it off, & then they were free. If the Year of Jubilee came around before that, they were freed then.
       36. But if a slave was working for a master that he loved & he wanted to serve & he wanted to stay in that house, the Mosaic Law had a special ritual that the slave & the master of the house had to perform to prove that he was no longer a bond servant, but he was there of his own free will & choice, out of love, a literal love slave of that lord & master. They took him to a doorpost. Come over this way, David, you're just about the right size for this doorpost here. They'd say, "Now put your ear up against the post." They used a doorpost because you've got to get at a corner usually to do this sort of thing. They stuck the corner of the doorpost in behind his ear, like this, & then they took an awl & they pierced the lobe of his ear.--Exo.21:5,6.
       37. A lot of you folks have had your ears pierced, that's no great cruel thing! A lot of you girls did it just for beauty! A lot of hippies did it just to be different, to wear earrings. We church people used to read that & think, "How cruel, how horrible, how terrible!" Good night, the World does it all the time!--Not only the women, but the men. The pain only lasts for a moment, a little while. Squat down a little bit so we can get that corner behind your ear. Then they take an awl, which is like an ice pick, & they stick it through the lobe of the ear. I think it was the left ear, next to the heart, & it was a sign of love.
       38. Then the master was to take a gold earring no less!--And they weren't these little flimsy things you women wear nowadays. Gold earrings were more like the ones the pirates used to wear, a great big round gold thing that everybody could see plainly! It was the love earring. And they were to pierce that ear, put the gold earring on there, a great big round heavy gold thing that was probably quite heavy & worth several hundred Dollars today, & the love slave would wear that earring proudly, showing that he was actually a free man, but he was serving that lord or that master voluntarily out of love because he was a good man & he loved him & he wanted to serve him the rest of his life.
       39. The Lord even told us to do that once, & some of us did. Some of the folks pierced their own ears or had somebody pierce'm for'm. I'll never forget back at Laurentide, that's the same time He told us to wear the red sackcloth & carry the staves & wear the yokes. But when He told us about piercing the ear, I thought that was going a little too far, Lord forgive me. I said, "Well, we're not going to compel you to pierce your ears, but if you want to do it, the Lord has suggested it to show that you're a love slave." Have any of you boys ever had your ears pierced?--Ever had a gold earring? In the early days, lots of our guys had pierced ears & golden earrings. We used to have an old song about the golden earring, it was a very popular song.
       40. So that was a sign of being a love slave & showed that the man could have been free if he wanted to be, but he was serving voluntarily of his own free will, out of love for his master. He had chosen to be a slave for the rest of his life. So the Lord even told us to wear those. Well, that was great when hippyism was popular & there were lots of hippies & a lot of people wearing golden earrings. A lot of our kids did it, a lot of them had earrings, even the boys. I said, "Just be sure you wear some kind of earring, if possible, that's going to come loose real easy when they grab you by the earring!"--Because we were getting a lot of persecution & beatings & jailings & everything in those days. We suffered! It was dangerous to be a member of the Family. Well, it's still kind of dangerous, but I'll tell you, when we were out there on the streets & on the road & travelling in a convoy of scores of vehicles & hundreds of us, we were like an invading army! Some places were actually afraid of us. And when people are afraid of you, that gets dangerous, because they're apt to attack you.

       41. That's what I told you about dogs or animals, even bees, if you show'm you're not afraid of'm, they won't bother you! But they figure if you're afraid of'm, then you're apt to hurt'm, so they attack first. I told David the other day when he was running around being chased by a bee, "Don't worry, he's not going to attack you unless you attack him, unless you bother him. If he thinks that you're attacking him or bothering him, then of course he might sting you." But beekeepers will let bees just swarm all over their heads & face & neck & everything without a single sting. They love their bees, they take care of their bees, they build them nice hives & they give them all kinds of attention, & the bees know that they love'm & won't sting'm, think of that!
       42. Dogs will do the same if you show you're not afraid of the dog.--Especially if he's a little undecided himself as to what's what. Of course, there are some demon-possessed dogs that are like their masters, actual devils who will attack no matter what! I told you how I withstood them too, just in the Name of Jesus. But a lot of dogs, they're always on the job, they're watchmen barking to guard their master's property, & if you turn tail & run, they figure you're afraid of them & they figure there must be some reason why you're running & so they ought to attack you. But if you face'm & show you're not afraid of'm, then usually they'll back off. If you show fear, almost any animal will attack, because he figures if you're afraid of him you're going to fight or hurt him or something, or maybe kill him, so they'll attack. But if you show you're not afraid, then they'll seldom attack you. I've had that experience many times.
       43. And did you know that that fear was put upon them after the Flood? He said, "The fear of you shall be upon every beast," etc.--Gen.9:2. You know why? Because Man was so wicked & had gotten so wicked, God knew that Man was going to attack the animals as well as each other. It wasn't till after the Flood that God gave permission to Man to eat the animals, the clean ones. I hate to disappoint some of you meat-eaters--meat-eaters like me--that Heaven is going to be strictly vegetarian! Are you disappointed?--No meat! Well, you won't be disappointed because you won't even get hungry, you won't have to eat if you don't want to. Your new supernatural Heavenly body doesn't need food. You can eat if you want to, just for pleasure, but you don't have to. You don't have to sleep either.

       A WEE WORD OF ENDING!--More on Adultery!
       44. My goodness, how time has flown! Where did I get started, where did I end & what didn't I finish saying? (Fam: The four reasons the Jews are blessed.) Maybe I'll have to tell you the other two next time.--Or do you want to stay to find out the other two? (Fam: Yes!) That's a dangerous thing to say! That's like saying sic'm to a dog! Do you know what that means? Well, if you have a good dog that's loyal to you & faithful & will protect you & do whatever you tell him to do, I don't know why the dogs seem to know that & they understand that, but if you say, "Sic'm!" to your dog & you point at somebody or some animal, the dog will chase it! If it's an enemy & you say "sic'm," the dog will go after'm!--Or if it's a rabbit, you say "sic'm," & the dog will chase the rabbit.
       45. So when you say, "Yes, we want to hear, tell us more!" that's like saying sic'm to this dog & I'm going to go after you on the subject! But it's overtime, I'm sorry. I'm sorry it's overtime, but I'm not sorry about what I've been telling you, praise the Lord! We'll talk about the other things later, because if I start talking about anything else I'll go on & on, you know me! I just don't know how to quit & I don't know how to keep it short, it's impossible! I'm so thrilled to read these Condos that Apollos & Isaac condense & compile. These guys have to be brains, geniuses to do that! I can't even do it myself! So, thank the Lord! The kids are already holding hands, a gentle hint to Grandpa that it's time to quit.
       46. Is there anything I didn't finish besides that? (Maria: The question I asked about adultery.) Oh, I knew there was something important I didn't finish! Well, the point is, we're no longer under the Mosaic Law, so how can we break it? We're no longer under the laws on adultery & all the rest, so how can we break them? Because when you're under the Law of Love, you don't do anything except in love. It doesn't matter who you love, as long as it's in love for them & anybody else that's apt to be affected as well. So how can you break the Mosaic Law when you're not under it?--When you're just under the Law of Love?--And Love doesn't need any law! "Against such there is no law," against Love.--Gal.5:22,23. So whatever you do, if you do it in love, even if you want to love that woman, if you do it in love & she likes it too & wants it & loves it & loves you, why not?--Amen?
       47. We are free! We've been liberated from the Law of Moses, we're free! "He that the Son has set free is free indeed!"--Jn.8:36. And what's the other one on freedom? They've got it over the college entrances all over the place who hate Christ, but they quote the Bible: "Ye shall know the Truth & the Truth shall make you free!" But they never quote the part before that which says, "If ye continue in My Word ye shall know the Truth, & the Truth shall make you free."--Jn.8:31-32.--Not just in their God-damned colleges & anti-Christ universities who pretend to teach the Truth, but don't! "If ye continue in My Word, ye shall know the Truth"--Isn't that what we've taught you? Haven't we continued in the Word? Isn't that why you enjoy this freedom?--Every kind of freedom, including sexual freedom, as long as it's in love!
       48. When it's in love, then actually it is no longer the evil meaning of the word lust. The usual intent of the word "lust" means a wicked, sinful, vile, selfish, cruel desire with no love in it. But in some cases the word merely means desire. It can be a good desire, & in that case it's really not lust. It's simply loving desire. I desire to love you, I want to make love to you, because I love you & you love me & we love each other. And there's nothing wrong with it at all, no matter who it is! In our Family we are perfectly free to love each other as long as it's perfectly all right with the other party. Amen? As long as it's in love!--Real Love!
       49. I was just reading in the paper that 80% of women would prefer what they call cuddling & affection even to sex if they had their choice! Well, I would say that most people would prefer love! We, at least our Family, prefer love even over sex! But thank God we can have loving sex as well!--And we can love in sex & have sex in love! PTL? So thank the Lord! Amen? Therefore that no longer applies. Even what Jesus said doesn't apply to us, because He was talking to the Scribes & the Pharisees, the wicked, self-righteous hypocrites. He knew what was wrong with them & they were still under the Law, & He was showing them how they were just as guilty as these other people that they were condemning for adultery.
       50. But we're under Love, because in Love you won't harm your neighbour, you won't do any harm to others! So if it's going to hurt her, you won't do it. If it's going to hurt him, you won't do it!--Right? So whatever is in Love is okay!--No matter whose wife it is, as long as her husband agrees. And if he's loving & unselfish & sharing, he'll be happy to share his wife with you if you need it & you don't have one & you don't have a mate & you're not getting any sex.
       51. I've shared my wife with many men, & she's shared her husband with many women, & is still doing it! She's sort of gotten a little bit celibate lately about the men because she's got other more important work to do. She's got to run a whole Family of soul-lovers & soul-winners & it's a big job! So she doesn't have much strength to do anything else. She hasn't hardly got enough strength left to even enjoy sex, God bless her! She enjoys it & she still does it, but I don't like to overtax her, & that's love. So you women be thankful you can help relieve Maria by supplying this very aggressive sexy man's needs so I won't overburden her. It's a good thing I do share around a little bit or I'd probably run her ragged, even at my age! All right, let's pray the Kingdom Prayer, taught to us by the King! Amen? As we pray together: (Prays the Lord's Prayer.)

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family