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THE RESPONSIBILITY OF GIFTS!               DO 2137        12/85

       1. I RECEIVED A LETTER RECENTLY FROM ONE OF OUR GIRLS ABOUT A SPIRITUAL GIFT. I think she does have a gift of knowledge, where you kind of know & see & hear & feel the things people are feeling. It's a little bit like mental telepathy. It's sort of being "touched with the feeling of their infirmities," sort of identification. (Heb.4:15) I've had similar experiences, so I don't think there's anything wrong with it. It sounds like she's got a gift, she's just got to keep things under control. "The spirit of the prophet is subject to the prophet." (1Cor.14:32) And she needs to remember that it's not just to glorify her, but it's to help others.
       2. WE NEED TO ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT OUR GIFTS ARE NOT TO MAKE SOMEBODY OUT OF US OR TO SHOW OFF. So many Pentecostal people get proud of their gifts. But you have to remember a gift literally makes you a servant of others. It makes you obligated to others, to use it for their help & edification. So it certainly shouldn't make anybody proud! It gives you even greater responsibility, you're then really responsible to others to use it for their help & edification. So if anything, a gift like that ought to humble us because it's such a heavy responsibility!
       3. IT'S LIKE THE LORD'S PARABLE ABOUT THE TALENTS: THEY'RE A SERIOUS RESPONSIBILITY & HE WANTS TO MAKE SURE WE DO SOMETHING WITH THEM & use them to help others & for the gain of the Kingdom, not just to hide them away because we're embarrassed or we're afraid people will think we're proud or blah blah. It's a serious, humbling responsibility to have such gifts. I oughtta know! Sometimes it's almost too much! I don't think it makes me proud, if anything I'm even more ashamed of all my mistakes! So praise the Lord anyhow, we're getting somewhere! We're accomplishing something!--In spite of all my shortcomings, failures, mistakes, weaknesses etc.!

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