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THE THIRD CLASS--THE SPARED!22/1/85--And Grandmother the Gambler! DO 2138

1. I'D REALLY BETTER DIG RIGHT IN TODAY OR WE'RE GOING TO GET BEHIND ON OUR SERIES! You have familiarised yourself with the contents of each of the Chapters of Revelation, their titles & highlights. You should virtually memorise those so you'll really know whereof you speak & be able to turn in the Lawbook to the exact reference to cover the case whenever you need it. We're not going to go back over all these Chapters, because I covered all the highlights in the Garden of Eden series & you're supposed to know them already.

2. BUT WHAT IS THE MAIN SUBJECT WE'RE COVERING, SORT OF A NEW INSIGHT? It's not altogether a new theory or a new interpretation at all, but is sort of a zeroing-in zoom-lens operation where we're getting a little closer look at verses referring to this fact. It's not a theory, it's a fact! A theory is something you can't prove, but we can prove that there are going to be unsaved people in the Millennium over whom we're going to rule!--Otherwise, why would you have to rule them with great power and force symbolised by a rod of iron? There are going to be unsaved people on the Earth during the Millennium over whom we are going to rule, after we have been Raptured, after we've gone to Heaven, after we've come back and fought & won the Battle of Armageddon against the Antichrist forces & abolished them, & after the Millennium has begun.
3. AND WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE OVER WHOM WE'RE GOING TO RULE, WHO OBVIOUSLY WERE UNSAVED? They were not Raptured, they had to endure not only the Tribulation--even as we also shall have to endure it--but they also had to remain after the Rapture & endure the Wrath of God on the Antichrist & his forces! But apparently somehow or another they are spared from the Wrath, which of course is being heaped out mostly upon the Antichrist & his anti-God, anti-Christ forces, his cruel reign of terror! These people survive that & they even survive the Battle of Armageddon & they are blessed, as Daniel says--or as the angel tells Daniel--by surviving & living right on into the Millennium! (Dan.12:12)
4. AND YET SOME HAVE TOLD US THAT ALL THE EARTH'S POPULATION WORSHIPPED THE ANTICHRIST & THEY ALL RECEIVED THE MARK OF THE BEAST EXCEPT THE SAVED, & that therefore after the Saved are Raptured, when we come back in the Battle of Armageddon, we wipe out the Antichrist & all his forces & it sounds like everybody's gone! If so, who in the World are we going to rule over in the Millennial time? Well, this is a misconception, & if not plainly stated, at least inferred or we were given that impression. There was a time when even I hadn't really thought it through or asked the Lord how come, why, who, where, when or what for? Where do these people come from?
5. BUT IT SUPPORTS OUR OTHER--WHAT I NO LONGER CONSIDER THEORIES, BUT FACTS--THAT THERE'S A THIRD CLASS OF PEOPLE IN THE EYES OF GOD besides the Saved who are Raptured, & the utterly wicked, evil, vile, cruel, reprobate forces of Satan & the Antichrist. There is a third class of people whom God is good to & merciful to & spares. And although He cannot Rapture them, because they're not saved, He at least blesses them with sparing them, so that they survive both the Tribulation & the Wars of the Antichrist!--In fact, they fight against him during those wars! And they survive the Wrath of God & the Battle of Armageddon & clear on into the Millennium & get to live & dwell on that paradisical Earth along with us under our rule!

6. SOMEONE CORRECTED ME & SAID I SHOULDN'T CALL THE MILLENNIUM "HEAVEN ON EARTH", that people would get confused & mixed up & think I'm talking about the New Heaven & the New Earth. But let me tell you, compared to what you're going through now & will be going through, it's going to feel like Heaven on Earth! It'll be a rather earthly Heaven, this present Earth as it is except for the Curse removed, the various curses of the various Devil's pests & weeds & ferocious animals & all that sort of thing.--No more enmity between man & the animals, communication restored between man & the animals. It's going to be like it was back before the Flood, & even better than that, back the way it was in the days of Adam & Eve before the Curse & before sin. If you ask me, that's Heaven on Earth!
7. ADAM & EVE WERE PUT IN A HEAVEN ON EARTH, THE GARDEN OF EDEN, A PARADISE ON EARTH, physical, yet on Earth that God created much like it is today, only then without curses & weeds & Devil's pests & all kinds of horrible things! The first serpent was the Devil himself! But I don't doubt that the Lord allowed those things then to become rampant, such as they are in countries like the United States & Australia, which have all kinds of venomous, poisonous, horrible monsters & beasts & insects & animals, almost more than you can count! I was dumbfounded when I learned of Australia's multitudinous poisonous insects & serpents & snakes & reptiles & monsters & fish & poisonous insects of every kind you can possibly imagine!--And a lot you couldn't even imagine!
8. EVEN AUSTRALIA'S NATIONAL SYMBOL, THE KOALA BEAR, IS ACTUALLY A DIRTY, INSECT-INFESTED NASTY LITTLE BEAST WITH A BAD TEMPER! They look so cute in photos, like cuddly little teddy bears. I don't know who picked the koala for the Australian national emblem, probably some Britisher that never picked one up! But there's been quite a bit of complaint recently from the Australians themselves that it is a poor representation of Australians. If the Australians are as evil-tempered & nasty little rascals as the koala bears, full of lice & fleas & diseases & nasty-tempered, which bite & scratch & stink, then it's a poor representation of Australians! You'll read about it in the WND. I've never picked up a koala bear so I don't know, you'll have to ask the Australians, but that's what the newspaper said anyhow. Of course, you can't believe everything you read in the newspaper!
9. BUT ANYHOW, YOU CAN BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ IN THE BIBLE! And if it says there's not going to be any more Curse, there's not going to be any more of these things that hurt & destroy in all His Holy Kingdom. That means there are not going to be any more stings on the bees & wasps or venomous poison in the snakes. There might not even be any more snakes, but if there are, they're not going to hurt anything. There are some snakes that do some good, but in a perfect Earth in which the curses have been removed & there's nothing more that destroys each other etc., you don't have to have this cycle of nature & balance of nature in which some insects have to destroy other insects & some animals have to destroy other animals to keep the balance, otherwise we'd be overrun like Australia once was with rabbits. Some dear Britisher thought it would be nice to have a few rabbits on his estate in Australia. They look kind of pretty & cute running around.
10. WE HAD A COUPLE OF RABBITS ON OUR LITTLE ESTATE IN TENERIFE! Who was to blame for bringing home those rabbits? (Sara: Papa Marcos.) We'll have to blame it on Papa Marcos. But the ducks were to your credit, Sara! We had two ducks. Dear Papa Marcos, one of our dear Tenerifan friends there, he loved the children & he was always coming by bringing us something, food or vegetables & sometimes flowers or whatever he could bring, because he had a little garden. It's a dear Tenerifan custom that you never go for a visit anywhere unless you bring them some kind of gift.
11. THAT'S A CUSTOM THAT'S ALMOST WORLDWIDE IN SOME MORE POLITE SOCIETIES THAN THOSE OF THE WEST, I THINK EVEN IN LATIN AMERICA THEY HAVE THAT CUSTOM. About all the Americans bring when they go on a visit is their appetite!--Unless it's around Christmas or birthdays. But with most of the rest of the World it is a custom to bring a gift to your host if you come for a visit.--And you're very likely to depart with a gift from your host as well if you should overly-admire anything in his house. Custom almost requires giving it to you. I understand that's particularly true of the Arabs & Chinese. That's an Oriental custom, that you mustn't admire any little bric-a-brac or little decoration in the home too much, or they are virtually compelled by custom to give it to you! I think that's a sweet custom, isn't it? That shows a lot of love, a lot of willingness to sacrifice & share, & certainly I've never seen that in any American customs at all that I know of. They're most likely to resent your visit & resent your coming at all & are afraid they are going to have to feed you & are glad when you're gone!
12. --LIKE THAT OLD JOKE I USED TO TELL ABOUT THE HUSBAND WHO THOUGHT THE GUESTS HAD BEEN THERE TOO LATE. The usual thing is for the guest to get up & say, "Honey, let's go home so these people can go to bed." But this host got up & said, "Honey, let's go to bed so these people can go home!"--That's American-style custom! A gentle hint, in other words, "Here's your hat, what's your hurry? You've been here long enough!"
13. AMONGST THE ARABS, YOU CAN EVEN BE A GUEST WITH FREE ROOM-&-BOARD & GIVEN THE RED-CARPET TREATMENT FOR FOUR DAYS! But they're pretty smart Arabs--almost as smart as the Jews but not quite--after that they put you to work! You help with the meals & the housekeeping & the dishwashing & care of the flocks & the fields just like anybody else,& you're only a guest for four days. Maybe that's one for each wife, to help them pitch in & entertain you, since Moslems are allowed four wives. For that reason I'm glad I'm not a Moslem! A lot of people wish they were Moslems because they'd like to have four wives, but I think you know why I'm glad I'm not a Moslem! Do I have to explain that to anybody? I don't think so. I don't want to put it exactly in black-&-white on the record, so we'll let it go at that!
14. SO ANYHOW, IN THE MILLENNIUM THERE WILL BE NO MORE OF THESE VICIOUS BEASTS & RAVENOUS, RAPACIOUS MONSTERS OF VARIOUS KINDS, BOTH ON THE LAND & IN THE SEA. There will be peace! The Lord is going to say, "Let there be peace!" Even the animals & the fish & the monsters on land & sea are going to get the message: "You don't have to attack man any more, he's now going to be regenerated, renovated, rehabilitated & I'm going to give him another chance to behave like he had before the Flood. Only this time he's going to behave so you don't have to worry about him. Nothing shall hurt nor destroy in all My Holy Kingdom!" (Isa.11:9) I'd say that's pretty much going to be Heaven on Earth! But to avoid confusion at least in our literature, instead of Heaven on Earth, we could say a paradisical Earth or a Paradise on Earth!--Not a pair of dice, don't misunderstand me!

15. THERE WILL BE NO MORE GAMBLING IN THE MILLENNIUM!--One of the curses of the Devil, as addictive as alcohol & drugs & just as Satanically much a demon-possession as an overwhelming craving for those inordinate, illicit things! They've got a "Gamblers Anonymous" organised now to try to help guys who have that gambler's passion & compulsion that they've got to bet on everything! My Mother used to be that way when she was a worldly young girl of 17 & even older. She spent most of her time in Europe at casinos & nightclubs, because she loved to gamble! She said, "I was so obsessed with gambling that I would make a quick bet with a companion when I saw somebody walking across the street, as to which foot was going to step first on the curb on the other side!" She said she never saw daylight in Paris. She was there for weeks, but all she did was go to music halls & casinos & play around & gamble all night long, watched the shows in the music halls & gambled the night away! Playing cards was her favourite & she apparently was quite a card shark. The funny part about it was--it wasn't funny, I guess it was the mercy of God--she usually won!
16. I HAVE SEEN MY MOTHER GAMBLE! "Oh, I thought that was before you were born, before she was ever married, before she was saved!"--No! Upon occasion where she either needed the money or wanted the item bad enough, she had the faith--in which case it wasn't a gamble, she wasn't taking a chance, she knew she was going to win--to go ahead & put her money down or put her quarter in the slot or whatever it was & that she was going to win! I have seen it happen when we were almost broke & hardly had enough money. In fact, I think she found she didn't have enough money one night in Florida in this nice little hideaway rendezvous, sort of an inn where we were eating late at night on the road. She found out she didn't have enough money to pay for the dinner, it was a little higher priced than she'd expected, but they had a few of those one-armed bandits standing against the wall.
17. DO YOU KNOW WHAT A ONE-ARMED BANDIT IS? Well, there were two one-armed bandits standing right against the wall just opposite our table. They weren't robbers who had one arm cut off & the other with a gun in it, but they robbed people just as successfully of their money. The only thing is that the people voluntarily gave their money to these bandits. Now can you guess what they were? (David: Those machines that...) Slot machines, that's exactly right! How about that for a smart boy? He guessed it! And why are they called "one-armed"? (David: Because they only have one lever.) They have one lever that you pull down like this. And why are they called bandits? (Davida: Because they're robbers.) They're robbers, they rob the people of their money. They keep most of the money & only once in awhile they give a little bit back.
18. WELL, STATE LAW IN FLORIDA AT THAT TIME WAS THAT THEY HAD TO RETURN AT LEAST 80% OF THE MONEY PUT INTO THEM. The one-armed bandit owners who owned the slot machines were allowed thereby to collect 20%, & half of that went for State Tax.--Which is one reason they legalised it at that time, the State was splitting the ante, splitting the spoils. They didn't mind having some gambling as long as they got their cut. That's why a lot of States allow gambling now, & it's becoming more & more prolific throughout the United States in more & more States all the time. They have less & less compunction or conscience against it, & less & less sympathy for the poor losers who often go off & commit suicide after they've lost their entire fortune! They have less & less compassion upon the addicted gambler, the compulsive gambler, so they're having more & more gambling.
19. THE CHURCHES STARTED A LOT OF IT, & THAT'S HOW IT'S GETTING IN & BEING LEGALISED, LARGELY FIRST OF ALL THROUGH THE ROMAN CATHOLIC BINGO GAMES that they had in the church basements every Saturday night, & then it spread to other churches because they found out it was really a money-maker. And by & by it spread to social clubs, which is about all most of those churches are anyhow.--Especially if they would donate heavily to worthy social causes, the government sort of overlooked it & didn't consider this actual gambling. It wasn't for actual profit of the social organisation or the social club, but they were always giving it to somebody else, at least part of it, maybe at least 10% of it.

20. SO MANY OF THESE SOCIAL DRIVES & CHARITY DRIVES, CHARITY SHOWS, CHARITY MOVIES, CHARITY PLAYS, CHARITY FUNCTIONS, IF YOU REALISE HOW MUCH OF IT ACTUALLY GOES TO CHARITY YOU'D NEVER GIVE'M A DIME!--Like the owner of a radio station down in the Mojave Desert told me, who liked Fred's show & booked it. He said, "You know, a lot of other people come around here like the Cancer Society"--you've all heard of the Cancer Society, they have big ads in papers & magazines & spend millions for advertising--he said, "I used to give'm free time & make their charity appeals, but when I found out that the Cancer Society gives away only less than half of what they collect to actual cancer research & helping cancer victims themselves, I quit giving them free time." He said, "I told'm, 'Listen, you're one of the biggest money-making outfits in this country! Very few businessmen expect to collect 50% profit on their investments. I ought to be charging you more than the rest of them for commercial advertising. Yours is as commercial as it can get! Why should I give it to you free?'" So he nixed a lot of those outfits that claimed to be charity societies & claimed to be helping the poor or cancer victims or blah blah blah! They've got so many in the United States, you can hardly name'm all, all on so-called charity drives.
21. HOW MUCH OF THAT WILDLIFE FUND DO YOU THINK GOES TO THE ANIMALS? They don't even know what money is!--Ha! Where do you think most of it goes? Those guys are making millions! They get huge donations, especially since the donations are tax-free & the association is tax-free & they can give away their money to that association & not have to pay taxes on it, it's deductible. The association doesn't have to pay any taxes at all if IRS law says it's an educational, charitable, philanthropic institution. They say they're just regulations or IRS rules of the tax code of the United States, but they're just as good as laws, because seldom does anybody ever get around them. They decide on who's religious & who isn't, what's a church & what isn't, who's charitable & who isn't, who's tax-exempt & who isn't. They rule with an iron hand & it's an absolute dictatorship! The Draft Law got control of men's bodies, & the IRS got control of their pocketbooks! How much more control could you have than that?--And the zoning laws got control of their homes! What else could they control? They have absolute dictatorial control over their houses, their bodies, their purses, everything!--Total totalitarian dictatorship in the U.S.A.!
22. DON'T LET THEM KID YOU, THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS FREEDOM HARDLY ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD TODAY ON EITHER SIDE OF THE FENCE, EAST OR WEST, NORTH OR SOUTH! The State owns you & tells you what you can do & not do & you are a slave of the State! You say, "But you get lots of benefits from that, things like Social Security & Medicare & sometimes you even get rebates." You paid a little too much taxes & that's like a gift from the government, they're so kind to you to give you back the taxes that you shouldn't have paid in the first place. Isn't that kind of them? How generous they are! And isn't that sweet of them to only take away half your paycheck & that you only work three or four days out of the week for the government? Isn't that kind of them?
23. OF COURSE, YOU WORK ALL WEEK FOR THE GOVERNMENT, because by the time you take half the paycheck home that you have left after the government takes its share, they tell you what to do with your car, your house, your life, your kids in school, your home & everything else! So don't give me that...shall I say dogshit?--About the U.S. being a free country & U.S. citizens being free! Well, some people like dogs, so maybe we shouldn't say that. That's the biggest farce & the biggest bunch of baloney! Well, some people like baloney too, I guess I'd better not say that.--Except that if you knew what they put in baloney you might want to call it baloney for sure! They collect all the scraps off the butcher's table & the slaughter house cutting room floor & stuff it in animal guts & sell it to you for baloney & sausage! You don't know what's in it!--All kinds of unclean meat & dirty meat & whatnot.

24. WELL ANYHOW, HOW DID I GET ON THIS? (David: One-armed bandits.) I'm telling you, I can go further afield on a train of thought, I never saw the like! Am I crazy? Well, if I'm crazy, at least you like it! Well, good boy! David's right on the main line, he didn't forget. He wants to hear about those one-armed bandits. I got off onto taxes because the States allow gambling because they get such a big rake-off. They've got their hand in every till, every pocket, every cash register, everywhere! Don't you worry, they are getting the lion's share, no matter what it is! And the biggest part of those taxes go to killing people!--Either paying for the wars that have already killed millions, or paying for the armaments right now that they expect to kill millions more with in the next war!
25. IN NEARLY EVERY COUNTRY ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH, THE LARGEST SHARE OF THEIR TAXES GOES TO WARS--PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE! Think of that! It goes toward people already killed--in other words, Veterans' pensions & hospitalisation & all kinds of expenses for past wars, in fact the expenses of some things they'll never pay for, lost lives & whatnot--& it goes to present preparation for future wars. The biggest slice out of the budget of almost every country on Earth is what they call the "Defence" slice! "Oh, this is just for defence, defending our loved ones & children. We're doing this for defence!" Well, why the Hell do they have to shoot Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles halfway around the World just to defend the people at home? They all make the same excuse, so they're all building armaments.
26. EVER SINCE I WAS IN HIGH SCHOOL & HAD TO KEEP A NEWS CLIPPING SCRAPBOOK, THEY HAVE BEEN TALKING ABOUT DISARMAMENT, BUT I HAVE NEVER HEARD OF A NATION THAT DISARMED YET!--Unless they were compelled to by some victorious nation after winning the war with that country, such as they did with Germany & Japan after the war. And now those countries are prosperous & are prospering far more than the U.S. or Britain, which are nearly bankrupt! Germany is booming & Japan is booming & they're doing great!--Because after the war the United States forced them to disarm & compelled them to no longer have great standing armies & so many weapons, to make sure that they'd never have to fight them again! So Germany & Japan were able to put most of their income & taxes etc. into profitable, constructive, beneficial projects for their own people--agriculture & manufacturing helpful, useful items instead of all those weapons of war.
27. MONEY PUT INTO WEAPONS OF WAR IS TOTALLY WASTED, A TOTAL, ABSOLUTE LOSS! It does the people absolutely no good, in fact eventually always does them a Hell of a lot of harm!--Destroys whole countries & peoples & usually gets them into a war that destroys millions of their own people! War is waste! War is Hell!--As nearly every great war general has said, & they ought to know!--Hell! Waste! It's the most horrible, wasteful thing that you can possibly imagine! So no wonder the Devil is behind it & loves it! He's trying to destroy mankind & trying to destroy the Earth!
28. THAT'S WHY THE LORD SAYS HE'S EVENTUALLY GOING TO HAVE TO COME & "DESTROY THEM WHO DESTROY THE EARTH!" (Rev.11:18) Because that's the Devil's business, he is the Destroyer, & he's trying to destroy you & destroy the Earth you live on. And if the Lord let him go on very much longer he would, he'd succeed! He's inspiring man to build worse weapons all the time, more destructive, until now man could wipe himself off the face of the Earth & probably even destroy the Ball if he keeps at it, sinking atom bombs miles deep in the Earth & blowing them up just to see what will happen!
29. THEY'RE LIKE LITTLE BOYS WITH FIRECRACKERS, STICKING THEM IN A GLASS BOTTLE OR UNDER A CAN TO SEE WHAT WILL HAPPEN! Those little boys have never grown up, they're still at it, but now on a grand scale financed by billions of Dollars from the government so they can afford to buy bigger firecrackers than they ever bought before, & bigger airplanes & model airplanes, & bigger rockets & fireworks than they ever bought before, still playing around with murder, playing around with destruction! And that's where your money goes!--Not ours, thank God, but that's where their money goes. Almost every government on the face of the Earth, that's where most of their budget goes, into arms & defence.
30. DO YOU KNOW WHY MOST OF THE LITTLE THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES ARE BROKE & BANKRUPT? Because they took all those billions of Dollars in loans that the Jews so generously gave them, the Jews knowing they were going to eventually become their slaves when they couldn't pay it back! They took that money & they're still doing it. Little stinking African countries that can't even afford to feed their people & where the people are starving are still buying tanks & guns & planes & bombs to kill each other! Why are those people starving over there?--Because their governments are spending all their money on armaments to fight their neighbours! Why are the taxes of the United States some of the highest in the World, & if the truth were known, probably the highest?--Because they're the richest, & there are so many different kinds of taxes, everything from the Federal taxes right on down to your local city taxes & sales taxes that hit everybody, the poor & no exceptions!--Horrors!--Most of their money going to pay for war! The U.S. still owes billions in debts that they're paying on for past wars, & they'll never get'm paid, of course!
31. THE U.S. NATIONAL DEBT OF UNPAID DEBTS IS NOW APPROACHING THREE TRILLION DOLLARS! That is probably more Dollars than there are in the World!--And they'll never get it paid, of course. Because the Crash is going to come this year or next year or some year & they're going to be totally bankrupt! People are losing faith in the system & the monetary system & the banks & the stock market & the works, & it's all going to collapse! They're just coasting on empty steam, hot air, money that's worth nothing, because people just don't know what to do & their governments don't know what to do. They know they can never pay the money back.
32. EVEN THE PEOPLE ARE BEGINNING TO REALISE THAT THE GOVERNMENT CAN NEVER PAY THEM BACK, but they know they've just got to keep on going because otherwise there's nothing! They don't know any way to solve the problem. They keep on trusting the dollars & the money, even buying more Dollars, making the price of the Dollar go up & up because they can't even trust their own currency. They trust the American Dollar more than their own. The Dollar's bad enough, but their own currency is worse! That's why the Dollar's going up in relation to their own. So they'll never get it paid. All these debts these nations have run up mostly for wars & killing & destruction will never be paid, except by God, & He's going to pay'm off one of these days with what they deserve to be paid with--destruction! He's going to destroy them which destroy the Earth! (1986: Dollar is now collapsing!)
33. SO GERMANY & JAPAN HAVE PROSPERED, THEY'VE BOOMED, SO HAS KOREA! Every country that the United States fought in its wars has now become its beneficiary & friend, because the U.S. has helped them to become prosperous, even more than the United States! The U.S. is still trying to pay for enough arms not only to defend the United States, but them too now. Now they've got to defend Germany, Japan & all the little countries that they so-called "liberated". They were afraid to trust them with arms because they were once enemies, so they saved those poor little countries a lot of money. And they try to protect them too, so now they've got to spend more money than ever! What the little countries used to spend on their own arms, now the U.S. government & the U.S. citizens have to pay for in IRS taxes.
34. THE UNITED STATES IS NOT ONLY TRYING TO SAVE ITSELF & PAY FOR ITS OWN WARS & ITS OWN EXPENSES & ITS OWN DEBTS, IT'S TRYING TO PAY THE DEBTS OF THE WORLD! No wonder it's going to go broke! It's gone on too long & it has to come to an end. Sooner or later it's going to collapse. The Lord is just holding back the tidal wave until you & I get our job done, I believe it, because the World already deserves it. It deserves collapse, it deserves famine! The cruel wicked World deserves the horrible wars & the Tribulation & all they're going to get! They deserve it & they're going to get it! But God is trying His best in love & mercy & patience to give you & me a chance to finish our job.--Why? Because there are still some people in the World who deserve His Love & His mercy & His patience that He wants you & me to save & be able to take to Heaven with us when we go! PTL?
35. WELL, AT LEAST I CAME FULL CIRCLE AROUND ALMOST BACK TO THE SAME SUBJECT AGAIN: THERE ARE A LOT OF PEOPLE GOD WANTS TO SAVE! And if they're not saved yet by the end of the Tribulation & by the time of the Rapture, He's still not satisfied. He's still going to give a lot of those people a chance, those who never really had a chance to hear the Gospel or really know how to get saved, who never really had a sample of His Love, a lot of them good people who tried to be good, tried to do the right thing, tried to be honest, tried to be fair, tried not to hurt their neighbours. There are millions of'm in the World, I believe billions of them, we hear more about it all the time!--Mostly the poor, of course, who have sympathy for each other & help each other. Those little farmers in the fields are not the ones that make the wars, but they're the ones that the government calls in to have to fight'm!
36. I PITY THOSE POOR SOLDIERS! I'm not so sure about the guys in the U.S. army because they volunteer & they know what they're getting into, & a lot of them want to kill Commies & kill the peon poor "that are threatening our riches". They want to get over there & kill'm! The latest psychological conditioning the U.S. military is giving its men now is to encourage the aggressive instinct & teach the men to want to kill! They used to have signs up in Vietnam & places like that: "Kill! Kill! Kill!"--the U.S. Army psychologically conditioning them to kill. Every military man in the U.S. military is a killer! You say, "Oh, I know lots of folks who are not killers, they're not that type at all! There are clerks & secretaries & all kinds of people in the military, & they're not really killers." Well, if they're not the ones who are doing the actual killing themselves, they're helping the other guys who do the killing, or they will, or they did, & the same is true of virtually every rich country!

37. SO WHEN THEY RELIEVED DEAR JAPAN & DEAR GERMANY FROM THE BURDEN OF HAVING TO KILL & FIGURE OUT MORE WEAPONS OF WAR TO KILL MORE PEOPLE & they didn't have to pay all those taxes for killing, for the military & weapons & blah blah, the Germans just began to boom & prosper! They could put all that money into constructive, beneficial things, make things that are good for the people, make things the people need. Who needs bombs? Who needs bombers? Who needs missiles? We don't need one here, do we? Who needs guns? Who needs bullets? We don't have any! Our Family doesn't have any, not that I know of. You can't eat'm, you can't build a house out of'm, you can't use'm for toys.--Although the guys that build'm, they use'm for toys. You can't pay for your groceries with'm, so what are they good for? You can't use'm to scrub the floor, you can't use'm to heat the house. Well, they do have some kinds of flammables in them & some of them have blown up accidentally, but that was a little too much heat & usually killed everybody around it! So they're not good for anything, nothing, except to destroy & to kill!--And yet they make'm by the millions & they cost billions! And the poor--we call them poor--the poor surrendered beaten "enemy" countries so-called who no longer have to do that are the ones who are prospering!
38. THAT WAS THE THEME OF THAT FAMOUS BOOK, FIRST OF ALL, & THEN A MOVIE CALLED "THE MOUSE THAT ROARED"! Some little tiny fictional country in Europe the size of a postage stamp, their wise men very wisely looked around after World War 2 & saw how all the loser countries that lost wars to the U.S. were all prospering & booming & both Russia & the U.S. were trying to give'm everything & help'm & win their friendship & maybe help'm change sides. They wanted to give this little country so many tractors that they didn't even have room to park'm in the country, much less use'm! It's a fic-tional story, of course, but is a satire, sarcasm, funny, a comedy. Peter Ustinov is in it, one of my favourite actors. He's a Russian Jew, & he has got sly satire, he's perfect for it! He was one of the ministers or something for this little tiny country. I said it's no bigger than a postage stamp. Well, you know Grandpa does exaggerate a little once in awhile, but that gives you the idea anyhow. I mean if you stuck the postage stamp on that map over there, the country wouldn't even be that big!--So I'm right!
39. THEY WERE REALLY IN A MESS, ALMOST BANKRUPT & DIDN'T KNOW WHAT TO DO, SO THEIR MINISTERS GOT TOGETHER & SAID, "WE LOOK AROUND & SEE ALL OF THE ENEMY COUNTRIES THAT LOST WARS TO THE UNITED STATES ARE ALL NOW BOOMING & PROSPERING! That's the best way to save our country, save our economy & bring back prosperity & to boom, we've got to lose a war to the United States! We made a mistake in being neutral! We should have fought the United States with all these other losers & now we'd be prospering & booming like all these other countries who don't have to have armaments & fight wars any more. We need to lose a war to the United States!"
40. SO THEY GOT THEMSELVES A BATTLESHIP, OR SOME KIND OF SHIP, & THEY GOT A SMALL ARMY ON THE SHIP ALL DRESSED UP IN THESE FANCY DRESS PARADE UNIFORMS! It was really a scream, if you ever get a chance to see it, by all means see it!--"The Mouse That Roared!" It's pretty old now, maybe 20 or 30 years old, but it's a classic, very famous. They took a boat to New York City, landed there & went up to everybody & tried to find somebody that wanted to fight. And of course, everybody thought they were crazy, which they were! They tried to charge the police & the police just thought they were ridiculous! All they had was swords & dress uniforms. Then they tried to tackle the army. I think they finally captured some police station or something, it was absolutely a scream!
41. THEY WERE DOING THEIR BEST TO FIGHT THE UNITED STATES & LOSE A WAR TO THEM SO THEY COULD BE BENEFITED BY ALL THIS U.S. GENEROSITY of taking care of them after this & not have to fight any more wars, the U.S. wouldn't fight'm for'm, & they wouldn't have to have any more armaments or such high taxes & they would be a great winning loser, a prosperous, booming loser. All the governments that lost the wars to the United States are now booming & prosperous winners, while the U.S. is losing worse & worse every day! That's the economy.


42. WELL, HOW DID I GET ONTO THAT?--NO MORE WARS! JUST THINK OF THE SAVING THAT'S GOING TO BE IN THE MILLENNIUM!--No more fighting, no more wars, no more armaments! In fact, how they're going to change those swords into plowshares & the spears into pruninghooks I don't exactly know, except they'll probably have a melt-down & melt down all that iron & make it into farm machinery or something more useful like wagons & wagon wheels or carriages. Did you know that's where much of the steel goes?--Weapons! I guess that's why the Lord hates steel. He didn't even want to use nails in the Tabernacle or the Temple. He didn't want the sound of the hammers, steel or iron hammers, apparently because God knew what damage steel would do.
43. MOST WARS ARE FOUGHT WITH STEEL, EVER SINCE THEY LEARNED HOW TO MAKE IT, & BEFORE THAT THEY FOUGHT WITH IRON. Before that they fought with brass or vice-versa, whatever it is, you know the various Ages. When they first discovered how to use metal, almost the first things they made with metal in the earliest days were weapons, because they found out they could cut & pierce & destroy bodies with metal--swords, spears, knives & daggers! They could kill with metal. The stronger the metal, the better it killed & the longer the weapon lasted, because they finally developed steel out of iron, very strong & almost unbreakable. And eventually, look at what they make with iron & steel now!--Virtually all of these bombs & the planes that carry'm & the guns & the bullets & the tanks are all made out of metal & steel with a little plastic here & there.
44. GOD MUST HAVE CERTAINLY SENSED WHAT A HORROR METAL & STEEL WERE GOING TO BECOME UPON THE WORLD, BECAUSE MAN MISUSED IT! They could have been used for peaceful, healthful, beneficial purposes like plows & pruninghooks. Do you know what a pruninghook is? Well, we've got one! It's that little saw we've got on the end of a long stick to cut off branches high up that we can't reach, dead branches, old branches, branches in the way, dying branches or branches that a lot of times are just blocking the light for us. That's a pruninghook. Only in the old days they called'm a hook, & it was like a hook with a sharp-edged knife on it, not just a saw. Apparently they could sharpen it sharp enough that with just one jerk they could cut a branch off, small branches usually. We use ours to cut some pretty big branches off sometimes.
45. THOSE ARE BENEFICIAL! They help trees grow by getting rid of the bad branches, & the plows are good to plow the ground & be able to plant corn & seeds & vegetables & all kinds of things we need to eat. So pruninghooks & plowshares, as they call them, help us to do what? (Fam: Farm.) Which means what? (Fam: Grow food.) But swords & spears only help to kill & destroy people, & all these armaments are only for killing & destroying! But God's going to turn around someday & make'm melt down all that junk. It's going to take'm 7 years just to clear the battlefield of Armageddon alone, think of that! That's going to be one hell of a mess! (Eze.39:9)

46. (TO MARY DEAR:) HI, SWEETHEART! ISN'T THAT THE CUTEST THING SHE DOES? Like the ostrich sticks his head in the sand, she figures if she covers her eyes & can't see us, then we can't see her! She doesn't want to disturb us. That's sweet! That's really cute! I wonder how she ever thought that up? How their little minds work is amazing! I just marvel every time I hear her talk! When you think what a marvel it is, a child learns a language without a book--not exactly without a teacher--but just by hearing it, not being able to translate it, because she has no other language, she just has to hear it. Just think of that!
47. DO YOU KNOW HOW I REALLY LEARNED SPANISH?--AND WHY EVEN THOUGH I COULD SPEAK ONLY A SIMPLE FIRST-GRADE SPANISH THEY COMPLIMENTED ME ON MY SPANISH? When I got with the Spanish where I had to talk Spanish all the time, like down in Tenerife & in Spain, they kind of snickered at my grammar & my sentence structure & all that, I didn't know a thing about grammar, nothing. I just spoke in all present tense, simple, childish Spanish like a little child. But they understood me! And do you know what they always complimented me on? What was it, Mama? (Maria: Your pronunciation.) They said, "Where did you learn such good pronunciation? Your pronunciation is almost perfect! I mean, it's terrific!" They really complimented me about my pronunciation. "If I didn't know who you were, I'd think you were Spanish just to hear your pronunciation!" Do you know why? (Peter: Because you listened to it on the radio when you were little.) I listened to Spanish stations from Cuba & South America & Central America for years when I was building my little radios & had my little radio sets. Because I liked that Latin music! I love those Latins!
48. I REALLY SOCKED IT TO THE LATINS YESTERDAY MORNING (SEE #1914), BUT NOW I'M GOING TO TELL YOU HOW MUCH I LOVE'M! I was telling David, "Look, here's a picture of our old home down South in Tenerife! Looking at this picture of Tenerife makes me homesick!" That's about the most home we ever had on this Earth, living in Spain. We loved Spain & we loved Tenerife & we loved the people, some of the most wonderful people in the World, the most hospitable, friendly, happy, cheerful, receptive, wonderful, Catholic Christians, eager for the Gospel, wonderful people! We had some of the most happy years of our lives down there in Tenerife & in Spain! Right, Mama?--And one of the most happy gifts we ever had from the Lord came from Spain--David! The next country we loved the most was France, & we got a very happy, wonderful gift from the Lord in France--dear Techi! Oh, we had another gift from the Lord in Spain--Davida! Why didn't you speak up, Davida? I know she doesn't look very Spanish, but nevertheless, she came along down there in Tenerife too. How about that?
49. I'LL TELL YOU, OUR GIRLS WHO LEARN HOW TO SING & DANCE & ENTERTAIN & FF & ETC., THERE WILL ALWAYS BE A PLACE FOR YOU, UNDER ANY KIND OF GOVERNMENT! No matter where it is or who it is, as long as there are men, you won't have to worry about a living & protection & tender loving care, believe it or not! They'll always need you. We men always need you women no matter what. Most men will pay any price to get one & take good care of their entertainers & their lovers. So you dear beautiful girls who can sing or dance or even mother, take care of their children, have one of the best & brightest prospects for the future of almost any of us!
50. BUT FOR US MEN, LIKE IN THE WARS, PROSPECTS ARE NOT QUITE SO GOOD IN SOME WAYS.--Like that story I told you about the two American doughboys in a shell hole during World War 1. That was the first war they ever had the draft, where they had to go whether they wanted to or not. Here were these two draftees in a shell hole, & the one was a great big fat guy & he was blubberin' & whimperin' & crying like a baby! The shells were whizzin' overhead & the bombs landing all around. And the other guy was sick of him being such a coward. He said, "Shut up, you great big baby!" He said, "I wish I was a baby, & a girl baby at that!" You know why? They don't draft girls!
51. THE GIRLS DON'T HAVE TO FIGHT THE WARS! Oh, they've got a sprinkling of women in the military now to supply the men with what they need, & some of the Women's Libbers want to prove that they can fight just like men, blah blah, big joke! But in most countries they don't draft women, the women don't have to fight the wars, they don't have to go out there & go through the fire & get killed in the kind of wars they used to have at least. So he was saying, "I wish I was a baby, & a girl baby at that!"--Ha! What he meant was, if he had been a baby, & a girl baby at that, he never would have had to be in that war!
52. SO IT HAS ITS ADVANTAGES, GIRLS! YOUR SEX IN SOME WAYS HAS A BIG ADVANTAGE! And once again, "When you're weak, then you're strong, for His strength is made perfect in weakness." (2Cor.12:9) Your actual weakness can be your strength & your protection & a blessing. They usually protect the women & the children & just attack the men. They even protect some of the old men, or they have a little more mercy on them.--That is in past wars. In the coming wars, bombs don't know the difference between old men, women, children or soldiers, as the bombs they dropped on Hiroshima & Na-gasaki! Those bombs are no respecter of per-sons or sex! Then the women will get their lib, they'll die just like the men, but sad to say, in that kind of war, children will too! But thank the Lord, I know the Lord's going to spare our children, He told me so! TTL! (See "He'll Care for His Own", No.900.)

53. WELL, MY OH MY, I WAS TALKING ABOUT THE CURSES BEING REMOVED FROM THE MILLENNIUM, & I GOT ONTO WAR, WHICH IS JUST ABOUT THE WORST CURSE OF ALL! Thank God, in the Millennium there'll be no more war, no more fighting!--Well, maybe a little bit here & there if anybody tries to fight us & tries to disobey. Any nation that refuses to obey, we won't even have to fight'm, we won't have to make a war on'm, we won't even have to go over there & go zip zap, zip zip, freeze, evaporate or anything else! We've got a few pictures like that in our Komix, but actually, we won't even have to do it like that. All God has to do is withhold the rain & a country goes down! The crops won't grow, the animals die, & the people die of starvation! All God has to do is withhold His blessings for which they're not thankful! (Zech.14:17)
54. AND APPARENTLY THERE ARE GOING TO BE SOME NATIONS WHO REFUSE OR TRY TO BALK & REBEL IN THE MILLENNIUM! That's why the Devil, when he comes back, is going to find some people ripe & ready & willing to follow him! There are some people who aren't going to like your rule, rebels who aren't going to like Jesus & His perfect Kingdom on Earth, those who don't like righteousness to cover the Earth, those who love wars & love to kill, & the selfish who don't want to share! There are going to be some of them left. And while the Millennium's going on, all God has to do is just withhold the rain & let'm starve. He doesn't have to fight a war, nothing. There are all kinds of ways that God has ordained that He will control such people during the Millennium & keep them from fighting wars, keep them from causing trouble. Even if He has to starve'm to death, that's one way to get rid of'm!
55. I FEEL SORRY FOR ALL THE WOMEN & CHILDREN OVER IN THOSE COUNTRIES THAT ARE STARVING TO DEATH, BUT WHOSE FAULT DO YOU SUPPOSE IT IS? It's probably their men's fault to begin with, & probably the women's fault as well, because they worship false gods & idols & images & the dead & the Devil & are into all kinds of evil practices & cruelty & horrors that the mothers are just as guilty of as the fathers! The only innocent ones in those crowds are their poor little children, & they're better off dead than to live in societies like that with mothers & fathers like that! Maybe that's why the Lord lets them starve to death & it seems to hit the children the hardest & they die the quickest. That's merciful! Thank God! I told you time & again, don't fear death! Don't fear starvation, it's the easiest way in the World to die! It only takes a little while, & you may wish you could die quick.
56. DURING THE TRIBULATION & THE WRATH OF GOD, GOD'S WORD SAYS THAT SOME ARE GOING TO BEG TO DIE & WISH TO DIE & CANNOT! They wish they could die! They cry for the rocks & the mountains to fall on them to hide them from the Wrath of the Lamb, Jesus, Who's come to wreak His judgements on'm! (Rev.6:15-16) The time's going to come when men will wish they could die! Death will be easier than the suffering & the torture & the torment & the Tribulation they're going to have to go through!--Not you! Thank the Lord He's going to take care of us! But that was never stressed by the preachers. How in the World is God going to have millions of people to Rapture if He doesn't take care of them during the Tribulation & spare'm from all the judgements already being poured out upon the Antichrist & his kingdom even before the Wrath of God!

A WITNESS UNTO DEATH!--Don't Worry about the Tribulation!
57. THE TRIBULATION IS MOSTLY A TRIBULATION ON THE ANTICHRIST & HIS PEOPLE, THE TRIBULATION OF GOD, GOD PERSECUTING THE ANTICHRIST & HIS GOD-DAMNED FOLLOWERS! The Tribulation, of course, is also partly the Antichrist persecution of you Christians & other good people, the wrath of the AC on the good & the Christians. But whose wrath do you think is greater, God's or the Antichrist's? (Fam: God's!) Who do you think can do the best job & the most selective & the most thorough job of tribulating? I'm talking about during the Tribulation, not just the Wrath of God. Who do you think can do the best job of it & knows how to pick out the ones who have the Mark of the Beast but are unsealed by God? Who do you think He's going to sic all these monsters onto, all these curses, all these plagues like the plagues of Egypt? Who do you think is going to do the most suffering in the horrible days of the Tribulation?--Just you?--No!--The Antichrist & his followers! They are going to get it then & Thereafter!
58. SO QUIT WORRYING SO MUCH ABOUT HOW YOU'RE GOING TO SUFFER IN THE TRIBULATION! If you do have to suffer, it'll be a wit-ness, it'll be a testimony! If you have to die for the Lord, it'll be a wonderful witness to them! Dying is the easy part, just pray you go quick! That's your release, that's your graduation, that's Heaven! You'll get There before some of the rest of them if you die during the Tribulation. Just think, you'll get to go Up There & be with the Lord in that marvellous Holy City & enjoy it before the Rapture!
59. SO WHY WORRY ABOUT BEING A MARTYR IN THE TRIBULATION? WHAT BETTER THING COULD YOU BE THAN A MARTYR? Martyr is the Greek word for witness. Every time one is martyred, the Lord makes sure that it's a witness.--Otherwise He won't martyr you or won't let you be martyred, unless He can make your death a witness & a testimony to somebody!--If nobody else but your executioner or the wardens of your prison or whoever it might be. Wouldn't you like to have your death be a witness? You're going to die anyhow sooner or later, unless you survive to the Rapture. If you must die, why not just pray that it'll be a witness?
60. DON'T BE LIKE THAT OLD JEW IN THAT STORY I TOLD YOU ABOUT THE THREE ALLIED SPIES WHO WERE CAUGHT IN WORLD WAR 1--THE FRENCHMAN, THE ENGLISHMAN & THE AMERICAN JEW. They were caught by the Germans--poor Germans, they blame everything on the Germans--& the Germans asked them how they wanted to die, gave'm their choice. The Frenchman said, "Well, my people have been a warlike people, a fighting people, I prefer to be shot!" The Englishman said, "My people have been a seafaring people, I prefer to be drowned!" The American Jew said, "Vell, you know, ve Jews are a very peaceful people." (What a lie!) "So I prefer to die of old age!"
61. WELL, IF YOU'RE GOING TO DIE ANYWAY, WHY NOT LET YOUR DEATH BE A TESTIMONY & A WITNESS? But that's not for you to decide, the Lord will decide that. He knows the day, the hour, the moment & the way you're going to die, He has already designed it & ordained it & planned it!--Whether it's in peace for your benefit, or maybe to benefit some others. An old man like me, maybe it would be better for you if I died in peace. Would you rather I die in peace or die as a martyr? (Fam: Die in peace!) See, you all love me, so you don't want to see me killed or imprisoned or tortured or die some cruel death. And that's sweet of you, & maybe the Lord will answer your prayer.

62. I TOLD MARIA THE OTHER DAY, "AFTER ALL, I'VE HAD MY TRIBULATION, I HAD ABOUT 50 YEARS OF IT BEFORE THE FAMILY CAME ALONG!" I knew what suffering was, hardship, privation, hard work, no home, lots of travel, no money, all kinds of things! But the Lord never forsook us, we always had something to eat.--Like the time Mom & I were sitting there & she didn't have enough money in her purse to pay the bill & there was this old one-armed bandit standing over there by the wall & people were sticking quarters in it & quarters in it! They've got a little compartment with a glass window there, & you could see the jackpot was absolutely packed & loaded & full of quarters! The jackpot was this big & about that deep. Can you imagine how many quarters there could be in there? I've forgotten how many dollars it made altogether, something like $25 or $50 worth of quarters. That was quite a lot of money, especially in those Depression days when things were rough.
63. SO WE STOPPED THERE TO EAT, COULDN'T PAY THE BILL & MOM WAS WONDERING WHAT IN THE WORLD WE WERE GOING TO DO WHEN SHE LOOKED AROUND & SAW THOSE SLOT MACHINES! They'd been playing them enough already, attracting enough attention. They go crash, click-click-click-click-click-click-click-ring! And you wait--clunk, nothin'! You don't even get back your quarter! People had been just feeding that machine quarter after quarter after quarter until the jackpot was full! Once in awhile they'd get a little payoff, maybe stick in a quarter & get back two quarters, once in awhile they'd get back three or four quarters or half-a-dozen quarters, because if nobody ever won, nobody would ever put any quarters in, right? So they've got to give a little payoff once in a great while & somebody would get back a few quarters for the quarter they put in. But usually they'd already put in a lot more quarters than that, so they were still losing money even when they'd already gotten back a few quarters.
64. BUT MY MOTHER JUST SAT THERE & PRAYED, "WELL LORD, I'M YOUR CHILD, YOU CAN DO ANYTHING, YOU CAN DO MIRACLES! We need the money, we need the food, we need to pay for it, I didn't know I didn't have quite enough money, You can make that machine work for You & Your glory!" And she just walked over there with one quarter when the other guys were gone & stopped playing, stuck in her quarter, pulled the one arm of the bandit, & this bandit became a very generous bandit! He was more like Robin Hood! He had been robbing all these rich who were able to waste all these quarters, & all of a sudden he opened his big mouth & spewed out a whole pile of quarters that overflowed the receiving tray & spilled all over the floor & everywhere to give it to the poor--us poor! You sound like you never heard that story before! (Fam: No!) No? Well, that wasn't the only time! Do you want me to tell you about another time?
65. WE WERE IN OKLAHOMA!--CLAREMORE, OKLAHOMA! How about that? The name of that town came back to me! I told you, I forget people's names, but I can remember places, dates, figures--especially girls' figures--amounts & things like that. Claremore, Oklahoma, was the home of Will Rogers. I remembered his name, how about that?--A famous cowboy comedian, Jewish, of course. He never had been a cowboy, that was a bunch of bunk, you know. He was just a stage actor really, but very smart, a typical Jewish comedian. He was always cracking jokes about the government, politics & economy. The people just loved him because they were usually sympathetic jokes against taxes & against government mistakes, politicians & things like that. It was satire & sarcasm, cynicism, criticism, & they loved it, they ate it up! He was just puttin' it the way they wish they'd said it.(See WND 121, Pg.1)
66. HE WAS PROBABLY THE MOST FAMOUS COMEDIAN THE UNITED STATES EVER PRODUCED!--Maybe outside of George Burns & Bob Hope & a few others that you know of. Maybe George Burns outclassed him. But anyhow, Will Rogers was before your time, of course, but he was really funny. He'd always wear a cowboy outfit, cowboy hat, & he really knew how to twirl a rope & do all those stunts twirling a lasso. Do you know what a lasso is? It's a cowboy's rope that he catches cows & horses with. He can twirl that rope around his head in a big circle & throw it right over your head!--Not your head, but the horse's, cow's or calf's head, because you've gotta catch'm sometimes to brand them or vaccinate them or just to sell'm.
67. SO HE KNEW HOW TO DO THIS ROPE, ONLY HE COULD DANCE WITH THE ROPE! You think jumpin' rope is hard, Techi? You oughtta have seen him! I can't jump rope here because I've got too many ropes (tape recorder wires) attached to me, but he'd get up & twirl that rope around over his head until it came circling clear down around him to the floor, & then back up again, a big circle of rope going around & around him down to the floor & back up. Then he would throw it out to the side, a great big circle bigger than he was, & he'd twirl it around like this, & then jump up, & twirl it around till it came over here, he'd twirl it back & forth like this. He'd jump rope with that lasso, a big circle of rope going back & forth! So he really drew a crowd, he was very popular.
68. WELL, THIS STORY I'M RELATING HAPPENED AFTER HE WAS GONE, BECAUSE HE DIED YEARS AGO IN A PLANE CRASH, THEY THINK UP IN ALASKA SOMEWHERE WITH A FAMOUS PIONEER PILOT OF THE EARLY DAYS OF PLANES. They were in a small private plane & I think they were trying to fly around the World, some kind of a publicity stunt. The other guy's name was Willy, some kind of Willy. (Fam: Wiley Post.) I come close! Sometimes I get the first letter & Mama usually finishes it off. Good for you!--Wiley Post! He died in a plane crash, I think it was in Alaska, some years ago.
69. WELL, SEE, I'VE GOT TO TELL YOU HIS WHOLE HISTORY, ALL THE TRICKS HE DID & EVERYTHING BEFORE I CAN EVEN TELL YOU THE JOKE OR THE STORY! My first wife used to say, "My goodness, do you always have to tell everything from Genesis to Revelation? Why can't you just tell the story you're telling & not give the whole history?" I'm sorry, but that's just the way I'm made, I don't know any other way. But wasn't that interesting about that rope? And wasn't that interesting about him being such a political humourist? In those days there weren't many movies, he finally did get into movies, but in the early days before movies he was on stage & entertaining.
70. SO MY MOTHER JUST LOVED WILL ROGERS & WE HAPPENED TO STOP IN CLAREMORE, OKLAHOMA, WHICH WAS HIS HOME TOWN WHERE HE WAS BORN. His pictures were everywhere, & signs everywhere: "Will Rogers slept here, Will Rogers ate here, Will Rogers banked here", blah blah, everything about Will Rogers. And we went into a hotel to book a room & here above the hotel desk was this big beautiful portrait of Will Rogers with a beautiful gold-coloured frame. I'm sure it was wood, but anyhow, it was gilded, a beautiful thing! As I recall it was a vertical picture of him standing there in his cowboy hat & cowboy outfit with his lasso in his hand & a big broad smile.--And she just loved that picture!
71. SO AFTER WE'D BEEN THERE AT THE HOTEL A FEW DAYS, MOTHER HAD BEEN COVETING THAT PICTURE & LOOKING AT THAT PICTURE & WISHED SHE HAD THAT PICTURE! It was an actual photo, but one of those painted photos. Before the days of colour photography they had to paint the colours on, so it was like a painting. She knew it was probably a lot of money, but she just thought she'd ask anyhow. She finally went up & asked the hotel desk clerk, "You wouldn't by any chance consider selling that picture, would you?" They said, "Oh, no, no, no, no, there's no way you could buy that picture! The only thing we'll sell you is a chance on it! You see this big punchboard? We're selling chances on it!"
72. HOW MANY OF YOU EVER SAW OR HEARD OF A PUNCHBOARD? It takes an American to know a punchboard. It's a big board about like this & inside it's just completely filled with tiny little holes. That one had some kind of a label up at the top about "The Will Rogers Portrait Punchboard". It had these little tiny holes & in every little hole was a little tiny piece of paper all rolled up tight with a number on it. And you would pay a dollar to punch that board & get a number, & if you got the lucky winning number, you got the picture! That's why they were charging a dollar for the punches. Most punchboards only charge ten cents, but this was for this big expensive picture. And of course they were making lots of money, probably two or three hundred dollars off of it, because there must have been at least two or three hundred holes on that punchboard, a big punchboard, each hole with just a little dot with a little tiny piece of paper rolled up behind it. They had a little punch there, a little instrument that you used after you paid your dollar & you decided on which hole to punch. They weren't labelled, numbered, nothin', & there were a lot of them already punched out, already empty holes. These were full holes, they weren't empty, & you decided on which one to punch.
73. THE DESK CLERK STOOD THERE ALMOST AMAZED AT MY MOTHER who put down her dollar, picked up the punch & said, "Now Lord, You know how I love Will Rogers & I would love to have this picture, now You can guide me to the right hole! TYJ!"--Punch!--And out fell a piece of paper & on it was the winning number! And we almost didn't have room enough in the car to put that big picture! I remember my Dad was so mad about getting that picture! She said, "Well, it only cost a dollar!--I won!" That's my Mother!
74. WELL, I WAS TALKING ABOUT GAMBLING BECAUSE IT'S ONE OF THE CURSES, & THE CURSE OF GAMBLING IS GOING TO BE REMOVED TOO IN THE MILLENNIUM.--All the curses that might have made the Millennium miserable, or there wouldn't have been a Millennium if the Lord didn't remove them. But our time is up & over in fact, so forgive me again, I'm always running over. But anyway, my stories today did have some relation to the subject! Give me a little credit once in awhile for telling you illustrations that fit! Some of them had to be stretched a bit to fit, but nevertheless they fit!
75. BUT YOU'D BETTER BE SURE YOU'VE GOT AS MUCH FAITH AS MY MOTHER & AS STRONG PRAYERS AS HERS! You've got the same God, but you'd better know that you're going to be a winner! As I said, she travelled all over Europe and won and won and usually made money. She went to the Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco, that same old Monte Carlo Casino that you folks who were there saw and visited! Nearly all of us have been there. Nearly everybody that ever went to France usually visited Monte Carlo sooner or later. That casino was open all night long, because that's when people are off and not working and out of jobs and they can spend all night gambling, and my Mother loved to gamble!
76. THERE WAS ONLY ONE TIME SHE EVER LOST. They didn't have wireless in those days, but they had laid the ocean cables and she had to cable back to her millionaire father in the U.S. to send her some money because she lost it all! She was living high on the hog! You don't know what that means? Well, I'll tell you, if you've ever seen a hog in a hog-wallow, you'd wish you were high on the hog and on top of him and not underneath him! I suppose that's what it means, I really don't know, but that's as good an explanation as anybody's until you come up with a better one!
77. SHE WAS LIVING LUXURIOUSLY ON HER FATHER'S MONEY, BUT SHE MORE OFTEN THAN NOT USED IT TO SPEND ON GAMBLING. But one time in Monte Carlo she had quite a loss and she had to send for some money to pay her hotel bill and continue gambling. Then she made it all back again. The Lord was merciful to her and she wasn't even saved yet! That's how I got on that subject, wasn't it? She wasn't even saved yet in those days when she gambled, but God was merciful to her because He knew He was going to save her. In fact, she was already saved in the mind of God.

78. GOD KNOWS AHEAD OF TIME WHO'S GOING TO ACCEPT HIM & BE SAVED, SO HE SAVES THEM FIRST!--Saves them out of the War, saves them out of Tribulation, saves them out of the Battle of Armageddon. As far as He's concerned, they're already saved, because He knows ahead of time who's going to receive Him. But they haven't received Him yet, & they don't receive Him until they get into the Millennium. But He spares them & He blesses them by letting them survive & go on into the Millennium. Do you get the point?
79. SO THERE WAS A POINT TO THAT STORY, WASN'T THERE? Sometimes I get to telling a story & I forget what the application is. It's the theme, it's the subject that reminds me of the story, & then I get so interested in telling you the story I forget what it meant or how it's related to the subject! But gambling is a curse, curses will be removed & my Mother was blessed by the Lord before she was saved. Even when she gambled, she won, because God knew she was someday going to be saved & she was already His child as far as He was concerned. So He was protecting her & taking care of her even in her gambling, in her iniquity, in her sin, & in her life before she was ever saved, when she was a blatant atheist! Of course He doesn't do that with everyone. Sometimes He lets people fail if He knows it will drive them to Him.
80. SO GOD KNOWS THE FUTURE! HE KNOWS WHO TO SPARE IN THE TRIBULATION, HE KNOWS WHO TO SPARE IN THE WRATH OF GOD & WHO TO BLESS. Daniel says they're blessed! Who blesses'm?--The Lord blesses'm! How are they blessed?--By allowing them to survive & live on into the Millennium, to escape or come through all the horrors of the Tribulation & the Wrath of God & live! They survive the Battle of Armageddon & all the rest & live right on into the Millennium & get saved! Praise God? That doesn't mean that everybody is going to get saved in the Millennium, but God's going to give'm all a chance.--All the people He knows are going to get saved, as well as all the people He knows aren't going to get saved, but deserve a chance to get saved. Get the point? So I did finally get back to the subject after all!
81. OH, THE CLOCK! SOMETIMES I PRAY WITH THE LITTLE BOY IN THE POEM: "TURN BACKWARD, O BACKWARD, O TIME IN THY FLIGHT!" PTL! TYL! Not really, I'm glad. Thank the Lord! Why should I want to go back & give that one over again? That's the only way the Lord could do it. Sometimes I wish I could hold back the hands of the clock though, & some day I may get the faith to pray for that! There was a Prophet in the Bible that did that, Isaiah. The sundial went back 10 degrees for King Hezekiah. (2Kg.20:1-11) So if some guy in the Bible can pray for the sundial--the only kind of clocks they had in those days--to go back a little ways, then some day when I may have to do it, if I need time that bad, I'm sure the Lord could do it for me, too!
82. (TECHI: GRANDPA, JOSHUA MADE THE SUN STAND STILL!) (Jos.10:12-14) How about that? And science has used that to account for some of the discrepancies in space! They found that Joshua's delaying the sun one time was part of it, but they still hadn't got it quite solved, some kind of space problem about where the planets should have been & where they should be. And then they added in that part where the sun went back on the dial & it came out perfectly!
83. IT'S IN THE WND, YOU SHOULD READ IT! (See WNE Pg.794 or FN61.) I know you've got too much to read, but try it some time! If you just save'm up for the Millennium, there won't be any point in reading them then hardly!--Except a lot of the things are still true & may still be helpful, I don't know, but the news will be no good any more. So if you don't get'm read pretty quick, first of all you here won't be able to correct'm & give us your corrections, & besides that, they won't do you any good if you don't read'm. I know you've got a lot to read & a lot to do, but try. PTL!
84. THANK GOD FOR THE LORD'S PRAYER, I CAN'T STRETCH IT OUT!--Although I did preach you a sermon on it one morning! So shall we pray the King's Prayer? (Prays the Lord's Prayer.) Hallelujah! ILY!

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