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       1. DOES ANYBODY KNOW WHAT OUR SUBJECT IS & WHY WE STARTED THIS SERIES OF CLASSES? (Fam: To know what's going to happen to the people that are not the Antichrist's nor the Saved.) The ones in the middle, that middle, rather hazy, indeterminate class of people who are neither saved nor damned. And what do we call them? (Fam: The Anti-ACs.) Yes, but that is not the full general term we could apply to them. (Fam: The Living!)--The Living! (See ML #1897, "Resurrections of the Saved, Living & the Dead!"--GN 181.)
       2. WHY DO WE CALL THEM THE LIVING?--WHAT'S THE SCRIPTURAL BASIS FOR THAT? (FAM: THEY'RE IN THE BOOK OF LIFE!)--In the Book of Life! God allows them to live! Although they're not saved yet, many of them will be. I dare say most of them will be saved before the Millennium is over & before we get too far on the New Earth. So they're the people who are in the Book of Life who are allowed to live at the Great White Throne Judgement, many of whom were allowed to live through Armageddon & into the Millennium.
       3. I'VE BEEN TRYING TO THINK OF A GOOD TERM FOR THIS NEW CLASS OF PEOPLE THE CHURCHES NEVER TOLD US ABOUT, THE LIVING, & I ALSO USED THE TERM "THE SPARED"!--Not saved, but spared. That might be a good term for them, not despaired or in despair, because they are spared! PTL? They're spared throughout the Tribulation, obviously, spared throughout Armageddon, even though they're not even saved, & spared right into the Millennium! I think probably most or many of them will be saved in the Millennium. Of course, there are still going to be enough of the bad ones left that Satan can deceive, whole nations of them that will again rise up against the Lord & against those who are saved during the Millennium.
       4. HOW MANY RAPTURES DO WE BELIEVE IN? HOW MANY RESURRECTIONS? I'm just kind of reviewing your memory a little bit to try to get these things straight. We've boiled some of these things down more & more & simplified them more & more, so that if I keep repeating, maybe you won't forget. PTL? When did the First Resurrection actually take place?--Or I should say begin, because it won't end until there's another one. (Fam: When Jesus rose.) He was the firstfruits of the dead, God's Word says, "& every man in his own order." (1Cor.15:20,23)--Which indicates there is more than one Resurrection, in fact there are several!
       5. THERE'S THE RESURRECTION OF JESUS, & AT THE SAME TIME JESUS WAS RESURRECTED, WHO ELSE WAS RESURRECTED? It's right in the Bible. You gave me the verse in Matthew somewhere once before but I always forget references. (Fam: When the Old Testament Saints rose from their graves.) And what does it say? Can anybody remember the verse? At the time of Jesus' Resurrection the graves were opened. Because it's mentioned at the time of the crucifixion, some people get it mixed up & think they were raised at the time of His crucifixion.--No. (Fam: It's Matthew 27:52 & 53.) You ought to have that reference written in the back of your Bible somewhere: "Old Testament Saints Resurrected." Go ahead & read it. (Fam: "And the graves were opened; & many bodies of the saints which slept arose. And came out of the graves after His resurrection.)--After His Resurrection!
       6. IT'S DESCRIBING THE CRUCIFIXION & THE BIG CATACLYSMIC EARTHQUAKE & ALL KINDS OF THINGS, BUT THE WAY THAT VERSE IS PLACED MAKES IT SOUND LIKE IT'S ALL A PART OF THE SAME THING, BUT IT'S NOT. The reason He mentions it here is because He's mentioning all the mighty, supernatural, cataclysmic things which happen about this time, & He's throwing this one in for good measure! Go ahead, read it again! (Fam: "And the graves were opened; & many bodies of the saints which slept arose & came out of the graves after His resurrection.")--After His Resurrection what happened? (Fam: The graves were opened & the bodies of the saints arose.) The bodies of the saints came out of the graves & went into the Holy City & appeared unto many.
       7. I WONDER WHY HE WOULD SAY "MANY OF THE BODIES OF THE SAINTS," DIDN'T ALL THE OLD TESTAMENT SAINTS ARISE AT THAT TIME? Maybe He's thinking about the future when even after the Great White Throne Judgement, people who were not saved previously are going to be saved in the New Heaven & New Earth. There are going to be some of those people raised who were from clear back in the Old Testament period, because then all the rest of the dead are raised, which is called the Second Resurrection. But that was the First Resurrection, or the first part of the First Resurrection. Obviously those people were resurrected, right? The graves were opened & the bodies of the Saints arose & appeared unto many after Jesus' Resurrection. So of course they could only have been those who had already died, Saints who had already passed away during the Old Testament period.
       8. AT EXACTLY WHAT POINT DID THE MOSAIC LAW COME TO AN END BECAUSE IT WAS FULFILLED? Jesus said, "I came not to destroy it, but to fulfil it! (Mat.5:17) It was finished, because He was through with it, it was fulfilled.--At exactly what point?--You can give me the exact moment that the Mosaic Law & the Old Testament period come to an end. (Fam: When He died & said, "It is finished!")--Exactly! When Jesus died on the cross & said, "It's finished!"--Period! (Jn.19:30) The Law was finished, the Old Testament period was finished, God's preference for the Jews was finished, the whole thing was finished. It was a whole new--I don't like to say ballgame or kettle of fish--but it was a whole new era!--As some Bible students call it, a whole new dispensation. Then began the Dispensation of Grace, as the technologists of ecclesiasticism call it, in other words, the theologians. Do you know what "theologians" means? Well, it means people who are supposed to have a big knowledge of God!--Although I've found most theologians don't seem to have any knowledge of God & even very little knowledge of the Bible! Most of those things they teach now in so-called seminaries, that I call cemeteries, are not Bible.
       9. SO THAT WAS THE FIRST PART OF THAT FIRST RESURRECTION, BUT THEN THERE'S ANOTHER RESURRECTION.--WHEN'S THAT GOING TO BE? Only two of you know when the next Resurrection is going to take place? Don't be afraid to raise your hands! I call on people that want to volunteer, I don't draft you unless I have to. (Fam: At Jesus' Second Coming during the Rapture.)--At Jesus' Second Coming! We believe in several Raptures, several Resurrections & several Comings of the Lord, because it's in the Bible!
       10. THE FIRST RESURRECTION INCLUDES THE OLD TESTAMENT SAINTS & THE NEW TESTAMENT SAINTS. The New Testament Saints are raised when? (Fam: When Jesus comes.) And when is that? (Fam: The Rapture.) And when is that? (Fam: At the end of the Tribulation.) Yes, & what did you say, Son? (Fam: After the Atomic War.) The Tribulation ends with the Coming of Jesus, & the Tribulation period includes, of course, the Atomic War, that's true. That's the big war that comes at the end of the Tribulation. And what's the next period? (Fam: The Wrath of God.) And what big war comes at the end of the Wrath of God? (Fam: Armageddon.)
       11. SO ACCORDING TO GOD'S WORD, BETWEEN DANIEL & REVELATION & A FEW OTHER PLACES THAT WE'RE GOING TO READ, THE EARTH HAS ABOUT FIVE OR SIX BIG WARS YET TO LOOK FORWARD TO, & INCLUDING GOG & MAGOG, AT LEAST SEVEN MAJOR WARS!--All caused by the Devil & wicked men. Dear Apollos said in his Endtime News Condo that setting up the Image begins the last 3-1/2 years of Man's rule on Earth. (See Pic 10.) Well, if you want to get technical, Earthly Man, yes, carnal Man, unsaved Man. But we're men & women, we're Man so to speak. Much to the horror of the Women's Libbers, the Bible uses the masculine term for the all-inclusive population. Both male & female, it calls them "Man" or "Men."
       12. SO WE'RE GOING TO RULE, OUR RULE WILL JUST BEGIN, THE THOUSAND-YEAR RULE OF THE MILLENNIUM! And though we're resurrected, translated, transformed, raptured & completely changed, we're still people, we're still Men so to speak, & we'll be ruling for another Thousand Years! So Jesus' Coming is not really the end of Man's rule. We've got to be more specific in our terminology there to designate exactly who we're talking about, whose rule it is. Which Men's rule? So I inserted "evil Man's rule on Earth."
       13. THE "ENDTIME NEWS" WAS OUR NEXT "FOUR" OF POSTERS! The Posters are going out literally by the millions, & if that doesn't make some impact on the Earth, I will be surprised! I think it's going to make more impact than atomic bombs, & it's going to bring life instead of take life! This is the Lord's final harvest, I believe it, before the final destruction of this present System.
       14. SO THERE ALREADY WAS A RESURRECTION, & IF THE OLD TESTAMENT SAINTS WERE RESURRECTED, CERTAINLY THEY HAD TO BE RAPTURED, TRANSLATED OR WHATEVER YOU WANT TO CALL IT! They've already gone up to be with the Lord, already in Heaven. And at the Rapture, the time of that Resurrection, there's another bunch, all the New Testament Saints after the Trib., gone to be with the Lord! Then when is the next Resurrection?--Millennial Saints!--And next? (Fam: At the Great White Throne Judgement when all the unsaved dead will be resurrected.)--And what two classes of people?
       15. SOME PEOPLE & THE PREACHERS HAVE ALWAYS INTERPRETED IT JUST AS ONE CLASS OF PEOPLE, THAT THE SECOND RESURRECTION MEANS ONLY THE SECOND DEATH, BUT IT DOESN'T SAY SO AT ALL! You'll find what two classes of people are there? (Fam: Also those that didn't have a chance to hear?) Yes, but to make it even clearer, who are they? You can distinguish very clearly & make it Scriptural. You're right in what you're saying, but that is something that you can't exactly prove until you prove this point. (Fam: Those who were written in the Book of Life & those who were not.)--Right!--Which shows that there are some of them that are not going to go to Hell! The rest of them go to Hell, which He says is the Second Death. (Rev.20:14) So this so-called Second Resurrection has to do with people who are spared or allowed to live, & people who are damned or sent to Hell. This is sort of a little introduction on resurrections & translations!
       16. THIS SECOND RESURRECTION IS AFTER THE BATTLE OF GOG & MAGOG AT THE GREAT WHITE THRONE JUDGEMENT, SO THE ONLY THING LEFT AFTER THAT IS WHAT? (Fam: The New Heaven & New Earth.) Some people say, "Oh, you believe in second & third chances."--No! I believe it's just the people who never had any other chance, those people will be allowed to live outside the City on the New Earth until they have had their chance with the Healing of the Leaves of the Tree of Life! Amen? PTL!
       17. IT SAYS THAT AT THE END OF THE MILLENNIUM, SATAN & HIS FORCES SURROUND THE CAMP OF THE SAINTS--WHAT SAINTS? (Rev.20:9) We won't have to be surrounded, we're in Heavenly places & have mysterious bodies that can appear & disappear & the Devil couldn't touch us! He couldn't make war on us, that's impossible!--In fact, we're going to help wipe him out! At least the Lord's going to wipe all the Gog & Magog forces out with a big flood of fire! So what Saints are these at the end of the Millennium, anyhow? (Fam: The people who have been saved during the Millennium.)--Right! They're the only ones in human flesh, human bodies that could be damaged by war that the Devil & his nations wage, & apparently they are surrounded somehow, somewhere. That's far far in the future so the Lord didn't give us too much detail on that.
       18. BUT IF THE LORD IS THEN GOING TO WIPE OUT THE DEVIL & HIS FORCES & THE WHOLE SURFACE OF THE EARTH & THE ATMOSPHERE TOO AT THE END OF THE BATTLE OF GOG & MAGOG, WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO THESE SAINTS WHO ARE SURROUNDED? (Fam: Are they going to be Raptured?)--Exactly! I don't believe the Lord's going to wipe them out with that fire, do you? Again, it's my opinion, it's pure theory, I can't prove it, but it's logical. It's like two & two makes four, the unknown "X" quantity in your algebraic equation. If there are Saints on the Earth that the Devil is attacking & the Lord is going to wipe out the Devil & his forces & all of the Earth's surface & atmosphere with a great flood of fire & everything goes bang, you don't suppose for a minute the Lord's going to let all those Saints go through that horror, do you? I don't believe it! I can't believe it!
       19. HE HAS ALWAYS ALLOWED CERTAIN INDIVIDUAL SAINTS TO BE MARTYRED, but in no case anywhere in the Bible or history or anywhere in Prophecy do you find the Lord allowing all of His Saints of any particular period to be wiped out completely, never! In fact, only a few are allowed to be killed & die as a testimony, as a witness, as martyrs, even in the Tribulation. Not even the A-ACs or the so-called "good" people of the period of God's Wrath are even all wiped out in the Battle of Armageddon, are they? We're talking about the Battle of Armageddon, folks, wake up! The A-ACs, probably some of those folks written in God's Book of Life that He's sparing to live into the Millennium to give them a chance to be saved, He didn't wipe all of them out even though they weren't saved, because they still deserve a chance to be saved. So He's certainly not going to wipe out all His children that are in that camp surrounded by the Devil & his forces at the Battle of Gog & Magog, I don't believe it! I can't believe it! That's not my kind of God!
       20. SO AS FAR AS I'M CONCERNED, FOR THE MILLENNIAL SAINTS THERE HAS TO BE ANOTHER KIND OF A RAPTURE! You can call it a translation, a transfiguration or whatever you want to call it, but I'm sure God's going to save them out of that camp! And since He's going to burn up the whole World, including the camp & the atmosphere & all the Devil's forces, there's only one way I can see that He could possibly get them out of that camp, & that's another Rapture! I'll tell you, the churches will really call us crazy & say, "They believe in so many Resurrections & Raptures, so many chances to get saved!" Well, that's the Love & Mercy of God!
       21. THAT'S BECAUSE WE BELIEVE IN THE LOVE OF GOD, THAT GOD IS GOING TO DO ALL THOSE THINGS & GIVE PEOPLE MANY CHANCES TO BE SAVED! Those living have had thousands of years already, including those now gone & dead, but there are still people, millions now living who'll be saved in the Millennium! I think the Jehovah's Witnesses had a book by this name, "Millions Now Living Are Already Dead!" Subtitle: "But Millions Now Dead Shall Live Forever!" In the eyes of God there are millions now dead, saved, who are going to live forever!--But there are also millions now living that are already as good as dead more or less forever, who are going to be damned, not even amongst the good people or the A-ACs or in the Book of Life!
       22. SO THESE FIRST TWO RESURRECTIONS ARE CALLED THE FIRST RESURRECTION. What two resurrections? Are you awake?--The Old Testament Saints & New Testament Saints. The Old Testament Saints at what time? (Fam: After Jesus' Resurrection.) New Testament Saints at what time? (Fam: Second Coming of the Lord.) Then the Millennial Saints at what time? (Fam: Battle of Gog & Magog.) All don't have to be resurrected, they're alive, but they'll be raptured or translated, transformed, whatever you want to call it, at the end of the Millennium, specifically at the Battle of Gog & Magog.--Maybe even before the worst of the Battle, certainly before the fire wipes out the Earth!
       23. SO THERE WE'VE GOT AT LEAST THREE SPECIFIC RAPTURES! The text in the 20th Chapter of Revelation gets some people confused because it says of the first two, "This is the First Resurrection." (Rev.20:6) This is all review, which is why I'm not taking time to stop & read it! You're supposed to have already read & studied all these & know all these already. Now think about what I'm saying! Don't answer right off, but think! He is specifically talking about which resurrection at that moment? What resurrection has just occurred? (Fam: The New Testament Saints.) All right. But if people were already resurrected upon Jesus' Resurrection, then we have to include them too. Therefore it's all the First Resurrection in two stages, savvy?--Both the Old Testament Saints & the New Testament Saints. Even though they're resurrected at two different times two thousand years apart, the Lord classifies it as the First Resurrection, in two stages. Then He says these are going to rule & reign with Christ a Thousand Years. He says it two or three times in that chapter.
       24. THEN AT WHAT POINT DOES HE SPEAK OF THE SECOND RESURRECTION? I'm not talking about the two phases of the First Resurrection. The First Resurrection is only for whom? (Fam: The Saved.)--The Saved Saints of both Old & New Testament, although they are actually in two phases, two different times, two thousand years apart. But then He calls the next resurrection the Second Resurrection. Now who is that? (Fam: The unsaved dead.)--Right! Not the undead, but the unsaved dead. Well, they're going to be undead when the Lord raises them!--For what purpose? (Fam: The Great White Throne Judgement.) And those are even classified into two groups, what are they? (Fam: The Living & the Damned.) And the Living are specifically who? (Fam: Those found written in the Book of Life.)
       25. SO NOW WE ALREADY HAVE THREE SPECIFIC RESURRECTIONS AT THREE DIFFERENT TIMES, but actually they're only known as two resurrections because the first two are part of the First Resurrection. The Second Resurrection consists of two classes of people, who are they again? (Fam: The Living & the Dead.)--Or you could call them the Spared & the Damned. But how are you going to prove it? (Fam: They're written in the Book of Life.)--Those in the Book of Life & those not in the Book of Life! It's obvious there are two groups of people if some are written & some are not. The problem is, what are you going to call them? The preachers never talked about them, in fact they never seemed to even know they existed! We've not only created a whole new culture, a whole new Family, a whole new Nation, a whole new civilisation, a whole new religion, we've got to ask the Lord for whole new terms for new things the churches never taught us!
       26. WELL, THAT'S A PRETTY GOOD NAME, MAYBE YOU COULD CALL THEM THE LIVING & THE DEAD! And what do we mean by the Living? (Fam: Those written in the Book of Life.) The Dead? (Fam: Those not written.) And what happens to them? (Fam: They're damned to Hell!)--Damned to Hell, cast right into the Lake of Fire! But those written in the Book of Life are allowed to live outside on the New Earth, a place of Paradise, & given a final chance to be saved. And I'll tell you, they're going to feel like they're saved if they even get that far! PTL! All the people who never had a chance to hear about Jesus or receive Christ or understand His Love or Salvation will be given a chance then.
       27. YOU SAY, "BUT I THOUGHT EVERYBODY IN THE MILLENNIUM HAD A CHANCE!" Well, these people were not living during the Millennium--unless they were some of the rebels who died during the Millennium & then were raised in that Second Resurrection, but the rebels don't have any chance. I'm sure they're not written in the Book of Life. They've already had their chance, rejected it & they're doomed to be damned to Hell! But there are those who are really going to get that chance then to live on the New Earth. If we've already been saved, the Millennial Saints have already been saved & these are just the good people or the ones who never had a chance to get saved, the resurrected of all ages, they're going to live where? (Fam: On the New Earth.) So their chance to get saved is when? (Fam: On the New Earth.)--Right!
       28. YOU HAVE A CHANCE TO GET SAVED RIGHT NOW DURING THE DISPENSATION OF GRACE. The Millennial Saints will have a chance to get saved when? (Fam: In the Millennium!) That's an easy question! I read a little test one time that said, "A Test Anybody Can Pass," & it had questions like: "What was George Washington's first name?" & "Where was Joan of Arc from?" etc. When are the Millennial Saints going to get saved? (Fam: In the Millennium!) And where & when are the people in God's Book of Life going to get saved? (Fam: The New Earth.)
       29. AND IT LOOKS TO ME LIKE IF THEY'RE IN GOD'S BOOK OF LIFE, THAT THOSE ON THE NEW EARTH ARE PROBABLY ALL GOING TO BE SAVED EVENTUALLY! Don't you think so? I don't see how any rebels could live through all that. I don't think God would have given them a chance. But these are the people who are resurrected in the Second Resurrection but whose names are written in the Book of Life. Who are they? Where are they from? When did they live? (Fam: Throughout all ages.)--Ages of unsaved, but those whom God is going to spare. We've thought of naming them the Living. They're not actually saved, but they're in the Book of Life, so they're living, allowed to live! Another good word for some of these people is the Spared. We need to develop some new theological terminology. Those are just big words that mean some kind of simple religious names for these groups of people.
       30. I'VE CALLED THE PEOPLE THAT GOD SPARES FROM THE TRIBULATION & THROUGH ARMAGEDDON INTO THE MILLENNIUM THE GOOD PEOPLE, we've also called them the ones who never had a chance to be saved, & I'm leaning more & more toward the term the Spared--not saved but spared. They're spared through the Tribulation, the Wrath of God, Armageddon & all the way through into the Millennium to be given a chance. But sad to say, even some of these won't take the chance. The Spared--is that a pretty good name for those? They're not all necessarily going to be saved, but they're spared through all those horrible periods & allowed to be given a chance during the Millennium.
       31. AND MANY OF THESE SPARED HUMAN BEINGS--Earthly, fleshly, normal human beings who are allowed to be spared through the Tribulation, Wrath of God, Armageddon & into the Millennium--are divided into two groups. What are they? (Fam: Millennial Saints or Rebels.)--Exactly! They are eventually divided into two groups, the Millennial Saints & the Millennial Rebels whom the Devil comes back to lead to surround the Camp of the Saints! So here we have another division of groups. There's a lot more variety in God's Word than the preachers will admit! There are a lot more things going on there than they saw, but which the Lord has seen fit to show to us in these Last Days! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! PTL!
       32. HE PROMISED TO OPEN THE BOOK! He said to Daniel that in the Last Days it would be opened & these things would be revealed unto you. And I never knew I was that important, but in the last days of her life my Mother prophesied that the Lord had given me the spirit of Daniel & of Jeremiah. I've got a lot of boys helping me out, no wonder I get inspired!--That like Daniel & Jeremiah I would know even the number of the years, & we're getting closer to it all the time. It's becoming clearer to us all the time. It looks like we're learning the number of the people too, at least the groups of the people. Is it getting clearer in your head every time we go over this again? Okay! So the Millennial people are divided into two groups too. What are they again? (Fam: Millennial Saints & Millennial Rebels!)
       33. IN EACH PERIOD OF TIME GOD SEPARATES THE SHEEP FROM THE GOATS & THE TARES FROM THE WHEAT! He gives another sifting of each group of people to give them not another chance, but really their first chance. What about the Old Testament period? Did He give some people a chance to know the Truth & have the Bible & know God? Who were they primarily in those days of the Old Testament? Don't be afraid to say it! No matter how much I've [EDITED: "criticized"]'m, I love'm & Mama loves'm! Whenever she sees a man she really thinks is handsome on a video, she says, "Oh, I like that man! He really attracts me!"--And every time it's a Jew! (Maria: Even though I don't realise it.) She goes for the Jews! I say, "Well, of course, another Jew!"

       34. I LOVE THE JEWS! I THINK THEY'RE WONDERFUL PEOPLE! Some of you are shocked! Well, I'm talking about the good Jews, you folks right here, for example. You're God's new Jews! What did the Lord say about that guy on the boat?--"He Is Not a Jew!" (No.8) Boy, he was as Jewish as he could look, [DELETED] going back to Israel, but God said he was not a Jew! Then who are the Jews? (Fam: We are!) Paul brings that out clearly. The true Jews are not those of flesh-&-blood Israel, but those who follow Abraham, the Father of Faith, the Father of the Faithful! The children of Abraham, the children of Faith, go back even beyond the Jews. (Rom.9:6-8; Gal.3:7,9,26-29)
       35. CONTRARY TO THE JEWS, ABRAHAM WAS NOT A JEW! Oh, they praise Abraham & they claim him as one of their own, but he was not! He was a Hebrew, & there's a difference. The Jews were Hebrews because they came of Heber, but not all the Hebrews were Jews. Because the fact of the matter is that the Arabs are also Hebrews! Oh boy, you know how to make a Jew furious?--Just tell them that the Jews are not the only Hebrews, but Arabs are also Hebrews! Because they all came through Abraham, & Abraham was from Heber, & the descendants of Heber are all Hebrews, including Abraham & his descendants, both Jews & Arabs! The Jews & Arabs are more or less half-brothers. I think that's probably why they hate each other so & fight so. It seems like half-brothers sometimes don't get along if they don't have Jesus. But we've got children right here that are half-brothers & half-sisters of each other in the flesh, but are absolutely one in the Spirit. So we don't have that problem, thank the Lord! Well, did you get this cleared up in your head a little bit?
       36. WHAT TWO GROUPS OF PEOPLE WAS GOD TESTING IN THE OLD TESTAMENT PERIOD? Go ahead, don't be afraid to say it. (Fam: The believers & non-believers.)--Right, but most of the believers in the Old Testament period were Jews! They're the ones God had revealed Himself to, they're the ones He called His Prophets from, they're the ones to whom He gave the Word, so most of them were Jews.--Although there were also many converts from the Gentiles. And specifically you're right, Son, there were all those who really were saved by faith, believers, & all those who were unbelievers. And as is obvious, by the time Jesus came there were lots of Jews who were unbelievers who finally crucified Him! So in God's eyes they were not Jews at all!
       37. PAUL BRINGS THAT OUT VERY CLEARLY TOO IN HIS LECTURES ON GRACE THAT WE STARTED TELLING YOU ABOUT CLEAR BACK FROM CYPRUS LONG AGO. (Nos.45 & 46) The Lord began to reveal to me, as Paul says, "that he is not a Jew who is one outwardly, he is only a Jew who is one inwardly," meaning at heart, in the Spirit. (Rom2:28,29) In that case, all of you who have Jesus, the Jewish Messiah, are Jews at heart, true Jews in the eyes of God! You belong to the Tribe of Judah in the eyes of God, because you are members of Jesus' Tribe!--And what was it? He was the Lion of the Tribe of Judah! (Sings:)
       "The Lion of Judah shall break every chain,
       And give to us the victory again & again!
       The Lion of Judah shall break every chain,
       And give to us the victory again & again!"

Hallelujah! Amen?
       38. SOMEBODY DIDN'T LIKE IT BECAUSE I PUT THAT BIG JUDAH RIGHT THERE ON THE GATE OF THE "PEARLY GATES" POSTER! I didn't put it there but the artist, Philippe, put it there, "JUDAH" in great big letters. Somebody said, "Aren't you afraid that's going to offend the Arabs & offend a lot of people who won't like that & who don't like Jews?" I said, "Well, there are a lot more Jews in a lot more countries where we are[DELETED]!" In most Arab countries they won't even allow you to distribute that picture, so why should we worry about pleasing the Arabs? We've done our best to try to please them, we've shown how similar we are & how much we believe in Islam--at least Mohammed's type of Islam--& how much Truth there is in the Koran. We've tried to find many points of contact & many similarities to try to help win the Arabs' hearts & not offend them.--But they often jail us!
       39. SO WHEN IT COMES DOWN TO THAT, I THINK IT WILL BE A LOT MORE USEFUL TO HAVE THE MOST IMPORTANT GATE OF THE HOLY CITY NAMED AFTER THE MOST IMPORTANT TRIBE--JUDAH!--And I think that picture's apt to do us a lot more good where we are[DELETED]! The Jews are going to maybe even get interested when they see that big picture & see it says "Judah". [DELETED] I have an idea that the Lord's going to use that with a lot of Jews to show them we don't hate [DELETED] Jews. We don't hate any Jews, we just love the Lord & He was a Jew & the Bible was Jewish & His first chosen people were all Jewish. So we've got a lot to be thankful for! Like Paul says, we have much to thank the Jews for. Unto them were first committed the oracles of God & through them came the Messiah. (Rom.3:1,2) So we shouldn't be completely down on the Jews.
       40. WHEN I'M [EDITED: "CRITICIZING"] JEWS, I'M TALKING ABOUT THE MODERNISTIC, ATHEISTIC, [DELETED] JEWS, PARTICULARLY JEWISH LEADERS OF THIS WORLD TODAY who are promoting everything against Christ & are going to promote the Antichrist, the ones who are bringing the World to destruction! They're going to pretend to save the World at first, but they're going to actually bring it almost to the very edge of the abyss of destruction!
       41. SO OLD TESTAMENT PEOPLE ARE DIVIDED INTO TWO GROUPS, YOU COULD SAY SAVED & UNSAVED, FAITHFUL & UNFAITHFUL, BELIEVERS & UNBELIEVERS, BUT GENERALLY SPEAKING ALONG ETHNIC LINES, JEWS & GENTILES.--But not all Jews were saved, neither were all Gentiles unsaved. But most of those saved in those days were Jews. God had to pick out somebody to carry the Message & do the job, & they did it to a certain point, to a certain extent. They did it probably about as faithfully at least as the churches are doing it today, which isn't too good! He knew they weren't perfect & He knew they weren't going to do the best job in the World, but at least that was better than nobody! He had to have somebody, & thank God for the faithful ones, the believers, the saved & the faithful Prophets & those who did carry the Truth & carry the ball through those many generations, thank the Lord, & finally brought us Jesus the Messiah, as well as the Bible!
       42. PLEASE, IF WE'RE NOT CONSTANTLY READING SCRIPTURES, DON'T KEEP THAT LIGHT ON. I know some of you maybe were checking on your notes to find some of these answers, but I'm trying to find out what you know up here (Points to head) & not just in your notes! This we hope will stick with you! Notes are here & gone, & I discarded many batches of notes, long gone! I don't have any of my college notes left, I don't have any of my preacher or pastor notes left, or hardly any. I have 2 or 3 little cards still sticking in my Bible with a few notes. But all those notes & papers, like paper currency, are long gone! But what I've got up here (head) & here (heart) has stuck & it's still here, & that's what I'm passing on to you! And thank God for this (the Bible), it's on paper, but it has been well preserved. PTL!

       43. SO THIS PERIOD NOW, WHAT WE CALL THE AGE OF GRACE, WILL LAST FROM WHEN TO WHEN? Were you listening? You'd better listen, 'cause I'm apt to be asking you a question about it! The Age of Grace as it's known, some people call it the Christian period, will last from when to when? (Fam: From Jesus' death to the Second Coming.)--Jesus' death till our Resurrection. Praise God?--From the Crucifixion to the Rapture! That's the Age of Grace in which we're now living. It doesn't mean the end of God's Grace, it doesn't mean the last of God's Ages of Grace, because the whole Millennial Period will be another Age of Grace!--For whom? (Fam: The people who weren't saved during this time.)--All of them? For all the people who weren't saved? You've got to be a little more specific about that. (Fam: Just those who lived on into the Millennium.) Yes, all those who are spared & went into the Millennium. I know you mean that, but you've got to be real specific.
       44. WE'RE CATEGORISING & CLASSIFYING PEOPLE IN DIFFERENT GROUPS & DENOMINATIONS, SO TO SPEAK. That word "denominations" has come to be applied just to religious groups, but a denomination can also mean the value of the bills you've got in your pocket, a one, a five, a ten or a hundred. Of course, nobody here has any bills in their pocket, because you're here in class right now! Denomination means a naming of a certain specific group. So we're denominating these groups, or naming them.
       45. SO WHAT TWO GROUPS ARE ALIVE TODAY? (FAM: THE SAVED & THE UNSAVED.)--Right! The Christians & the non-Christians. Well, Christians is a little too broad a term because nearly all the church people consider themselves Christians, whereas I believe the vast majority of them are not even saved. So I think your safest term is Saved & Unsaved. Have you got that down? Nail it down so we'll remember! Today in the Age of Grace, the so-called Christian period, we have the Saved & the Unsaved. And what two groups do we have in the Millennium? (Fam: The Millennial Saints & the Millennial Rebels.) That's a tongue twister!
       46. AND WHAT TWO GROUPS WILL BE IN THE FINAL RESURRECTION OF ALL THE DEAD AT THE GREAT WHITE THRONE JUDGEMENT? (Fam: The Spared & the Damned.) Biblically speaking, who? (Fam: Those written in the Book of Life & those not in the Book of Life.) The Spared & the Damned is sort of our translation, our interpretation, but you can make it Scriptural by saying those in the Book of Life & those not. But to make it clear, then say the Spared & the Damned, or the Living & the Dead. Technically the Damned are dead because it's called the Second Death when they're cast into Hell, the Lake of Fire! He says, "This is the Second Death," so they are dead! (Rev.20:14)
       47. MILLIONS NOW LIVING ARE ALREADY DEAD, BUT MILLIONS NOW LIVING ALSO WILL NEVER DIE! Praise God! There are a few good things about the Jehovah's Witnesses! They thought up quite a few very interesting things & there are quite a few things they teach that are the Truth. I don't agree with this business of casting everybody out of a group or denomination just because there are a few little things in there that you don't believe, & saying, "They're all of the Devil & they're all going to Hell & they're all wrong because they don't believe exactly like I do!" My goodness, there are millions of Christians in the World today who don't believe exactly like I do, but I don't say they're all going to Hell just because they don't believe all the Truth God's revealed to us!--Right? So I'm just reviewing again trying to get this into your heads so you'll never forget it!
       48. OF THE MILLIONS WHO WILL BE RAISED FROM THE DEAD AT THE TIME OF THE GREAT WHITE THRONE JUDGEMENT & DIVIDED INTO THOSE TWO CLASSES, WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN TO THOSE IN THE BOOK OF LIFE? (Fam: They're going to live on the New Earth.)--And I'm sure they are going to be saved eventually. How could they live there without getting saved? It's hard to believe there are going to be any rebels there, but according to the 22nd Chapter of Revelation there are going to be some pretty bad characters still around, or at least they used to be bad. It talks about liars & whoremongers & all kinds of terrible people who are going to be outside the City! (Rev.22:15) Well, haven't you all been liars & whoremongers & whatnot at some time or other? That includes all of us, if you want to tell the truth! And God saved you, didn't He? So why shouldn't He save them?--Outside the City!
       49. OH BOY, THE PREACHERS CAN RUN THAT INTO THE GROUND, IN FACT THEY RUN IT INTO THE GROUND CLEAR TO HELL, that "those outside doesn't mean they're on the New Earth, no no, that means in the Lake of Fire in the heart of Hell!"--It doesn't say so! It says outside the City! And outside the City doesn't imply in the heart of the Earth in the Lake of Fire, but outside the City!--Right? So I believe they're going to be saved. I don't see how they could be living on that beautiful perfect Earth, Paradise, & not be saved!--Especially when we have the Leaves of Healing to apply to them & heal them with. I don't think there's any sign that anybody who gets through that far is not going to be saved eventually! PTL!

       50. AS THE LORD REVEALS MORE & MORE TO US I'm beginning to be inclined more & more to believe that those cast into the Lake of Fire, into Hell, whose smoke ascends forever & ever, doesn't necessarily mean they're going to be tormented forever. Once upon a time I followed the teachings of others & believed in the complete doctrine of Universal Reconciliation, some of whose extremists even believe the Devil's going to get saved eventually. But I'm becoming more & more inclined to believe the Seventh-day Adventist Doctrine of Annihilation.
       51. "GOODNESS GRACIOUS, DAD, WHAT ARE YOU, ANYHOW? You're part Mormon, part Seventh-day Adventist, part Jehovah's Witness, part this, part that!"--Well, sure! I took the best out of all these religions & made the perfect religion! Hallelujah! I mean, if they've got Truth in'm, I take that Truth! I choose the good & eschew the evil! Just because they have a few strange doctrines I don't go for doesn't mean they're all wrong or all bad, praise the Lord?
       52. BUT SOME OF THESE PEOPLE--LIKE THE ANTICHRIST & HIS FALSE PROPHET & HIS ANTICHRIST PEOPLE THAT TOOK THE MARK OF THE BEAST & THE DEVIL HIMSELF & ALL THE HORRIBLE MONSTERS OF HISTORY--ARE AMONGST THOSE "BRUTE BEASTS CREATED TO BE DESTROYED!" That verse gets me, I can't get around it! You look it up, it's in the Epistles. (2Pet.2:12) "Brute beasts created to be destroyed!" That's what God's Word says! And if they're destroyed, that doesn't say that they're going to live in Hell for thousands of years & then finally be let out or even tormented forever, it says destroyed! So that's the Seventh-day Adventist Doctrine of Annihilation, as the other Protestants call it. The only difference between them & us is that we believe that some of the people now in Purgatory are going to be punished for awhile & then get out, like the Catholics. See, I believe partly like the Catholics too! I'm a little bit of everything, the best of everything! Hallelujah! TYL!

       53. I'M TRYING TO REVIEW AGAIN & GET ALL THESE THINGS STRAIGHT IN YOUR HEAD & GET ALL THESE BEADS ON THE STRING IN THE PROPER ORDER! PTL? So our major subject of this whole series that we're dealing with now, besides covering all these other subjects, is this third group of people, this middle group, who though not saved, are spared! Let's call those the Spared, those who are spared throughout the Tribulation, the Wrath of God, Armageddon & into the Millennium. The Angel calls them the Blessed in the last Chapter of Daniel. (Dan.12:12) If they live until such-&-such a day, that long, He says they're going to be blessed, because it means that they have lived past the end of the Battle of Armageddon into the Millennium! They're the Blessed, that's another good name for them, or the Spared.
       54. THESE PEOPLE--THE BLESSED, THE SPARED--ARE A GROUP WHO HAVE NEVER BEEN REALLY DEFINED OR DESCRIBED, MUCH LESS HARDLY EVEN NOTICED BY THE PREACHERS & THE TEACHERS OF ESCHATOLOGY & BIBLE PROPHECY. They wind up making you think the Saved are the only ones alive during the Millennium, if they believe in the Millennium at all! So I wonder who in the World they think they're ruling over? If we the Saved, we the Raptured, we the Resurrected, we the Saints of the Lord already are going to be ruling over somebody on Earth during the Millennium, there has to be somebody else here besides us! It's just that simple, like an algebraic equation! If we know one factor & that's us, the Saved, & yet there's an unknown factor, the "X" factor who are not saved, & yet they're living with us through the Millennium & being ruled over by us, then who are they?--That's our major subject! And why are we stressing this particular subject? (Fam: We haven't covered it so well before.) That's for sure, but I don't do it just for that reason. (Fam: Would it be for witnessing, to encourage them?)
       55. I WOULDN'T ENCOURAGE PEOPLE TOO MUCH THAT YOU'RE WITNESSING TO THAT THEY'RE GOING TO BE ONE OF THE SPARED! They're having their chance right then & there while you're witnessing to'm & they don't deserve another chance! People who are getting witnessed to now, if they reject it, I haven't got any faith that they're going to be amongst those Spared that go through the Tribulation! (Fam: Wow!) That's a surprise? You should have understood that from all of our terminology already! But see how these things don't quite fit & click together until you begin to be specific?
       56. I DON'T THINK ANY OF THESE PEOPLE THAT YOU'RE WITNESSING TO NOW ARE GOING TO BE SPARED, THEY DON'T DESERVE IT! THEY'VE HAD THEIR CHANCE! If they don't take it at least before Jesus comes, they're left behind & that's it! If they've already had the Gospel, already heard about Jesus, already had a chance at Salvation & they reject it, they don't deserve another chance at all! People who are spared through the Tribulation, the Wrath of God & the Battle of Armageddon into the Millennium, those Spared, what have I said about them? (Fam: They didn't have a first chance.) They never had a chance to get saved, they never heard the Gospel, they never heard about Jesus, or if they did, they didn't understand Salvation. They never got witnessed to!
       57. DON'T TELL ME WE'RE GOING TO ENCOURAGE ANY PEOPLE WE'RE WITNESSING TO NOW BY TELLING THEM, "Well, if you don't do it now, if you don't take our witness now, don't worry about it, live like Hell, serve the Devil & God will give you another chance in the Millennium!"--Nothing doing!--Never! They'll never have another chance! They're damned & doomed forever, now! Millions now living are already dead! The minute you give them their first witness, if they don't accept it, at least accept it before Jesus comes, they are dead already!--Dead & damned & doomed forever!--No other chance! They'll not get another second chance, they'll not be spared into the Millennium, they'll not get another chance in the Millennium, they'll not get another chance at the Great White Throne Judgement, they've had their chance!
       58. DON'T TALK ABOUT PEOPLE THAT YOU'RE WITNESSING TO, THAT YOU'RE GOING TO GIVE THEM ANY ENCOURAGEMENT BY THAT!--NO! I mean, that's an easy mistake to make, Honey. These people probably would have said the same thing & gotten mixed up. People who are having their chance now will never have another chance--NEVER!--Not in any period hereafter! They had their chance now & forever! And they had better take it now or they're God-damned lost & doomed to Hell forever!--Even if it's completely burning up in annihilation, they're gone!
       59. MAYBE SOME TIME I'M GOING TO BE AT A PLACE LIKE TSC AGAIN WHERE I CAN YELL SO LOUD IT DOESN'T MATTER IF THEY HEAR ME CLEAR TO MINGUS! Our music was so loud there, our band used to play so loud that you could hear them three miles away, all the way to Mingus! They always knew when we were having a red-hot hoedown! It takes a Texan to laugh at that, to know what a hoedown is! That's a real great old barn dance or Western square dance, a real hoedown! And boy, those cowboys can dance rough, they really ride the buckin' broncos when they're dancing, cowgirls too!
       60. BUT DON'T GET THE IDEA THAT ANYBODY YOU'RE WITNESSING TO TODAY IS EVER GOING TO HAVE ANY OTHER CHANCE, PERIOD--NEVER! This is their last chance! Even if it's their first chance, it'll be their last one! The only people who are going to be spared into the Millennium & be given a chance there are the people who are having their first chance & have never had any other chance, never heard the Gospel, never knew Jesus' Love, never understood Salvation, maybe never even heard of Christ! And that means millions of people in the World in the depths of jungles & wildernesses of this World! So don't encourage people you're witnessing to that they're going to have another chance!--Not on your life!
       61. BUT BY TELLING YOU THAT THERE ARE MILLIONS OF PEOPLE, WHOLE NATIONS & RELIGIONS WHO ARE GOING TO BE SPARED BY GOD INTO THE MILLENNIUM, WHO AM I ENCOURAGING? (Fam: Us?)--Us! Right!--Why? Why does that encourage us? (Fam: To know that we're not going to be able to reach everybody personally.) That's one way to look at it, that there are millions of people who never heard, whom God is going to give a chance even though we can't reach them during this dispensation. That's an encouragement to us to know that the people we don't manage to reach, God is still going to give a chance to. Of course, they're not going to be in exactly the same category right away & they're going to have to go through a lot of things before they can reach our status, in a sense.
       62. BUT YOU HIT IT RIGHT ON THE HEAD, HONEY, I AM TRYING TO ENCOURAGE YOU! For what particular reason did this whole study start? (Fam: Was it for fleeing into the Wilderness?)--Exactly! Why am I telling you about these people?--Millions of people, nations of people, whole religions of people, all the A-ACs who will be doing what? (Fam: They'll be fighting against the Antichrist.) Many of them will be our friends! They will be helping to hide us & feed us & help us in the Wilderness! Isn't that encouraging? I don't think it's too big a point to be encouraged too much about them being in the Millennium, although it's encouraging to know that they will be fairly good & receptive people in the Millennium.
       63. BUT I'M NOT GOING TO WAIT FOR THE MILLENNIUM TO ENCOURAGE YOU, I WANT TO ENCOURAGE YOU RIGHT NOW!--Because maybe the hard times & the hard years are going to begin next year, maybe this year! Maybe the Rapture is only a little over three years away! I want to let you know that you're not going to be the only ones who don't like the Antichrist! You're not going to be the only ones who are going to resist the Antichrist & his Mark of the Beast! You're not going to be the only ones who are going to be martyred & have to try to flee & get away from him! There are going to be whole nations, whole religions, millions of people who are not going to flee, they've got no place to flee! They're not the Saved, they don't have the Mark of God, but neither do they have the Mark of the Beast. They're going to be your friends & helpers!
       64. MAYBE THAT'S WHAT THAT "REGISTRATION DREAM" WAS THAT I HAD WHERE WE WERE FLEEING INTO THE WOODS & THOSE PEOPLE WERE HELPING US! (No.333C) They weren't even saved people, they were just good people that were helping us. I think Mommy made love to the guy. They were helping us, although they were not even one of us. I've had lots of dreams like that where there were people who were helping us who were not even one of us, much less saved, but they were helping us & we were being helped, sheltered, fed, clothed, protected & hidden by these people.
       65. SO THAT IS THE MAIN THEME OF OUR SUBJECT, THE FRIENDS WE WILL HAVE! They may not all be friends, some may still hate you, but amongst them will be many friends who will protect you & feed you in the Wilderness. God's Word is very specific about it!--Well, specific enough for me in the 12th Chapter of Revelation where the Church flees into the Wilderness where it says she'll be fed & nourished & protected for 3-1/2 years! (Rev.12:6) There it is in actual numbers, specific! Well, what do you think? Do you think God is just going to do all this by dropping manna out of Heaven again? Well, He could, but you couldn't be very well hidden by the manna. And what's the Wilderness, where is it? And who's going to do this protecting? Who's going to hide you & feed you?--The nations of the Earth who are resisting the Antichrist, many of whom though not actually saved, are nominal Christians, professing Muslims, even diligently worshipping Jews, those who are A-ACs by religion!
       66. I THINK THERE ARE ALSO GOING TO BE A SMALL REMNANT OF THE JEWS--we're going to read about them later--who are going to turn against the Antichrist & realise he's not their messiah & will not receive the Mark of the Beast! And I think there will probably be millions of Muslims who hate idolatry! I'll tell you, the minute he puts up that Idol in the Temple grounds, I think probably most of them are going to turn against him!
       67. HE FIGHTS WAR AFTER WAR AFTER WAR WITH HIS ENEMIES!--WHO ARE THESE ENEMIES? We're his enemies & he's certainly our enemy, but not all the real Christians in the World put together are big enough & strong enough to fight whole wars with the Antichrist! There may be a few so-called Christian nations who will rise up & fight wars with him, like so-called Christian America, & even more Christian Latin America or Spain or maybe even Italy, although sometimes their Christianity is somewhat in question. But I think there are going to be whole Christian nations, Muslim nations & maybe even a few [DELETED] nations like the U.S.A. and Europe who are going to fight against him!
       68. WHY ELSE WOULD HE WANT TO DESTROY AMERICA, BABYLON, THE WHORE, UNLESS SHE'S FIGHTING AGAINST HIM? SO THERE'S A LITTLE BIT OF HOPE FOR AMERICA! Some of you who have parents, friends & loved ones there, there's not much hope for them by the time the Atom War comes, but at least it looks like in the long run they're going to by-&-large resist the Antichrist & fight against him. So it looks like the U.S. is going to be one of the nations where they're eventually going to find resistance against his System, although not necessarily at first. During the first 3-1/2 years it looks like nearly everybody cooperates with him! It looks like he's their only salvation, the only solution to their economic problems, the great famine & wars & all the rest. Maybe even we'll cooperate with him, because it's the government of the World & it's bringing peace & solving problems--the power!

       69. YOU CAN COOPERATE WITH ANY SYSTEM, ANY GOVERNMENT, GOD'S WORD SAYS SO & TEACHES SO, UNTIL WHAT POINT? (Fam: Until they try to stop you from preaching the Gospel.) Until they do one of two things or both of them. What's the other one? (Fam: Ask you to deny Christ.)--Exactly! Until they ask you to deny your faith & stop witnessing. Now that doesn't mean you should just get out on every street corner in Arabia & wave posters & shout "Hallelujah!" & "Jesus Saves!" That doesn't mean you're always supposed to have absolute freedom to witness.
       70. BUT WE NOW HAVE HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE IN SOME COUNTRIES WHO ARE WITNESSING SECRETLY, QUIETLY, PERSONALLY & have disciples & groups of disciples & kings who are heavily supporting them & who are blessing them & whom God is blessing with Salvation, even though it is against the law in some of those countries to even preach Christ! It is definitely against the law in some Arabic countries to do what they call proselytise or get'm converted from Islam to Christianity. It's against the law to try to convert the Jews in Israel as well. We found this out when we were there, it's a dangerous place to live! You're not allowed to talk to a child of 16 years of age or under about any other religion but his own! The Devil thinks once he's got'm till they're 16, he's got'm for good!
       71. BUT JUST BECAUSE IT'S AGAINST THE LAW DOESN'T MEAN YOU CAN'T GET AWAY WITH IT IF YOU'RE CAREFUL, WISE & DISCREET! Even during the height of the Tribulation we're going to be witnessing, because it says "they of understanding shall instruct many!" (Dan.11:33) I believe they're going to come to you asking for help, asking how to be saved, asking what's going to happen! "You know the Future, you know the Truth!" "And they which do know their God shall do exploits!" (Dan.11:32) Praise God?
       72. SO I AM TRYING TO ENCOURAGE YOU WITH THE NEWS THAT YOU ARE NOT ALONE! And during the horrible days to come, during the days of even the Tribulation itself, you will not be alone! Christians will not be alone in this Earth in resisting the Antichrist. Christians will not be alone in fleeing from the Antichrist & hiding from the Antichrist. You will be fed, sheltered, hidden & helped by nations where there are still millions who have rejected the Antichrist & have not accepted the Mark of the Beast!--Many of whom, if they have never heard the Gospel, not even from you, will be amongst the Spared who will be allowed to live on into the Millennium!
       73. BUT I HOPE WE GOT THAT POINT STRAIGHTENED OUT: NOBODY THAT'S EVER HAD A WITNESS OF THE GOSPEL, NOBODY THAT'S EVER HEARD HOW TO BE SAVED, IS EVER GOING TO HAVE ANOTHER CHANCE! They might have, but they don't deserve another chance, & God doesn't have to spare'm to give'm another chance in the Millennium or any time! So you'd better warn that person you're witnessing to, "This may be your last chance! It may be the first time you've heard the Gospel & how to get saved, but it could be the last time & you don't deserve any other chance!"
       74. FROM THAT TIME ON THEIR TIME IS ALWAYS READY! God could kill'm any time if they have turned & hardened their hearts permanently against the Gospel & really rejected Jesus Christ completely & He knows there's no more hope for them at all, He could slaughter them any time! Just like Jesus told the Scribes & the Pharisees, "Ye do always resist the Holy Ghost! Your time is always ready!" (Acts 7:51; Jn.7:6) People were asking Him, "What was the matter with those people on whom the Tower of Siloam fell & had this big disaster, what did they do to deserve it?" blah blah! No doubt it was the Scribes & the Pharisees, His critics & His rejecters, His persecutors & finally His killers that were asking it. Because He turned around & said, "Your time is always ready! You could be killed any minute! Your number is always up!" (Luk.13:2-5)
       75. IN MANY CATHOLIC NATIONS where we've been such as Portugal & Spain & perhaps some of the South American countries, & I've heard this of the Arabic countries, they are largely what is known as fatalists. They think they cannot die, they cannot be killed, nothing can happen to them until their number comes up, as they call it. As the guy used to say in the war, "Unless your number is on that bullet, it's not going to kill you!--Unless your number comes up!"
       76. LET ME TELL YOU, THERE ARE MILLIONS OF PEOPLE ALIVE RIGHT NOW TODAY WHOSE NUMBER & WHOSE TIME IS ALREADY UP! They can be killed & slaughtered at any moment according to the will of God! Don't go for that kind of fatalism! Only the true Christian believer, only the true believer in Jesus Christ, the genuinely saved, born-again believer can claim promises like that. The Lord promised me a long time ago through the mouth of a famous Prophetess, even someone other than my Mother, "You will not be cut off before your time." God has a set time for me to die!--That is, if I don't disobey & do something wrong & rush it up! I could take my number & kind of push it forward if I don't watch out!
       77. IF YOU GET OUT OF THE WILL OF GOD, IF YOU DISOBEY THE LORD, THEN HE'S GOT NO OBLIGATION TO KEEP YOU UNTIL YOUR NUMBER'S UP! You may tempt God to pop your number up any minute if you don't behave, if you don't follow the Lord, if you don't obey His will. Your number could be up any time. Backsliders like Deborah & some of them who have gone back, as much as they have known & as much Truth as they have had, their time is always ready! Her number is up now, God could take her any time, whenever He's through with her, whatever it is. Maybe He's giving her a last chance to repent. I think maybe some of our backsliders who have become bitter enemies, one of these days when they see the things begin to happen that we have prophesied & that we have told them the Lord has said & they begin to realise that what we have preached is the Truth, I believe many of them are going to begin believing again & turn back to us again, & they're already doing it!--Right?
       78. WE HAVE GOTTEN BACK HUNDREDS OF BACKSLIDERS ALREADY! They thought that things would be great if they'd return to the swinepit, they wouldn't have to follow the dictates of Dad any more, they could go back & have their freedom & not have to be missionaries & suffer on the mission field, they could go back & get a good job, buy a nice house, a new car & all these new gadgets they've got & live in luxury! They're already beginning to find out it didn't work, it didn't pay! They put their money into a bag with holes in it & God did blow upon it & it came to nought! (Hag.1:6) They're already realising they have left the Father's house & are in the swinepit under the Enemy & at his mercy, which is none! They're already finding the way of the transgressor is hard & they are returning to the Lord & to the Family & to His will & some even to the mission field!--And others who perhaps have gone back too far & think they can't make it at least are supporting missionaries.
       79. WE HAVE HAD BACKSLIDERS RETURNING TO THE FAMILY BY THE HUNDREDS, & THE BEGINNING OF THAT WAS WIM, YEARS AGO WHEN I PUT OUT THAT APPEAL. We used to be so dogmatic, extremist & fanatical, & especially some of our Chain people, etc., believed that anybody that didn't drop everything & join the Family right then & there was damned forever! That was it! Well, lots of people are saved that don't belong in the Family. They just don't understand us & our doctrines, they've been taught another way all their lives & they just can't believe that you could have such freedom & that you could believe such things as we do. But they truly love Jesus, are born-again, saved & are going to go up in the Rapture!--Or they're going to die & be saved, whatever.
       80. YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE EXACTLY LIKE US, YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE TO BE IN THE FAMILY TO BE A CHRISTIAN, TO BE SAVED, TO BE RAPTURED! There are millions of people, I believe, with all my heart, that are already saved throughout the World today! We are just one special select elect group! I used to call us the SS Troops, the Storm Troopers of Christianity, in fact our enemies used to call us that too! We are the elite! I believe it! We are special! I think we have more Truth, more liberty, more freedom--at least amongst ourselves--know more about the Future & have a better picture of what's happening & what's going to happen than any of them! We are chosen, especially chosen above all to try to reveal all this Truth to the rest of God's Family, to the rest of the World, to the Christians!--And I am sorry to say that even the born-again, saved, so-called Christians themselves have been the first to reject it & refuse to believe it! So it's going to be their loss.
       81. BUT WHEN IT BEGINS TO HAPPEN & THE TRIBULATION COMES BEFORE JESUS, ALL OF A SUDDEN THEY'RE GOING TO SEE IT & THEN THEY'RE GOING TO HAVE TO BELIEVE IT! "Well, Father David wasn't so wrong after all about believing that the Tribulation & the Antichrist were going to come before Christ comes!" That was one of our big points of difference in the beginning. They're going to believe a lot of other things too when they see what's happening & they see how the Lord is blessing us, how we're surviving & how we are continuing to be a witness no matter what, somehow! PTL?
       82. SO WHY AM I TEACHING THIS SPECIAL COURSE NOW ON THIS THIRD GROUP OF PEOPLE THAT THE PREACHERS IGNORED & THE CHURCHES IGNORED? They probably ignored it because they don't even know it exists, & yet it's there as plain as day! If we're going to be ruling over people in the Millennium, they're going to have to survive into the Millennium if they're not saved! Therefore, if they're in existence by the millions & by nations who fight the Antichrist, as is very evident in the prophecies, then they're going to be here, & there are going to be millions of them, whole nations & religions with whom you are going to hide & live & work & teach & cause to understand! "For they of understanding shall instruct many, & they which do know their God shall do exploits!" (Dan.11:32-33) Hallelujah! TYJ! Praise God! That's why I'm telling you, that's what it's all about! Well, that's enough for today.

       83. TODAY I CAME EARLY. I thought, "Well, if I get there 15 minutes early & we get the praises & the prayers & the introductions over, I'll be able to open the Bible & dig into these Scriptures that I want to talk about!"--But this is what the Lord had for you today, to make it a little clearer each time, to wipe a little more smoke off the glass. "For now we see through a glass darkly, but then face to face." (1Cor.13:12)
       84. I THINK WE'RE ALREADY BEGINNING TO SEE FACE TO FACE! God is already revealing to us the things that He has stored up for us! Look at this exclusive story He's given us on Heaven & the marvels of the Future! There are no people on this Earth so blessed with so much information & so much knowledge & so much liberty & so much freedom & so much happiness, so much fellowship! I don't think there's another people on this Earth that have got as much as you have & we have! I believe it! At least if there were, I've never seen them or found them, & I was looking for 50 years! Since I didn't find them I decided, "Well, I'll just have to believe that way myself no matter what!"--And then I found out that a few other people could be persuaded to believe that way too! The hippies were ripe & ready for it!
       85. THE CHURCHES REJECTED US! The professing Christians & churches, even the most spiritual--the Pentecostals, Fundamentalists & Evangelicals--rejected us one after the other, time after time, till finally our name was mud amongst the Christians & the churches! But the common people heard us gladly! (Mark 12:37) The drunks & the harlots & the publicans & the sinners took us in with open arms! The drugsters, the criminals & the hippies received us! And I think by the time all these things start happening, a lot of Christians are going to receive us, a lot of church people who have been sort of undecided are going to believe then & receive us & help protect us!
       86. BUT SINCE MOST OF THESE CHRISTIANS HAVE ALREADY HAD THEIR CHANCE & HEARD ABOUT US & HEARD OUR DOCTRINES & HARDENED THEIR HEARTS AGAINST US, I have a feeling our greatest reaping of friends & followers & converts is not necessarily going to be any more amongst the Christians in proportion to what it has been today, because they're mostly our enemies. Do you know who I think we're going to really reap then? God's Word says, "The full He hath sent empty away, but He hath filled the hungry heart, the empty heart!" (Luk.1:53)--The worldlings, the people who have nothing to hold onto! They're not saved, they don't have Jesus, they're hungry for love, hungry for answers, hungry for news, hungry to know what's happening & what's going to happen! I think they're going to come running to us in those days for information!--Just like they are today!
       87. THEY ARE RECEIVING THESE POSTERS & OUR NEWS & OUR LITERATURE HUNGRILY, BY THE MILLIONS AROUND THE EARTH, & THEY HAVE BEEN NOW FOR YEARS! Who has received our Message?--Not the churches, very few, not the Christians, very few, not the saved, very few. It has been the World who are not of this World, the hungry, those who are already sheep in the mind of God, those in His mind that are already even saved! But they have nothing today & they're hungry & they want to know & they want Jesus, they want to know how to be saved, they love your love & they beg you for your information! Those are the ones, the same ones who are receiving us today. It's not the churchy Christians, it's not the sects & the cults of churchianity, which includes most Christians, it is the hungry sinners, what the preachers used to call the wicked, the sinners, the drunks, the harlots, the drugsters, the hippies & all of these hungry hearts that are empty! With all they've got, they're empty & hungry & they want to know!
       88. ISN'T THAT THE WAY YOU WERE? EVERY ONE OF YOU HERE WERE ONE OF THEM!--EXCEPT THESE DEAR BLESSED LITTLE JEWELS OF CHILDREN THAT HAVE BEEN BORN IN THE FAMILY! They never really knew what it was to be unsaved, they've been saved almost all their lives! Before the days we knew that we could lead our children to the Lord even when they started to talk at two years of age, little Aaron didn't really make a profession of knowing Jesus & really accepting Christ till he was five. He used to get up before college audiences & say, "I was a wicked, sinful, dirty, filthy, vile sinner until the age of five!"--And they'd all roar because nearly everybody thinks, of course, that children till five are perfectly innocent, perfectly pure, nothing wrong with them. But he knew he'd been a bad boy lots of times & did lots of things wrong, & he was a handful, let me tell you! He had a way of his own & a will of his own!
       89. HE WAS STRONG-WILLED, EVEN MORE STUBBORN THAN HIS SISTER DEBORAH, BUT HE WAS STUBBORN IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION, THANK THE LORD, & when the Lord finally got ahold of him, nothing could stop him, not even death! Thank God!--And he's still going! PTL! But when the Devil finally got ahold of Deborah, it looks like nothing's stopped her yet, but God can stop her & God will! Her number's already up. Unless the Lord for some reason or other--I don't know, maybe the prayers of her Grandmother or something--is sparing her & giving her another chance, chance after chance. In the meantime she's doing a Hell of a lot of damage!
       90. OF COURSE, I DON'T KNOW EVERYTHING LIKE GOD DOES & IT SEEMS TO ME LIKE WE'D BE BETTER OFF IF SOMETHING WOULD HAPPEN TO HER & WIPE HER OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH!--Get rid of her! That doesn't mean I don't love her, she's my own daughter!--And I even believed that she was saved. I'm kind of beginning to wonder about it now, but I'd certainly like to see her saved, wouldn't you? Wouldn't that be a terrible defeat for the Devil? Wouldn't that be a victory for the Lord if she'd repent & come back & refute & recant & deny all those horrible lies that she's told? Wouldn't that be a wonderful victory? Maybe that's what the Lord's waiting for! Maybe she's going to turn back to the Lord & the Family in the Tribulation when she sees it all happening & knows that Dad was right after all & that the Family's the only place to be! PTL! Amen?
       91. WELL, GOD BLESS YOU, THAT WASN'T WHAT I WAS PLANNING TO TALK TO YOU ABOUT AT ALL! I read through all these Scriptures this morning & studied through them & was all prepared! I was going to start right at 12 o'clock exactly, after we prayed & praised the Lord, & start reading them to you. You see where that got me! There's no use in my planning anything, the Lord just takes over & gives you what He knows you need! PTL! TYJ! Hallelujah!
       92. THANK GOD FOR YOU! THANK GOD FOR JESUS! AMEN? THANK THE LORD FOR WHAT HE'S REVEALED TO US, ALL THIS LIGHT, MORE THAN ANY GENERATION HAS EVER HAD! The Lord has said that to us many times! He's revealed more to us than any generation ever had before, because they didn't need to know, they weren't so close to it. Now you're here! You are they upon whom the ends of the Earth are come & it is necessary for you to know what you are going to go through & what's going to happen & to know, not to worry, that it's going to be all right, that the Lord's going to take care of you, praise the Lord?--And that you're going to have lots of friends. Don't worry about it! PTL!
       93. THE THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW, AS WELL AS THE THINGS YOU WANT TO KNOW & THE THINGS YOU REALLY MUST KNOW, GOD IS SHOWING YOU! Praise God?--And that's the reason for this series of studies on these other people who are going to help you during the Tribulation. That's our subject! And I was going to deal specifically today with the Battle of Armageddon--which we believe these people are going to live through--& give you more information specifically on that battle, who's going to be there, what nations, what peoples & what's going to happen.
       94. SO FOR YOUR HOMEWORK, READ EVERYTHING YOU CAN FIND IN THE BIBLE ON THE BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON! It's not mentioned by name, but it's mentioned several times in Revelation. Daniel is the authority on the World Systems & the Antichrist, but oddly enough, he mentions virtually nothing after the Antichrist, almost nothing about the Wrath of God or Armageddon or the Millennium or anything like that. Most of that was left up to John in the Book of Revelation, & most of the Messianic & Millennial prophecies were left up to Isaiah in the Book of Isaiah. But there are chapters, as I've told you before, & be sure you read them.
       95. EZEKIEL 38 & 39 IS ABOUT THE ANTICHRIST & THE BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON, & as I told you already, the last 4 or 5 chapters of Zechariah are details of the Battle of Armageddon, who is spared & who is not! So read'm! Then maybe I won't have to read them to you in class, you'll already know'm! All right! Now what were those passages I recommended? (Fam: Ezekiel 38 & 39 & the last five chapters of Zechariah.)--And all the various mentions of the Battle of Armageddon. Even if it's not named, it's described throughout the Book of Revelation, chapter after chapter mentions it. So see if you can find those Scriptures.
       96. THE WHOLE PURPOSE OF THIS SERIES IS TO TRY TO ENCOURAGE YOU, INSPIRE YOU & COMFORT YOU THAT THINGS ARE NOT GOING TO BE AS BAD AS THEY MAY SEEM!--And tell you about things the preachers never told you because they didn't know anything about them! Maybe it's because they didn't need to know then. Maybe it's only because you're the generation that's going to be here when they happen, that God's revealed them to you. So have a little mercy on them. I learned a lot from them, a lot of good things, but sad to say, they talked mostly about the past all the time.
       97. THEY PREACHED MORE ON THE OLD TESTAMENT THAN THEY DID ON THE NEW, & they talked more about the past & the martyrs of the Christian era & all that sort of thing. They talked almost nothing about the Future, but how could they when they knew very little about it? They didn't even describe the Heavenly City when it's plain as day right there in the Book of Revelation! Think of that! It's almost unbelievable that they never really described it & they never even tried to paint it or anything! Praise God! Well, we'd better hurry up & get through praying here or some of you are going to dance your way to the toilet. GBY! ILY!
       98. HAVE YOU GOTTEN NOW WHAT OUR THEME IS, DO YOU UNDERSTAND?--IT'S ENCOURAGEMENT & INSPIRATION FOR YOU, TO KNOW ALL THESE TRUTHS & KNOW THAT IT'S NOT GOING TO BE AS BAD AS YOU THOUGHT! I don't know, in some ways it might be worse, I'm not going to be too dogmatic about it! Some of you will probably have to give your lives for the Lord.--But so what? That's not worse, that's better!--Amen? Some of you may wish you could die one of these days, but you've still got a job to do for the Lord. Maybe there have been times in your life when you got discouraged & had so many problems & troubles that you wished you could die! When some people got our pictures of Heaven they began to think so much about Heaven they wanted to die! Now don't quit on us yet, we've got lots of work to do! PTL? Let's pray the prayer the Lord taught us to pray: (Prays the Lord's Prayer)
       99. GOD BLESS YOU ALL! ILY! LORD BLESS & KEEP YOU & GIVE YOU A GOOD DAY! PTL! XXXXXXX! Oh my, we've got some beautiful women up-&-coming here! (To Mary Dear:) You too, you little rascal! You're not very beautiful yet, but you're sure funny! TYL! Thank You Jesus for these wonderful beauties! We've got Heaven already & angels! Have you all noticed how Maria is filling out & getting a better figure all the time!--A nice little round stomach! She's beautiful! Don't be afraid to fill out, girls, just don't fill out too much! Some of you have already reached the limit! The more there is, the more there is to love! TYJ!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family