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DREAM OF ANCIENT MALTA!        DO 2147        8/76

       1. WE WERE IN THE NORTH ON A LITTLE ISLAND, & SOMEHOW I KNEW IT WAS MALTA. But the funny part of it was, it was nothing at all like Malta. We were on the north side of the island, & I looked down at a map, & was saying, "Are you sure this is Malta?" I looked down at this map, & sure enough, there was Valletta, on the south side of the island. I don't know whether Valletta is on the south side of the island or not, but anyhow, it was on this map.
       2. IT WAS ONE OF THOSE REAL ANCIENT MAPS, one of those real old antique maps, where you see the word Valletta printed down by the city at the bottom, very old. Maybe that was the way it used to be. It was all covered with forests, beautiful trees, very beautiful, & old, old inns along the road, & things like that.
       3. IT WAS THE STRANGEST THING, BUT ALL THE PEOPLE WERE ALMOST LIKE DWARVES! They were all quite short, very short, & they were all dressed in old-time costumes. They were real old, sort of peasant costumes, sort of poor. But they were all rather strange looking--they were all sort of like the same, like they were all intermarried or something. They were all very similar, small, stocky, heavy-set, but very short. They were really unusually short, like none of them were over five feet tall, maybe four-&-a-half or five feet tall, with all these ancient costumes on, as we went along.
       4. WE MUST HAVE BEEN IN SOME KIND OF VEHICLE, I don't know what it was. If it was that long ago, it must have been some kind of carriage or something. We were clear up near the northern side of the island. The people would look at us rather strangely as we passed by, like they were almost fearful of us, like they were curious, but were a real backward, timid people, & they would look at us like some real backward foreign people would. As we passed by, they'd look like they were almost afraid to look, looking up in fear.
       5. I DON'T KNOW WHY, BUT IT SEEMED LIKE THERE WAS A BORDER THERE TO ANOTHER COUNTRY, up topside of the island. I wonder if the island was ever divided? But there was just a little corner up there that was some other kind of country, where you couldn't cross the border. So we turned around & started coming southward, I think.
       6. FUNNY THING, BUT MY MOTHER SEEMED TO HAVE BEEN WITH ME. She sometimes acts like a guide, a spirit guide, & she was showing us around. Then it was like she said, "Well, now I've shown you the island. I'm staying up here & going." So we were returning south, I guess. I was thinking, "For this kind of travel, it sure would be nice to have the Cruiser", but apparently we didn't.
       7. THESE STRANGE PEOPLE!--IT WAS ALMOST LIKE WE WERE TAKING A TOUR IN THE PAST! It was almost like taking a trip back in the spirit world, it was a little bit like it was in the Green Door. (See #262) They looked at us so strangely, like, "Who are these strange-looking strangers?", almost a little fearfully. They'd go about their business, & look at us like that, like a side glance, like they didn't want to get caught looking at us. And the fact that my Mother was there, of course, makes it turn into a spirit trip.
       8. IT SURE WAS MALTA, THAT'S FOR SURE! I knew we were visitors. So I don't know whether it was going backward in time...it was so different from what I have heard about!--Beautiful forests, there was an old wood-cutter chopping wood, people tending flocks, & all these ancient costumes. I thought, "Are you sure this is Malta?" They said, "Yes, here it is on this map." They showed me this very ancient map, from hundreds of years ago. "Here it is, & there's Valletta right down there, the capital." Well, maybe that's where it used to be, it could be.
       9. I CAN REMEMBER THINKING, "IF THIS ISLAND (TENERIFE) DOESN'T SOFTEN TO HEAR THE WORD, & tempts the Word of the Lord, it could become a desert like Malta!" That's the thing I thought about when I began to wake up. But Malta used to be a beautiful place. It was definitely like a trip back in time. Very strange--I mean, they were looking at us almost like they were seeing ghosts! That's about all I could get out of that one! (Maybe future?--Millennium?)

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