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PROOF IT'S THE ENDTIME!       DO 2150       2/85
--Review of Ezekiel 38, History of the Jews, Murmuring, [DELETED] & Sodomy!       ET #33

       1. DOES EVERYBODY REMEMBER WHAT BOOK WE'RE STUDYING? (FAM: EZEKIEL.) And what Chapter were we studying last time? (Fam: 38.) And what Chapter did you read for homework? (Fam: 39.)--I hope you did! By the way, did you notice the position of this portion of Scripture, Ezekiel 38 & 39? They're immediately after what Chapter? (Fam: 37!) Almost anybody could have answered that one!--Ha! You missed your golden opportunity, Kids! What Chapter is Chapter 38 & 39 after? ([EDITED: "Fam:"] 37!)--Right! And what's Chapter 37 about? (Fam: David.) It's about David, the Shepherd of the Last Days, that he was going to regather the sheep. And then immediately after that--& you can take it somewhat chronologically if you want to--come these huge events of the End. Armageddon, of course, does not come immediately after me, at least I hope not, but I think the juxtaposition of the two is somewhat significant, don't you?--Both events of the Endtime.

       2. WELL, LET'S SEE WHAT YOU LEARNED FROM CHAPTER 38, BECAUSE THERE'S NO USE GOING TO EZEKIEL 39 UNLESS YOU REALLY KNOW CHAPTER 38. I'm going to ask you a few questions & you can just answer together, Class. What's the name of Russia in this passage? (Fam: Magog.) What's the name of the Antichrist? (Fam: Gog.) What two cites of Russia are named here by their old names? (Fam: Meshech & Tubal.) And those are what two modern cities of Russia? (Fam: Moscow & Tobolsk.)--You're learning! And five specific countries are mentioned as joining with the Antichrist in this great battle.--That's not necessarily all of them because it speaks of "many nations", but it speaks specifically of these nations.
       3. I SOMETIMES WONDER IF PERHAPS THAT'S WHY THE LORD HAS MADE SOME OF THEM PRESERVE THEIR NAMES SO LONG, & maybe that's why He mentioned them here, because He knew that those names would still be in existence when the time came! And that's quite a long time when you think about it, about 2500 years later after this prophecy that this is being fulfilled! So what countries are they? (Fam: Persia.) And what modern country is that today? (Fam: Iran.) Then? (Fam: Ethiopia, Libya, Gomer or Germany, Togarmah or Turkey.)--There you are! Later in other places there are other countries mentioned, but we don't have time to go into that now, you've read those in other passages.
       4. TELL ME THREE WAYS YOU CAN PROVE THAT THIS IS A PROPHECY OF THE ENDTIME & WAS NEVER FULFILLED ANY TIME BEFORE, COULDN'T HAVE BEEN FULFILLED BEFORE THESE MODERN DAYS! Give me three ways to prove it. ([EDITED: "Fam:"] In Verse 8 it says "in the latter days", and in verse 11 it says "unwalled villages".)--Very good! In the latter days of unwalled villages. (Fam: In Verse 14 it says, "In that day when My people of Israel dwelleth safely.") Yes, and it speaks specifically here in the 8th Verse about the Jews being "brought forth out of the nations," something that has not happened until this past century.--Because Israel did not begin to be officially regathered and become a nation again until what date? (Fam: 1948.)

       5. I'LL NEVER FORGET THAT TIME SOME PREACHER OF THE BRETHREN CHURCH IN SANTA BARBARA CALLED ON ME TO SPEAK ON HIS RADIO SHOW. He knew what an enthusiast I was for the Jews & for Israel, & how finally Israel was born again! So he invited me to speak on his radio show on the rebirth of Israel, & boy, I really got enthused & hot & heavy! But goodness, how far can you get on a half-hour show? I think he finally had to take the mike away from me, I was really blasting away!
       6. WHEN DID THE JEWS FIRST BEGIN TO BE SCATTERED THROUGHOUT ALL THE EARTH & THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A REGATHERING SINCE UNTIL MODERN TIMES? What was the last time? That's a tough question. The Jews call it the Greek word "Diaspora," or the dispersion. (Fam: Was it with Nebuchadnezzar in Babylon?) They were taken captive into Babylon for 70 years, but then they were brought back again. Some of you are going to have to really think about this because I don't think I've brought this out before. (Fam: Was it in Jeremiah's time?) Jeremiah predicted their scattering, & then he also predicted specifically their regathering. (Fam: Was it in 70 A.D. when General Titus destroyed Jerusalem?)--You hit the nail on the head, because that was the beginning of the end for the Jews!
       7. WHY DID GOD SEND DOWN GENERAL TITUS TO CRUCIFY ONE MILLION JEWS THROUGHOUT THE LAND OF ISRAEL & ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND JEWS AROUND THE WALLS OF JERUSALEM, & to burn the Temple to the ground & take every stone apart, stone from stone? ([EDITED: "Fam:"]: Because they disobeyed God.) Yes, but what was their crowning crime? Come on, [DELETED] what was the crowning crime of the Jews before God sent down the armies of the Romans to destroy the city & the Temple & the Jews & scatter them, until for awhile there wasn't a Jew left in Israel? [DELETED] Their crowning crime[DELETED]--Crucifixion! [DELETED]
       8. MAYBE THAT'LL HELP YOU REMEMBER THAT AFTER THIS, THEIR CROWNING CRIME WAS THE CRUCIFIXION! "Crowning" means the thing that really finished it off. They crowned Him all right, with what? ([EDITED: "Fam"]: Thorns.) They beat Him, crowned Him with thorns & crucified Him on the cross. Well, that was the last straw as far as God was concerned, & it took 40 years for God to wind up their judgement & to slaughter them, destroy their holy city, their Temple & virtually destroy their religion.
       9. THEY'VE NEVER HAD ANY GENUINE TEMPLE WORSHIP SINCE THEN EVER, ANYWHERE! For 2000 years they have been without a priest, without a Temple, without a sacrifice, without any of those things that God had originally commanded them to have. He wiped it all out completely & made it impossible for them to have any more worship or sacrificial offerings or priesthood or anything, & scattered them throughout the whole Earth into every nation on the face of the Earth. And when was that? (Fam: 70 A.D.)--70 A.D. when God sent the armies of Emperor Vespasian under General Titus down to Israel & Jerusalem.
       10. ROME WAS FINALLY FED UP--VERY MUCH LIKE THE WAY THE ANTICHRIST IS GOING TO BE--JUST FINALLY FED UP WITH ALL THESE REBELLIONS OF THE JEWS, ALWAYS SO CANTANKEROUS & REBELLIOUS & STUBBORN & ORNERY! [DELETED] God was fed up when they crucified His Son, Jesus, but He waited a little while to give them plenty of time to see if they would repent--God is very patient, very merciful--but then they went right ahead in their vilest & most evil & worst sins of all!
       11. WHAT WAS ONE REASON HE HAD TO WAIT THE 40 YEARS BEFORE HE COMPLETELY WIPED OUT JERUSALEM & SCATTERED THE JEWS? (Fam: Because the Christians had to do their job.)--Exactly, the Christian faith had to get a good start. And then also the Jews of that day who did the dirty work [EDITED: "of causing Jesus to be crucified"], if they were even in their 20s or 30s, they could have still been alive when Titus came down. The Jews of that day who did their dirty work had to have time to fill up the cup of their iniquity, not only with the death of Jesus, but who else? (Fam: The Christians.) They hounded the Christians & they sicced the Romans on the Christians. They were themselves responsible for some of the Roman persecutions because they agitated for it.
       12. (FAM: THEY ALSO SAID, "LET HIS BLOOD BE UPON US & UPON OUR CHILDREN!") (Mat. 27:25)--Horrible! Why upon the children?--Because children are like their parents, & these wicked people had wicked children! Think of it! Have you ever seen a wicked child, an evil child, a bad boy or a bad girl that just couldn't seem to do anything right & did everything wrong? Well, we've had a few, not very many in our Family, thank God, certainly none in our Home! I never would have tolerated it. But we've heard of a few here & there, little rotters that were real absolute little hellions, little monsters, allowed to be that way by their own parents because their parents were too lenient & not tough enough on discipline, spoiled them rotten & let them get away with it, until they were just a mess!
       13. SO IF CHILDREN ARE BAD, IT'S LARGELY BECAUSE OF THE SINS OF THE PARENTS. So think of it, the Lord allowed that generation to have children, & by the time Titus came they would have had children's children, grandchildren! And then God allowed to happen to them & their children & their grandchildren what they had done to the Christians & to Jesus & God's Son! They reaped what they sowed, they saw their own children & their grandchildren slaughtered by the Romans! [DELETED] If any of the children were guiltless or innocent, I'm sure the Lord spared them or took them straight to Heaven. [DELETED]
       14. THE LORD HIMSELF BY HIS SPIRIT & BY HIS OWN PREACHING, & BY THE PREACHING OF HIS DISCIPLES, THE APOSTLES, PREACHED THE GOSPEL FAR & WIDE THROUGHOUT ALL JEWRY, so that certainly everybody had a chance to hear, & those who would believe & receive the Lord got saved. So apparently all the rest of the people must have been pretty wicked, probably the sons & the daughters of the Chief Priests & the Elders & the Scribes & the Pharisees & the hypocrites & the very ones who crucified Jesus & the ones who shouted at His trial, "Crucify Him! Crucify Him!" Think of that!--Horrible!
       15. YOU THINK GOD CAN'T GET TOUGH? YOU THINK GOD CAN'T GET REALLY ROUGH? YOU'D JUST BETTER READ THE BIBLE! He's gotten pretty rough with some people many times, especially the Jews time & time again, because they were so disobedient, so rebellious & so stubborn, that on one occasion He called stubbornness & rebellion what? (Fam: Witchcraft & idolatry!) (1Sam.15:22)--Idolatry, not adultery! Idolatry, that's the worship of idols. They were so wicked, so stubborn & so rebellious that He said they were just as bad as worshipping idols & practicing witchcraft, the worship of the Devil! Pretty bad people, huh?
       16. BUT THE LORD WAITED 40 YEARS AFTER THEY SLAUGHTERED JESUS & after they killed Christians & hounded them from city to city--like Saint Paul did before he got saved--God waited 40 years until their children & their grandchildren were there & they could watch happen to them what they had done to the children of the Christians & the Son of God! Then that was not enough as far as God was concerned. He had made them a nation in the first place, but they had trespassed against Him literally for hundreds of years, again & again & again!
       17. WHEN DID MOSES FIRST BRING THEM OUT OF EGYPT? Some of you Bible students of the Bible Knowledge classes, come on! What was the time of Abraham? (Fam: 2000.) About 2000 B.C. What was the time of Moses? (Fam: 1500.) About 1500 B.C., or in the 1400s. I use round numbers because they're easier to remember. Every 500 years something big happened, Abraham about 2000, Moses about 1500. Up to the time Moses rescued them out of the land of Egypt we don't hear too much about them, except a little bit here & a little bit there. Mostly they were slaves, slaves for 400 years in Egypt, think of that! They started out as slaves.
       18. GOD WAS TRYING TO HUMBLE THEM THEN! He was trying to break their stubborn, wilful, disobedient spirits then with 400 years of slavery in Egypt! Think of it! And yet the minute He let them go & get out of that prison & go out into the wilderness, what did they do? Do you know how far it was from Egypt to the Promised Land? It's only about 40 miles!--From the extreme Northern border of Egypt to the Southern border of Canaan. But the minute He liberated them & got them on their way to Canaan, what did they do? (Fam: They started building idols.) They started not only building idols, but worst of all what? (Fam: Murmuring!)--Murmuring!

       19. LET ME TELL YOU, IN THE SIGHT OF GOD, MURMURING IS ALMOST WORSE THAN IDOLATRY! People think, "Oh, it's not important, it's just a little sin to gripe & grumble & complain & bellyache about things." God slaughtered nearly six million Jews on the Deserts of Sinai & left their bones bleaching out there in the hot sun on the sands of Sinai for what heinous sin?--What horrible crime? (Fam: Murmuring.)--Murmuring! You'd better think twice before you think you can get away with murmuring or complaining or bellyaching, murmuring. [DELETED] You'd better watch out!
       20. THAT SUPPOSEDLY SEEMINGLY INNOCENT LITTLE SIN SEEMS TO BE A FAVOURITE PRACTICE OF MOST CHURCH CHRISTIANS! The ones I knew were always bellyaching about something, about the church or the preacher or the evangelist or the song leader or the music or the pianist or the choir or the sermon or something, always bellyaching, always murmuring. How many of you ever went to church & got to know Christians very well--well enough to know what they were like? I never saw or heard of such a bunch of murmurers as in the Christian churches of the United States of America! They're always backbiting, gossiping, talking about people behind their backs, talking against people, murmuring about people, murmuring about this, murmuring about that & complaining: "The church is too cold or the church is too hot or the church is blah blah blah blah blah!" I'll tell you, I was in that business for years & I know what I'm talking about!
       21. ONE OF THE FAVOURITE PRACTICES OF THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH OF TODAY IS MURMURING, & THEY SEEM TO THINK IT'S HARDLY EVEN A SIN! They must not think it's a sin or they wouldn't be doing it, because they really believe that they should be sinless & perfect! "We're Christians, we're saved, we can do no wrong!"--Holier than thou, self-righteous, sanctimonious!--And yet they're about the biggest bunch of murmurers I ever got into! They could complain about anything, the preacher's suit or the evangelist's dress or whatever it was, always complaining! They seem to think it's a very light thing, not important.
       22. WELL, GOD IS GOING TO ALLOW THEIR BONES TO BLEACH ON THE DESERTS OF THE U.S.A. ONE OF THESE DAYS BEFORE LONG FOR ALL THAT GOD-DAMNED MURMURING & COMPLAINING!--When they never had it so good! They never had the suffering & the poverty & everything that the rest of the World has had. In fact, they have inflicted poverty & suffering on the poor of the World while they revel & lush in the riches that they have robbed from the poor. So what do you think God's going to do to them?--The same thing He did to Israel, or maybe worse!

       23. THE ISRAELITES, THOSE JEWS, GOT STARTED ON THE WRONG FOOT & THEY SEEM TO ALWAYS BE ON THE WRONG FOOT! That's the first time they really became, you might say, a real people, had enough people to hardly even count. Only 70 souls went into Egypt, there were very few, merely the sons of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob, that's all. (Gen.46:27) You could hardly call that a nation, you could hardly call it a people. Most churches wouldn't even think they had a crowd if they only had that many people.--Except the churches that Maria & I belonged to, if they ever had even 40 people, they'd have thought it was great!
       24. HOW MUCH LATER WAS GOD READY TO LET THEM GO? (FAM: 400 YEARS.)--400 years later, after 400 years of slavery. Well, for awhile they were kind of favoured guests under the early Kings & Pharaohs of Egypt. They were allowed to live in their own Land of Goshen, were given the best land & lived as guests of the country.--Until God was getting ready to get'm out, then He really let'm suffer slavery under some of the bad, wicked Pharaohs that came later. The original Pharaohs which took them in were also shepherds, the Hyksos Dynasty of Egypt, & therefore were more related to them & sympathetic with them & treated them more like neighbours & like family & accepted them as guests, gave them the best of the land & were good to them.
       25. LATER ON I GUESS GOD ALREADY KNEW WHAT THEY WERE GETTING TO BE LIKE & HE HAD TO GET TOUGHER & TOUGHER WITH THEM, UNTIL FINALLY NEW PHARAOHS MADE ABSOLUTE SLAVES OUT OF THEM! They even began killing all the little boy babies, casting them to the crocodiles of the Nile! Some civilisations have been known to kill girl babies. China was famous for that many many years ago because they figured girls didn't make very good farm hands, couldn't work very hard, so they'd either sell'm or even kill'm in some cases because of certain taxations, etc. So the Pharaohs in the last days of Egypt decided the Jews were getting too numerous, & why do you think they killed the boys? ([EDITED: "Fam:"] The boys could fight.)--Right! Boys could rise up in insurrection. That's what they were afraid of, that they were going to rise up & overthrow the kings of Egypt! So they decided to start getting rid of the boys, & they figured one easy way to do it was to get rid of the baby boys. So they had them do what with them? (Children: Threw them in the river with the crocodiles!)--Right, think of that!
       26. SO WHAT DID BABY MOSES' MOTHER DO, DID SHE OBEY THE LAW? (Fam: Yes.)--Yes! She threw him in the river!--But what in? ([EDITED: "Fam:"] A basket!)--A nice little basket that she tarred & pitched on the bottom so it wouldn't leak water, just like a little boat. She put him in the river, all right, & then she prayed. And God, of course, by a miracle knew what was going to happen, the Pharaoh's own daughter found him! Actually I think it was the daughter of the previous Pharaoh & the sister of the present Pharaoh, the man who was doing all this damage in passing these laws & trying to get rid of the Jews, so she was like a Queen. She wasn't just a young princess as she's so often pictured, she was like a Queen in her own right, next to Pharaoh himself, so that's why she could get away with it. She found this little Hebrew baby & she liked him so well & he was so cute & sweet & she had no children of her own, so she adopted Moses.--And then hired his mother to take care of him, isn't that wonderful?
       27. BUT FROM THEN ON THE JEWS GOT WORSE & WORSE & WORSE! EVEN IN THE DAYS OF MOSES THEY WERE COMPLAINING & MURMURING. In fact, they even betrayed him when he tried to rescue some of them from a beating by the Egyptians. He killed their persecutor & some of his own men turned around & told on him! (Exo.2:11-14) So he had to flee the country off into the wilderness of Midian & couldn't come back for another 40 years. He was about 40 then & he couldn't get back for 40 years! God had to take him out in the desert & humble him & make him nothing but a shepherd when he'd been riding high like a prince of the realm, almost like a king, & would have been the next Pharaoh, God's Word says so! He became even a favourite of the Pharaoh, along with his mother. He received the high education of the Pharaohs, & they were very smart, wise people, well-educated. So Moses was a very smart man, well-educated in all the skills of the Egyptians, in engineering & astronomy, astrology, all of these things that the Egyptians knew so much about, things that have now been lost to science. Science to this day still doesn't know how they managed to preserve those mummies. Some of them that they have found are 4000 years old & still fairly well-preserved with skin like leather! Think of it!
       28. SO HE WAS A SMART BOY & GOD WAS PREPARING HIM FOR LEADERSHIP, BUT YOU'VE GOTTA BE MORE THAN SMART TO BE A LEADER! You've got to be more than well-educated to be a leader! You've got to be more than a king's son or a queen's son to be a leader, God's leader. What do you need the most? (Fam: The anointing of the Spirit.) That's right, but you're not going to get that until you get what? (Fam: Learn to be a good follower.) That's a good point. (Fam: Humility.)--Till you're humble, broken! And after living as a king for 40 years, then he had to live like a common shepherd, a poor man out in the desert just tending sheep.
       29. WELL, I'M SURE HE LEARNED A LOT FROM TENDING SHEEP, BECAUSE SHEEP ARE SOME OF THE DUMBEST ANIMALS ON EARTH! They actually cannot live without man's help. The rugged, rough mountain sheep, wild sheep, are the only ones that exist without man's help, & they're pretty rough characters, more like goats. But ordinary sheep are so dumb they can't take care of themselves, they have to have a shepherd--just about like the Jews! Look what a mess they made of themselves every time they got stubborn & rebellious & went their own way instead of following their shepherd.
       30. SO GOD FINALLY HAD TO PUT THEM UNDER THE OPPRESSION OF THE PHARAOHS TO TRY TO BREAK & HUMBLE THEM, & MOSES TOO, till finally they were crying for help & pleading to be saved out of that mess, & the Lord had mercy on them, as He did time & again. But they hadn't even left Egypt before they began to grumble & complain. When Moses first came back to tell'm that he was there to lead them out of Egypt, they said, "Who made you a king over us?" They as good as said, "We don't want to go with you, we just want to get rid of this Pharaoh & this slavery. We like it here with the leeks & the garlics of Egypt"--& all the wickedness as well, no doubt! They started complaining & murmuring before they even left! But God had mercy on'm & got'm out anyhow.
       31. BUT ISRAEL WANDERED IN THE WILDERNESS FOR 40 YEARS, WHEN IT WAS ONLY 40 MILES TO CANAAN LAND! If they had behaved themselves & shown a little appreciation & thanks to Moses & the Lord & Aaron & done the right things, don't you think God could have led them straight as a beeline right into Canaan land & they could have taken over right then & not have to go wandering all around? You ought to look at some of those maps in the back of your Bible sometime & see how they wandered & zig-zagged around all over Sinai & the Desert of Sin & clear over into Moab & back again & around & around!--Horrible!--Why?--When it could have taken them less than 40 days! In fact, they say they could have probably made it in about a three or four-day journey to Canaan, even walking!
       32. GOOD NIGHT, WHEN I WAS A YOUNG COLLEGE STUDENT I USED TO BE ABLE TO WALK FIVE MILES IN ONE HOUR! I was a fast walker & took long strides. At five miles an hour, how soon could I have made it from Egypt to Israel, Canaan land, the Promised Land? Some of you children, can you divide five into 40? ([EDITED: "Fam:"] Eight.) How many hours could I have made it in? ([EDITED: "Fam:"] In eight hours.) Eight hours! Well, maybe not, because it's kind of sandy & stony & hot & dry. But a good walker in a good marathon walk could have made 40 miles in eight hours. Of course, they had a lot of children & luggage & they had women & pregnant girls etc., so they probably travelled pretty slow.
       33. BUT BIBLE STUDENTS SAY EVEN WITH THAT MANY PEOPLE & ALL THEIR GEAR & EVERYTHING, IT SHOULDN'T HAVE TAKEN THEM MORE THAN THREE OR FOUR DAYS AT THE MOST TO MAKE IT! If it had taken them four days, how many miles a day would they have had to go to make 40 miles in four days? (Fam: Ten.)--Only ten miles a day! A good walker can walk five miles in an hour, they surely should have been able to walk ten miles in one day! But how long did it take them? (Fam: 40 years.)--Why? (Fam: Because of their murmuring.) Because of their murmuring & complaining & bellyaching, never thankful enough for all that God did with them to save them from Egypt, save them from the Pharaoh, save them from slavery! He saved them out of all that mess & promised them a beautiful new country just overflowing with milk & honey & big grapes, grapes of Eshcol & all that, a beautiful country out of which He was going to drive a whole nation in order to put them in!

       34. BY THE WAY, DO YOU KNOW WHO THEY WERE TO DRIVE OUT? This isn't always made very clear in the Bible. Who were the occupants of the Land of Canaan? (Fam: The Canaanites.) Who were the Canaanites? (Fam: The descendants of Ham.) Well, to make it easier, where was Joan of Arc from? Who were the Canaanites? (Fam: The sons of Canaan.)--Who was the son of whom? (Fam: Ham.) And what does the word Ham mean in Egyptian? (Fam: Black.)--Black! [DELETED] [EDITED: "HomeARC note: See "The Un-Cursed Sons of Ham!" ML #2928."]
       36. [DELETED] The Old Testament was very discriminatory, very racially prejudiced! In fact, this may be a little hard for some of our folks to swallow, but God Himself seems to have been very much a racist, because He forbade them to have anything to do with [EDITED: "the Canaanites"]! They were not to mix with them, they were not to marry them, they were to have nothing to do with them. He said, "If you allow them to survive they will be nothing but pricks in your side & hornets in the land, they'll cause you nothing but trouble!" (Num.33:55)
       37. HE EVEN ORDERED THEM TO EITHER KILL EVERY ONE OF THEM OR DRIVE THEM OUT OF THE COUNTRY & GET TOTALLY RID OF THEM ONCE THEY GOT THERE, BUT DID THEY?--NO! They killed some of them, they won quite a few battles, but they let most of them stay there. Do you know why? (Fam: For slaves.) [DELETED] So it says they allowed them to stay there so that they could become "drawers of water & hewers of wood." (Josh.9:21)--All the hardest jobs, chopping wood, fuel for fire, & drawing water, two things you can hardly do without & some of the hardest work. If you've ever been out camping like some of us have, you know what it's like to have to chop wood for fires & to have to haul your water some distance. [DELETED]
       38. SO THEY KEPT THE CANAANITES THERE INSTEAD OF GETTING RID OF THEM, WHEN GOD HAD TOLD THEM TO GET RID OF THEM, EVEN IF THEY HAD TO KILL THEM! He said, "Because you'll become partakers of their sins, you'll worship their idols, your heart will be turned away from Me by their women!" [DELETED]
       39. BUT GOD KNEW ABOUT THOSE EVIL, [EDITED: "CANAANITE"] IDOLATERS & WICKED, SINFUL SODOMITES & GOMORRITES WHOSE MOST CARDINAL SIN WAS HOMOSEXUALITY, sodomy, "men with men working that which is unseemly"! (Rom.1:27) No wonder God destroyed Sodom & Gomorrah! They even wanted to fuck the angels that came to rescue Lot! They said, "Bring out these new men that we may know them!" (Gen.19:5) That meant they wanted to fuck'm in the rear! What a horrible, horrible thing! My God, don't ever let anybody do that to you! You can get all kinds of diseases that way, even you women. I'm not talking about from the rear, it's possible to fuck in the right place from the rear, I'm talking about instead of where you're supposed to put your penie, boys, some people put it into the place where you're supposed to have your BMs!--That's Sodomy!
       40. CAN YOU IMAGINE PUTTING A PENIE INTO THAT PLACE & LETTING THE SEEDS OF GOD MINGLE WITH THE DIRT & THE FILTH & THE SHIT OF MAN?--And not only with women, but men with men! It's accursed!--And today has resulted in all kinds of horrible diseases, diseases that they get in their bowels & in their anus, their asshole or whatever you want to call it, because of that kind of sin. Because it introduces germs in there that aren't supposed to be in there, & they have all kinds of intestinal diseases, rectal diseases, anal diseases, & now they've got AIDS! Of all the lies of the Devil to call it AIDS, it doesn't aid anybody, the only thing it aids you to do is die, it aids you to get sick!
       41. WASN'T THAT A CLEVER LITTLE TRICK OF THE DEVIL TO MAKE IT NOT SOUND SO BAD? The first time I ever read the word I thought it must be something good, AIDS, it must be a help. Don't you think that when you talk about aid, that it's a help? Let me tell you, it's no help! AIDS is just the initials of a horrible disease in which your own white corpuscles & the bacteria & all the various defense forces that God has put in your body to fight disease & to fight evil germs & to fight bacteria, God removes'm & you are left defenseless & a prey to every disease that comes along, until you die from that kind of thing. And the people who have the most of it are these Sodomites!
       42. I DON'T EVEN LIKE TO CALL'M HOMOS! That's a nice little technological medical word they've cooked up to kind of gloss over how bad it is. Why don't we call it what it really is, sodomy!--The vile, filthy, dirty sin of sodomy that the Devil cooked up to destroy man, "men with men," & for which God cursed & wiped out whole cities & whole civilisations, whole peoples, whole nations, whole empires! And He's going to do it again to the U.S.A. where it's rampant today!
       43. THAT WAS THE CARDINAL SIN OF THE CANAANITES & [DELETED] IT STILL IS TO THIS VERY DAY THROUGHOUT AFRICA, WHERE AIDS ORIGINATED. It has now swept across the World & across the civilised World, the U.S. & Europe, & is spreading everywhere, mostly to the people who participate in such horrible sins. There's just something about it that God doesn't like, mingling the holy seed that God created, from which He creates life, with shit! Some men do it with women & women prefer it so they won't get pregnant, imagine that!
       44. THAT WAS ANOTHER THING CURSED BY GOD, ONANISM, IT WAS CALLED. (Gen.38:9)--Either withdrawal before ejaculation, pulling out the penie before the seeds got into the woman, so they could keep from having babies, or fucking them in the rear so they wouldn't get pregnant.--In the anus or asshole for BMs! It's perfectly permissible to fuck a woman's vagina, where the penie belongs, from any direction you can get at it from! Somebody sent us a picture the other day of what I would call some kind of acrobatics or contortion to get it in from that direction! Like I told you, I went to see some of those movies when I was in France & I thought, "My Lord, ugh!"
       45. SEX IS WONDERFUL, SEX CAN BE BEAUTIFUL IF IT'S WITH LOVE & IT'S NORMAL SEX & AFFECTION & petting & hugs & kisses & cuddles & caresses & all the rest that goes with it, real love. But that part of the body was not necessarily made to be beautiful, it was made to be functional. I agree with the censor in Portugal who said, "We're going to double the tariff or taxes on imports of pornographic films." They asked him, "Well, what do you call pornographic films?" He said, "Where the sex organs are the main characters of the story!" We saw some of those there, didn't we?--Ugh! I was almost embarrassed just to be sitting there looking at it, I nearly got up & went out, it was so disgusting.
       46. THERE'S NOTHING DISGUSTING ABOUT SEX, THERE'S NOTHING BAD ABOUT SEX, NOTHING EVIL ABOUT SEX, NOTHING WRONG WITH SEX, IT'S BEAUTIFUL IF IT'S USED IN THE RIGHT WAY & WITH LOVE & LOVE FOR EACH OTHER. But all these horrible perversions are cursed of God, & if you participate in them, you'll be cursed. So watch out! God help you! I'll tell you, the Lord has really wreaked judgement on people who have sins like that, & it [EDITED: "is the"] sin He hates. He doesn't hate the [EDITED: "Sodomites"], He loves'm, He wishes they'd get saved, but He hates their sin. He died for the [EDITED: "them"] just as much as He did for [DELETED] you & me [DELETED] or anybody! But it just so happens that God hates that sin it seems above almost all other physical sins. Of course, He hates murmuring worse than anything, because murmuring is absolute rebellion against God, idolatry!--Devil-worship! But of the physical sins, it seems in the Bible that sodomy was the one sin God hated the most & for which He wiped out whole cities, whole generations, whole Empires, & He's going to do it again to the U.S.A., because it's becoming rampant there!
       47. NOW THEY'RE GETTING OPEN ABOUT IT, GLORIFYING IT! It's becoming accepted & they have organisations of Sodomites. I refuse to call'm Gays or Homos, they're not gay & homo's too nice a word. Sodomites!--That's what the Bible calls them. Sodomy!--That's what God calls it! They're becoming accepted & they're promoting it in the news, promoting it in the movies. Well, let me tell you, God never accepted them! Every time He heard anything about them He drove them out or told His people to drive them out.--In fact, He told them to kill'm, & He held some kings responsible because they did not destroy all the Sodomites in the country!

       48. BUT CANAAN WAS ONLY FOUR DAYS AWAY, THE LAND OF THE CANAANITES.--And they were earlier known as Sodomites, because that was one of their big capital cities which obviously the Jews didn't get rid of & God had to get rid of Himself. But because of an even worse sin in the sight of God, the sin of murmuring, God destroyed nearly six million Jews on the deserts & plains of the Sinaitic Peninsula. And of all those Jews, only about 600,000 of them were allowed to enter the Land of Canaan.--And who were they? (Fam: The children.)--Just the children, just those 20 years of age & under, in other words, just those under 21, think of that!--Except for a few heroes that had not complained & had worked hard. Who were they? (Children: Joshua & Caleb.) (Num.14:29,30)
       49. JUST THINK, JOSHUA & CALEB WERE THE ONLY OLDER GENERATION WHO WENT IN WITH THOSE CHILDREN! Talk about the Pied Piper, Joshua & Caleb were the Pied Pipers of Israel! They led the Children of Israel, & they were literally the children of Israel. God didn't even let Moses go in--why? ([EDITED: "Fam:"] Because he disobeyed & hit the rock.) Yes, because he got angry & impatient & violent. He said, "Hear now, ye rebels, must I bring you water from this rock?" (Num.20:10) What did that sound like? It sounded like he was doing it! He didn't give the credit to the Lord, either, did he? "Must I bring you water from this rock?"--And he banged on the rock, smote the rock with his rod, & God didn't like it! By saying, "Must I bring water from the rock?" he was taking credit for it. It wasn't Moses that brought the water from the rock, it was God, right? It was a miracle that suddenly the rock just cracked open & started gushing forth water. He said, "Must I bring you water from this rock?" He was taking a little too much on himself then for sure, & God didn't like it. And because of his dandy bad example, to teach the Jews a lesson & to teach other generations a lesson, He didn't even let Moses enter the Promised Land!
       50. BUT THEN WHAT HAPPENED AFTER THEY DID GET IN? Well, they had a lot of victories & won a lot of wars, they destroyed a lot of Canaanites & a lot of Canaanite cities. But then when they had conquered the entire country & all the Canaanites that were left, again they disobeyed God & did what? ([EDITED: "Fam"]: They didn't kill all the Canaanites.) They left the Canaanites there so they could be their slaves & their servants & do the rough, tough, hard, physical, manual labour jobs that they didn't want to do. They deliberately disobeyed the Lord, explicitly disobeyed God, absolutely rebelled against the Lord!--And those Canaanites caused them nothing but trouble!
       51. IT WAS WOMEN LIKE THAT THAT TURNED KING SOLOMON'S HEART AGAINST THE LORD, all kinds of strange foreign women, worshippers of Baal, worshippers of Moloch, worshippers of Mammon, worshippers of these strange gods who turned the heart of the wisest man who ever lived up till then against the Lord. That wasn't very wise, was it? That was about the dumbest thing he could do! But I think the Lord was trying to show that no matter how wise you are, you're not smart enough without God. Apparently Solomon thought he could get by without obeying the Lord, even after the Lord had given him so much. He gave him wisdom, & along with wisdom came everything!--Power, riches, the kingdom, women, everything he wanted. But then he apparently didn't give God the credit for it like he should have & he turned to other idols & other gods. His heart turned from the Lord & that was the end of Solomon.
       52. SO GOD HAD NOTHING BUT TROUBLE WITH THOSE PEOPLE! You read the whole Old Testament like I have, He had nothing but constant continual trouble with them time after time, king after king, year after year! You wonder why the Lord ever picked them in the first place! You wonder why God ever let'm continue so long! Well, God had to have somebody, & they were about the smartest, most aggressive, most pushy people He could find, & some of the best-educated, just like they are today. So at least He got some of them. He got a few good Prophets out of them & a few good Kings & a few good people out of them who were faithful witnesses, & for their sake, God spared the whole country & the whole land. But then time & time again if they got so bad that He couldn't stand it any more, He'd clobber them again.
       53. HE WOULD LET THEIR ENEMIES COME IN & SLAUGHTER'M & CONQUER THEM AGAIN & AGAIN, OVER & OVER AGAIN, TILL FINALLY THAT WAS IT, GOD HAD HAD IT!--When they did what? Jesus Himself told the story, when finally the Lord of that country sent His Own Son. He said the people in the country connived amongst themselves & said, "Ah, now if we'll kill the Son, the land will be ours!"--But it backfired, & just the opposite happened. They killed Him because they wanted the country, they were jealous, they didn't want to give God His due. (Mat.21:33-44) It was Jesus' people, Jesus' country, He was King of the Jews! But when they beat Him, scourged Him, humiliated Him, crowned Him with thorns & then killed Him & crucified Him on a cross, the cruellest kind of a death, that finished it for God!
       54. HE LET THEM GO ON 40 MORE YEARS TO HAVE CHILDREN WHO WOULD HAVE TO SUFFER LIKE THEY MADE THE CHILDREN OF THE CHRISTIANS SUFFER & LIKE THEY MADE HIS OWN SON SUFFER, & THEN HE LET THE ROMANS COME. The hordes of Rome flooded Israel & slaughtered them right & left, & what they didn't kill, they drove out of the land until finally they were scattered all over the World into every nation on Earth. [DELETED]
       55. [DELETED] I've had [EDITED: "fanatical Jews"] spit in my face & knock the Bible out of my hands! We had three Rabbis call on my Mother in our home in Miami one time for some reason, I've forgotten what it was, I was just a little boy, & every time she mentioned the word Jesus, they spit right on the floor. They spit at the name of Jesus! [EDITED: "Some"] have made "Jesus Christ" their favourite curse word throughout the World, so that nevertheless God makes the wrath of man to praise Him! (Psa.76:10) [EDITED: "Some"] Jews probably use the Name of Jesus more than anybody else besides the Christians, but they use it as a curse, & [EDITED: "it's"] getting worse & worse in the movies all the time, using worse language all the time.
       56. [DELETED] --And they're getting more & more of those Jewish words into the movies all the time. Every now & then Maria has to ask me, "What did he say?" And I'll say, "That was another Jewish word." Quite a few of them I know, but a lot of them I don't. I didn't study Jewish, I studied Hebrew, that's the ancient classical language. But Jewish, or Yiddish as it's known, is a mixture of only about 40% Hebrew & about 60% German & a lot of Russian & various other Eastern European languages. They've picked up words from all the languages of all the countries where they have lived & absorbed it into their common lingo, the common language that is common to virtually all Jews.
       57. THE JEWS HAVE AN INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE, THINK OF THAT!--YIDDISH! What an advantage. [EDITED: "Some"] Jews can speak [DELETED] to each other no matter what country they come from. Very clever, huh? Very useful. [EDITED: "This is"] almost the same idea that the Lord's going to give us in the Millennium. We're going to speak the tongues of both men--we'll be able to speak their languages--& of angels!--A secret code language that [EDITED: "others"] can't understand.--As well as read minds, mental telepathy!
       58. [DELETED] [EDITED: "I"]t took 40 years for their cup of iniquity to be full. [DELETED] God waits a long time, His patience endures a long time. God's wheels of justice grind exceeding slow, but they grind exceeding fine! Do you know what that means?--They grind to powder! God's Word says, "Let him fall upon the Rock & be broken, lest the Rock fall upon you & grind you to powder!" (Mat.21:44) Those who rejected Him, they refused to fall upon the Rock, Christ Jesus, & be broken.
       59. NOT ALL THE JEWS REJECTED HIM, BECAUSE VIRTUALLY ALL THE EARLY CHRISTIANS WERE JEWS! Multitudes accepted Him, multitudes loved Him & followed Him, even a great company of the priests. (Acts 6:7)--The humble, lower echelon of the Priesthood.--Many, even a few of the learned men, etc. But those hard-hearted, hard as rock, stubborn, wilful, rebellious, idolatrous, [DELETED] resisters, the Jewish leaders who resisted Jesus & were jealous of His popularity, resentful of His Message & furious at His exposure of them, they resisted, & they & their children were slaughtered when their cup of iniquity was full! God let them fill up the cup of their iniquity with all of their evil deeds, not only against His Own Son, but against all of His sons & daughters, the Early Christians. They persecuted them & drove them out of Israel.
       60. BY THE WAY, THERE'S A GOOD LESSON! IT'S A GOOD THING THAT GOD ALLOWED THEM TO PERSECUTE THEM & DRIVE THEM OUT OF ISRAEL, BECAUSE THEN THEY WERE NOT AMONGST THOSE WHO WERE SLAUGHTERED! This is history! When the Romans were on the way, a [EDITED: "false prophet of the Jews"] prophesied that all the Jews should flee into Jerusalem & congregate in the Temple & their God would spare them--but instead they were roasted alive! [EDITED: "They"] were roasted alive when the Romans burned the Temple to the ground! But the 2000 Christians still remaining in Israel got a warning from one of their own Prophets, a Prophet of God, a Christian Prophet, that they should flee across the River Jordan into Jordan & they would be safe over in the wilderness, out in the woods & the bushes & the mountains. So obviously there were very few Christians left & they fled across the river & hid in the wilderness, & they survived! There's a good example, folks!
       61. GOD FIRST OF ALL DROVE THEM OUT OF THE COUNTRY BY PERSECUTION, THEY HAD TO FLEE FROM JERUSALEM & OUT OF ISRAEL TO OTHER COUNTRIES AROUND THERE TO SPREAD THE GOSPEL. It says they went everywhere preaching. (Acts 8:4) But even the stubborn few who had stayed behind--I don't know whether it was God's will or for any reason God left them behind or let them stay behind--at least He finally warned them, He had mercy on them & told them to leave, & they left & they were spared.--Whereas the leaders of the Jews sought refuge in the Temple thinking God would surely spare the Temple! [DELETED] Little did they realise God was through with the Temple 40 years before that!
       62. WHEN JESUS WAS CRUCIFIED & DIED ON THE CROSS, RIGHT THEN AT THAT MOMENT THE TEMPLE VEIL WAS RENT IN TWAIN! (Mat.27:51) They say it was just like fire, like lightning came down & just tore the veil right in two! It was a thick curtain, so thick that nobody could see into the Holy of Holies, but when that Temple veil was completely rent in twain it exposed the fact that God had already taken away the Ark! Talk about cheaters, talk about deceivers! The Ark of God was the heart & core of Temple-worship symbolising the presence of God, but God ripped the Temple curtain apart, whhssst, like that, so the people could see that the whole religion was a farce & a fake & a phoney! The Ark was gone & had been caught up to Heaven by the Lord, because the next place we see the Ark is in Heaven. (Rev.11:19) Think of that! [DELETED]
       63. THEY TRIED TO CARRY ON FOR ANOTHER 40 YEARS, BUT HOW MUCH CONFIDENCE COULD THE JEWS HAVE IN A RELIGION LIKE THAT? They must have all known about the miracle of the Temple veil being torn in two so that they could see right in to the Holy of Holies where nobody was supposed to see or go except the High Priest himself, & the Ark was gone! There was no longer any point to their religion! The very presence of God was gone, the Ark which symbolised the presence of God was gone. The Temple veil was rent & everybody could see right into the Holy of Holies! The privacy & the sanctity of God was gone! So the continued sacrificial worship on the altar outside was an empty false abomination to God!
       64. GOD WAS GONE! [DELETED] He just gave'm 40 more years to repent. Maybe some of them got won, Christianity was still going on, there were Apostles & Disciples who were still witnessing & winning souls, maybe God still gleaned a few from amongst'm, then He sent down His judgements--bang! [DELETED] That's one way to get your attention & wake you up! Like the little boy said that stuttered, "I can't p-p-p-p-p-preach a lot, but I can sure pound!" Anyway, this is certainly one subject I didn't intend to get into, but it's the history of the Jews, that's for sure!

       65. SO THEN THEY GOT SCATTERED INTO EVERY NATION ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH, & THEY HAVE BEEN SCATTERED EVER SINCE! For awhile there was not a Jew in all Israel, it was completely taken over by the heathen.--Until when? All that to say this!--One of the definite signs that this is at the Time of the End.--Until the first major return occurred as the result of what? There were a few Jews, at first there were something like only 300 Jews in all Israel, just a couple hundred years ago, then it went up to something like 3,000 as things got a little steadier under the government of the Turks etc. But the Turks didn't like the Jews either, so they were hounded & persecuted & lived in hiding a great deal of the time.
       66. BUT WHAT CAUSED THE FIRST GREAT MAJOR RETURN OF THE JEWS TO ISRAEL? It was a special paper, a special declaration. (Fam: The Balfour Declaration.)--Yes, a deal made with Chaim Weizmann, the first President of Israel, the man who invented TNT during World War 1. You're probably quite familiar with the famous Swede who invented dynamite, aren't you?--It was Nobel, of the Nobel Peace Prizes. He established a foundation that gives out those Peace Prizes every year [DELETED] because his conscience hurt him so that he invented dynamite that killed so many people! But dear Chaim Weizmann invented an even worse explosive, TNT, which helped the Allies win World War 1, because it's such a powerful explosive, the most powerful explosive that had ever been invented until the atom bomb.
       67. SO AS A REWARD FOR HAVING INVENTED THIS EXPLOSIVE which killed thousands upon thousands of people & helped Britain & the U.S., the Allies, win World War 1, Arthur Balfour, the British Foreign Secretary, made a deal with Weizmann & promised him [DELETED] that as a reward for his helping them win the war, England would declare Israel as a home for the Jews.
       68. IT WAS IN WORLD WAR 1 THAT ISRAEL WAS TAKEN AWAY FROM THE TURKS BY THE FAMOUS BRITISH GENERAL, GENERAL ALLENBY. The Turks or Moslems had a prophecy that Jerusalem would be taken without firing a shot, without any killing, without the sword, & with giant birds flying overhead. And Allenby to the Moslems meant Allen-bay, Prophet of Allah. So they were astounded when this British General came with an army & besieged Jerusalem, & his name was Allah's Prophet, Allen-Bay. He offered to let them surrender without firing a shot, without killing anybody, without a battle, & make peace with them without doing anything bad to them at all. So they surrendered. They felt like they were surrendering for a Prophet of God, & it was a fulfilment of prophecy with planes flying overhead!
       69. SO AFTER WORLD WAR 1 THE BRITISH HAD ISRAEL TO GIVE, they captured it from the Turks, & therefore the Balfour Declaration had been made, I think just before the end of the war, this promise to the Jews that they would be given back the land of Israel & it should be established as a home for the Jews. It didn't exactly say it was going to give them the country, but it was worded in this diplomatic language, all this double-talk, that it should become a home for the Jewish refugees, etc. They worded it very diplomatically, they didn't want to infuriate the Turks & the Arabs that they were going to actually take it away from them, but that's what it meant to the Jews. It meant that they were going to get the land & it was going to be Israel reborn.
       70. SO AS A RESULT OF THAT, THE JEWS BEGAN TO FLOOD BACK INTO ISRAEL UNDER THE NICE, JUST, PEACEFUL, RIGHTEOUS CHRISTIAN ADMINISTRATION OF GENERAL ALLENBY & HIS SUCCESSORS, THE BRITISH. They welcomed the Jews with open arms & the Jews flooded back into Israel until I think it was just before World War 2 there were about 300,000 Jews in Israel. That's quite a return, isn't it? That's called the Return. There's a previous Return when the Jews returned from Babylon, that was the first Return. When Rome scattered them, that was called the Diaspora or the dispersion throughout all the World, & every nation on the face of the Earth has got Jews!
       71. SO THE FIRST RETURN OF THE JEWS TO ISRAEL IN ANY NUMBERS AT ALL WAS AFTER WORLD WAR 1 UNDER THE DECLARATION OF BALFOUR, & it increased more & more between the wars, especially as Hitler began to persecute the Jews in Germany & throughout Europe. Not all Jews are Zionists & not all of them were anxious to go to Israel, especially not the wealthy Jews of Germany & Western Europe & even Eastern Europe where they had made lots of money [DELETED] they didn't want to go. Only the poor Jews wanted to go, the Jews who had nothing & had nothing to lose & everything to gain by being given land & help, etc., to return, so they went back. But apparently not enough of them went back & they weren't getting the smart guys & the technicians & the craftsmen & the brains they really needed to organise a country.
       72. SO IT IS SAID THAT THE LEADERS OF ZIONISM COOPERATED WITH THE NAZIS TO HELP THEM FERRET OUT THE JEWS OF GERMANY & SHIP'M OFF TO ISRAEL!--For a long time, for most of the war, even during the period before the war while Hitler was in power, long before they began killing them. I guess if the Lord was going to regather them as He promised, if they wouldn't leave any other way, He had to bring up persecution, massacre, slaughter & pogroms as the Jews call'm, to get'm to leave the places where they were so comfortable & get them to go back to Israel so His Word could be fulfilled. So they went.
       73. THEN OF COURSE AFTER WORLD WAR 2 THEY JUST FLOODED BACK INTO ISRAEL BECAUSE THE ALLIES HAD COMPLETELY TAKEN OVER & the whole land was now firmly in the control of the Allied armies, particularly the British. So the Jews then went over there & declared that it was time to establish the new nation. Well, it was a very ticklish time because the British & the Allies were trying to make peace with the Arabs & the Turks & balance the powers there in the Mideast, & they couldn't have wanted anything less than the Jews to start rootin' for an independent State of Israel, which caused nothing but trouble!--Because right away the Jews turned on the very Arabs who had helped them settle there & had shown'm how to farm there & had even fed them & given them water & helped their kibbutzim. The Jews turned on them & began to declare themselves independent & to persecute the Arabs, & the Arabs fought back until the Jews & the Arabs had a major war, especially when the Jews there declared the independent State of Israel.
       74. AFTER WORLD WAR 2 THE U.N. PARTITIONED THE STATE & SAID, "WELL, YOU JEWS CAN HAVE THIS SIDE & THE ARABS CAN HAVE THAT SIDE."--Mostly today known as the West Bank. They split it almost right down the middle clear down to the tip, clear down to the Gulf of Aqaba, the Negev, & it was really a pretty fair settlement that the U.N. hacked out. But the Jews refused to accept it. Some of the Arabs were willing to accept the settlement, they saw they couldn't get much else. Parts of the land that were full of Arabs & mostly Arab they were to get for an independent State of Palestine. They hadn't been independent for a long time, they'd been under the Turks, then the British, so the Arabs actually didn't have an independent country of their own either. So the U.N. fairly & decently tried to divide the country between them. They were fighting over it & squabbling over it, so they just about split it down the middle & gave the Western half to the Jews & the Eastern half to the Arabs.
       75. BUT DID THE JEWS ACCEPT IT?--NO! THEY SAID, "IT'S ALL OURS & WE'RE GOING TO TAKE IT!" So they began shooting & slaughtering Arabs, & Menachem Begin & Shamir, two of the latest premiers of Israel, connived together with the Irgun underground terrorist organisation. Now they call the Arabs terrorists, they say the PLO are terrorists. Well, Begin & Shamir were the leaders of the terrorists who used to shoot British policemen & soldiers in the back, who blew up the King David Hotel that killed about 200 men, women & children because it was full of British officers & their wives & families, & also wiped out whole Arab villages of men, women & children in reprisals!--Shamir!--And Ariel Sharon was also one of those that participated in some of those massacres which wiped out whole Arab villages! No wonder he cooperated with the recent massacre of the Palestinians up there in Lebanon!
       76. THESE THEN BECAME THE LEADERS OF ISRAEL, THE STATESMEN,THE POLITICIANS, THE PRIME MINISTERS, MEN WHO USED TO GO AROUND WITH GUNS SHOOTING INNOCENT PEOPLE IN THE BACK & BLOWING UP WHOLE VILLAGES! What kind of an Israel is that? It's not God's Israel, that's for sure! It certainly is not God's people, that's for sure! They finally got their way & control of the country, but they're still having a tough time trying to get rid of the Arabs. They made it as tough on the Arabs as they possibly could. They did everything they could to make it uncomfortable, even for the Arabs who stayed, mostly Arab Christians.
       77. THE ARAB CHRISTIANS WERE THE ONLY ONES WHO WERE WILLING TO ACCEPT THE "POWERS THAT BE" & PEACEFULLY SETTLED THERE. The Jews at first offered them all kinds of things, they offered them citizenship, jobs, this & that "if you'll just stay & cooperate." They just wanted to use them for slaves & servants to do the hard physical work, just like the Canaanites. But when it came to the showdown, they were nothing but second-class citizens & only certain ones were allowed to vote. There was only one Arab in the entire Haifa University when we were there, & we made friends with him! He came over to our hotel room & we used to talk to him about conditions there.
       78. HERE I WENT TO ISRAEL ALL GUNG-HO FOR THE JEWS, BUT THE CHRISTIAN ARABS WON MY HEART! Besides, they had the cheapest, best food in their restaurants & they were the friendliest. The Jews were snotty, arrogant, proud & unfriendly, except for a few. They tried to make friends, they were trying to make converts out of us & we had a very interesting time, but that's a long story you've already heard.

       PROOF IT'S THE ENDTIME!--And Who Does Israel Belong To?
       79. [DELETED] WE GOT ALL OF THIS OUT OF A REVIEW OF THE 38TH CHAPTER OF EZEKIEL! I was trying to show you what a miracle it was that the Jews have now returned for the first time in any great numbers after nearly 2000 years! Until at last count I think after World War 1 & the Balfour Declaration, before World War 2, there were about 300,000. Now since World War 2 there are about three million Jews in Israel & about a million Arabs. They chased out about two million Arabs who are living largely in what amounts to concentration camps & refugee camps supported by guess who? If the Jews stole their country, chased them out, don't you think the World would make the Jews foot the bill?--No! Who do you suppose foots the bill?--The U.N.!--Which means the World is having to take care of these poor refugees & people that have been driven out of their own homes & their own country by the Jews!
       80. THE [EDITED: "ISRAELIS"] ARE MAKING THE REST OF THE WORLD FOOT THE BILL TO THE TUNE OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS EVERY YEAR TO TAKE CARE OF THESE REFUGEE CAMPS, build them shacks & huts, tents it was at first, & even feed'm & all the rest. Some of those poor Arab children have never known anything but that kind of a concentration camp, they were born in it! Think of it! They've been there now nearly 40 years, no wonder they're angry! No wonder they're mad! The young people have never even seen the Promised Land, never seen their homeland, never seen the lovely homes they used to have back in Israel. But they want to go back & they're willing to fight & shoot & kill to get back! That's what the Jews did to them to get them out. [DELETED]
       81. THE CHRISTIAN ARABS WERE ABOUT THE ONLY ONES WILLING TO STAY THERE & MAKE PEACE, & THEY'VE BEEN TREATED LIKE DOGS! It was mostly the Muslim Arabs who fled & make up the PLO, etc., & whom the Jews now call the terrorists. [DELETED] The Jews stole Palestine through terrorism & war, now they're complaining about the Arabs trying to get it back through terrorism & war. All of a sudden the Jews are all self-righteous, holier-than-thou, good, law-abiding, peace-abiding people, the rightful, legal heirs of Israel!--Because they stole it at the point of a gun & murdered the Arab inhabitants by the thousands, wiped out some whole villages, men, women & children, just like the Lebanese did at those Sabra camps.
       82. SO THAT'S ONE OF THE GREAT SIGNS THAT THIS HAS TO BE AT THE END! I asked you for three signs that this has to happen at the Endtime and could not have happened before. It could have only happened literally within the past hundred years. Now they're their own country & dwelling in towns without walls & have their own government, their own army & their own soldiers to protect them, & for the first time dwell in comparative safety compared to the way they used to live, terrorised all the time by their enemies. Now they're strong, arrogant, haughty, proud, fearless & stubborn--they even sometimes try to act like they could get along without the United States--& this has only happened within the last 40 years, since 1948. They only started going back after World War 1, after 1918, so in about 20-some years they established the land & they've only been there as their own government, as a nation Israel, for less than 40 years. It won't be 40 years until 1988. Maybe they're going to celebrate then by making the Antichrist king, King of Israel. They refused Jesus, but they'll make the Devil their king. Well, they've had him for their king for a long time.
       83. WELL, THAT WAS ALL TO PROVE TO YOU THIS HAS TO BE IN THE ENDTIME, IT HAS TO BE AT THE END, IT CANNOT BE ANY OTHER TIME! This whole passage & all this about Gog & Magog & when we read Chapter 39 too, you've got to know that that has never happened before, it couldn't happen before, it had to happen since Israel became a nation. And it hasn't happened yet. You can't remember this happening during your lifetime, can you? It hasn't happened during my lifetime, that there was such a horrible invasion of Israel by huge armies from Russia & all these other countries, so that God finally stepped in & wiped them out. It hasn't happened yet, has it? It didn't happen in World War 1 or World War 2. And in the next Chapter we're going to prove to you that this is Armageddon. See if you can find in the next Chapter things that prove it can only be the Battle of Armageddon, your homework assignment for next time!
       84. SO THE LAND OF ISRAEL IS IN THE HANDS OF THE DEVIL RIGHT NOW, & THE DEVIL'S PEOPLE!--Except for the Arab Christians that are there. God's got to have a little representation. That's almost like a final witness to those Jews who are coming back there, all those Arab-Christian churches all over the place. Jerusalem's just loaded with Christian churches! The land of Israel is just Christian churches from one end to the other, run by all kinds of denominations, everything from Catholics to Pentecostals & Baptists & Russian Orthodox & all the rest.
       85. JEWS HAVE GOT THE WITNESS RIGHT IN THEIR MIDST ALL THE TIME, A WITNESS AGAINST THEM, SO THEY'RE WITHOUT EXCUSE! Every place they go, if they know anything about the New Testament at all, they've got to be reminded of Jesus, that He was here, He was there! So they have been trying to obliterate all the signs & change the names of the towns so that they won't even sound like the Christian places in the New Testament any more, trying to wipe out the memory of Christ, trying to wipe out the memory of the places where He was when He was there. So do you think God's getting fed up again? There's coming one last final judgement upon the living, physical Jews of today, & that's going to be those invasions of the Antichrist & this final horrible Battle of Armageddon, terrible, & we'll read more about that when we get to it. Praise God!
       86. THERE WAS A BIG CONTROVERSY DURING THOSE YEARS WHEN BRITAIN WAS GIVING ISRAEL TO THE JEWS, SHE BEGAN TO FEEL SORRY FOR THE ARABS & SHE RELUCTANTLY DIDN'T WANT TO DO IT.--Till finally the British soldiers were practically driven out of Israel by the Jews & the Arabs, both of them fighting over the country. There was a big question, & this, by the way, is a subject I used on the radio that day. There was a big controversy over "To whom does Israel belong?--The Jews or the Arabs?" You can't imagine that ever being a controversy today, can you?--But it was then. There was a lot of controversy over whether Britain should let the Arabs have it or let the Jews have it, because the Arabs had been a big help to the British in helping them fight World War 1 & then again World War 2. A lot of people thought the Arabs deserved Israel just as much as the Jews, & that's why the U.N. divided the country.
       87. WELL, GUESS WHAT I SAID WHEN I GOT ON THE RADIO? I started off with the question, "Who does it belong to?", & then I rambled on, you know me, & I finally gave them the answer. Who do you think I said it belonged to, the Arabs or the Jews? (Fam: God!)--Right! I said it doesn't belong to either one, it belongs to God & His Kingdom & we are going to run it! Praise God!--Along with any Christian Arabs that are there, & Christian Jews if there are any. But it's going to be strictly Christian & the whole World's going to be Christian then, praise God? It's all going to be God's Kingdom then!
       88. YOU FOLKS ARE REALLY PATIENT. [DELETED] So let's pray the Kingdom Prayer which the King Himself taught us to pray: (Prays the Lord's Prayer.)
       89. DO YOU KNOW HOW [EDITED: "KIDS"] LEARN THE LORD'S PRAYER? Let me ask you [DELETED], when did you learn the Lord's Prayer? Do you remember when you memorised it? ([EDITED: "Fam:"]: No.)--Not one of you. You learned it just from hearing us say it over & over again. Pretty soon [EDITED: "our kids"] be praying it with us & [EDITED: "they'll"] never be able to remember the specific day [EDITED: "they"] sat down & memorised the Lord's Prayer. I'll bet you can't either, you just remembered it from hearing us pray it. So let's hope they learn all the good things that way, along with a little memory work too. PTL! God bless you all! Thank you so much for all your patience!--ILY!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family