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"WOMEN SHALL RULE OVER THEM!" (Isaiah 3:12)       DO 2151       16/4/85

       1. THE WHIMS OF THE POPULACE, THE FAVOUR OF MAN, IS JUST AS CHANGEABLE & AS FICKLE AS SOME WOMEN! Well, I'd better not say that or you'll call me a male chauvinist! Women are notorious for being fickle, & if you watch some of these modern American movies that are based on rich families, all big rich people, the women are sluts! I mean they are terrible! They know nothing about love, real love, or loyalty, they're a bunch of bed hoppers from one to the other!
       2. NOW THAT'S TOTALLY DIFFERENT FROM A CULTURE LIKE OURS WHERE WE HAVE & RECOGNISE ABSOLUTE FREEDOM & WHERE WE ALL LOVE EACH OTHER, WE'RE ALL SUPPOSED TO SHARE. There's not supposed to be any jealousy! But theirs is a culture that is supposed to be monogamous, meaning just one mate, & you're supposed to swear up & down on your marriage vows that you're going to forsake all others & be loyal to just this one person till the day you die, blah, blah, blah, blah, & all of them lying through their teeth when they say it!
       3. YOU'D THINK THEY WOULD TRY TO AT LEAST EPITOMISE THEIR SO-CALLED PURITANICAL MONOGAMOUS CULTURE IN THESE REPRESENTATIONS OF THEIR CIVILISATION. Instead the women are a bunch of whores who just jump from one bed to the other & one man to the other & have no sense of loyalty, faithfulness or real love of any kind! On one video Maria & I sat there & were just horrified! Even when we finally saw one woman who seemed like she really loved some man & she was really going to be loyal to him, all of a sudden she hopped in bed with somebody else & ran off with somebody else & forgot the other guy completely when he really needed her!
       4. YOU TALK ABOUT FICKLENESS! I THINK IT WAS VERDI WHO WROTE "FIGARO" & THE FAMOUS SONG IN IT, "DONA E MOBILE! Da-da-da-da-da-da!" I used to know it in Italian, believe it or not! You know what the title means, "Dona e mobile"? Women are very moveable, & the literal meaning is they're extremely fickle! Well, girls, we can't call you fickle because we have a different kind of culture that isn't built on being totally one man's possession. We believe that we all belong to the Lord & we all belong to each other! That's our culture, our sexual rules, & I think we keep'm too!
       5. IN OUR CULTURE JEALOUSY IS A SIN! IN THE SYSTEM CULTURE OUTSIDE, JEALOUSY IS A VIRTUE!--You're supposed to be jealous. And if a man isn't faithful to you, you have a right to be so jealous you can even shoot him & a court will let you off--or vice versa. Mostly the women get away with it, not the men.--Until they now have a nation which has laws that favour women more than men!--And is run by women!
       6. 75% OF THE WEALTH OF AMERICA IS IN THE ACTUAL NAMES OF THE WOMEN! And everybody knows that the laws are in favour of the women. There's been a complete turnaround from the last century. Just to give you an example, in a divorce case, if there are children & property, who does the judge always favour? To whom does he give the children? (Fam: The woman!) To whom does he usually give the house & the property? (Fam: The woman!) They say, "Well, a woman's castle is her home & she's the mother of the children." And to whom does he give the financial settlement so that she is completely supported from then on? (Fam: To the woman.)
       7. THE JUDGE TAKES AWAY THE MAN'S WIFE, HIS CHILDREN, HIS HOME, HIS PROPERTY, GIVES IT ALL TO THE WOMAN, & THEN FORCES THE MAN TO SUPPORT HER when she's no longer even his wife!--And when she's got his everything, his kids & the works! No wonder so many men disappear to get out of those alimony payments, support payments! Most of them are ridiculously exaggerated!--All in favour of the women!
       8. THE WOMEN ARE HAVING THIS BIG WOMEN'S LIB THING, BUT THEY'VE HAD LIB FOR A LONG TIME! Why do you suppose the lawmakers make the laws in favour of the women in the first place? (Fam: To get their votes?)--Exactly! The women are the most faithful voters of today & they sway even their husbands, since they now rule.
       9. AMERICA IS A MATRIARCHY RULED BY WOMEN. [DELETED] [EDITED: "I"]n Israel they recognise that the families are matriarchies! The woman is the recognised head of the house! She is the boss, she gives the orders, she runs things, she decides where the kids go to school & what her husband's job is & how the home is run & the works! Nearly every Israeli home is a matriarchy! They admitted that to our faces when we went out to visit one of the kibbutzim, in one of the homes, that the mother was the head of the house. The husband was her servant. He just got out & slaved away & earned a living & was expected to turn over his paycheck to her as soon as he got home. She governed the house, the children, the home, the money, everything! And that's exactly the way America has become too!
       10. SO WHY DO THE LEGISLATORS MAKE THE LAWS IN FAVOUR OF WOMEN?--THE WOMEN CONTROL THE VOTES, believe it or not! Why do the judges decide in favour of the women? How do the judges get their jobs? In many many places they actually vote them in. In other places they are appointed by men who are elected. And if the judge doesn't make his judgements in favour of the women, he's not going to have his job very long.
       11. WOMEN RUN AMERICA TODAY! You say, "What do you mean? I thought men ran America & had all those wars & things!" What is the old biological expression? What is that old proverb of the biologists?--The female is the most deadly of the species! Today in biology, believe it or not, it seems that the female rules. How about bees, who rules?--The queen bee. How about black widow spiders? Once she has conceived & her husband has done his job, she eats him! And this is true almost throughout the insect kingdom, at least the Devil's pests.--Even the ants. Well, sometimes they're pests, but we're even exhorted to "Look to the ant, thou sluggard!" (Pro.6:6) Study ants, they're very busy, well-organised & even sacrificial. But queens reign over them!
       12. THE PROPHETS OF THE OLD TESTAMENT SAID THAT IN THE LAST DAYS WOMEN & CHILDREN SHALL RULE OVER THEM! (Isa.3:12)--And that's today! In all the Northern so-called "civilised" countries of North America & Europe & even some of the Oriental countries like Israel, women rule!--Although they may not be as obvious or as high-profile or as surfaced in their ruling, they control! They are the necks that turn the head, they pull the strings behind the scenes & their husbands are mere puppets!
       13. OUR WHOLE WORLD CULTURE TODAY HAS BECOME WOMEN-RULED, & EVEN THE CHILDREN RULE! You can just see from some of these movies of the modern American homes, who are the little monster dictators of the home who even tell their mothers off?--The children! Once the women got control, women's lives are so wrapped up in their children that it didn't take much longer for the children to get control over their mothers, where the children are telling their mothers off & the mothers are asking their children what they should do. We see it in movie after movie! The kids are telling their folks what to do, ruling the home! No wonder the World is in such a mess! Men have lost control because they've lost their guts & let wicked women rule over'm! TG for our good Family women!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family