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"THE FIRESTARTER!"--Movie Comments!        DO 2154        3/85

       1. (MARIA: WOULD YOU RECOMMEND THE MOVIE "THE FIRESTARTER" FOR THE ADULT FAMILY OR NOT?) Well, I've been thinking & praying about it. I was really thinking about it last night & it's one of the talents described in the Bible that some of the Prophets had & which we shall have in the Tribulation. So with that in mind, you could almost show it to the children, at least the older children!
       2. (MARIA: IT ALSO HELPS YOU TO SEE HOW THAT AFTER EVERYTHING WE & THE GOOD PEOPLE OF THE WORLD WILL HAVE BEEN THROUGH IN THE TRIBULATION, WE'LL BE HAPPY TO WREAK VENGEANCE ON OUR ENEMIES! You really feel with her at the end & you're glad she's wiping all the evil men out & you want to see them all get burned!)--Yes, exactly! It's almost like a preview of the Tribulation & Antichrist Government, its cruelty & harshness & viciousness & violence! (Maria: Yes, it's a small example of the way things are now really. It's just not so widespread, but it's what exists even today!)
       3. THOSE THINGS ARE ALREADY IN EXISTENCE & THE MACHINERY, IN A SENSE, IS ALREADY IN EXISTENCE & THOSE KINDS OF MONSTROUS MEN ARE ALREADY IN EXISTENCE who are doing those things today on a small scale secretly with the government's sanction, something which will become widespread in the Tribulation.
       4. JUST BECAUSE STARTING FIRES IS SUPPOSED TO BE ONE OF THE TALENTS OF WITCHES DOES NOT MEAN WE NEED TO DISCARD IT, BECAUSE IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE ONE OF OUR TALENTS TOO IN THE TRIBULATION! It was one of the talents of Elijah. It says that as the King sent out bands of soldiers to arrest him, he devoured them with fire, 50 men in one case! (2Kings 1:9-15) And it says in the Tribulation that that is going to be one of the means of self-defence of the Two Witnesses, that fire came from them to devour their enemies! (Rev.11:5) So I think it has real significance!
       5. IT'S AMAZING THAT GEORGE C. SCOTT SHOULD HAVE PLAYED IN TWO MOVIES OF SUCH SIGNIFICANCE WHICH ARE ANTI-SYSTEM, "Savage Is Loose" & "Firestarter". In both of the movies he wears long hair down below his shoulders & both of the movies are a blast at the System & its rules! (Maria: Even Patton was a rebel.)--Yes, he played General Patton. He seems to be quite an anti-System rebel, & boy, this "Firestarter" movie is really a blast at the Government & its secret service & all the horrors they're up to, experimenting on human beings like guinea pigs at the same time they're pretending to be horrified at the things that Hitler did & the experiments that some of his doctors performed on the Jews. They're doing the same things now in secret!
       6. IT JUST SHOWS THAT IT'S BEEN GOING ON A LONG, LONG TIME! It just shows that man has not changed over thousands of years! Vicious, violent, monstrous man is still engaged in all kinds of cruelty, torture & horrors!
       7. (MARIA: ONE OF OUR GIRLS WROTE & SAID SHE MET AN AMERICAN MOVIE PRODUCER IN JAPAN WHO WANTS TO DO A GOOD SCI-FI MOVIE. He said there are so many sci-fi movies that are bad, but he wanted to do something good, & she wanted to know if we had any counsel. My goodness, we have lots of things, Heaven's Girl & all the things on the Tribulation, especially the Letters that are coming out now that explain it more in detail would be tremendous! It would really be wonderful if somebody would get the vision to do that, just like you're describing in the Letters now. It'd be fascinating!)
       + + + + + + +

       (To the children:)
       8. IF DAVID HADN'T BEEN WITH THE FAMILY TO EXPLAIN SOME OF THESE OTHER MOVIES TO THEM THAT I HAD ALREADY EXPLAINED TO THE KIDS, EVEN THE ADULTS WOULDN'T HAVE UNDER STOOD THEM! So both of you can be there to see this again with the adults if you want to. But I don't get to be there with them when they see their movies, so I'd rather just be here with you & talk to you & tell you about it.
       9. IT'S SOMETIMES A LITTLE SCARY & ALL THAT, BUT OF COURSE IT IS A FICTIONAL STORY. But the reason I wanted you to see this is because this little girl has powers which we are going to have, like Heaven's Girl. She's like a little Heaven's Girl! She has powers like we are going to have in the Tribulation for our defence & to read people's minds & all this sort of thing.
       10. SO IT IS A LOT LIKE THE TRIBULATION SITUATION BECAUSE IT IS THE GOVERNMENT THAT IS AFTER THEM & the government are the bad people in this film. It's a wonder the film makers had the courage to make it! In this case it is some secret agency which is performing experiments on these young people who volunteered in order to earn money, they get a high payment of some kind for being guinea pigs.
       11. DO YOU KNOW WHAT IT MEANS TO BE A GUINEA PIG? IT MEANT ALLOWING THE GOVERNMENT TO EXPERIMENT ON THEM WITH THIS NEW DRUG. I'm trying to explain it to you ahead of time so you'll understand what's going on when it's happening. This is based on partial fact & there is such a thing in Virginia as this CIA that's doing junk like this! They've experimented with different drugs on prisoners & paid volunteers etc. It has driven some of them plumb stark-raving mad, crazy & everything else!
       12. A LOT OF IT IS FLASHBACKS SO I'LL HAVE TO EXPLAIN IT TO YOU AS IT GOES ALONG, it's a little hard to follow & understand but you'll get it. The mother & the father of this little girl were two separate single young people at the time they underwent the experiment, but they were both given the drug. And it turned out that it gave them special mental powers such as mind-reading or control over people just by looking at them, they'd bend them to their will to do whatever they wanted them to do.--Just like the powers we're going to have, if not in the Tribulation, certainly in the Millennium. Some of us will have these powers even in the Tribulation, especially this business of calling down fire on our enemies. It says that the Two Witnesses can call down fire to devour their enemies! (Rev.11:5) Well, that's exactly what she does!
       13. THEY HAD SPECIAL POWERS OF THE MIND TO READ PEOPLE'S MINDS & TO CONTROL THEM, make them do what they wanted them to do & things like that. They got married afterwards & they had this little girl who had extra-strong supernatural powers. They were developed in her to an even greater power than they had. And as you will see, that's why it's called "Firestarter".--She could call down fire on their enemies, & their enemies were the Government, just like the Antichrist Government! So with that explanation I think you'll understand it.
       14. THE GOVERNMENT HAD BEEN TRYING TO FIND THEM, & this secret department of the Government had sent out an order to kill the father & the mother. But they wanted to capture the little girl to experiment on her.
       15. SOMEHOW THE FATHER GOT WIND OF THAT. He found that they had killed her mother & there are some sad scenes in it, of course. So he is running away with the little girl & these government men are chasing him. (Maria: They're always having to flee, like we will.) The Government agent says as they're chasing them, "If you catch up with him don't look in his eyes or he'll control you!" They had the same kind of powers the Lord is going to give us one of these days. He even gives it to us in small measures now, to our FFers, they look in people's eyes & their hearts melt, praise the Lord! So that's what the story is all about.
       16. AMEN, LORD, HELP THE CHILDREN TO UNDERSTAND IT & NOT BE SCARED OF ITS SCARY SCENES & REMEMBER IT'S JUST A MOVIE. Help them to get inspiration out of these supernatural powers, similar to powers that we're going to have in the Tribulation & in the Millennium. Thank You for it, Lord. In Jesus' name, we ask for Thy glory, bless it & make it a blessing to them. In Jesus' name, amen. You don't have anything to worry about, the Lord is going to take care of us!
       + + + + + + +

       (Later, to some of the Family:)
       17. IT IS A BLAST AT THE SYSTEM, A BLAST AT THE CIA! It's about what they call psychokinetics, being able to move objects.
       18. THERE ARE A FEW VIOLENT INCIDENTS BUT THERE HAVE TO BE, YOU'VE GOT TO TAKE THE EVIL WITH THE GOOD SOMETIMES to get the contrast. You can choose the good and eschew the evil. There are several gruesome incidents, you just have to take it as it comes, showing how brutal the government is, how absolutely without conscience they are, almost with no reason! Anybody that stands in their way is their enemy! The picture shows how unscrupulous the U.S. Government is, just like a dictatorship! These people try to stick up for their rights and they just ride over them!
       19. THE CIA WEREN'T TOO WORRIED ABOUT THE MOTHER AND THE FATHER BECAUSE THEY FIGURED THEY HAD THEM UNDER CONTROL, BUT THE LITTLE GIRL'S POWERS WERE SO MUCH GREATER THAT THEY WERE AFRAID OF HER! So they're harassing the mother and the father. Just like the Antichrist persecution, they send whole squads of goons out after them, especially to get the little girl. She just looks at them and they catch on fire, she just looks at their cars and they explode, it's terrific! It reminds you of some of the things that we are going to be able to do in the Tribulation!
       20. I HAD TO TELL THE KIDS THAT THIS ISN'T A TRUE STORY, I JUST WANTED YOU TO SEE IT TO SEE WHAT KIND OF POWERS WE ARE GOING TO HAVE--reading minds, moving things, pointing your finger at somebody & they freeze etc.!
       21. ALL THE STUFF THEY HAVE IN THESE SCI-FI MOVIES AND COMICS, THIS IS MAN'S IMAGINATION, THINGS HE WISHED HE COULD DO, BUT WE ARE GOING TO GET THIS IMAGINATION! This is something that the Bible tells us we are going to be able to do when the time comes. So this little girl can do all these things. She can see things that are going to happen and when they're going to happen, she senses danger when it is coming, reads people's minds etc. It's quite interesting from that standpoint, quite shocking!
       22. (FAM: THE SAME PERSON WHO WROTE THIS WROTE THE MOVIE "DEADZONE".) It's so amazing, a lot of these things don't happen by accident. The Lord sent it even if the Devil did bring it! People are getting prepared to see what we're actually going to be doing when the time comes. It shows you how the Devil wants to counterfeit!
       23. THESE ARE ALSO SOME OF THE SAME POWERS WHICH SOME WITCHES HAVE, TO BE ABLE TO PUT CURSES & START FIRES ETC. She even sort of talks to the power, when she feels it's gone far enough she tells it to back off etc., just like she was controlling an Angel or something. It's so similar to the things we are going to be doing, I think you'll really enjoy it! It's kind of scary sometimes but you'll really find it inspiring.
       24. GEORGE C. SCOTT IS GETTING TO BE QUITE A REBEL ACTOR. He was in that video "SavageIs Loose" where he let his sonmarry his wife because they were only three people on the island. I thought that was pretty revolutionary for a System movie!
       25. THEY HAD TO PUT ALL THOSE MUSIC VIDEOS ON IN THE "APPLE" MOVIE TO SHOW THE DIFFERENCE. When I started watching the video of that, there was some real hard rock dancing and music and singing in the beginning, and I thought it was just one of those noise videos! Then all of a sudden this young couple gets up and starts to sing and I just had a real witness in the Spirit, a real feeling! Something clicked, "This is it, you've got to watch this!"
       26. "THE APPLE" WAS ALMOST PARALLEL TO US, AND TO HAVE THE RAPTURE AT THE LAST SCENE WAS FAR OUT! Of course it was Modernistic style. "Mr. Tops" comes riding out of the clouds in a Mercedes limousine! But that wouldn't be any more shocking than when we come riding down on white horses!
       27. IT HAD TO BE MADE BY A CHRISTIAN WHO KNOWS ALL ABOUT THAT, IT HAD THE MARK OF THE BEAST & EVERYTHING. Maria guessed what "BIM" meant, she's got the gift of interpretation, "The Beast's International Mark". Isn't that something?
       28. IN THE OLD DAYS THEY MADE MOVIES THAT WERE SO SIMPLE AND YOU KNEW WHAT WAS HAPPENING, BUT NOW YOU'VE GOT TO TRY TO FIGURE OUT WHAT'S HAPPENING or what has happened or what's it all about. That's part of the mystery, trying to figure out what's going on.
       29. JUST MY LITTLE EXPLANATION TO YOU WILL HELP YOU TO ENJOY IT MORE, & help you to understand "Firestarter!"
       --IT WON'T BE LONG NOW!

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