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EZEKIEL 39:6-END & ZECHARIAH 10-13!       ET #36       3/85       DO 2155

       You may feast at Jesus' table all the time!
       He Who fed the multitude, turned the water into wine,
       To the hungry calleth now, Come & dine!

       All things are ready, come to the feast!
       Come for the table now is spread.
       Ye famishing, ye perishing, & thou shalt be surely fed.
       Hear the invitation, Come whosoever will!
       Praise God for full Salvation, come whosoever"--is up & ready! PTL!

       2. FRANKLY, I'D LIKE TO GET THROUGH THIS SUBJECT & GET IT OVER WITH! It's a rather unpleasant subject & I hate to dwell on it so long & go into so much detail, but it's pretty important & therefore we have to cover it & take the bitter with the sweet. This is one of the periods of history & the future that is not very pleasant, dealing with the Battle of Armageddon, but the sooner it gets worse, the sooner it gets better & the quicker it gets over with! So TTL! When things start happening fast you can rejoice & praise the Lord that it's almost over. The worse it gets, the sooner it will be over. PTL! So you need to know a little bit about these things & I just thought it would be well to go over these passages again on the Battle of Armageddon.
       3. WHAT CHAPTER IS THIS? (FAM: 39.) WHAT BOOK? (FAM: EZEKIEL.) He's pretty much known as the Prophet of the Return because he lived partly during the Captivity & also during the Return of Israel from their Babylonian Captivity. This was a long time ago, about 2500 years ago, so to be predicting the future 2500 years before it happens is quite a feat! But it's not too hard for the Lord & He's describing the Battle of Armageddon & the people who fight it. Who leads it? (Fam: The Antichrist, Gog.) Who in a sense starts it?--Well, probably the Jews started it, but he comes along & thinks he's going to finish it. But Who winds up finishing it? (Fam: The Lord!)--We do! PTL!
       4. SO WHO IS THIS ANTICHRIST, WHERE IS HE COMING FROM? (FAM: RUSSIA.)--Right! And what do they call him in this passage? (Fam: Gog.) And his land? (Fam: Magog.) And in Daniel he's also called the King of what? (Fam: The North.) So he comes from the North. It's quite definitely certain without any doubt by any Bible scholars that I've ever heard of, that this is Russia coming from the North in an invasion of Israel. They're coming thinking they're going to gain a mighty victory & put down Israel once & for all, but instead of that, God puts them all down once & for all!

       EZEKIEL 39:6-8!
       5. ALL RIGHT, 6TH VERSE: "AND I WILL SEND A FIRE ON MAGOG, & AMONG THEM THAT DWELL CARELESSLY IN THE ISLES." It sounds like everybody's going to get it! What isles are anywhere near Israel? One big island is Cyprus, then there are the Greek Islands & Turkish Islands. The British Isles are only 2000 miles away, but as we've seen in Daniel, they take part in all this sort of thing. In other words, there's probably a war going on around the World, another World War of some kind, & the Antichrist is having all kinds of trouble. The deeper he gets into the Tribulation the more troubles he has, the more wars he has, & when he gets into the Wrath of God, then he really has trouble & finally winds up in the Battle of Armageddon, his final trouble! So God's going to send fire on Russia & it sounds like it's going to be pretty bad. We don't know whether God's going to send it by way of volcanoes or just fire straight out of the sky or atomic bombs or what, but whatever it is, it's of God.--Amen?
       6. (VERSE 7:) "SO WILL I MAKE MY HOLY NAME KNOWN IN THE MIDST OF MY PEOPLE ISRAEL; & I WILL NOT LET THEM POLLUTE MY HOLY NAME ANY MORE: & THE HEATHEN SHALL KNOW THAT I AM THE LORD, THE HOLY ONE IN ISRAEL." That doesn't sound very complimentary [DELETED], does it? He's going to let'm know who's who, Who's the Boss, & He'll not let them defile or pollute His Name any more! [DELETED] [EDITED: "W"]hat is their favourite curse word? They don't hesitate to put it right in the movies now! (Fam: Jesus.)--Jesus Christ! "Jesus Christ! Jesus Christ!" They use it as a curse word, an anathema, deliberately supposedly doing it in blasphemy!--Which they are, & they'll be held accountable for it right here! But every time I hear it I have to praise the Lord because "He causes the wrath of man to praise Him!" (Psa.76:10) Just by the fact that they say the Name & recognise the Name, even as a curse word, God is getting glory from it! [EDITED: "They"] probably say "Jesus Christ" more than the Gentiles, because they hate Him.
       7. BUT HE SAYS HE'S NOT GOING TO LET THEM POLLUTE HIS HOLY NAME ANY MORE & THE HEATHEN SHALL ALSO KNOW THAT HE'S THE LORD. How are they going to know? Who are the heathen in this battle? Well, they're all heathen including the Jews, really, we could apply this to them as well, but usually when He says the heathen, He means whom? (Fam: The Gentiles.) And who are the main body of Gentiles in this battle? (Fam: The ACs.)--Yes! In other words the Gentiles, the foreigners, the invaders will know He's the Lord!
       8. (VERSE 8:) "BEHOLD, IT IS COME, & IT IS DONE, SAITH THE LORD GOD; THIS IS THE DAY WHEREOF I HAVE SPOKEN." It sounds pretty important, doesn't it?--The day of God's final judgements upon the Antichrist & his hordes, undoubtedly the Communists, or at least they were Communists before the Antichrist took over.

       9.(VERSE 9:) "AND THEY THAT DWELL IN THE CITIES OF ISRAEL SHALL GO FORTH & SHALL SET ON FIRE & BURN THE WEAPONS." Now the battle's over, get this! The Scripture goes back & forth, but right now it's going to wind up with what happens after the battle. It already says that five-sixths of the AC's army is destroyed, the Russian army & all those that came with him have been killed, now what happens? "They shall set on fire & burn the weapons, both the shields & the bucklers & the bows & the arrows & the handstaves & the spears, & they shall burn them with fire seven years."
       10. YOU SAY, "WELL, DAD, THAT MUST HAVE HAPPENED A LONG TIME AGO, THEY DON'T HAVE SHIELDS & BUCKLERS & THINGS LIKE THAT ANY MORE!" Well, you ought to see some of these riot police! Ahem! "They don't have bows & arrows & swords & handstaves & spears & things like that any more?" Well, let me ask you something, if you have studied ancient history as much as I have, tell me after which battle did they spend seven years burning all the weapons?--Never in all history! Nothing at all! They might have spent seven days, or you might even stretch your imagination to seven weeks, but not in all of history have they had so many weapons to burn that it took'm seven years to burn'm all! You say, "But it can't be in the future, Dad, they don't use weapons like that any more!" How do you know they won't?
       11. ONE BIG ELECTROMAGNETIC PULSE, EMP, OF ONE ATOM BOMB JUST EXPLODED VERY HIGH UP OVER A COUNTRY CAN KNOCK OUT EVERYTHING ELECTRONIC & ELECTRICAL IN THE WHOLE COUNTRY!--No more electrical motors or electrical apparatus or electronic equipment will operate or function at all. And they expect it to happen, so they're trying to build machinery now in the United States on their tanks & their planes & their radios & everything to try to shield them from that. But that's been one of their big problems, that they just haven't been able to find anything that will do it. When they exploded that big atomic bomb in their tests on Johnston Atoll out in the Pacific about 800 miles from Hawaii, all the lights in Hawaii went out! Everything went off for awhile. Just the Electromagnetic Pulse from the radiation of that bomb stopped all electrical activity! (See WNE, pg.879.)
       12. CAN YOU IMAGINE TRYING TO FIGHT A WAR WHEN SOMETHING LIKE THAT HAPPENS, when they can't operate their tanks, their guns, their planes or their radios? Nothing functions, cars, nothing! Somebody has rumoured that the Russians are expecting that, therefore they're reviving the Cossacks, the famous horsemen of Russia, & they're starting to train men to ride horses & all that sort of thing by the thousands over there! We saw a movie recently in which there were hundreds & hundreds of horsemen fighting the old-fashioned way, riding horseback in big battles. Goodness, if they can have them in the movies, they can sure have them in full-scale war! And who knows but what they're stockpiling wooden weapons which wouldn't be affected by the electronic impulses of atom bombs.
       13. YOU SAY, "OH DAD, THAT'S PRETTY FARFETCHED!" WELL, THE WHOLE THING IS FARFETCHED!--A battle in which blood runs deep to the horses' bridles for a space of about 200 miles! (Rev.14:20) That's about the length of the Valley of Megiddo & the River Kishon. I don't expect the blood itself to be that deep, but blood draining down from the battlefield into the River Kishon could certainly be up to the horses' bridles. That's pretty farfetched, but you're either going to believe it or not! And then suddenly for a huge army of probably billions to come riding out of the sky on white horses, I don't think you can get anything further fetched than that!
       14. EITHER YOU BELIEVE THE BIBLE & YOU BELIEVE IN GOD & YOU BELIEVE THESE THINGS CAN HAPPEN, OR YOU MIGHT AS WELL TAKE THIS BOOK & THROW IT AWAY, BECAUSE THE WHOLE THING IS FARFETCHED! Do you kids know what "farfetched" means? It literally means sort of hard to believe. When you say, "That's pretty farfetched," it literally means you had to go a long way to get it! Well, the whole thing is farfetched, so if you're going to believe one thing, you might as well believe the whole works!--Amen? You can't say, "Well, I believe this but I can't believe that!"
       15. EITHER A WITNESS IS TRUE ALL THE WAY THROUGH IN HIS TESTIMONY OR THE COURT THROWS IT OUT! If he tells one lie they throw out his whole testimony, even if all the rest of it is true, because he's perjured himself. He's an unreliable witness, he told a lie, so you can't believe anything he says. So either you're going to believe it all or you might as well forget it all! So what are we going to do? (Fam: Believe it all!)--Believe it! So far it's all been true & all come true! It works with you & you know the Author, so you know it's so, you know He wouldn't lie to you, praise the Lord? So even if it sounds pretty farfetched & difficult to believe, it's the Truth! It says so, so it must be true! We know it's true!
       16. SO APPARENTLY THEY'RE GOING TO BE USING A LOT OF WOODEN WEAPONS, either that or since the Prophet didn't know anything but wooden weapons, these are simply symbolic of the kind of weapons they will be using. It seems to me it would be a little difficult to burn all those tanks & guns & planes & things like that, but you've seen'm burn, you've seen'm on the news, tanks burning & exploding & planes burning. So it's possible, it can be done, whichever way you want to believe it, whether it's literally wooden weapons or it's symbolic of the weapons they will have. They had no such weapons as we have today, so how was Ezekiel going to describe the stacks of weapons & piles of debris & all this junk after the war? Since he knew nothing about the kind of weapons we have today, he would simply have to describe them in terms of the weapons they had then.
       17. SO EITHER WAY, JUST TAKE IT AT THAT: THAT THEY'RE GOING TO HAVE SO MUCH JUNK LEFT AFTER THIS BATTLE THAT IT'S GOING TO TAKE THEM SEVEN YEARS TO GET RID OF IT ALL! Think of it! The beginning of the Millennium is going to be largely clean-up, & we'll be directing it. We won't have to do it ourselves, but we'll be supervising it because we'll be the police force of the World telling them what to do & getting them to work.
       18. (VERSE 10:) "SO THAT THEY SHALL TAKE NO WOOD OUT OF THE FIELD, NEITHER CUT DOWN ANY OUT OF THE FORESTS." It sure sounds like wood to me if they can burn these things in their fireplaces instead of wood, instead of cutting down trees & logs & chopping wood out of the forest. They won't have to. That oughtta please the ecologists & environmentalists! I think they're going to be shouting hallelujah in that day for sure because man won't be tearing down the forest & denuding the landscape & wrecking the Earth, instead they'll be wrecking the instruments of war!
       19. "FOR THEY SHALL BURN THE WEAPONS WITH FIRE: & THEY SHALL SPOIL THOSE THAT SPOILED THEM, & ROB THOSE THAT ROBBED THEM, SAITH THE LORD GOD." How are they spoiling them? How are they robbing them? (Fam: They're taking the riches that they have.)--Yes, but what riches is it talking about? (Fam: The weapons.)--Right, the weapons! The nations of the Earth today spend more money on their weaponry & on wars than on anything else, & that's why most of them are having such great economic troubles.
       20. WHY DO YOU SUPPOSE ISRAEL IS BANKRUPT? When Israel declared itself a nation in 1948, the Israeli pound was exactly on a par or parity with the British Pound--which isn't worth much any more either--but is now down to just a few cents! They're bankrupt because they're spending every penny they can lay their hands on--including about two or three billion Dollars a year of U.S. taxpayers' money--on weapons of war! They're getting ready to fight this war & a few more before that, & a few they've already fought. They're bankrupt! Israel is absolutely bankrupt already, living on borrowed money & borrowed time!

       21. (VERSE 11:) "AND IT SHALL COME TO PASS IN THAT DAY, THAT I WILL GIVE UNTO GOG A PLACE THERE OF GRAVES IN ISRAEL." What a mess to clean up, all those dead bodies, thousands & thousands of dead soldiers! Jeremiah says, "They shall be as dung on the face of the Earth, they shall not be lamented neither gathered"--for awhile--"nor buried," because they don't even have time! (Jer.25:33) And it's going to take them quite awhile to do it.
       22. WE'RE GOING TO MAKE SOME PROGRESS TODAY & MOP UP THIS CHAPTER, AS WELL AS THE BATTLEFIELD! That's going to be one of the biggest jobs we have--the mopping-up after the Battle of Armageddon to start off the Millennium!--Seven years just to burn up all the weapons! Obviously the Israelites are going to have to bury the bodies, that's a dirty job they've got to do. And what do they get for their trouble?--They get all these weapons of war that they can use for fire wood for several years. So they're robbing the people that attacked them.
       23. (11TH VERSE:) "AND IT SHALL COME TO PASS IN THAT DAY, THAT I WILL GIVE UNTO GOG A PLACE THERE OF GRAVES IN ISRAEL, THE VALLEY OF THE PASSENGERS ON THE EAST OF THE SEA." As I told you before, the Valley of Megiddo is a main route between Jerusalem & Haifa, the principal port. What are "passengers"? What do we call passengers today? (Fam: Travellers.)--People who travel on trains & buses & planes, etc., are all called passengers. So they're going to conscript or draft even the people passing through, they're going to grab everybody they can to help them bury the dead. I wouldn't be surprised if it means travellers or tourists or whatever, although I can't see how there would be very many tourists right then! There might be a few who came over to see the havoc & what happened after the battle's over. Anyhow, they're going to grab them all, all they can.
       24. "ON THE EAST OF THE SEA." When the Bible talks about the sea, which sea does it mean? (Fam: The Mediterranean.)--Right! Not the Dead Sea, because it always specifies that if it means the Dead Sea. And where is this Valley of Megiddo? Is it East of the Mediterranean Sea? (Fam: Yes.) I'm sure sorry we didn't get that map yet. When I was a kid practically every Sunday School class had a roll of Bible maps like a calendar & they'd turn to different ones. Anyhow, if you recall, Megiddo is just across from Mt. Carmel. The Bay of Haifa begins the Valley & if you're looking at the map this way, it runs Southeastward toward Jerusalem. So it's East of the Mediterranean Sea.
       25. "AND IT SHALL STOP THE NOSES OF THE PASSENGERS!" The stink is going to be so bad they're going to hold their noses! "And there shall they bury Gog & all his multitude: & they shall call it The Valley of Hamon-gog."--That literally means "the multitude of Gog," or Gog's army. We're not talking about God, G-O-D, we're talking about Gog, children, G-O-G! They're all slaughtered there, including who? (Fam: Gog.)--Gog himself! The Antichrist himself is slain in this battle & is sent straight where? (Fam: The Lake of Fire.) Along with whom? (Fam: The False Prophet.) We've got some interesting things to tell you about that False Prophet which raises some questions.
       26. BY THE WAY, DID ANY OF YOU SEE THAT VIDEO OF "HOLOCAUST 2000"? This Battle of Armageddon is [EDITED: "certainly a"] holocaust. [DELETED] [EDITED: "The Jews have"] charged this professor over in France of anti-Semitism & all kinds of things because he said there's no way in the World that Hitler & the Nazis could ever have killed any six million Jews, that at the most they might have slaughtered a few thousand. He said there's no way in the World that any of those [DELETED] gas chambers could ever have actually had gas to kill so many Jews, he goes on & on.
       27. SO THE JEWS TOOK HIM TO COURT TO TRY TO SHUT HIS MOUTH to not tell all these refutations [EDITED: "about what"] the Jews have been telling everybody for years about six million Jews being killed by Hitler. [DELETED]
       28. BUT DID YOU KNOW THAT GERMANY IS HAVING TO PAY MILLIONS OF DOLLARS OF INDEMNITIES TO ISRAEL TODAY THAT THEY MANAGED TO [EDITED: "GET"] OUT OF THE WEST GERMAN GOVERNMENT AS PAYMENT, as reparations for what Hitler did to the Jews in Germany[DELETED]? Think of that! West Germany has to pay Israel millions of dollars every year in reparations. [DELETED] They [DELETED] said, "But you're guilty, you're Germany, therefore you've got to pay us for it!" I mean, they can't get enough money enough ways to build enough arms & armaments to fight their wars with the Arabs, so [DELETED] they're trying to squeeze every penny they can out of everybody all over the World to try to get up enough of an army to fight all their enemies. Well, you can see what's going to happen. PTL!
       29. SO THEY'RE GOING TO HAVE TO BURY ALL THIS ARMY, THIS HUGE BIG ARMY OF THOUSANDS & THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE THAT WERE KILLED IN THIS VALLEY TILL THE BLOOD RUNS DEEP IN THE RIVER KISHON. What does that word "Hamon-gog" mean? (Fam: The multitude of Gog.)--The great many many soldiers of his army. (Verse 12 & 13:) "And seven months shall the house of Israel be burying of them, that they may cleanse the land. Yea, & all the people of the land shall bury them." That's going to be the biggest job that those Jews have got to do after this war. Everybody's going to be busy burying all these dead, piles & piles of dead! Can you imagine how they must stink? Within three or four days after a body's dead it starts to stink like mad & (Sings:) "The worms crawl in & the worms crawl out, & the worms crawl in & all about!"--If you've heard the old song!--And the germs & the flies!
       30. I REMEMBER HEARING THAT A MISSIONARY TOLD US ONE TIME IN AFRICA THAT SHE SAW A PIG DIE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD.--Of course, this is why the Lord warned you about eating pork & pig flesh. We sometimes eat a little bacon because it's very thin & you can fry it until one germ couldn't possibly live through it. But pigs are just full of diseases & germs & bugs & worms & whatnot, & she said this pig died out in the middle of the street & within minutes the worms were crawling in & out of the pig flesh! Well, that's nothing! Herod was lecturing & the people were glorifying him & saying, "It's a god!" And suddenly, do you know how he died?--He fell down eaten of worms because he didn't give God the glory! (Acts 12:21-23)
       31. SO THIS IS ONE HELL OF A MESS, & HELL MADE IT TOO!--THE ANTICHRIST & HIS MOB! Everybody's going to be busy burying people for seven months! "And it shall be to them a renown the day that I shall be glorified, saith the Lord God." How come God's glorified by this? (Fam: Because they know He's the Lord & He did it.)--That He did it! Is God glorified in all these dead stinking bodies?--Yes!--Because they're His enemies! It shows God's judgement upon the wicked, upon the Antichrist forces that are slaughtered here, those Antichrist forces that give us so much trouble during the Tribulation & who persecute the poor & persecute the Christians & persecute all the religious people & just wreak havoc on the Earth with all kinds of persecution, & here they are lying rotting in the fields of Israel. That's a fitting end for the Antichrist forces, right? And it's going to take seven months to bury the stinkin' cusses!
       32. (VERSE 14:) "AND THEY SHALL SEVER OUT MEN OF CONTINUAL EMPLOYMENT PASSING THROUGH THE LAND TO BURY WITH THE PASSENGERS THOSE THAT REMAIN UPON THE FACE OF THE EARTH, TO CLEANSE IT: AFTER SEVEN MONTHS THEY SHALL SEARCH."--In other words, they'll begin to have to look for whatever dead are left after they buried all the ones that were obvious & piled up. "Men of continual employment" including "the passengers," the tourists or whatever, anyone they can get ahold of to help them, everybody in Israel is going to be drafted to bury the dead. It's kind of a fitting job for [EDITED: "them"]. Well, they probably caused a good deal of it so they have to suffer the consequences. After seven months they'll have to really start looking for dead bodies, & what are they going to do about that?
       33. (VERSE 15:) "AND THE PASSENGERS THAT PASS THROUGH THE LAND, WHEN ANY SEETH A MAN'S BONE"--by the end of seven months, what's left of these bodies? (Fam: The bones!)--After the beasts of the field have eaten what they want & the fowls of the air have cleaned off what they can get at. Have you ever seen that done in the movies? You see the vultures picking away at the dead bodies. That's why the Lord invites all the beasts & all the birds to come & eat! He says, "I have prepared for you a great feast, to eat the bodies of great ones & captains!" Because the quicker they eat as much as they can eat, then the quicker the bugs & the worms can finish the rest when there's nothing left but bones. It's a dirty story, isn't it? It's a sickening story, but that's the end of the wicked, a sickening sight! All that's left is bones, but they even bury the bones.
       34. "WHEN ANY SEETH A MAN'S BONE, THEN SHALL HE SET UP A SIGN BY IT, TILL THE BURIERS HAVE BURIED IT IN THE VALLEY OF HAMON-GOG." They've even done that during some of the past wars of this World, believe it or not. After the battle is over special teams go out searching for the different dead ones, & when they find them they stick a little sign up over them to attract attention--as I recall, in Vietnam it was a little flag--& then the teams that later come out with trucks to gather the dead can easily find them. So they're going to even set up signs where the bones are. "Till the buriers have buried it in the Valley of Hamon-gog"--the multitude of Gog. "And also the name of the city shall be Hamonah"--which literally means "the city of the multitude." "Thus shall they cleanse the land." What a mess! I guess those Israelis are going to be thankful when that job's over! It's probably part of their punishment for all their wickedness.

       35. (VERSE 17:) "AND THOU SON OF MAN, THUS SAITH THE LORD GOD; SPEAK UNTO EVERY FEATHERED FOWL, & TO EVERY BEAST OF THE FIELD: Assemble yourselves & come gather yourselves on every side to My sacrifice that I do sacrifice for you, even a great sacrifice upon the mountains of Israel, that ye may eat flesh & drink blood!" God hasn't forbidden the beasts of the field or the vultures of the air to drink blood & eat flesh, that's their job! They're the garbagemen who clean up the garbage! They get at it first because there aren't going to be enough people around right off the bat to get everybody buried in a hurry. So these garbagemen of God, God's garbagemen, the beasts of the field & the fowls of the air, are going to start cleaning up the mess by picking their bones clean until they get'm all buried. Boy, this is one dirty story! You never thought Grandpa would tell you dirty stories, did you? Well, God told this one! I told you it was a mess & I'd like to get through it in a hurry, because it's one of the stinkingest chapters in the Bible!
       36. (VERSE 18:) "YE SHALL EAT THE FLESH OF THE MIGHTY & DRINK THE BLOOD OF THE PRINCES OF THE EARTH, OF RAMS, OF LAMBS, & OF GOATS, OF BULLOCKS, ALL OF THEM FATLINGS OF BASHAN." Don't worry about this, Techi. Where it says "of rams & lambs," etc., He's not talking here about actual little lambs, He's symbolising these great ones as bullocks, rams, mighty men! It's talking about the captains & the princes & the leaders of the hosts here, it's symbolising them. Savvy? Because although there are probably going to be lots of animals killed too, this is mostly symbolic of the leaders of the hosts.
       37. (VERSE 19:) "AND YE SHALL EAT FAT TILL YE BE FULL, & DRINK BLOOD TILL YE BE DRUNKEN, OF MY SACRIFICE WHICH I HAVE SACRIFICED FOR YOU." Who's He talking to? (Fam: The birds & the beasts.) Oooh, this is a gory story! You say, "My God, you shouldn't tell these things to children!" Well, the kids might as well know about it, because it's going to happen! It's a great victory! They're [EDITED: "the birds and the beasts"] going to be eating the flesh & drinking the blood of our enemies! That ought to give you some satisfaction! Pick'm clean, Lord! Pick'm clean, birds & beasts, till there's nothing left but their bones! Get rid of those rascals! Amen? (Fam: Amen!)
       38. (VERSE 20:) "THUS YE SHALL BE FILLED AT MY TABLE WITH HORSES & CHARIOTS, WITH MIGHTY MEN, & WITH ALL MEN OF WAR, SAITH THE LORD GOD." That doesn't mean they're going to eat the chariots, but there are probably going to be lots of dead horses. There's another sign they're going to use old ancient weapons of wars. I can't see how they'd be eating tanks or guns, not even chariots, but anyway, He means the destruction is complete & the beasts of the field & the birds & everybody just clean up what's left.

       39. (VERSE 21:) "AND I WILL SET MY GLORY AMONG THE HEATHEN, & ALL THE HEATHEN SHALL SEE MY JUDGEMENT THAT I HAVE EXECUTED, & MY HAND THAT I HAVE LAID UPON THEM." Is God going to be glorified by this battle? Isn't God going to manifest His power in this battle to show what a great slaughter He has caused? Quite obviously the Israelis didn't do it, they couldn't! They were losing the battle. "How do you know, Dad?"--Because the battle started at Megiddo & it ends up right outside the walls of Jerusalem. But that's when God decides to put a stop to it.
       40. (VERSE 22:) "AND SO THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL SHALL KNOW THAT I AM THE LORD THEIR GOD FROM THAT DAY & FORWARD." Not only are the heathen going to know God is God, but who else needs to learn that God is God?--The [DELETED] Jews! They're going to get a real manifestation! They're going to find out they can't save themselves, that God finally had to come down & have mercy on the remnant of them to save them. "Then they'll know I'm the Lord."--What Lord? Who's talking? Who is this Lord? (Fam: Jesus!)--Then the Jews will know that Jesus is the Lord! Praise God? TYL!
       41. (VERSE 23:) "AND THE HEATHEN SHALL KNOW THAT THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL WENT INTO CAPTIVITY FOR THEIR INIQUITY." Why did the Jews have all this trouble?--For their wicked sins! "Into captivity," meaning they're scattered in all the nations of the whole Earth, all over. "Because they trespassed against Me, therefore hid I My face from them, & gave them into the hand of their enemies."--Who? (Fam: The Jews!) He gave the Jews into the hands of their enemies. "So fell they all by the sword." There are going to be a lot of dead Jews out there too, don't forget. He says in other places that He's only going to spare one-third of them, just a third of those that are there. (Zech.13:8) Well, that's better than a sixth of the Antichrist's forces. But He's going to slaughter two-thirds of the Jews of Israel in this battle! They're going to really learn a lesson! Apparently He's only going to spare those that He's going to have mercy on who maybe were trying to be good or worship God, as we'll see in another passage when we read it.
       42. (VERSE 24:) "ACCORDING TO THEIR UNCLEANNESS & ACCORDING TO THEIR TRANSGRESSIONS HAVE I DONE UNTO THEM, & HID MY FACE FROM THEM."--From whom? (Fam: The Jews.) They are going to get it! Not only the Antichrist & his forces are going to get it in the Battle of Armageddon, but the Jews are going to get it too. Not only Antichrist forces' blood will be running in the Valley of the Kishon, but also the Jews'. After all, people get killed on both sides.
       43. (VERSE 25:) "THEREFORE THUS SAITH THE LORD GOD, NOW WILL I BRING AGAIN THE CAPTIVITY OF JACOB." This means release him from captivity, it doesn't mean capture him again. It's just the way the Bible has of expressing that. "And have mercy upon the whole house of Israel"--that is, what's left--"& will be jealous for My Holy Name; after that they have borne their shame, & all their trespasses whereby they have trespassed against Me, when they dwelt safely in their land & none made them afraid." The Jews have been dwelling today for the first time in their own country since 1948. They haven't been perfectly safe all the time, they've had several wars, but most of the time they've been holding their own & dwelling pretty safely amongst all those Arabs & everything. They've won every war they've fought with the Arabs so far. But they would have lost this one if it hadn't been for us, the forces of the Lord, coming down to save them, believe it or not!
       44. CAN YOU IMAGINE US CHRISTIANS WHO LOVE JESUS RIDING DOWN ON WHITE HORSES OUT OF THE SKY TO COME DOWN & SAVE THE JEWS? It's almost unbelievable!--But that's what we're going to be doing! Of course, we're not going to be saving the Jews alone, but a lot of other people who've been fighting the Antichrist, the Anti-Antichrists, the A-ACs. But we're going to be helping to save Jerusalem & the Jews, it says it very clearly in other passages here, praise the Lord!
       45. (VERSE 27:) "WHEN I HAVE BROUGHT THEM AGAIN FROM THE PEOPLE, & GATHERED THEM OUT OF THEIR ENEMIES' LANDS." So when is this battle going to happen? Is it somewhere way back in ancient history? Is it even a hundred years ago? Would it have been World War 1 or 2? It couldn't have been because it wasn't until after World War 2 that Israel became a nation, 1948, largely as a result of World War 2 when the U.S. & the West won the war & promised that they would help Israel. They began that promise back in WW1, but the Jews didn't then finally fulfil it & weren't strong enough to lick the Arabs in the country, the poor Palestinians, so that they could re-establish the nation of Israel. "After I have gathered them unto their own land," think of that.
       46. "AND AM SANCTIFIED IN THEM IN THE SIGHT OF MANY NATIONS." How is this whole thing going to sanctify God in the eyes of the nations of the World which are left on Earth?--And there are still going to be many nations! Sanctify means kosherise, it means made clean or made holy, or in other words, glorified in the eyes of many nations. God is going to be glorified by what He does in this case. Are the nations going to see that God is just? He not only slaughtered five-sixths of the Antichrist's forces, but He also slaughtered two-thirds of the Jews! God is fair! He doesn't take sides as though one side is entirely guiltless & holy & with no blame, He punishes both sides in this battle! Of course, he slaughters more of the Antichrist's people because they're the worst, but also two-thirds of the Jews! I think that's a pretty good-sized hunk!
       47. (28TH VERSE:) "THEN SHALL THEY KNOW THAT I AM THE LORD THEIR GOD, WHICH CAUSED THEM TO BE LED INTO CAPTIVITY AMONG THE HEATHEN." Who's going to know? (Fam: The Jews.) He's talking about the Jews. "But I have gathered them unto their own land & have left none of them any more there." Now exactly what that means, we don't know, whether that means He's going to gather all the Jews back to Israel or what. I don't see how He could, I don't think the land of Israel is big enough to hold them all, but at least certainly those that are there.
       48. (VERSE 29:) "NEITHER WILL I HIDE MY FACE ANY MORE FROM THEM: FOR I HAVE POURED OUT MY SPIRIT UPON THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL, SAITH THE LORD GOD." He's poured out His Spirit upon the House of Israel, & in what form & shape & happenings did His Spirit take form in this battle? What kind of Spirit was it?--The Spirit of Judgement!--Right? It doesn't mean He's filling them all with the Holy Ghost! It means He's poured out the fire & the wrath & the destruction & the death that God's Spirit can bring in judgement because of their sins.

       49. WELL, THAT'S A PRETTY ROUGH CHAPTER! We really got through that pretty fast since you got here early. Do you want to start on Zechariah? Let's see if we can go zip, zip, zip through that too! That's one of the last little books in the Old Testament, children, just before Malachi. It's the next to the last book in the Old Testament. Well, I don't know if we need to read all of this, you can read it for yourself & probably understand as much of it as I can, but it begins working up to it in the 10th Chapter. He talks about how He's going to save the house of Joseph, Israel & Judah & Ephraim, etc., etc., & how He's going to regather them. I'm not going to read this 10th Chapter right now, I don't have time. But boy oh boy, you can sure read what He's going to do to Lebanon in this 11th Chapter!
       50. (ZECH.11, VERSE 1:) "OPEN THY DOORS, O LEBANON, THAT THE FIRE MAY DEVOUR THY CEDARS!" You're wondering why Lebanon is having so much trouble? "Howl, fir tree; for the cedar is fallen." It means the mighty leaders, although it is a land of actual fir trees & cedars. That's what the Temple was built of, the cedars of Lebanon. They were famous in the ancient World for many years because they had these big trees, like redwood trees & sequoias, in the mountains of Lebanon like they have in California. How they ever got them down to build the Temple is an engineering feat that marvels the historians! They dragged these gigantic logs down out of the mountains of Lebanon clear down to the port, then they floated them down to Haifa & Joppa, pulled them out of the water & dragged them up the mountains of Israel clear to the top of Mt. Moriah! It took years, it was a big job, but that's the only way they could have ever gotten those big logs & all that lumber that they built the Temple of, because the Temple was largely built of wood, partly stones & partly wood.
       51. THE LATER TEMPLE, EVEN THE TEMPLE OF HEROD WHEN HE REBUILT THE TEMPLE, WAS LARGELY MASONRY, GIGANTIC STONES BIGGER THAN THIS TABLE, SOME OF THEM ABOUT TWO-METER CUBES, IF YOU CAN IMAGINE, WEIGHING TONS!--Two meters wide, two meters thick! But also a lot of the Temple, particularly the inner part of the Temple, was lined with beautiful cedar wood. You know, wood panelling is beautiful on the inside of a house. I love wood! It's beautiful, one of the most beautiful things God ever made, especially to build with and make furniture out of, interior panelling, etc. So the inside of even Herod's Temple was panelled with beautiful cedar wood. Can you imagine how nice that smelled when you came in?--Like a cedar chest!
       52. YOU SAY, "WELL, HOW COULD THE ROMANS HAVE BURNED THOSE ROCKS, THOSE STONES?" Well, they didn't actually burn the stones. The roof & all the rest that was made out of wood burned, but it got the rocks so hot that all the gold & silver decorations with which the inner wood of the Temple was almost plastered, including all those shields & all the gold & silver, melted & ran down in the crevices between the stones. That's why when the Roman soldiers came & the hot rocks finally cooled off, they knew that gold was in there & they literally tore what was left of the Temple apart, just the rocks, stone from stone, to get at the gold, till there wasn't one stone left standing upon another & Jesus' prophecy was fulfilled! He said He would not leave one stone standing upon another. (Mat.24:2) And finally they even carted all the stones away until the top of Mt. Moriah was bare as the top of a rock!
       53. AND DO YOU KNOW WHAT THEY DID WITH THE STONES OF THE JEWISH TEMPLE?--THEY BUILT OODLES OF CHRISTIAN CHURCHES IN JERUSALEM, OUT OF JERUSALEM & ALL AROUND! The pillars of the Temple are still the pillars of some of the churches there, & the stones of the Temple are the stones which built churches. [DELETED] [EDITED: "I"]t was the end of Judaism! [DELETED] He just wiped the Temple out totally till they even carted the stones away & built Christian churches out of them! [DELETED] So, all that about the fir trees, & then we got onto the Temple.
       54. (VERSE 3:) "THERE IS A VOICE OF THE HOWLING OF THE SHEPHERDS." Boy, you hear it all the time now, you hear the howlings from Lebanon & all the war & all the crime & all the killings & all the bombings that's going on continually there. I think that country's become impossible to govern! "For their glory is spoiled: a voice of the roaring of young lions; for the pride of Jordan is spoiled."--Jordan's going to get it too! Why is Jordan going to get it?--In fact, Jordan has gotten it because too often she sided with the wrong people.
       55. RIGHT NOW JORDAN IS TRYING TO GET THE ARABS & ISRAELIS TO TALK PEACE, & King Hussein is trying his best to get the U.S. to come in & act as a kind of a monitor & peacemaker. But how can the U.S. be a peacemaker when the U.S. is the one that's arming Israel to fight the Arabs? That's so ridiculous! How could she have ever been a peacemaker & tried to pretend to be a peacemaker in Lebanon when all the time she was backing the [EDITED: "Israelis"] in their invasion of Lebanon? It's such a hypocritical, self-righteous, phoney attitude of the U.S. to pretend to be peacemakers when they're the greatest war-makers on the face of the Earth! So you can read the rest of this 11th Chapter for yourself, I'm not going to take time to read it all now, all about the mess Lebanon is in. But there are some interesting Verses toward the end of the Chapter, beginning with the 15th Verse:
       56. "THE LORD SAID UNTO ME, TAKE UNTO THEE THE INSTRUMENTS OF A FOOLISH SHEPHERD. For lo, I will raise up a shepherd in the land, which shall not visit those that be cut off, neither shall seek the young one, nor heal that that is broken, nor feed that that standeth still." This sounds just like the opposite of Ezekiel 34! "But he shall eat the flesh of the fat & tear their claws in pieces. Woe to the idol shepherd!" This shepherd is going to have an idol, so who do you think that is? (Fam: The AC!) He's talking about the Antichrist here. This is all about the Last Days. "Woe to the idol shepherd that leaveth the flock. The sword shall be upon his arm, & upon his right eye: his arm shall be clean dried up & his right eye shall be utterly destroyed."

       57. NOW, 12TH CHAPTER! Boy, these Chapters are nothing but woe, woe, woe! Well, there's a little good mixed in here or there. All throughout He keeps throwing in a few promises about how things are going to turn out good in the end. This is one of those stories that as bad as it gets, it still has a happy ending.
       58. (ZECH.12, VERSES 1&2:) "THE BURDEN OF THE WORD OF THE LORD FOR ISRAEL, SAITH THE LORD, which stretcheth forth the heavens, & layeth the foundation of the Earth, & formeth the spirit of man within him. Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling unto all the people round about, when they shall be in the siege both against Judah & against Jerusalem." Now here we're beginning an actual description of the attack of the hordes of Gog & Magog against Jerusalem. Really it's getting toward the end of the Battle of Armageddon because they're getting toward the walls of Jerusalem.
       59.(VERSE 3:) "AND IN THAT DAY WILL I MAKE JERUSALEM A BURDENSOME STONE FOR ALL PEOPLE: All that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the Earth be gathered together against it." It sounds like an awful lot of people coming in that army to gather against Jerusalem in that big siege of Armageddon. It sounds like a kind of a World War, doesn't it? Well, it'll be the last war of the World, at least for a thousand years.
       60. (VERSES 4 & 5:) "IN THAT DAY, SAITH THE LORD, I WILL SMITE EVERY HORSE WITH ASTONISHMENT, & HIS RIDER WITH MADNESS: & I will open Mine eyes upon the house of Judah, & will smite every horse of the people with blindness. And the governors of Judah shall say in their heart, The inhabitants of Jerusalem shall be my strength in the Lord of hosts their God."--After the battle. Who are going to be the governors of Jerusalem after the war? (Fam: Us!)--We are! Every now & then you run across a nice verse! There're not many nice ones in these chapters. Well, even the vengeance of God on the heathen & the wicked--both the wicked Communists, the wicked Antichrist forces, & the wicked [EDITED: "ACs"]--that ought to comfort your heart to see God take vengeance upon them. TYL!
       61. (VERSE 6:) "IN THAT DAY WILL I MAKE THE GOVERNORS OF JUDAH LIKE AN HEARTH OF FIRE AMONG THE WOOD, & like a torch of fire in a sheaf; & they shall devour all the people round about, on the right hand & on the left: & Jerusalem shall be inhabited again in her own place, even in Jerusalem." That's a funny thing to say: "Jerusalem shall be inhabited again in her own place, even in Jerusalem." The governors of Jerusalem are going to be like fire! We're going to have the power of Angels, power of fire over our enemies! Praise God!
       62. (VERSE 7:) "THE LORD ALSO SHALL SAVE THE TENTS OF JUDAH FIRST." Uh-oh, Lord, how can You save the Jews? Well, He says He's going to do it in the Last Day, that He even comes down to rescue Jerusalem, because if He hadn't they'd have all been slaughtered!
       63. (VERSE 8:) "IN THAT DAY SHALL THE LORD DEFEND THE INHABITANTS OF JERUSALEM."--What?! Well, the World is going to come to the point that finally God is going to say of the Jews, "They've had it, they've had enough, that's enough, stop!" They will have been slaughtered right & left around the World, two-thirds of them slaughtered in Israel & only one-third left.
       64. "AND HE THAT IS FEEBLE AMONG THEM AT THAT DAY SHALL BE AS DAVID; & THE HOUSE OF DAVID SHALL BE AS GOD." Now wait a minute, Lord, You surely couldn't be talking about the Jews now!--No, not those Jews, us Jews! Praise God? Hallelujah! Even the feeblest among you with the power of the Lord in that day is going to be like David, a mighty warrior riding his white charger destroying the wicked. "The house of David shall be as God!"--Why?--Because it's God's house! We're God's house! "As the Angel of the Lord before them." You'll be like Angels with the power of Angels, casting fire on your enemies!
       65. (VERSE 9:) "AND IT SHALL COME TO PASS IN THAT DAY, THAT I WILL SEEK TO DESTROY ALL THE NATIONS THAT COME AGAINST JERUSALEM." Now this is a battle in which many nations join together in battle against Jerusalem. Has that ever happened before? There have been many many nations that have come in battle against Jerusalem, but not together, usually just one at a time, maybe two or three at a time. But here He says many nations shall come in battle against Jerusalem. And in Daniel & Ezekiel we have listed even the names of some of the nations that are going to fight alongside the Antichrist & his forces against Israel. He names a few of them, but He says there are going to be many. If all the nations that follow the Antichrist are going to fight against Jerusalem, that's a lot of nations! But He says, "I will destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem."
       66. (VERSE 10:) "AND I WILL POUR UPON THE HOUSE OF DAVID, & UPON THE INHABITANTS OF JERUSALEM, THE SPIRIT OF GRACE." After we come down out of the sky on white chargers & win this battle, who's going to be occupying Jerusalem then?--We are! We will be the conquerors! What happens when conquerors capture a city?--They occupy it & they rule it & govern it. We are going to be ruling over [EDITED: "them"] in that day. They're going to be very thankful. God's Word says they're going to bow down before us & crawl in the dust, lick the dust off of our boots, thankful that we came & saved them or they would have been destroyed too! (Isa.49:23,60:14, Rev.3:9) God's Word has promised it time & again.
       67. HE GAVE THAT TO ME AS A PERSONAL PROMISE! I didn't even know I was going to have so much to do with the Jews. Most of my battle in those days was with the churches, I didn't realise I was going to include the Jews. Of course, the churches of today are the Christian Jews, you might say, the spiritual Jews, & our outfit is certainly Jewish enough. But there's a big difference between us & [EDITED: "them"]. You're of the house of David. [DELETED]
       68. BUT GOD IS GOING TO HAVE MERCY UPON A FEW OF THEM & ALLOW US TO COME DOWN & ACTUALLY SAVE THEM FROM TOTAL DESTRUCTION, otherwise the Antichrist would have wiped them all out. I guess in respect & love for dear old Abraham, Isaac & Jacob & Moses & some of the rest of them, He doesn't want them all wiped out, He's going to save a few.--Maybe a few sincere Orthodox Jews that really were trying to worship God & didn't know any better & were deceived by their religious leaders into thinking Jesus was a fake & all that. God is going to have mercy on what we might call the "good" Jews.--Probably a lot of poor Jews who are just like sheep or goats following their leaders.
       69. (VERSE 10:) "AND I WILL POUR UPON THE HOUSE OF DAVID & UPON THE INHABITANTS OF JERUSALEM, THE SPIRIT OF GRACE & OF SUPPLICATIONS: AND THEY SHALL LOOK UPON ME"--JESUS--"WHOM THEY HAVE PIERCED, & THEY SHALL MOURN FOR HIM." Now who's He talking about? Who's going to do the mourning?--Us?--No, He's talking about the Jews now. "As one that mourneth for his only son." They're going to think about Jesus, they're going to see Him then, think of it, & they're going to be sorry, knowing that they were just as guilty as those that actually crucified Him. They pierced Him, they still pierce Him! [DELETED] But this time He's not going to come that way any more, He's going to be a mighty King & the Ruler of the Earth! "And they shall be in bitterness for Him, as one that is in bitterness for his firstborn." They're going to be mourning & sorry & repenting as though He were their only child that they killed.
       70. (VERSE 11:) "AND IN THAT DAY SHALL THERE BE A GREAT MOURNING IN JERUSALEM, AS THE MOURNING OF HADADRIMMON IN THE VALLEY OF MEGIDDON." Well, that's ancient history, that's something we don't need to get into or we'll get off the subject here. But Hadad & Rimmon were both gods of the Syrians which some of the Jews had taken to worshipping in the Valley of Megiddo. Think of that, Jews worshipping these false gods & idols in the very valley where finally God is going to come down in fury & slaughter their enemies!--And two-thirds of them, too!
       71. (VERSE 12:) "AND THE LAND SHALL MOURN, EVERY FAMILY APART; the family of the house of David apart, & their wives apart; the family of the house of Nathan apart, & their wives apart." A lot of this "house of David" happens to be the Jews & Judah in this case & He's talking about them mourning. I can't see us mourning, can you? "The family of the house of Levi apart"--that's the priests--"& their wives apart; the family of Shimei apart, & their wives apart; all the families that remain, every family apart & their wives apart." In other words, they're going to go into mourning when they discover it is Jesus that has saved them! Think of it!
       72. HERE THEY ARE FIGHTING THIS BATTLE TO THE DEATH & UP TO THE WALLS OF JERUSALEM, THEY'RE BESIEGED WITHIN THE WALLS OF JERUSALEM AGAIN & THEY'VE LOST THE WAR! They've literally lost the battle & their enemies are about to wipe them out, when "Boom!"--We come out of the sky led by the Lord & we save those [DELETED] Jews! Well, there must be some good ones amongst them or the Lord wouldn't have saved them. We come out of the sky & save what's left of the Jews. And they're going to see us that they persecuted, & they're going to see Jesus that they crucified, & they're going to mourn in a great mourning. House after house, each one separately, different ones, all mourning, everybody going into mourning because they realise that we're the ones they persecuted, Jesus is the One they pierced, & they're all going to be sorry & repentant.--That is, those that are left, but there are not too many left. Obviously the Lord is just going to save those who are sorry, who He knows will repent!

       73. (ZECH.13, VERSE 1:) "IN THAT DAY THERE SHALL BE A FOUNTAIN OPENED TO THE HOUSE OF DAVID & TO THE INHABITANTS OF JERUSALEM FOR SIN & FOR UNCLEANNESS." Thank God the fountain's already been opened to this House of David, amen? But those that are of the actual bloodline of Judah, the Tribe of David, the Jews themselves, God's going to actually have grace & mercy on them & forgive them.--Why? Why does He forgive anybody? (Fam: Because they're sorry & they repent.) Obviously they now believe & they're sorry, they repent, so He's going to forgive'm. Praise God! Are you going to be sorry that some of the Jews are going to repent & get saved?--You'd better not be! [DELETED] (Mat.5:44) Amen? Wouldn't you like to see Jews get saved by the hundreds & by the thousands? Well, they're going to get saved by the hundreds & the thousands in that day when they finally see the Lord!
       74. DON'T TELL ME PEOPLE AREN'T GOING TO GET SAVED IN THE MILLENNIUM, HERE IT IS RIGHT HERE! This is after the Battle of Armageddon! There you are! First of all the Jews are getting saved right & left, because all of a sudden they've seen us & the Lord come from Heaven to save them! We first save them physically from total defeat by their enemies, wipe'm out by the tens of thousands till the country is stacked up with dead--including two-thirds of the Jews, no doubt the wicked ones--but then we're going to save the rest of them!
       75. AREN'T YOU GLAD SOME JEWS ARE GOING TO BE SAVED? Jews actually get saved, think of that! Well, we've got some right here! Some of you didn't know you were Jews, but you are, praise God! And now of course you're all real Jews in the Spirit, praise the Lord? He's not just a Jew who is of Judah, but we're all spiritual Jews now because we have received the Lion of the Tribe of Judah--Jesus! TYL! All right! PTL!
       76. (VERSE 2:) "AND IT SHALL COME TO PASS IN THAT DAY, SAITH THE LORD OF HOSTS, THAT I WILL CUT OFF THE NAMES OF THE IDOLS OUT OF THE LAND & THEY SHALL NO MORE BE REMEMBERED." "You mean Jews over there in Israel are now worshipping idols? Dad, that's old stuff, old-hat! They don't worship idols over there any more!" Oh, they don't? They worship things, & any thing you worship is an idol! They love to worship all those cars & TV sets, & now they're even worshipping tanks & guns & planes & they'd rather get them than anything, their idols!--And especially the almighty American Dollar is their greatest idol of all! Most of them would like to be in the U.S.A. because there're more Dollars there!
       77. YOU HEARD THAT OLD JOKE ABOUT THE JEW AT THE WAILING WALL. He was rocking back & forth in his big black hat & his big beard, "Oh God, I vant to be vith my people!" He's at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem! "I vant to be vith my people!" And the guy next to him nudged him & said, "What's the matter with you, Abey? You're with your people! Here we are! We're the Jews in Jerusalem, we've got it, we made it!" "But I vant to be vith my people in Miami Beach!" Miami Beach is a very rich, tropical, beautiful, almost all-Jewish town in Southern Florida in the U.S.A. that we used to call "Little Jerusalem." Now it's "Big Jerusalem"! It's probably got more Jews than Jerusalem ever could think about having. That's where most of them would like to go, but they can't all go there because the U.S. won't let'm all in.
       78. THEY LET'M IN BY FLOODS AFTER WORLD WAR 2! They just let in almost any Jew who wanted to come to the U.S. after World War 2, during the War, & even before the War, those that escaped from Hitler. The U.S. threw its arms open to all Jews! They kept everybody else on a strict immigration quota, but Jews who could prove they were fleeing from Hitler & the Nazis were welcomed with open arms, & they just flooded into the States after World War 2. [DELETED]
       80. WELL, I PROMISED TO TRY TO LET YOU OUT EARLY, BUT MY GOODNESS, WE'RE ALMOST ON THE LAST CHAPTER! Do you want to finish this little 13th one & then we'll save the 14th one for next time?--Because the 14th one is the real clincher, it starts the Millennium!--Shows you what it's going to be like in the Millennium. All right, He's going to get rid of the idols in Israel & they shall no more be remembered.

       81. (VERSE 2:) "ALSO I WILL CAUSE THE PROPHETS & THE UNCLEAN SPIRIT TO PASS OUT OF THE LAND."--THE FALSE PROPHETS! They've got plenty of them over there right now prophesying they're going to win, prophesying they're going to beat the Arabs, prophesying the U.S.A. is always going to be their friend & they can't lose, blah blah! Well, they're going to find out they are losing & they nearly lost until we come down to save them. The very people they have persecuted & cursed, & the very Messiah they killed & use His name as a cuss word, are going to be their rescuers & saviours!
       82. (VERSE 3:) "AND IT SHALL COME TO PASS, THAT WHEN ANY SHALL YET PROPHESY, THEN HIS FATHER & HIS MOTHER THAT BEGAT HIM SHALL SAY UNTO HIM, THOU SHALT NOT LIVE." It's talking about false prophets. Didn't Jesus say there would be a lot of false prophets in the Last Days? (Mat.24:24) "For thou speakest lies in the name of the Lord: & his father & his mother that begat him shall thrust him through when he prophesieth. And it shall come to pass in that day, that the prophets shall be ashamed every one of his vision, when he hath prophesied."
       83. BOY, THERE ARE LOTS OF PROPHETS TODAY! Every day when you read the newspaper you read prophecy after prophecy that all these economists & politicians are prophesying & promising what's going to happen, a whole bunch of lies, just lie after lie! The newspaper is just loaded with lies. [DELETED]
       84. THEY'VE BEEN PROPHESYING THE STOCK MARKET WAS GOING TO KEEP GOING UP, THE DOLLAR WAS GOING TO KEEP GOING UP!--WELL, I GUESS YOU HEARD THE NEWS, THE DOLLAR IS GOING DOWN! In one economical analysis the money prophets said, "If the U.S. GNP just holds steady at about the 4.5 to 9% that they are predicting, & the interest rates hold steady, & the inflation rate holds steady, we can count on the Dollar staying high." So they had predicted a GNP for the first quarter of this year of 4.9 for the U.S.A., & do you know what it turned out to be?--2.1! They predicted that the inflation rate would not go up, but it went up! And they predicted the interest rates wouldn't go down, but even they are going down, & so is the Dollar.
       85. THEY SAID, "THE DOLLAR WILL STAY STEADY PROVIDING THIS & THIS & THIS!"--BUT THIS & THIS & THIS ARE FAILING & THE DOLLAR'S GOING DOWN & I THINK WE'RE HEADING FOR THE CRASH! And if it doesn't happen this year I really will be surprised! Because if the Antichrist is coming next year he's going to have to pick up the pieces & they're going to have to be desperate enough to beg him to save'm! I could be wrong, maybe I'm wrong, but you'll still be saved anyhow, TTL? Amen? Even if I'm wrong about it all, aren't you glad you're saved? Aren't you glad you know Jesus? You know that's right! This other is prophetic interpretation, but I must say, if I'm wrong I'll sure be surprised, because I believe it! I believe we're headed for the Crash. Every sign points to it & it looks like we have reached the turning point right now & the Dollar's going down. (1987: It's down 40%!)
       86. DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH THE DOLLAR WENT DOWN IN ONE DAY?--5% IN ONE DAY!--4% IN ANOTHER DAY LAST WEEK! Do you know how much gold went up in three weeks' time? It had gone clear down to $280 & it jumped up to $350! Do you know how much of an increase that is?--20%! Do you know what that really means? The Dollar fell 5% one day, 4% another & God knows how many percent other days, but you can judge the actual value of the Dollar by the gold--how much the gold goes up is how much the Dollar comes down. That means it took 20% more Dollars to buy the same amount of gold. So that means the Dollar was devaluated & the Green Paper Pig is bursting & going "Poof!"--A little slower than I expected, but maybe in terms of over the years & history, etc., it's "Boom!" And maybe it'll go like that in the end.
       87. HOW MANY OF YOU HAVE EVER RIDDEN A ROLLER COASTER?--All you adults. Thank God our little ones here have never had that fright & scare of riding a roller coaster. But you've seen them in the movies, haven't you?--These little strings of cars at the amusement parks with people sitting in open seats. It goes chug-chug-chug-chug-chug-clunk-clunk-clunk as the cable pulls them up to the top of the first big tall rise on rails, then they start going down. The slowest part is just getting over the top & as it starts to go down, but as it goes down, brother, it picks up speed until when you hit the bottom you're flyin'!--And that's just how the Dollar's going to go!
       88. RIGHT NOW IT'S JUST REACHING THE CREST & IT'S JUST BEGINNING TO GO DOWN REAL SLOW, BUT HOW FAST DO YOU THINK IT'S GOING TO GO AS, WHHSST, IT GOES DOWNHILL? The crashes always start slow, because just a few people begin to wake up & begin to run on the banks & sell their stocks & do everything they can to try to save themselves.--The smart ones, the guys that get there first to the bank & get their money out, the guys that quick dump their stocks before they're worth nothing. They start to sell out & they start to clear out here at the peak & the downward trend begins, slowly at first because the word spreads kind of slowly. I think it's going to spread a lot faster this time, it's already spreading in the newspapers because we've got better communication. And as the whole World begins to realise it, whewwwwww... Crash!
       89. IT'S ONLY THE BEGINNING, FOLKS, ONLY THE BEGINNING!--Like the hawkers used to say in the circus. When they'd had one glorious act, the announcer comes out & says, "It's only the beginning, folks, only the beginning!" Well, as far as I'm concerned, the Dollar is doing its last act ready to take a swan dive, its last dive, & this time I don't think anything's ever going to save it or the U.S. economy or even the World, because all that's based on the Dollar.--Their World. As the Arab said in "Roll Over," "Your World, not my World!"--Ha! Thank God!
       90. IT'S THEIR WORLD, THOSE PEOPLE WHO WORSHIP THE GOD ALMIGHTY DOLLAR & who slave away night & day to make money & have no thought for God whatsoever, who worship things & idols. God's going to jerk the rug out from under them & they are going to dive & die, & their god is going to go crash!--Their World, not our World! Praise God! Thank the Lord? We're not dependent on the almighty Dollar, we're dependent on the Lord, Almighty God! And if He gets rid of the Dollars, He'll still feed us. He'll do something to help us keep going, maybe Swiss Francs.--Although I think when Europe gets it, even the Swiss Francs are going to go, then it will have to be Yen. So praise God! I think Japan's still going to be around & the Yen is still going to be around.

       91. (VERSE 6:) "AND ONE SHALL SAY UNTO HIM, WHAT ARE THESE WOUNDS IN THINE HANDS?" Who do you think they're talking to now? (Fam: Jesus.)--Jesus! The Jews are going to say, "What are these wounds in Thine hands?" And He shall answer, "Those with which I was wounded in the house of My friends."--"Those wounds that you gave Me, you who were supposed to be My friends, you Jews!" He's going to prove it's the same Jesus that they crucified by showing them His hands like He did Thomas, & the wound in His side! "See Me, touch Me, feel Me, it is I!" (Luk.24:39)
       92. (VERSE 7:) "AWAKE, O SWORD, AGAINST MY SHEPHERD, & AGAINST THE MAN THAT IS MY FELLOW, SAITH THE LORD OF HOSTS: SMITE THE SHEPHERD, & THE SHEEP SHALL BE SCATTERED: & I WILL TURN MINE HAND UPON THE LITTLE ONES." Who do you think He's talking about here? Well, let's go on & see. (Verse 8:) "And it shall come to pass, that in all the land, saith the Lord, two parts therein shall be cut off & die; but the third shall be left therein." It says this several times in the Scripture, in prophecies. So what shepherd do you think He's talking about? What false shepherd is He talking about that He's going to smite & all his little followers are going to be scattered? (Fam: The Antichrist.)--Right! He's going to turn His hand upon the little ones, the little shepherds, all of them--his leaders, followers, soldiers, the works!--But also the [EDITED: "unrepentant"] Jews & their false shepherds, the false religious leaders, Scribes, Pharisees, hypocrites, self-righteous, blind leaders of the blind!

       93. I'VE BEEN READING SOME OF THEIR SHIT THAT'S BEEN COMING OUT IN CHINESE CATHOLIC NEWSPAPERS LATELY, & I mean to tell you, it is almost unbelievable the lies they tell about us! They describe us & attribute to us the very things of which they themselves are guilty & of which the Catholic Church has been guilty for years. When you read the description you think they're talking about the Catholic Church themselves, but they're talking about us! But in spite of all that, they've got to give credit where credit is due, because they've got to explain how some of their Catholics could possibly be duped by these people. So they go on in glowing terms describing how we present ourselves to others & how we live & everything.
       94. AND BOY, YOU READ IT & IT SOUNDS LIKE THEY'RE TALKING ABOUT JESUS & HIS DISCIPLES! Everything they say about us in that first part & first few paragraphs is exactly the way Jesus & His disciples lived & acted, etc. But to them, "Oh, this is their great deceit, their great falsehood, they're deceiving you by all this!" Well, why doesn't the Catholic Church try that? Why don't they try all that love & sharing & all that zealousness? Why don't they try it? If it works so well for us, they ought to try it! Don't you think so?--To share all that wealth & all that gold & jewels & diamonds they decorate their images with. Why don't they share it with the poor & feed the poor & live together communally like we do?
       95. WELL, I'LL GIVE THEM CREDIT FOR THAT, THEY'VE GOT A FEW MONASTERIES & CONVENTS, ETC., THAT DO THAT, BUT WHAT DO THEY DO? They spend all their time praying & reading Catholic literature & meditating & doing the rest of the World not a damn bit of good! They're not evangelising the World! They're not witnessing! They're not getting out & telling the World about Jesus! So what good does their communal living do'm? It doesn't do the rest of the World any good! Maybe it does them some good, but I doubt it. I don't think if you disobey the Lord it's going to do you much good. But just living together in supposed prayer & study, that's not doing the World any good.
       96. IF THE DEVIL COULDN'T DEFEAT'M ANY OTHER WAY, HE HAD THEM CLOISTERED, HE HAD THEM GET ALL CLOSED UP! Cloistered means closed up together, gathered together in a closed place.--With big high walls, too, & held like prisoners with iron bars & doors & gates so they can't even get out! I remember in Detroit we had one girl come to our meetings there that had escaped from a convent two or three times, & the last time they cut off all of her hair! In fact, they put her hair in the wringer of the washing machine to pull it out by the roots & nearly scalped her! And she still tried to get away, so then they broke her toes!--A convent in Detroit, Michigan!--The same convent where they used to find the bones of a lot of little babies that had died, I guess illegitimate children of the nuns or something. They used to find that their sewers got plugged up, horrible! These are things that actually happened there & which a converted priest told us about & it was even in the newspapers.
       97. HOW CAN THE CATHOLIC CHURCH TALK ABOUT US WHEN THE CRIMES THAT THE CATHOLIC CHURCH HAS COMMITTED OVER THE CENTURIES ARE ALMOST UNTOLD, HORRIBLE! And yet they've got all these lies in their Catholic paper about us! They're just scared to death of us & hate us [DELETED], because they're jealous, envious we're having such success with their own people!--Getting them converted to follow the Lord! How come they didn't do it?

       98. SO ONLY A THIRD WILL BE LEFT. (VERSE 9:) "AND I WILL BRING THE THIRD PART THROUGH THE FIRE & will refine them as silver is refined, & will try them as gold is tried." These Jews that are left are really going to have to go through it! "And they shall call on My Name, & I will hear them: I will say, It is My people: And they shall say, The Lord is my God!"
       99. LOOK WHAT GOD'S GOING TO HAVE TO DO TO THE JEWS BEFORE THEY'LL FINALLY CALL "UNCLE!"--Slaughter two-thirds of them & put the rest of them through fire & tribulation & trouble so it's just like going through the fire until they finally say "Uncle"--Uncle Jesus! To "say Uncle" is an expression that means you give up, you surrender. They say "Uncle," they say, "Lord, You're my God!" Who does it usually mean when it says the Lord? (Fam: Jesus.)--Jesus!--The One they cursed & crucified! They are finally going to say, "My Lord & my God!" Hallelujah!
       100. SO GOD IS GOING TO SAVE A FEW JEWS, IT'S NOT IMPOSSIBLE! God can do it! But look what He has to put them through to save them! They come to the absolute end of their rope, the Antichrist hordes are swarming all over the place & slaughtering them & capturing them & come right to the gates of Jerusalem before they finally cry out to God for help & we come down & help them & save them, & even then we can only save a third of them.--And even then they still have to go through the fire to get saved, & go through all that horror, that war & that besiegement, that siege of the City of Jerusalem & all those horrors before they finally say "Uncle" & finally yield to the Lord.
       101. [DELETED] It takes God to crack'm with a rod of iron & put'm through the fire before they come out refined as gold! But those Jews that make it, hallelujah! Look at us! Praise God? Thank God we made it before we had to go through all that! Some of you probably went through quite a bit of fire, all that junk you went through before you got saved. God had to really make you say "Uncle"! Probably some of you really cried out to the Lord when a lot of bad things happened, right? You finally had to get desperate & ask the Lord to help you. Well, so are the Jews going to do it then. But thank God we got the jump on the rest of them. Amen? Isn't that wonderful?
       102. WE ARE IN THE VANGUARD! HALLELUJAH! YOU ARE IN THE ARMY OF DAVID! Praise God? We have forged ahead so that when the poor Jews in Jerusalem are going through all that in order to get saved, we're going to come charging down out of the sky to save them. PTL? And then they're going to cry out for our help & they're going to kneel down before us, God's Word says, crawl in the dust before us, asking us to save them! Praise God? Right now [DELETED] some of these Chinese Catholics, both Catholics & Communists too wish they could find us from the way they write about us! But praise God, they'll never get us all, thank the Lord!
       103. I DON'T THINK THEY GOT EVEN ONE OF ALL THE 300 PEOPLE WE HAD IN THAT CITY WHERE THEY STARTED THE PERSECUTION & harassment & investigation & arrests & visiting every Home. We had too many Homes there, about 30 Homes, 300 people. [DELETED] They all got out. [DELETED] But it's a sad thing that it had to happen at all & that they had to [EDITED: "leave"] at all just because of some stupid idiots that made those mistakes! Can you imagine how much money it cost those 300 people who had to evacuate that field? Well, I can tell you that it cost them a lot because I know what their tithe was.
       104. THEY HAD ONE OF THE BEST INCOMES IN THE EAST--THE WITNESSING WAS GOOD, THE PROVISIONING WAS GOOD, THE FFing WAS GOOD! They were making money hand over fist! That was one of their problems, it was too easy, they had too much money. They got soft, they got lazy, they got careless, they got independent, they wouldn't listen to their leader. "Why listen to somebody else? I'm making my own way, I'm on my own, I'm doing my own thing!" Well, they've done their own thing now & look where it got'm! They all had to leave or some of them would have landed in jail!
       105. THANK GOD THE LORD HELPED THEM GET AWAY, BUT LOOK WHAT IT COST! It cost them a lot of money & it put quite a hole in World Services' income! So you'd better pray the Lord will make it up some other way. Isn't that just like the Devil, when we're having this big Poster push & final pubs push & all these things? If the Devil can't do it some other way, he's trying to do it with propaganda, lies, & putting a hole in our income!
       106. WE HAVE MADE THE DEVIL MAD & HE IS REALLY ANGRY & HE'S REALLY TRYING TO DEFEAT US!--BUT HE NEVER WILL, HE CAN'T! He may punch a hole here or a hole there, but there's all the rest of the whole of all of us still around the World. They can't get us all! "They Can't Stop Our Rain!" (ML #128) PTL? And one of these days we're going to come charging down on them & wipe them out, & then they're going to be sorry! And when we do, we're just going to save a few Jews, God's last chance for the Jews. Praise God? Hallelujah!
       107. WELL, WE MADE SOME PROGRESS TODAY, DIDN'T WE? We've really only got one Chapter to go now in Zechariah, & that's such a good Chapter it's a good one to remember.
       108. THANK YOU LORD FOR REVEALING THESE THINGS TO US & SHOWING US WHAT'S COMING SO WE CAN BE PREPARED FOR IT, & how wonderfully, Lord, You have saved us in the past & You will save us in the future! You have preserved us all these years & You can still preserve us more years & help us to carry on the battle until the victory is won! Hallelujah! TYJ! As we pray Thy Prayer together: (Prays the Lord's Prayer.) Hallelujah! TYJ! PTL! We're going to win the victory!--And the power & the glory to the Lord forever & ever! Praise God!--Amen?
       --IT WON'T BE LONG NOW!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family