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BUCKMINSTER FULLER--MILLENNIAL MAN!        9/9/85        DO 2159
(While watching a video of Buckminster Fuller:)
(See GN Bk 10, Pg.188 & WND 13, Pg.36)

       1. WHAT BUCKMINSTER FULLER ALWAYS DREAMED OF IS GOING TO COME TRUE IN THE MILLENNIUM! He is going to help build the Millennium! I'm sure the Lord has already got him working on it. Buckminster Fuller's genius came from his handicap of being almost blind when he was a child & only being able to see shapes & colours.
       2. HE WAS A LEADER & A REAL PIONEER! He'll be in the Millennium! Boy, he was a man above men, a revolutionary & a pioneer, ahead of his time! He was too far ahead of time. He had World vision!
       3. HE'LL HELP GET THE MILLENNIAL WORLD ORGANISED, THAT'S NO DOUBT WHY THE LORD TOOK HIM HOME A LITTLE EARLY, before the end of the World, so he could be prepared for what he was going to do.--Probably in helping the Lord with ideas in the Holy City! Who knows, perhaps the Pyramid of the Holy City may be built on his principle. Before he died he was working on that very idea of pyramidical cities of very light weight that would even float & would even fly!
       4. HE WAS A WORLD PLANNER, JUST WHAT THE LORD NEEDS FOR THE MILLENNIUM! He said he could link all of the continents with energy & everything they need & raise everybody's standard of living within 10 years if given free reign & allowed to do it! He'll probably do it within the first 10 years of the Millennium! You just can't do it when folks are profit-conscious & money-conscious, he said it has to be done by cooperation. He said the theory that only six billion people can live on this Earth is nonsense!
       5. SEE WHY THE LORD TOOK HIM HOME?--TO PLAN THE MILLENNIUM! He was talking about the Millennium when he was talking about his plans for the last 50 years, his last 50-year programme! He's a man of the Millennium!
       6. HE'S TALKING ABOUT EXACTLY THE WAY IT IS GOING TO BE IN THE MILLENNIUM, EVERYBODY WORKING TOGETHER IN TOTAL WORLD COOPERATION, everybody concerned about everybody else. I'll tell you, he was a man with the mind of God! You know that God put these ideas in his head!
       7. HE SAID IN 10 YEARS WE'RE EITHER GOING TO HAVE UTOPIA OR OBLIVION! He says in 10 years we can come into utopia & into eternity. Look, he's marching towards the Future! It's beautiful, symbolic! Wow! The man of the Future! That's what I call the Millennial Man!
       8. HIS SIMPLE LITTLE HOUSE IS ALMOST BUILT LIKE A TRAILER. It was just too simple &too small, too economical, & in some ways too sacrificial to please people. Here was a way to build a house so cheap & so light you could even move it around easily! Just think, it was only 3 tons compared to the same house by conventional construction of 100 tons! Think of that!--In other words, 1/33rd the weight of the traditional home! They build it almost nearly all pre-fab in something like three days, whereas a conventional home usually takes 300 days! Look at all the machinery & all the work it takes to build a conventional house in three days!
       9. THE LORD HELPED ME TO DO FOR THE SPIRITUAL WORLD WHAT HE HELPED BUCKMINSTER FULLER DO FOR THE PHYSICAL WORLD!--To start building a new World, praise the Lord! We've got the spiritual principles & he has the physical ones. We can really work together! I'm going to really look forward to working together with Buckminster Fuller to build the Millennium! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! Amen! I believe it's going to happen!
       10. (PROPHECY:) "BUCKMINSTER FULLER IS GOING TO WORK WITH YOUR FATHER!" I was thinking about working with him. Thank you Jesus! Oh, isn't that beautiful? Amen, amen, amen.
       + + + + + + +

       (Later, to David:)
       11. WE JUST GOT A VIDEO ABOUT BUCKMINSTER FULLER & HIS IDEA OF THE WORLD ETC., & I'M CONVINCED THE LORD CALLED HIM HOME TO HELP PREPARE NOT ONLY HEAVEN, BUT ALSO TO HELP HIM PLAN THE MILLENNIUM! He had World plans for the Earth & how everybody could get along together, how they could build cheap houses & cheap buildings & cheap everything with his design.
       12. HE EVEN INVENTED A CHEAP SMART LITTLE CAR!--You just wonder why the World didn't go for it! It was so clever, it could go around in circles real fast like the funny little car we saw on another video that whirled around & that sort of thing.--Only his carried more passengers & was kind of tear-drop shaped & could park in real tight spaces! It could park in a place with only 21 inches to spare, think of that!
       13. HE WAS A BRILLIANT MAN, GIFTED! He had ideas from God, & from what we can gather from his life story, he was filled with the Spirit! He said he had a very outstanding dramatic mystical experience, in other words, about the Lord!
       14. HE WAS A CHRISTIAN & HE WAS GIFTED WITH ALL THIS KNOWLEDGE OF SCIENCE & CONSTRUCTION & how to build buildings & make cars, how to build them cheap & light. He's the one that designed a pyramidical city, like the Heavenly City, which he said would be so light that it could fly, although his city was a mile high! That was a pretty big city, bigger than any other city that's ever been! Do you know where I think he got the idea? (David: From Heaven!)--Yes! (David: But if it did go fly off in space...)--No, not in space. He said it would just fly like a balloon! It was closed & the air in the city would just get so warm from the sun that it would float up like a balloon! It could be moored out on the sea, where earthquakes & things like that couldn't affect it, & the whole city could be moved from one location to another just by floating it!
       15. HE WAS A MARVELLOUS ENGINEER! People that build things & invent things etc. are called engineers, that's another name for inventors. If they can invent something that really works, then they call them an engineer. So he invented a pre-fabbed house shaped like an umbrella, round, & with the materials he made it out of, the house was so light it weighed less than three tons--so light that you could pick it up & move it, a four-bedroom house!--Whereas a normal house of the same size would've weighed 137 tons!
       16. HE WAS BRILLIANT! HE WAS GIFTED! I'M SURE THE LORD GAVE HIM THOSE IDEAS BECAUSE HE WAS SO SMART! He had great ideas for the whole World with wind power & naturally-driven generators. Generators that produce electricity can be either what they call hydroelectric plants--those that are driven by water, like a water wheel--or generators that are driven by wind, so that you don't have to use pollutants like oil, coal etc. but you still have electricity. We could still have electricity in the Millennium without using pollutants, just by using water & wind power!
       17. HE HAD IT ALL FIGURED OUT HOW THEY COULD DO THAT & HOW THEY COULD SHARE ELECTRICITY AROUND THE WORLD! He didn't mind including Russia, he wasn't partial or prejudiced. He said if everybody would work for each other & would get together & work together & cooperate, we could raise the standard of living of everybody in the World within ten years & have no more wars!
       18. IT SOUNDS LIKE HE'S TALKING ABOUT THE MILLENNIUM, & I WOULDN'T BE SURPRISED IF THE LORD'S GOING TO HELP HIM PUT SOME OF THOSE THINGS INTO EFFECT! He means that after they start cooperating it might take ten years, the first part of the Millennium, to get things going. It's going to be a big job to get the World together & get everything working after the Battle of Armageddon, & he's got it all figured out how to do it!
       19. I'M SURE THAT'S WHY THE LORD CALLED HIM UP THERE, IF NOT TO HELP HIM ON OUR MOTHERSHIP, TO HELP HIM ORGANISE & FIGURE OUT HOW THEY'RE GOING TO REBUILD THE WORLD IN THE MILLENNIUM, how to get everybody working together, how to generate power without dirty oil & things like that! So he's probably right Up There helping the Lord plan the Millennium! I believe it! He's a real Millennium Man!
       20. I'M SURE HE WAS GIVEN ALL THOSE GIFTS & TALENTS & IDEAS BY THE LORD, & he really knew the Lord too because he had a marvellous experience! PTL! So God's got everything all planned & everything's under control!--MacArthur to organise the Gov't & Fuller to supervise construction!--Amen!

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