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ISRAEL & WORLD HISTORY!--And Zechariah 14:5b.       ET #38       DO 2160       4/85

       1. WHAT BOOK ARE WE STUDYING? (FAM: ZECHARIAH!) And what Chapter are we on? (Fam: 14.) We didn't quite finish the 5th Verse, we stopped on the worst part just before the best part! We were talking about "the valley of the mountains," & what was that? (Fam: Petra.)
       2. AND WHAT IS THE MAIN SUBJECT OF THE FIRST PART OF THIS CHAPTER AT LEAST? What subject are we studying, Folks? (Fam: The Endtime!) Yes, the Endtime, but with special emphasis on what part of the Endtime? What gave rise to this series of studies? (Fam: The A-ACs.)--Yes, & who are they? (Fam: The Anti-Antichrists, the people who don't receive the Mark.) And what is unusual & distinctive about them? (Fam: They're against the Antichrist, but they're not saved.)--Right, but you're still not really saying the most important part!
       3. THE THING THAT REALLY STARTED ALL THIS WAS ACTUALLY A REMARK BY DEAR APOLLOS, that "we're going to rule over all those bad wicked Antichrist people who tormented & persecuted & tortured us!"--Is that true? (Fam: No!)--Right, because they won't even be there, they're all dead! So who are we going to rule over? (Fam: Over the living?) Well, that is a sort of a forerunner in a way, but who are we going to rule over in the Millennium, which of the A-ACs?--The survivalists, the survivors! That's what I'm trying to get you to bring out!
       4. ALL YOUR ANSWERS WERE RIGHT, BUT I'M TRYING TO GET YOU TO GET THE MAIN POINT OF WHO WE'RE GOING TO RULE OVER IN THE MILLENNIUM! Not even all the A-ACs are going to survive, probably a lot of them are going to get killed in the war. But if they're good folks, they'll get their reward when? (Fam: At the Great White Throne Judgement.)--Right! Lots of people get killed in wars, good & bad. So who are the ones whom Daniel called "blessed" at the end of his book? (Dan.12:12) (Fam: The ones who survive.)--The ones who survive the Tribulation, the Wrath of God & the Battle of Armageddon, the final Wrath. Now are you getting it clear?
       5. WE'RE STUDYING ABOUT THE SURVIVORS OF THE WRATH OF GOD, THE FINAL PART OF WHICH IS THE BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON. The Battle of Armageddon ends the Wrath of God, & then begins what? (Fam: The Millennium.) And it looks like the first part of the Millennium we're going to spend doing what?--Or getting them to do it for us. (Fam: Cleaning up.)--Mopping up, cleaning up the big mess that Man has made out of the Earth with his wars & all the rest. And how long is it going to take them just to bury the dead? (Fam: Seven months.)--Just in Israel alone, which is where the main battle, the final battle is waged. (Eze.39:12)
       6. WE DON'T KNOW WHERE THIS WAR BEGINS, OR EVEN WHEN, but the main thing about it that is spoken of many times is the fact that it ends in what country? (Fam: Israel.) In what place? (Fam: The Valley of Megiddo.) And what does the word Armageddon actually mean? (Fam: The Height of Megiddo.)--Which is a very strange thing! I never got that far but I've seen pictures of it.

       7. THE KISHON VALLEY IS A VERY BIG LONG VALLEY THAT STRETCHES ALL THE WAY FROM THE BAY OF HAIFA ON THE MEDITERRANEAN SEA, CLEAR TO THE MOUNTAINS OF JERUSALEM! It's pretty flat with mountains on each side, & as you look at the map, the coastal range is on the West side, & the central range of the mountains of Jerusalem on the East side. (Dad points to map:) There is Mt. Carmel & the Bay of Haifa, & down here is Jerusalem.
       8. YOU'LL NOTICE THIS IS A FAIRLY MODERN MAP WHERE ISRAEL IS ALREADY DIVIDED. This part was given by the U.N. to the Jews, & this part is part of the land which was supposed to have been given by the U.N. to the Palestinians. But the Jews paid absolutely no attention whatsoever to the U.N. decision & just overran this part here, & this is what is called the West Bank. Why is it called the West Bank when it's East of the sea? (Fam: Because it's on the West Bank of the Jordan River.)--Right!
       9. THE JORDAN RIVER FLOWS ALL THE WAY DOWN FROM THE MOUNTAINS OF HERMON CLEAR UP IN LEBANON, goes down through a little sea here, then to the Sea of Galilee, Nazareth is here, then the Jordan River flows on down into the Dead Sea.--And that's it, a dead end at the Dead Sea!
       10. THIS SOUTHERN PART OF ISRAEL TODAY IS CALLED THE NEGEV, & it's all desert from about the bottom of the Dead Sea on South, clear down to the Gulf of Aqaba. And on the West side of this desert is what country? (Fam: Egypt.)--And what Peninsula? (Fam: Sinai.)--Right, the Sinaitic Desert which was two times completely overrun by the Jews in their many wars with the Arabs. Each time the U.N. gave it back to the Arabs because the Jews had taken it over by force & war & aggression with really no excuse whatsoever. So each time it was given back to the Arabs --mainly due to U.S. pressure, otherwise they never would have done it--& the Jews reluctantly backed out.
       11. THEY TOOK IT ALMOST ALL THE WAY TO CAIRO & THE RIVER OF EGYPT, AS IT'S CALLED, the entire Sinaitic Peninsula, the whole thing, the whole big hunk of Egypt that's almost as big as Egypt proper! But then they were forced by World opinion, the U.S. mostly of course, to back out. The only thing that talks with the [EDITED: "Israelis"] is money, money talks, & what the U.S. did to threaten them to make them back up, I don't know. But right then everybody was hoping that World peace had finally come & the U.N. was going to solve all the problems, therefore they had a great deal of respect for the U.N. & everybody was trying to obey the U.N. So the U.S. put pressure on Israel & they backed out, back up to the original U.N. settlement.
       12. THIS SETTLEMENT WAS MADE AT THE END OF THEIR FIRST WAR WITH THE ARABS WHEN THEY OFFICIALLY ESTABLISHED THEMSELVES AS THE LAND OF ISRAEL FOR THE FIRST TIME ON MAY 14, 1948. At the end of that big war, the Arabs were pretty much confined to what is now the Israeli-occupied West Bank, with the help of Jordan & their armies & other friends. They had fought their way to hang on to this.
       13. NOTICE THIS SPEARHEAD HERE INTO THE WEST BANK?--IT POINTS AT JERUSALEM! As so often happens in international settlements & peace treaties, etc., they usually settle on about whatever they've conquered, so in the final days of the war the Jews made a big drive to get in & get Jerusalem, & they did. As you can see, they drove like a dagger into the heart of the Palestinian area & grabbed Jerusalem, & it's been a point of argument ever since. Jerusalem was an all-Arab city, almost entirely Arab, including Bethlehem & all the surrounding area, but the Jews grabbed it, first the Western half, then the rest in the 1967 War.
       14. IN THE ORIGINAL SETTLEMENT, EVEN JERUSALEM & ALL THIS PART WAS GIVEN TO THE ARABS, in fact more than what is now the West Bank. Just about half of what is now Israel was given to the Arabs in a very fair settlement, what they call the Partition--the Partition Settlement of that war between the Jews & the Arabs. The Jews were given about half of present-day Israel, & the Arabs or Palestinians were given the other half.
       15. IT WAS A VERY FAIR SETTLEMENT & EVERYBODY AGREED ON IT EXCEPT GUESS WHO?--THE JEWS! They just paid no attention to it, like it never had even been agreed on! The Arabs agreed to it, the U.S. agreed to it, all the major World nations agreed to it, about the only ones who didn't were the Jews! And they just kept right on fighting & arguing & held their line that they had captured during the War. That's about all it did was stop'm from going any further, they just held the line, including Jerusalem. So here's Jerusalem at the point of this dagger into the heart of Palestine.
       16. AND THIS SOUTHERN PART OF ISRAEL I HAVE COMPARED TO A DAGGER INTO THE HEART OF ISLAM! This area here is virtually the center of all Islam, & Israel is like a dagger in the heart that splits Islam in two. In this direction is all North Africa, & from here on is the Mideast & the East throughout which Islam extends. The only thing in their way that separates them is this damn dagger right here, the Jewish dagger of Israel!

       17. SO MEGIDDO BEGINS HERE AT THE BEAUTIFUL CITY OF HAIFA & MT. CARMEL. Here are the mountains called the coastal range, & the plain along the coast here is called the Plain of Sharon. You've heard about the Rose of Sharon, haven't you? Along the coast here is beautiful grazing land. There are also some orange groves in the South, but largely grazing land. This is the area that used to be called Philistia, the Philistines occupied the coastal plain. The Jews occupied these mountains & everything beyond here because it was real rough & rugged in those days, pretty barren desolate country. It had become almost a desert by the time the Jews took over & made it Israel in '48.
       18. BUT THIS HAS BECOME A VERY FERTILE VALLEY, THE VALLEY OF MEGIDDO. There's a mountain range here on this side of the Jordan that runs clear down here, & Jerusalem is right here in the top of the mountain range. It's one of the few cities built on the top of mountains, most cities are built in valleys. But it was originally built there as a fortress by the Kings of Israel in order to defend themselves from their enemies, & it was way back here in the mountains.
       19. MOST OF THEIR ENEMIES CAME, BELIEVE IT OR NOT, FROM THE SEA, because all the major big Empires, etc., usually had ships. But some of their enemies, of course, also came from the North. They couldn't cross this huge desert here, so they had to follow the camel trains & camel routes with their armies clear up here & they came down this way through Syria or Lebanon. That was the only way they could come, otherwise they would have had to cross the desert. So the Jews decided to make their capital city way back here beyond this mountain range & on top of this mountain range, with the Dead Sea protecting them here & the desert protecting them here.
       20. SO JERUSALEM BECAME THE CAPITAL OF ISRAEL & WAS FOR CENTURIES, & is once again now because they took it by force, grabbed it. In spite of all the World decision of the U.N. & the U.S. & everybody voting for it, they have refused to give it up, & they have said they will never give it up!--And the Arabs have said they will never make peace until they do!--Because at the time the Jews took it, it was an entirely Arab city. There were just a few Jewish merchants who lived there & there was a kind of a clandestine synagogue that operated there at almost peril of their lives. But as stubborn as the Jews are, they refused to completely move out!
       21. THE ANCIENT CITY OF JERUSALEM WAS VIRTUALLY AN ALL-ARAB CITY, & MOSTLY CHRISTIAN!--And it's just loaded with churches all the way from Jerusalem to Bethlehem! In fact, from one end of Israel to the other is just loaded with Christian churches. Because by the time the Jews grabbed Palestine back again it had been under the Christian leadership of the British for a good number of years, ever since the end of World War 1, & when was that? (Fam: 1918.)--November 11, 1918 was the Armistice, the end of WW1.
       22. SO THE BRITISH HAD IT FROM 1918 TO 1948--30 SOLID YEARS! You can see what a country can do to another country in 30 years. It was conquered from the Turks near the end of World War 1 by what great British Christian General in fulfilment of an Arabic prophecy? (Fam: General Allenby.)--And the Arabs translated that Allahn-Bey, meaning "Prophet of God." The prophecy was that Jerusalem would be taken without a shot & would be conquered by a Prophet of God! So as Allenby & his army surrounded Jerusalem, when the inhabitants heard that that was his name, they immediately surrendered without resistance & not a shot! The rest of the prophecy was that great birds would be flying overhead, & airplanes were flying all around over Jerusalem. Allenby sent an ultimatum, "Surrender or we're going to have to destroy the city!"--And they surrendered. It was actually Turks that they were fighting, Turks & Arabs.
       23. THE TURKS HAD TAKEN OVER ALL THE MIDEAST AT THAT TIME, EVEN THE ARAB COUNTRIES, & THEY RULED OVER THE ARABS. The Arab Empire had controlled it for centuries, then the Turks controlled it. When did the Turks overrun most of the Mideast? It's funny, but I can always remember that date now because it is associated with somebody very closely associated with us, & his death, when he was massacred along with his tribe. (Fam: The 1200s?)--Right! Wasn't it 1272 when Abrahim was killed? That was about it as I recall. This was during the big Turkish push that even invaded Europe & where it looked like the Turks were even going to conquer Europe in the 1200s!
       24. THE TURKS HAD IT MOST OF THE TIME FROM THEN UNTIL IT WAS CAPTURED BY GENERAL ALLENBY RIGHT NEAR THE END OF WORLD WAR 1. From 1270 to 1917 is about 650 years, so the Turks had it for over six centuries!--And how long did the Arabs have it? What was the century of the great Arab conquests of Arabia & Medina & Mecca that then spread out all over the Mideast? (Fam: The 600s.)--Yes, I like to say it in hundreds instead of saying the 7th Century, because people get all mixed up that way. We usually give dates by exact years, so if it's in the 7th Century you give it a 600-something date.
       25. MOHAMMED WAS BORN JUST A FEW YEARS BEFORE THAT CENTURY (in 570 A.D), but they conquered first Medina, then Mecca & Arabia & then they swept through & overran the entire Mideast. They even threatened Europe at one time so that Europe was nearly overrun by the great Arab Empire.--Until who stopped them? (Fam: Charles Martel.) Yes, he was the French leader who stopped them at the Battle of...? (Fam: Tours.) (732 A.D.)--Very good! We've got another brain here who's had a little education! Charles Martel is given credit in that battle for saving Europe from being totally overrun by the Arabs.
       26. THE ARAB EMPIRE LASTED FROM THE 600s, & when did the Turks take it? (Fam: 1200s.) So the Arabs had the Mideast for about 600 years, the Turks had it for about 600 years--it's easier just to remember in round numbers--& who had it before that? (Fam: Rome.) You're right, more or less, the so-called Eastern Roman Empire.

       27. THE ROMANS DIVIDED INTO THE EASTERN & WESTERN ROMAN EMPIRES, THE TWO LEGS OF IRON, IN 395 A.D. Rome was the capital city of the Western Roman Empire, the right leg so to speak, as you're looking at the statue, & the Eastern left leg became the so-called Byzantine Roman Empire with Constantinople as its capital.--Named after Constantine, who was the Emperor that declared the Roman Empire to be Christian in 313 A.D.
       28. THEN THEY HAD A RELIGIOUS SPLIT OVER THE AUTHORITY OF THE VARIOUS BISHOPS. The Bishop of Rome more or less declared himself Bishop of all the World, or the Pope. But the Bishop of Byzantium--which was Constantinople, now Istanbul--declared himself to be the Bishop of the World! So there was a controversy between them & they finally just plain split the World between'm! The Bishop of Rome became the Pope & the head of the Roman Catholic Church, & the Bishop of Byzantium or Constantinople became the head of the Eastern Orthodox Church. By the way, it was still called Constantinople when I was a kid! Most of these names were changed after World War 1, & what wasn't changed then was changed after World War 2. I think Constantinople was changed to Istanbul after World War 1, around 1930.
       29. SO THE BYZANTIUM OR EASTERN ROMAN EMPIRE WENT MOSTLY TO THE ORTHODOX CHURCH. It was actually divided between Greek Orthodox, Russian Orthodox, Syrian Orthodox, all the various Orthodox churches, but they are all a fellowship of churches, all called Orthodox churches, & they all dress pretty much the same. Their priests & bishops & all have big bushy black beards & they wear big crown-like black hats & long black robes. They're not dressed as ornately as the Popes & Archbishops & Cardinals of the Roman Church with gold & silver & jewel-encrusted robes, but I think they look very beautiful!
       30. THE ORTHODOX CHURCH KEPT CLOSER TO ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN DOCTRINE. They actually rejected Maryolatry, the worship of Mary, & they kept fairly close to the rejection of idolatry. However, they developed a lot of little pictures of Saints & Mary & Joseph, etc., called...? (Fam: Icons.) How did you know all this, Son? (Fam: You told me!) Their doctrine was more fundamental, more grace & much more along the line of fundamental Orthodox Christian doctrine than that of the Romans.
       31. THE ROMANS WERE HEATHEN GENTILES TO BEGIN WITH, THE ORTHODOX WERE LARGELY SHEMITES, OR SEMITES, related to the Jews, more or less Easterners & Orientals, & they stuck closer to the Bible & closer to Orthodox Christian doctrine, etc.--Whereas the Gentile or the Roman church quickly got away from genuine Orthodox Christian doctrine & the Catholics cooked up some of the wildest doctrines! We won't go into that right now, but they went round & round.
       32. IT WAS ONLY THE REFORMATION THAT PULLED THE CATHOLIC CHURCH OUT OF A LOT OF THOSE DOCTRINES & GOT'M BACK TO ORTHODOXY. The Reformation really nailed it on'm & exposed them for all of their false doctrines & false worship & all the various things they'd gotten into. It provoked them to jealousy, so to speak, it exposed them, so they had to straighten out. So the Reformers did the Catholic Church a lot of good. It purged & purified the Catholic Church a great deal so that the Roman Catholic Church today is much more pure in doctrine & in practice, etc., than they were before the Reformation. They had gotten way off the beam & off the track before that, & as a result, the whole civilised European World had gotten into what was known as the Dark Ages, the Midnight of civilisation.

       33. THE WORLD WAS A MESS AFTER THEY WENT FOR ROMANISM, ALL THOSE FALSE DOCTRINES THAT THE ROMAN CATHOLICS GOT INTO.--Until about what year would you say was considered the midnight of the Dark Ages? (Fam: About 1000.) Yes, they began to pull a little bit out of that as time went on, & finally, when did the Renaissance begin to occur? Do you remember? All that school you guys went through, what good did it do you if you don't remember anything? (Fam: Was it in the late 1300s?)--Actually, even the late 1200s with Marco Polo. I remember some of these things because I remember the people. I can't give you exact dates but I can usually remember the century. In the late 1200s Marco Polo & some of those guys began opening up the East & travelling out & going out to see the World--"Join Marco Polo & see the World!"--& they began to wake up to the fact that they weren't the only civilisation!
       34. IN FACT, BY THAT TIME EUROPE HAD BECOME SO BENIGHTED & SO BACKWARD & IN SUCH DARKNESS & IGNORANCE through a thousand years of Romanism & Roman Catholicism, believe it or not, that they were far behind the civilisation & development & refinement & everything of the Oriental cultures! This is what Marco Polo discovered. He went East, "Go East, young man, go East!"--& grow up & find out that there's a lot of the World a lot more civilised than Europe! He went to China & the Mideast, etc., & discovered great civilisations with greater cultures & much more educated, greater science & greater development & mightier kings & everything than Europe!
       35. MOST OF THE WORLD HISTORY YOU STUDIED WAS PROBABLY EUROPEAN HISTORY because you're European or a descendant of the Europeans, & European history almost ignored the history of the Orient. How much did they teach you of Chinese & Japanese history?--Virtually nothing! I can hardly remember anything about Chinese & Japanese history except where it came in contact with Western civilisation. Most of the history books almost hesitate or fail to inform you--or are ashamed to--that Eastern civilisation was at that time far more advanced--educationally, scientifically, culturally & even politically than all of the Western civilisation!--One reason being that Western culture & civilisation had gone into such darkness in the Dark Ages & under the Roman Catholic Church. They had just practically fought themselves to death just carrying on nothing but wars all the time!

       36. IF YOU THINK IT'S BAD NOW, OR EVEN SOME OF THE EUROPEAN HISTORY YOU STUDIED, DURING THE DARK AGES IT GOT DOWN TO WHERE THERE WAS VIRTUALLY NO PEACE ANYWHERE AT ALL, any time, & there were virtually almost no countries as such! Every now & then a little king would pop up & he'd manage to get enough of these feudal Barons & their estates together. Europe was in total feudalism, which meant that some powerful knight declared himself a Baron & he had himself a strong castle or fortress, one town, & he conquered all the farms & the people around it. That was his baronial estate, so to speak, or his feudal estate, & everybody on it was virtually serfs or slaves. He was at war with every other Baron who had castles around him, & they were at war with him, & they were all at war with each other & there was absolute total chaos! There wasn't even a King of France nor a King of Spain nor a King of England nor hardly a king of anything, nothing!
       37. IT WASN'T UNTIL AFTER ABOUT THE YEAR 1000 THAT SOME OF THESE BARONS GOT STRONG ENOUGH TO BEGIN TO MAKE ALLIES OF OTHER BARONS AROUND THEM & gather great groups of Barons together so that they would declare this one Baron as King & would name their country. That developed then into France, Spain, England, etc.
       38. SO THAT'S WHAT HAPPENED IN THE MIDDLE AGES, THEY WERE A HORRIBLE, AWFUL, HELLISH MESS! If you think things are bad now, in some ways they were even worse then! There were virtually no national governments, just counties, so to speak, & at the head of each one was a Count, or in some places they called it something else. There would be an officer, some big important knight who was the ruler of that county, & that's about as far as it went, just that county & the county seat & that was it, whatever he could hang on to. If he had enough knights & enough soldiers to fight off the guys around him, he could hang on to that.
       39. BUT BY & BY THEY GOT SMART & BEGAN TO MAKE ALLIES, & groups of them agreed that they had to get together in order to fight this other group that was getting together, & finally they got together enough of them to call it a country. France got enough together to call their country France to fight this big bunch down in Spain that were getting together to take over France, so France tried to take over Spain. Then final-ly through William the Conqueror & a few of those guys, England got itself together & they began to threaten Spain & France! National governments finally developed that way. Actually, a lot of these counties, etc., even spoke different languages, but usually they wound up learning the language of the big guy, the top big mucky-muck who had managed to lead'm together. He insisted then that they learn his language, & that became the "lingua franca" or official language of that particular country.
       40. AT ONE TIME SPAIN WAS A WHOLE BUNCH OF LANGUAGES, & STILL IS! The Castillians of Castille became the most powerful family of all & they made themselves king & conquered one part of Spain after another until they had conquered all of Spain. Then they forced the Castillian language on all of those parts of Spain, & it's today called Spanish. But there are still parts of Spain that re-sent having to speak Spanish, particularly Barcelona & the North, Galicia & the Basque country & the Southern part, Andalucia.
       41. THE SAME THING HAPPENED IN FRANCE. Does anybody remember who was the first one to really be called a French king & when France really began to be powerful? We were living in that part of France. Anyhow, the Franco part of France became powerful & they imposed their kings on the other parts of France. I had some of that in that dream about the soldier in Southern France. (See "The Christmas Eve Massacre," ML #856.)
       42. (FAM: WAS IT THE BURGUNDIANS?) That was one of the houses, & of course they opposed Paris or the House of Lille, whose symbol was the lily. They sang that song that became famous in "King for a Day," (Sings:)
       "Sons of toil & danger,
       Will you fear the stranger,
       And bow down to Burgundy!"

       --This was Paris fighting Burgundy, the kings of France had not yet conquered all of France. The Burgundians wanted to be king & the Parisians wanted to be king, etc. How does the rest of it go? "Will the friends around us break the chains that bound us, & to Hell with Burgundy! Onward, onward, on to meet the foe! Forward, forward the lily banners go!"--The banners of Lille, in Paris.
       43. SO IT WAS QUITE A BIG BATTLE UNTIL FINALLY FRANCE BECAME FRANCE and the Parisian kings conquered the whole country and at last got everybody together.--Usually through the threat of outside powers, other countries. They fought like mad amongst themselves until they thought Spain was going to threaten their security, & then they got together. They fought like mad until Britain was going to threaten their security & they got together. Britain got together for the same reason, Spain got together for the same reason, Italy for the same reason.
       44. AS LATE AS THE LOMBARDS & ALL THOSE GUYS, THERE WAS NO SUCH THING AS AN ITALY! It was just a bunch of little counties until about 1861 under King Victor Emmanuel who appointed the famous General Garibaldi that I told you about. There's a beautiful statue of him there in St. Margarita, near Genova. I got thrilled when I got off the train & there it was right in the square, a statue of Garibaldi, the man who literally saved King Emmanuel who was trying to conquer all of Italy, & finally with Garibaldi's help he did, he put down these other principalities & powers & whatnot that he was fighting. Garibaldi saved him & his kingdom & his life, & then King Emmanuel got jealous of Garibaldi's popularity & exiled him to the Isle of Capri! So Italy then became a country, but it is one of the most recent European nations to actually become a nation, not until the 1800s, just a little over a hundred years ago.
       45. BY THIS TIME SPAIN, FRANCE & ENGLAND HAD BECOME POWERFUL NATIONS & EMPIRES FOR SOME TIME, INCLUDING PORTUGAL. There was one time when the Pope divided the whole World between Spain & Portugal, & even left France & Italy out because he was mad at them then! But France & Italy became pretty powerful, & as you know, Britain was at the height of its power in the 19th Century.
       46. YOU KIND OF GET A PICTURE IN YOUR MIND OF THE PEOPLE & THE EVENTS THAT HAPPENED. Do you remember when Columbus discovered America? (Fam: 1492.) How do you remember that date? (Fam: "1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue!")--That's the way I always remember it too! My goodness, how did I get onto all this history? It's sort of history in a nutshell to help you remember these things.
       47. IN THE 1400s, THESE GREAT EMPIRES, particularly the Spanish & Portuguese Empires, & the French & British nations--it was too early really for Italy--became quite powerful & were fighting each other. And when Columbus discovered the New World, what did they fight each other over?--They fought each other to conquer the New World! So they had big wars, etc. You'd call them developing nations at that time.
       48. THE WORLD HAD BEEN ROME & IT FIRST DIVIDED BETWEEN EAST & WEST ROME. Then Rome fell, & the usual date given for the fall of Rome is 455 A.D. Rome kept falling for quite awhile & fell several times, but 455 was the final clincher that really knocked it in the head & what was considered the Fall of the Roman Empire for good. It was no longer the powerful power that ruled all Europe & part of the Mideast. And that's when the whole World under the Catholic Church went into the Dark Ages.--Well, not the whole World. It's funny how we studied history, the "whole World" to us was just Europe as far as World History was concerned. They spent all the time teaching you all the European history & ignored the East entirely!--And then only wove in the history of the Americas as it related to Europe.--The Westerners were really self-centered!--And still are!

       49. IN THE 400s UNDER THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH THE WORLD WENT INTO THE DARK NIGHT OF THE DARK AGES, THE MIDDLE AGES. Rome had ruled already for approximately 1000 years under the Romans, the heathen kings. But by this time when the Catholic Church took power, it ruled another thousand years through the Popes & through the church, & the Pope actually became known as the head of the Holy Roman Empire, which succeeded the original Roman Empire. And those were the dark Dark Ages of Europe.
       50. ISN'T IT SAD TO THINK THAT IT WAS SO-CALLED CHRISTIANITY--ACTUALLY CHURCHIANITY--WHICH BROUGHT THE WORST DARKNESS & BACKWARDNESS TO EUROPE? They went backward in time under so-called "Christianity," it's pitiful! It was only actually then through sailors, scientists & writers that it began to pull out of that darkness, men who got fed-up even with the church, & as a result because they were fed up with the church, they got fed up with Christianity & even with God!--Can you blame them? They figured, "If that's God, if that's Christianity, I don't want anything of it! I'm going to look for something better!"
       51. SO THEY BEGAN TO TRAVEL & THEY BEGAN TO DISCOVER THINGS & THE AGE OF ENLIGHTENMENT DAWNED, which is called what? (Fam: The Renaissance.)--A French word meaning "rebirth"!--The rebirth of the World after the Dark Ages of total Roman Catholic domination! Didn't they ever teach you that? (Fam: No!) You went to Catholic school, didn't you!--Ha! This is a revelation to some of these Catholics!
       52. WELL, THIS IS THE WAY THEY TEACH HISTORY IN THE PUBLIC SCHOOL, not just Protestant, but public school, & it's supposedly the true story of history. Of course, the enlightened & the scientists & the people who have now taken over the World, they hated the Roman church because it kept them in darkness so long, therefore they turned on God & the modern World today is totally secular!--Anti-God, anti-Christ & anti-church.--Maybe not totally, but I mean predominantly. Those in power are anti-Christ, against the church.
       53. THE RUSSIANS & THE COMMUNIST NATIONS GOT FED UP WITH THE CHURCH THE SOONEST, sad to say, because the Orthodox Church became very corrupt & very rich, & they were Nobles & Barons just about like the politicians, they had slaves & serfs & all the rest. So they got fed up & declared themselves Communists & threw out the church & God & everything, including their former political government, the Czarist regime.
       54. THE WEST HAS DONE THE SAME THING, ONLY NOT OFFICIALLY. They haven't officially become anti-Church, anti-God, anti-Christ, anti-religion, but they have in effect, largely through their educational system, & through, believe it or not, the Renaissance, the dawning of the Age of Enlightenment. They began to discover a lot of things that were true in the World & places & whatnot that the church hadn't told them about, & doctrines & things about Creation & the World & Space & the Solar System which contradicted some of the false doctrines of the Catholic Church!
       55. THE CATHOLIC CHURCH ORIGINALLY TAUGHT THAT THE WORLD WAS FLAT & HAD FOUR CORNERS!--Taking some of the Scriptures out of context & twisting them to say that the World had to be flat. And they taught that the Sun went around the Earth, because they said it was obvious, you could just see it, & the Bible said so! They'd take Scriptures from the Bible in which God's Word uses language which is, you might say poetic, not necessarily scientific, & by apparent language that fits the appearances of what happens. It looks like the Sun goes around the World, doesn't it?--But it doesn't. Copernicus, Galileo & a few other guys discovered that the Earth was revolving around the Sun!
       56. BUT THE CHURCH STUCK TO ITS GUNS ABOUT THESE OLD RIDICULOUS DOCTRINES DISPROVEN BY SCIENCE & based on a false interpretation of Scriptures.--Because the Scripture just uses simple language based on what things look like regarding some of these scientific things. Because how could they tell people that the Earth was going around the Sun when nobody had found that out yet? I can give you Scriptures, but I won't take time to do it now, where it says all of that very plainly, & even says that the Earth is round! But the church had overlooked some of those Scriptures.
       57. SO FINALLY THOSE WITH ENQUIRING MINDS & OPEN MINDS & FED UP WITH THE CHURCH--& thereby fed up with God too & Christianity as well--began to discover things that contradicted church doctrine. So they got away from the church, God, Christ & threw out the whole works! They threw out the baby with the bath water! When you give a baby a bath in a little tub, when you throw out the dirty water, you don't throw the baby out with it, do you?--No! But that's what the secular World did then, because they found out that a lot of the water that the church was immersed in was dirty & false & false doctrine, so they threw out the whole thing!--Church, God, Christ, the works, including the Bible!
       58. SO THEN THE AGE OF ENLIGHTENMENT DAWNED, THE REBIRTH, THE RENAISSANCE, largely through education & science & discovery & travellers like Marco Polo. The Dark Ages began, you might say, with the fall of Rome when the Catholic Church took over full blast about the 400s. If you just remember the round figures, that's better than nothing. And what was the midnight of the Dark Ages? (Fam: 1000.) And when did the World, or at least Europe, begin to pull out of it? (Fam: 1200s.)--In the late 1200s. Marco Polo began his journeys in the late 1200s. You can say 1300s if you want to, but I always begin it about there, late 1200s with Marco Polo when they began to travel & discover a lot of things, & by his travels & others', discover that the Earth was round, & some of them were trying to prove it!
       59. MARCO POLO DISCOVERED THESE GREAT CIVILISATIONS WITH MORE EDUCATION, more knowledge of mathematics, more knowledge of science!--The inventors of gun powder in China & all the rest of it, & in Arabic countries they had a better grasp of astronomy & mathematics than Europe, & so did China! So the Europeans were way behind! They were backward, Dark Ages, undeveloped nations. There were much greater civilisations & more developed & more educated, more scientific & had invented more things than had Europe, like the Chinese & the Arabs. But Europe began to discover these things & began to get educated by the Arabs & the Orientals, believe it or not!
       60. --SO THAT WE NOW USE WHAT SYSTEM OF NUMBERING? (FAM: ARABIC!)--Arabic numerals, because they were marvellous mathematicians & astronomers, long before Europe even knew what mathematics or astronomy was! And through the Orientals of China & Japan, etc., they discovered that there were much greater important things, civilisations, cultures & development!--And also one of the worst scientific discoveries, of course, that China discovered & which virtually changed the course of history, was gun powder!
       61. WHEN MARCO POLO BROUGHT BACK GUN POWDER TO EUROPE, THAT WAS A CURSE, BUT MANY OTHER THINGS HE BROUGHT BACK WERE A BLESSING! He brought all kinds of Oriental spices & fragrances & perfumes & textiles & many many wonderful things that the Europeans wanted, including china. Probably most of the dishes in the kitchen aren't even from China, but they got to be known as china because the Chinese made the finest porcelain on Earth, which was greatly in demand by Europeans then after Marco Polo & some of those boys brought back some of this gorgeous porcelain!
       62. --AND WITH IT, WHAT ELSE DECORATES PORCELAIN? The decorations are called ceramics. Actually the whole thing is a ceramic, which means they take the clay vase or dish & paint these beautiful pictures on it. But pictures & paint can wear off, so they melt glass, literally, & in some way cover the surface of that plate or teacup or teapot or dish or vase or whatever it is so that it has a protective surface then, literally a sheet of glass over the painting & all, & they put that in an oven then & bake it at over 1000 degrees! It then comes out hard as a rock & totally impervious to any kind of wiping off, scarring or washing off, the only thing you can do is break it.
       63. SO THE ORIENTALS WERE ALREADY FINE ARTISTS IN THE ARTS OF CERAMICS, FIREWORKS, GUN POWDER, some kind of textiles, particularly a style of silk tapestry which was unknown & unheard of in Europe & now in great demand, & beautiful silk clothing, gorgeously decorated with beautiful designs, etc.
       64. SO ALL OF A SUDDEN THE BACKWARD, UNCIVILISED, UNEDUCATED, UNSCIENTIFIC WEST, SO-CALLED, DISCOVERED THE HIGHLY-DEVELOPED, SCIENTIFIC, EDUCATED MARVELLOUS EAST & began in the Renaissance then to import all of these goods & their technology. This was a time when the West got its technology from the East & its fine products & scientific products & all that sort of thing! The East had its day in those days. The Westerners were considered "white devils" in the East, barbarians, & they were compared to the Easterners & their culture & their politeness & their courtesy & their whole system of being polite & kind & courteous to each other, etc. The Easterners did have a few wars, but mostly their culture was extremely refined compared to the boorish, vulgar, barbaric Europeans, believe it or not!
       65. SO THE EAST EDUCATED THE WEST AT THAT TIME! Europe knew virtually nothing about astronomy or mathematics until they learned it from the East, from the Orientals & the Arabs. Think of that! The Arabs are the ones who taught the Europeans about glazed tile. Tile is a ceramic, it's another kind of a clay cake coated with beautiful colours & decorations & then glazed in an oven. Somehow or another they put that liquid glass on the exterior & then bake it & it's literally coated with glass. That's where you get your name china & all that, because so many of these things came from China. And the Arabic mosaics were famous. So Europe began to be educated & scientific, & thank the Lord, some real genuine Christians had survived the horrible black night of the Roman Catholic Church.

       66. SO FOLLOWING THE RENAISSANCE, OR ALMOST ACCOMPANYING IT, CAME A GREAT PROTESTANT MOVEMENT CALLED THE REFORMATION. But it was not only Protestant, it was a reformation in the Catholic Church too, the great Reformation, which caused a split. It was first of all a Reformation within the church. All the great early reformists & reformers were Catholics & were trying to reform the Catholic Church, from Savanarola of Italy who's given credit as being one of the earliest & was martyred, right on down through Luther & the fellows who followed Luther.
       67. THE REFORMATION FOLLOWED THE RENAISSANCE, OR ALMOST ACCOMPANIED IT, the Renaissance beginning in the late 1300s, the Reformation really beginning in the 1400s with Savanarola. There were a lot of officials of the Catholic Church waking up & realising the Catholic Church was not Christianity. They were reading the Scriptures in the Bible & realising that the kind of church they had was more Roman & pagan than it was Christian! The Christians at first took over the Roman Empire, but then the Romans absorbed the Christians & took over the church! So the Roman Catholic Church was definitely Roman, & they still claim to be Roman to this day officially. They're more Roman than they are Catholic, more Roman than they are Christian, more pagan, more idolatrous than they are Christian!
       68. EVEN SOME OF THEIR OWN PEOPLE WOKE UP TO THIS FACT & BEGAN TO URGE REFORM FROM WITHIN THE CHURCH, FROM SAVANAROLA TO LUTHER. All the early Reformers were Roman Catholics trying to get their church to wake up & come back to its senses & get right with God & the Scriptures!--Instead of that, the church martyred'm, burned'm, hung'm & decapitated'm!
       69. THE POWERS THAT BE THAT RAN THE CHURCH WERE LIKE THE SCRIBES & PHARISEES OF JESUS' DAY, THE JEWS. They didn't want to reform, they didn't want to stop their corruption, they didn't want to lose their power over the people. Because if they had believed the Bible, this would have destroyed their political church. Every man would then become his own priest, every man wouldn't have to have a church or a building, & it would have destroyed the whole organisation & their corrupt, not only religious power, but political power! They controlled kings, they ruled over Emperors!--So that the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire had to crawl on his hands & knees to the Pope & apologise when he offended him. The Emperor of virtually all Europe was subject to the Pope!
       70. WELL, THIS WAS THE KIND OF THING THAT BROUGHT ON THE HORRORS OF THE MIDDLE AGES, but thank God, some enlightened people, including outstanding Christian men who were also scientists & writers & speakers & educators, began to bring the World out of this darkness, thank the Lord, both religious & secular.
       71. THEN CAME THE GREAT REFORMATION, & of course you usually date the Reformation as coming into full bloom in the 1500s under Luther, who is recognised even today as the greatest of all the Reformers.--Why? (Fam: Because he put the Bible into the local language?) Well, that's one way he did it, he put the Bible into the local German language, what you might call the vernacular, because up until that time it was in Latin. (Fam: He actually made a separate church.)
       72. IN EVERY COUNTRY THERE WERE PROTESTANTS, & WHY DID THEY CALL THEM PROTESTANTS?--They were doing what? (Fam: Protesting.)--Protesting! They were protest-ants!--Get it? They protested! To protest is to object, right? Every day in the news you hear about protestors of one kind or another, big mobs protesting this & protesting that, they're all Protestants!--Actually, most of them are probably Communists. But because they are protestors, you could actually call them Protestants, protest-ants.
       73. SO THE PROTESTORS AGAINST THE EVILS OF THE FALSE DOCTRINES OF THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH & ITS CORRUPTION, & its political power & corruption, became known as protestors, & the common term in English was protest-ant, or Protestant. Luther is considered the greatest protestor & Protestant, & the Reformation is considered to have come to its real height in this one man.--Because he was a great man, that was one reason, but he was also the first to get the powerful backing of some powerful kings, the Kings of Saxony & Hess. The Hessians have a bad name in American history because they were mercenaries that were hired from the Germans to fight the Revolutionary War against the Revolutionaries, but wasn't it the Ruler of Hess who helped Luther? (Fam: Yes!) See, the Catholics don't even learn Protestant history, God bless'm!
       74. NOW GET THIS, IT'S A GOOD POINT!--HE CONVERTED THE POLITICAL LEADERS, the kings & barons & powerful men who controlled the government & the armies! Luther had already converted large numbers of the mass of the common people with his doctrine of freedom & grace & Bible & all the rest, & it finally got to the top. I don't know whether they had any FFers or not! By the way, he believed in polygamy & even preached it. I don't know if he had many wives or not, they haven't told us about it. There are some of his doctrines that you don't find advertised today, the Lutherans have tried to bury them, including his strong [EDITED: "warnings"] against the Jews! [DELETED]
       75. SO THE REFORMATION CAME TO FULL BLOOM UNDER LUTHER because he got the political power, the government, behind him! And with the protection & power of the government, of the main leaders of Germany, he got virtually what happened to be nearly all Germany behind him, Northern Germany. Southern Germany pretty well stayed Catholic & is to this day--Bavaria & all that country down there--but Northern Germany became notoriously Protestant.
       76. AND THROUGH THE PROTESTANTS OF NORTHERN GERMANY BACKING LUTHER, THEY ALSO CONVERTED THE NORDIC KINGS OF THE SCANDINAVIAN COUNTRIES, particularly King Christian of Sweden who then came down & helped the Protestant Kings of Germany to fight the Catholic Kings of Germany. The Swedish Kings are given the credit for having saved Germany for the Protestants & from the Catholics.--Otherwise the armies of the Pope were coming up, helped by the Italians & France & Spain & all the rest from the South, & were attacking these Northern Germanic & Scandinavian countries who had become Protestant, Christian really, & there were big wars then fought between the forces of the Pope & the forces of the Protestant kings of the North.
       77. THIS IS PRETTY WELL THE WAY EUROPE EVEN DIVIDES UP TO THIS DAY, between the Catholic countries who stayed loyal to the Pope--Spain, Italy & France--& the Northern countries who became & stayed loyal to the Protestants--Germany, the Low Countries, the Scandinavian countries & Britain. Russia & the East were all Orthodox, & that's another story & virtually another history. But that's the way it all boiled down eventually. Oh my goodness, I got onto World History here, but if you don't understand the general outline of World History, how are you going to understand Bible Prophecy or a few other things?

       78. SO WE'VE GOT THE ROMAN EMPIRE--you know all about Jesus, I don't have to tell you about Him--then we've got the Fall of Rome in the 400s, followed by the rise of what great Empire? (Fam: Holy Roman Em-pire.)--Yes, in Europe, which then is the Catholic Church ruling Europe. And then what other Empire? (Fam: Arabic.)--Which began when? (Fam: 600s.)--Until the 1200s when the Turkish Empire took them over & swept even into Europe. The Turkish Empire continued then--back to our subject--until about 1918 when Jerusalem fell to Allenby.
       79. ISRAEL WAS THEN CALLED PALESTINE, & OF COURSE THE ARABS STILL CALL IT PALESTINE. Everywhere we went in [EDITED: "one Arab country"] they had big maps plastered all over, even in the airport & everything else, without all this division here, just the way the map of Palestine used to look under the British, & it says in big letters, "PALESTINE"! They don't even recognise Israel at all, they refuse to recognise Israel, & this is the big sore point between the Arabs & Israel.
       80. ISRAEL CLAIMS THAT ALL IT ASKS FOR IS TO BE RECOGNISED BY THE ARAB COUNTRIES, but the Arab countries flatly refuse to recognise Israel because they say, "They're invaders, they're usurpers! They came in & stole the country, it's not theirs, it belongs to us, why should we recognise Israel?"--And they've got some pretty good points there!--In fact, I am convinced that it was partly due to the Devil for sure that they took over Israel! Having visited there & seen what they were doing to it, it was quite obviously the antichrists conquering Palestine versus the Christians.
       81. SO THE BRITISH WERE THERE ABOUT 30 YEARS, & DURING THAT TIME THEY GAVE GREAT FREEDOM TO THE ARABS. They mostly backed the Arabs, & this is why the Jews got so mad at them & started shooting them in the back & everything else! The British tried to be fair & the Arabs were their friends to begin with, they were there first. Then the Jews began flooding in & fighting, & these gangs such as Irgun were nothing but gangs of terrorists lead by Menachem Begin & Sharon & Shamir! All the bigshot leaders of Israel today are former members of these terrorist gangs who shot British & Arab policemen in the back & blew up whole hotels & slaughtered whole villages of Arabs, etc.!
       82. AND NOW THEY'RE ACTING SO PIOUS & SELF-RIGHTEOUS & SAYING, "OH, THE ARABS ARE THE TERRORISTS! They're dropping bombs & they're shooting people & doing these terrible things!" Well, it was the Arabs' country, so now they're shooting Jews. The Jews used to do what the Arabs are still doing if you read in the papers & listen to the news.
       83. THE JEWS ARE SUPPOSEDLY VACATING SOUTHERN LEBANON, but it reminds me of when Hitler invaded Russia & the Russians started retreating, they had a policy known as leaving behind them what? (Fam: Scorched Earth.)--The Scorched Earth Policy! Boy, Where did you learn so much history? (Fam: Reading the Letters!) The Russian forces just absolutely destroyed & burned everything in their wake as they left, because they didn't want their enemies to use it. They weren't the first ones to ever devise that, it's been a policy of conquerors for ages, that if they had to retreat, they weren't going to let the land that they left behind do their enemies any good, or even the former owners any good, so they burned farms & crops & destroyed railroads & factories & everything!
       84. DOES IT SOUND FAMILIAR? (Fam: Yes!) About what? (Fam: The Jews.)--Where? (Fam: In Lebanon.)--Right! As they're leaving Lebanon they're destroying homes & villages, slaughtering the people, anything they think could possibly be used against them, as they leave. They're not peacefully vacating the country & charitably giving Lebanon back to the Lebanese, they're just destroying Lebanon & the Lebanese! They want to absolutely scorch the Earth there so nobody there could ever resist them, they want to just slaughter'm, wipe'm out & destroy the country! They're destroying the farms, the crops, burning food, even poisoning food, think of it!--Deliberately attempting to destroy the country that they conquered & really not giving it up willingly.
       85. THE ONLY REASON IN THE WORLD THEY'RE VACATING IT OR BACKING OUT--& THEY'RE NOT ALL THE WAY OUT YET--IS BECAUSE THEY COULDN'T HOLD IT. They were getting killed every day, every day, every day. So the Jewish mothers & sisters & brothers & politicians back home began screaming, "We're losing too many men up there, it's not worth it! It's not worth trying to hold Lebanon."
       86. THEY CLAIM THEY WENT IN THERE TO GET RID OF THE PLO & TO ESTABLISH A STRONG, FRIENDLY LEBANESE GOVERNMENT, but did they accomplish any of that? The PLO are pouring back into Lebanon, & now the Shiites, the Lebanese people, the Arabs themselves, are making them worse enemies than the PLO ever were! They're turning the whole populace against them by their cruel, slaughterous, murderous methods! As they back out they are just making the population furious with'm which had formerly been friendly.
       87. THE SOUTHERN LEBANESE HAD FORMERLY BEEN FRIENDLY TO ISRAEL & had whole armies under the domination of Israel, remember, under Major Haddad, the Christian Lebanese forces, etc., the Southern Lebanese. The Free Lebanese Army, I think they called it, were all under Israel, uniformed & armed & paid & fed & housed by Israel. They had all these people under them. Now they have turned entire South Lebanon absolutely bitterly against them by the cruel methods they're using as they back out.
       88. SO OF COURSE THE ARABS, ESPECIALLY THE RADICAL, FANATICAL, FUNDAMENTAL SHIITE ARABS WHO ARE OF KHOMEINI'S ILK, ARE BITTER & FIGHTING & SHOOTING EVERY JEW THEY CAN FIND & blowing up every tank they can get ahold of & doing the same thing to the Jews as the Jews are doing to them! [DELETED] In the rules of war & the rules of this World, it's "an eye for an eye & a tooth for a tooth!"--It's right there in the Jews' own Law! They're just trying to get back at each other.
       89. [DELETED] That invasion cost them more than the PLO ever cost them! At the highest estimate, PLO terrorists had not killed nor destroyed more than two or three hundred Jews in Israel, in all the years since it had been Israel, whereas Israel officially lost about 650 men in their invasion of Lebanon, plus all the wounded & casualties!
       90. THE INVASION WAS TO SUPPOSEDLY CLEAR OUT THEIR ENEMIES IN SOUTHERN LEBANON, THE PLO, but now they have turned the entire population of Southern Lebanon against them! Now they have many times as many enemies, & more bitter enemies, & better-backed enemies in Southern Lebanon than they ever had before! They have turned the whole of Lebanon against them into a bitter enemy!--Whereas Lebanon formerly was a neutralist State & what little government it did have, the Christian government of Lebanon, was more friendly to Israel than they were to Syria. Now what's happened?--The Jewish invasion of Lebanon has even turned the government on them, so that now the government is looking to Syria as its friend & helper. And it has turned the whole population of Southern Leb-anon against them instead of just a few PLO!
       91. SO NOW THE LAST STATE OF THOSE [EDITED: "ISRAELIS"] IS WORSE THAN IT WAS WHEN THEY FIRST INVADED LEBANON! [DELETED] [EDITED: "T"]hey are reaping ten times what they sowed from their invasion of Lebanon! You know, I got furious & angry because God didn't do something about those [EDITED: "Israelis"] invading Lebanon! Well, the wheels of God's justice grind exceeding slow, but they grind exceeding fine, & now they're suffering more from that invasion!--Including costing them World opinion. And the way they're now backing out is costing them World opinion again, even turning the news media against them, who were all gung-ho for Israel until the Lebanese invasion. That's what started turning the World news media against them, even the American Jews against the Israelis.

       92. [DELETED] [EDITED: "A"]ll those wars that they fight with the Antichrist are probably going to be their own fault because of their own rebellions, etc.
       93. SO NOW THEY'VE TURNED NOT ONLY THE WHOLE WORLD VIRTUALLY AGAINST THEM, & even the news media against them, but they've even turned the American Jews against them. The greatest World newspaper in the World--the only really World newspaper--is the Herald Tribune, I've gotta give'm credit for that.--In English, that is, & I think it's the only language in which there is a World newspaper. But they are backed by what is known as the Liberal Jews, & they were all for Peres. They were against Shamir & Sharon & they were against the invasion. They are a more middle-of-the-road type of Jews.
       94. THE AMERICAN JEWS ARE LARGELY LIBERAL JEWS, not the ultra-conservative, fanatical religious Jews such as Menachem Begin & Sharon & Shamir & those rats! In other words, the American Jews are educated, enlightened Liberals who've got more sense! They can see what the Israeli government is doing to itself, & see what Israel is doing to itself!
       95. ISRAEL IS DESTROYING ITSELF! This is the history of the Jews from the beginning. God gave them power over their enemies & helped them to destroy their enemies, but then they turned right around & destroyed themselves by going against God & against rhyme or reason or common sense! They destroyed themselves every time & they're doing it again! They are their own worst enemies! Now they've lost World opinion & backing of the World U.N. Of course, they've long ago lost the good will of their neighbours who once helped them, believe it or not, even the Arabs. They some time ago turned a good deal of American opinion against them, but now they're even losing their American Jewish friends! They're turning American Jewry against them!
       96. THAT'S ONE REASON PERES WON THE LAST ELECTION, BECAUSE HE WAS BACKED BY AMERICAN JEWRY & THE LIBERALS, such as the Herald Tribune, etc. They make their influence felt in Israel. They let the Israelis know that "if you want any more money, if you want more arms, if you want us to pull you out of the mess you're in, you had better elect a good liberal middle-of-the-road candidate like Peres of Labor rather than those madmen, those religious fanatics that you've had for the last few years."
       97. SO THEY THREW OUT BEGIN, THEY THREW OUT SHAMIR, THEY'VE THROWN OUT SHARON, & THEY HAVE PUT IN THE LABOUR GOVERNMENT LED BY PERES & Weismann & several other Liberals. Believe it or not, the great one-eyed hero of the great Israeli wars against the Arabs, Moshe Dayan, was a great friend of the Palestinians. He was willing to fight the Egyptians, & he was willing to fight off Hussein & his Jordanians, but he was all for abiding by the U.N. Partition of Palestine between the Israelis & the Palestinians, & wanted to give the Palestinians a fair deal, & they knew he was their friend. And that's one reason why he faded from the political scene, he was too much a friend of the Arabs to suit especially the Conservative Beginite regime that came in. So now he's probably too old, did he die? (Fam: He died.)
       98. SO THAT'S THE PICTURE! THAT'S GIVING YOU THE HISTORICAL BACKGROUND OF ISRAEL, for which I had to give you World History as well, & my goodness, I think that's enough! Have you got the picture? Did we finish that resume'? The Turks went right up to the British, & the British up to Israel, the Israelis, & now the Israelis up to whom? (Fam: The Antichrist!)--Right! The Israelis are going to have had a very short rule, from 1948 to shall we say 1988?--Maybe 40 years, something like that, when the Antichrist will take them over & run the country as well as the World.

       ZECHARIAH 14:5b!
       99. WELL, DID WE GET ALL THAT OUT OF ONE VERSE? We were just reviewing the first part we'd already had, shall we finish the 5th Verse? (Fam: Yes, Sir!) Well, that's not hard to do: "And the Lord My God shall come & all the Saints with Thee!" Is this a prediction of the Second Coming?--No!--This is about the Third Coming! This is about when we descend from Heaven with a shout & on horseback & we invade Israel! And we take it away from everybody!--The antichrists & the anti-Antichrists & anybody else ... too! We take it away from them all! We conquer Israel & we take it over!
       100. AFTER 40 YEARS OF JEWRY THEY'RE GOING TO GET ANTICHRISTERY! And then after not more that about 3 or 4 more years of Tribulation, what are they going to get then?--They're going to get Christery! Hallelujah! TYL!--Jesus Christ & His forces in the Millennium! So that was a little study out of the last half of the 5th Verse.--Ha!

       101. SO THAT'S THE MESS IT'S IN NOW! [EDITED: "It's"] like the old saying goes about the Devil, "Just give him enough rope & he'll hang himself!"--And that's exactly what God is doing today! He's just giving the Devil & his forces enough rope & they are hanging themselves! What's happened to the countries that have run us out?--They're having nothing but trouble! Did you know that Chile was beginning to persecute the Family just before this big earthquake? Did you know that Indonesia has had nothing but trouble since they ran us out? These people who hate us & who attack us & lie about us & persecute us, they are their own worst enemies!
       102. IT REMINDS ME OF THAT STORY THEY TELL, SOME KIND OF A JOKE ABOUT THE OLD JEW THAT WAS SUPPOSEDLY SITTING IN THE FRONT ROW OF ONE OF HITLER'S AUDIENCES. And Hitler was a powerful, mighty orator! I'll tell you, he could sway millions, & he did!--Look at Germany! There must have been some reason why people liked him. Today you'd think he was nothing but a terrible, awful, horrible monster, but why did all those smart, intelligent Christian Germans follow him? [DELETED] The trouble is [DELETED] he must have forsaken the Lord & God's ways & began to think he was the hero & he was the guy & the big cheese & got stuck on himself! So then God let him fall, he began doing wrong things then.
       103. SO THE STORY IS TOLD THAT ONE TIME WHEN HITLER WAS POWERFULLY ORATING AGAINST THE JEWS, there was this little old Jew sitting there in the audience grinning & smiling at Hitler. So Hitler finally stopped & said, "What are you grinning about? I hate you Jews & I'm going to destroy you!" And the little Jew said, "You know, we eat a little horny cake every Purim celebrating the death of Haman, our great enemy in the Persian Empire." Remember, Haman was the guy that fought against Mordecai & Esther & was going to kill all the Jews, so now at Purim they eat a little horny cake to celebrate his death!
       104. WE SAW THEM ALL OVER CAPETOWN, those little cookies with little nuts all over them. [DELETED] And at Purim, one of the feast days of the Jewish religion, they eat these little horny cakes.
       105. SO THE LITTLE JEW SAID, "WE EAT A LITTLE HORNY CAKE EVERY PURIM OVER HAMAN, I WONDER WHAT KIND OF CAKE WE'RE GOING TO EAT OVER YOU!"--He was so sure of the downfall of Hitler. Well, you can be just that sure of the downfall of the [EDITED: "ACs"], because they have always destroyed themselves because they have forsaken God. [DELETED] And the result has always been the same, they did more damage to themselves than they ever did to the forces of God or of Christ or even other enemies, heathen enemies!

       [EDITED: "ISRAEL"]
       106. [DELETED] If the U.S. didn't send them 2 or 3 billion dollars every year to literally support'm, Israel would have been gone long ago. If the U.S. didn't defend them & give them arms to defend themselves against the Arabs, Israel would have been gone long ago. The Jews are not saving themselves!--The U.S. is!
       107. ONE OF THE RELIGIOUS LEADERS SAID AFTER THE LAST JEWISH WAR WITH EGYPT, "THANK GOD HE SAVED US!"--And some irreligious leader of Israel piped up & said, "God didn't save us, we saved ourselves!" Look at that! Even when God shows mercy they claim credit for it!--And that's exactly the way they acted under Moses, that's exactly the way they've acted for centuries, thousands of years even now, & they will be that way to the bitter end! So you wonder how God could save any of them! Well, that's what we're going to read in our next lesson, how God is going to save some of the Jews, believe it or not!
       108. THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS GOING TO TRIUMPH! Praise God? So shall we pray the Kingdom Prayer, the "Our Father"? Let's pray together the prayer He taught us to pray: (Prays the Lord's Prayer) Hallelujah! TYJ! Lord bless & keep them all safely today, thank You for a good night, thank You for a good day, a good Class, & help them to try to remember a little bit of this history so we'll know the background of what's happening today! The Truth goes marching on in spite of all the Devil's forces, & it's going to win & be victorious in the end! TYJ! PTL! GBY! ILY!--Amen?

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family