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THE REALITY OF THE FUTURE!        DO 2162        4/85--Revelation Review, God Still Speaks!        ET# 40

       1. (SINGS:) "SWEET HOUR OF PRAYER, SWEET HOUR OF PRAYER, THAT CALLS ME FROM A WORLD OF CARE. And bids me at my Father's Throne, make all my wants & wishes known. In seasons of distress & grief, my soul has often found relief, & oft escaped the tempter's snare, by thy return, sweet hour of prayer!" PTL! TYJ! Hallelujah! Amen!
       2. (SINGS:) "'TIS SO SWEET TO TRUST IN JESUS, JUST TO TAKE HIM AT HIS WORD. Just to rest upon His promise, just to say, Thus saith the Lord. Jesus, Jesus how I love Thee, how I've proved Thee o'er & o'er. Jesus, Jesus, precious Jesus, oh for faith to trust Thee more!" PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ! Amen! Can't you praise the Lord? Let's praise the Lord! (Family praises) You need to learn to do what the Scripture says, "Lift up holy hands unto the Lord!" (1Ti.2:8) PTL? Lift up your lightning rods, your ten-stringed instruments! Hallelujah! Now praise the Lord! Hallelujah! TYJ! PTL!
       3. THANK YOU JESUS FOR ALL THY BLESSINGS! TYJ! PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ! PTL! Amen, "let it be established in the mouth of two or three witnesses", so let's have two or three prayers, shall we?--Lead us in prayer, everybody praying. (Family Members pray)

       4. WELL, WE'RE ALL HERE, & HERE IS WATER, WHAT HINDERETH FROM BEING BAPTISED IN IT? (Ac.8:36) PTL? TYL! Remember the Eunuch & Philip were riding along in the chariot & Philip was witnessing to him & he got saved, & they came to a pool of water & the Eunuch said, "Here is water, what hindereth me from being baptised?" They were accustomed to the old Jewish custom of baptism, which Jesus also fulfilled. But we've got a better baptism than that nowadays, PTL?--The Baptism of His Word, the washing of the Water of the Word, & the baptism of the Holy Spirit! PTL! So we've got even better baptisms than Philip & the Eunuch & all the old Apostles & John the Baptist!
       5. THEY SAY JOHN WAS A BAPTIST, I DON'T KNOW WHAT DENOMINATION THE OTHER APOSTLES BELONGED TO! I more or less belong to the denomination of St. Paul, who believed in the baptism of the Holy Spirit. He even thanked God once he had not baptised any of them except so-&-so & so-&-so, because he was all for the baptism of the Holy Spirit. (1Cor.1:14) Our doctrine along that line is what some people call the dry baptism. Well, it's anything but dry! PTL! Hallelujah! And this Word is anything but dry too, so shall we get right into it? TYJ!

       6. WELL, WE FINISHED THOSE DETAILED STUDIES FROM THE OLD TESTAMENT ABOUT THE TIME & BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON & you found out a lot of things about it. I'd better not get started on it or I'll go all over the whole thing again! We recently had a brief review of Revelation, but we're going to study Revelation a little bit more now & I want to particularly get across some things the Lord showed us about the nature of the Antichrist, some very mysterious things that are said about him which have always been a puzzle to almost everybody, including me, & I'm sure probably to you.
       7. IF THE HOLY SPIRIT DID NOT REVEAL THESE THINGS TO US, WE WOULDN'T KNOW ANYTHING, BECAUSE THEY'RE VERY DEEP MYSTERIES, very strange sayings, very peculiar Scriptures that have puzzled the churches & the theologians for centuries, yea, millenniums. For thousands of years they haven't been able to figure some of these things out.--Until it's God's time, & then God tells you, boom! Instead of taking thousands of years to try to figure it out, you can get it in a flash, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, from the Lord! PTL!--When it's His time! So don't worry about it! If you run across things you can't understand right now, just wait! God in His due season will tell you when you need to know.
       8. WELL, THE ANTICHRIST IS ALIVE TODAY, AS FAR AS WE NOW KNOW. If he's going to appear shortly, he's got to already be alive & dwelling somewhere. Several famous preachers claimed they had met him in the Middle East, the Far East or here or there or yonder & he did miracles etc. I don't know how much truth there is in that, maybe so. However, that would be about 40 years ago now & he'd be an old man by this time, so I don't think that could have been the guy. He might have been some kind of anti-Christ miracle-worker like those yogis etc., but I don't believe that was the guy because that was too long ago & I expect him to be a fairly young man.
       9. I WOULD SAY IN ORDER TO HAVE SUFFICIENT STRENGTH & GROWTH & WISDOM & learning & experience in the World situation & knowledge of politics & economics & all these things, he'd have to be at least in his 40's, I would think.--Although it's possible he could be in his 30's.

       10. BUT ACTUALLY IN YOUR 30'S & 40'S YOU'RE REALLY IN THE PRIME OF LIFE, when you really have the greatest physical strength. You say, "Well, you're stronger when you're younger." Well, it's the combination of physical strength & knowledge. Sometimes it seems to take people until they're in their 50's & 60's & 70's to gain wisdom along with their knowledge!
       11. YOU CHILDREN ARE SPENDING YEARS IN SCHOOL STUDYING & READING, learning to read, learning all kinds of things, it takes years & years to learn so many things! And even then you don't really know enough to launch out in life on your own sometimes. Thank God in our Family you won't have to launch out on your own, we always have company, companionship & fellowship, TTL! That's the way God intended for it to be. But at least you learn to take your full share of responsibility like an adult, to be able to take care of other children like our teens do.
       12. OUR TEENS ARE ALREADY BECOMING ADULTS BECAUSE THEY'VE ALREADY LEARNED HOW TO TAKE CARE OF BABIES & COOK & KEEP HOUSE, & the next thing is to start having their own! Then they'll really be full-fledged adults, but very young adults. They still have a lot to learn & it'll take more years of having more children & working longer for the Lord to really teach them all the things they need to know.
       13. SO, CHILDREN, YOUR EDUCATION JUST KEEPS RIGHT ON GOING! It'll go right on through now & the Antichrist & the Tribulation & right on through the Rapture up to Heaven! You're probably going to learn a lot of things at the Marriage Feast, aren't you? You're probably going to learn a lot of things about each other that you didn't know before when you see the Rewards passed out & the Crowns passed out. You're going to see how much credit some people really deserve, & how little credit some people like me really deserve, because it's you guys that really make the Family. PTL!
       14. ALL I AM IS JUST A BIG MOUTH TO GIVE YOU WHAT THE LORD HAS SAID. BUT MY BIG MOUTH IS NECESSARY TOO, even though it takes me two hours to teach a class! I have to cover everything, give you all the details & a lot of explanations along the way since you don't know a lot of these things you need to know.
       15. BUT THEN YOUR EDUCATION IS GOING TO GO RIGHT ON, YOU'RE EVEN GOING TO LEARN HOW TO FIGHT A WAR! What war is that? (Fam: The Battle of Armageddon.)--Right. We've learned how to fight wars in the spirit already, we're learning that now. Then you're going to learn how to fight a war in the physical, believe it or not, a physical war. You will be spiritual & have spiritual power, but you will have a sort of spiritual-physical body. It's hard to define that resurrection body, it is both spiritual & physical & eternal, immortal! It's an amazing body! You can see it, feel it & look like you do more or less now, enough to recognise each other, & yet be "glorified" as God's Word calls it, glorified bodies, raptured bodies, translated bodies, completely renewed into everlasting models! (Rom.8:17,30)
       16. MAN HASN'T BEEN ABLE TO MAKE AN EVERLASTING MODEL CAR YET! Dear Henry Ford thought his models would last at least 20 years & some of them have lasted longer than that, but nothing man makes ever lasts forever. "The things which are seen are temporal, but the things which are unseen are eternal." (2Cor.4:18)
       17. SO YOU'RE COMING BACK IN THOSE GLORIFIED, AMAZING, SUPERNATURAL, YET IN A WAY PHYSICAL BODIES--both supernatural, spiritual & physical--& you're going to learn how to fight a war! Probably some of that time we spend Up There after the Marriage Feast--if we stay Up There during the whole Wrath of God, we figured it's anywhere from maybe 45 to 75 days--we'll probably have a briefing session with our Commanding General to describe the tactics of the warfare. And He will be appointing different ones to go different places to wipe out different people & take over different locations. It's all very real!
       18. PART OF MY JOB WITH YOU--WHAT I TRIED TO DO WITH THE CHURCHES BUT THEY WOULDN'T LISTEN--IS TO TRY TO MAKE THESE THINGS REAL TO YOU, to understand how real & genuine & realistic they are! That's why we're getting out these beautiful Posters, to give you a picture of Heaven & the Heavenly things & future things.

       19. HOW'D YOU LIKE THE ETN? Isn't that amazing? Isn't that beautiful? You know, the World prints all their colour stuff on glossy, silky paper that reflects light so that you can't even see the pictures. Don't you like our paper better? It's nice & thin & light, almost like you can look into it!
       20. THAT GLOSSY PAPER THAT THE WORLD PRINTS ITS GLOSSY MAGAZINES IN COLOUR ON IS LIKE A FRAME OF A PICTURE THAT'S SO FANCY IT DETRACTS FROM THE PICTURE! The gloss detracts from the picture! But they think that's smart! They think that shows you're rich & you've got lots of money to spend, you can afford glossy magazines, blah blah!
       21. WE DON'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT TRYING TO SHOW OFF HOW RICH WE ARE, BECAUSE WE'RE NOT, WE'RE POOR! We're poor in a way. We're not as rich as some big publishers. We just do what we can. And it so happened this paper was the thinnest we could possibly print colour on & I think it's the best! It's almost like Bible paper. It's lightweight because we send out thousands through the mail & that costs a lot of money. Our postage usually costs more than our printing, believe it or not.
       22. POSTAGE IS OUR GREATEST EXPENSE, BUT IT'S WORTH IT! It's one thing to print it, it's another thing to get it there! And as far as I'm concerned, the Postal System of the World is the biggest bargain the System ever gave us! It's amazing when you think we can just drop a little package in the mail & away it goes & is handled all over & finally delivered to the very person that we want it to go to!--Or at least to their box number. So thank God!
       23. BUT THAT SERVICE DOES COST SOMETHING! Considering what it's worth, it's dirt cheap, it's a bargain, but considering our actual cost, it costs more than actually printing the material.--Because we send it air mail, we want it to get there in a hurry!

       24. SO WE'VE BEEN TRYING TO BRING REALITY TO YOUR MINDS IN ALL OF THESE THINGS TO HELP YOU SEE HOW REAL THEY ARE! I was so many years with church people, & honestly, when it comes to the reality of these things, their heads are in a cloud, they're almost in a fog. It's sort of like fairy tales & Santa Claus.
       25. I'LL NEVER FORGET THE TIME I WAS GIVING ONE OF MY PICTORIAL LECTURES, IN FACT THE "BIBLE IN PICTURES". I used to give that a lot of places, churches, schools etc., because it had pictures of the story itself & actual photographs of where these things occurred. And I'll never forget when one man, a church member who'd been a church person for a long time & heard these stories all his life said, "Why, those are actual photographs of where those things happened! They really did happen, didn't they?!" All his life in the church he'd been reading the Bible & it just finally began to dawn on him that those things really did happen, they weren't just fairy tales! They weren't just stories!
       26. I AM TRYING TO BRING TO YOU & TO THE WORLD THE REALITY OF THE FUTURE! God's been trying to do it here for a long time, & it's beautiful! God's painting pictures throughout the Bible, & although He seems to have given a great portion of the Bible particularly to the Jews & the history of the World & the history of the Jews & the background of it all, it is very necessary, sort of like the framework. It's a pretty elaborate framework, but He's got to give you the background, the foundation, the history of it all, so you'll understand what's happening now & what's going to happen in the future.--Even though the future's going to be a lot longer than the past, thank the Lord!
       27. WE CAN'T STAND TOO MUCH MORE OF THE PAST, IT'S PAST & THERE'S NOTHING WE CAN DO ABOUT IT NOW. That's why I say let's specialise on the future! The day of being able to have time for an intricate, detailed Bible Study of the past & ancient history is past, it's too late for that. There was a time for that, even when I was young there was still time. I had time to study the Old Testament thoroughly, & I'm glad I did because I learned a lot of Bible Prophecy there & I learned the difference between prophecy & history & how to divide the two, to know what was already past & what has now already happened, & what has not yet been fulfilled, what is not yet to happen until now or later. And a lot of Bible Prophecy has only been fulfilled just within this past 100 years!

       28. WITHIN A LITTLE OVER 100 YEARS MAN & LIFE ON EARTH HAS CHANGED MORE DRASTICALLY, MORE DRAMATICALLY, THAN IT HAS CHANGED IN THE ENTIRE 6000 YEARS PREVIOUSLY! More has been discovered, more has been invented, more knowledge has been gained in just the past 100 years than in all the previous years of man's history! I'm saying this for a reason, it's an introduction to our study review of Revelation.
       29. RIGHT UP TO THE TIME WHEN I WAS A LITTLE BOY, MOST OF THE PEOPLE WERE STILL LIVING & TRAVELLING JUST THE SAME WAY they had for thousands of years, with horses & buggies & wagons, & in the East I presume oxen & yaks & caribou.
       30. FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS ALL MAN HAD WAS ANIMAL-POWERED TRANSPORTATION & BOATS! In the East they not only had yaks or water buffalo, in some places they have camels, in the more desert dry places, because camels do very well in dry places. First of all, they've got big broad feet that don't sink in the sand & also they can go a long time without water & they're just absolutely built to travel on deserts, marvellous! All the marvellous creatures God has made!
       31. I'M JUST TRYING TO EXPLAIN HOW FAST THINGS ARE MOVING NOW! If a man from the middle of the last century, the 1800's, which is actually the 19th Century, were suddenly transported into the World of today, he would think he were in some other kind of a World, & he is! The World is almost totally different today, so much of it, especially the civilised World or the developed or industrial World where there are these huge cities & rapid transportation & all kinds of new inventions & new ways of living & new types of homes. There have be-come more & more cities & less & less farms.
       32. RIGHT NOW WE'RE WITNESSING THE LITERAL DESTRUCTION OF THE FAMILY FARM CULTURE IN THE UNITED STATES, because farming has become a big industry, agribusiness.--Not just farming, they call it "agribusiness" because most of the farmers are rich millionaires who own thousands of acres & farm it with scores of help & mostly machinery. So it's a whole new World compared to what it was a hundred or more years ago, especially with all these new forms of transportation.
       33. JUST THINK OF IT, THE WORLD HAS CHANGED MORE IN JUST THIS PAST 100 YEARS THAN IT CHANGED IN THE PREVIOUS 6,000! That's why God's got to put a stop to it real quick, because it's moving too fast to destruction! Man is moving too fast to his own destruction. Because the more things they invent & discover, the more the Devil inspires some of them to use them for evil purposes & war & bombs, & now they're even going to tinker with genes & God's Creation. They've been tinkering with God's Creation for a long time now, but never more so than they have in the past 100 years. They have never learned so much about God's Creation. They don't even give God credit for it, they don't even call it God's Creation, they call it nature or evolution or all kinds of crazy names, Mother Earth, anything to keep from saying God or showing that they have any faith in a Divine Creator.
       34. BUT THEY'RE LEARNING SO MUCH NOW THAT THEY'RE LEARNING TOO MUCH! Here's your Tree of Knowledge again, the Knowledge of Good & Evil. So they are able to use this knowledge to do evil & greater evil than ever before.--Much good also, it's true. Much good has been done with the good knowledge, knowledge of good & evil, but don't forget it's doing both, it's doing good & it's doing evil. So the World is moving fast now! They're not only moving fast in their vehicles & transportation, but they're moving fast in every realm of science & discovery & using it for both good & for evil.
       35. BUT YOU SEE, NOT EVERY PLACE CHANGES AS FAST AS OTHER PLACES. I remember in the good old days, you could still go out on the farms in the Midwest & up in Canada & people were still living just like they had lived for literally thousands of years, like mankind has lived for thousands of years.--Almost the same kind of farms. They did have some primitive machinery when I was a boy, but nearly all of it was animal-drawn. In some parts of the World they use the ox & yak etc., because they're even bigger & stronger than horses! They're much heavier, so they can lean & pull that weight even better than a horse.
       36. BUT HORSES WERE IMPORTED TO THE UNITED STATES & BECAME VERY POPULAR THERE. They had a form of wild horse there that even the Indians used, Pinto ponies or whatever, & they had these wild horses out in the West, still have them, big herds running wild! But actually for really heavy loads the yak is better, the water buffalo or whatever you want to call it, because it's heavier. It's stockier, built closer to the ground, much heavier, much bigger stronger limbs with bigger muscles, & though it's slower, it's ideally suited for real heavy loads.
       37. OF COURSE THERE ARE THE BIG DRAFT HORSES, THE BIG CLAYBOURNES & CLYDESDALES & COLBLOODS & PERCHERONS. They just trot out those horses special now because they're sort of antiques. Farmers use machinery that uses internal combustion engines, in other words, gasoline engines & diesel engines & that sort of thing that are even more powerful than yaks, more powerful than the horses.
       38. SO THINGS ARE MOVING FAST & WINDING UP FAST & THIS IS IT! This is the day! I know it can't be much longer because of the way things are going so fast. Just like you're riding along in a car, if you're driving very fast you know you're going to get to the end of the road in a hurry, especially when you're almost at the end of the road. You're going to get there real quick. And this is just about like the last mile of the way & we're getting there in a hurry!

       39. SO ALTHOUGH GOD SPENT A GREAT DEAL OF TIME IN THIS BOOK ABOUT PAST HISTORY & THE BACKGROUND & the frame & the foundation etc. to explain why & wherefrom & what for, He also spent a lot of this book on the Endtime! When many of the Prophets prophesied, all their prophecies were about the future. But now, lots of them have already been fulfilled. But others prophesied a lot about what is still future & this Book of Revelation is the one where God pictures the Future to John, literally pictures it! He's literally drawing pictures, in a sense, by letting him see visions of scenes, & he describes those scenes, those pictures, in words.
       40. MOST OF IT IS FUTURE, SOME OF IT WAS ABOUT WHAT WAS THE IMMEDIATE FUTURE, FROM JOHN'S DAY ON. That covers the past 2,000 years since then. Much was to be John's immediate future, now past, but most of what He was revealing to John & which the Prophets also revealed & other parts of the Bible, most of what they talked about was what? What was the main period of time that all of the Prophets emphasised? There were many prophecies fulfilled from the days of the earliest Prophets, even from the days of Moses & Job etc., many prophecies throughout history for thousands of years. But most of those have already been fulfilled.
       41. BUT THE PERIOD OF TIME OF WHICH THE PROPHETS SPOKE THE MOST WAS THE ENDTIME! They talked more about the End than anything else! So maybe you'll forgive me for talking more about Heaven than any other part of the End, because that's my favourite period, the Millennium, & Heaven is even better! Because we're in the Endtime now & most of all the prophecies of the past period of 6,000 years of history have already been fulfilled. But the Endtime was the period about which the Prophets spoke the most, because it was the most amazing, & it was both the most terrible & the most wonderful, but it was the goal of the race, the goal of the game in a sense. It was what everybody was driving for & what it was all about, the final goal! And what is the final goal? (Fam: Heaven!)--The final goal is Heaven!

       42. THE COMMUNISTS ACCUSE US OF PREACHING PIE IN THE SKY, the unattainable, the impossible, talking all about the future when we ought to deal more with the present. And they've even persuaded some preachers & some churches & some denominations to preach a social gospel, that we shouldn't be so concerned about Heaven & things that are not yet & maybe never will be. They preach that we ought to be concerned about making a Heaven on Earth right now & helping the workers & the social system & doing things now! Well, God wants us to do that, yes, but He knows it's virtually an impossible situation.
       43. YOU CAN'T CREATE A HEAVEN ON EARTH WITH UNREGENERATE, UNSAVED, EVIL-HEARTED, WICKED MEN! So the Communists are trying to do an impossible task. They're trying & striving for a utopia which cannot be, because as long as you've got wicked hearts & wicked people, you can't have Heaven on Earth. The only Heaven on this Earth is what we have, praise God, & I've said enough about that!--Heaven in our hearts & Heaven in our lives, Heaven in our Homes, as well as Angels & the works! We've got it all! Praise God!
       44. WE JUST HAVEN'T HAD THE RELIEF YET FROM THIS OLD PHYSICAL BODY. It looks pretty nice to me, especially you pretty girls, but it still gets tired, it gets sick, it has its weaknesses & frailties, & it's mortal, it can die & get killed & all that. So that's going to be one of the biggest improvements of all, that we're going to have our new bodies! We just about have it all otherwise already. We've got spiritual happiness, we are saved, we have Jesus, we have joy, most of us live in fairly comfortable homes, we have some bed to sleep on at night & good food to eat & we've got lots of love & sex & pretty girls & handsome boys & whatnot! We've got it all! Really all!
       45. AND THE HEAVENLY ENVIRONMENT WILL BE SO MUCH LIKE THIS, in fact during the Millennium it will be the same Earth, all the same, except there won't be so much of the Devil's pests & curses etc., curses from God but carried by the Devil. There won't be the diseases & the pests & a lot of those things, not so much death & all. Nevertheless the Earth itself will be much the same. You're not going to see an entirely different World. There's still going to be land, the same continents, the same seas, the same kind of soil & earth & farms, & natural people will still be farming & eating & working & having to do many of the things that they do today. Those are the natural people, the natural ones living on the surface of the Earth, not us who are flying around & headquartering in Heaven!
       46. SO THE WORLD WILL BE VERY MUCH THE SAME. THE MAJOR DIFFERENCE IS US! We will still look much the same, only better.--Kind of like this Earth, it's going to be much the same, only better. But the Earth will not be nearly as transformed, not yet, during the Millennium, as we will be. We will get our new bodies at the Rapture, the Resurrection, as many of the Old Testament Saints already have theirs, who were resurrected at the time of Christ. (Mat.27:52-53)
       47. BUT THE EARTH WON'T GET ITS NEW BODY TILL THE NEW HEAVEN & NEW EARTH, because God isn't going to let His beautiful Heavenly City be soiled or sullied or contaminated or polluted by the things of this present Earth. So it can't come down to this old wicked filthy World of today, they'd want to shoot it up! They'd try atom bombs on it or something. It would even be dangerous for it to come through the atmosphere or the stratosphere with all the debris & junk that's flying around up there now. Man isn't satisfied with polluting the Earth, he had to pollute & contaminate space & fill it full of junk!
       48. YOU'LL READ AN ARTICLE IN THE WND ABOUT HOW MANY TENS OF THOUSANDS OF PIECES OF ACTUALLY VISIBLE, TRACKABLE JUNK IS FLYING AROUND UP THERE OVER YOUR HEADS NOW! It wouldn't be safe for the Heavenly City to even come down within two or three hundred miles of the Earth, because some of that stuff is flying in orbits that are 300 miles out! Think of it!--And that City's big! It's 1500 miles high! And He doesn't want to get it full of bullet holes & junk holes from all this junk that man has put up there in the sky. Not pie in the sky, no, man is not bringing pie in the sky, but junk in the sky! I wish it were pie!
       49. BUT THE LORD HAS TO WAIT UNTIL HE HAS BURNED ALL OF THAT UP! That's why He has to not only burn up the surface of the Earth, but He has to burn up the atmospheric heavens & the heaven of heavens above that, because all of that junk has to go! Not only the Earth's got to be cleaned up, but the sky has got to be cleaned up before He dares let the Heavenly City come down that close.

       50. SO YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT ALL THESE THINGS & EXACTLY WHAT IS HAPPENING. And you need to know--you already know & it doesn't take much to tell you--where you came from. We have studied enough of the Bible already, Genesis & past history & all that, that you've got a pretty good idea of where you came from, & especially that you came from the hand of God, praise God!
       51. BUT YOU ALSO NEED TO KNOW WHY YOU'RE HERE, & YOU KNOW THAT TOO. You've been told that & taught that & the Bible tells you why you're here. Do you know why you're here? Even the Old Testament tells you that: "This is the whole duty of man, to fear God & keep His commandments." (Ecc.12:13) And what's His only commandment today? (Fam: To love the Lord & your neighbour.) (Mat.22:37-40) In other words, it literally means to love God & love others, that's why you're here. What was it Martin Luther said? He had something like that in one of his catechisms. I think that was Martin Luther's answer, "To love God & enjoy Him forever!" Well, that isn't quite as comprehensive as I would have said, "to enjoy Him & others forever," praise the Lord! Because we not only love God, but if you love the Lord you love each other.
       52. WE ENJOY EACH OTHER, DON'T WE? AND WE WILL LOVE & ENJOY EACH OTHER FOREVER.--Even sexually, think of that! That's the thing that the church is horrified at, our sexuality & our emphasis on sex. Well my God, He put a lot of emphasis on sex! It's just about the most important thing there is in our lives! It's what recreates generation after generation! It's what brings babies! It's what even brings us personal pleasure & fellowship! It's thrilling! Wonderful! The greatest feeling, you might say, the greatest sensual feeling in human existence, is an orgasm! Isn't an orgasm the biggest thing you ever experienced?
       53. MAYBE YOU GOT SOME KICKS & HIGHS & RUSHES OUT OF DRUGS, BUT I'LL TELL YOU, THERE'S ONLY ONE GREATER EXPERIENCE THAN SEX, & that's to be filled with the Holy Spirit, when you get filled with the Lord & He fucks you & He gives you a spiritual orgasm & you're filled & exploding with the Holy Spirit! Let me tell you, that's a bigger high even than a sexual orgasm!
       54. WELL, WE HAVE BOTH! WE TEACH THAT CHRISTIANS ARE SUPPOSED TO ENJOY BOTH! Why the Hell do these churches & church Christians think they can't seem to enjoy God without ceasing to enjoy each other & ceasing to enjoy the many pleasures, including sex, that He's given us here to enjoy? We've got it all! We've got both! We've got God & each other & all the marvellous Creation that He has made for us to enjoy.
       55. I ENJOY THE PRESENT CREATION! I look out that window & I love to see those flowers! The Lord spoke to me one morning when I was gazing in amazement at the beauty & the explosion of these blossoms & blooms, it was like an explosion of beauty, almost like an orgasm of God's creation, those flowers exploding out there! And the Lord said a simple little verse I've always known but which never really struck home so much before, "Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these!" (Mat.6:28-29)--Not arrayed like one of them, one little flower! We've got more glory in our garden than Solomon had! Think of that! Isn't that beautiful? God's Creation is more beautiful than anything, especially you! And to me, especially the girls, of course, because I'm a boy.
       56. YOU'RE BLOOMS! YOU'RE BLOSSOMS! LOOK AT YOU! Gorgeous! They even speak of women being in the "bloom of youth" & "she's blossoming" when she starts getting bosoms etc. Marvellous! You're God's flowers, beautiful flowers! Of course, the flowers have got to have male flowers too or stamens or something.
       57. SO I ENJOY THE MARVELS OF GOD'S CREATION EVEN NOW, it's so beautiful & so wonderful, even what He has allowed to remain for our enjoyment, His physical Creation. Besides that, we've got His spiritual Creation, His Spirit & spiritual experiences & Salvation & His Love! We've got it all!
       58. THE WORLD CAN'T EVEN REALLY ENJOY THE PHYSICAL CREATION AS MUCH AS WE CAN BECAUSE THEY DON'T KNOW THE LORD, & they're in such confusion & such fear & concern & worry about it, they can't even enjoy what they've got! They're like the old lady who was always griping about how she felt. They were almost afraid to ask her how she felt because they'd get answers like this: She said, "Well, I feel pretty good today, but whenever I feel good I feel bad, because I know it's not going to be long before I feel bad again!"
       59. THAT'S EXACTLY THE WAY THE WORLD IS! THEY CAN'T EVEN ENJOY THE GOOD, they can't even enjoy it when they feel good, for fear pretty soon it's going to be gone & they're going to feel bad again, or what they've got is going to be lost again. And it's true, they can't enjoy it, because they don't have the Lord. They have no rest, no peace, no safety, they're all worried & concerned & up & down & in & out & in a terrible mess!
       60. BUT WE'VE GOT IT ALL! ISN'T THAT WONDERFUL? BUT WE'RE GOING TO HAVE EVEN MORE! Heaven is better than this! Think of that! The life we now live is so Heavenly! I'm sorry if I'm going over the same territory as before but I can never get over how wonderful life is to us as Christians who know & love the Lord & are filled with the Spirit & doing His Work, doing His Will! Then you're blissfully happy, you could hardly be any happier. You've got it! You've got it all! We've got Heaven already in our hearts, Heaven in our Homes, Heaven in our lives, Heaven in our boys & girls & in our children. They're little bits of Heaven sent down from the Lord! They were Up There with the Lord before, but He sent them down here to be with us. Isn't that wonderful?
       61. I BELIEVE IN PRE-EXISTENCE! THE LORD HAS PROVED IT TO US TIME & AGAIN. He even gave Techi a choice, & I believe He gives people a choice, even the babies. The babies don't know when they're born, but when they were Up There He gave them a choice, asked them, "Would you like to go down there & be this baby or that baby, do this job for that mother & father or that mother & father & become one of the citizens of My Kingdom on Earth so you can try to help other people?" Just think how much they know before they come!
       62. SOME CHILDREN HAVE EVEN SAID THAT THEY CAN STILL REMEMBER! I was amazed to read in a newspaper article where a little girl was talking about, "I can remember fountains of light!"--The same thing I saw when I was There! She could remember amazing flowers & lots of things from Heaven! Think of that! The Lord usually wipes out all those memories, but today He's trying to give more & more information about Heaven, revealing more & more so that this generation is without excuse.
       63. HE'S HAVING PEOPLE COME BACK FROM THE DEAD, literally dead, pronounced clinically dead for many minutes, sometimes an hour or so, & they've had a tremendous experience of going to Heaven or visiting the other World & coming back with great descriptions & tes-timonies of it. And their usual afterdeath experiences--someone's called them afterlife experiences--all jive! They all fit! They're all almost identical, the same, sometimes just like a little difference in pictures.--Like an artist draws a picture of the scenery, the landscape. That's the word I was looking for the other day for that kind of art where they draw pictures of the Earth's surface & the land & trees & flowers & things. It's all pretty much the same World, but each artist looks at it differently & draws different things on it. So in these afterdeath or afterlife experiences in which they go into the next World & they see it, they describe different things, but it's pretty much the same. It's very similar & all fits together.
       64. SO THE LORD THROUGH HIS WORD IS TRYING TO GIVE YOU PICTURES NOW OF WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN. And we're trying to put them into actual Poster pictures so the World can see them! Wasn't that a terrific little "Endtime Newspaper"? That's got the whole story right there! If they never see anything else, they've got the whole picture! That's our whole message of Bible Prophecy.--Maybe not a lot of the little details, but that's enough! That's all the major events, characters, times, places, the works! If they get that ETN they have got something that is absolutely priceless, that preachers & theologians & Bible scholars & worldly historians, theoreticians of Creation & the Future & all kinds of people have wanted to know for centuries, yea, millenniums, thousands of years! They've got it there in that little paper all in a nutshell! It's all there, the exact events of the future!--Exact events & even some of the times of the Endtime! Isn't that marvellous? And that's what the Book of Revelation is!

       65. I HOPE YOU HAVE YOUR TEXTBOOKS WITH YOU, & IF YOU HAVE, WE'RE GOING TO NOW REVIEW REVELATION AGAIN VERY QUICKLY. Now before I have spent a good deal of time in going over these chapters, maybe two or three lessons, getting you to name them & give me the description of the contents of each of the Chapters, but I'm not going to do that today. You're already supposed to know that, you already have learned that, you've already got it marked in your Bibles. You ought to have the name of each Chapter right there in your Bible, the subject or the title of the Chapter.
       66. BUT WATCH ME AS I GO THROUGH THIS & CHECK ME IF I'M WRONG OR IF I MAKE A MISTAKE, WILL YOU? Because I'm going to give you a fast review of Revelation right now before we get into some of these specific details about some of these mysteries that we have not yet discovered, or at least we've not yet discussed.
       67. ALL RIGHT, THE 1ST & THE 2ND CHAPTERS ARE REALLY WHAT? (FAM: INTRODUCTION.) Well, it's all introduction until it starts talking about the future, so the first several chapters are really all introductory. But the first one is literally just introduction to the subject.
       68. THEN THE 2ND & 3RD CHAPTERS ARE WHAT? (FAM: LETTERS TO THE CHURCHES.)--Good advice, right?--Even prophetic Letters about some of those churches & what was going to happen to them if they didn't straighten out. He would usually begin like a good loving Father, with compliments & telling them how well they'd done this & done that, but then He'd say, "But I have something against thee! You're not perfect yet, there are some things you need to straighten out!"
       69. AND THOSE WERE LETTERS TO WHAT CHURCHES? (FAM: THOSE IN ASIA.)--Actual literal churches in actual literal cities that are named here that were in Asia, as it is called, & are still a part of Asia. But today we call that particular part of Asia, Turkey. When I was a boy they still called the Turkish Peninsula Asia Minor, which is a peninsula bounded on three sides by seas. It was still called that then, today it's known as the modern country of Turkey.
       70. SO THESE WERE ACTUAL CITIES IN TURKEY THAT HAD CHRISTIAN CHURCHES, FELLOWSHIPS.--Not buildings, no buildings at all yet. It just meant there was a fellowship in homes there, nothing but homes in those days. They got thrown out of the synagogues, the Jews wouldn't have anything to do with them, there weren't any churches yet, no Catholic churches, no temples, except maybe in the East the Buddhist Temples etc. So all they had was homes to meet in, just homes.
       71. IN THE LATER DAYS OF ST. PAUL'S JOURNEYS HE WOULD GO INTO SYNAGOGUES & PREACH, BUT EVERY TIME HE DID HE SPLIT THE SYNAGOGUE WIDE OPEN! I remember in my early days some preacher criticised me & said, "You're nothing but a church splitter!" I said, "Well, good! I'm in good company, that's what Paul was too!" He went into the synagogues, preached the Gospel, & those who rejected it threw him out, finally, & those who received it followed him. Then they went to somebody's house & met & had their meetings & classes & fellowship there.
       72. SO THESE WERE NOT CHURCH BUILDINGS, THESE WERE ACTUAL GROUPS OF CHRISTIANS IN EACH OF THESE CITIES. I believe it was literal. If you read Scofield, he'll tell you that these were church ages & dispensations, that they were not literal churches, that was just typology. Well, I'm broad-minded, we've accepted doctrines from all kinds of groups, & whenever they're right I'll accept it, I'll take it, I'll add it to my doctrine& our teaching, & I have. We teach some Mormonism, some Jehovah's Witness, some Seventh Day Adventistism, some Pentecostalism, some Baptistism, some Methodism & some Catholicism. We teach a little bit of everything, we teach it all, we've got it all! We're the greatest, we've got the best of everything! Hallelujah?
       73. I'LL ALSO SAY THAT THIS IS POSSIBLY PARABOLIC OR ANALOGICAL OF THE CONDITIONS OF VARIOUS CHURCHES. I wouldn't necessarily put it in chronological order, however, it's a strange thing that the Lord said that you were going to be like the Church of Philadelphia. And which church was that? (Fam: The Church of Brotherly Love.) Yes, but what order was it in? It was not the last, it was the next to the last. The Church of the Laodiceans was the last church, & it wasn't a very good church. It sounds to me like maybe the last or the most corrupt condition of the organised, visible, temporal, powerful churches.
       74. A LOT OF THEM ARE GOING TO JOIN THE ANTICHRIST! A lot of the churches are going to work hand-in-glove with the Antichrist! They're a part of his system already! So the last church, the final church, is horrible, corrupt! And you can read a description in the Church of Laodicea.--Pitiful! I've sometimes told you that we're the last church etc., we're the last real church, the last genuine church, the last church like the Early Church, the best church. But if you read that description of the Church of Laodicea, it sounds like the worst kind of a church. It is a mess!
       75. HE SAYS OF THEM, "YOU THINK YOU ARE RICH & INCREASED WITH GOODS & HAVE NEED OF NOTHING, BUT YOU'RE ACTUALLY POOR, NAKED & BLIND!" (Rev.3:17) Isn't that a picture of the formal churches of today? Isn't that a picture of the Roman Catholic church & the big denominational churches? That's the final corrupt church. We're in a sense the final good church, the real church! So that church, the Laodicean, was a mess! But it sounded like maybe even some of them are going to get saved in the end.
       76. I BELIEVE THERE ARE SOME BORN-AGAIN CHRISTIANS IN THE FORMAL DENOMINATIONS & CHURCH BUILDINGS OF TODAY. I believe that some are genuinely saved & that they will go to Heaven, but they seem to be few & far between. In fact, there aren't very many churches like that where they really believe in real Salvation even today. There aren't too many denominations & churches where they even preach a real Saviour, Jesus Christ, & real Salvation, where people really receive the Lord & really get saved & born again. So there aren't many like that.
       77. I WOULD SAY THE VAST MAJORITY OF THE MILLIONS OF CHURCH CHRISTIANS OF TODAY ARE LOST & UNSAVED, ALONG WITH THEIR PREACHERS & PASTORS & PRIESTS!--They don't even know the Lord. They know little enough about the Bible, they know less about the Gospel & certainly less about Salvation, & almost nothing about Heaven or Bible Prophecy! They're really a mess!
       78. SEE, THAT'S THE TROUBLE, I GET INTO DETAILS ON THESE THINGS WHEN I REALLY WANT TO GO OVER THIS FAST & REVIEW & GIVE YOU A QUICK PICTURE! Anyhow, God is giving in the 2nd & 3rd chapters a picture of various kinds of churches, & I think that this typology, if it is typology, has been true ever since. There have been some of these churches in existence ever since.--Not only the ones in those countries & those cities, but churches like this have been around ever since. Therefore these two Chapters are a message! "Hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches!" These two Chapters are a message, a sermon, a warning to churches & Christians who are like this, as well as churches & people who are supposed to be Christians & aren't who are like this.
       79. THEN IN THE 4TH & THE 5TH CHAPTERS WE HAVE THE THRONE SCENE OF HEAVEN & the picture of the Lamb, Jesus, sitting on the Throne. Then in the 6th Chapter the Six Seals are opened & this is giving a picture of what?--I'm talking about God's pictures that He gives here in the Book of Revelation. The 6th Chapter is a picture of World History from the time of John to today, & everything in here that's described is symbolic or typical of everything that has happened in the 2000 years since John to this present day.
       80. THEN IN THE 8TH & 9TH CHAPTERS WE HAVE THOSE TRUMPETS OF THE TRIBULATION! We actually only have six of them in these two Chapters, believe it or not. What happened to the 7th? Well, we've got a picture of the Tribulation, in other words, here in the 8th & 9th Chapters.
       81. THEN WHAT HAPPENS BEFORE THE 7TH TRUMPET IS BLOWN?--10TH CHAPTER! (FAM: THE ANNOUNCEMENT!) There's this great marvellous announcement that the End is nigh when time shall be no more! A great Angel with one foot on the sea & one on the land stands there, head reaching almost to the clouds. Can't you just see a picture of that?--Announcing this great mighty Announcement of the End! He's announcing that all that history is past & even the Tribulation is past. Now what's going to happen?
       82. THE 11TH CHAPTER DESCRIBES LITERALLY THE END OF THE TRIBULATION, THE TWO WITNESSES, THE RAPTURE & THEN THE WRATH. It's the end of the Tribulation period, in other words, & it even brings in the Rapture & the Wrath! You say, well, that's it! We might as well close the Book, there must not be any more!--No!
       83. IN THESE EARLY CHAPTERS GOD GIVES YOU A RAPID SUMMARY OF ALL THE EVENTS, & time & again He's going back & then going clear to the end again, to give you a quick summary. These first Chapters are sort of a summary of the whole thing. Now He goes back in Chapter after Chapter & starts giving you the details of each period.
       84. CHAPTER 12 GIVES THE DETAILS OF THE CHURCH IN THE TRIBULATION & HER PERSECUTION BY THE DEVIL. Chapter 13 gives the details of the Government & the World that persecute her, the Beast!--The Antichrist & his kingdom, her persecutor. Chapter 14 then, again, the glorious End of it all, of the Tribulation!--The judgement of Babylon & the Gospel has gotten to the whole World, so now it's time for the Rapture. PTL? See, He's giving greater details of things He's already mentioned before.
       85. THEN IN THE 15TH & 16TH CHAPTERS HE'S GIVING YOU A DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE WRATH OF GOD! Then in the 17th Chapter He goes back & tells you who Babylon is & gives you a detailed description. He's mentioned Babylon several times already, but you don't even know who Babylon is or what He's talking about. You've had a kind of a resume', a bird's-eye view of the whole thing, now He's going to go back & give you the details. So in the 17th Chapter He gives you the details of who Babylon is, & even winds up with who's going to destroy her.
       86. THE 18TH CHAPTER TELLS YOU THE DETAILS OF HOW SHE'S DESTROYED, THE DETAILS OF HER DESTRUCTION IN ONE HOUR OF ONE DAY! Praise God! In the 19th Chapter then He tells you what's going to happen & the details of the very end of the Wrath of God, & it's mostly about the Marriage Supper Upstairs while the Wrath of God is going on downstairs, & especially it gives you the details of Armageddon, the end of the Wrath of God.
       87. IN THE 20TH CHAPTER WE HAVE THE BEGINNING OF THE MILLENNIUM, followed by the Battle of Gog & Magog & the Great White Throne Judgement. Then in the 21st & 22nd Chapters you have Heaven! PTL!
       88. SO THE BOOK OF REVELATION IS QUITE A CONSISTENT BOOK! It is in fairly consistent, consecutive, chronological order, except just like in the movies, they go back frequently & give you details with backflashes of the things they've already told about, it's already been in the picture, but you're given more details of what actually happened.
       89. I'D SAY RIGHT ON THROUGH THE 10TH CHAPTER, THE MIDDLE OF THE BOOK, THEY'RE PRETTY MUCH IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER. But then begin the backflashes. He goes back & gives you the details of the end of the Tribulation & the Rapture in the 11th Chapter, goes back & gives you the details of the persecution during the Tribulation in the 12th Chapter, He goes back & gives you the details of the Antichrist Kingdom & its setup in the 13th Chapter.--All of which has already happened according to this story in the first half of the Book. But now He's giving you...what do they call these besides backflashes? There's a word for it. He's giving you sort of a capsule information, greater detailed information on each event & period in these Chapters.
       90. THEN AGAIN IN THE 14TH CHAPTER HE GIVES YOU A LITTLE MORE DETAIL ABOUT THE VERY END OF THE TRIBULATION, INCLUDING THE RAPTURE. The 15th & 16th Chapters give you the details of the Wrath of God, which He's already mentioned several times. It was even mentioned as early as the 6th Chapter. In that history of the World He's giving in the 6th & 7th Chapters He gives the whole history of the World right through the Wrath of God! But see, now He's giving details of each period, each time, each great event. So you've got to get an understanding of Revelation that way.
       91. THE FIRST HALF OF THE BOOK IS ALMOST IN EXACT CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER, BUT THEN THE LAST HALF OF THE BOOK IS....the word almost came to me, it was just on the tip of my tongue. It's sort of like glimpses. It'll come back to me.--Vignettes! That means a little more detail about a certain part or period, a little capsule of information, more information about that particular time.
       92. IN THE 17TH CHAPTER HE GIVES YOU THE DETAILS OF BABYLON, who she is, what she does & who finally destroys her with fire, & then the 18th Chapter tells you even more detail about how she's destroyed with fire. It's going to be even in just one hour of one day! And then again in the 19th Chapter we're up in Heaven for the great Feast of the Saved, & the mostly wicked down on Earth--or a lot of wicked, at least they're unsaved--are suffering the Wrath of God.
       93. THE 20TH CHAPTER COVERS THAT GLORIOUS, WONDERFUL THOUSAND-YEAR PERIOD! It sure covers it in a hurry! Well, God knew you didn't have to know all the details--He knew I was going to come along & tell you the details!--Ha! Well, He has shown us a lot, hasn't He? He didn't reveal everything in the Bible! He's had Prophets since then that have revealed a lot of things, including me, & He's given us a lot more details on some of these periods & some of these times than the church or the Bible ever had! So thank God, you've got more information than they've got!

       94. GOD DIDN'T STOP SPEAKING AT THE END OF OUR PRESENT BIBLE, & THAT'S NOT THE LAST WORD HE EVER SAID IN THE LAST OF THE 22ND CHAPTER, but that's what some churches teach! They say, "This is the canon, this is the Law, this is it! God has never spoken again since then!"--Especially the hard, blue-nosed Fundamentalists who are anti-Pentecostal, who don't believe in healing, baptism of the Spirit, gifts of the Spirit, & of course, therefore, they don't believe in Prophets, so they don't believe in people that can still prophesy & still mouth the very Words of God, because those people could still tell you more about God than they've got in their whole Bibles!--And more about the future!--And more about right now!
       95. THINK OF ALL GOD HAS GIVEN US ABOUT THE PRESENT IN ALL THE WORDS THAT HE'S GIVEN US, YOU PERSONALLY, SINCE THE BIBLE! The last writings in this old book were finished almost 2,000 years ago! Dear Saint John the Revelator--Saint John the Divine as he's called, Saint John the Beloved--died of old age in about the 90's A.D. as the Bible students tell us, so that was a long time ago, about 2,000 years ago! This is a pretty old book! But just think how accurately it describes everything since then, how accurately it describes the past 2000 years & the present & the future, in both Old & New Testaments. But it's 2000 years old!
       96. DO YOU MEAN TO TELL ME GOD HASN'T SPOKEN TO HIS PEOPLE, HIS CHURCH, HIS CHILDREN FOR THE LAST 2000 YEARS? I believe lots of people have gotten the Word of God! I think Nostradamus had a lot of it. I don't know whether it's all exactly right, he obviously didn't even understand it all himself. He's had to have interpreters. It was originally written either in Latin or French. Well, at least the original copies were made in French, I don't know whether he wrote in Latin or what. But he certainly had a picture of things of the future, even greater details than the Bible tells about some things, & some things which exactly agree with what the Bible predicts & what the Lord has shown us.
       97. SO THANK THE LORD, HE'S GIVEN US PICTURES FOR THE PAST, FOR THE PRESENT & OF THE FUTURE! Hasn't He been good to us to show us all these things? And we're now trying to give you actual pictures on paper in black-&-white & colour! Do you know what's black & white & red (read) all over?--(David: A newspaper!)--Right!--Especially the Endtime Newspaper! It's black & white & red & yellow & green & blue & everything!
       98. WE ARE REALLY TRYING TO TELL THE WORLD & GIVE THEM A PICTURE OF THE END, of the events of the End, & best of all, the most beautiful part of the End, we're giving them Heaven! As I've said, they've got enough Hell, let's give'm Heaven! Praise God? We're even putting out a few Posters where we're giving them Hell, we're warning them of the Hell that's going to be here on Earth & the Hell hereafter if they don't straighten out & repent & receive Jesus! We're giving them a little Hell.
       99. YOU'VE EVEN GOT TO GIVE KIDS HELL ONCE IN AWHILE! That means you've got to really sock it to'm & scold'm & warn'm & sometimes even punish & spank'm! Give'm Hell! It's better to give them the rod now, a little Hell now, than have Hell hereafter! It's better that you get a little punishment now than a whole lot of punishment later! What is Hell?--It's punishment, judgement! So it's better that you have a little Hell now than a great big rod later! A little Hell now will save you from Hell later! The Lord tells us to chastise our children & punish our children, warn our children & give them punishment now! A little punishment now, a little Hell now, will save them from Hell later!--A big Hell, a lot of Hell later! TTL! Amen!

       100. OUR MAIN STUDY DURING THIS SERIES HAS BEEN WHAT PARTICULAR SUBJECT & PERIOD, CENTERING ON WHAT MAJOR EVENT? What question brought up this whole series? (Fam: Who are the survivors?)--Of what? (Fam: Armageddon.) You've got to get straight what you're studying, & what for & what it's about! What period & major event have we been studying most of all? (Fam: Armageddon!) For what reason? (Fam: To find out who the Survivors are.)
       101. NOW CONNECTED WITH ARMAGEDDON & THE FORCES THAT WE DEFEAT IN ARMAGEDDON, THE FORCES OF THE ANTICHRIST, THAT LEADS US TO A LITTLE BIT MORE DETAILED STUDY OF THE ANTICHRIST & who he is & what his character & nature is. Who is the Antichrist? Well, pretty soon we're going to know! And the best way to know is to study what the Bible has to say about him & what God has told us about him, so that when we hear about him or see about him, we will recognise that he's the man!
       102. SO THE BIBLE DOES GIVE A LITTLE DESCRIPTION OF THE ANTICHRIST, ALTHOUGH NOT A GREAT DEAL PERSONALLY. About the only thing we're told about his looks is that he's a man of fierce countenance! (Dan.8:23) We're told a great deal about his activities & certain of his characteristics. He doesn't love women. So therefore I'm not the Antichrist, that proves it right now! One preacher told me he thought I was the Antichrist! He said, "I can prove, Dave, that you're the Antichrist!"--After one of my two-hour sermons--"Because you wear out the Saints!" He was a good old boy, what's his name up in Chicago, the guy who let our whole caravan park in his church yard, bless his heart, until his neighbours complained. They ran us out & we had to go to some park.
       103. OH MY, HOW CAN I FORGET NAMES LIKE THAT! I just have a good memory for figures--especially girls' figures--dates, places, history, Bible Prophecy & things like that! I can remember my past & my childhood in detail, I can even remember things as far back as when I was a year old! But I have almost no memory for names. It's terrible! I don't know why! The Lord handicapped me, maybe to keep me humble, so I'd have to ask you.
       104. WE KNOW WHO WE ARE, RIGHT?--BUT WE NEED TO KNOW WHO THE ANTICHRIST FORCES ARE & WHO HE IS & TO BE ABLE TO RECOGNISE HIM as well as his System. We know pretty much what his System is going to be like & his government & his Image & his religion & all those things we've studied. But we haven't really gone too much into detail & we don't know too much about his person & personality. I said a moment ago he hasn't any love for women, he doesn't care for the desire of women. (Dan.11:37) What is the "desire of women"? It's a term used several times in the Bible.--(Fam: Sex.) Now why He accuses you women of being so desirous of sex I don't know!--Ha! Women desire what? Well, you might have said men! As one girl said, "Mama, why do the men say that too at the end of every prayer?--Ah, men!" Women say, "Ah, men!" But to some men, a woman is just "Woe-men!" A lot of women bring woe to men!
       105. WELL ANYWAY, THE DESIRE OF WOMEN IS MEN, & FOR WHAT? Why do you women desire men? I'm always telling you why I desire you, come on now, tell me why you desire us! Sex, but not only sex. (Fam: Love.) Sex is one of the primary things, love, affection, security, protection, provision & children. A man to most women means a husband, a sex partner, a father figure, a brother & in some ways a son. A man is all these things to a woman, a provider, a protector, a homemaker--or at least he provides the home--& the father of the children.
       106. SO A WOMAN'S DESIRE IS MUCH MORE COMPLICATED THAN A MAN'S, & I've been into that before! (See #529.) I've said how the fisherman just desires the fish, but you've got to watch out about some of these female fish, they want the bait, hook, line, sinker, boat & fisherman!--The works! Well, that's natural, that's what they need, so that's what they desire & that's the way God made you. So you women desire men & that's your desire, you desire all those things, "the desire of women". But the Antichrist is going to have no heed for the desire of women, he cares not for the desire of women.--In other words, for women or sex & all the things they want.
       107. I HAVE AN IDEA THE WAY THINGS ARE GOING & WHAT YOU HEAR NOWADAYS THAT MAYBE HE'S GOING TO DESIRE MEN. Wouldn't that make him the filthiest & most abominable kind of a man, if he's a Sodomite? The Devil certainly is leading more & more men into Sodomy all the time & it's becoming more & more accepted. They're bringing in Sodomites to make you used to them & their philosophy & willing to accept them into society, so they won't bear the stigma of being a Sodomite any more.
       108. THEY DON'T EVEN USE THAT NAME ANY MORE, BECAUSE THAT HAS TO DO WITH A CERTAIN CITY OF THE BIBLE ON WHICH GOD WREAKED HIS JUDGEMENTS & which people have heard about & know about, Sodom & Gomorrah, & they don't want to remind you of Sodom & Gomorrah! They don't want to remind you of God & His judgements on the Sodomites, they don't want to remind you of how God hates it! So they think up pretty little names for it like "pansies", "fairies", "queers", that's what they were called when I was a kid, & nowadays they're called "homos", "gays" & there's another name...(Fam: Poofs!)--Poops? (Fam: No, poofs!)--Oh, like when you stick a pin in a balloon?--Poof!--Yes, that's the way they're going to blow away one of these days. But there's another name for them that's quite popular but it escapes me right now.
       109. ANYWAY, MAYBE HE'S GOING TO BE A SODOMITE! If he doesn't desire women, he's bound to be very sexy with that much drive & very physical & full of the Devil, so maybe he's going to desire men. Maybe he'll be a Sodomite! That's my theory. If he doesn't have sexual desire for women or care anything about the desire of women, then he must not like women or care for women. Maybe he'll desire men instead. There's one thing to think about the Antichrist. We haven't talked too much about him & his personality & characteristics, but we are going to study that in a little greater detail in these next studies, God willing.

       110. ONE OF THE CHAPTERS THAT YOU SHOULD READ ON THAT IS THE 11TH CHAPTER OF DANIEL, WHICH TELLS A LITTLE BIT ABOUT HIS CHARACTERISTICS, one of which verses I was just dealing with. We know a lot about his System, we've studied a lot about that, right? But when it comes to telling something specific about him personally, some very identifying characteristics, you just about have to get down to the 13th Chapter of Revelation.--Which is mostly about his System & a little about his characteristics, & even more so, get over into Revelation 17 where it tells something very mysterious about him, "The Beast that was & is not & yet is." What does that mean? Well, study these Chapters & be familiar with them before we come to Class so that you will have read them & you'll have the questions in your own mind of what this means.
       111. "HE HAD A WOUND UNTO DEATH & YET DID LIVE." I was really praying & asking the Lord about that, but I won't tell you now. If I start preaching now then I'll tell you the secret! Study those Chapters & we'll try to explain to you something the Lord showed us which was quite remarkable.
       112. ALSO, SOMETHING THAT WE'VE NEVER DEALT WITH BEFORE--WHAT IS THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THE TWO HORNS OF THE FALSE PROPHET? We're informed about all the horns of the Beast & we know all about that, those ten kings etc., but we've never discussed with you the horns of the False Prophet. Now you think & pray about that & come back & maybe I'll ask you next class, what do you think they are? You know what the horns of the Beast are, right? I'll also ask you what you think that means about "the Beast that was & is not & yet is.--Wounded unto death & yet did live." And then I'll tell you a little something the Lord showed me about both! These are great mysteries, little details that maybe you don't need to know, but you must need to know it now or the Lord wouldn't start showing us, would He? PTL! So don't forget to do your Homework!

       113. AMEN, ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT THIS IS THE PRAYER BY THE KING ABOUT HIS KINGDOM, & HE'S ASKING YOU TO PRAY THAT HIS KINGDOM WILL COME! Do you pray for God's Kingdom to come?--Or do you pray for it to please wait a little while?--Like that old country-Western song they used to sing, an old Gospel-hillbilly song, "Wait a little longer please, Jesus! So many of my friends are lost in sin!"--Telling the Lord to put it off, "Wait a little longer, don't come, Lord!" That's not what the Bible says!
       114. GOD BLESS JOHN & THE HOLY SPIRIT, HE SAID, "EVEN SO, COME, LORD JESUS!" (Rev. 22:20) Well, look how long poor John had to wait! Well, he personally didn't really have to wait very long, the Lord came for him shortly after that. But the World & the Church has had to wait 2000 years since then, He didn't come very quickly, & a lot had to happen since then. If the Lord had come then the job sure wouldn't have been finished & a lot of prophecies wouldn't have been fulfilled! He can't come quicker because there's too much that has to be fulfilled & be done & finished before He can come! But neither can He come any later, or things would have gone too far! If He came any later, man would have destroyed himself & the Earth too, & that's what the Devil's trying to do! So God has got to come eventually, & very soon, to save the Earth itself & mankind, or there wouldn't be anything left!
       115. SO PRAY FOR THE KINGDOM, AMEN?--So let's pray the prayer the Lord Himself taught us to pray! (Prays the Lord's Prayer) Lord, do bless & keep them all safely in Thy care as You have, Lord, all this day, & give them a good day of lots accomplished, safekeeping & continue to protect us & prosper us & make us fruitful! Thank You for all this fruit we're producing, Lord, all these tools we're producing to help our labourers in the field to produce the fruit. Bless them & make them a blessing, in Jesus' name! Amen! TYL!

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