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"2010"!        DO 2163        5/85--Comments on a Prophetic Movie!

       1. (MARIA: THESE ARE COMMENTS ON THE MOVIE "2010" & CONFIRMATIONS OF THE LORD:) "Thus are these things confirmed that I have spoken unto David! Hallelujah for the Words that I have given unto thy Father! Thank the Lord for David & the Words of your Father! XXXXXXX! Praise the Lord for the Words of thy Father!"
       2. I THINK THIS MOVIE IS A MUST! It's almost like a confirmation of Space City! "Thank the Lord that He has revealed these things unto thy Father, unto David, the things that are to come!" How good the Lord is to us. We are unworthy, Lord, to have these things revealed to us by thy little Father, to thy Prophet David.
       3. PEOPLE ARE GEARED & PROGRAMMED NOT TO BELIEVE ANYTHING THAT IS NOT SCIENTIFIC. The whole educational system is programmed to remove belief in the supernatural, so they have to play along with it to make it look all scientific & strictly materialistic. The people wouldn't even watch it if they thought it was just going to be a ghost story. There aren't that many people, really, like us, who are interested in ghost stories, most people just laugh them off as so much baloney. The Devil has programmed people to be strictly materialistic. So probably the signs & wonders he is going to do which are really supernatural & miraculous, he is going to disguise them as merely scientific wonders that deny the existence of God & the spiritual or the supernatural.
       4. SO A MOVIE LIKE THIS, THE PRODUCERS HAVE GOT TO MAKE IT SOUND VERY NATURAL & SCIENTIFIC & MATERIALISTIC IN ORDER TO GET PEOPLE INVOLVED TO EVEN WATCH IT! And it's amazing that they'd carry them that far to the end. I'm even amazed that the Herald Tribune liked it. I think they liked the idea of the cooperation with the Russians, which is a sign, you know. They want to get the whole World together. And of course it is going to be under Communism, & they know that. If they know anything about what they are planning & engineering, they certainly must know that they're planning to get the whole World together under Communism & under Russia, so I think they like that idea.
       5. THEY'RE SO BLIND TO SPIRITUAL THINGS & SO GEARED TO UNBELIEF IN GOD & THE SUPERNATURAL, I DON'T THINK THEY EVEN UNDERSTOOD THE ENDING! They probably just thought it was something silly. But they really raved on & on about this: "If we could only get the World together & cooperate like this!" They said, "It's almost like a hope, it would be wonderful if this sort of thing could happen," but they sort of pooh-poohed the idea as very unlikely because of the U.S. attitude toward Russia etc. It was amazing, I wish I could find that article about this movie! It was one of those back page feature articles where they always have something on either books, movies or artists. (See Page 16)
       6. I WANT TO WATCH THE END AGAIN, HONEY, IT REALLY INSPIRES ME! Do you mind? I'm telling you, that is quite a message, quite a preachment!--The "Landlord"! That's as close to recognising God as you can get! (Maria: It's like the second chance, a new lease & a warning!)
       7. LOOK HOW PRETTY THAT IS! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus! Amen! (Tongues) Ahh! "Thank You Lord for these wonders You reveal to their Father!" Look! Look! Look! Isn't that beautiful? It's almost like the monolith, a big stone, it's almost as though it represented God or something. It's so pretty, Honey! Do you realise that's like our art? (Maria: It looks like night time with the...)--With the two suns shining, yes, yes, yes! It's beautiful!
       8. (MOVIE NARRATOR: I still don't know really what the monolith is. I think it's many things. For men to seek for intelligence to see beyond ours, a shape of some kind for something that has not shape. Your children will be born in a World of two suns, they will never know a sky without them. You can tell them that you remember when there was a pitch black sky with no bright star & people feared the night. You can tell them when we were alone, when we couldn't point to the light & say to ourselves, "There's life out there." Some day the children of the New Sun will meet the children of the Old. I think they will be our friends. You can tell your children of the day when everyone looked up & realised that we were only tenants of this World. We have been given a new lease & a warning from the Landlord!)
       9. ISN'T IT BEAUTIFUL? LOOK, HONEY! THERE'S THE SUN & THERE'S SPACE CITY JUST LIKE I ENVISIONED! Isn't that beautiful? There's the moon at night, see, & there's Space City up there too, like two moons! In the daytime with the sun shining on it it would reflect tremendously bright! Can you imagine? It's almost like the sun, it's like a mirror! I want the Family to see this right away! This will really inspire them! Thank You Lord! Hallelujah!
       + + + + + + + +

       (Next Day to the Family:)
       10. DON'T YOU LIKE OUR NEW SYMBOL, OUR TRADEMARK OF THE CITY IN ITS CRYSTAL SEA? We're going to put it in on as many Posters as possible! And have you seen that new movie called "2010"? Wait'll you see the end of it, it's almost unbelievable! It's got almost the very thing we're talking about there in the sky & calls it the second sun, a World of two suns! It's a real message! You've got to see it right away! It's terrific!
       11. THE FIRST PART IS KIND OF DRAGGY WITH ALL ITS SCI-FI STUFF, they've got to make a movie out of it & have exciting suspense & blah blah, but the best part of all is in just about the last one minute! The main message is, he comes right out & says, "It's a warning from our Landlord"! He stuck His sun in the sky & it lights up the night sky! Just think, "your children will be born in a World of two suns & the second sun will light up the night sky & there'll be no more darkness" etc. He talks about the children that live there. It's really like a planet, but it looks like a sun in the sky. He said, "They will become friends with the children of the Earth & there will be peace." It's a real message!
       12. AND THE MOST AMAZING THING IS HOW IT CONFIRMS MORE OR LESS, OR CONFORMS AT LEAST, TO THE VERY THING WE'VE BEEN TALKING ABOUT THE CITY! Isn't that amazing? With the sun shining on that at night being so close, it'll be brighter than the moon, like a second sun! He was really inspired! He really got a message in there to the World, actually a warning. He says, "It's a warning from our Landlord!" How strong can you get?
       13. THAT MOVIE WAS ABSOLUTELY PROPHETIC! That guy must have really been inspired! He called it a sun, but it's another planet really that's going to be hovering above the Earth, & obviously people who are Superpeople live on it & are going to make the Earth behave itself! That's the whole idea! Isn't that amazing? I wouldn't be surprised they got it out of the Bible! Be sure you guys see that! The first part is a whole lot of mumbo-jumbo because they've gotta make it look sci-fi, scientific & all that stuff or the people won't swallow it. They won't swallow the supernatural unless you make it scientific. It's a sequel to "2001" about the monolith & all that junk that was supposed to just keep people guessing. But the whole main message is in that last one minute or two, absolutely terrific, a warning typed out to the World that they'd better behave themselves or else!--Terrific!

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