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REVELATION REVIEW!        8/11/84        (See also "What If?"!)        DO 2166        ET# 19

       1. WHY DON'T WE GIVE A LITTLE FAST RUNDOWN OF THE EXACT ORDER OF EVENTS OF THE LAST DAYS. We are now living in the Last Days. Well, of course Saint Paul & Peter & all of them all claimed they were living in the Last Days too. So if they were living in the Last Days, how come it's been the Last Days for so long? We've got 2,000 years of Last Days, it's all Last Days to the Lord! But there's a difference between the Last Days & the Endtime. We also believe that we are now living in the very End of the Last Days.--They began in Jesus' time & they're ending in our time, 2,000 years of Last Days. That's a lot of Last Days!--2,000 times 365 Last Days! Well, it's an expression that is used to mean a general period of time, like "Abraham in his day", "Moses in his day". He didn't just live a day, it means his time, & this is the Last Time. These 2,000 years are the last third of man's history on Earth.
       2. SO WE BELIEVE WE'RE NOT ONLY LIVING IN THE LAST DAYS, BUT THE LAST OF THE LAST DAYS, THE END OF THE LAST DAYS, THE ENDTIME!--And if so, we're seeing the Signs of the Times! They include a lot of things, catastrophes, wars & all kinds of things that Jesus listed. But what is the next major event that has to occur to really begin the very last of the very Last Days? What period occurs in the very end of the Endtime before the Coming of Christ? (John: The Last Seven Years.) Exactly!--Of whom? (J: Of the reign of the Antichrist.)
       3. SO THE THING THAT WE'RE NOW LOOKING FOR--NOT EXACTLY LOOKING FORWARD TO, BUT WE'RE LOOKING FOR & EXPECTING MOMENTARILY--IS WHAT? What's the name we give this major period besides the Last Seven Years? (J: The reign of the Antichrist.) Right, his coming into power, which could mean that the Crash is going to start some time fairly soon. And if he's going to save the World, he's got to not only save it from economic disaster, but from military disaster & destruction.
       4. SO WE'VE GOT THE LAST DAYS, THE VERY ENDTIME, SIGNS OF THE TIMES, WE'VE MOST LIKELY GOT THE CRASH TO PUT THE ANTICHRIST IN POWER THAT STAVES OFF THE WAR, & WHAT'S THE NEXT MAJOR EVENT? (J: The signing of the Peace Covenant?) That's a very good point, the signing of the Holy Covenant or Peace Covenant, which obviously ensures peace or is supposed to, & it evidently does what else? (J: It starts the Last Seven Years.) That's what it looks like, that it'll actually begin the Last Seven Years, or about that time. We can't absolutely be sure that that's the very beginning of his reign, because he's got to get in power in order to have power enough to bring about such a Covenant, so it could be that the AC Reign actually begins before that.
       5. I'VE OFTEN SAID THAT WHEN THAT COVENANT IS SIGNED, WE KNOW THE SEVEN YEARS HAS BEGUN. It doesn't necessarily mean the AC Reign began at the very moment of the signing of the Covenant, but it will mean that the Seven Years has begun.--Because unless he was in power, there could be no signing of such a Covenant! So when that Peace Covenant is signed it will probably mean what? It will simply mean that the Last Seven Years has begun. He's got to have enough power to make them sign that Covenant, so if he's got that much power he's already reigning when the Covenant is signed. So his reign could have begun a year or maybe more before that. Anyhow, it's close, but remember, you can't exactly pinpoint the very date of the very signing as exactly when his reign begins, it could have already begun. (See the "What If?" Series!)
       6. SO WHAT'S THE NEXT MAJOR EVENT AFTER THE SIGNING OF THE COVENANT? What will the Covenant probably do? (J: It'll bring peace & there'll be the building of the Temple.) It'll probably mean the internationalisation of Jerusalem, which is the only solution that could then make possible the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple, & there's going to be a fair amount of peace for 3-1/2 years or less, depending on when the 7 years has begun.
       7. BUT WHAT INTERRUPTS THAT PEACE? (J: THE BREAKING OF THE COVENANT.) How does he break the Covenant? When? (J: There's a destruction of the Temple.) No, no, no, not at all! This is a new Temple. (J: He stops the sacrifices.)--Yes! And in place of the sacrifices, what does he put there? (J: His Image, the Abomination of Desolation.) And we know the Temple's not destroyed, because what does he do? (John: He makes himself God.) Where? (J: In the Temple.) It says that he sits in the Temple of God, claiming that he is God. (2Thes.2:4)
       8. SO THIS ALL OCCURS IN THE MIDDLE OF WHAT? (J: THE SEVEN YEARS.) AFTER HOW MANY YEARS OF HIS REIGN? (J: AFTER 3-1/2 YEARS.) And it is followed then by what great period? (J: The 3-1/2 years of the Great Tribulation.) Right, & what's it going to be like? (J: No peace, it'll be war & tribulation & persecution of the Saints.) All kinds of horrible trials & tribulations!--And also plagues on the wicked, don't forget that! The churches kind of over-emphasise the persecution & it's not brought out clearly how badly the Antichrist's people are going to suffer from the plagues & the horrors that God's going to bring on them!
       9. THEN APPARENTLY THE TRIBULATION APPEARS TO COME TO ITS END WITH WHAT MAJOR EVENT THAT WE'VE JUST BEEN DISCUSSING? (J: THE ATOMIC WAR.)--The Atomic War which destroys Babylon just before or about the time of the Coming of the Lord & the Rapture, followed by the Marriage Supper of the Lamb in Heaven, & on Earth what? (J: The Wrath of God.) And both the Marriage Supper & the Wrath of God end with what? (J: The Battle of Armageddon.) Which does what?--To whom? (J: It destroys the Antichrist & his followers.) It destroys the Antichrist & his forces & puts us where? (J: In power.) Where? (J: Over the Earth & brings in the Millennium.)
       10. THE MILLENNIUM, SAD TO SAY, IS USHERED IN WITH A MAJOR BATTLE & CATASTROPHE, A REAL MESS, WHICH WE'LL PROBABLY HAVE TO SPEND A FEW YEARS CLEANING UP!--In fact, the Bible even specifies how long it's going to take to clean it up, do you remember? Even with the whole World working at it, it'll take seven months just to bury the dead, can you imagine?--And seven years to clear up the wreckage & the mess! Seven years of clean-up & reconstruction. (Eze.39:9,12) (J: That's a long time!) Well, we'll be the rulers of the World & with the power to make them do it. So don't worry, you won't be out there digging ditches & graves & having to stop your nose at the smell, nor will you have to be out there burning the ruins & the scraps for seven years. We'll be telling them to do it & getting them to do it.
       11. SO BESIDES US WHO WERE RESCUED IN THE RAPTURE & CAME BACK & WON THE WAR OF ARMAGEDDON, WHO ELSE IS GOING TO BE THERE & SURVIVE? (J: All those that survived the Tribulation.) Yes, &...(J: The saved.) The Saved, yes, we're going to be there, but who else? (J: The wicked?) Well, they may not all be wicked. They must not be too bad or the Lord wouldn't have spared'm. Instead of calling them the wicked like the preachers always did, since they're not saved, we now call them the unsaved, whether they're good or bad. So besides us, who is going to be there? (J: The unsaved.)--Otherwise there wouldn't be anybody to rule over! And it apparently sounds like it's going to be a good-sized population composed of many nations!
       12. SO WHO ARE WE GOING TO BE & WHAT ARE WE GOING TO BE DOING DURING THE MILLENNIUM? (J: We're going to learn to rule.) Right, we're going to be ruling, & one way you learn is by doing it. We're going to be ruling them & teaching them & training them, & evidently we're going to be trying to persuade more people to do what during the Millennium? (J: To believe in Jesus.) Right, to believe & receive the Lord!
       13. IT LOOKS LIKE THERE ARE GOING TO BE A LOT OF PEOPLE SAVED DURING THE MILLENNIUM, ALTHOUGH THEY WON'T GET AS MUCH CREDIT FOR IT AS WE DO. It says, "Blessed are they which having seen have believed, but more blessed are they which though they have not seen, have believed," & that's us today. (Jn.20:29) The people who have seen & believed is talking about the people in the Millennium.--Or like a few disciples that were with Jesus during His day on Earth. But this is especially true of when they see Him in His power & glory ruling & reigning with the Saints over the Earth. They're sure going to believe then!--Unless they're really reprobates & rebels!
       14. TELL ME SOMETHING ABOUT THE MILLENNIUM. GIVE ME SOME DESCRIPTION OF WHAT IT'S GOING TO BE LIKE. (J: Well, it's going to be just like this, only there won't be any more pollution or cars or wars.) Just like this? What's the major things that are not going to be there? (J: There are not going to be any more missiles or war or anything like that.) That's true, but even before that there's something very important that's going to be missing, & it's given one general name. Come on, Honey, tell me! What's the World going to be like? Just like this? Exactly like this? (J: We'll have our new bodies.) That's going to be us, I'm talking about the Earth. Is it going to be the same Earth? (J: A New Heaven & New Earth?) No, no, no, no, no! The New Earth comes after the Millennium. If you're that mixed up, some people must be really mixed up!
       15. I'M TALKING ABOUT DURING THE MILLENNIUM, IT'S GOING TO BE THE SAME EARTH & THE SAME SURFACE, THERE'S NOT GOING TO BE A NEW EARTH, BUT WHAT ARE THE MAJOR DIFFERENCES? Let me give you one hint, who's going to be missing? (J: The Antichrist & the Devil.) That's for sure, the Antichrist & all his branded followers & Satan! The Antichrist & the False Prophet are going to be where? (J: In the Lake of Fire.) And the Devil's going to be where? (J: In the Bottomless Pit.) So what kind of improvement does that make of the World? There's no more what? There's a word often used for it. (J: Evil?) That's a good word, no more evil, but it's not entirely true. There is no more...it begins with a "C"--Curse!--No more Curse! (Rev. 22:3)
       16. THE EARTH IS NOW CURSED BECAUSE OF THE INIQUITY OF MAN, CAN YOU DESCRIBE SOME OF THE CURSES? (J: Famine, sickness, pain & suffering.) Those are some of the curses of man, what else? Does nature seem to be cursed also? (J: The Devil's pests.) Satan's pests--skeeters, bugs, germs & everything evil you can think about! Everything that's wrong with the World today is going to be removed--the thorns & the thistles & the poisons of the asps & the snakes & the viciousness of animals. All that's wrong with the World is going to be removed, including the Devil, & apparently with him, all of his followers & all of his little devils & demons! Nothing like that is going to be here to cause trouble!
       17. SO IT'S GOING TO BE LIKE IT WAS WHEN? (J: IN THE GARDEN OF EDEN!) Right!--Except there won't be any Devil there. It's going to be like it was in the days of the Garden of Eden, perfect, uncursed, beautiful perfect creation like it was then, no more Curse, no more poisonous things, no more evil things, no more wrong things with God's Creation, the Devil's pests, sickness, disease etc., except for where & to who? Zechariah makes it very clear.
       18. IS EVERYBODY GOING TO BELIEVE & RECEIVE THE LORD & IS EVERYBODY GOING TO OBEY? (J: No, because we'll have to rule them with a rod of iron.)--Exactly! We'll have to rule with force, particularly the rebels who refuse to receive & obey. And what kind of things are going to happen to those people? We don't have to wait till the end of the Millennium, Zechariah describes it very clearly. What are some of the curses that occur today when they won't obey? Well, maybe we haven't brought this out clear enough, I'm sorry, but there'll be famine, He'll withhold rain & He will send curses upon them. He says any nation that refuses to obey, or rebels, will be cursed. (Zech.14:17-19) The Curse will be removed from all others, from the whole World, unless somebody rebels & is disobedient, then they will be cursed again.
       19. (J: IT'S LIKE A SECOND CHANCE!) IT IS, IT'S LIKE A SECOND CHANCE OF SALVATION, A SECOND CHANCE TO OBEY, A SECOND GARDEN OF EDEN IN A SENSE!--Only instead of just putting Adam & Eve through it, He's putting the whole World through it! It's quite obvious He's giving everybody a second choice again, because some of them choose to disobey & rebel.--Particularly when? (J: Towards the end of the Millennium.) So apparently a lot of people do get saved, & how do we know? There's even a Scripture to prove it. (J: There's another Rapture there at the end?) Well, it doesn't say so much about that Rapture, but first of all what happens to really give them a final trial? (J: The Devil's released from the Bottomless Pit.) And he goes out & does what? (J: Deceives the nations.) And gathers them together to do what? (J: To make war against the camp of the Saints.) (Rev.20:9) Who's that? We're not going to be campin' down here! (J: The ones that got saved during the Millennium.)--Exactly!
       20. THOSE WHO ARE STILL IN THEIR PHYSICAL, NATURAL BODIES WHO GOT SAVED DURING THE MILLENNIUM, HE'S GOING TO TRY TO ATTACK'M & WIPE'M OUT, JUST LIKE HE TRIED IN THE TRIBULATION!--Only this will be what battle? (J: The Battle of Gog & Magog.) But obviously the Lord must rescue'm with something like another Rapture, because then what does God do to the Devil & all his rebels? (J: He wipes'm all out with fire!) Along with what? What else does He burn up? (J: Everything, the surface of the Earth.) Does He burn up the planet? (J: Just the surface.) Yes, this creation of His is here forever. He burns up the surface of it & what else does He burn up? (J: All those that disobeyed.) All the wicked & the Devil's followers. By the way, at this time the Devil is cast not just into the Pit, but the Lake of Fire, along with the Beast & the False Prophet & all their followers.--All the worst of the people, in other words.
       21. WHAT ELSE IS BURNED UP BESIDES THE DEVIL & HIS REBELS & THE SURFACE OF THE EARTH? Something else very important is burned up. Would that take care of all the pollution there is just to burn up the surface of the Earth? (J: The atmosphere.) The atmosphere has to be burned up to get rid of all the pollution, & undoubtedly all the satellites out there in space & all the rest, the space junk. The whole thing's gotta get burned up & cleaned up! So once that's all burned up & out of the way & the Earth is purified, then He recreates what? (J: A New Heaven & a New Earth!)
       22. HOW LONG THAT'S GOING TO TAKE, I DON'T KNOW, BUT SINCE IT ONLY TOOK HIM SIX DAYS TO DO THE FIRST CREATION & TO MAKE THE GARDEN OF EDEN, MAYBE IT'LL ONLY TAKE HIM A WEEK TO RECREATE THE EARTH & MAKE IT LIKE THE GARDEN OF EDEN, & this time able to really be like the Garden of Eden, even better!--No Devil, no demons, no curses, no pain, sickness, sorrow, death, nothing bad, nothing evil, everything perfect, the whole Earth!--Plus something very wonderful! (J: Space City!) That's our name for it, but most people wouldn't recognise it by that name. (J: The Heavenly City.)--The Heavenly City! And how did it get here? (J: It came down from Heaven.) "From God out of Heaven" (Rev.21:2), & obviously if it came down from God out of Heaven, it must have come somewhere. It must have come to something if it came out of something from something. (J: It came down to the Earth.)--To the Earth, obviously! Some things you have to get by deduction & supposition, just by following the logic. And it has tremendous dimensions, do you remember that? (J: 1500 miles wide, 1500 miles long & 1500 miles high.) You've really learned a lot! (J:--From you!) You didn't make too many mistakes on this Bible Prophecy Review! That's a good name for this! I'm asking you the questions & you liven up with the answers!
       23. AND HOW LONG ARE WE GOING TO LIVE THERE? (J: FOREVER & EVER, FOR ETERNITY!) That's right, & where are we going to live? (J: In a Mansion in the Heavenly City!) Who else is going to be there? (J: All the Saved.) And who else? (J: All the Saints & Jesus.) It says, "Only the Saved shall walk therein." (Rev.21:24) And He says outside there are whole nations that have to be healed with the Leaves of Life from the Tree of Life. (Rev.22:2) Who are all these people outside?--There must be whole nations, mil-lions of them!--All those who were not saved either in this day of grace nor in the Mil-lennium, but apparently were deemed worthy of God's Love to at least not land in the Lake of Fire!--Probably the good folks, the best folks that the Lord figured deserved at least to be saved that much to live outside the City on the surface of the Earth.
       24. ALRIGHT, SO THERE WE'VE GOT PRETTY MUCH WHO'S GOING TO BE WHO & WHERE, & PART OF OUR JOB IS GOING TO BE DOING WHAT? (John: Ruling & reigning, reaching the Unsaved with the Leaves.) Apparently healing the nations outside with the Leaves of Life. We don't know exactly what those are, maybe it's symbolic of the Word, the Truth, the Love of God, maybe even Leaflets!--Not just Leaves but Leaflets! Maybe we'll use our pretty colour Posters! Our main job will be sort of re-educating the World. We had a period of a Thousand Years in the Millennium doing the same thing more or less, a Thousand Years of training in how to do it with people who voluntarily, willingly accepted it, now we're going to have Eternity to do it even with people who were not living during the Millennium & who may have never had a chance, or who didn't take it when they had it. We'll have a few billion more people to have to teach & train & love & heal & teach to be good citizens of the Kingdom of God forever!
       25. SO OUR JOB IS NOT DONE, NEITHER WILL WE FLOAT OFF ON A CLOUD PLAYING A HARP! Well, we might sometimes for a little rest & recreation, but we're going to have a lot to do in the Millennium to again win souls & save saints & get folks saved, kind of a second chance, maybe even a first chance for a lot of them or most of them, & then during the New Earth, just about everybody gets a chance then, & it's going to work. And what's beyond that, well, that's all we need to know right now because that's all She wrote!--That's all the Holy Spirit wrote! That's all the Lord put in the Bible & that's all we know so far, but I think that's far enough. We've reached the beginning of Eternity & that's about all we need to know right now.
       26. WELL, YOU DID PRETTY GOOD! You got most of your answers right without too much hesitation, I only had to prompt you a few times, so congratulations! GBY! (J: It makes me want to study up some more!) Right, you need to kind of brush up once in awhile, every student needs to do that. So PTL! Congratulations! TYL!
       27. BLESS & CONTINUE TO HELP THIS PRECIOUS, FAITHFUL STUDENT WHO'S SO FAITHFUL IN HIS SERVICE TO THEE & TO US, LORD, & SUCH A HELP & A BLESSING! Now we hope that we've been a little help & blessing to him, to get him straightened out on a few points. And at the same time, maybe we're straightening out a lot of folks in the Family who've been a little confused & helping them to refresh their memories & remember the order of events & what they are & how the beads of these events fit on the string of Time & Eternity. Thank You Lord for this little time together. We didn't expect to have this happen, but we were really concerned about some seeming confusion over some of the chronology of these things.
       28. SO WE ASK THEE TO BLESS & CONTINUE TO HELP JOHN TO BE SUCH A BLESSING, & we hope that we'll have him around for all Eternity in that beautiful Mansion Up There, Lord, along with others! We like it, Lord, & that's the way we'd like to live, because we like to live that way down here.
       29. THANK YOU FOR REVEALING THESE THINGS TO US, LORD, & MAKING IT CLEAR SO WE'LL NOT HAVE TO FEAR THE FUTURE! PYJ! Hallelujah! TYL! Make it a blessing, Lord. Help the typist as she types it & bless the printers as they print'm & the folks that distribute them to the whole World, in Jesus' name. TYL! Make it a blessing, in Jesus' name.
       30. GOD BLESS YOU, SON! I LOVE YOU & APPRECIATE YOUR PATIENCE. YOU MAKE A GOOD STUDENT & YOU HELPED THE WHOLE WORLD TO LEARN! That little lesson given you in private in the ear is going to be broadcast from the housetops all over the World! PTL? Today you were the inspiration of a MO Letter!
       31. YOU SEE, AS WE GO ALONG WE SEE THINGS CLEARER ALL THE TIME! We get a few more things straightened out & pinned down that we really didn't see too clearly at first. After all, you live & learn! So people can't blame us for just seeming to change our doctrines once in awhile if we find out something's wrong that deserves to be changed. But nothing really basic in the course of events has changed any, the Antichrist is coming, the Lord is coming, Heaven's coming, so praise the Lord! Just because we've got a little war here or there or something slightly misplaced, well, that's not as important as the basic order of events.--Though it's still important to know & to remember & not be confused about them. Okay, God bless you & help you to remember it, because you may not have the books & the lists to go by when the time comes!--Amen?

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