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THE KINGDOM OF GOD & MILLENNIAL SAINTS!--Daniel 2:42-45       ET #42       DO 2168       4/85

       1. UNITE OUR HEARTS & MINDS BY THY SPIRIT, LORD! Rebuke every evil power of the Enemy, not only outside but inside! Resist those distractions which would draw aside the attention of Thy children, Lord. Keep their minds stayed on Thee, Lord. "And Thou shalt keep him in perfect peace, because he trusteth in Thee!" (Isa.26:3)
       2. (TO TECHI:) BLESS YOUR HEART, HONEY! YOU COULD HAVE STAYED IN THERE & FINISHED YOUR BREAKFAST IF YOU WANTED TO! (Maria: She started to cry, she didn't want to miss the class.) Oh, that's a good girl! You're perfectly welcome to eat here. That's what we're all doing, we're all feasting!
       3. (SINGS:)
       And whoso drinketh Jesus said,
       Shall never never thirst again!

       What, never thirst again?
       (No, never thirst again!)
       What, never thirst again?
       (No, never thirst again!)

       And whoso drinketh Jesus said,
       Shall never never thirst again!"

The men are supposed to sing that deep part, "What, never thirst again," & the women answer back, "No never thirst again!" PTL! Hallelujah! TYL!
       4. I NEVER SAW SUCH CHILDREN! THEY WOULDN'T THINK OF MISSING CLASS & every day they ask, "Is today class day, Grandpa?" They want to make sure they get up in time for class. Then they sit here for two solid hours listening intently & hardly take their eyes off my face or my mouth! I think it's amazing! And they answer questions! Our children are like already grown teenagers! In fact, they pay better attention in class here than my teenagers did in high school!

       DANIEL 2:42-43--IRON & CLAY!
       5. THE MAJOR SUBJECT OF THIS SERIES IS WHAT? (FAM: THE ANTICHRIST & HIS KINGDOM.)--RIGHT! You can't very well separate the two, can you? And as far as the lesson of today, we're studying Daniel 2, the lesson which we started on last time but we got off on to all kinds of different governments. I gave you a general background of everything from then until now, including a little bit of World History, U.S. History & all the rest, which is something I sometimes do, as you know so well.
       6. DANIEL CHAPTER 2, THE 42ND VERSE IS WHERE WE WERE BEGINNING: "And as the toes of the feet were part of iron & part of clay, so the kingdom shall be partly strong"--iron--"& partly broken"--clay. Do you want to know what God thinks of democratic governments?--They're broken, & most of them I know of today are going broke! What kind of governments does He think are the best, the strongest?--Maybe not always the best, but the strongest. (Fam: Dictatorships.) And they were symbolised in the Image by what? (Fam: Iron.)
       7. VERSE 43: "AND WHEREAS THOU SAWEST IRON MIXED WITH MIRY CLAY, THEY SHALL MINGLE THEMSELVES WITH THE SEED OF MEN: BUT THEY SHALL NOT CLEAVE ONE TO ANOTHER, even as iron is not mixed with clay." How well do the dictatorships get along with the democracies? (Fam: Not at all!)--Not at all, or very little. Of course, with present U.S. policy, because the U.S. itself has become a dictatorship, it's now getting along very nicely with lots of dictatorships. I think it was Nixon who protested when somebody complained about the U.S. sponsoring some of these dictatorships throughout the World & giving them great help & aid & millions of Dollars. They were complaining about dictatorships & the U.S. being dictatorial, etc., & he said, "Well, we already sponsor about 60-some dictatorships throughout the World--so what? As long as they're anti-Communist we'll help'm!" It doesn't matter what kind of a government they have, it doesn't matter if it's worse than Communism, the U.S. will back it if it's anti-Communist!
       8. VERSE 44: "AND IN THE DAYS OF THESE KINGS."--WHAT KINGS IS HE TALKING ABOUT THERE? First of all He's talking about the toes in the 42nd Verse. What part of the Image is that, the beginning or the end? (Fam: The end!) So obviously the toes are man's last government. And they are iron & clay mixed just like the feet, & just like nearly all governments ever since the fall of Rome. What was the Roman Empire symbolised by? (Fam: Iron.)--The legs of iron, pure iron, a strictly totalitarian tough government, Rome.
       9. BUT THE FEET & TOES WHICH HAVE EXISTED EVER SINCE ROME HAVE BEEN A MIXTURE OF BOTH KINDS OF GOVERNMENTS, some strong, some weak, some dictatorships, some democracies. Until finally after World War 1 almost all of the monarchies were overthrown. What monarchies weren't finished off by World War 1, were finished off by World War 2.
       10. DOES ANYBODY REMEMBER THE MOTTO THAT THEY USED IN WORLD WAR 1? (FAM: THE WAR TO FREE THE WORLD?)--The war to supposedly make the World free & safe for democracy. Well, it's not any safer now than it was then, in fact it's less safe. So then since they found out they couldn't make the World safe for democracy, they had to have a new slogan for World War 2, what was that? (Fam: The war to end all wars!)--They have great noble mottos & slogans for these horrible wars that murder millions! They've got to have some kind of excuse for them, when the real reason they're fighting them is power & money & glory & pride, mostly for money & material things, territory & possessions--possessions of natural resources, possessions of people, & now for World domination. Since World War 1 they've been fighting World Wars literally for the domination of the World!
       11. THE LAST KINGDOM OF MAN ON EARTH IS SOME KIND OF A UNITED KINGDOM, NOT THE UK, BUT IT IS A GROUP OF KINGDOMS UNITED UNDER ONE MAN, & although it is a mixture of iron & clay, this man is going to make it pretty much all iron. He's going to unite it & he's going to be iron if nothing else. And besides being the end of the Image--you can't go any further than the toes, it started at the head & ends at the toes--how else do we know it's the last kingdom of man on Earth? Look at the next Verse.

       12. VERSE 44: "AND IN THE DAYS OF THESE KINGS SHALL THE GOD OF HEAVEN SET UP A KINGDOM WHICH SHALL NEVER BE DESTROYED!" How about that? "In the days of these kings"--how long does their kingdom last? Be careful! Think carefully. How long does the Antichrist Kingdom last? We usually say 7 years. At the end of the 7 years is the Antichrist destroyed? Are his forces destroyed? Technically, exactly at the end of 7 years what happens?--Jesus comes! Are the Antichrist & his forces destroyed right at that time? (Fam: No.)
       13. SEE, WE GET A LITTLE MIXED UP SOMETIMES BECAUSE WE'VE ALWAYS HEARD 7 YEARS, 7 years, 7 years, 7 years, & that's true. He's in supreme power over everybody, including you & me so to speak, Christians, churches & all for 7 years, he's at the peak of his power.
       14. THE COMING OF CHRIST & THE RESCUE OF HIS CHILDREN IS THE BEGINNING OF HIS END, BUT HE'S NOT DESTROYED YET! When is he destroyed? How many days later after the end of the 7 years? (Fam: 75.)--About 75 days, according to Daniel 12. 75 days later he & his kingdom are completely destroyed.
       15. SO WHO IS STILL IN POWER BETWEEN THE RAPTURE & THE BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON? (Fam: The Antichrist.)--The Antichrist & his forces are still in power over the Earth during those 75 days. How long is that, children? How long is 75 days? (David: It's about two-&-a-half months.)--Good for you! He had it all figured out. I was going to ask you first of all how long a month is. A month is usually 30 or 31 days, & one month has even less days, which month is that? (David: February.)--That's right! How many days does February have? (David: 28 days.)--That's right! Except that every 4 years February has how many days? (David: One day more.)--Which is 29 days. And what do we call that year? (David: Leap year!)--Because we have to make a leap forward, add one more day to the calendar in order to catch up with the Earth's yearly cycle around the Sun. But most months average out to about 30 days.
       16. SO 75 DAYS IS EXACTLY WHAT DAVID JUST SAID, WHAT WE WOULD CALL 2-1/2 MONTHS. So the Antichrist is not destroyed at the coming of Christ, at the Rapture, not that coming. The Antichrist & his forces are destroyed when? (Fam: At the Battle of Armageddon.)--Which coming is that? (Fam: The third coming.) So the Antichrist & his kingdom are not destroyed at the Rapture. That certainly is the beginning of his downfall, & considering all the horrors of the period that follows, the Wrath of God!
       17. THE ANTICHRIST KINGDOM CONTINUES FROM THE RAPTURE TO THE BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON, A PERIOD OF 75 DAYS ALTOGETHER, WHICH IS CALLED THE WRATH OF GOD. And during that period his kingdom & all those left behind, especially he & his Marked people, are suffering horrors!--A period of real Hell on Earth as a part of their punishment for their persecution of the Saints & for their wicked, evil Kingdom on Earth!
       18. SO, 44TH VERSE: "IN THE DAYS OF THESE KINGS"--WHAT KINGS?--THOSE TEN TOES OF THE IMAGE. Later we'll see also the ten horns of the beast, & later we'll also see the ten horns of another beast in the end. That figure ten keeps coming up all the time, symbolic of the ten kings who will be in power & in existence at the time of the Antichrist. In fact, they more or less put him in power & he then gives them great power. We'll see here a little later just how he does it, not in this chapter but in another one.
       19. I'M SORT OF REVIEWING YOU. YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO KNOW ALL THESE THINGS ALREADY, but since we're studying the Antichrist & his kingdom now in greater detail, some of these points need to be very clear in your mind. Already we clarified one point, the Antichrist is not destroyed at the Second Coming of the Lord, or the Rapture, he is not destroyed for another 75 days till the Battle of Armageddon ends with him & his False Prophet being cast immediately into the Lake of Fire. In this case it doesn't say Bottomless Pit, it says Lake of Fire! (Rev.19:20) I believe the Lake of Fire is probably in the Bottomless Pit. And what about all of his Mark-of-the-Beast followers? What happens to them at the end of the Battle of Armageddon? (Fam: They're all killed.)--Which also probably means that they land in Hell or somewhere, wherever they deserve to go. (Rev.14:9-11)

       20. "AND IN THE DAYS OF THESE KINGS SHALL THE GOD OF HEAVEN SET UP A KINGDOM WHICH SHALL NEVER BE DESTROYED!"--How about that! You say, "Oh come on now, Dad, I thought it was destroyed at the end of the Millennium in the Battle of Gog & Magog?" Come on, you don't really think God's going to let His Kingdom be destroyed, do you? Even though the Devil attacks it & even surrounds the Camp of the Saints, wherever that is, God's Kingdom is never ever going to be destroyed!
       21. WHAT IS HIS KINGDOM? Come on, Class! Don't be afraid to answer! You know these answers so simply. (Fam: We are His Kingdom!)--Of course! We are His Kingdom! My goodness, here you are a part of the Kingdom & you don't even know it! What is God's Kingdom, children? (Children: Us!)--We are His Kingdom! What about the Millennial Saints that even in the Battle of Gog & Magog are being besieged by Satanic forces, who are they? (David: The Anti-Antichrists.) Well, it's a little late for the Antichrist then, they're the Anti-Satanites! They're against Satan, because the Antichrist is long-gone by the end of the Millennium. I'm talking about the end of the Millennium now, don't get your periods mixed up.
       22. WE CALL THOSE THE MILLENNIAL SAINTS, THOSE AT THE END OF THE MILLENNIUM WHO ARE BEING BESIEGED BY THE DEVIL. I'm asking you, what are they? Who are they? Well, I told you they're the Millennial Saints, but they are a part of what? (Fam: The Kingdom of God!) I'm trying to bring out the point of what & who is the Kingdom of God! Who are the Kingdom of God?--We are! Of whom is the Kingdom of God composed?--All the Saints who ever lived & ever will live, that's the Kingdom of God! What about the Millennial Saints? (Fam: They're part of the Kingdom of God!) They're obviously Christians who've accepted Christ & are His Saints. He says it specifically, "Camp of the Saints," so they're Saints! (Rev.20:9)

       23. THAT WORD "SAINTS" LITERALLY COMES FROM A GREEK WORD, "EKLEKTOS," MEANING "THE CALLED-OUT ONES" OR "THE CHOSEN ONES," from which we also get our word for the Church in Greek, "ekklesia," "the chosen or separated ones." That's the same word which is the root word for Ecclesiastes, ecclesiastics, ecclesiastical system of the church, sad to say. It's by far not necessarily the Church at all, but they call themselves the Church.
       24. HOW DO YOU SPELL THE GREEK WORD "EKLEKTOS"? Of course it's originally spelled in Greek letters, but we transliterate it into English letters. They used to say our alphabet was Phoenician, now they have traced it back to the Sinai Peninsula. And do you know who I think gave the present alphabet we use? In spite of the fact that on all these Hebrew tablets & everything you see it all written in Hebrew, I'm convinced that our alphabet today which is used by most of the languages of the World, originated on Mount Sinai! It wasn't necessarily written in English, but I believe that the letters used by God on the tables of stone were probably the Phoenician alphabet, which we use today.
       25. WHAT ENGLISH WORD DOES "EKLEKTOS" SOUND LIKE?--THE ELECT!--EXACTLY! And wherever you find the word "the elect" in the English translation of the New Testament, the original Greek work is "Eklektos," meaning "the chosen." And wherever you find the word "church" in the English King James Version, the Greek word is "ekklesia," which means virtually the same thing, only it's talking more of the whole body, the separated, called-out ones, more in the plural. "Eklektos," although it is plural, has a greater meaning for individuals, all of these elect.
       26. THE "EKLEKTOS" ALL TOGETHER ARE THE "EKKLESIA," GET IT? THE ELECT ALL PUT TOGETHER ARE THE CHURCH! And I've gone into that before, why instead of using more specific terms in the King James Version, the King James translators were forced against their will by the King & the Archbishop of Canterbury, who insisted that they use the word "church" & tie it to a building lest the people think they could do without buildings & the hierarchy! That's one of the few bad things about the King James.--No fault of the translators.
       27. THEY ARGUED WITH THE KING FOR A LONG TIME & TRIED TO INSIST THAT THEY USE SOMETHING LIKE "THE ASSEMBLY", "the called-out ones", "the body of believers", & a number of times in the New Testament you'll find those terms used. They got away with it part of the time. But King James was persuaded by the Archbishop of Canterbury, the head of their religious church system, that they must use the word "church" or the people would get away from the concept that the church was the religion & the church building had to embody the true believers. What a lie! What a horrible deceit!
       28. AND THAT HORRIBLE MISCONCEPTION HAS PERPETRATED THE CHURCHIANITY SYSTEM, EVEN AMONGST THE READERS OF THE KING JAMES VERSION, which is the best of all, & we've already given you the reasons why. But that's one of its few faults, sad to say. And look what damage that has done! The Archbishop of Canterbury said to King James, "If you don't insist that they use the word 'church'"--which was "kirk," which means a building--"you will lose your power over the people that you have through me as the head of the religious system! If they become independent from the church & from me & our ecclesiastical system, the next step is to become independent from you! If they don't need me & the church buildings, pretty soon they'll wake up to the idea they don't need a king either, all they need is God!"--Which was God's original idea. It was hundreds of years before the Israelites ever had kings, & then it was against the will of the Lord.
       29. BUT THERE WAS A GREAT CONTROVERSY OVER IT, MOSTLY BETWEEN THE TRANSLATORS & THE KINGDOM, the political power, & the political power of the church. So the Archbishop finally won the argument & persuaded the king to command the translators to use the word "church" & not "assemblies" or "body of believers" or various other terms that could have been used, "called-out ones", "elect", etc. Nevertheless, God bless the King James translators, they got by with using those other terms quite a bit until you finally get the point, if you study the New Testament thoroughly, you know that the True Church is the Body of Believers, not a building!
       30. BUT BECAUSE THEY USE THAT WORD, THE VISIBLE, ORGANISED CHURCHIANITY SYSTEM WAS THEN ABLE TO USE IT ON PEOPLE to insist, "You see, there it says 'church', so you've got to be connected with the church building!" Isn't that horrible? They had a tool in their hands. The King James translators used enough terms that a true Christian could see the difference. But they used that word "church" enough too so that the churchianity system could still use the Scripture as a weapon to retain its power, to say that you've got to be in the church building to be the church. Isn't that sad?

       31. WE WANT TO FINISH THE POINT ABOUT THE KINGDOM OF GOD BEING THE PEOPLE! It's not a building, it's not a political power, it is not a governmental system, it is you! For Jesus Himself said, "The Kingdom of God is within you!" (Luk.17:20-21) He said it didn't come with natural perception. In other words, you don't see a physical nation of Christians today, you see a people called out of every nation & scattered all over the World! That's God's Kingdom, the people! A piece of land without any people, what kind of a kingdom is that? No king wants just a territory. He wants territory, but he also wants people! Well, God's going to get both! He's already got His people & is getting them, & one of these days He's going to have a territory, the whole Earth & the Heavenly City!
       32. "UNTO THE UTTERMOST PARTS OF THE EARTH!", HE SAYS, WE'LL INHERIT THE KINGDOM, thank the Lord, even the heathen. I'm not so happy about having to inherit the heathen except if we get'm saved, otherwise they're going to be nothing but problems, as they prove to be even later in the Millennium.
       33. I'M TRYING TO REMIND YOU WHO THE SAINTS ARE! WE ARE THE SAINTS! How about the Millennial Saints at the end of the Millennium who are surrounded by the Devil's forces, are they a part of the kingdom? (David: The A-ACs.)--No, no, they're not A-ACs, Honey! You're getting the Tribulation period mixed up with the Millennium!
       34. THE TRIBULATION HAS THE ANTICHRIST, SO TO HAVE A-ACS YOU'VE GOT TO HAVE AN ANTICHRIST. Because what does A-AC mean? (David: Against the Antichrist.)--Right! And when the Antichrist is no more, how are they going to be against the Antichrist? (Maria: I'm mixed up too, because I thought the same thing, that they were the ones that survived into the Millennium. We're just tagging them A-ACs.) Oh, I see what you mean! They were A-ACs! Right! I'm sorry. They were A-ACs, but now that the Antichrist is gone, they're no longer really A-ACs, because they can't be against the Antichrist when there's no Antichrist. But they were against the Antichrist, I get what you're driving at.
       35. BUT AT THE END OF THE MILLENNIUM, WHO ARE THEY AGAINST?--THEY'RE ANTI-DEVIL PEOPLE THEN! Literally they're saved Saints of the Millennium, therefore they're Christians, therefore they are members of what? (Fam: The Kingdom!)--Just as much as you & I are!
       36. AND IF ANYBODY IS SAVED--WHICH IT LOOKS LIKE SOME ARE GOING TO BE, out of the Great White Throne Judgement of all the past dead--they're going to be members of what kingdom? (Fam: The Kingdom of God!)--Right, also called the Kingdom of Heaven! There's no difference!

       37. PHOOEY ON SCOFIELD! HE TRIES TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MATTHEW & THE OTHER GOSPELS BECAUSE MATTHEW TALKS MORE ABOUT THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN & the others talk more about the Kingdom of God. He interprets that the Kingdom of Heaven is the saved Jews, the Kingdom of God is the saved Gentiles, blah blah! You talk about some of the weird interpretations! He's gotta get his Jews in there because he was a Jew & as Jewish as he could be & the leader of a Jewish denomination called the Brethren, of which my Grandfather was one of the leaders once upon a time!
       38. THE CHURCH OF THE BRETHREN, FORMERLY CALLED DUNKARDS, DIDN'T WANT TO BE PART & PARCEL WITH THE GENTILES, SO THEY FORMED THEMSELVES AN INDEPENDENT CHURCH in which they were virtually all laymen & businessmen & they didn't even believe in having a fulltime pastor who was paid by the congregation. Isn't that typical[DELETED]? They weren't willing to pay the pastor, he had to work for his own living! And nobody was to be the boss in the church!
       39. IN THE ORIGINAL CHURCH THEY WERE JUST TO SIT AROUND IN A CIRCLE & EVERYBODY SPOKE AS THE SPIRIT MOVED. Of course, it usually moved this one particular businessman who was usually the richest man in the church & the most influential & smart & [DELETED], he would usually get the revelations & messages & he would get up & preach. Although according to their doctrine, others could, but seldom would. But he had to be rich enough to support himself, as well as be a very heavily contributing member of the church!
       40. EXCEPT THAT THEY WOULDN'T EVEN CALL THEM CHURCHES! IN THE EARLY DAYS THEY JUST CALLED THEM GOSPEL HALLS, they didn't believe in using that word "church" either. First they called these people Dunkards, in fact it was a nickname because they believed in baptism by immersion, dunked down in the water. So they nicknamed them Dunkards. Then later on they were known as various names until finally the Church of the Brethren is still the outstanding name of that group in the United States of America, & pretty much England & Europe & a few other places. Most of them, however, seem to have migrated to the United States, because they did suffer persecution in Europe, both under the Catholics & then under other denominations!
       41. --BECAUSE THEY WERE A LITTLE BIT PECULIAR, A LITTLE BIT WEIRD (LIKE US), insisting on baptism by immersion, which was not practiced by hardly anybody except the Anabaptists, an early form of Baptists. They also taught that nobody was really an authority in the church, everybody was equal, & the Pastor was just whoever the Lord moved at the time or the moment or the service to feed the sheep. It's a pretty good idea in a way, but on the other hand it's a little contrary to Scripture. God's Word says "some are called to be pastors", amen? (Eph.4:11) Each one has a different ministry. We have different ministries, different talents, different gifts. So much for the Dunkards! How did I get onto Dunkards & the Church of the Brethren [DELETED] & Scofield! Oh my!
       42. HE HAD TO SCREW IT AROUND SO HE MADE SURE THE JEWS WERE GOING TO GET THEIR SPECIAL CORNER OF HEAVEN CALLED "THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN." Matthew calls it the Kingdom of Heaven all the way through, all three other Gospels usually say the Kingdom of God.
       43. THE FACT OF THE MATTER IS, HOW COULD THERE BE ANY DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN & THE KINGDOM OF GOD? The Kingdom of Heaven is God's Kingdom! It's all talking about the same Kingdom of which you & I are members, all the Saints of all ages have always been members, & the future Saints of the Millennium, etc., will be members. It's all the same Kingdom of God! Praise God?
       44. AND ALL THAT WAS TO SAY THIS, THIS CONFIRMS THIS VERSE: "IN THE DAYS OF THESE KINGS SHALL THE GOD OF HEAVEN SET UP A KINGDOM WHICH SHALL NEVER BE DESTROYED!" The Kingdom of the Saints of God will never be destroyed! The Antichrist can't destroy it, our enemies haven't been able to destroy us, even the Antichrist Kingdom hasn't been able to destroy it. Rome wasn't able to destroy it, various tyrants of the past, even in the Old Testament days, weren't able to destroy it, the Roman Catholic Church wasn't able to destroy it. Right on down to the end, the Tribulation, the Antichrist can't destroy it, & at the end of the Millennium, is the Devil going to destroy the Kingdom of God? (Fam: No!)
       45. THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS THE SAINTS!--AND YOU KNOW GOOD & WELL GOD'S GOING TO RAPTURE THEM OR RESCUE THEM SOMEHOW! There's bound to be a Rapture, that's just logical! That's just reasoning, like algebra! If He's gonna burn up the World, He's gotta get'm out of there somehow, right? How else is He going to get them out unless He catches them up just like He did us? What's wrong with having another Rapture?
       46. SOME PEOPLE ARE SO DOGMATIC, ESPECIALLY THOSE SCOFIELDITES, which is mostly the Fundamentalist, Pentecostal, Evangelicals of today, that they say there's only one Rapture, you can't have more than one Rapture! Why not? Well, they're all screwed up about the Millennium & a few other things too, so that's the very beginning of all their twistedness of chaos & confusion that they are in, all designed by dear Scofield, & sometimes I wonder who anointed Scofield! But he was, sorry to say, of my dear old Grandfather's denomination, originally Dunkards & Church of the Brethren, & as I told you before, they took over all the main Fundamentalist Gospel schools of America, the non-Pentecostal schools.
       47. THEY BEGAN WITH MOODY BIBLE INSTITUTE, OF WHICH SCOFIELD BECAME THE PASTOR!--Moody Church, Chicago. They moved in with hundreds of their people & joined the church, & then they could outvote all the rest!--Pick their own Pastors, pick their own school teachers, pick their own doctrine & teach the Scofield Bible.
       48. AND THEY TOOK OVER TORREY BIBLE INSTITUTE IN LOS ANGELES THE SAME WAY! 800 families of the Church of the Brethren moved in on Torrey Bible Institute when it was beginning to sort of decay & they were looking around for a rescue from anybody, because they had financial troubles & big debts. They had a big hotel & Bible school beside'm & this huge Cathedral they'd built, the Church of the Open Door in downtown Los Angeles,a very expensive highly-priced property, etc., a very valuable property. I guess the church wasn't taxed. But anyhow, they were in deep debt & serious trouble & the congregation was falling away, going to other churches with more life, Pentecostal churches, Evangelistic Temple, Angeles Temple, Paul Rader Tabernacle, etc., they'd lost their crowd. It had dwindled down to about a thousand people.
       49. SO THE BRETHREN CAME ALONG & SAID, "WELL, IF YOU WILL DO SO-&-SO FOR US & let us hold such-&-such church offices, etc., we will move in & join your church, & we will also then rescue you financially."--Because the Brethren were always rich. [DELETED] So they moved in, 800 families of them, think of it! I've forgotten how many thousand that was altogether, but they again packed out that auditorium which held 3,000 people in Los Angeles. Torrey was first called Torrey Bible Institute, later called Church of the Open Door College or something like that. They always start from a "Bible Institute," then they go to a "College," then they go to "University," blah blah!
       50. ANYWAY, THEY GOT RID OF TORREY'S DOCTRINES, WHO HAD TAUGHT THE BAPTISM OF THE HOLY SPIRIT, GIFTS OF THE SPIRIT, HEALING & WAS STRONG ON WITNESSING. We knew the girl who worked in the library of the college there & she came & asked my Mother what she should do.--That the officials had come & told her to remove all of Torrey's books from the library because they talked too much about the Holy Spirit & healing & gifts of the Spirit!--The very man who established the church, they removed his books! Because though they were very strong on Salvation, & Scofield is straight as a die on Eternal Security, Eternal Salvation, he's just about off on almost everything else! They're anti-Spirit, anti-healing, anti-post-Tribulation Rapture! They're just so messed up it is pitiful! They have really gotten screwed up! So there's a little bit of doctrinal teaching on the side, which I think I've mentioned before.
       51. SO THERE'S ONLY ONE KINGDOM OF GOD, & IT'S THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN! And there's only one people of that Kingdom, that's us!--And all the past Saints & all the future Saints. And therefore, as this Verse says, that Kingdom is going to last forever!

       52. NOW, LET'S STRAIGHTEN OUT THE QUESTION ABOUT THOSE SAINTS AT THE END OF THE MILLENNIUM SURROUNDED BY THE DEVIL'S FORCES, were they the Anti-Antichrist people? Well, if any of them are still living at that time, which I wouldn't be surprised if they are, you could still call them Anti-Antichrist people if you want to. But a thousand years after the Antichrist had long gone, I wouldn't exactly call them Anti-Antichrist people then, would you?
       53. WHEN WE'RE TALKING ABOUT THE PEOPLE WHO SURVIVE INTO THE MILLENNIUM & OVER WHOM WE REIGN, YES, WE CALL THEM ANTI-ANTICHRIST PEOPLE. But by the end of the Millennium, not all the Anti-Antichrist people are going to be saved! The Devil will deceive whole nations of the Earth to fight the Saved Christians who were saved out of the numbers of the A-AC people. (Rev.20:8) Do you understand, David?
       54. THEY WERE ANTI-ANTICHRIST PEOPLE DURING THE TRIBULATION, & I'd say at the beginning of the Millennium we might consider them A-AC people, because they were against the Antichrist & that's why the Lord rescued them & let them survive. But once the Tribulation is gone & the Antichrist is gone, by the end of the Millennium we've got to be more specific about those Saints who are in the Camp of the Saints. The Antichrist is long-gone, 1,000 years ago, right?
       55. SO WHO ARE THESE SAINTS AT THE END OF THE MILLENNIUM IN THE CAMP OF THE SAINTS? Come on Class, did you hear the question? What do we usually call them? (Fam: The Millennial Saints.)--Right, because the Bible says it's the Camp of the Saints. So we're perfectly right in calling them Saints.

       56. THE CATHOLIC CHURCH DOESN'T CALL ANYBODY SAINTS UNLESS THEY ARE DEAD & HAVE BEEN CANONISED BY THE POPE & THE CHURCH, but throughout His Word, God calls all the Saved, all the Church, all the body of believers, every single one of them a Saint!--Because there comes that word again! Wherever you see the word "Saint," the original Greek word is "Eklektos"--the selected ones. By the way, the root of "select" is again that Greek word--"the chosen ones".
       57. SO ALL CHRISTIANS, ALL MEMBERS OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD ARE SAINTS! Every single one of you is a Saint!--Without canonisation! The Pope has nothing to do with it! The Catholic Church has nothing to do with it! My Lord, if the only Saints & the only ones who are going to be saved are the people who the Pope & the Catholic Church canonises, there are going to be mighty few people in Heaven!
       58. BUT THEY'RE ALL SAINTS! Maybe you needed a little talk on the Kingdom of God & what it is & what the Saints are! We're all Saints! That also comes from the word "sanctified." That's where you get the word "Saint", from "sanctified", it comes from the same Greek root word. The English word bears no relationship to it in this case, but again it's from "the chosen ones", the "Eklektos," the "ecclesia." And they are all members of what Kingdom? (Fam: Kingdom of God!)--Also called the... (Fam: Kingdom of Heaven.) They're one & the same, no difference whatsoever, Scofield is wrong!

       59. AND SCOFIELD IS WRONG, WRONG, WRONG ABOUT MOST OF WHAT HE TEACHES EXCEPT SALVATION. I guess the only reason in the World God allowed him to exist was because he was a strong advocate of Eternal Salvation, thank God for that, something the Baptists are also strong on.--The Baptists, some Fundamentals & Evangelicals. But the Pentecostals sprang mostly out of the Methodists, & the Methodists were never sure they were saved, up one day, down the next, therefore they have eternal insecurity! We have eternal security, they have eternal insecurity!
       60. BUT SCOFIELD WAS RIGHT ABOUT ETERNAL SALVATION, & THAT'S ABOUT THE ONLY THING HE WAS RIGHT ABOUT. He was even wrong about Evolution! He even compromised with Evolution in his introduction to his Bible & said that those days of Creation could have been aeons. Therefore, he says, for all we know, we are not in conflict with the science of palaeontology & the aeons spoken of in science, etc. He doesn't come right out & say he favours Evolution, but if you accept the so-called pseudo-science of palaeontology, that is dividing the supposed millions of years of the ages of the Earth into different ages, the Stone Age, the Bronze Age & blah blah, if you accept that, then you've got to accept the theory of Evolution because palaeontology works hand-in-glove with Evolution!
       61. THE PALAEONTOLOGISTS TAKE ALL OF THEIR PROOF FROM SO-CALLED EVOLUTIONARY FOSSILS! They'll tell you they know that that strata is a certain age because of the certain evolutionary fossils they found in that stone, in that clay or in that strata. The funny part about it is the evolutionists turn right around & say, "We know these fossils are so old because palaeontology tells us that that strata is that old!" They're both liars trying to prove their lies by substantiating the other liar, & neither one of them know anything at all!
       62. IT'S ALL LIES! THE WHOLE SYSTEM OF EVOLUTION THAT HAS SATURATED MODERN EDUCATION, SCIENCE & EVERYTHING TODAY IS ALL LIES!--The whole so-called pseudo-science, as Paul says, "science falsely so-called." He says, "Beware of the foolish & vain babblings of science falsely so-called." (1Tim.6:20) Science comes from the Greek word "scio"--"I know"--something you know! But those God-damned evolutionists don't know anything! Those damn palaeontologists don't know anything! They don't know those things because they're false, they're not true! You can hardly read a book, you can hardly watch a video documentary about animals or the sea, but they're always working in evolution. I started to say you just have to take it with a grain of salt, but I wouldn't even swallow that stuff with a salt shaker full of salt! It's all lies!
       63. WHEN THEY TALK ABOUT "THIS IS MILLIONS OF YEARS OLD," & "This bug decided to grow a tail millions of years ago, blah blah," it's just absolute lies, phony lies to support the theories of evolution, palaeontology, age of the Earth & all this kind of bunk! It's just plain malarkey! It is baloney! It's downright shit, in fact!--The Devil's lies, just a total system of lies! And yet modern science is just saturated with it! And all the time in the newspapers they're coming out with more theories about the formation of the Earth, more theories about the formation of this species or this, that or the other, blah blah!
       64. SO SCOFIELD COMPROMISED WITH EVOLUTION BY COMPROMISING WITH THE DAYS OF CREATION, saying that they could have been aeons or ages. He even suggests that there could have been an Earth before Creation! There's a school of theologians even amongst the Evangelicals, sad to say, Fundamentalists, that say, "Well, the Creation described in Genesis 1 was not the original creation, that was the re-Creation. The Devil messed up God's original Creation when he fell, blah blah."--But he hasn't even fallen yet, he's not even cast out of Heaven yet!
       65. BUT THEIR THEORY IS ALL BUILT TO COMPROMISE WITH PALAEONTOLOGY! Instead of bringing science & actual history up to the level of God's Word & making it conform with the Word of God, & if it doesn't, chuck it out, instead they're trying to bring the Bible down to the level of science! So they say, "Well, since the World is so many millions & now billions of years old & looks like it's so cataclysmically made & some of the formations we find & everything, it must be that there was an Earth in existence before Creation & the Devil more or less destroyed it and then God had to recreate it."
       66. EVEN SCOFIELD TALKS ABOUT THIS, THAT THERE COULD HAVE BEEN SOME FORM OF MAN BEFORE THAT, & that's why maybe some of these fossils & missing links are found--(we know that they've never found one yet)--that maybe there could have been some pre-Creation life or pre-existence of some kind in the pre-existent World, & some type of pre-existent animals & man & blah blah!--All trying to conform the Bible to science, instead of making science conform to the Bible!--And if it doesn't, chuck it out! That was a little sermon on the side!

       67. ALL RIGHT, HAVE WE GOT THESE ANTI-ANTICHRISTS STRAIGHTENED OUT? Yes, it's very possible that some of those Millennial Saints at the end of the Millennium & those all saved & born again during the Millennium, were Anti-Antichrist people, you're right, David. (Maria: And the others have to be their children or their descendants.) They are either they or their descendants, one or the other.--Right!
       68. I'VE ALREADY MENTIONED THE POSSIBILITY THAT SINCE IN THE MILLENNIUM THINGS WILL BE RESTORED LIKE THE GARDEN OF EDEN & the pre-Flood days when they lived nearly a Thousand Years, that it's quite possible some of those people could live the entire Millennium! People may still be around in the Camp of the Saints at the end of the Millennium who survived the holocaust [DELETED] the holocaust of the Tribulation, Wrath of God & Armageddon! If they're going to live a thousand years again, they could live throughout the entire Millennium! And if they're going to have children, certainly they'd have descendants. But they're not going to have so many children.
       69. THEY'RE GOING TO LIVE LONGER & HAVE FEWER CHILDREN BECAUSE THEY WON'T NEED TO HAVE SO MANY CHILDREN, at least that's what it sounds like. The Lord did what to Eve as a part of her burden? It's called a curse, but it's a curse that's become a blessing. "I will greatly multiply thy conception!" (Gen.3:16)--And sorrows, greater pain & more frequent conception.
       70. WHY DID GOD HAVE TO START MANUFACTURING BABIES FASTER? (Fam: Because the Devil was trying to get rid of them.)--Exactly!--Because ever since then the Devil's been trying to destroy Man as fast as he could. So God had to have the women multiply their conception in order to replace the population, & even cause it to grow! Otherwise the Devil would have destroyed Man a long time ago if God hadn't replenished the population very rapidly, even faster than the Devil could destroy it.
       71. SO IN SPITE OF ALL THE DEVIL'S DESIGNS & MACHINATIONS & FIENDISH TRICKS TO TRY TO DESTROY MAN & HIS CHILDREN, THERE ARE TODAY MORE PEOPLE ON EARTH THAN THERE EVER HAVE BEEN in all the years gone by! In fact, according to some figures that someone recently sent me, there are probably more people on Earth right now than there have been for the last two or three thousand years!--I mean altogether, all the people that lived for the past two or three thousand years.
       72. I THINK THE FIGURE THAT SOMEBODY HAS ESTIMATED, THE EARTH'S TOTAL POPULATION SINCE CREATION, SINCE ADAM & EVE, WORKS OUT TO BE SOMETHING LIKE SEVENTY BILLION! The population of the United States right now is about 250 million--do you know what it was when I was a kid? It was less than 100 million! The U.S. population alone has increased by 150%, just in my generation!
       73. THE SNOWBALL IS REALLY ROLLING FAST NOW! And by the latest figures I got, the Earth's population has been doubling every so many years. It took it about 300 years to double the first time, just figuring since the birth of Christ, then it kept taking less years each time to double it again, & then fewer years again to double it. Do you know what the total population of the World was at the turn of the century?--According to the best estimates?--About one billion people! So the Earth's population now has quintupled in less than one century!
       74. YOU'VE HEARD OF THE POPULATION EXPLOSION, IT IS BOOMING! IT IS EXPLODING!--To the point that some scientists are worried about feeding all the people. What's going to be done next when they can't feed everybody now? There's only one reason they can't feed everybody now, because the rich are selfish & won't share! They won't even share their tools & their technology with the poor Third World nations to help them grow enough food to feed themselves!
       75. AND OF COURSE GOD IS CURSING SOME OF THOSE NATIONS LIKE NORTH AFRICA & THE SAHARA &SUB-SAHARA BECAUSE OF THEIR WICKEDNESS, & withholding the rain so that nobody can grow food down there. It doesn't matter how scientific they are or what tools or whatever they've got, it's going to take more than tools & machinery & fertiliser to grow crops in a desert that has no water! Because that's one essential, you have got to have water or you can't grow plants!
       76. SO THE WORLD'S POPULATION IS BOOMING! That's another reason I think God's got to stop things pretty soon, or there would be too many people!--Not that He doesn't like people, but there would be too many wicked people. They'd be mostly wicked, the worst of all, so He's got to put a stop to it pretty soon! Amen?

       77. SO YOU'RE RIGHT, DAVID, THERE ARE ANTI-ANTICHRISTS WHO ARE STILL LIVING IN THE MILLENNIUM, & probably some of them will even live to the end of the Millennium and be some of those Millennial Saints in the Camp of the Saints, that's a distinct possibility. But by that time I think we'd be a little bit safer to call them the Millennial Saints. They'll be more noted for being Millennial Saints than Anti-Antichrists! If any A-ACs are still around a thousand years later, they would really be some museum specimens! They would really be antiques! But it's possible! Many of them will probably be descendants or children of the A-ACs. Although they won't be having as many children, there will be plenty of them around.
       78. SO IN ORDER TO INCLUDE ALL THE PEOPLE IN THE CAMP OF THE SAINTS, LET'S NOT JUST MENTION THE ANTI-ANTICHRISTS! There may be a few of those old antiques still around at that time, but to include all those who got saved during the Millennium & all the children they had, what's the best term to call those people in the Camp of the Saints at the end of the Millennium whom the Devil is besieging?--The Millennial Saints! Let's get that through our heads, shall we?
       79. LET'S CALL THEM ANTI-ANTICHRIST PEOPLE DURING THE TRIBULATION & SURVIVING THE TRIBULATION, shortly thereafter, but a thousand years later at the end of the Tribulation, let's call them Millennial Saints. That will include all the Saints that are there, not just the old antiques left over from the Tribulation. Got it? Have you got it? Has everybody got it? Anybody that still doesn't understand it, raise your hand & I'll have somebody explain it to you after Class! PTL!

       80. HOW ARE WE EVER GOING TO GET THROUGH THESE SCRIPTURES WHEN WE GET OFF INTO SO MANY SIDELINES!--But they're things that you need to know! I mean, I have to tell you! Even Scofield, you have to watch out for that rascal! Personally, I think he should have gone to Purgatory for awhile for all the trouble he caused! But the grace of God is amazing, & if he had real Salvation, "to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord." (2Cor.5:8) But I'll bet he was ashamed when he had to face the Lord having led millions astray! And the vast majority of the church today, except for the Catholics, are still deceived & deluded by his doctrines. It's pitiful!
       81. NOW WHY DO YOU SUPPOSE THE DEVIL DID THAT? Why do you suppose he led Scofield astray to lead millions of born-again, saved, genuine Christians astray regarding prophetic interpretation of the End? Why do you think the Devil wanted that to happen? (Fam: To delay things?) I don't know that it's going to delay anything, God's time table is going to be kept. His clock is moving inexorably forward regardless of what happens. The timetable God has set for fulfilment of prophecy is set, I don't think anything's going to be delayed. Somebody else? (Fam: So people wouldn't be ready for the Tribulation.)--Exactly!
       82. THE VAST MAJORITY OF BORN-AGAIN, EVANGELICAL, FUNDAMENTALIST, PENTECOSTAL, GENUINE CHRISTIANS ARE TOTALLY UNPREPARED FOR THE TRIBULATION! They are not expecting it, they are expecting the Lord to come any minute & rescue them before the Antichrist comes & before the Tribulation, & now they are absolutely, totally unprepared for it!
       83. IT IS GOING TO BE A TRAUMATIC SHOCK WHEN THEY WAKE UP SOME MORNING & FIND OUT THE ANTICHRIST IS HERE, even before the Tribulation, & the Lord hasn't yet come & saved them! You know what they're going to say then? They're going to all suddenly convert to the mid-Antichrist Rapture! They are going to say, "Well, see, He didn't come before the Antichrist, but He's going to rescue us before the Tribulation, so the Rapture is going to occur"--as some of their doctrine teaches--"just before the Tribulation, about the time of the Abomination of Desolation, then the Lord's going to catch us out!"
       84. THEY STILL WON'T AGREE WITH US & STILL WON'T GO ALONG WITH US, they still won't listen to you, what do you want to bet, until the Antichrist sets up the Abomination of Desolation & starts persecuting the Saints & the Tribulation is in full force & the Mark of the Beast! They're not going to abandon their pre-Trib Rapture doctrine until then. But then they're going to flock to you by the droves to find out, "What was this you were teaching us about? When is it going to end? What's going to happen? What shall we do now?"
       85. IN FACT, THEY'LL PROBABLY COOPERATE WITH THE ANTICHRIST IN THE EARLY DAYS! They'll figure, "Well, this is a smart guy, a great guy, but it couldn't be the Antichrist, because if it's the Antichrist we're not supposed to be here!" (Maria: Or they'll start doubting their salvation if they think it is the Antichrist.)--Oh yes! And of course those who do not have Eternal Salvation or believe in Eternal Security, are going to begin to wonder, "Well, I wonder if I am saved? Maybe there was some kind of secret rapture I missed!" I used to come home from school & find everybody gone & get scared stiff thinking maybe I'd missed the Rapture! Sara & Maria are nodding their heads too!
       86. THAT'S WHAT OUR CHURCHES TAUGHT, THAT THERE WAS GOING TO BE A SECRET RAPTURE, nobody was going to know it, see it or hear it, these people were just suddenly going to vanish! (Maria: All the "perfect" ones!) And if you weren't "ready", as they used to say it, if you weren't ready to go, if you weren't ready for the Rapture, if you weren't ready for the Second Coming of the Lord, you'd be left behind! You had to be ready! And the only way you could be ready was being holy!--Wholly sanctified, sinless, perfect, a real saint in the Catholic sense of the word, otherwise you were going to miss the Rapture & you were going to have to go through the Tribulation!
       87. SCOFIELD'S DOCTRINE CALLS THOSE THE TRIBULATION SAINTS, those that are not ready for the Rapture, who have to go through the Tribulation. Though they were saved, somehow they lost their Salvation, they weren't ready, they weren't perfect enough, they weren't sinless enough! My God, who is? I think He'd have to leave us all behind! If we were expected to have that kind of sinless perfection that they're talking about, nobody would be raptured! Nobody would go!--In spite of their self-righteous, hypocritical pretence of utter sanctification & holiness & saintliness. None of them would go either.
       88. IT'S ONLY THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST, HIS SON, THAT CLEANSETH US FROM ALL SIN! And if you believe in the blood of Jesus Christ, His Son, & you've received Him as your Saviour, then the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanseth us from all sin!--Past, present & future! It's Jesus that saves us, not ourselves! It's Christ's blood that saves us, not our own goodness, not our own perfection, not our own sanctification, not our own blah blah blah, all these false Holiness doctrines. (1Jn.1:7)
       89. BUT A LOT OF THOSE PEOPLE, LIKE MARIA HAS POINTED OUT, ARE GOING TO THINK THEY MISSED THE RAPTURE SOMEHOW, or somehow maybe they might have to go through the Tribulation if they're not good enough when Jesus comes! Isn't that pitiful? Thank God, in His Mercy He's going to Rapture even the ones who think they're not ready & think they're not good enough! And I would say that's probably the vast majority of the church people. They're certainly not good enough, & they certainly probably think they're not ready, or a lot of them do--except some of the Holiness people, they think they're ready, they're so holy. But down in their hearts they know better.
       90. THEY PUT ON A HYPOCRITICAL SHOW, A PRETENCE OF RIGHTEOUSNESS & HOLINESS, but they know in their hearts they're not perfect, they know they have sinful thoughts every day, sinful words, sinful actions! "There's none righteous, no, not one!" (Rom.3:10) Nobody is completely holy. We're just saved by Jesus' Love & His mercy & His grace, His blood shed for us on the tree!
       91. IF YOUR SALVATION DEPENDS IN ANY WAY ON YOU, YOURSELF & YOUR OWN WORKS, THEN JESUS' SALVATION WAS NOT ENOUGH! If in any way you're counted not ready to go when Jesus comes, but that your Salvation depends on how good you are & how many good works you've done, then Jesus' sacrifice on the cross was not enough! But it was, wasn't it? Praise God! TTL! "The blood of Jesus Christ, His Son, cleanseth us from all sin!" 1John 1:7, is that right?
       92. SO WHY DID THE DEVIL DECEIVE SCOFIELD INTO DECEIVING MOST OF THE BORN-AGAIN CHRISTIANS?--The Fundamentalists, Evangelicals & Pentecostals. Virtually all the genuine, born-again Christians believe in that pre-Trib doctrine & follow the Scofield Bible, think of it!--Except us!

       93. OUR VOICES WERE ALMOST THE FIRST TO BE RAISED IN BEHALF OF A POST-TRIBULATION RAPTURE! And now it's become a raging controversy in the United States. We spread our doctrine throughout the United States, from one end to the other & saturated that country with millions of those little leaflets, making it very clear that Jesus comes after the Tribulation, until now it has actually become a controversy amongst Christians! Whereas it was no controversy at all before we came along, believe it or not! It seemed like nobody had ever even heard of a post-Tribulation Rapture, although it was the common doctrine of the church 200 years ago!
       94. FOR 1700 YEARS THE CHURCH HAD ALL BELIEVED IN A POST-TRIBULATION COMING OF CHRIST! It's taught in the Catholic Douay Bible, it's taught in the Vulgate, it's taught in the Confraternity, it's taught by the Catholics! Thank God for the Catholics, they at least stuck to good strong doctrine along that line, that the Tribulation & the Antichrist were going to come first, & then Jesus is going to come & save us out of it! They're about the only ones left who still believe that, if they know it at all or believe it or even study it. Look, they don't even know it's in their Bible!--But it's there, I've read it! The footnotes explain all those Verses very accurately, who the "man of sin" is & who this Antichrist is, etc. They teach it very accurately.
       95. THE CATHOLICS ARE STRAIGHTER ON PROPHETIC DOCTRINE, regarding the Endtime, regarding the Tribulation & the Antichrist & the Second Coming & the sequence of those events, than the vast majority of Protestants!
       96. I TAKE IT BACK, WE'RE NOT THE ONLY ONES, THERE'S JUST ABOUT ONE MAJOR DENOMINATION TODAY WHICH TEACHES A POST-TRIB RAPTURE--& it was a little cult at one time that nobody hardly paid any attention to--& who is it? (Fam: Seventh-day Adventists.) But most Protestants didn't know that much about Seventh-day Adventists' prophetic doctrine to even know that they taught a post-Trib Rapture!
       97. I THINK SOME OF THEM GOT QUITE A SHOCK WHEN THEY WERE GOING THROUGH THE PROTESTANT BUILDING AT THE NEW YORK WORLD'S FAIR back in 1964 or '65 when they saw the Seventh-day Adventists' exhibit! It was the most vivid & beautiful exhibit in the whole building, even better than ours! I had a little old box that didn't amount to anything, but they really went in for audio-visuals! They always had. They'd always gone in for slides & motion pictures & audio, etc.
       98. THEY HAD A MARVELLOUS EXHIBIT, SIGHT & SOUND, & THIS BEAUTIFUL PAINTING! I don't know just how they did it, with projectors, etc., in this small booth less than half as big as this room! It could only crowd about two dozen people in there at a time. But it was on tape & they played this tape with sound & lighting effects. Here the World is in the confusion & horror of the Tribulation period, with the Antichrist & all that, & then suddenly Jesus comes!--And you see Jesus suddenly appear in the sky with lightning & thunder & trumpet & all these things! I don't know how they did it with all these visual effects, but then you see the Saints actually rising from the Earth up to meet the Lord in the air!
       99. WELL, OF COURSE NEARLY ALL THE PROTESTANTS WHO SAW IT WERE FURIOUS because they don't believe that the Church is going to go through the Tribulation. They said, "It's all false doctrine, heresy, those Seventh-day Adventists are a bunch of heretics!" I was believing the Post-Trib Rapture at that time but I hadn't found enough people to listen yet--till you came along!

       100. THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS GOING TO BE FOREVER, THANK THE LORD! Any questions? Anybody that didn't get anything straight? We ought to have a question period at the end of every Class in case you have a question. But as you think of it, as we go along, either jot it down or raise your hand. Maybe the best thing is to ask it right then, because maybe a lot of people are confused by the same thing!
       101. NOW HAVE WE GOT THE A-ACS CORRECT? The best time to call them that is when they are that, when they're against the Antichrist, & that's during the Tribulation & even during the first part of his reign & those that survive into the Millennium, who were the A-ACs!
       102. THEY'RE NO LONGER A-ACS AFTER THE MILLENNIUM BEGINS, ARE THEY? How can they be against the Antichrist when he's already gone? They were against the Antichrist, right? So we still can name'm A-ACs, they were the A-ACs that Jesus salvages & spares & helps to survive.
       103. BUT IN THE MILLENNIUM THEY'RE GOING TO BE THE SURVIVORS WHO WERE THE A-ACS, but when they get saved, no matter what part of the Millennium they get saved in, what are they going to be then? What kind of Saints? (Techi: Millennial Saints!)--Millennial Saints! So can we get that straight now? If the A-ACs get saved, then they become Millennial Saints, so why call them A-ACs any more?
       104. WE HAVE TO TEACH A LOT OF THINGS AS WE GO ALONG! If you already knew all these things I wouldn't have to teach them to you! That's why we can't seem to stick to the subject, because we have to explain so many side issues!

       105. SO "IN THE DAYS OF THESE KINGS"--WHAT KINGS? (Fam: The ten toes.)--The ten kings! They're not always toes, in some other visions they're horns. But here they're called toes so I'll accept that. And these ten toes represent what? (Fam: Ten kings.) I can't be dogmatic about who they are because the Bible doesn't say, "Now these ten kings are the European Economic Community! These ten kings are the ten nations of the EEC!" It doesn't say so! Therefore I can only say that's what I feel like or what the Lord has revealed to me. You can take it or leave it, believe it or not! (I'm sure the Devil's trying to destroy it or change it or keep it from being fulfilled by additions or subtractions, etc., but as far as God's concerned at least, in God's sight, there are still going to be just 10 main powers of Europe, the remainder of the Roman Empire, when the Lord takes over.)
       106. I'M SO USED TO DEALING WITH CHURCH PEOPLE WHO HAVE TO HAVE THE "HOLY WRIT" TO PROVE EVERYTHING, that I simply say about anything that the Lord has given me since, even though it's the Word of God & direct prophecy & revelation, particularly dealing with church people, "Well, you don't have to believe it if you don't want to! It's not in the Bible, but God gave it to me!"
       107. YOU'D BETTER BELIEVE IT!--But I don't think in all of the revelations & prophecies I've received that the Lord ever said specifically that Europe is the ten kings!--Has He? I don't think He's ever actually said that. But I have said that I believe it! I mean, the World obviously can't go on much longer, right? Even if the Antichrist didn't arise in 1986 it can't go on much longer the way things are going. If God let it go on much longer they'd destroy themselves, all Mankind & the Earth, the whole works! So it's gotta stop soon!
       108. ROME & ALL THESE OTHER GREAT EMPIRES ARE ALREADY PAST, we're obviously living & have been living for several centuries in the feet, therefore we've gotta be in the toes. This has gotta be the End! With the Antichrist coming soon & Jesus coming immediately thereafter, it's gotta be the toes! This has gotta be the End!
       109. WELL THEN IF THIS IS THE END & THOSE KINGS ROSE OUT OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE--in other words, those kingdoms or nations are remnants of the Roman Empire--where was the Roman Empire? It covered most of Europe, didn't it, & also part of the Mideast. We're going to get more into that later too, as to where the Antichrist is going to arise, etc.
       110. THE ROMAN EMPIRE COVERED MOST OF EUROPE, EVEN ENGLAND, & THE MIDEAST. Well, then if those nations are remnants of the Roman Empire, then they have got to be nations of Europe &/or the Mideast. And when you've got a mighty union today of ten nations of Europe, then it certainly looks to me just by algebraic equation, X the unknown factor, that I believe it's just gotta be Europe! As the little girl said, "If Europe hadn'tabeen'r, whodabeen'r?"
       111. WHO COULD IT BE BESIDES EUROPE? IT'S OBVIOUSLY EUROPE! I think it's apparently Europe! I can't prove it by the Bible, the Bible doesn't say anything about the European Economic Community, but it says a lot about the ten nations which grow out of the Roman Empire, & that's Europe! And they're the most powerful. Compared to them the Mideast is nothing, all it's got is oil. Compared to nations of the World, Europe is the most powerful of all! I'm personally convinced of it! You don't have to believe it if you don't want to. I can't make you believe anything. But I'm convinced that it's Europe, because Europe is the remnant of the old Roman Empire. Right? It's still got some of the iron in it, too! Okay! Maybe we can at least get through this passage!

       DAN.2:44b,45, LENGTH OF THE IMAGE!
       112. (VERSE 44B:) "AND THE KINGDOM SHALL NOT BE LEFT TO OTHER PEOPLE, but it shall break in pieces & consume all these kingdoms & it shall stand forever!" Hallelujah! Isn't that wonderful? Thank God!
       113. (VERSE 45:) "FORASMUCH AS THOU SAWEST THAT THE STONE WAS CUT OUT OF THE MOUNTAIN WITHOUT HANDS, & that it brake in pieces the iron, the brass, the clay, the silver & the gold; the great God hath made known to the king what shall come to pass hereafter!"--And a long time hereafter! Praise God! Well, part of it was in existence right then, the head of gold. Nebuchadnezzar & his Babylonian Kingdom was the head of gold.
       114. BUT THE TOES WERE A LONG WAYS OFF, IN FACT ABOUT 2500 YEARS AWAY FROM THE DAYS OF NEBUCHADNEZZAR! How do you know? When was Nebuchadnezzar? (Fam: 600 B.C.)--Right, in those 500-year periods I gave you, you figure about 500 years before Christ. Why? (Fam: The Captivity.)--Yes, & the Captivity is usually dated specifically at what date? That's one date you should memorise. The fall of Jerusalem occurred 586 B.C. under the hordes of Babylon & Nebuchadnezzar was the king, so Nebuchadnezzar was in existence a little over 500 years before Christ, & that's about 2500 years ago, right?
       115. SO FROM HEAD TO TOE, THE IMAGE IS HOW LONG? You can tell how long that Image was, not in feet or meters but in years. How long? (Fam: 2500 years!) Roughly speaking in round numbers the Image was 2500 years long, from the Kingdom of Babylon to the ten kings of Europe in the End, now, today! 2500 years! That's a nice round number, easy to remember! Okay! PTL!
       116. NOW DO YOU UNDERSTAND EVERYTHING THERE IS TO KNOW ABOUT THESE TEN TOES & THE IRON & THE CLAY & who they are, what they are & when they are? Well, I've told you all I know, except in the next passage we're going to get into more detail where they're called ten horns, how the Antichrist arises, what happens & all that sort of thing. And what chapter is that in? (Fam: Daniel 7.) That's the story about this Beast that rises out of the sea. So it's very important that you study that thoroughly before we have our next class.
       117. LORD WILLING WE WILL STUDY THE 7TH CHAPTER OF DANIEL, PARTICULARLY THE DETAILS ABOUT THE RISE OF THE ANTICHRIST & THESE TEN KINGS. The ten kings arise first, actually they're there already, but they're only given great power, the Bible says, "one hour with the Beast." (Rev.17:12) They don't have that kind of power today. Europe is not ruling the Earth today, is it? Well, I'd better not get into that now or I'll tell you some secrets before our next Class! PTL! I think that's enough for today, about two hours & about all anybody can stand! So let's pray!

       118. ISN'T THAT A WONDERFUL VERSE? "IN THE DAYS OF THOSE KINGS GOD HIMSELF WILL FORM A KINGDOM that shall never be destroyed, & it shall be given to the Saints of the Most High"--You! PTL! Hallelujah! Remember, that Kingdom doesn't begin with the Second Coming of Christ, it's already here!--But just in you & me! But it won't even rule the Earth when Jesus comes, not the Second Coming. We don't rule the Earth until the Third Coming! When we win the Battle of Armageddon, that establishes the Kingdom of God on Earth, worldwide, Earthwide, we rule the Earth! Praise God! So the time is coming!
       119. THEY MAY KICK US AROUND NOW & GIVE US A LOT OF TROUBLE, BUT LET ME TELL YOU, IF THEY GIVE US ANY TROUBLE THEN WE'LL KICK THEM AROUND! God made a promise to me there in the Philadelphia Prophecy, He said that those which call themselves Jews but are not Jews but are of the Synagogue of Satan, they're going to bow down & worship us then & some of them are going to be dust under our feet! (Rev.3:9; Isa.49:23) They won't give us any more trouble then, praise God!--Otherwise they'll go, psshht, & vapourise!--Dust under our feet! Praise God! So you've got that to look forward to!
       120. OUR DAY IS REALLY COMING, BUT THIS IS A WONDERFUL DAY TODAY IN WHICH WE CAN STILL WIN SOULS TO GO TO HEAVEN! PTL!--A special special class of saved right now that are going to get to enjoy Heaven from the time Jesus comes! PTL! So don't be late, keep working! We don't want to quit yet, we've got lots of souls to win yet! PTL!
       121. SO LET'S PRAY FOR THE KINGDOM! As we pray the prayer the Lord Himself taught us to pray: (Prays the Lord's Prayer) TYJ! Bless & keep them now safely, Lord, all the day through, & help us to get lots accomplished as we prepare for Thy Kingdom, Thy Kingdom Come, in Jesus' name! PTL! Hallelujah! GBY all! ILY! Did you learn anything? (Fam: Yes!) You mean you're still learning? (Fam: Yes!) You're the ones who are going to live through it, so you need to know it! So make sure you understand!--Amen?

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family