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DANIEL 7 REVIEW!--Also Daniel 2:44 & Revelation 17!       ET# 43       DO 2172       4/85

       1. (SINGS:)
       I look away across the sea
       Where mansions are prepared for me!
       And view the shining glory shore,
       My Heaven, my Home for ever more!"

That's a cute little song that shows that you've got Heaven already, right here, even though your Home is still Over There! That's what we've been doing with these Posters! PTL! TYJ!
       2. I'VE BEEN REALLY THINKING ABOUT CLASS & THIS SUBJECT DURING THE NIGHT & I just got up this morning all inspired to have Class! I hope you don't mind having class this morning instead of Sunday. This way you'll have your entire Sunday free. You already have a meeting on Sunday, so that's like having two big meetings on Sundays! It's getting to be like church where you have two big meetings on Sundays & you get all gluttony on Sundays & then starve the rest of the week. Well, we haven't been starving you this week, have we? (Fam: No!) Amen! PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ!
       3. (SINGS:)
       For home & for Loved Ones & Heavenly Bread!
       Hallelujah! Thine the Glory!
       Hallelujah! Amen!
       Hallelujah! Thine the Glory!
       We praise Thee again! A-a-a-a-men!"

Amen! It's 10:30 on the button, let's pray! (Family prays)

       REVIEW!--DANIEL 2
       4. HOW MANY OF YOU DID YOUR HOMEWORK & STUDIED OVER DANIEL 7? PTL! Actually all of these details have been dealt with in detail in dear Samson Warner's series on Bible Prophecy, which I think was made into a kind of a little booklet once upon a time, wasn't it? And I don't think we need to go over all the details other than to remind you of what these particular kingdoms or empires are, or what these beasts represent. If you don't know'm by this time, I don't know if you'll ever learn'm, because we've been over them so many times! He went over them in his classes, I've mentioned them many times in mine, & we went over them again in the Garden of Eden series on video. So you certainly should be familiar with them by now.
       5. WELL, FOR THE SAKE OF REVIEW, LET'S SEE IF YOU REMEMBER WHAT HAPPENED LAST CLASS! What Chapter were we on then? (Fam: Daniel 2.) And what is Chapter 2 about? (Fam: The Image.)--Good! Nobody said Daniel's Image. It wasn't his image, it was really God's image. God gave it, a picture of the kingdoms of this World beginning with what? (Fam: Babylon.) And the shoulders & arms of...? (Fam: Medo-Persia.)--Having two arms, one stronger than the other, Cyrus, king of the Persians being the dominant power. Usually most people have one arm stronger than the other, don't they?--Right arm or left arm either one. Bowels of brass? (Fam: Greece!) And legs of iron? (Fam: Rome.) And out of the legs of iron sprang feet & toes of...? (Fam: Iron & clay.) Representing? (Fam: Dictatorships & democracies.)--A mixture of dictatorships & democracies, which is what part of the World today? (Fam: Europe.) What part of the World did Rome occupy most of all?--Europe!
       6. AND SO OUT OF THE REMAINS OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE, EUROPE, FINALLY THE IMAGE HAS WHAT? (FAM: TEN TOES.) And this 2nd chapter says specifically what about those ten toes? We know those ten toes are kings of Europe because Europe is what's left of the Roman Empire, & Europe is still a little bit of Rome & modern democracy mixed. In fact, did you know that nearly all of modern law, both European & Western, is based not on the Mosaic Law at all, but on Roman law! The language, terminology & everything of nearly all modern law is based on Roman law!

       7. ROME IS STILL THE LAW-GIVER OF THIS WORLD! Rome still rules this World through its laws. And we're going to show you in this study that Rome did not fall! Rome still lives! Well, it did fall, but it's being revived. Some of you are going to get the hint about what we're going to tell you about later. But our study today in particular in the 7th Chapter is going to prove to you that there is no difference between the ancient Roman Empire & the revival of that Roman Empire under the Antichrist. It's considered one & the same Beast! And they are both very much alike.
       8. WHAT KIND OF A LEADER DID ROME HAVE? (FAM: A DICTATOR.) What was he called? (Fam: Caesar.)--Absolute authoritarian dictatorship in those days of the height of Rome's glory! There were some days in which Rome had a little more democracy, particularly in the latter days. As Rome began to decay & fall apart it had greater democracy & self-rule, which shows it was the weakening mixture of the clay that weakened the iron that finally virtually destroyed it.
       9. AS LONG AS THEY HAD ABSOLUTE DICTATORSHIP & IRON LEADERS, ROME WAS THE STRONGEST OF ALL, in all its history, & was a powerful worldwide government of the civilised World of that day. The World never really has been very civilised, but they consider themselves civilised. You find nearly every culture thinks that they are indeed the people, they are civilised, & the rest of the World are barbarians. When some of these Romans got to China, China called them barbarians. And compared to the Chinese & Oriental cultures, Western Europe was still barbaric! China was far more civilised.
       10. BUT ANYHOW, THE FEET & THE TOES COME DIRECTLY OUT OF ROME, THE LEGS OF IRON!--Part & parcel of Rome, except that Rome decays, falls apart, so to speak, & seems to have lost its power. In the Chapter we're going to study today you're going to find out that the Antichrist Kingdom is identified exactly & inherently with ancient Rome, as a part of Rome, even as the feet & toes of iron & clay are still Rome, but decadent Rome, a Rome that to all appearances to man today is dead--dead empire, dead language. Uh oh, I'm going to give something away: "The head which was wounded unto death & yet did live again!" I'm telling you secrets ahead of time now. It'll give you something to chew on & relish a little bit. "The beast that was"--Rome--"& is not, & yet is! The head which was wounded unto death & yet did live again!" (Rev.13:3; 17:8)
       11. YOU'LL FIND IN THE 2ND CHAPTER THAT THE TOES ARE VIRTUALLY IDENTIFIED WITH THE LEGS as having come out of the legs & being part of that Empire & a mere revival of that empire. How do we know that those ten toes are modern Europe today? (Sara: Because of Verse 44, "In the days of these kings.")--Exactly! "In the days of these kings!"--These ten kings whose nations have come out of the old Roman Empire & in fact are still a part of the old Roman Empire, ruled by Roman law, ruled largely by Roman religion, & even were called, until fairly recently, the Holy Roman Empire.
       12. SO ROME REALLY NEVER DIED, IT SIMPLY SORT OF LOOKED LIKE IT WAS DEAD, & we're going to get into that when we study in Revelation about "the head that was wounded unto death". Just one head was wounded of that Beast, there were 7 heads. And as we studied before, the 7th head was what? Come on, Revelation! What are the 7 heads of that beast?--Also of Satan himself, he has seven heads. And yet this other Beast arises, it's called a Beast in Revelation 13, & it's the same colour & it also has seven heads, yet it's not exactly the same. One's the Dragon, one's the Beast. One's the Devil, one's the Antichrist. How come they both have seven heads? Well, now I'm getting ahead of the story, but I wanted to refresh your memory about that so you can connect it & relate it to what we're studying now.

       13. DANIEL ONCE QUOTED THE ANGEL THAT SPOKE TO HIM & ANSWERED HIS PRAYER AFTER FIGHTING HIS WAY THROUGH THE FORCES OF THE DEVIL, particularly one demon who had actually delayed the answer for three weeks. What was this demon? What was he called? (Fam: The Prince of Persia.) (Dan.10:13) Do you think the angel actually wrestled with the king who was king of Persia at that time, the human king of Persia?--No. Then what king of Persia was it? (Fam: Spiritual.)--The Devil's own demonic Satanic archangel who was his spiritual king of Persia! The Devil always has a counterpart, a parallel, & while the Devil puts certain human kings on the throne, he has his actual, real, much more powerful demonic king who is ruling over that king, guiding him in his thoughts, & perhaps, as I've often said, even possessing him, as Satan himself will possess the Antichrist. (See No.961, "Satan--King of Empires!")
       14. I'M GETTING KIND OF AHEAD OF THE STORY, BUT WHAT WE HAVE IN THE DRAGON WITH SEVEN HEADS & THE BEAST WITH SEVEN HEADS is as though each hand here had seven fingers & I would put them together like this & put one inside of the other. The Dragon is responsible for all the heads & all the Beasts, allowed by God to do so. God's still in control. And Satan has a spiritual head for every empire that has ever existed. And as far as God's concerned, they're virtually one & the same, only the one is spiritual, Satan & his 7 archdemons, & man & his 7 empires or emperors. They are, in a sense, one, although they are distinct & pictured distinctly, separately, the Dragon with his 7 heads & the Beast with his 7 heads.
       15. I DON'T KNOW WHY I GOT AHEAD OF THE STORY HERE BUT I GUESS I JUST COULDN'T WAIT, BECAUSE I'VE GOT TO RELATE BACK TO THIS. We'll go into the details of Revelation on that a little later, it's not in the right sequence yet, but I'm sort of giving you a little flash-forward like they do in the movies sometimes, giving you a glimpse of what's going to happen. The movies are full of flashbacks of what has happened as background for what's happening now in the movie. But frequently you'll have a flash-forward of how it's going to end, to help you understand what's going on right now.
       16. I KNOW IT'S BEEN A LONG TIME SINCE YOU STUDIED IT, BUT THE SATANIC SPIRITUAL HEADS & THE HUMAN PHYSICAL HEADS OF THESE KINGDOMS ARE SPOKEN OF AS "KINGS". But the word actually used in the Hebrew is "powers", which can also be translated empires or great powers, superpowers they call them today, right? The great nations who rule the Earth today, the two greatest, are called superpowers.
       17. WELL, MAN HAS ALWAYS HAD HIS SUPERPOWERS THROUGHOUT HISTORY, since the earliest days of the first great World superpower. It didn't rule the whole World, but it ruled the only part of the World which was really important at that day, the part that was most civilised & populated. They'd hardly gotten out of the Fertile Crescent because it hadn't been that many years since Noah, so what was the World's first great Superpower? (Fam: Egypt!) And next? (Fam: Assyria.) Modern Syria today is still a part of ancient Assyria, & that's where it got its name. Third? (Fam: Babylon.) Fourth? (Fam: Medo-Persia.) Now we've hit the Image, haven't we? We've gotten to the Image beginning with Babylon. Fifth? (Fam: Greece.) Sixth? (Fam: Rome.) Seventh? (Fam: The Antichrist.)
       18. THEN WE HIT SOMETHING VERY STRANGE THAT I DON'T HAVE TIME TO EXPLAIN TO YOU, but in Revelation it even says there's an 8th! We'll get into that later. But it says the 7th & the 8th are the same! (Rev.17:11) The 6th was Rome, the Antichrist the 7th. Are you thinking? Maybe you never paid much attention to those Bible Prophecy books & teachings, neither Samson Warner's nor mine, maybe you thought it was too deep for you.
       19. ACTUALLY, IN THE "GARDEN OF EDEN" SERIES I SIMPLY WENT OVER IT VERY VERY ROUGHLY & SUMMARILY, because I always felt in that series that I was speaking to the general public. There must be a day coming for those tapes, because I was burdened, definitely, to speak to the World, not just to the Family. I tried to put it in simple terms for their benefit & summarise it very briefly for their benefit. Nevertheless, all this was there, but not in as great detail as we're going into now. It's very strange. We'll get into those heads later.
       20. WE'VE GOT ROME THE 6TH HEAD, THE ANTICHRIST THE 7TH HEAD, & YET IT ALSO SAYS THAT THE ANTICHRIST IS THE 8TH HEAD!--A very mysterious thing which has puzzled Bible scholars for years, & I have never heard any Bible Prophecy scholar, teacher, professor, writer or theologian ever satisfactorily ex-plain that 8th head.--Because it says that the 7th head, even he is the 8th! Well, I think I'm going to be able to give you the solution to it when we get to that passage!

       21. RIGHT NOW I WANT TO REMIND YOU AGAIN ABOUT THE TEN TOES, "That in the days of these kings, the God of Heaven shall set up a Kingdom which shall never be destroyed." (Dan.2:44) What Kingdom is that? (Fam: God's.) Where? (Fam: In the Millennium.) That's when, where? (Fam: On Earth.) "In the days of those kings"--that is, in other words, the last of man's kingdoms on Earth, the last, that is, of evil man's kingdoms on Earth, unregenerate man's kingdoms on Earth, the politics of today. In the days of these kings, God is going to set up His Kingdom on Earth, the Kingdom of God!
       22. WHEN THOSE KINGS EXIST, IT WILL BE IN THEIR DAYS, IN FACT THE END OF THEIR DAYS, WHEN THE LORD WILL SET UP HIS KINGDOM, & when does Christ set up His Kingdom on Earth? (Fam: In the Millennium, at the end of the Battle of Armageddon.)--Right! So, "in the days of these kings", don't forget that now!
       23. WHAT DOES EUROPE HAVE NOW IN THE NUMBER OF 10?* (FAM: THE EEC.)--The EEC, or the European Economic Community, composed of how many European nations? (Fam: 10.) That's never happened before! Europe has never before united, since the days of Rome, in one united group of Kingdoms, & especially not to the exact number of 10! So doesn't that tell you something? For one thing, it tells you that the end is near when God's going to set up His Kingdom, "in the days of these kings." *(See Paragraphs 29-30.)
       24. IT ALSO TELLS YOU AS WE'LL SEE IN THE NEXT STUDY, THAT IT WILL BE IN THE DAYS OF THE BEAST, the one who finally really unites these kingdoms. And they have one mind with the Beast, one heart with the Beast, to do his will, & they do exactly what he tells them to do. And what does he tell these kings to do finally? (Fam: Destroy North America.)--Destroy the Whore, the United States. (Rev.17:13,16)
       25. WE SEE INDICATIONS IN THE NEWSPAPER ALL THE TIME OF HOW EUROPE IS DRIFTING CLOSER & CLOSER TOGETHER, West Germany with East Germany, European nations resenting American domination trying to tell them what to do, not to trade with Russia, have nothing to do with the Communists, blah blah. Whereas they're getting closer & closer together all the time, particularly in commercial ties, trade ties, & almost sympathetic politics. Germany wants to unite again! They all speak the same language, it was the same country. It's the natural desire of Germans to be together once again, & they will be!
       26. SO IT IS "IN THE DAYS OF THESE KINGS", IN OTHER WORDS, IN THE DAY WHEN THE REMAINS OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE, EUROPE, HAS 10 KINGS or kingdoms, 10 principal powers, God is going to set up His Kingdom. So are we near the End? (Fam: Yes!) Well, we'll find out a little bit more detail of how the Antichrist goes about uniting those kings & setting up his kingdom on top of them & composed of them in the very last days of the Endtime.
       27. SO ONCE AGAIN, QUESTION! This is a little review question, because if you haven't gotten it the first time around, let's hope you get it during the Review. How do we know this is the End? (Fam: Because of the ten kings of Europe.) Because it says "in the days of these kings." Does Europe have those 10 powers or kingdoms today? The translation would have been better to have said powers or kingdoms. They do have leaders but the leaders change frequently. But it means these ten powers. "In the days of these kingdoms"--these ten nations, in other words, of Europe, God is going to set up His Kingdom.
       28. IN THIS PARTICULAR VISION IN DANIEL 2 HE SKIPS OVER ANYTHING ABOUT THE ANTICHRIST & THE ANTICHRIST KINGDOM & He as good as identifies the 10 toes or the 10 kingdoms of Europe with the Antichrist Kingdom, literally, because that's what they become, along with a good deal of the rest of the World.
       29. SO THAT, THANK THE LORD, "IN THE DAYS OF THESE KINGS SHALL THE GOD OF HEAVEN SET UP A KINGDOM WHICH SHALL NEVER BE DESTROYED!"--In the days of the 10 existing nations of Europe today who form the European Economic Community. I am absolutely convinced that these are the powers or kingdoms he was talking about, because it has never happened before! This is the first time Europe has ever been completely united in any kind of an association, no matter what you think of it. This is the first time Europe has worked together & had exactly 10 members. There are other members trying to get in. Right now there have been some members trying to get out who don't like it! But God says "in the days of these ten kings"!
       30. I'M SURE THE DEVIL'S TRYING TO DESTROY IT OR CHANGE IT or try to keep it from being fulfilled by additions or subtractions etc., but it's never going to happen. There are still going to be just 10, as far as God's concerned at least, in God's sight, just 10 main powers of Europe, the remainder of the Roman Empire, when the Lord takes over.
       31. IN DANIEL 2 HE DOESN'T SPECIFY & HE DOESN'T GO INTO THE DETAILS OF THE ANTICHRIST KINGDOM, but we must assume then, of course, that these 10 toes are exactly the same as the 10 horns of Daniel 7 & the 10 horns of Revelation 17. This number is repeated too many times to be accidental or not be one & the same, associated with each other, identical in fact. The 10 toes of the Image are the same as the 10 horns of the Beast in Daniel 7, & the 10 horns of the Beast in Revelation 13 & 17.
       32. YOU CAN LEARN MORE IF YOU'RE STUDYING YOUR BIBLE THAN STUDYING MY FACE! Nevertheless, I know that your attention is naturally drawn to this horn here that's spouting off! I sort of gave you a resume' of the whole picture there, even sort of started hinting at some of the secrets of the Endtime of Revelation that you're going to be studying. But now let's actually read the passage here in the 7th Chapter of Daniel, shall we?

       33. I'M NOT GOING TO READ THE PART TO IDENTIFY THESE OTHER BEASTS, BECAUSE YOU ALREADY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE. The Image having begun with Babylon, the first beast in this chapter is what? (Fam: Babylon.) Yes, that's the kingdom it's symbolic of, but let's mention the name of the beast while we're at it, shall we? (Fam: A lion.)--Representing Babylon. The next? (Fam: A bear.)--Representing Medo-Persia. Didn't Medo-Persia immediately follow Babylon? It had three ribs in its mouth, we don't have time to go into these details, but these are the three major countries that Medo-Persia devoured.
       34. AND ONE SIDE WAS RAISED UP HIGHER THAN THE OTHER. WHAT ABOUT MEDO-PERSIA, the arms of silver? Didn't it have two arms, two major parts? The very name, Medo-Persia, means what?--The laws of the Medes & Persians! The Medes were one people, the Persians were another. But the Persians were more powerful & they were the rulers of the Medo-Persian Kingdom. The Medes furnished the military generals who with armies fought the wars, but the Persians were dominant over the Medes & they furnished the kings. So one side of the bear was lifted up higher than the other.
       35. NEXT WAS A LEOPARD, & IT HAD SOMETHING THAT MOST LEOPARDS DON'T HAVE!--What? (Fam: Four wings!) How about that! It not only had four wings, it had four heads! It had four wings to show how rapidly it grew & flew, literally flew across the World! And this leopard represented which kingdom? (Fam: Greece.) Didn't Greece follow Medo-Persia? Didn't the bowels of brass follow the silver arms & chest? Right! I'm just very briefly reviewing this to remind you of what these are because you're supposed to know. You should have memorised all this by this time.
       36. DID GREECE GROW & EXPAND VERY RAPIDLY? WHO WAS THE GREAT HORN OF GREECE which we find in the next chapter? (Fam: Alexander the Great.)--The great he-goat with one great big horn who defeated the Persian ram of two horns--two horns again, two powers, Medes & Persians. How long did it take Alexander the Great to conquer the known, civilised Western World of the day? (Fam: 10 years.)--Just 10 years, the fastest World conquest which ever occurred in all history! It was supernatural, miraculous! I'm sure it was God-ordained to spread Greek culture, language, philosophy, science etc. across all the known World of the day, in order to later facilitate the spread of the Gospel.
       37. BUT THE GREEKS DID NOT HAVE THE STRONG CENTRAL GOVERNMENT THAT ROME HAD. Alexander was a great king, but when he was gone, what happened? (Fam: His kingdom was divided.) The leopard had four heads, & Greece was divided into four great portions of the Empire ruled by his four major generals. So it's an exact parallel to the picture here.
       38. GOD IS DRAWING A PICTURE! HE MUST THINK WE'RE VERY SIMPLE & VERY CHILDLIKE, HE HAS TO DRAW PICTURES LIKE THIS & He shows how fast the leopard travelled. It's a very fast beast anyhow, but this one had wings! And it shows how it's finally divided into four heads. As Alexander said on his deathbed when his generals asked, "Well, which one of us is to inherit the kingdom?" He said, "To the strongest!" But they were smart! They decided it wasn't smart to fight it out until they found out who was strongest & one man take over the whole thing. They said, "Well, let's just make peace now & divvy it up & you take that & I'll take this & you can take that etc." It lasted pretty well for awhile, but like most of man's treaties & agreements & peaces, they finally go to pieces! And they were soon warring with each other anyway. So that was Greece. Now comes the one we're most interested in & the subject of our principal study in this series.

       39. 7TH VERSE: "AFTER THIS"--AFTER GREECE & ITS DIVISION--"I SAW IN THE NIGHT VISIONS"--Daniel was having visions in the night. What are visions? (Fam: Pictures.) God has His Own kind of television! Do you know what the word tele-vision means? What does "tele" mean? You've got to go back to the Latin, "tele" means "distant," "vision" means "sight," so television is a distant sight, or a sight from a distance. Tele-vision means distant sight, you're sighting or seeing things from a distance.
       40. WELL, WHEN GOD GIVES A VISION & IT'S COMING FROM HEAVEN, THAT'S ABOUT THE FUR-THEST BROADCAST YOU CAN GET! If it's coming from Space City out there somewhere in Space, that is really television! Somebody has said the World's best forms of communication are telephone, telegraph, television & tell-a-woman! If you want it broadcast & told everywhere, tell a woman! They say women have a hard time keeping secrets, I don't really know. My wife keeps secrets very well. So that's not always true, girls, so don't feel bad.
       41. BUT I THINK WHEN IT COMES TO THE GOSPEL, THAT'S GREAT! If you want it broadcast Worldwide, tell a woman! And that's exactly what's happened, 80% of the missionaries are women! Not in our Family though, thank God! We have almost as many men missionaries as women. Praise God, with us it's about 50/50. But with the churches & missionary societies it's 80/20. 80% of them are women, isn't that sad? The men say, "Here am I, Lord, send my sister!" And while the women are out on the firing line at the front in the most dangerous part of the war, the men are nearly all back home hiding behind pulpits & jobs in the security & supposed safety of the homeland. Well, that's another subject! I'd better not get onto churches, or you know me!

       42. SO DANIEL WAS WATCHING TELEVISION, GOD'S TELEVISION! Television can be pretty gory & grisly sometimes, & this particular television he was watching was pretty rough. It was full of violence like today's television, because God was picturing man like he looks to the Lord. It's always sort of amused me how the Lord had to picture man's kingdoms to the great King Nebuchadnezzar, the King of Babylon! He pictured the kingdoms of this World how? (Fam: Beasts.) No, no, no, to Nebuchadnezzar! You're a little slow, you've gotta think! I said Nebuchadnezzar! This 7th Chapter was not a vision given to Nebuchadnezzar, it was given directly in the night visions to Daniel!
       43. BUT HOW DID GOD PICTURE THE KINGDOMS OF MAN TO THE KING, NEBUCHADNEZZAR? (Fam: As an Image.)--A beautiful, gorgeous Idol or Image. In fact, he was so infatuated with the idea he made one just like it shortly afterward!--Maybe not just like it, but similar, & commanded everybody to fall down & worship it! See how screwed up, mixed up & confused some of these World political leaders can get? Here he didn't really understand the whole thing, but he thought it was so wonderful maybe he was supposed to make an idol like that. He knew it was supernatural & miraculous & came from God, so he decided that God must want everybody to worship that Image! Isn't that ridiculous? It was just a trick of the Devil, a deceit of the Devil to have Nebuchadnezzar make that Image.
       44. BUT THAT IS THE WAY GOD PICTURED IT TO A GREAT KING, A GREAT RULER, FOR DANIEL'S SAFETY'S SAKE. He made it look beautiful & wondrous. "Thou, O King, art this head of gold! You're the best, the greatest! Right at the top!" Don't you think that sounded pretty complimentary? Don't you think that's the best way to talk to a king who has the power of life & death over you? You don't necessarily tell'm the whole story, all of it!
       45. BUT NOW WHEN GOD WANTS TO SHOW DANIEL WHAT THE KINGDOMS OF THIS WORLD ARE LIKE, HE PICTURES THEM AS RAVENOUS RAVENING RAPACIOUS DEVOURING CRUEL BEASTS! And of all four, which was the worst? (Fam: The fourth.) He hasn't even got a name for him. He's so horrible he can't even compare him to any particular beast of this Earth. And in Revelation we find out that this Beast of Revelation is composed of all these other beasts! He is part lion, bear & leopard! And isn't that what Rome was? Didn't it devour all these others? Let's read it! Here it says so.

       46. (DAN.7:7:) "AND BEHOLD, A FOURTH BEAST, DREADFUL & TERRIBLE!" Well, there's two names for it, you can call him "Dreadful" or you can call him "Terrible" if you want to. "And strong exceedingly." Here's your picture of Rome. "And it had great iron teeth: It devoured & brake in pieces & stamped the residue"--meaning these three Beasts that preceded it--"stamped the residue with the feet of it." This dreadful, terrible Beast devoured these other three previous empires.
       47. "AND IT WAS DIVERSE FROM ALL THE BEASTS THAT WERE BEFORE IT."--It was different from all the beasts that were before it. It was so different he can't even think of a name for it, not a natural beast of this Earth at all, not a lion or a bear nor a leopard, but something even more horrible, more terrible. And wasn't Rome the most horrible, terrible, powerful empire that had ever hit this Earth?--And didn't it devour all the other Empires & all the other nations before it?--Exceeding cruel!
       48. IT WAS THE EMPIRE THAT HAD POWER OVER THE EARTH IN THE DAY OF JESUS' BIRTH, & in the days of great Christian persecutions. In fact, 10 major persecutions were conducted against the Christians by this Empire! They're classified in secular history as ten major Roman persecutions. They persecuted the Church, the Christians! Does that sound like anything you've heard about lately? This coming Antichrist Kingdom will be composed of the same nations, the same territory, the same kind of a government like Rome, an absolute dictatorial, authoritarian emperor, & literally having the same spirit as the old Roman Empire, in that it persecutes Christians & fights the Saints, just like ancient Rome did!
       49. SO AS YOU'RE GOING TO SEE, THE ANTICHRIST KINGDOM IS LITERALLY A REVIVAL OF THE OLD ROMAN EMPIRE COME BACK TO LIFE AGAIN! Here we have Rome come to life again. We haven't gotten into that yet, you'll get that in Revelation, but I'm giving you a little preview. Isn't that what they do in movies all the time? They give you previews of what's coming so it will make your mouth water & want to be sure & see it. Well, I've just given you a little foretaste to make your mouth water, & you're going to be studying next time trying to see if all these things be so! PTL!
       50. IT WAS DIFFERENT! THERE HAD NEVER BEEN ANOTHER WORLD EMPIRE AS POWERFUL & AS GREAT & which covered as much territory as the Roman Empire, & as cruel, & especially as cruel to believers, to Christians. Not even the ancient empires before had persecuted God's people as much as Rome eventually persecuted Christians. Rome was definitely anti-Christ!--Very anti-Christian, therefore anti-Christ. Does that sound familiar? Don't we have a new Rome coming up, old Rome revived really, that is also anti-Christ?
       51. THE SIMILARITY IS UNMISTAKABLE, IN FACT IT'S IDENTICAL! In fact, according to these passages, you're going to find out it is one & the same!--It's Rome!--The head that was & is not, right now, & yet is. "The head that was wounded unto death & yet did live." Therefore the Antichrist Kingdom will literally be a revival of the old Roman Empire in the spirit of Rome, as cruel & rapacious & devouring & crushing as ancient Rome, & just as anti-Christ as ancient Rome, if not more anti-Christ. "The head which was, & is not, & yet is!" So, PTL! That's pretty clear!
       52. I HAVE TO MENTION THESE OTHER SCRIPTURES & GIVE YOU A LITTLE FORETASTE as we go along because otherwise you don't really understand what we're driving at. So if you want to read a description not only of ancient Rome, the Roman Empire, but a description of what the Antichrist Kingdom is going to be like, & which we promised you we're studying now--what's the main subject of this series now? (Fam: The Antichrist & his kingdom.) Well, if you want to know what his kingdom is like, here's one of the pictures right here. It is a revival of ancient Rome. It will cover the same territory as ancient Rome, in fact the ten leading nations of it are the remains of ancient Rome. And it has the anti-Christ spirit of ancient Rome, the cruel, devouring spirit. In fact, it's the Dragon's seventh head as well.

       REVELATION 17:10,12,13 & 16
       53. "AND IT HAD TEN HORNS!" Now later on we find out from the description & the explanation by the Angel that these ten horns are ten kings. (Dan.7:24) How can one government have ten kings? Well, the United States has 50 states & each one has a governor. The Antichrist will have Europe under his control, as well as much of the rest of the World, but primarily Europe will be his stronghold. And these ten nations will be those who cooperate with him the most! Maybe we ought to just turn to that for a minute to get that through your head, to make sure you know that, & it's Revelation 17, because here we have again the Beast with seven heads.
       54. NOW WE'RE IN THE 17TH CHAPTER OF REVELATION GIVING YOU ANOTHER PREVIEW, because you have to relate it to what we're studying today to understand it. This is a much clearer explanation of it. The 6th head was Rome, the 7th head the Antichrist Kingdom, literally a revival of ancient Rome. And speaking of these seven heads of the Beast in Revelation 17, He says they are seven kings or kingdoms. Here's one of the most specific prophecies & descriptions of these World empires of almost any place in the Scripture, a specific time prophecy predicting it.
       55. VERSE 10, HE SAYS, "FIVE ARE FALLEN, & ONE IS!" Now get the relationship, one is when? When was this prophecy given? In the days of John the Revelator, & he was living under the Roman Empire. So when they say "one is," which one was that? (Fam: Rome!) He's saying, "John, one is present right now, the one ruling the World now is the one that is, Rome!" Five had fallen. Five great World Empires had preceded Rome. I don't have time to name them again, you're supposed to know'm, from Egypt to Rome.
       56. "AND THE OTHER IS NOT YET COME!"--THE FINAL GREAT WORLD EMPIRE OF MAN IS NOT YET COME. "And when he cometh, he must continue a short space."--His kingdom is only going to last a very short time compared to most of these empires. Rome lasted about a thousand years, most of them lasted for hundreds of years, but this final empire is only going to last how long? (Fam: Seven years.)--Only seven years. (Sara: And 75 days.) Seven years & 75 days, very good. Sara will never forget that, God bless her. Well, roughly speaking in round numbers, seven years. He's going to continue a short space, it's going to be very short.
       57. NOW, FLIP BACK AGAIN TO DANIEL BECAUSE WE'RE NOT GOING TO GO INTO THE REST OF THAT! I saw you sitting there with your tongues hanging out! Oh well, turn back to Revelation 17 for just a moment & I'll let you read something else, but not the very next thing, because I want to save a little something. Let's skip over that 11th verse.
       58. 12TH VERSE: "AND THE TEN HORNS WHICH THOU SAWEST ARE TEN KINGS"--OR KINGDOMS, nations--"which have received no kingdom as yet." In John's day under Rome, were they powerful? (Fam: No.) Rome superseded all, didn't it? Rome ruled all of them directly from Rome, & although there were some little kings under them, they didn't amount to very much. Rome ruled directly with its great legions that it sent into all parts of the World. But particularly these kings had not received kingdoms yet--why? (Peter: Because they don't receive their power till later.) Because it was going to be nearly 2,000 years before they became kingdoms or powers or the final kings. Because, watch!
       59. "BUT RECEIVE POWER AS KINGS ONE HOUR WITH THE BEAST!" Who's the Beast in this passage? (Fam: The Antichrist.)--Spoken of all the way through the 13th Chapter as the Beast also, right? You've got to interrelate these passages to know who you're talking about. Don't misunderstand, "one hour" doesn't necessarily mean 60 minutes. It means in that hour, meaning that particular Endtime, just very briefly. That seven years of the Antichrist, or even 3-1/2 years to be more specific, is just an hour of time compared to thousands of years of time. Because that's apparently when they receive their greatest power, "one hour with the Beast."
       60. (VERSE 13:) "THESE HAVE ONE MIND & SHALL GIVE THEIR POWER & STRENGTH UNTO THE BEAST!" They unite with one mind. Even now as the ten kingdoms of Europe, they don't exactly have one mind, do they? But he's going to change a lot of minds in that day & make sure they think just like him & just have one mind, to think his thoughts & do his will.
       61. (VERSE 16:) "AND THE TEN HORNS WHICH THOU SAWEST UPON THE BEAST"--who supports them? Who gives them his power, as well as them giving him their power? They're on the head of what? (Fam: The Beast!) "The ten horns which thou sawest upon the Beast, they shall hate the Whore!"--You can say it's the U.S.A., North America, Western Capitalism, materialism, whatever you want to call it. "And shall make her desolate & naked."
       62. IS NOT AMERICA THE HEAD OF THE WHORE? America's not all of the Whore, I'd say America's the head, in a sense, of the Whore. But her body contains what is known mostly as the Western World of Capitalism today, right? Therefore she's bigger than America. But when these kings & the Beast strike this blow, it is going to destroy not only America, but it is going to break the power of Western Capitalism!
       63. "AND THESE SHALL HATE THE WHORE & SHALL MAKE HER DESOLATE & NAKED & SHALL EAT HER FLESH & BURN HER WITH FIRE!"--You want to know the fate of the Whore, particularly the head, North America? It's going to be burned with fire & Europe is going to eventually devour her!

       64. EUROPE TODAY, IF YOU READ THE PAPERS & LISTEN TO THE NEWS, RESENTS THE UNITED STATES. They have to accept U.S. domination & often are forced & compelled to accept its dictates, trying to dictate World policy & their own foreign policies, but they resent it! They don't like being considered slaves of America, chattels of America! Europe doesn't like the U.S. treating them like they are American colonies, just because the U.S. helped them win two wars to save Europe from other conquerors. They don't like it.
       65. AS SOMEBODY HAS SAID, IF YOU WANT TO MAKE SURE THAT SOMEBODY IS GOING TO HATE YOU, MAKE HIM OWE YOU SOMETHING! What does Europe owe America besides a lot of money? The U.S.A. stepped in & saved Europe twice in two World Wars from other conquerors. The first time it was the Kaiser of Germany, next time it was Hitler of Germany. Boy, those Germans, you've gotta hand it to'm! It doesn't matter how they get beat down, they always rise again, like the Japanese. They must be two of the most powerful, aggressive peoples on the face of the Earth, because you can't hold'm down! Well, the old saying goes, "You can't hold a good man down!"--So there must be something good about'm! They haven't been able to hold'm down.
       66. AMERICA'S TWO GREATEST FORMER ENEMIES ARE NOW THE TWO MOST PROSPEROUS NATIONS ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH, more prosperous than the U.S.A.! They owe less money. For one thing, they spend less money on armaments etc. so they don't have to waste money on guns & bullets etc., they can spend their money on making things that help their people. And this is why they're so prosperous, they don't have to waste all that money on war!
       67. THE U.S. WON THE WARS OVER'M AND THE WARS ARE OVER, and while the U.S. is preparing & spending billions, trillions on more war, these nations are relieved now, they don't have to do that sort of thing, they can trust America to fight their wars for them. They're conquered nations, conquered by the U.S.A., & as a result they have become the United States' greatest friends.
       68. IT'S A STRANGE WORLD TODAY! THE U.S' FORMER FRIENDS HAVE BECOME HER ENEMIES!--Russia & Eastern European nations etc., but her former enemies have now become her greatest friends!--Germany, Japan & China. It's a complete flipover! In fact, they are also the most prosperous nations on the face of the Earth! America's former enemies who are now her present friends have become the most prosperous. Even China now is beginning to be prosperous.

       CHINA & JAPAN!
       69. CHINA'S ALWAYS BEEN PROSPEROUS, BUT NOT MEASURED IN THE TERMS OF WORLDLY MONEY & PRODUCTION ETC. China is the richest nation on the face of the Earth!--Not in the eyes of the Western World, but in true riches!--Land & people & natural resources, including food. That's true riches, not just factories that turn out guns & produce destruction & luxuries, that's not true riches, but that's the way the World measures it today, the GNP or "Gross National Product," the amount of production each nation does each year. They measure it in terms of products, mostly manufactured products & their value & all that blah!--When that stuff is mostly just waste & luxuries & very few necessities!
       70. THE GREATEST NECESSITY ON EARTH IS PEOPLE! You wouldn't have anything if you didn't have people, right? And China has the most people of any nation on the face of the Earth, over one billion people in one country! And people have to have food, but they cannot have food without land, & China's got it all!--People, land & food! The greatest & richest nation on the face of the Earth today!--As I say, not in terms of modern commercialism & GNP & production of armaments & goods & luxuries & all that sort of thing, but in actual real values, real estate, real necessities such as food, & real people! Praise God!
       71. THE GREATEST NATION ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH TODAY IS NOT THE U.S.A., IT IS NOT RUSSIA, IT IS NOT EVEN JAPAN, IT IS CHINA! Japan is a very small nation comparatively speaking. When I was in high school it only had 80 million people, now it has 120 million, but it hasn't got any more land than it had then.--In fact, it even has less, because in those days they had Manchuria & Korea & part of China. And during the early days of WW2 they gobbled up nearly all of the East. Nearly all of Southeast Asia was gobbled up by the Japanese. They were becoming a World Empire until the U.S. put a stop to it.
       72. JAPAN HAS NOW BECOME RICHER PER CAPITA THAN THE U.S.A., BELIEVE IT OR NOT! The U.S. used to be the richest nation on the face of the Earth per capita, but no longer. Japan is richer per capita than Russia, & in the terms that the World considers important today, manufactured products, Dollar income & that sort of thing, Japan is considered richer than China! But see what happens to Japan when it can no longer import food.
       73. THIS WAS JAPAN'S EXCUSE FOR CONQUERING KOREA & MANCHURIA & CHINA & EVEN IN WW2 EXPANSIONISM over the entire Pacific area, they said, "We've got to have more land!" Japan is mostly mountains & the only place they can grow food is in their little valleys. Japan cannot grow enough food to feed its 120 million. It couldn't even grow enough food to feed its 80 million when I was in high school! It had to import food! And they had a struggle for many years getting by, isolated 200 years from the rest of the World. They still did some shipping, they had one port open that they had to use because they had to have food, & does anybody know what that one port was in Southern Japan?--Probably not! Just like China, it kept one port open in all those years of isolation.
       74. WHAT WAS THE PORT OF CHINA THAT WAS KEPT OPEN?--CANTON! It's only about 100 miles from Hong Kong, in South China. The Cantonese & Cantonese-speaking, Southern China, were the most civilised, had the greatest Emperors & became the most Christian. That was the Christianised part of China, believe it or not, Southern China, & there are still many remnants of it today.
       75. THERE WERE SOME MORE POWERFUL EMPERORS FROM THE NORTH, PEKING, WHO CAME DOWN & CONQUERED SOUTHERN CHINA TIME & AGAIN & often ruled it, & that's why Southern China always hated Northern China. And that happened again under Mao. He was a Northerner. The Northerners were big, stocky, tough, fighters, warriors!--Whereas the Southern Cantonese were highly-civilised, delicate, greatly cultured, very rich & not such good fighters. They were even much smaller than the Northerners. So Canton was China's only open port, & I think Japan's was Nagasaki on Kyushu Island, the Southernmost Island.--Which was the only port kept open during those 200 years of Japanese isolation, because they still had to import food. They would have starved without it.
       76. SO WHEN THE TROUBLE COMES, IF IT GETS SO BAD THAT JAPAN WOULD BE UNABLE TO IMPORT FOOD, THE JAPANESE WOULD STARVE! I don't believe the Lord's going to let that happen, in fact I think His Kingdom is going to take over before that. But in the economic Crash, that is one serious thing that the Japanese will have to face.

       77. BUT, WHEREAS AMERICA IS SUPPOSED TO BE ABLE TO FEED ITSELF & FEED PART OF THE WORLD BESIDES, WHEN AMERICA CRASHES & the farms go, & they're going now, there's going to be problems! America will be doing well to feed itself! But economically, if its present capitalistic system crashes, it will be in sad shape. It's already in sad shape. It's already become a debtor nation! It now owes the rest of the World more than the rest of the World owes America! America, in fact, today, is the biggest debtor nation on the face of the Earth! They owe more money to the rest of the World than any other nation on Earth!
       78. AND I DON'T KNOW WHETHER YOU NOTICED IT OR NOT, BUT THE DOLLAR IS GOING DOWN AT LAST. They're not making big news of it, but they've got to recognise the fact. They don't want to scare the people, they don't want to make it headlines, they don't want a panic! They've learned a lot from the Great Depression! They're trying their best to avoid things that would cause people to get scared, frightened or panic, because this is what causes great Crashes.
       79. BUT IF YOU ARE SMART AT ALL & IF YOU EVEN READ THE NEWSPAPER & YOU READ THE CURRENCY EXCHANGE VALUES as I do every newspaper, then you know that it's only been just a few weeks ago that the Dollar was worth almost four German Marks!--And now it has fallen below three German Marks!--In just a few short weeks since we dumped our Dollars. Do you know what kind of a drop that is from four to three?--A 25% nosedive in the Dollar just within the past few weeks! Now if that isn't a dive, I don't know what is! That's a nosedive!--And that could soon become a panic, & the panic could soon create a Crash! (The Dollar is now down 55%!)
       80. BECAUSE AS THE NATIONS WHO NOW HAVE LOANED AMERICA BILLIONS OF DOLLARS BEGIN TO SEE THAT THE DOLLAR IS NOT JUST GOING DOWN & GOING TO COME BACK UP AGAIN, but steadily going down, what are they going to do?--The same thing we did! Why wait till their Dollars are worth almost nothing? They're going to start dumping their Dollars too, & that's one reason it's going down! Everybody's now starting to sell their Dollars, & as they want to sell, if you can't sell your product you lower the price! So they're selling their Dollars cheaper & cheaper for some other more stable kind of currency, such as Swiss Francs, Japanese Yen, even German Marks!--Only I certainly wouldn't invest in Germany!--Ha! It's going to go down with the rest & especially will be hit in the War.
       81. BUT SWITZERLAND HAS REMAINED A STABLE GOVERNMENT FOR OVER 500 YEARS! Think of that! And Japan has been a fairly stable government for thousands! And China has been China for thousands of years! Because they have been fairly sensible, fairly reasonable, they've actually had religions which were fairly stable & caused the people to behave & have a civilised conduct, so that they are still here! God has preserved them for thousands of years, both China, Japan & other Oriental nations of the East.
       82. BUT HE HAS ESPECIALLY PROSPERED JAPAN, I WONDER WHY? Well, you just read about Japan & the Japanese! They're good people! They may not be Christians--although lots of them are, many have been evangelised. Particularly Southern Japan was the most Christian part. Kyushu Island, the Southernmost Island of Japan was the most Christian, & Kagoshima was a Christian center of Japan & still full of Catholic cathedrals & Catholic churches, because this was the part that the Jesuits evangelised, because it was close to China, they sailed from China over to Kyushu Island.
       83. SO SOUTHERN JAPAN HAS A LOT OF CHRISTIANS, BELIEVE IT OR NOT, but even the other religions of Japan caused them to be civilised & polite & courteous & cultured, so that compared to the rest of the nations of the Earth there's almost no crime in Japan, or very little, & China the same. The crime rate in China & Japan is phenomenally low, showing there isn't the horror & violence between people in Japan & China that there is in the Western World & the rest of the World. They're more family-integrated, family-loyal, kind to each other--families, neighbours & even the whole nation is like a family.

       BLACKS IN THE U.S.!
       84. BOTH CHINA & JAPAN HAVE RESISTED INTEGRATION WITH THE REST OF THE WORLD, WHEREAS THE UNITED STATES IS NOW TOUTING ITS INTEGRATION! They're all integrated now, they want to be integrated! It's getting to where the Americans are no longer Whites & Negroes, they're all just a little darker shade! If you watch them in the movies etc., there are very few of those so-called Black artists that are black! They're brown, they're a mixture. [DELETED]
       85. NEARLY EVERY FAMOUS GREAT SO-CALLED BLACK LEADER THAT AMERICA HAS HAD WAS HALF-WHITE!--Including presidents of colleges & whatnot, all the way from George Washington Carver. [DELETED]
       86. [DELETED] Every major city in the U.S. today has a majority population of so-called Blacks, & a number of them now have Black mayors! And if you want to know why Washington, D.C., & the White House passed so many favourable laws for the Blacks, they're sitting right in the middle of a Black population of 95% Black & they're about the only ones White! The government is about all there is White, & not much of that left is White!
       87. WELL, GOD BLESS THE BLACKS [DELETED] they're growing by leaps & bounds today to where they're beginning to soon out-populate the Whites. Well, God must have designed it for some reason, probably to punish the Whites for their sins & let the Blacks take'm over, even though that was not God's original design. [DELETED] Now things are reversing & He's letting the Blacks take the Whites over because of the Whites' sin! Well, we're kind of far afield from our study, I'm sorry! I started talking about America & I can't get off the subject!

       88. SO BACK TO REV.17:17: "FOR GOD HATH PUT IN THEIR HEARTS TO FULFIL HIS WILL."--Whose will? (Fam: God's will!) You mean it's God's will to create the Antichrist Kingdom? It's God's will to revive Rome? It's God's will that the Antichrist should come? It's God's will for these ten kingdoms of Europe to unite with the Antichrist against the rest of the World? It says so right here!
       89. WHY DO YOU THINK IT'S GOD'S WILL? WHO CREATED THE DEVIL? (Fam: God.) Then it must have been God's will, for a reason! Satan is God's executioner. They talk about the Devil's advocate, well, in a sense he is God's advocate of justice & accusation. The prosecuting attorney represents the government, & he's the prosecuting attorney, he's the Accuser of the Saints. (Rev.12:10) Believe it or not, Satan is literally a part of God's whole worldwide governmental system, & He has allowed it to arise that way--why? (Fam: To show them the difference between good & evil.) That's one reason.
       90. IF MAN HAD NEVER EXPERIENCED EVIL, HE WOULDN'T EVEN APPRECIATE THE GOOD! Adam & Eve in the Garden had it all, but the trouble was, they didn't know how good it was & how good they had it! They never had it so good, but they didn't know it until they lost it! When do you think they appreciated the Garden the most, when they were in it or when they were out of it?--When it was gone!
       91. SO GOD HAD TO LET MAN EXPERIENCE EVIL, & SOMEBODY HAD TO DIRECT THE EVIL, SO GOD CREATED SATAN! He's a creation of God! I don't believe in Taoism, I don't believe in two gods, that God is one God, the good God, & the Devil is the other God & there's always been this separation of powers. Even Christians in the Pentecostal churches got to teaching Taoism. I stood up in a meeting once & defied the preacher when he said that God did not create the Devil & that God did not make sin & sickness & all these things! I said, "Well, how come Moses says He did?" "Have I not created the deaf, the dumb, the blind, the crippled?" (Exo.4:11) God said that! Whew! I turned around to dear Aaron to get him to back me up & he looked like he was trying to crawl under the bench! He'd been through too many experiences with Dad before, he didn't want the cops coming!
       92. SATAN WAS GOD'S OWN ARCHANGEL, LUCIFER, THE LIGHTBEARER! He was an Archangel of God! But apparently God gave the Angels free will. I don't believe in that doctrine that Angels have to do what they're told. God even allowed division to come between the Angels! They have choice! They were given choice, free will, & Satan rebelled against God! He wasn't satisfied with being God's right-hand man, he wasn't satisfied with being next to God, he wanted to be God! So God had to demote him. And ever since then he's still been trying to be God & run the World & rule man. If he can't rule man, he's trying to ruin man & the World!
       93. AND HOW MANY OF THE ANGELS SHALL FOL-LOW HIM & HAVE FOLLOWED HIM? (Fam: One third.) It says so right there in Revelation 12. One-third of the Angels rebelled along with Satan, think of that! (Rev.12:4) God gave them their choice & they fell with Satan! We get onto so many side doctrines here it's a little difficult to stick to the subject, but when you don't understand those things I have to mention it.
       94. (REV.17:17:) "FOR GOD HATH PUT IN THEIR HEARTS TO FULFIL HIS WILL, & TO AGREE, & GIVE THEIR KINGDOM UNTO THE BEAST." They give their nations to the Beast! They give their power to the Beast! "Until the Words of God shall be fulfilled." There it is, clear as can be! All right, do you want to finish Daniel 7? I had to give you that because it's all inter-related, to show you that these ten horns are the same ten horns spoken of in Revelation! This is just before the destruction of Babylon at the very end when finally we take over.

       95. DANIEL 7, 8TH VERSE: "I CONSIDERED THE HORNS, &, BEHOLD, THERE CAME UP AMONG THEM ANOTHER LITTLE HORN"--he was little at first, he grew--"before whom there were three of the first horns plucked up by the roots." Now, we know the Antichrist is going to be the head of what kingdom? And if this horn not only symbolises him but his kingdom, what kingdom? You say the kingdom of the Antichrist, but what is the present kingdom of the Antichrist? It's in existence already today!--Russia! Communism!
       96. THE ONLY OFFICIALLY ANTI-GOD, ANTI-CHRIST, ANTI-RELIGIOUS SYSTEM IN THE ENTIRE WORLD TODAY IS COMMUNISM! All other countries, Western, Eastern, whatever, most of them have official religions that worship some kind of god, or at least provide freedom of religion. Only Russia & other Communist states are officially anti-religion of any kind. Of course their religion is actually Communism, & their religion will eventually be the worship of the Beast, the Antichrist. He will be their god! He's already their god, they just don't know it!--Because Satan is already their god & the Antichrist is Satan's man. He's holding him in reserve right now until the propitious time to reveal him.
       97. EVEN THE {\ul \i PROTOCOLS} SAID THAT: THAT THE [EDITED: "ACS"] WERE HOLDING BACK THEIR "SUPREME LORD"--they even call him lord--this superman, this super king--they're holding him in reserve until just the right time, the right hour, the right political situation, the right economic situation, worldwide, when it will be the best time to introduce him to save the World, to show the World their saviour, when they're willing to accept him! (See No.1342.) As long as they think they can still save themselves they don't want anybody else saving them, not even God! But when they see the World conditions are such that they cannot save themselves & if somebody doesn't save them they're going to crash completely & be utterly destroyed, they'll be willing, as that former head of NATO said, "We would be willing to serve the Devil himself if he could save us!" It shows you what kind of an outfit NATO is! At least that once they've come out in the open & been honest!
       98. THE REST OF THE WORLD IS PRETTY HYPOCRITICAL. It pretends to be religious, pretends to worship God, some god, pretends to be self-righteous, but is not! Russia makes no bones about it, no beans about it at all! They openly claim that they're totally anti-religious, anti-God, anti-Christ & against all religion!--Even though they supposedly are allowed certain freedom of religion & a few churches in Russia. That's just a kind of window dressing to fool the West.
       99. SO WHAT NATION OR GROUP OF NATIONS, WHAT SYSTEM, IS THE ANTICHRIST GOING TO BE THE HEAD OF & PROBABLY IS RIGHT NOW? (Fam: Communism.) Headed by what country? (Fam: Russia.) And isn't that where all the Scriptures predict the invasion of Israel & the Mideast, etc., will come from? From where? (Fam: Magog.)--Magog, specifically Russia. There are also other descriptions that indicate it's Russia. (Fam: King of the North.) The invasions come from the North! He's the King of the North!
       100. SO HE WILL BECOME OR BE OR ALREADY IS THE HEAD OF THE COMMUNIST WORLD! And since the [EDITED: "ACs"] are pretty much the ones who established Communism & the Communist World & were World leaders of it from the very beginning & I believe are still leaders of it today, they are holding him in reserve until the right time to reveal him! So as far as I'm concerned, he's already king of the Communist World, king of the North! He's just waiting to be revealed.

       101. WHAT'S ONE OF THE FIRST THINGS HE DOES? 8th verse again. What does he do? (Fam: He plucks up three horns.) And we'll see further in the chapter & other places it says he overthrows them. What horns are we talking about? (Fam: The ten kings.) And what are they? (Fam: The ten nations of Europe.) Let's make it specific, which three do you think Russia would have to overthrow or undermine the power of, uproot, cast down, whatever you want to call it? Which of the ten nations of Europe would the Antichrist have to subdue in order to take Europe over?--The leading nations of Europe!
       102. WHAT THREE NATIONS ARE THE MOST POWERFUL NATIONS OF THE TEN & the leading nations of the ten?--England, France & Germany! England is only powerful because America makes it powerful. Actually, France & Germany are the main leaders of the ten. England is a sort of an "also-ran", a poor latecomer which joined late, is weak, getting poorer by the day & virtually bankrupt! Nevertheless, the U.S. has twice gone to the rescue of England in two World Wars[DELETED]!
       103. [DELETED] Their line of kings was founded by Jews, the exiles from the Mideast, the seven daughters of the king who came to England. They had fled to Egypt & eventually when it looked like Egypt was going to fall too after the death of Jeremiah, they were shipped as far away as they could get'm for their safety to Britain.--B'rith-land! "The B'rith" means the brotherhood, the brethren, & "B'nai B'rith" actually means "Sons of the Covenant"!
       105. THEY'RE THE ONES THAT STARTED THE PARTY, THEY'RE THE ONES THAT FINALLY DEFEATED THE OTHERS IN SOUTH AFRICA, & now they have ruled South Africa ever since World War 1, believe it or not! [DELETED]
       106. B'NAI B'RITH IS A JEWISH BROTHERHOOD, A JEWISH LAYMAN'S ORGANISATION which was originally organised to defend Jews & to be like the service clubs of Lions, Rotary & all that sort of thing. Only it's far greater & far more extensive & more international than any of them, & far more loyal to each other.
       107. [DELETED] The Welsh, one of the first kingdoms of all the British Isles, make no bones about knowing that they have Jewish origins & that the Welsh language is very Jewish. Just listen to it! We used to hear it when we were in England, they used to have a few Welsh programs on BBC & it sounded just like Hebrew, those guttural sounds, consonants, Hebrew. The King of Wales was one of the first major strong kings of the British Isles & they finally literally took over. The Welsh are [DELETED] just as Jewish as they can be, & so are the Irish! [DELETED]
       108. THE KINGS OF ENGLAND ARE TODAY CROWNED IN A CHAIR, UNDER THE SEAT OF WHICH THERE IS A GREAT STONE CALLED THE STONE OF SCONE. And do you know what its legendary history is?--That the seven daughters of the king of Israel brought the Stone of Scone with them, which was the same stone upon which the kings of Israel were crowned, believe it or not!
       110. BUT TODAY [EDITED: "BRITAIN IS"] A WEAK COUNTRY, WEAKENED BY TWO WORLD WARS & A LOT OF CRAZY ECONOMICS & WHATNOT, THEY HAVE SUFFERED. The only reason they're still in existence is because of American backing. [DELETED] Britain knows America would go to their rescue no matter what! So even though England is a rather weak kingdom, it is one of the three leading, powerful nations of Europe. And in order to conquer Europe, the Antichrist Government, let's say Russia, would have to conquer, overthrow, uproot or cause the downfall of the power of Germany, France & Britain.
       111. DO YOU THINK THE REST OF EUROPE WOULD STAND WITHOUT GERMANY, FRANCE & BRITAIN'S LEADERSHIP? (Fam: No.) Only Germany, France & Britain stand between Russian domination of Europe right this minute!--And Germany is drifting more toward East Europe & Russia everyday. You find all kinds of indications of France wanting to get out from under the domination of America & have more trade & Ostpolitik & whatnot with Eastern Europe.
       112. BRITAIN IS ABOUT THE ONLY ONE WHOSE PRESENT GOVERNMENT IS STILL VERY ANTI-EAST EUROPE & RUSSIA. But Britain has become so Communist that the Labor Party is dominated by Communists. Britain has become saturated with Communists! It was the birthplace of Communism, & the thing that will probably overthrow Britain is things like the miners' strike which was dominated by an outright Communist, Scargill. He doesn't exactly call himself a Communist, but he calls himself a Marxist & a skunk by any other name smells just the same! Because the West hates the word Communism so much they try to disguise themselves by calling themselves Marxists, Leninists, Socialists, blah blah! But he's a Communist & he was trying to bring down the government of Britain this past winter through a year-long strike of the miners that crippled & almost bankrupted Britain!
       113. THE ANTICHRIST, THE LITTLE HORN, IS IN THE PROCESS RIGHT NOW OF OVERTHROWING GREAT BRITAIN, & if it weren't for America she'd have fallen long ago. If it weren't for America, Germany would have gone Communist after World War 1. It was already dominated by the Communists, it was a German who originated Communism, Karl Marx. [DELETED]
       115. I WANT YOU TO GET THE PICTURE: THE ANTICHRIST FORCES DON'T HAVE VERY FAR TO GO! The main one that stands in their way is America, who has gone to what she calls the defence of Europe, I would say to the con-quest of Europe, as opposed to the other conquerors who are about to conquer Europe. Even Napoleon virtually conquered Europe, & if it hadn't been for England, in the place of America, Europe could have still been under Napoleonic emperors today. But Britain attacked Europe & got rid of Napoleon.
       116. SO EUROPE HAS BEEN SAVED FROM OTHER CONQUERORS A NUMBER OF TIMES, THROUGH EITHER BRITAIN OR AMERICA. This time America will not succeed & neither will England. This time the Little Horn is going to overthrow the three leading powers of the ten, the 11th horn, so-called. So what happens?

       DANIEL 7:8b-12
       117. (DAN7:8B:) "AND BEHOLD, IN THIS HORN WERE EYES LIKE THE EYES OF MAN, & A MOUTH SPEAKING GREAT THINGS!" This horn has a distinct personality of a man, a certain special man. In other words, it is personified more than any other horn by one man. Other horns' leaders have come & gone, but this horn is the man! You get it? He is one personality, one man & there's only one supreme ruler, supreme lord, of this power, & that is whom? (Fam: The AC.)
       118. "AND A MOUTH SPEAKING GREAT THINGS."--In the next Chapter when we study Daniel 8, you're going to find out what kind of great things he speaks. But Revelation doesn't make any bones about it, it says he speaks blasphemies against the God of gods etc. He's the most blasphemous of all. Here's the first totally anti-God, anti-religious World dictator the World has ever known outside of Rome! Rome also was cruel & blasphemous against the true God & persecuted His children.
       119. (VERSE 9:) "I BEHELD TILL THE THRONES WERE CAST DOWN."--Whose thrones? (Fam: The ten kings?)--The ten kings & all the various kingdoms of the Earth that support the Antichrist. The thrones were cast down, the Antichrist followers & the principal ten kings that do his will were cast down, "And the Ancient of Days did sit."--Who's that? (Child: Jesus.) Well, believe it or not, in this case it's God Himself, because we find out that somebody is brought before the Ancient of Days pretty soon, one of the few places where the distinct Personalities of God & Jesus are shown to be separate.
       120. "WHOSE GARMENT WAS WHITE AS SNOW, & THE HAIR OF HIS HEAD LIKE THE PURE WOOL: His throne was like the fiery flame, & His wheels as burning fire."--Sounds a little bit like Ezekiel's vision of the wheel, God's transportation! (Eze.1,10) God has wheels, how about that? "A fiery stream issued & came forth from before Him: thousand thousands ministered unto Him."--How many is that?--Millions! "And ten thousand times ten thousand stood before Him!"--How many is that? When you read this you didn't figure it out? You didn't multiply ten thousand times ten thousand? (Fam: 100 million.)--Very good! Well, there's going to be literally billions, but I guess that was about the biggest figure that the dear Prophet could think of or describe, "ten thousand times ten thousand". Thousands wasn't enough, ten thousand times ten thousand!--Literally billions, of course, stood before Him.
       121. "THE JUDGEMENT WAS SET & THE BOOKS WERE OPENED!"--Aha! What does that sound like? (Fam: The Great White Throne Judgement.)--It sounds like it, but it's not! How do we know? Because this is at the time when the Beast is overthrown, this is at the time when the ten kings are overthrown, this is at the time when the Saints of the Kingdom take over the World & take over the Kingdom! You mean there's going to be some judgments then too? Some books opened then too? You bet there are! Who's going to open them? Who's going to judge the people?--You are! God & you!
       122. PEOPLE WHO ARE STILL IN EXISTENCE & WHO SURVIVE INTO THE KINGDOM OF GOD ARE GOING TO BE JUDGED ACCORDING TO THEIR FORMER BEHAVIOUR. Do you suppose that the Millennial Kingdom of God is not going to have any law books, any books of judgement, any records of people's histories & what they've done, etc.? Come on! Wow! You mean you never heard of this judgement before? You don't think the Kingdom of God is going to have judgements & judges & kings? God's Word says so! "They shall be kings & priests unto God!" (Rev.5:10)--We're going to have queens too, of course! PTL! Thank God for the queens!
       123. (VERSE 11:) "I BEHELD THEN BECAUSE OF THE VOICE OF THE GREAT WORDS WHICH THE HORN SPAKE: I beheld even till the Beast was slain & his body destroyed & given to the burning flame." How about that? Here's some of the judgement of God long before the Great White Throne Judgement! God is judging the Antichrist & his followers & sending them where they belong.--Where? (Fam: Lake of Fire!)--Burning flame, the Lake of Fire!
       124. (VERSE 12:) "AS CONCERNING THE REST OF THE BEASTS, THEY HAD THEIR DOMINION TAKEN AWAY"--THEIR RULING POWER--"YET THEIR LIVES WERE PROLONGED FOR A SEASON & TIME." What did I tell you about the Millennium? What did I even tell you about the New Earth? It's still going to have nations! They're not going to rule themselves, they're not going to have power & their own kings, but we are going to be their kings! Their own dominion & their own power & kings are going to be destroyed, taken away from them, but God & Jesus Christ & you & I are going to be their rulers & their kings. Their lives will be prolonged. There will still be nations upon the face of the Earth, & we'll read in another place, languages, still languages. But that's as far as we have to go today, our time is up!

       125. DID YOU LEARN ANYTHING NEW TODAY? (Fam: Yes!) Well, there are a lot of new things we haven't had time to deal with before, but we're now going into detail. There's so much in that Chapter we only covered half of it, but actually we covered most of it regarding what we need to study. But the rest of it is beautiful.
       126. A VERY INTERESTING THING ABOUT THAT CHAPTER IS THAT IT GOES OVER THIS LAST KINGDOM & ITS TEN KINGS THREE DIFFERENT TIMES IN THAT ONE CHAPTER! The Lord must have thought it was pretty important & that you get it straight & get it clear! So we've gone over it once, & if you study the rest of the chapter you'll find out the chapter goes over it twice more. In the other two descriptions, the first relates the vision, the next Daniel literally repeats the vision while he's asking the question, & then the Angel explains it. So he goes over that vision three different times until you get it straight & clear & should have no mistakes about it. PTL? So study the rest of the chapter for next lesson, God willing!
       127. HOW DO YOU LIKE THIS SCHEDULE? Do you like Class on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday? Well, you never can tell what I'm going to do, I might announce Monday, Wednesday & Friday! It's part of your soldier's training! Soldiers have to be ready at a moment's notice to do anything, to go on the attack or have a briefing session or whatever. So here we are! PTL! GBY!
       128. TYL! TYJ! PRAISE YOU LORD FOR THY WONDERFUL WORD & THY MARVELLOUS MYSTERIES WHICH THOU ART REVEALING TO US, opening the book as You promised Daniel in the End. He was to shut it up until the Time of the End! Now here we are in the Time of the End & You're opening Daniel to us, Lord, & helping us understand it, since we are now facing the very period that it's talking about, so that we'll be able to recognise these things & understand them when they happen, & know what to expect, exactly what is going to happen. You've made it so clear & so exact, in detail! So we thank You, Lord, that You're preparing us & forewarning us so we'll be ready for it when it happens & know it, we who are going to live through this period.
       129. WE KNOW YOU'RE GOING TO BLESS & KEEP US, LORD, & MAKE US MIGHTY WITNESSES FOR THEE THROUGHOUT THIS ENDTIME, the greatest of all the whole history, we believe, Lord! The Church, Thy Children, are going to become the most powerful witnesses they have ever been, worldwide, with marvellous protection & power from Thee, in this last hour, the last opportunity for the people of this World to see the Gospel at this time.
       130. SO BLESS US, LORD, & PREPARE US & STRENGTHEN US & HELP US TO GET ALL OF THESE SCRIPTURES & FACTS CLEAR IN OUR MINDS & hearts so we will know what's coming & be able to explain it to others as You've said. "They of understanding shall instruct many!" (Dan.11:33) So we expect every one of these people here to be teachers of the Future! We'll probably be scattered abroad, Lord, no telling where, but every one of us will now know these things & even the children will be able to teach others, to teach others, to teach others & spread the Good News abroad! TYJ! PTL! Hallelujah! Amen! So we pray Thy Prayer again, Lord: (Prays the Lord's Prayer)
       131. THAT EVEN SOUNDS LIKE SOME OF THOSE SCRIPTURES WE WERE JUST READING, "THINE IS THE KINGDOM & the Power & the Glory for ever & ever!" Praise God! TYJ! GBY all! Thank you for your patience, endurance & fortitude!
       --IT WON'T BE LONG NOW!
       --ARE YOU READY?

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family