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MORE ON DANIEL 7! --Bible History, the 3 Horns & the 11th Horn!       ET# 44       DO 2174       4/85

       1. WELL, WHERE ARE WE?--CHAPTER 7 OF THE PROPHET DANIEL, one of the many many mysterious passages in the Bible, but one of the most mysterious! But I think this is the only passage in the Bible where He goes over something three different times to make sure you get it straight! Three times! He went over the vision a couple of times on the Image, but here He goes over it three different times!
       2. SO DON'T FEEL BAD IF YOU FEEL A LITTLE CONFUSED, MIXED UP & MISUNDERSTAND OR SOMETHING, poor Daniel, he didn't understand any of it! He said the cogitations of his head bothered him & he was even sick in spirit within! (Dan.7:28) He was really puzzled by the whole thing. So you've got good company, the Prophet Daniel was also puzzled!
       3. AS YOU RECALL, WE BEGAN THESE STUDIES CLEAR BACK AROUND CHRISTMAS, & I thought we were going to be through in about a week! It just shows you how wrong I can be! So don't necessarily believe my prophecies, you'd just better believe the Lord's prophecies, amen? Now if He gave it, fine, but if I gave it, watch out, it could fail! So, PTL!

       4. WHAT IS THE MAJOR SUBJECT OF THIS 7TH CHAPTER OF DANIEL? (Fam: The Antichrist.)--Yes, & don't leave out his kingdom. He wouldn't be anything without his kingdom.--The Antichrist & his Kingdom. However, other kingdoms are mentioned here as preceding them in order to give the setting & to specifically identify which kingdom it is. What four kingdoms altogether--in fact, really five, but still he says they're four--are there? (Fam: Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece & Rome.) The simplest way to always remember that is to close your eyes & look at the Image, because I don't think you'll ever forget that, will you?--Not even the children!
       5. AND DON'T BE CONFUSED IF THESE HORNS ARISE OUT OF THE FOURTH KINGDOM & EVEN LATER ON ARE CALLED THE 8TH KINGDOM, YET OF THE SEVEN! Now that is really confusing! How many World kingdoms actually preceded Babylon? (Fam: Two--Egypt & Assyria.) Egypt & Assyria were the two first great World powers.--Not nearly as great as powers today, of course, but in the context of that period they were very powerful nations, & they were the most powerful nations on the Earth. They were the Superpowers of their day, they ruled the civilised World of their day just about everywhere that man had so far spread, & there was no other power that could even compete with them at their particular time of ascendancy & full power.
       6. SO TWO KINGDOMS HAD PRECEDED BABYLON, TWO MAJOR WORLD POWERS OF THE DAY, EGYPT & ASSYRIA. We even have remains of those two kingdoms left in the World today & still called by almost the same name.--Egypt, although Egypt in that day was much larger & composed of most of North Africa, included Sudan & a lot of other countries, & ruled what was the then occupied, populated part of the World.
       7. WHERE WAS ASSYRIA? ON THIS LITTLE MAP HERE YOU'VE GOT THE REMAINS OF ASSYRIA, which is the modern country still called Syria, not Assyria. Where was Assyria? What was its main territory? (Fam: Iraq.)--Exactly right! This country here which is today modern Iraq, called by the Romans Mesopotamia, which is Latin for "the land between the rivers"--what rivers? (Fam: Tigris & Euphrates.)--The greater being the Euphrates & the other being the Tigris.
       8. WHERE WAS THE GARDEN OF EDEN LOCATED? (Fam: On the mouth of the river?) No, not on the mouth. (Fam: In the area between?) In this area right here you'll notice that the rivers flow very closely together, & during the flood season they actually mingle their waters there. They had little channels that ran back & forth. So it was very well watered. How do we know the Garden of Eden was located there? (Fam: In Genesis it says it was between the two rivers.) It doesn't actually say it was between them. Both of them flowed through the Garden of Eden, as well as two others which we cannot ascertain definitely today. (Gen.2:10-14)
       9. SO IT MUST HAVE BEEN A PRETTY BIG PLACE! It wasn't somebody's little back yard!--Or it could have been a small part of this area where the waters of both rivers mingled during the flood seasons. They didn't have that then but it did overflow afterward when they started having rain after the Flood. But it's showing that they were very close together, & at the time of the Garden of Eden they actually flowed through the Garden!
       10. I'M GIVING YOU THE HISTORY OF ASSYRIA. The Garden of Eden was in it, & not too long after that, does anybody happen to know what country it first became? There's a lot of detail in there that you can't necessarily follow through the Old Testament, you'd have to study all those generations & the names of the guys who often gave their names to cities & countries just like they do today.
       11. BUT WHEN THE ARK LANDED, WHERE DID IT LAND? (Fam: Mt. Ararat.) Right up here on the border of Turkey & Russia, just five miles inside the Turkish border, inside of Turkey. So what famous event took place there on Mt. Ararat? (David: The Ark landed there.) And who got off the Ark there? (Children: Noah!) You're brilliant students, I'll tell you! And what direction did they travel? (Fam: South.)--Why? (Fam: It was warmer.)--Could be! (Fam: Was it because there was a river coming off the mountain?)--Yes, & particularly what river had its source in Mount Ararat? (Fam: The Euphrates.)
       12. SO THIS IS WHERE NOAH GOT OFF, & WHY WOULD HE HAVE TRAVELLED DOWN THE RIVER? (Fam: It's easy!) It was a valley to begin with, he didn't have to climb any mountains, he was travelling downhill all the way, & he was following the water. When you're travelling & camping out, you suddenly find out that your most precious commodity is not even food, but water! So he followed the river right on down here until he apparently established what city? (Fam: Ur of the Chaldees?) (Fara was the traditional home of Noah, halfway between Babylon & Ur.--But he founded Ur.)
       13. CRITICS OF THE BIBLE USED TO SAY THAT THERE WAS NO SUCH CITY AS UR, never had been, & they didn't believe there was any such man as Abraham. But they finally found the ruins of Ur of the Chaldees & even dug up a stone in it that had Abraham's name on it with some of the rules of the city, showing that he was a judge there! Maybe he was a mayor or something like that.
       14. HOW THE LORD LIKES TO FOOL THESE HISTORIANS & DRIVE THE DIVINERS MAD! I want to see the faces of the evolutionists when they find out what fools they were! "Only the fool hath said in his heart, 'There is no God!'" (Psa.14:1) Well you see, that's the trouble with most of those evolutionists, they're no fools, they're smart people, smart as the Devil! They know there's a God just as well as Satan does, but they hate Him & they fight Him & that's why they cooked up the lie of evolution! So I want to see their faces when they're defeated! You're going to hear something about that in today's chapter.--Glorious! Maybe you never saw it before! Anyhow, you know me! I've got to explain history from A to Z.
       15. HOW DO WE KNOW ABRAHAM LEFT UR OF THE CHALDEES? (Fam: The Lord told him to.) In fact, he told his father Terah to pick up & leave. How many of you read the Bible in Pictures? How many of you have forgotten it?--Practically 100%! You all read it & all forgot it! Well, don't blame Maria for not having a very good memory, it looks to me like you're all about the same! I don't know why the Lord gave me such a memory, I guess to teach you.
       16. SO TERAH WAS CALLED OUT OF THERE & ABRAHAM WAS ONE OF HIS CHILDREN WHO WENT WITH HIM TO WHAT LAND? (Fam: The Land of Canaan.) That's where they were going, but Terah never got there, that's why I'm telling you about it. (Dora: Haran?) Good for you! Leave it to a schoolteacher, some of these brains, to remember! He went to the land of Haran, which was later Assyria, later still under the Romans, Mesopotamia, & today is Iraq. I don't know why they call it Iraq, I've never looked that up.
       17. BUT AS YOU NOTICE, THE ANTI-BIBLE, ANTI-GOD, ANTI-CHRIST SPIRIT HAS BEEN AROUND A LONG TIME, & I think the Devil is deliberately changing names of countries to try to defeat your knowledge of the Bible & of prophetic fulfilment, etc., so that you'd be confused. But look at the power of God & His Spirit to keep the names of so many countries the same, & thank God, the help of a few historians who are accurate & honest & prove the existence of some of these places & their former names & to know what they are today, that this Iraq is also the site of ancient Babylon.
       18. SO WHERE WERE TERAH & ABRAHAM & ABRAHAM'S NEPHEW LOT & HIS WIFE ON THEIR WAY TO? (Fam: Canaan.) Apparently God had already called Terah to start out, but he was a very old man & he never made it. And they settled down up here in Haran for a long time before Terah finally died & then Abraham took up the torch & God told him explicitly to go on to Canaan. Where's Canaan? I'm pointing at it! All you had to say was "right there!" (Fam: Israel.)--What today is called Israel. I've giving you a little review of Bible History to refresh your memory. Some of these countries have been around a long time.
       19. SO THAT'S THE MOST GLORIOUS PAST OF THE COUNTRY OF IRAQ, which then later was mainly called Haran. It went through a succession of names, but the most famous was the Land of the Chaldeans. It was called Ur for awhile, called Haran, then called the Land of the Chaldeans, then called Babylonia, & later under the Romans, Mesopotamia, & finally today it is Iraq. And what country was it before the Romans changed the name? (Fam: Assyria.)--Very good! You remembered what we're talking about! I know I went a long ways around, but that's the country.--Assyria!
       20. WHERE WAS EGYPT? (David: Right there!)--Ha! You're smart! Right here! Today it occupies the whole Sinaitic Peninsula & all this area down to here, but in those days it went clear on down to the bottom of Sudan & a whole lot more. It was a great World power. So these two great World powers preceded the power that we're studying first today. Again, the first two great powers were...? (Fam: Egypt & Assyria.)
       21. EGYPT WAS IN THE DAYS OF WHAT FAMOUS BIBLE CHARACTER? (Fam: Joseph.)--Moses & Joseph & you could name a few others, Aaron, etc., Joseph first, & 400 years later Moses. The Israelites were not slaves the entire time, they were honoured guests when they came down in Joseph's day, honoured because Joseph had saved the king & his kingdom from famine & starvation, & then he'd even gobbled up other kings & kingdoms including Canaan, etc., when they began to sell themselves to Egypt just for food. There again you have a type of the Antichrist. Pharaoh was a type of Antichrist.
       22. NOTICE HOW THAT EVERY ONE OF THESE GREAT MONARCHS & GREAT KINGS, THOUGH THEY BE ANTI-GOD, anti-Christ, anti-God's people, God always had a man somewhere high in the government, usually right next to the king, who influenced the king in favour of his people. He wasn't always successful, sometimes he lost his head & a few other things. But almost always the Lord had a very important man of God right up near the king or next to the king, advising & counselling him, the king even giving him credit for saving his kingdom, being highly honoured, next to the king himself!
       23. I WONDER IF THERE'LL BE ANYBODY LIKE THAT IN THE ANTICHRIST'S KINGDOM? Well, we're not told of anybody like that in the Antichrist's Kingdom. It is so anti-God, so anti-Christ, that there seems to be nobody close to him except his own False Prophet. He doesn't honour the Prophets of God like the old kings did, he only honours the prophet who proclaims him as god. So this will be the worst kingdom & king of all!

       24. SO THIS WAS ASSYRIA & THIS WAS EGYPT & THEY PRECEDED THESE TWO KINGDOMS HERE. I suppose you know where the rest of them were. What was the next kingdom after Assyria? (Fam: Babylon.) Where was it?--Still there in Iraq. The Tower of Babel, from which Babylon got its name, was here, just a little further South of these other capitals that had preceded it, from Haran to Ninevah, the capital of Assyria, & then Babylonia, the city of Babylon. And the city of Babylon was right near the Tower of Babel, the ruins of even ancient Babylon.
       25. THE RUINS OF THE TOWER OF BABYLON ARE STILL POINTED OUT NEAR THE CITY OF BABYLON. You may not think it's a very big tall skyscraper, but for buildings of that day it was pretty tall & still is! The remains of the Tower of Babel are still to be seen there near the city of Babylon. It was a spiral tower & they went up by not even steps but an actual walkway, a ramp that went around & around & around & around & around & around up to the top.
       26. WHY WERE THE PEOPLE OF THAT DAY BUILDING IT? (Davida: They thought that the Flood would come again, & they also wanted to be like God.) Oh, now that's a new idea, that's quite a point! They were afraid maybe the Flood would come again & they needed someplace to get up out of it! Well, that might have been a good idea if it worked, but the trouble is, the mountains were even higher, but the mountains were a long ways away, & they were covered too!
       27. BUT THE BIBLE SAYS THAT THEY DID IT BECAUSE WHAT? (Fam: They wanted to build a tower to God.) (Gen.11:4) At least they were believers that far, they were smart enough to know that God lived in the heavens, so they thought they could build a tower till they could get up there! You make fun of that & think people were pretty stupid then, but they're doing the same thing today, so what's the difference? They keep trying to build higher & higher buildings & the highest building boasts of being the tallest building in the World! Man is still trying to ascend the towers of Babel to get up as high as God, pitiful weak little futile efforts, but they're very proud of them.
       28. THE FIRE DEPARTMENTS DON'T LIKE THEM BECAUSE THEY'RE TERRIBLE FIRE HAZARDS AS YOU SAW IN "TOWERING INFERNO". How many of you saw that movie? You really ought to see it, it was a terrible fire, because it's almost impossible to quench a fire in a tall building like that! But did it stop them?--No! They're still building them.
       29. EVEN SAN FRANCISCO, THE VICTIM OF THE GREATEST EARTHQUAKE THE U.S. HAS EVER EXPERIENCED, I'm amazed when I see the skyline of San Francisco now in some of those new movies. For awhile they limited them & I think would only allow buildings to be five stories high after the earthquake, because they were scared to death they were going to collapse. Of course, a five-story building could collapse too. But they kept getting taller & taller. When I was a child they were at least 10 or 15 stories high, & now, goodness gracious, they've got skyscrapers in San Francisco!--Not as tall as New York, of course, or Chicago, but they've got'm, & they'll all fall just like the rest of them!

       30. SO BABYLON WAS LOCATED RIGHT IN HERE NEAR THIS CONFLUENCE OF THE RIVERS. What famous city is not far from there now? (Fam: Basra.) Yes, Basra's way down the river though. Maybe I should have given you a better hint, what capital city is nearby? (Fam: Baghdad.) Baghdad is now the capital city of Iraq & it's not far away. As I recall, it's a little closer over this way to the Iranian border. That's its one handicap, it's too close to the border. I think it's only about 70 or 80 miles from the border, & if the Iranians ever break through, they can hit Baghdad first. What they've been trying to do is break through the highway that leads from Baghdad down to Basra near the Gulf.
       31. AND WHAT DID WE FIND OUT IN BIBLE PROPHECY ABOUT BASRA? Who is He that cometh from Basra with His garments died red? (Isa. 63:1) It's spelled differently in the Bible, so it's very easy to confuse some of these. I think in the Bible in that Scripture it's spelled Bozrah, today it's spelled Basra, but it sounds just the same, still Bozrah.
       32. AND WHO IS HE THAT COMETH WITH HIS GARMENTS DIED RED FROM BOZRAH?--IT SOUNDS LIKE THE LORD! Many events in the Bible are attributed to God but are actually carried out by human beings or kings, but as far as the Prophets were concerned it was God, it's Jesus coming! And He's coming which direction to where to conquer what? Here's some specific geography, specific prophecies about where things are going to happen & where it's going to come from! This has been in many Letters.
       33. THE IRANIANS HAVE BEEN TRYING TO BREAK THROUGH & GET BASRA FOR A LONG TIME because it's just a few miles inside the border & it controls the main highway to Baghdad, & also goes down the main highway to the Gulf & all those big oil refineries, etc. If they can cut that road, they've just about got Iraq, because they have cut off the capital from its main industry & its second biggest city. So that's what they've been trying to do for years.
       34. SO FAR THEY HAVEN'T BEEN ABLE TO DO IT, THANK GOD, BECAUSE I HAVE A FEELING WHEN THE TIME COMES THAT THEY DO, THAT IS PART OF THE END! Because that's going to begin one of the many invasions of Israel, probably under the Antichrist. And it's one of my educated guesses, because of other things the Bible says, it'll be when the final union of the Antichrist government occurs, the Reds, in other words, get together with the Greens, the Muslims. You notice they emphasise green a lot, Godahfi's book was called The Green Book. A lot of their flags are a combination of red & green & perhaps that's symbolic, that eventually when the Reds get together with the Greens, let me tell you, there is going to be serious trouble!
       35. RIGHT NOW THE LORD IS STAVING IT OFF FOR THE TIME BEING, BUT THERE IS MUCH MORE RAPPORT BETWEEN IRAN & THE REDS THAN IRAN & THE BLACKS! You say, Khomeini curses both the Reds & the Blacks. Who do you think the Blacks are, who would I call the Blacks? (Fam: The Capitalists.)--The Capitalists or the U.S.A. [DELETED] When the Reds get together with the Greens, whom do they hate the most? (Fam: The Blacks.)--The Blacks & the Jews, the West, the Capitalists, you're right.
       36. KHOMEINI'S ALWAYS SPOUTING OFF AGAINST BOTH THE SUPERPOWERS, BUT WHO DOES HE HAVE THE BITTEREST WORDS FOR? (Fam: The U.S.) He calls the U.S. "the great Satan." He doesn't call Russia such bad names, he sort of tempers his language for the Russians. Well, I don't blame him, he's got'm right on his border! What is this country here? (Fam: Iran.) Well, too bad he didn't run, I wish he had, but he's going to be running this direction one of these days! That's supposed to be a joke because the country is called I-Ran! Russia borders right on the Northern part of Iran. He has a longer border with Russia than he has with Turkey & Iraq, except that he has a very long border here between Russia & Afghanistan & Pakistan. You guys ought to get familiar with geography because it's very important in Bible History & in Bible Prophecy.
       37. WHAT IS THE RELIGION OF AFGHANISTAN? (Fam: Muslim.) What is the religion of Pakistan? (Fam: Muslim.) What is the religion of Iran? (Muslim.) What is the religion of Iraq? (Fam: Muslim.) What is the religion of Syria? (Fam: Muslim.) What is the predominant religion of Turkey? (Fam: Muslim.) All these kingdoms of the East here, the Kings of the East, are Muslims in varying degrees! Some are Sunni Muslim, some are Shiite Muslim, the two major divisions, but the time will come when they'll all get together to fight a common enemy.
       38. BUT RIGHT NOW, EVEN NOW, KHOMEINI DOESN'T HAVE NEARLY AS HARSH WORDS & AS TERRIBLE WORDS AGAINST RUSSIA AS HE DOES AGAINST AMERICA! Islam wasn't against Christianity in the beginning, but sad to say it has become almost as anti-Christ as Russia. Today they have much more in common than the representatives of the Western powers have in this little tiny toehold of Israel. What's the religion of Egypt? (Fam: Muslim.) What's the religion of this great country here, Saudi Arabia? (Fam: Muslim.) All these countries completely surrounding Lebanon & Israel are Muslim!
       39. WHAT WAS THE RELIGION OF LEBANON BEFORE TODAY? The predominant religion of Lebanon was Christian, Catholic & Maronite Catholic as well, various forms of Christian religions.--Plus a fairly large Muslim population. But the Christians far out-numbered the Muslims for many years. Today in Lebanon the Muslims now outnumber the Christians! What is the religion of the so-called government of Lebanon today? (Fam: Christian.)--Christian, supposedly. They call it Christian, Maronite Christian, it's a kind of a Catholicism. They're not only out-numbered today, but how much territory does the so-called government of Lebanon actually control today? (Fam: Part of Beirut.)--Part of Beirut, & recently they couldn't even keep that under control!
       40. (STOPS TO KILL A FLY.) SEE HOW THE DEVIL TRIES TO PESTER? But what's a little fly? TTL! The Devil's always had his pests pestering the Lord's people for thousands of years, but we always get him in the end!
       41. SO ALL THIS AREA IS SURROUNDED BY MUSLIMS & DOMINATED BY MUSLIMS, & when the time comes, according to God's Word, they're going to get together, the Kings of the East, that's why He's got to dry up the River Euphrates so they can get across. (Rev.16:12) It's a big river. And for hundreds of thousands, even millions of them to get across in a great invasion of this country fighting the powers of the West there in the Battle of Armageddon & perhaps sometimes even before, they are going to have to cross that big river, all these over here on this side, all these over there. What's this country over here? (Fam: India.) What is its largest religion? (Fam: Hindu.) What is its second largest religion? (Fam: Muslim.)
       42. WHAT SEA IS THIS? (Fam: The Caspian Sea.)--Big sea! One of these days it's going to be no more. How do we know that? In the New Earth there'll be no more seas!--No more Black Sea, no more Caspian Sea, no more Mediterranean, no more Red Sea, no more Arabian Sea, etc. (Rev.21:1)
       43. BUT ANYHOW, THEY'RE GOING TO CROSS THE EUPHRATES ON DRY LAND, HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF THEM, in order to participate, along with the Antichrist, in that great battle! It sounds at first a little bit like maybe they're fighting against him, but finally it sounds like they are going to join with him. And this would give Iran the power that it needs. All it needs is a little backing from Russia & they could punch right on through & keep coming!

       44. WELL, AT LEAST SOME OF THOSE ARE MY THEORIES OF INTERPRETATION OF CERTAIN PASSAGES IN THE BIBLE. You don't have to believe them if you don't want to, but those are just some guesstimates, educated guesses. They call those things lots of nice fancy names nowadays, a hypothesis, a theory, an interpretation, an estimate, & all those fancy names are just great big names really for guesses!

       45. WELL, HOW ARE YOU GOING TO UNDERSTAND THESE NATIONS WE'RE STUDYING & THESE POWERS WE'RE STUDYING IF YOU DON'T GET A LITTLE BIT OF THAT BACKGROUND? So there you are! The first great World power was? (Fam: Egypt.) Second great World power was? (Fam: Assyria.) Third great World power was? (Fam: Babylon.)--Where? Same place more or less, its headquarters a little further down the river, that's all, Babylonia.
       46. AND THIS PASSAGE BEGINS WITH WHO AS THE FIRST BEAST? (Fam: Babylon.) I'm just reviewing now, you're supposed to know it. And then there was another beast representing Medo-Persia & a third beast representing Greece & then a fourth terrible beast representing Rome.
       47. WHY DO YOU SUPPOSE IN DANIEL BOTH THE DREAM GIVEN TO NEBUCHADNEZZAR THE KING, & THE VISION GIVEN TO DANIEL THE PROPHET WERE DIFFERENT? The dream given the king was of a beautiful big Idol or Image, the dream of the same governments given to Daniel was of ravenous rapacious cruel beasts! Why did God give the beautiful Image to the king?--It was good PR with the king & his kingdom, better to picture his kingdom as something very nice. In fact, it was the best one of all, the head of gold! And it was even one of the best of the beasts in the way God represented it to Daniel, the king of beasts, in fact.
       48. WHAT WAS BABYLON, THE FIRST BEAST? (Fam: A lion!) What was Medo-Persia, the second beast? (Fam: A bear!)--A big husky strong bear that had three other countries in its mouth, it had devoured them! And what kind of a beast was Greece? (Fam: A leopard!)--A leopard with four wings & four heads that could fly & was divided into four great kingdoms. And what was the last beast like? You're not told in this passage what he was like, but later in Revelation, believe it or not, you're told about the beast, this bestial government, "which was & is not & yet is, which had a wound unto death & yet did live".--In other words, was two, in fact we found out is about three different kingdoms!--A horrible beast!
       49. IN REVELATION WE FIND OUT THAT IT HAS THE CHARACTERISTICS OF WHAT BEASTS? Maybe you never even noticed that when you read it. (Peter: Of all the other ones.)--Exactly! In Revelation it is part lion, part bear & part leopard! Well, isn't that what the Roman Empire was? Didn't it gobble up all the rest of these? And didn't it trample & stomp on the whole Earth & rule the whole World? So it was all of these kingdoms combined. Isn't that what the Antichrist Kingdom is going to be too, the revival of the old Roman Empire? That's what the Antichrist Kingdom is.
       50. THERE'S NO USE GOING ON UNLESS YOU'VE GOT THE PICTURE CLEAR! Sometimes I'm almost sorry that there's a day between classes that you're apt to forget, & when there's also sometimes a long weekend, well, that is really bad. I learned this a long time ago with high-school students, they forget over the weekend. And that's almost what it amounts to when I also have other classes in between. Sorry about that!

       51. THIS AWFUL BEAST OF ROME, THIS INDESCRIBABLE BEAST, A COMBINATION OF ALL THE OTHERS PUT TOGETHER, HAD HOW MANY HORNS? (Fam: 10.) Ten horns! And then up came a little horn & how many does that make? (Fam: 11.) And it did what to the other horns? (Fam: Plucked up three.) In one place it said he subdued'm, another place it says he uprooted'm. Whatever it is, he overthrows three of these leading powers of the ten. And what did we say they had to be? It's just logical, it's just like algebra!
       52. WHAT ARE THE LEADING 3 POWERS OF THE TEN OF EUROPE TODAY? (Fam: Britain, France & Germany!)--Right! Largely being Anglos & Westerners from America, we think of Britain first, "Our dear friend, our mother country!" Actually the most powerful nation of the 10 today is what nation? (Fam: Germany?) There's a little argument about that!
       53. AMERICA LIKES TO LOOK UPON ENGLAND & GERMANY AS THE MOST POWERFUL OF THE THREE because they're their friends, very close allies & friends. Without the U.S.A. there would be no England or Germany today, at least they wouldn't be restored again as they are, France too perhaps. But even France didn't get it as bad as England & Germany in the war.
       54. FRANCE IS A MUCH LARGER COUNTRY, A MORE POPULOUS COUNTRY. And which of the three is the most independent? (Fam: France.)--Even of the other two & of America.--And the most independent thinker! And which of the three is not dependent upon American atom bombs & American missiles that are placed there by America? Which of the three has its own missiles & atom bombs & controls them themselves? (Fam: France.) So if you ask me, having lived in France, I would say that France is by far today the stronger of the three!
       55. WHICH OF THE THREE IS THE MOST FRIENDLY WITH RUSSIA? (Fam: France.) How about that! It conducts almost an independent non-aligned attitude most of the time. Which of the three has refused to be a member of NATO? (Fam: France!) Does that tell you anything? And yet they're kind of playing both ends against the middle just like the other non-aligned countries & pretending to be a friend more of the West & a part of Western Europe, but not a lackey of America like England & Germany.
       56. GERMANY & ENGLAND ARE VIRTUALLY U.S. COLONIES TODAY, they even have thousands & thousands of American soldiers in Germany, & a hell of a lot of them in England, an occupation army! They make themselves pretty manifest & evident that they were the conquerors of Germany, that's what it amounts to. They now pose & claim to be the great saviours of Germany, but what they really are is conquering occupation forces, & they stay there now under the excuse that they're protecting Germany from Russia! [DELETED] England & Germany would have no power or little power whatsoever if they were not flooded with American occupation forces, armies, soldiers, missiles & atom bombs, & all financed by America!
       57. I CAN'T HELP BUT ADMIRE FRANCE! THE FRENCH ARE JUST FRENCH & NOTHING ELSE! They are first of all French! How many of you have lived in France at one time, what do you think about it? A Frenchman is a Frenchman, nothing else!--First, last & always! Nothing less, nothing more, he is a Frenchman above all! He's proud of his country & he's got a reason to be proud! It's got a great & glorious history!
       58. FRANCE IS THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN EUROPE TODAY!--Has been a great country of Europe for generations, for centuries, fought for its own survival & to become a nation, fought some of the greatest other powers of Europe. It fought England, it fought Spain, it fought Italy, it fought Russia! In fact, they fought Germany, they fought nearly every other country in Europe, most of the other nine, & have wound up as the most powerful, most influential, most independent & I could almost say most pro-Russian of all the nations of Europe. And they have resented American domination, or attempts at domination constantly, & they're constantly defying the U.S.A. on this policy, that policy, monetary policy, foreign policy, etc.
       59. ENGLAND & GERMANY ARE STILL WEAK, SMALL POWERS TODAY, THEY DON'T DARE DEFY AMERICA. They sometimes barely whisper & mutter & peep a little bit, complain a little bit, but they don't dare, because they're virtually owned by the United States, financed by the United States, armed by the United States & are American colonies! That's what they amount to! They are part of the American Empire, the Empire of the United States of America! Isn't that what you call an Empire? Isn't an Empire a group of countries dominated by one of them? Are not England & Germany dominated by the U.S.A.? So then are they not a part of the American Empire?--They are! But not France.
       60. FRANCE WAS DOMINATED, BUT IT'S GETTING OUT FROM UNDER THAT DOMINATION. It is becoming very prosperous now on its own, very independent in its own foreign policy & economic policies, in fact constantly accusing the U.S.A. of wrecking the World with its foreign policies, & usually France is right! The government preceding Mitterrand was even more right!
       61. THE U.S.A. FINALLY FIGURED THEY HAD A FRIEND IN MITTERRAND, A JEW, A FRIEND OF THE JEWS! [DELETED] They did everything they could to defeat Giscard D'Estaing because he was a Frenchman above all! [DELETED] So what was America trying to do in promoting Mitterrand? Even though he was a Socialist, almost a Communist, they were rooting for him & doing everything they could to get Mitterrand elected & to defeat Giscard D'Estaing. This was their whole campaign of propaganda during the presidential election, we were there. America was anti-Giscard D'Estaing because he was so independent & constantly challenging the U.S.A. & insisting on an independent course for France, France First!
       62. SO THE U.S.A. BACKED MITTERRAND & THAT'S PROBABLY THE ONLY REASON HE EVER GOT IN! And now he's made a mess out of the economy, the government, the nation, he's almost wrecked France! I can remember when there were less than four Francs to the Dollar! When we were there it had gone up to 4-1/2 Francs to the Dollar. Do you know what it has been in the last few months or years since Mitterrand got in?--10 Francs to the Dollar! It even went up as high as 11 Francs to the Dollar for awhile under Mitterrand! I watch that every day in the paper. And it's only been since the Dollar began to decline that the French Franc has begun to increase against the Dollar & has recently dipped slightly below ten.
       63. DO YOU REALISE HOW MITTERRAND WRECKED THE ECONOMY OF FRANCE TRYING TO TURN IT SOCIALIST, wrecked the business, wrecked industry, increased unemployment! Here he was supposed to do everything for France & promised them the World with a string around it, & instead he wrecked the government, the economy & the Franc until it dropped to less than half of what it was worth when we were there! Think of that! Isn't that amazing?
       64. SO FRANCE IS THE GREATEST POWER ON ITS OWN, THE GREATEST INDEPENDENT POWER OF EUROPE TODAY. What two countries are vying with each other for the leadership of the ten right now? (Fam: France & Germany.) And who usually, in all of these arguments, gets their way? (Fam: France.)--France! Certainly you must follow some of this news. I put most of it in the WND so you can see the proof of what I'm saying & what's happening!
       65. GERMANY IS ALWAYS ARGUING WITH FRANCE ABOUT CERTAIN POLICIES, BUT FRANCE ALWAYS GETS ITS WAY IN THE END!--Because it is the bigger, the stronger & the more independent. And though Germany has to kowtow to the U.S. & pretend to be anti-France, the U.S. is very anti-France. The U.S. is more anti-France than France is anti-U.S.!
       66. I CAN REMEMBER NOT TOO LONG AGO WHEN PEOPLE STOPPED BUYING RENAULTS IN THE U.S.! When we were back at the Light Club in Huntington Beach there was suddenly a wave of anti-French animosity & people quit buying Renault cars.--Because France was expressing its independence & counteracting & contradicting the U.S.A. in foreign policy, economic policy & all kinds of things.
       67. GERMANY ALWAYS COMES OUT & TRIES TO BE PRO-U.S. BUT IF GERMANY IS GOING TO BE PRO-EUROPE, IT'S GOING TO HAVE TO BE PRO-FRANCE, because France has turned out to be the leader. France's leadership of Europe has only weakened under Mitterrand. It was much stronger anti-American under Giscard D'Estaing. Giscard D'Estaing made frequent trips to Moscow. I can't remember if he ever made a trip to Washington. He might have, but I certainly remember trips he made to Moscow several times. And he & Moscow were getting along like this, buddy-buddy in commerce, trade & a lot of things.
       68. GISCARD D'ESTAING WAS A BIG, TALL, HAWK-LIKE, EAGLE-LIKE, FIERCE TYPE OF MAN! I really admired him, but to look into his eyes was almost frightening because he's so strong, like a hawk, like an eagle! This little shrimp Mitterrand, there's hardly anybody in any conference he ever goes to but he's almost a head shorter for one thing. [DELETED]
       69. DID YOU EVER NOTICE SHAMIR? HE'S TWO HEADS SHORTER THAN ALMOST EVERYBODY! He looks like a dwarf! He actually is a dwarf!--Looks & acts like a dwarf, if you've ever seen dwarfs. He even has a face like a dwarf! This is probably the evil influence of some evil spirits or something that possess him, & probably possessed his folks & that's why he got born that way. Monsters!--Shamir & Begin. Begin was the begin of the end! Thank God they've got a little bit better guy now, Peres is a more moderate fellow.
       70. BUT FRANCE IS THE LEADER OF EUROPE TODAY, THE STRONGEST, MOST POWERFUL, MOST INDEPENDENT, MOST-ANTI-AMERICAN, almost officially anti-American of the three most powerful nations of Europe. Sometimes Germany & England will pipe up a little bit with a little protest, a little weak complaint, a little weak contradiction & say, "Well, we shouldn't do that," but in the long run they always submit to the big Superpower because it's got a stranglehold around both of their necks!--But not France!
       71. FRANCE HAS ITS OWN INDEPENDENT WAY, ITS OWN FOREIGN POLICY--which is much more anti-American & actually pro-Soviet--& a much more independent economic policy. It's been challenging & challenging the U.S. on economic policy, & this monetary conference was called at the insistence of France, in which they're trying to solve the monetary problem of the World money & exchange values & that sort of thing. And do you know what's probably going to come out of it?

       72. YOU PROBABLY DON'T FOLLOW THE MONEY MARKETS & THE EXCHANGE VALUES IN THE NEWSPAPER, of course you don't unless you read it in the WND, but it's in the WND! It's always on the last page along with the temperatures. I figure they ought to get the exchange rate at least once or twice a week. I follow it every day in the daily newspaper, in fact, I follow it every day in the news because it's very important.
       73. I'VE BEEN PREDICTING THE DIVE OF THE DOLLAR FOR 20 YEARS! Instead of that, what did it do?--It skyrocketed! Look how the Devil tries to defy God's prophecies & God's Prophets!--Tries to say, "Ah, he's a liar, he's deceiving you, it's not so! Look!" But who always wins in the end? Who always is right in the long run?--The Lord!
       74. NOW THE DOLLAR HAS BEGUN ITS DIVE & AS FAR AS I'M CONCERNED, THIS IS ITS FINAL SWAN SONG, I believe it with all my heart! Oh, it may stop here & there, it could even go up a little bit, but it's going to go down more.--Maybe up a little, down more. The Devil tries to encourage a little deceit & if it takes the slightest little rise, it's a funny thing! Most of the people of the World, particularly financiers, governments, rulers, the rich, are they mostly optimistic or pessimistic?
       75. AN OPTIMIST IS ONE WHO HOPES FOR THE BEST, WHO WISHES FOR THE BEST. In fact, a confirmed optimist lives in a dream world where everything is going right. To illustrate it for the children, the optimist only sees the donut, the extreme pessimist, he only sees the hole. The optimist ignores the hole, he just sees the donut, he only wants to hear good news, he only believes the good news, he only expects good news.
       76. AND IT SEEMS IN THOSE REALMS THERE ARE VERY FEW PESSIMISTS, they are the exceptions, & they're usually called the Prophets of Doom, even in the newspaper. They are called the calamity-howlers, like me! I have some good company.--Not very many, because these economic Prophets of Doom are in the small minority, but they're there, warning the people!
       77. IN THE WORLD, HAVE THE PROPHETS OF GOD ALWAYS BEEN IN THE MAJORITY? (Fam: No!) How about the prophets of the Devil, peace prophets, lying prophets, false prophets.--Are there usually more of them than there are Prophets of God? (Fam: Yes!) The Devil's gotta have lots of prophets & tell his lies over & over & over again to get the people to believe him. And usually the World prefers to believe the Devil's lies rather than the Word of God, because they are the World, because they are of their father the Devil! (Jn.8:44) So they believe their father's lies rather than the Word of God, think of that! Did you get that?
       78. WHAT DOES THE WORLD PREFER TO BELIEVE? (David: The Devil's lies.) Instead of what, Techi? (Techi: God's Prophets!)--Right! She's listening! It's amazing how these kids can sit here for two hours & listen & hang on to every word & study my face, they hardly ever take their eyes off my face! Maybe they gaze around once in awhile, but where'd you ever find children this small who could sit for two hours & listen to a heavy deep lecture that's even difficult for adults? I'm trying to make it simple, so that even the children can understand.

       79. WE HAVE A WORLD MAP HERE, DO YOU KNOW WHERE FRANCE IS? It's there somewhere. Europe is so small here you can hardly see it. But look, what country is at the heart of Europe? (Fam: France.)--Right there in the heart of Europe, the biggest, strongest, most independent, most powerful, the very heart of Europe!
       80. IN FACT IT WAS THE DREAM OF ONE OF THEIR GREAT PHILOSOPHERS & MEN OF THE PAST TO AGITATE FOR THE EEC, the Union of Europe, the United States of Europe, not just a Common Market, not just an Economic Community, but a political union! He was French!--Jean Monnet. And who has led the drive constantly to unite Europe more than any other country? (Fam: France.) France is the leader of Europe & has led the Economic Community from the beginning.
       81. ENGLAND WAS A VERY SLOW COMER, IT DIDN'T JOIN FOR A LONG TIME & JOINED VERY RELUCTANTLY, & a lot of the British even now are sorry they ever joined! So they're a rather reluctant member. Reluctant means they're sorry they joined, they dragged their feet, they didn't want to join. It was only really pressure, not from America, but pressure from France & even Germany that got'm to join, offers of all kinds of benefits, etc. England didn't even want to join, think of that!
       82. I KNOW WE TURNED ON THE LIGHTS & WE WERE GOING TO READ THE BIBLE, BUT WOULD YOU RATHER NOT HAVE HAD THIS BACKGROUND & understand what's going on? I'm trying to bring you up to date to explain what's happening right now & has happened already & which way Europe is going!--Already!--Now! Not tomorrow, but now!
       83. EUROPE IS NOT HEADED WESTWARD 3,000 MILES ACROSS AN OCEAN TO A DISTANT COUSIN, even though that cousin has rescued her, supposedly, in two great World Wars. Europe now sees that the next World War is not going to rescue her but what? (Fam: Destroy her!)--By whom?--If it comes & when it comes? (Fam: Russia.) Just Russia? Only Russia? Not that it's going to happen that way, but I'm just saying they're worried about it. They're worried right now that they're going to get destroyed by Russia and America!
       84. ALL THE MISSILES THAT ARE NOT POINTED AT RUSSIA OR AMERICA, MOST OF THEM ARE POINTED AT EUROPE! Europe is the battlefield! See here, Children? This is America over here. This is Europe here. This great big green country here is Russia. This great big yellow & pink country, this is North America. This is Canada & this is the U.S.A., or America, we call it. Here's Europe, kind of small compared to these huge countries here!
       85. IN THE LAST TWO WORLD WARS EUROPE WAS THE BATTLEFIELD! Russia got some destruction in the first World War & quite a bit even in the second World War. America never got any on its territory, but hers is still coming. But Europe is afraid of being again the primary battlefield, & is the most likely battlefield in the coming war. That's what Europe is worried about today, that it is going to be the major battlefield. It's going to partly be a battlefield, that's for sure! The Antichrist has got a lot of wars on his hands. But the main power that's going to be destroyed in the final war, not the Battle of Armageddon, but in the last war of the Tribulation, is the fall of Babylon, North America or the U.S.A. particularly, the leader of the capitalist World. Now in that process it's very likely that Europe is going to feel some of that war & get some of those missiles, sad to say.
       86. I WARNED'M, DIDN'T I? I TOLD'M TO CUT OFF THEIR TIES WITH THE WHORE & sever their ties with America & refuse to stick up for America & fight America's battles & to save themselves, so that the missiles would only be aimed over their heads at Russia & America, at each other. But Europe refused to listen. We warned them, didn't we? I think we even had a cover on one of the Letters where the missiles were going over Europe. (See No.205.) We warned them, we told them they could save themselves & what would happen if they would refuse the missiles & refuse to be associated with America, etc. But did they listen?--No! They've accepted American armed forces, American missiles, American armaments, American money, [DELETED] American foreign policy, economic policy, the whole works!
       87. EUROPE IS NOTHING BUT VASSAL STATES OF THE GREAT AMERICAN EMPIRE! I agree on this with Russia! They call it "imperialism". Of course the U.S. calls Russia the imperialists. But Russia first started using the term for America, calling it American imperialism, & that's what it is! America is virtually a worldwide empire today! How do we know it's worldwide? (Fam: Its influence is all over the World.) It's got countries all over the World that it dominates.
       88. THE ASEAN COUNTRIES FIRST ORGANISED RIGHT AFTER WORLD WAR 2, AS I RECALL, in order to side literally with America against the Communists. They sought American protection & got it & are getting it to this day, with American military influence in virtually all the SEA countries. So America is a worldwide Empire, & those two nations of Europe, & probably more, are a part of that Empire.

       89. BUT WE'RE TALKING ABOUT THE THREE MOST IMPORTANT EUROPEAN NATIONS TODAY, that's our study! Maybe we didn't get into the text yet, but I want you to understand this because you're going to see which way the wind blows according to how those countries go! And if I'm not mistaken, it looks to me like France is going to get rid of Mitterrand in the next election, if they ever have another election, otherwise they're going to get rid of Mitterrand anyhow & receive the Antichrist! And they are the most likely ones to go for him & to lead Europe his direction.
       90. BECAUSE WE KNOW THAT THE 10 ARE FINALLY GOING TO GIVE THEIR POWER TO THE BEAST, IT SAYS SO IN REVELATION! So they'll be of one mind with the Beast & they will have power with him for, it says, "one hour." (Rev.17:12-13) It doesn't mean just 60 minutes, but it means for a very short time.--And do his will. And what is his will? What does he persuade them to do? (Fam: Destroy Babylon.)--To devour her & burn her with fire! That doesn't sound like there's very much left!
       91. ALL EUROPE WOULD HAVE TO DO IS GET SO FED UP WITH AMERICA & become so pro-Antichrist that they decide to side with the Antichrist & take all those missiles that they've got there & turn'm America's direction! And then who would get it?
       92. YOU KNOW, THAT COULD BE DONE EVEN SECRETLY when the Antichrist takes over, it's amazing! You've seen some of these videos lately of some of the government's dirty tricks & dirty business, how it does so many things secretly against its own laws--I'm talking about the United States in particular--horrible things, against the law & against the Constitution, & secret things that even the government itself doesn't approve of sometimes, like the CIA, etc.
       93. MOST OF WHAT THE GOVERNMENTS ARE DOING TODAY, YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON BEHIND THE SCENES! They don't advertise it, they don't publicise it. They only publicise the nice good things, the flowery things, the things they want you to know! They're not telling you all the dirty tricks they're up to behind the scenes! And they could very easily do some of these things secretly, quietly, even unbeknownst to the U.S.A. when the time comes, & just decide to side with the Antichrist & "Okay, we'll turn those missiles around & if the Americans don't like it, we'll just grab'm!"
       94. RIGHT NOW MOST OF THOSE U.S. MISSILES ARE MANNED BY AMERICANS & UNDER AMERICA'S CONTROL. Britain insisted in the arrangement that they have the final say-so about how they're used, but that's just a piece of paper! With the Americans there pressing the buttons, who do you suppose is going to shoot first & have the say-so if they have a chance? (Fam: The Americans.) This is just a ploy to save Britain's face & to tell her public & her people that the U.K. is still a sovereign power & is not going to let the U.S.A. dominate those missiles & have control of them & have the say-so on when & where they're used & on whom! It's just another one of those dirty tricks, the lies that governments tell their people.
       95. AMERICANS PUT'M THERE, AMERICANS OWN'M, AMERICANS OPERATE'M, & except for some very sly work by the Antichrist & Europe, Americans are going to be the ones who control'm & push the buttons when the time comes, or at least they think they are.
       96. DO YOU KNOW ALL THAT EUROPEANS WOULD HAVE TO DO TO COMPLETELY DISABLE THOSE MISSILES? You're a maintenance man, Son, you ought to know! Somebody pull this plug, I'll show you! (Fam: Unplug'm!)--That's all the Europeans have to do to stop the American missiles. They're all electronically operated, electronically powered, the whole works!
       97. THOSE BASES MAY HAVE SOME OF THEIR OWN INDEPENDENT GENERATORS FOR LIGHTS & WATER PUMPING & STUFF LIKE THAT, but I doubt if they've got independent generators powerful enough to fire all those missiles, & just about all the Europeans have to do is pull the plugs & the missiles will be useless! And then after they march in & run out the Americans & take over, they can re-aim the missiles & push the plug back in again!
       98. ALL RIGHT, PTL! ENOUGH REVIEW! Enough picture! We don't have much time left, time is short, but we're going to maybe get through a few Scriptures here. I kind of reviewed the whole situation & even reviewed the preview of what's gonna happen & how it's going. You can call it what you will, interpretation, analysation, whatever, but I'm trying to bring you up to date & show you how close it is & how quite possible it is & how easy it would be for Europe to go Russia's way instead of the U.S.A.'s way. After all, they're next door neighbours, they trade a lot more with each other & would trade a whole lot more than they do if it weren't for American opposition, & would prosper a lot more if they could get it together & trade fully, do business fully with the Communist powers across the so-called Iron Curtain. It's not so iron today, it's got a lot of holes. It's getting pretty tattered, & pretty soon it's going to be swept away & Europe is going to be part of the Antichrist Empire with headquarters in Russia!

       99. SO WE WERE ON THE HORNS HERE, I WANTED TO KNOW WHERE WE WERE & WE WERE REVIEWING to make sure you understand these horns. Do you think you have a clearer picture of the horns now & the possibility of which of the three horns is most likely to lead the other two horns & all three of whom lead the whole ten horns?
       100. YOU SAY, "BUT IT SAYS THEY'RE GOING TO UPROOT'M!" In another place later it says subdue them, which maybe in some ways is more accurate. (Dan.7:24) But the point simply being that their present totally independent power will be overcome somehow.
       101. RIGHT NOW THE LABOUR PARTY OF BRITAIN IS VIRTUALLY RULED BY COMMUNISTS, & the Labor Party was in power in England for a long time. And if it gets back in power they have as good as said it plainly that they're going to be anti-American, anti-missiles, they're going to kick out the American missiles & kick out the American bases! What does that sound like?--Getting rid of the U.S.A.!
       102. BUT THERE IS NO SUCH THING IN NATURE OR SCIENCE AS A VACUUM, SOMETHING ALWAYS FILLS IT! And if the U.S.A. is forced to leave, somebody else is going to move in! Who do you think it will be? (Fam: Russia.)--Or the Antichrist Empire. So Britain is just so weak & tottering economically & every other way right now, it couldn't even keep going if it weren't for the U.S.A.
       103. GERMANY IS RULED BY THE U.S.A.! IT WOULD COLLAPSE IF IT WEREN'T FOR U.S. SUPPORT, & especially they're afraid that they are going to be the primary battlefield! In the beginning of the War, in the invasion by Russia, in the conventional battles with conventional weapons, they're afraid they're going to get it first, even if they don't use atomic bombs! They're right on the border, remember, of Russian-dominated states, East Germany & the Eastern European countries. They're next door. What was it Helmut Schmidt said? And I think Willy Brandt said something about it one time. But I think Helmut Schmidt was the author who said, "Every time I think about foreign policy I remember that there are Russian tanks only 30 miles from my home!"
       104. SO THE GERMANS ARE A LOT MORE CONSCIOUS & CONCERNED & WORRIED ABOUT THE RUSSIANS THAN THE AMERICANS ARE! In fact, if the Americans were as worried about Russian power & domination as Europe is, the Americans would try to make peace with Russia as the Europeans are trying to do, instead of trying to make war. The Europeans, particularly France & Germany, etc., are trying to make peace with Russia, & for awhile things were going great under Willy Brandt. That's where détente originated. Détente is a French word meaning "relaxation" or "easing of tension." What's another word they use for living together, getting along with each other? The Americans use it. (Maria: Coexistence.)
       105. STALIN SAID, & IT WAS TRUE, OF COURSE, "FOR NOW WE MUST TRY TO LIVE IN COEXISTENCE WITH THE WESTERN CAPITALIST POWERS, but they cannot live forever in one World together. Sooner or later one or the other will dominate the other." He was just a practical, pragmatic man & he was just recognising the facts.
       106. IN THE MEANTIME, THE POWERS WHO ARE THE MOST CONCERNED, LIKE RUSSIA & EUROPE, ARE TRYING TO GET AMERICA TO SIMMER DOWN & keep the peace before they destroy the World! But there's only one way the World is going to really live in coexistence & détente, & that is like Stalin said, by one overcoming the other! And according to the Bible & our studies, which one is going to overcome which one? Russia is going to beat America & come out on top as the Antichrist Empire of the World! That's Bible! Don't blame it on me, don't say I'm pro-Russian, don't say I'm a Communist, blah blah blah, I'm just telling you what the Bible says!

       107. SO IS THE LITTLE HORN ONE OF THE THREE HORNS? (Fam: No.)--It's not. It obviously rises as a power after the others are already in existence! What is literally the most recent power or type of government that has arisen in Europe just within my lifetime, my generation? (Fam: Russia.)--Communist Russia, don't forget. Russia's been around for centuries, but the Communist Red Russian power, the Red Russian Bear, has only arisen just within the last 60-some years, almost 70 years now, dating back mostly to the 1917 Revolution during World War 1 when the Russians were starving to death & they finally blamed it all on the Czar & the nobility, the aristocrats & the rich & rose up & got rid of'm, made peace with Germany & got out of the war. It lost several million men, dead & wounded, in a futile war with Germany in those days! Isn't that about right? So they got out.
       108. SO THE MAD MONK OF RUSSIA, RASPUTIN, WAS RIGHT! And if he was having talks with the Germans as the Russians suspected, he was probably right! He was probably trying to make peace then with Germany, probably sounding out those German emissaries for the Czar to see if there was any possibility of making peace instead of war!
       109. WHOSE EMISSARIES DO YOU THINK WERE AGITATING FOR WAR, to get Russia to stay in the war on their side instead of on the side of Germany? (Fam: The Americans.)--The Americans & British, & even the French were trying like mad to get Russia to stay in the war against Germany instead of staying out as a neutral or even entering on Germany's side.--Although Russia had a lot more reason & a lot more in common with Germany & Eastern Europe rather than Western Europe. Russia actually had much more to gain & it's just possible that the war might have been a different story if Russia had entered on the side of Germany & helped Germany & the Kaiser instead of pitifully trying to help America & Britain & losing millions of men & the war & its government, virtually its country, because they tried to help the Allies!
       110. THEY MADE A BAD MISTAKE INSTEAD OF LISTENING TO RASPUTIN! You say, "Dad, this is crazy! This is radical wild doctrine, I never heard of such things before!" Well, it's all history! Rasputin warned them what?--When they were accusing him of being pro-German & trying to make peace with the Germans & threatened to kill him as a spy & as a traitor. What did he say? He was a prophet! He said they would be killed, would die within I think it was two years after his death, & that's exactly what happened! In fact the whole Royal Family were wiped out & most of the aristocracy were wiped out & the entire Czarist government & regime was wiped out & the Communists took over!
       111. SO RUSSIA IS A VERY ANCIENT EUROPEAN POWER AS FAR AS EUROPE GOES, & IT WAS ALWAYS CONSIDERED PART OF EUROPE, WASN'T IT? Russia was always considered European in its most recent modern history. Well, if you go back a few hundred years you get back to the wild guys, Genghis Khan & a few others like that, but actually he was more Chinese than Russian. But the Romanovs & the Muscovites & the actual Russians were always considered a civilised, European part of Europe!--Maybe not quite as civilised as the rest, but let me tell you, they produced some tremendous cultural art & music & they're still considered to dominate the world of ballet. And you can hardly find any greater Russian composers than Tchaikovsky & Rachmaninoff & you could name a whole string of'm! There's only about one other country that has had so many great composers & that's Germany.

       U.S. MADNESS!
       112. THE U.S.A. IS A LITTLE UPSTART COMPARED TO THOSE GREAT ANCIENT CULTURES & mighty composers & artists & even scientists! When I was a boy David's age, all scientists, musicians & artists had to go to Germany to finish their education or they were not considered top-notch or to really know their art or music or science, unless they finished their education in Germany. Think of that! Americans were barbarians, they still are!--Little upstarts with almost no culture at all!
       113. THE ONLY CULTURE THAT THEY HAVE DEVELOPED ON AMERICAN SOIL IS [DELETED] Black music! [DELETED] The European parents didn't like the Negro music of America, they resented it. They felt it was corrupting their country[DELETED]!
       114. THEY ALL SING WITH THAT NEGRO ACCENT, ALL THE POPULAR MUSIC, THE WHITES EVEN SING LIKE NEGROES! It so amuses me to hear these outstanding British rock stars singing with a strong Negro accent! [DELETED]
       115. AND LOOK AT THE SCIENCE! THE GREATEST DEVELOPMENT OF MODERN SCIENCE TODAY IS WHAT?--Science gone mad! (Fam: The bomb?) Exactly, the bomb!--The greatest invention scientists have ever discovered, their greatest invention which threatens to destroy man & the Earth! There's your knowledge of evil! Science has gained great knowledge, that's true, most of it evil, & is now threatening to destroy mankind, if not one way, the other.--By the DNAs, gene manipulation or manipulating animals & insects & crops & poisons & pollution & all kinds of things. Their greatest developments have been weapons of war, germ warfare & all the rest!--Why?
       116. WHY DO THEY MAKE MORE PROGRESS ON WEAPONS OF WAR THAN ANYTHING ELSE? Come on, think, Folks! (Fam: Because the Devil inspires them.) That's of course true, but let's give a natural reason. (Fam: The rich want to get richer.)--How? (Fam: By taking over the World.)--With wars, so they pay for it! The rich paid those scientists! They were more willing to pay for anything that would develop weapons of war than they were for education, for welfare, for agriculture, for anything else!
       117. GOVERNMENTS SPEND MORE ON WAR & WEAPONS OF WAR & ARMAMENTS THAN ANYTHING, & ON THAT TYPE OF RESEARCH! They spend billions on research! They're about to launch a new multi-billion-dollar program of weapons in space! They're more willing to spend billions on war & weapons of war & developing weapons of war & research on how to fight wars! They'll do anything for war! "Skin for skin, what will not a man give for his life?" (Job 2:4) They figure their kind of life has got to have weapons to defend it, so they're willing to lay down their necks & their own children, their own sons! "Take our sons & give us our cities! Send them through the fire!" (See No.918.) They're not only willing to pay their money, but their very children to defend their way of life & their wealth & their living! That's what they're doing! Horrible!

       THE 11TH HORN--COMMUNIST RUSSIA!--Daniel 7:8b & 9a
       118. YOU SAID YOU WANTED THE DETAILS, I'M GIVING YOU THE DETAILS! WE'RE TALKING ABOUT THE 11TH HORN, the Little Horn that arises after all the other ten. The Communist Government of Russia is the newest actual power of all the powers in Europe. You say, "Oh well, now wait a minute, Dad, there have been several Reichs, several different governments of Germany, & there've been a whole bunch of different Prime Ministers in England & different Presidents of France, what are you talking about?"--Yes, but they're all the same kind of government, they're all the same countries, the same powers.
       119. COMMUNIST RUSSIA IS A WHOLE NEW KETTLE OF FISH, A WHOLE NEW POWER! It is not the old Czarist Russia it used to be, it is today a Communist country & the first of its kind in the World & the first of its kind in Europe, it is the 11th Horn that is rising, has risen now for nearly 70 years, & is about to overthrow the other three! There it is, the 11th Horn!
       120. BUT THIS HORN IS PECULIAR, VERY STRANGE! Shall we read it? I don't know whether we emphasised this enough last time, the last of the 8th Verse: "And behold, in this horn were eyes like the eyes of a man, & a mouth speaking great things!" The others were indefinable countries, powers, governments, nations, but this horn has something very special, a very special man, a very special human personality who is its leader above all. And he speaks very great things, different things, trying to change times, seasons, all kinds of things.
       121. LOOK WHAT THE COMMUNISTS HAVE CHANGED! The Communists have literally changed the World! They have changed the course of history!--Not only the course of Europe, but they have literally changed ideas of government, ideas of economy, economics. It's a whole new idea of government & the economy & the social framework for literally the first time in history! It's very new & eventually it's going to be very personalised by a very great leader speaking great things, a certain man, the Antichrist!
       122. WE READ THE REST OF THIS BEFORE: (VERSE 9:) "I beheld till the thrones were cast down."--Whose thrones? (Fam: The ten kings.)--Not only the ten kings but all of them, all governments, all thrones, all rulers were cast down! "And the Ancient of Days did sit." Who's this? (Fam: God.) "Whose garment was white as snow & the hair of His head like the pure wool."
       123. WELL, AT LEAST WE GOT THROUGH THE THREE HORNS & DEALT WITH THE LITTLE HORN A LITTLE MORE IN DETAIL so that you know & are convinced, I hope, that the Little Horn is Russian Communism & the beginning of the Antichrist Empire. And since that's the end of that paragraph, we can stop there for today.

       124. YOU'VE HEARD ABOUT THE GREAT WHITE JUDGEMENT THRONE, you've heard about the Judgement Seat of Christ... Where does that take place? (Fam: Marriage Supper.)--Marriage Supper of the Lamb. That's when you Christians get judged & rewarded accordingly. No wonder it takes 75 days! Imagine how long it would take those Emmy & Oscar awards if they had to take care of about several billion people! I don't know how they're going to do it, maybe they're going to do it en masse, maybe they're going to throw the rewards out to the crowd & have a good aim or something, I don't know what!
       125. THE LORD HAS PROMISED WHEN WE GET THERE WE'RE GOING TO GET CROWNS OF LIFE & A STONE WITH OUR NEW NAME. (Rev.2:10b,17) It's probably going to be a key to our house too, who knows? It at least shows we've got a reservation! How did I get on that? (Fam: Judgements.)--The different judgements.
       126. WHEN IS THE GREAT WHITE THRONE JUDGEMENT? The simplest way is to say it's at the end of the Millennium, which also, I'm sad to say, includes the Battle of Gog & Magog. Who is the Judge at that Judgement? (Fam: God.) Here's an easy one for you to give me the answer, Who is the Judge at the Judgement Seat of Christ? (Fam: Jesus!)--Jesus, & no doubt lots of Angels assisting at both Judgements.
       127. WE HAVEN'T TOLD YOU YET ABOUT THE THIRD GREAT JUDGEMENT SEAT, HAVE WE? But it's in this Chapter & it's mentioned twice, the Judgement Seats of the Saints! The Judgement of the Saints!--Not that they're going to be judged, but they are going to judge! Now you read this again & see if you can find out who are the judges at this Judgement, when this Judgement is & who are they going to judge? It's in this passage.
       128. IT'S A VERY GREAT JUDGEMENT & A VERY IMPORTANT JUDGEMENT! There are thrones involved & judges on those thrones. Who are they? When? Where? And who are they going to judge? Well, it's right in that Chapter & you read it. You probably didn't even notice it the first time around. Maybe you did, I don't know, but read it again. You always find something new, something old, something new always in God's Word! PTL?

       129. THAT WAS A LONG LESSON, BUT IF YOU WANT TO GO INTO DETAILS, I'M GIVING YOU HISTORY & EVERYTHING AS WE GO. I'm kind of getting like those preachers that take one verse for a text & jump off from there God knows where! The trouble is, you guys never learned anything about history or anything. You never learned anything about prophecy when you were in church, you never learned anything about history when you were in school, so I've gotta teach it all! Not that I mind, but I'm sorry if you think it takes me too long & too much time & we never get around to really getting through the thing. Well, you won't understand it if I don't give you the background, the history, the conditions of the day & the foreground & the scenery.
       --IT WON'T BE LONG NOW!
       --ARE YOU READY?

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family