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THE JUDGEMENTS!       ET# 45       DO 2175       4/85

       DAN.7:9b--GOD'S WHEELS!
       1. WHAT BOOK ARE WE ON? (FAM: DANIEL!) WHAT CHAPTER? (FAM: 7!) WHAT VERSE? (FAM: 9.) And what did I tell you that little sign meant? (Fam: Paragraph.) So it's beginning a new paragraph. Verse 9: "I beheld till the thrones were cast down, & the Ancient of days did sit, whose garment was white as snow." Who sat down first? (Fam: God.)--God, the Father. "Whose garment was white as snow, the hair of His head like the pure wool."
       2. NOW MOST OF YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT WOOL, you probably don't even know it grows on sheep, & I'm not going to give you a whole education on sheep & shearing & all the rest this morning. But when wool is finally sheared & is washed, it is very white, beautiful. "Hair was like pure wool."--White woolly sheep, not the black sheep. "And His throne was like the fiery flame!" Doesn't that sound sci-fi? (Fam: Yes!) "And His wheels as burning fire." God's got wheels, how about that?--And they burn more than some of these guys that peel off!
       3. I NEVER SAW SUCH BAD EXAMPLES OF DRIVING AS YOU SEE IN THE MOVIES! I mean, all movies, they peel off & leave a Dollar's worth of tire tread on the pavement behind them! It just shows how extravagant & wasteful the Americans are. It's mostly the Americans that do it, but now I notice the Europeans are catching the disease of horrible treatment of an automobile & terrible wasteful, reckless driving! And they just seem to love accidents! They love car pile-ups, they do'm deliberately! Something like a million-&-a-half dollars worth of cars are destroyed every year in the States alone just for the sake of movies, all those horrible pile-ups you see & everything, cars turning somersaults & doing stunts & blah blah!
       4. WELL, GOD'S GOT WHEELS, BUT I'M SURE HE DRIVES MORE CAUTIOUSLY & CAREFULLY than most of the people I see in the movies! David, remember when you watch those movies & you see those guys driving crazy like that & screeching their tires & everything else, that is not the way to drive--if ever you have an opportunity to drive, that is. I'd just as soon you'd never have to drive, Honey, it's a terribly dangerous thing!--Especially nowadays & especially in some crazy places.
       5. BY THE WAY, WE KNOW THAT GOD'S GOT WHEELS, BECAUSE WHERE DID ANOTHER PROPHET SEE THEM? (Fam: Ezekiel.)--Right! There used to be a song about that: (Sings:)
       "Ezekiel saw da wheel, way up in da middle of the sky!
       And the big wheel run by faith,
       And the little wheel run by the Love of God!"

       --Something like that. Things like that always appealed to the coloured folks, God bless them, they're very childlike. But boy, if you want to get a picture of God's Chariot of Fire, just read the 1st Chapter of Ezekiel & you'll learn all about it & still won't know what it's like! It is really a mysterious description! Anyhow, apparently He had His wheel with Him when He came to this occasion. He probably rode on His Throne on this vehicle!

       6. (VERSE 10:) "AND A FIERY STREAM ISSUED & CAME FORTH FROM BEFORE HIM." What do you suppose that is? If you saw that in a movie, what would you expect to see? Don't you see some things like that sometimes in the movies?--Zap!--Flame throwers & all kinds of things. Well, I presume it's just to demonstrate His mighty power & His awesomeness, His fearsomeness! "And thousand thousands ministered unto Him."--How many is that? One thousand times one thousand is what? (Fam: One million.) "And ten thousand times ten thousand stood before Him." I know we've been over this slightly before, but if you want more details we'll refresh your memory. How many is that? (Fam: One hundred thousand.)--No, one thousand times one thousand is a million, so ten thousand times ten thousand is 100 million! Well, probably it's really going to be billions. I presume that's just as far as he could go in his vocabulary. He just wanted to tell you that there were a lot of people & Angels There!
       7. "AND THEY STOOD BEFORE HIM."--HE SAT DOWN, THEY STOOD UP! That's what you do in the presence of a king, you're not supposed to sit down. I'm especially good to you folks, I let you sit down. You couldn't take it if I made you stand up for two hours, so praise the Lord! Anyhow, I don't demand that kind of worship, really only God deserves that sort of thing. Some kings even make them come in & back out of their presence!
       8. "AND THE JUDGEMENT WAS SET & THE BOOKS WERE OPENED."--WHAT JUDGEMENT? (Fam: The Judgement of the Saints?) You mean at this Judgement He's going to judge the Saints? Well, you haven't read far enough yet, you must not have read all your homework, because you'd have caught on later on. When are the Saints going to be judged? (Fam: At the Marriage Supper.) At the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Does this sound like the Marriage Supper?--No, it is not! Who's going to be our Host at the Marriage Supper?--Jesus, the Bridegroom. We're His Bride, that's our Marriage. Well, at least it's a kind of a late wedding reception if nothing else, we're already married. But that's the Wedding Supper. It has to be postponed for quite a few years for most of us.
       9. THE WEDDING SUPPER IS LIKE THE WEDDING RECEPTION, THAT'S AFTER ALL THE TEARS & FEARS & FORMALITIES ARE OVER & THEY'RE MARRIED, THEN YOU HAVE A PARTY & YOU HAVE FUN! You have cake & wine & you present your gifts & all that sort of thing to the couple. Well, at our Wedding Supper we're going to have cake & wine & all that sort of thing, I presume. I'm sure it'll be something wholesome, don't worry. Also, instead of us presenting gifts to the Bridegroom & the Bride, who is ourself, our Bridegroom is going to present gifts to us!
       10. WE KNOW OF AT LEAST TWO GIFTS, & WE'RE PICTURING THOSE IN SOME OF OUR POSTERS, THAT THE LORD'S GOING TO GIVE US at that wonderful time of rewards, & what are they?--Two of the most important things! (Davida: Your crown & your stone with your name on it.)--Crown of Life & your Name Stone. We symbolise the Crowns of Life by halos, I don't know how else you'd symbolise them. Since halos are pretty well commonly attributed to Saints, that seemed as good a way to represent the Crown of Life as anything! It's quite a lively crown, it floats up there above your head & shines, & some shine more than others.
       11. AND YOU GET A NAME STONE! You read about that further on in Revelation, if you want to read about it some time. (Rev.2:17) And what name is on it?--Your new name! Not your old name, not what people have been calling you & how many times you've been changing it, etc. But God is going to give you one once & for all forever! From then on that is it! And I have an idea that that's going to be part of your reward. You're then going to really be monikered by the Lord for what you really are. Then you're going to get names that you really deserve, like Faithfulness, Peace, Patience & things like that. I think I'd hate to have the kind of names a lot of these church people are going to get--Unfaithful, Slothful, Not Diligent, etc.!
       12. I THINK YOUR NAME IS GOING TO BE TYPICAL OF YOU & YOUR GREATEST VIRTUE, what characterised you the most. That's just my belief, you don't have to believe it if you don't want to. The Lord often calls people names like that in the Bible according to what their characteristic was, & if He's going to give good names to the good & faithful servants, then I have an idea the names for the unfaithful ones are not going to be too complimentary. Imagine having to wear a name like Shameful & live in shame & contempt for Eternity!
       13. WELL, MAYBE HE'S GOING TO GIVE THEM A CHANCE TO KIND OF WORK IT OFF, let's hope He does, that they'll have a chance to sort of redeem their reputation up in Heaven by working hard maybe down on Earth during the Millennium. Maybe if they repent enough & see how much they lacked & how little they did for the Lord before, maybe they'll work like a house afire during the Millennium to try to get all those folks saved. And if that doesn't make it & get a change, maybe they'll work real hard on the folks outside the City here on Earth in the Heavenly times.

       14. YOU GET IN SUCH A HABIT FROM THESE CHURCHES ALWAYS TALKING ABOUT "UP IN HEAVEN", isn't that something? Because to them Heaven is always up & out somewhere else. When the Lord says, "It came down from God out of Heaven!" that's as clear as it can be! (Rev.21:2) Why they've ignored these things all these years, I started to say I don't know, but the Lord again reminds me every time I start to say that, "I have reserved these things for thee!"--For you, for your generation! Isn't that wonderful? God's held back some of the best wine till last!
       15. IN THE OLD WEDDING RECEPTIONS THEY USED TO SERVE THE BEST WINE FIRST--WHY? (Fam: Because you're aware of the taste then.)--Yes, you're not drunk yet! By the time you've drunk enough wine you don't care what it tastes like, it's just wet! So they always used to serve the best wine first. But when the Lord came to a wedding reception, what did He do? (Fam: He saved the best wine till last.) He not only saved it, He made it, & He gave the best wine last. (John 2:1-10) So that's the way He's doing nowadays, He saved the best wine till last. He's reserved all this for you, all these visions of Heaven & interpretations & all these fillers filling in all the details!
       16. HE'S GIVEN THE WORLD THE MAJOR BASIC INFORMATION FROM THE VERY BEGINNING, more & more as history went along, until by & by not too long before Jesus, only five or six hundred years, He began to really tell the prophets what was going to happen. And then when Jesus & the Apostles & the Church came, they really gave more details. All the time He's giving more information, more details!
       17. WHY IN THE WORLD DO SOME OF THESE CHRISTIANS TODAY, CHURCHIANITY PEOPLE, THINK THAT GOD HAS STOPPED TALKING AT THE END OF THE BIBLE & wouldn't be continuing to be giving more information & filling in more details & more revelations & more pictures & more visions of what's coming, the closer we get to it? I believe it! And it's confirmed even by past history, ancient history. Even since the time of the Early Church there have been great prophets. Look at Nostradamus! He has prophesied in detail many things about the End. The closer & closer we get to the End, the more we have to know & the more we need to know, the more we need to be warned of, the more we have to know the details so we'll recognise these events when they happen & understand them & they won't scare us to death or get us all in confusion & wonder what's going on!
       18. BUT BECAUSE THE CHURCHES WON'T LISTEN TO US, THEY'RE GOING TO BE THROWN INTO ABSOLUTE CHAOS & CONFUSION because they're so screwed up on Prophetic Bible interpretation & they've got so little information.--Especially when it doesn't work out like they thought it was going to, they're going to be absolutely flabbergasted! It's going to be a traumatic experience for them!
       19. AND DO YOU KNOW WHAT THEY'RE GOING TO DO?--THEY'RE GOING TO START COMING TO YOU TO FIND OUT WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON! "Well, this is what you said was going to happen & it's happening, now tell me more! You must be right, you're the true Prophets of God!" Several people are going to lay hold on even one of you to beg you to give'm the Truth & tell'm the facts. (Isa.4:1) And the closer we get to the End, the closer we get to these things that are going to happen, the more details God is giving us, the more He's revealing to us, even in studying over these Chapters again.

       20. I HAVE READ THESE CHAPTERS SO MANY TIMES I ALMOST KNOW'M BY HEART, & YET IN JUST STUDYING THEM OVER AGAIN just for your benefit, I see new things, constantly new things. It never gets old! There's always something new that God reveals, even from the Scripture, as well as by direct prophecy & revelation.
       21. I THINK THAT "PIE IN THE SKY" WAS A REVELATION! (See No.1917.) I've said to you many times, the more I get closer to the Millennium the more I realise we need that City! We need it nearby! We need to know the King is right there & the Kingdom is dawning & the Capital City is already present! I think the whole World in the Millennium will need to know that! We need to have a place to go home to & take a rest & get out of it all! It's going to be hard work, lots of it! There's no place in the Bible that it says there's not going to be any work. He says of some of the martyrs that have worked real hard here, that then they're going to enter into rest. (Rev.6:11) Praise God!
       22. THERE'S GOING TO BE SOME REST, ESPECIALLY FOR YOU HARD WORKERS THAT HAVE BEEN REALLY WORKING YOUR TAILS OFF FOR THE LOST & to witness, win souls & to help others win souls, God is going to give you a little rest.--But not necessarily for very long. Besides, then you can take it. You can work night & day & it won't phase you.--Never get tired, never get sick, never get sleepy, never get foggy in your head like some of you are right now. Well, don't feel bad about that, read what it has to say about Daniel when he got this! He was really foggy in the head! If you can't understand it, pity poor Daniel, he really couldn't understand it! But give him credit for being faithful, & even if he couldn't understand it & it all sounded absolutely crazy, he gave it just the same.
       23. THAT'S WHAT I HAVE HAD TO DO MANY A TIME. I HAVE GIVEN YOU REVELATIONS & DREAMS & THINGS THAT I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW WHAT THEY MEANT, they sounded absolutely crazy, they looked crazy & I couldn't see any meaning in them whatsoever. But I gave'm anyhow & almost always as I obey & am faithful to give it, God gives the meaning! PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ! There are a few that I have received that I still don't know the meaning, but maybe somebody out there got it & forgot to write in & tell us about it, like that "Nancy R. Refine Dream". (See No.1886.) Well anyhow, the Lord is amazing, isn't He? PTL! Thank God Daniel was faithful. Okay! PTL!

       24. "THE JUDGEMENT WAS SET & THE BOOKS WERE OPENED."--Dan.7:10. We're on this Judgement. When is the Judgement Seat of Christ going to sit, the one spoken of in the New Testament? Who is going to be the Judge? There's one of your easy questions like, "What's George Washington's last name? Where was Joan of Arc from?" The Judgement Seat of Christ, Who's the Judge?--Jesus! Who is going to be judged? (Fam: Us!)--Us, just the Saints.--None of the unsaved? None of the wicked people? None of the other dead?--No!
       25. JUST THE BRIDE OF CHRIST IS GOING TO BE JUDGED AT THE JUDGEMENT SEAT OF CHRIST, & I AM CONVINCED IT'S AT THE WEDDING SUPPER OF THE LAMB when He first sees us, when we have our celebration. Don't they always pass out gifts at the wedding reception? That's the time they give the gifts! And of all people going to give the gifts, it's Jesus! He's going to give us gifts, Crowns of Life, Name Stones & God knows how many other things. The Bridegroom is going to give His Bride a lot of gifts!
       26. NORMALLY IT'S JUST FRIENDS & FAMILY THAT GIVE THE GIFTS TO BOTH OF THEM, but in this case a lot of friends & family aren't even going to be there. And they wouldn't have given a gift for anything. They won't give'm now, so why should they then? They don't even like you being in the Family, they don't even like you being the Bride of such a crazy Prophet! They might not mind you being as the Bride of Christ, that has a sort of a respectability attached to it, even the nuns wear a ring & are supposedly the bride of Christ, etc. A lot of people recognise Jesus Christ, Christmas, Baby Jesus. But to think that you're actually going to go to a wedding reception & you're actually going to have a wedding party up in Heaven in the Heavenly City that looks like that, now that's getting a little bit too crazy to suit'm!--Especially when that sort of thing is taught by a crazy Prophet!
       27. AS I'VE OFTEN SAID, ISAIAH WAS KNOWN AS THE ROYAL PROPHET, JEREMIAH AS THE WEEPING PROPHET, EZEKIEL, I DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY CALLED HIM! Maybe they called him the Dirty Prophet because he lay in his own dung & piss for three years to illustrate to Israel what was going to happen to them! So I'd say he was the Dirty Prophet. Isaiah was also the Naked Prophet. I've often said they're probably going to call me the Crazy Prophet! Well, if this is being crazy, I'd rather be crazy! Hallelujah!
       28. WASN'T THAT A BEAUTIFUL POEM THE LORD GAVE ME ABOUT DON QUIXOTE? (See No.198.) That just flowed out practically non-stop without a second thought. That's purely prophecy, purely of the Spirit! You ought to go back & read it & refresh your memory on some of those inspirational old things, straight from the Lord! I was never a poet, I had nothing to do with it, it just rolled out of my mouth, & so true! So if this is being crazy, then let me crazy be! Amen? Because I'm happy! And you too, amen?
       29. THE WORLD ALL THINKS WE'RE ABNORMAL, SUBNORMAL, ECCENTRIC, CRAZY--THEY'RE THE ONES THAT ARE CRAZY! We're the only sane ones in this World! Christians are the only sane ones, & a lot of the Christians aren't sane! They can't even read the Bible & see simple things like that as plain as day in here with dimensions & everything! Well, if I get on that subject, the churches, you know me! When it comes to churches & sex I never get off! I've got to get back to it!

       30. THIS IS A GOOD LESSON NOW & I MIGHT EVEN NAME THIS LESSON "THE JUDGEMENTS"! The Judgement Seat of Christ is going to happen when? (Fam: Marriage Supper.)--Marriage Supper of the Lamb, which occurs when? Come on, folks, wake up! (Fam: After the Rapture.) Your responses aren't even as quick as some of these computers! It's going to occur after the Rapture, & when does that happen? (Fam: At the end of the Tribulation.) So it's occurring during what? (Fam: The Wrath of God.)--The Wrath of God on Earth, Hell below, Heaven above. That's when the Judgement Seat of Christ occurs.
       31. WE'VE STUDIED ANOTHER JUDGEMENT, & WHAT'S THAT BIG JUDGEMENT? (Fam: The Great White Throne Judgement.) And when is that? (Fam: After the Millennium.) A thousand years after the Millennium begins, after what Battle? (Fam: Gog & Magog.) I just love to sock these to you suddenly & unexpectedly to see if you can remember anything. Well, you're doing good, God bless you! I hope the rest of the Family does this well.
       32. AFTER THE BATTLE OF GOG & MAGOG WHICH ENDS THE MILLENNIUM, THEN COMES THE GREAT WHITE THRONE JUDGEMENT! Who's the Judge then? (Fam: God.)--God the Father Himself! And who's He judging? (Fam: The Unsaved.) The Unsaved who? (Fam: Dead.)--All of the dead who ever lived who were not the saved believers already resurrected in the two previous resurrections. And when were they resurrected? (Fam: When Jesus was resurrected.) (Mat.27:52,53)--When Jesus was resurrected, the Old Testament Saints were resurrected. And then at the Rapture, every Saint that hasn't been resurrected since then is resurrected, the New Testament Saints, you might call them.
       33. SO THE OLD TESTAMENT & NEW TESTAMENT RAPTURES ARE CONSIDERED ONE FIRST RESURRECTION, & THEN IN THIS SECOND RESURRECTION WHO'S RAISED? (Fam: The Unsaved dead.) Those who are not saved, not Christians or saved, & judged out of what? (Fam: The Book.)--The Books, plural, lots of Books! (Rev.20:12) I have a notion the Book is going to be right here in our heads! But how would God illustrate that to people, "You're going to be judged out of your brains!" I mean, people back then didn't even know they had brains! You know? How could they know?
       34. --LIKE DR. IRWIN MOON SAID TO THAT SCEPTIC THAT TIME WHO CLAIMED HE WAS AN AGNOSTIC, not an atheist, but an agnostic, he just didn't know. He said, "I'm an agnostic!" So Dr. Moon said to him, "Well, why don't you use the Latin instead of the Greek for that term, ignoramus!"--Meaning I don't know or we don't know. He came up to Dr. Moon & said, "Not that I'm against believing in God, I just don't know! If there is a God, show Him to me! I don't believe anything I can't see!" Dr. Moon said, "Do you think you have brains?" "Well, of course I have brains!" "Show'm to me!" Pretty good answer!
       35. SO I THINK YOUR BRAINS ARE PROBABLY GOING TO BE THE BOOKS! How could He talk about computers & chips & recording brain cells & that sort of thing? I'll tell you, you'll know everything you ever did when He refreshes your memory by some kind of an electric shock treatment like those people have that have had those after-death experiences, where all of a sudden their whole life runs through their head in a few seconds! It's not going to take forever, He's not going to have to leaf through actual books, I don't believe that.
       36. BUT GOD HAD TO USE THE WORD "BOOKS" BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T KNOW ANYTHING ELSE, like He has to use a lot of these other terms for things that weren't even existent yet, they didn't even understand'm. If He'd used some term they didn't know that He knew would be the name in the future, they wouldn't have known what it was. But He used something similar. He had to use a common term that everybody knew & understood that helped to describe it even though it wasn't exactly a thorough description, because it was impossible to describe it to them then. If they had, they probably wouldn't have believed it. But they can believe in books, because they had books then. Most of their books were scrolls, rolled up rolls, long strips of paper rolled on two sticks.
       37. WELL, WE USE SCROLLS TODAY! THE MOST MODERN KIND OF RECORDING THAT WE DO TODAY IS ALL DONE ON SCROLLS! What are they? Children? (Child: Typing paper?)--No. I'll give you a hint, they're rolled on one thing & unrolled from another thing? (Child: The printers?)--No. Come on now! They unroll from this one & they roll up on this one! (David: Tape recorder!)--Tape recorder! Our mastermind here finally got it! Audio tape recorders! Video recorders! Maria uses them all the time! She uses scrolls all the time to tape things. Right now there's a scroll running, maybe two scrolls running right here, recording what I'm saying!--Writing on the scroll, not with a pen but with electricity, an electrical pen! Think of that! Video recorders write not only sound, but they even write pictures right on the scroll!
       38. WELL, IF THE LORD HAD SAID, "THEY'RE GOING TO OPEN UP THE VIDEO RECORDERS, THE TAPE RECORDERS OR THE BRAIN RECORDERS," they wouldn't have known what He was talking about! So He says "Books". And there's especially one very important Book at the Great White Throne Judgement. The most important Book opened there is what? (David: The Book of Life.)--Very good, you remembered that. And what about the Book of Life, what does that say? (Fam: The names of the Saved, to see if their names are written in the Book of Life.)--Saved? Are they saved? These are people that were raised from the dead who were not saved. This is the resurrection of the unsaved! (Fam: To give them life.) You're using just the wrong word, that's all. Didn't we give them a name? (Fam: The Living!) The Book of Life naturally has the names of the Living!
       39. THEY'RE GOING TO BE GIVEN LIFE! EVEN THOUGH AS YET UNSAVED, THEY'RE GOING TO BE GIVEN LIFE & allowed to live outside of the Heavenly City where they will have a chance to be saved. And I imagine they're going to probably all be saved. Maybe they're all the ones that God knows are going to receive Jesus. The Lord knows, right? He knew you were going to receive Jesus even before He created the World. So He knows in advance who's going to be saved.
       40. SO THEY TAKE IT OUT OF THE BOOK OF LIFE, THAT MUST BE SOME COMPUTER, GOD'S COMPUTER! It doesn't have to be a giant mainframe & occupy three stories of a building, it could be some little speck of sand in the palm of God's hand! Who knows? Whatever this Book of Life is, it's going to have thousands of names, maybe even millions of names of people who if they had heard the Gospel, if they had heard about Jesus, if they had known about Salvation, how to be saved, they would have received. And the Lord knows ahead of time who they are. So I don't doubt that in that Book of Life are all the people's names who He knows deserve Salvation & will receive it, & therefore He gives them that opportunity outside the City on the New Earth.

       41. SO THERE'S THE GREAT WHITE THRONE JUDGEMENT, & AS FAR AS WE NOW KNOW, THAT IS THE LAST JUDGEMENT, even the World calls it the Last Judgement. But we know of two other Judgements. One you already know of & we just mentioned, the Judgement Seat of Christ, which occurs sometime during the great Marriage Supper of the Lamb--I believe. I can't be dogmatic about that, but that's my opinion. What would be a better time to allocate people their mansions & their keys & check'm in & give'm their names & their Crown of Life than when they first all get together there in Heaven at that great Judgement Seat of Christ, at the great Marriage Supper of the Lamb? That's when He needs to really sort'm out & they need to get sorted out.
       42. YOU WOULDN'T WANT TO TAKE ALONG ANY WARRIORS TO THE BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON THAT YOU HARDLY KNOW & CAN'T TRUST & were never good fighters down here, they never did anything for the Lord to amount to anything down here. I don't think He's going to take everybody. I think He's going to have to leave a lot of those little baby Christians & retarded church people Up There! He couldn't trust'm! Believe it or not! I believe He's going to bring the real good leaders & warriors that really know their stuff & what's going on & what's happening & how to do it! I don't think He could trust those billions of other Christians that are nothing but church Christians even if they got saved! They're like little babies, they're like retarded children! They've got a long ways to go!
       43. JUST THINK HOW MUCH THEY'VE GOT TO LEARN THAT YOU ALREADY KNOW! You're complete adults compared to them. They're like little babies playing around with toys & blocks & kindergarten in those church buildings. I used to call'm kindergartens. Christian kindergartens, that's what they ought to call'm! They're nothing but little kindergartens for retarded children, big overgrown monstrosities physically & supposed to be so smart mentally, but spiritually they're retarded children! They're so ignorant of spiritual things & God's Word & everything that they're going to have to be re-educated all over again! That's probably one thing the Millennium's all about besides taking care of all the Earthly people.
       44. SOME PEOPLE ARE GOING TO HAVE TO BE BUSY WITH THAT KINDERGARTEN UPSTAIRS RETRAINING ALL THOSE CHURCH PEOPLE! You couldn't trust'm down here, they'd probably start building churches in the Millennium! That's all they know how to do! They'd want to go to church on Sunday & hear pretty sermons, that's all they know how to do! I mean, they're retarded children, they're little babies! They're worse than our babes! Our babes at least have heard something & know something & learned something & know that they're supposed to witness & win souls & have heard about what God's Word says about the future & things like that!
       45. MOST OF THOSE CHURCH PEOPLE BY THE MILLIONS HAVE NEVER HEARD THE THINGS YOU'RE HEARING! They don't even know the basics, the simplest things, that they ought to get out & witness to people & win souls! And they know nothing about the future, except they've heard about Heaven, something like that, that maybe God's going to come some day. They probably don't know the difference, whether it's God or Jesus or who's going to come to get'm! Had you former Catholics ever heard about Heaven? (Fam: Hardly anything.) You certainly must have heard the word. So what did they teach you about Heaven, Catholics? What was your conception of Heaven? You hadn't the faintest idea what Heaven is like? (Fam: I remember they told me that you were just going to see God all the time & I thought it sounded so boring, we were just going to sit there & look at God for Eternity!)
       46. THAT'S LIKE SOME OF THOSE TM PEOPLE, THEIR IDEA OF HEAVEN IS NIRVANA, COMPLETE NOTHINGNESS, complete non-existence, to just completely get swallowed up in nothingness or whatever it is & no longer even exist, not have to go through all these lives, etc., any more. Well, the church people make fun of that, but their idea of Heaven is just about as indescribable & just about as hazy as the Orientals! I think the Muslims have got a better idea of Heaven than most church people or Oriental religions! They think they're going to have all these gorgeous houris, gorgeous women, & rivers of wine, they're going to have a good time Up There, brother, & I wouldn't be surprised that God may give it to some of them if they're amongst those who are in the Book of Life, because they never understood Jesus, never got saved, never had a chance to hear the Gospel, never understood Salvation. I believe they're going to be amongst those.

       47. BUT NOW, HAVE YOU GOT THOSE TWO JUDGEMENTS STRAIGHT? Which one comes first? (Fam: Judgement Seat of Christ.) When? (Fam: Marriage Supper.) When? (Fam: After the Rapture.) When? (Fam: During the Wrath of God.) When? (Fam: Before Armageddon.) When? (Fam: Before the Millennium.)--Right! See, you can have that related to all these time frames. Very good!
       48. AND THE GREAT WHITE THRONE JUDGEMENT IS WHEN? (Fam: After the Millennium.) After what? (Fam: The Battle of Gog & Magog.)--Right! Where? (Fam: In Heaven?) You're not so sure on that one! Well, of course! Where else! The Earth has already been destroyed below & the atmospheric heavens, & the New Earth & the New Heavens don't appear until the next Chapter after that. So all those people are resurrected when? (Fam: At the end of the Millennium.) After what battle? (Fam: Gog & Magog.) Where? (Fam: Heaven.)--Great White Throne in Heaven! By Whom? (Fam: God!) For whom? (Fam: The Living!) (Rev.20.)
       49. WELL, IT'S NOT ONLY FOR THEM, THERE ARE TWO CLASSES OF PEOPLE IN THAT JUDGEMENT, the ones that go to Hell & the ones that go to Heaven. So one general term you could use for them is all the as-yet Unsaved. But some of them are spared, they're not sent to Hell. God knows what decision they would have made even if they'd never heard. God knows what decision each & every one of them would have made, & all they do is look in the Book & find out.
       50. AND THE ONES THAT ARE NOT IN THE BOOK OF LIFE GO WHERE?--TO HELL! It says so plain as day, all of them are cast into Hell & the Lake of Fire, etc. But the people who are found written in the Book of Life go where? To make it simple, say Heaven, but actually the New Earth, because Heaven really is the New Heaven, the Holy City, the New Jerusalem!

       51. I'M DRUMMING THOSE OVER & OVER AGAIN INTO YOUR HEAD TO GET THOSE JUDGEMENTS STRAIGHT, because now we're going to talk about another Judgement! Let's read it again. The end of Dan.7:10: "The Judgement was set & the books were opened." What Judgement is that talking about? Which one? Watch out! When is this occurring? Well, if you read the whole Chapter you'll know. (Fam: After the Battle of Armageddon.)--Exactly. After the Battle of Armageddon at the beginning of what? (Fam: The Millennium.)--Exactly.
       52. I BET YOU DON'T EVEN REMEMBER THAT THIS JUDGEMENT WAS MENTIONED AGAIN IN THE CHAPTER. Where's it mentioned? Let me see who studied well? (Fam: It's again in 22.)--Exactly! 22nd Verse! (Fam: "Until the Ancient of days came...") Aren't we talking about the Ancient of days coming up here already? But see, that is the description of the vision, now we're getting into the interpretation, so that's why you didn't know & Daniel didn't know what Judgement it was either. But now the Angel is explaining it to him & he says specifically, "The Judgement was given to the Saints!" You mean Saints are going to be judges? I've only got one person nodding their head. You mean the Saints are going to be judges? (Fam: Yes!) God's Word says that "ye shall even judge Angels"! (1Cor.6:3.)
       53. BUT WHO DO YOU THINK THEY'RE GOING TO JUDGE MOST OF ALL AT THAT JUDGEMENT, WHEN WE SAINTS WILL BE THE JUDGES?--Under the Lord, of course. (Fam: The survivors of the Tribulation.)--Exactly. In fact, even some of those who didn't survive, such as the Antichrist & the False Prophet, etc. And it tells us that they're going to be cast into Hell. All right, let's go back a little bit, back where we were, shall we?
       54. (VERSE 10:) "THE JUDGEMENT WAS SET, & THE BOOKS WERE OPENED." We already know now what Judgement that is. What Judgement is it? (Fam: The Saints.) It's difficult to say it in our language, isn't that odd? It is the Judgement of the Saints, but that sounds like the Saints are being judged. Maybe we could put it a different way. Shall we say the Judgement by the Saints, Judgement of the World by the Saints? All right, now we're going to get this again about two more times, so don't worry about it. We're going to go over it some more, because the Chapter goes over it again.

       55. (VERSE 11:) "I BEHELD THEN BECAUSE OF THE VOICE OF THE GREAT WORDS WHICH THE HORN SPAKE: I beheld even till the Beast was slain, & his body destroyed & given to the burning flame." Who's the Beast? (Fam: The Antichrist.) When is he slain & given to the burning flame? (Fam: The Battle of Armageddon.)--At the end of the Battle of Armageddon. In fact, he is slain in the Battle of Armageddon & he's given to the burning flame at the Judgement Seat of the Saints, maybe we can call it that, when the Saints sit to judge the World. Don't you think they'd be pretty good judges of this guy who persecuted them & slaughtered them & caused them all kinds of trouble? Don't you think they ought to know how he ought to be judged? And apparently they think he deserves Hell fire & that's where he goes! "Given to the burning flame, his body destroyed." Did he have a body? (Fam: Yes, Sir.) What was it? Who was he? (Fam: The Antichrist.) So what kind of a body did he have? (Fam: The body of a man.)--An earthly human body, a mortal body. And his body is destroyed, given to the burning flame.
       56. (VERSE 12:) "AS CONCERNING THE REST OF THE BEASTS..." Now what are these beasts, to refresh your memory in case you've forgotten since the day before yesterday. We're talking about the last beast which is here called the 4th beast, but actually in history it's which beast? (Fam: Rome.)--Rome yes, 6th in World History, but 4th if you just begin with Babylon as He does here in the 2nd Chapter. It's actually the 6th beast in history, but the 4th from Babylon. Since He's just talking about these four beasts, He calls this one the 4th. So that means there were how many more before that? (Fam: Three more.) In fact, actually there were many beasts. In this God is picturing just the principal great World Empires, right? But nearly every government of the World of man has been some kind of a beast!
       57. SO "CONCERNING THE REST OF THE BEASTS, THEY HAD THEIR DOMINION TAKEN AWAY: YET THEIR LIVES WERE PROLONGED FOR A SEASON & A TIME." Now these beasts are what? (Fam: World Empires.) The most important ones are World Empires, the lesser ones, we would call them what? (Fam: Governments.) Governments of what? (Fam: Nations.)--Nations! Now here's something very interesting & we're going to see more of it. In fact, if you want to skip real quick down to the 14th Verse, it's talking about Jesus getting dominion & glory & a kingdom that all people, nations & languages should serve Him. Are there still going to be nations & languages in the Millennium? (Fam: Yes!) There you are!
       58. IT SAYS THEIR DOMINION, THEIR POWER, IN OTHER WORDS, OF BEING THEIR OWN INDEPENDENTGOVERNMENTS, IS TAKEN AWAY FROM THEM, BUT THEIR LIVES ARE SPARED. There will still be these same people, these nations, even their languages still on Earth during the Millennium. Do you understand? Have you got it? You need to be able to prove what you're talking about! Here you've got absolute specific Scriptural proof that there will still be nations, with their leaders, with their languages & their peoples still existent in the Millennium!--Except without their independent power, which is taken away from them.
       59. THEY WILL EVEN STILL HAVE KINGS, BUT THERE WILL BE SOMEBODY OVER THEM CALLED THE WHAT? (Fam: The Saints?)--Yes, the Saints, but more than that. I'm speaking in relation to kings. (Fam: Jesus.)--The King of kings, Jesus! If He is a King of kings, then there must be kings, & there'll still be nations & still be languages, & even some of you will be kings & queens & princes & priests unto God! There are going to be all kinds of jobs in the Earthly Kingdom of Christ! It will be a Heavenly Kingdom on Earth, actually, but it will be on Earth, a lot more earthly than some of these church people seem to think!

       60. (VERSE 13:) "AND I SAW IN THE NIGHT VISIONS, &, BEHOLD, ONE LIKE THE SON OF MAN CAME WITH THE CLOUDS OF HEAVEN." Does that sound familiar? He's always coming in the clouds.--Went away in the clouds, coming in the clouds, always associated with clouds! "The Son of Man came with the clouds of Heaven & came to the Ancient of days." And Who was that? (Fam: God.) (See No.2158.)
       61. "THEY BROUGHT HIM NEAR BEFORE HIM." HERE ARE TWO PERSONALITIES, THE SON & THE FATHER, the Son & the Ancient of Days. "And there was given Him"--Whom? (Fam: The Son.)--The Son! By Whom? (Fam: God.)--God the Father. Let's be specific now & let's not just say God. I know that when we say God we usually mean the Father, but I like the way Jesus put it, He always talked about the Father, not so much about God as He did the Father. He kept trying to drum into people's heads the idea that the so-called God was the Father of the Trinity, the Father of the Godhead. He was Fatherly, loving, kind, good & tried to take care of His children, right? Isn't that what I try to do with you chil-dren?--Keep you covered at night. Maria gets up at night & I get up at night & cover you up again. You kick'm off, we put'm on, you keep'm off, we put'm on! God help us! Well, if you're hot, kick'm off, that's okay.
       62. (VERSE 14:) "AND THERE WAS GIVEN HIM DOMINION!" GOD, OR THE FATHER, GAVE JESUS, THE SON, DOMINION! What does that mean? (Fam: Power.)--Power! They call Canada a what? Well, I guess you've never been there, it's all over the place, it's called the Dominion of Canada, that's the official name of Canada, because it is a power. "Power & glory & a kingdom!" Wow! Power, great glory & a Kingdom! And what is His Kingdom?--All of us, & this time we're not just going to be the Kingdom all by ourselves, we're not just going to be His citizens, we're going to have some territory. And what's it going to be? (Fam: The Earth.)--The whole Earth! And what's our Capital City? (Fam: New Jerusalem.)
       63. THE MORE I THINK OF IT, THE LESS I CAN BELIEVE THAT WE'RE GOING TO HAVE A KINGDOM WITHOUT A CAPITAL CITY! In fact, in many of the Old Testament prophecies, it always speaks of Jerusalem as being His Capital, & the King is going to sit in His Capital of Jerusalem & rule the Earth, etc., & the Word of the Lord is going to go forth from Jerusalem! (Isa.2:3)--Not that dirty, stinking little old Jewish & Arab town where they're always fightin'! My Lord, I don't think Jesus ever wants it for a Capital! When He's got one like the Heavenly City, why should He want the old stinking anti-Christ city of Jerusalem?
       64. WELL, WHAT'S A KING GOING TO DO WITHOUT HIS CAPITAL? If His Kingdom's going to be on Earth, where does He need His Capital? It can't be on Earth yet, why not? (Fam: Because it hasn't come yet.) Well, that's a pretty good reason, because it hasn't come yet, ha, & because the Bible says it doesn't come till later! But why doesn't it come yet? Why doesn't it come settle on the Earth right during the Millennium? (Fam: It might be destroyed!) It wouldn't be safe at all. Even if it had a forcefield like that beautiful Crystal Sea around it, that bubble, & it was sitting right on the ground, there would be some people trying to puncture it, some people trying to get in, some of the rebels probably would be shelling it, shooting at it, chopping on it with axes & all kinds of things trying to attack it!
       65. HE DOESN'T EVEN WANT TO STOOP TO LET THAT CITY COME DOWN WHERE IT COULD POSSIBLY BE HURT OR DAMAGED--although I doubt evil men could damage it--nevertheless He's not going to come down to that level until they're all His. He's not going to give unregenerate, unsaved rebellious men--of whom there are going to be plenty--the blessing of being able to see that City settle on the ground & enjoy it as their Capital. But I think He's going to let it hang right up there where they can see it & be afraid of it & where it'll be an inspiration & encouragement to us & a handy place to spend the night!
       66. WE DON'T HAVE TO SLEEP, BUT WHAT ABOUT CERTAIN PARTS OF THE EARTH? There's going to be day & night yet, right? The planets, sun, moon & stars are all still going to be in existence. And how about all you folks that are going to be working in the part of the World that when sunset comes & it gets dark & the Earthly people have to go to bed & sleep, what are you going to do then? (Child: Go to the Heavenly City!)--Go Home to Heaven! Right? I mean you can't be working on them in their sleep, sleep-teaching! Well, there might be something like that, but I think we deserve a little time off, don't you?--And I'm sure the Lord's going to give it to us. That's the only rest you're going to get. Daytime you're going to be busy, but at night when they're sleeping you can take off for Heaven!
       67. IN OTHER WORDS, THE POPULATION UP THERE IS GOING TO ROTATE! Everybody that's gone & working on the people where it's daylight, they're down on Earth working on them. But the part of the Earth where it's night & all the folks are sleeping, they can go Home to Heaven! Isn't that logical? Isn't that reasonable? Isn't that like algebra? I mean, two & two just makes four, that's all!
       68. WHAT WOULD WE BE DOING ON THE EARTH AT NIGHT WHEN EVERYBODY'S SLEEPING? What's the point of us being down here when we could be Up There to enjoy the Heavenly City? I believe we're going to enjoy it right there, not on the Earth, but still up in the heavens where we can see it & where we can travel back & forth just like that picture. I think that was a real revelation I got when I was talking to John. (See "Pie in the Sky," No.1917.) I've been coming closer to that all the time, now I'm just sure of it. You don't have to believe it if you don't want to, but it makes me feel good! "Every good & perfect gift cometh down from the Father of lights above." (Jas.1:17) Amen? I feel good about it, so it must be from the Lord. Amen? GBY! That's why I know sex is from the Lord, it makes you feel good! Hallelujah!

       69. ALL RIGHT! "AND THERE WAS GIVEN HIM DOMINION, & GLORY, & A KINGDOM that all people"--all people, worldwide, all those that are still alive--"nations & languages, should serve Him."--We've still got nations & still have languages, I told you that before. That was another reasonable, logical conclusion to come to, that He can't trust natural man, unregenerate man, unsaved man with Heavenly languages, to know our code in which we will speak to each other by both mental telepathy & even words. Did you know that Angels have tongues? Did you know that Angels speak languages or at least a language, maybe one language like the whole World spoke before the Confusion? We will have a language, but the earthly people will still have their languages, & it wouldn't be safe for them to understand our language, would it? That's just plain security.
       70. THIS IS A SERIOUS SECURITY SITUATION DURING THE MILLENNIUM! WE ARE RULING OVER PEOPLE WHO STILL HAVE A WILL & CAN REBEL & DO EVIL, even with the Devil & his demons gone their hearts are still evil! What does the Bible say about the heart of man? (Fam: "The heart is deceitful above all things & desperately wicked.") (Jer.17:9) The heart of man is just naturally wicked unless he knows & loves the Lord. So there're still going to be plenty of wicked people. Not all, thank God! I'm hoping they're going to be in the minority. But from the sound of the end of the Millennium & the Battle of Gog & Magog, what does it sound like?--It sounds like a repeat, we've seen the movie before! Even though the Lord in His mercy spared all these people to give them their first chance, it looks like they're so numerous that from all the nations of the Earth Satan draws his forces & they completely surround the Camp of the Saints, wherever the Saints are headquartering. Think of that! They hole'm up someplace!
       71. IT SOUNDS TO ME SORT OF LIKE THE SAINTS WIND UP IN THE MINORITY! Sometimes I've tried to believe they were in the majority, since it seems like surely so many people would get saved from seeing the Kingdom of God & feeling the power of God & seeing our power. They said, "Well, I'll believe it when I see it!"--And then they're going to see it & they still won't believe it! "Though one were to come back from the dead!" (Luk.16:31) Look at all these people come back from the dead & they won't believe it!
       72. IT SOUNDS LIKE AT LEAST BY THE END THAT SATAN MANAGES TO DECEIVE MOST OF THE PEOPLE AGAIN, & AGAIN THE SAINTS ARE IN THE MINORITY, BY THE END THAT SATAN MANAGES TO DECEIVE MOST OF THE PEOPLE AGAIN, & AGAIN THE SAINTS ARE IN THE MINORITY, & Satan surrounds the camp of the Saints, these Earthly Saints who are still in their mortal bodies during the Millennium. They can't fly, they can't do things like we do, but we are there to protect & take care of them & teach them and give them the Gospel, etc. But when the end comes, the Devil & his forces surround them & they're trying to destroy them, kill them! That's always his job, trying to destroy the Saints & kill the Saints. (Rev.20:7-9; 12:10-17.)
       73. WHAT DO YOU THINK THE LORD DOES? It doesn't say, I can't prove it by the Bible, but what would you do if your friends & Saints were threatened--& they will be our friends & Saints, our Earthly people, our Earthly Kingdom, its citizens--are you going to leave them there to get burned up with a fire that's going to destroy the Devil & his forces? What would you do? (Fam: Rescue them!) I'd certainly rescue them! If the Lord is going to rescue even a few [DELETED] Jews in dirty old Jerusalem with the Battle of Armageddon, my Lord, He'd certainly rescue these Millennial Saints at the end of the Millennium! And what's the only way He could possibly rescue them?--The same way He rescued us, another Rapture!
       74. "OH MY LORD, DAD, YOU BELIEVE IN SO MANY RESURRECTIONS, SO MANY JUDGEMENTS! I'm so confused I don't know what to think!" Well, what's the matter with believing in a lot of Raptures & several Resurrections? It's in the Bible! Our Rapture is not the first time people have ever been raptured, there are a number of different Saints & Prophets in the Bible that got raptured, including some of the Old Testament Prophets. How about that? Who's the first guy that got raptured? (Fam: Enoch.) "He was not because God took him!" (Gen.5:24) We never have any record of Enoch dying, God raptured him!
       75. HOW ABOUT ANOTHER ONE YOU CAN THINK OF THAT GOT RAPTURED? (Fam: Elijah!) He got caught up in a Chariot of Fire right into the heavens, right in the sight of Elisha! (2Kings 2:11) What's another rapture? (Davida: When Jesus went up on that cloud.) (Ac.1:9)--Yes, Jesus was raptured. Very good point, Davida! And there are a number of others in the Old Testament. Why can't we believe in another Rapture? We've already experienced one Rapture, why can't God do it again?
       76. ISN'T THAT RIDICULOUS THAT CHURCH PEOPLE ARGUE AGAINST ME WHEN I PROPOUND THAT THEORY. They say, "Oh well, there's only one Rapture, there can only be one Rapture!" There's another Rapture, a big one! Come on, what other Rapture?--A very big Rapture besides the one we participate in & the one at the end of the Millennium. (Fam: The Saints at His Death.) What do we call them? (Fam: The Old Testament Saints.)--Right! Now get some of those specific terms in your head so you don't forget!--The Resurrection of the Old Testament Saints! What did He do, leave them running around here on the Earth?--For a little while. Some of them went into the city & appeared unto many to try to encourage their faith. (Mat.27:52-53) Then do you suppose He tucked them back in the ground again or He just let them keep running around on Earth for the rest of the time? The logical thing is that He raptured them, of course, took them Home to Heaven to their reward!
       77. THERE ARE MANY RAPTURES, LOTS OF PEOPLE HAVE BEEN RAPTURED! Why does anybody find it hard to believe there's going to be another Rapture at the end of the Millennium? It's getting to be the norm, it's getting to be the normal thing to rapture people & the only way of escape!--Not the exception, it's the usual method! When God wanted to get somebody out of this World in a hurry, He just caught'm up into the heavens, period! Paul went Up There, John had a trip Up There, I've been Up There! My goodness, why is it hard to believe there's another Rapture? PTL? Amen? Okay! My goodness, we get into so many subjects on this, but I guess it's good.
       78. I GUESS IT'S GOOD THAT YOU THINK ABOUT THOSE THINGS & YOU'VE GOT THOSE THINGS IN YOUR MIND ON THE TIP OF YOUR TONGUE. If you're witnessing to somebody & you're trying to convince'm of what's going to happen, you need to know these things! You're going to need to know them during the Millennium to encourage the people there that, "Even if the Devil looks like he's going to get the victory in the end just like the Antichrist in the Tribulation, don't worry! God's going to save you & rapture you out of this whole mess just like He did us!"
       79. THAT'S GOING TO BE THEIR PERIOD OF TRIBULATION! The Millennial Saints are going to have a tribulation at the end in a way. I mean, if they're all surrounded & besieged by the Devil & all his Satanic forces & all the nations he's deceived, I would say that's quite a bit of trouble! That looks like trouble to me!--Especially if they're all surrounded in one place somehow. Maybe that's sort of figurative, or maybe it's symbolic that the Enemy is trying to defeat'm all over the World, but it sounds like it's one place. And the only way it sounds to me like God could possibly get'm out is by another Rapture. But that's not so strange, that's not so unusual, that's not so unique! There've been lots of Raptures--of individuals, groups etc. So why not believe in another Rapture? Okay!

       80. "HIS DOMINION IS AN EVERLASTING DOM-INION WHICH SHALL NOT PASS AWAY, & HIS KINGDOM THAT WHICH SHALL NOT BE DESTROYED!" This is one Kingdom that's going to last forever! All other kingdoms have come to an end, right? Every other capital city has been demolished & destroyed & brought down & lies in ruins & some of them they haven't even been able to find, buried under the sands of the desert, etc. But you look at that one Up There, that's never going to be destroyed! That one is going to last forever! Isn't that beautiful? Don't you like that?
       81. FIRST OF ALL WE JUST HAD IT UP THERE WITHOUT THE BUBBLE, & I looked at that one that Michael Christian painted with the Asian girl & the little thatched hut & she's looking up at the City, and he rightly surrounded it with that bubble that I saw in "Spaceship." (See No.624.) The only thing I could think of, because it was blue, it reminded me of a sea, & it just dawned on me that the Bible speaks of the Crystal Sea! (Rev.4:6) Seas don't have to be flat, in fact, the ones we have on Earth are not flat--they're round, only they curve this way around the Earth. Why shouldn't the Heavenly City have a curved sea around the City?--Kind of a forcefield! Isn't that sci-fi? Oh, they say the high school & college kids are just flipping out over these Posters, especially the ones that look sci-fi. They just love anything that looks sci-fi, that's what they call it, science fiction.
       82. THIS ISN'T SCIENCE FICTION, THIS IS BIBLE TRUTH! Praise God? This is the real thing, not some fanciful story, it's the real article, & there it is! And I think God is going to let it hang right up there close enough they can see it & the World can fear it, & we can be encouraged & inspired by it! Won't that be wonderful to be sitting down here & tell your class, "Look! If you don't believe it, look! There's our Hometown! There's where I came from! There it is!" Right? Isn't that wonderful? I believe it! I believe that was a revelation!
       83. I HAD THOUGHT & THEORISED ABOUT THAT A LOT OF TIMES, but I was talking to John the other day about Adam & Eve in the Garden & what in the World did Adam do besides fucking Eve? Well, he was supposed to take care of the Garden, & I don't know what he did to take care of such a beautiful garden, but you'll read it! Anyway, I didn't quite get the answer to that question, but I started talking about the Heavenly City, & boy, that came clear as a picture, & there it is right there! PTL? "And His Kingdom shall not be destroyed!" PTL!

       84. (DAN. 7:15:) "I DANIEL WAS GRIEVED IN MY SPIRIT IN THE MIDST OF MY BODY & THE VISIONS OF MY HEAD TROUBLED ME." You think you've got problems trying to understand all this, Daniel's spirit, body & head troubled him!--Body, soul & spirit you might say. His mind bothered him, his body bothered him, he was even sick certain days with some of these visions, after such an experience! I'll tell you, some of those big spiritual experiences that we went through left us weak! It has a tremendous effect on your body, & many times in the Bible it speaks of the Prophets falling down, fainting from the powerful experience & its effect on their physical bodies, almost more than they could bear! No wonder God doesn't appear very much to people, they couldn't stand it!
       85. I ASKED THE FFERS IN TENERIFE ONCE, "WHY DO YOU SUPPOSE GOD HAS TO TAKE ALL YOU GIRLS DOWN HERE TO PREACH THE GOSPEL TO THESE BUSINESSMEN & city fathers & all these important people? Why do you suppose He has to use girls, & have girls to fuck'm & love'm? Why doesn't He just use Angels?" I told the girls this in one of our briefing sessions, "What do you think would happen if some night down there in that club, instead of us walking in"--I mean, they were astounded enough when we walked in--"if an Angel walked in! What do you suppose would happen?" I'll bet it would clear out that Club in nothing flat! I mean, they would all leave there & the Angel would have nobody to talk to but himself & the Lord. It would have scared'm to death!
       86. ALL THOSE UNGODLY, UNSAVED MEN, WHENEVER THEY HAVE A SUPERNATURAL EXPERIENCE OR SUPERNATURAL MEETING, PEOPLE GET SCARED TO DEATH, they clear out, they run! It's all through the Bible & history! But they didn't run from our girls! Well, a few of them did, they didn't want to hear it. They knew what our girls stood for! After awhile they knew what they were going to hear & some of them just refused to even dance with them or anything, even if the girl would go invite them to dance. They rejected them, because they were rejecting Jesus.
       87. SO IT WAS TOUGH ON DANIEL! You're going to have to walk up to him Up There one of these days & shake hands with him & give him a good hug & kiss & say, "Thank you, Daniel, for suffering all that for me so I could learn about what was going to happen to us!" He's sure going to have a Crown! He's got his Crown already & his reward & his Mansion & his Name Stone & the works, I'm sure!
       88. BUT TO ME, THE GREATEST PART OF THE REWARD IS MEETING PEOPLE THAT YOU HAVE HELPED, especially meeting people for whom you were instrumental in their Salvation. Don't you think they're going to be so thankful, they can't want to hug & kiss you enough! They're going to want to make love to you as well! Maybe you'll want to make love to them too. Some of our girls have already made love to them. But when they get to Heaven they're going to be so thankful & appreciative they'll be willing to do anything for you, because you got'm saved! You were instrumental in bringing them into that Heavenly Kingdom.
       89. DON'T YOU THINK THAT'S GOING TO BE ONE OF DANIEL'S BIGGEST REWARDS?--SEEING ALL THE PEOPLE HE HELPED, & especially us people who finally understood what he was talking about! He must have been exasperated for years, thousands of years! "Nobody understands! Even when I explained it they didn't understand! Even when the Lord explained it they didn't understand! Even I didn't understand! But even later when the books were opened, whole denominations & churches & millions of Christians still didn't understand even though it was explained to them!"
       90. HE'S REALLY GOING TO SHAKE HANDS WITH US! I THINK HE'S REALLY GOING TO HUG & KISS US & THANK US for seeking the Lord & searching out these things & trying to understand what God was saying, amen?--And thanking God that the Lord revealed these things to us. Don't you think he's going to be very happy?--That not only he understands, but finally somebody else understands it! I think he's happy right now! Thank you, Daniel! Thank You Jesus! Amen! PTL!

       91. (VERSE 16:) "I CAME NEAR UNTO ONE OF THEM THAT STOOD BY, & ASKED HIM THE TRUTH OF ALL THIS." Who do you suppose was standing there who had the authority to explain it to him? (Child: Jesus?) Would you consider Jesus just one of those that stood by? Jesus was already given power & dominion & no doubt a throne. Kings don't stand up, they sit down in their thrones! Sometimes they stand up, of course, but in all due respect they're usually seated while the audience stands up. So one of those standing by wouldn't be Jesus, not in this case. Who would it be? (Fam: An Angel.)--An Angel, or it could even be? (Fam: An Archangel.) Or it could even be? (David: A Saint!) (Fam: A departed Saint.)--A Saint!
       92. I'VE GOT A SAINT THAT'S REVEALED A LOT OF THINGS TO ME! Each one of you has got a Guardian Angel of some kind, & if you'd pray & ask the Lord to help you be more in the spirit, you'd get things from your Guardian Angel, as well as from the Holy Spirit, as well as from the Lord. They're the messengers who have constant touch with us & who always behold the face of the Father, always in direct communication with Headquarters.
       93. WHO WAS IT REVEALING A LOT OF THINGS TO JOHN WHEN HE WAS IN HEAVEN? He thought it was an Angel, he fell down & worshipped him, & what did the guy say? "I'm one of your fellowservants the Prophets! I'm just another Prophet, don't worship me! I'm just explaining it to you, that's all, because you don't understand yet. But I've already been told & I know & I understand & I'm telling you about it!" (Rev.22:8-9) It could have been one of the Old Testament Saints or somebody here that had already died & gone to be with the Lord who understood all these things. So Daniel asked him. We don't know whether it was an Angel or a Saint, but it could have been either one, one of those that stood by.
       94. "I ASKED HIM THE TRUTH OF ALL THIS, SO HE TOLD ME!" IF YOU WANT TO KNOW, DOES GOD TELL YOU?--If you need to know! Did Daniel need to know this for his benefit?--Not for his benefit, but he needed to know it. For whose benefit? (Fam: Ours.)--Yours, ours, right! "And made me know the interpretation of the things." Now here we have either an Angel or a Saint giving him the interpretation of this vision. And he's talked about some of the things twice already. He talks about this thing three or four times in this one passage, especially about that most mysterious part, the last part, the horn. So what does the Angel or the Saint say?
       95. (17TH VERSE:) "THESE GREAT BEASTS, WHICH ARE FOUR, ARE FOUR KINGS"--OR KINGDOMS LITERALLY--"WHICH SHALL ARISE OUT OF THE EARTH." In the vision what did they come out of? (Fam: The sea.) Well, isn't that part of the Earth? The sea is always symbolic of the masses of the people!

       96. (18TH VERSE:) "BUT THE SAINTS OF THE MOST HIGH SHALL TAKE THE KINGDOM!" These beasts had taken the kingdom & were ruling the Earth one after the other, but the Saints of the Most High are going to take the kingdom! We're not just going to sit down & have it handed to us on a silver platter, we're going to have to take it!--When? (Fam: Battle of Armageddon!) We are going to fight & take the Kingdom of God away from the Devil & all his wicked people & the Antichrist! God must know that that's going to give some of us satisfaction!
       97. I'M A FIGHTER, I LIKE TO FIGHT THE FORCES OF EVIL IN THE SPIRIT & IN THE WORD, & I REALLY BELIEVE I AM GOING TO ENJOY THE BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON! The first thing I'm going to enjoy is riding on that big white horse charging down out of the sky! (Sings:) "We'll ride across the sky!" We've got a beautiful song like that. You know that song "Ghost Riders in the Sky" used to make the hairs on my neck stand up & thrill me! There's just something spiritual about that, it just really excites me! It must be because there's something about it that we just get excited about. Some people used to say it's the witness of the Spirit, it's the thrill of understanding something spiritual, because we're going to ride across the sky one of these days!
       98. DON'T YOU THINK YOU'LL LOVE RIDING DOWN ON THAT WHITE HORSE? Even if you never learned to ride before, you're going to know how to ride then! Praise God! And it's not going to go clippity-cloppity-cloppity-cloppity-clop either, or any even clip-clip-clip-clip-clip-clip-clip-clip like that when they trot or gallop or even walk, when you can feel that jolt every time it hits the pavement or the road, because it's going to fly!--Nice smooth easy ride right through the sky!
       99. WAIT TILL YOU'VE EXPERIENCED THE TRIBULATION, I THINK YOU'RE GOING TO BE INSPIRED TO WANT TO COME BACK ON HORSES & [DELETED] [EDITED: "fight"] some of those wicked evil people who refused to receive the Truth, refused to receive what you told them, the Gospel, refused to receive the Love of God, the Love of Jesus Christ, & instead turned around & persecuted you & hounded you & hurt you & even killed you! Those absolute incorrigibles, those absolutely totally unrepentant, though all kinds of horrors happen to them even in the Tribulation & in the Wrath of God, they still wouldn't repent of their sins! [DELETED]
       100. "DAD, [DELETED] I THOUGHT YOU SAID YOU WERE A PACIFIST!"--No, when it comes to that I'm not going to be any pacifist! I hope I'm given some kind of command in that battle [EDITED: "Armageddon, after the Resurrection"] that I'll have a good enough force that I can really charge some of these people that are giving me a lot of trouble! [DELETED]
       102. [DELETED] Boy, won't they look gorgeous riding on white horses? Won't you look beautiful?--Real Amazons! Amen! Hallelujah! Real Valkyries! What did they call them in Tenerife?--Norsewomen, Brunhelds, women warriors! They used to have a lot of those in operas etc., so why not in the Battle of Armageddon? Praise God! Hallelujah! TYL!
       103. "BUT THE SAINTS OF THE MOST HIGH SHALL TAKE THE KINGDOM & POSSESS THE KINGDOM FOR EVER, EVEN FOR EVER & EVER!" Praise God! Well, we covered three more verses at least past the beginning of the paragraph, but we'd better not get into this next one now because it's time to quit. PTL? GBY! TYL!

       104. DID YOU LEARN SOMETHING TODAY? (Fam: Yes, Sir!) You mean you learned something new today? You mean you learned something you never heard of before? Well, that's why we're having the Classes, so you'll understand & learn some of these things that you need to know. At least you seem to think you need to know'm, so the Lord's giving them to you just because you want to, I guess. I don't know whether you really need to know all these details, but I think you need to understand the Scriptures.
       105. HOW ARE YOU GOING TO USE THIS CHAPTER WITH SOMEBODY ELSE IF YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT IT'S TALKING ABOUT? You need to understand the whole Chapter, you need to understand virtually every word, because this is a very important Chapter. It's another one of those historical futuristic prophecies about governments & kings, & not only past empires, but things that are happening right now & just about to happen! So I think you do need to know & I'm sure that's why the Lord is telling you, PTL! And that's why He sent me to teach you & give you these lessons.
       106. LIKE I TOLD YOU, I'VE ALWAYS BEEN MUCH MORE OF A TEACHER THAN A PROPHET OR ANYTHING ELSE. Sometimes when I had to be a Prophet I was, when I have to be a king, I am! But I must admit, I think I probably enjoy teaching more than anything else, because I love to help you, I love to enlighten you, I love to feed you!--Not just milk & crumbs & baby manna, but I even like you to get some good strong chaws on some good strong meat, & this is strong meat! Praise God! You say, "Then Dad, why are you giving it to these poor little babes that have to sit down here on this front bench for two solid hours?"
       107. THEY'RE NOT BABES! MY GOD, THESE CHILDREN ARE MORE ADULT & MORE INTELLIGENT & HAVE MORE KNOWLEDGE & ARE SMARTER THAN ALMOST ALL THOSE CHURCH PEOPLE PUT TOGETHER! They've got more wisdom, know more about the Lord, know Him better, know His Word better than I'll bet you nearly everybody in the churches! They're no babes! They're men! They're women! They're strong warriors of the faith, even little Techi here, God bless her, even little Davida here. They came up with the answers when some of you couldn't come up with the answers! "Out of the mouths of babes & sucklings Thou hast perfected praise!" "A little child shall lead them!" (To the kids:) You're going to be the leaders of some of these people one of these days, amen? Praise God!
       108. SO LET'S PRAY! You got smart, kid, you don't get up until I actually grab your hand! PTL! Oh, Mary Dear knows it's her time to come! This is her part, she knows this is the children's part & she wants to be one of them. She knows how to be comfortable too, GBH! She's pretty smart, she says, "You never can tell how long Grandpa's going to pray, or still keep preaching while he's supposed to be praying!" Amen! PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ! One of you lead us in a closing prayer, will you? (Family prays.) As we pray the Prayer of the Kingdom, the prayer the King taught us: (Prays the Lord's Prayer.)--For ever & ever & ever & ever & ever in Jesus' name, amen! Lord, do bless & keep them now for the rest of the day & help them to get lots of good things done & rest & eat well & exercise well & learn well & do good & be good!--In Jesus' name! TYL! Hallelujah! And help us to finish our job before we quit! PTL!--IJNA!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family