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DANIEL 7, PART 3!--Verses 19-28.       ET# 46       4/85       DO 2176
--And Lessons on U.S. Pollution, Churchianity, Millennial Ministries & Bad Publicity!

       1. WHAT VERSE ARE WE ON IN DANIEL 7? (FAM: 19!) Well, you're really keeping up with it today, aren't you? Amen, Lord bless this study of Thy Word in Jesus' name. Open their minds & hearts to it to help us understand. TYL!
       2. HE HAS GONE OVER THIS WHOLE VISION THE FIRST TIME IN VERSES 7 THROUGH 14, really, then he goes over it again, virtually recounts it again as though he's asking the question the second time, in Verse 15 clear through 22. Then the Angel or Saint, whoever it is, explains it to him in Verses 23 to 27. He goes over this three times so you'll be sure & get it straight & not misunderstand it, so it must be important.
       3. SO NOW HE'S ASKING THE QUESTION. FIRST HE SAW THE VISION, THEN HE ASKED THE QUESTIONS, & FINALLY IN THE LAST PORTION IT'S EXPLAINED TO HIM.--Well, explained as far as the Angel was going to go at that time, because it wasn't for Daniel's time anyhow, so he didn't have to know any more than that. Daniel was only the channel, the Prophet, the tube through which the Message came, & he was to record it & put it down even if he didn't understand it, & he obviously didn't understand it. Why should he? How could he? It was to occur 2500 years from then, or more!
       4. (VERSE 19:) "THEN I WOULD KNOW THE TRUTH OF THE FOURTH BEAST." Well, if you're going to count all the beasts, it started occurring, of course, even in Daniel's day, Babylon, but the most difficult, complicated part which he was really puzzled & fascinated by was the Fourth Beast. He pretty well understood already from the Image etc. these four kingdoms--what were they again, beginning with the first beast? (Fam: Babylon, Medo-Persia & Greece.) And the fourth beast was Rome. You say, "But Dad, I thought that Rome was the Sixth Beast!"

       5. WE ARE TALKING ABOUT THIS CONFUSION OVER HOW IT SAYS THIS IS THE FOURTH BEAST, THE FOURTH GOVERNMENT, "AND YET, DAD, YOU'VE TOLD US THAT THIS IS THE SIXTH!" It's the sixth according to Revelation, which reviews the whole picture from beginning to end. John was a lot closer to the End, so the Lord made it a lot clearer in Revelation even than in Daniel.
       6. 19TH VERSE! ARE WE READY? "THEN I WOULD KNOW THE TRUTH OF THE FOURTH BEAST, which was diverse from all others, exceeding dreadful, whose teeth were of iron, & his nails of brass; which devoured, brake in pieces & stamped the residue with his feet." What's residue? (Davida: The rest.) That's right, the remainder. Who are the remainder? (Fam: The other kingdoms.) The other kingdoms, the other nations of the World, in other words. And we've already found out time & again, what is this nation that God's talking about & Daniel's asking about here? (Fam: Rome.)
       7. DID ANCIENT ROME DO THINGS LIKE THIS?--IT CERTAINLY DID! Its great Roman legions toured the World, built highways all over the Western World at least, even in England & Germany & France & Italy & all throughout the European World, which was about the only World that they thought counted at that time. Rome ruled with an iron hand, we could say iron legs, iron teeth, nails of brass, & stamped & broke every power & anyone that tried to oppose it, until it ruled the World, setting the stage for the coming of Jesus Christ, believe it or not!
       8. SO THE WORLD, LITERALLY HAVING ONE BIG WORLD GOVERNMENT--AT LEAST OF THE WESTERN WORLD, THE EUROPEAN WORLD--WAS AT PEACE, because they had an absolute dictatorship of Rome. There was a little rebellion here or there, especially with the Jews. Rome had more trouble with the Jews & Israel than any other country, just another parallel of the Antichrist. The [DELETED] Jews rebelled more & caused them more trouble than anybody!--In fact, even drove out the Romans for awhile so that they even had their own government temporarily, very temporarily. So there's another parallel to your Antichrist Kingdom.
       9. AS WE'VE SAID, THE ANTICHRIST KINGDOM LITERALLY IS A REVIVAL OF ROME! It is a revival of the Sixth Beast, or in this Chapter, the 4th Beast. In fact, you'll notice in this Chapter that the Lord makes virtually no distinction whatsoever between ancient Rome pictured here as the 4th Beast, & the horns on its head. It's the same beast. It's got new horns, but it's the very same old Devil, the same old Dragon, the same old Beast, same horns. They've got'm all in Revelation too. In God's view there's no difference. He just looks across the ages & millenniums of history & considers it a brief period in our history between Ancient Rome & the coming Antichrist Kingdom, a whole period of history which we consider something distinct & different! Rome has fallen, the Antichrist has not risen & here is about 1500 years between the two, but God doesn't see any difference!
       10. HE LOOKS AT THAT 1500 YEARS OF THE CONTINUATION OF EUROPEAN HISTORY AS A MERE CONTINUATION OF ROME! In fact, it was a continuation of the Roman Catholic church & the Holy Roman Empire, even still called Roman, so that Rome still ruled. Rome still ruled through the Catholic church & the Holy Roman Empire right up to the days of the Protestant Reformation. But in the eyes of God because of the nature & quality & laws of the governments, even of the countries which became Protestant & got out from under the Roman church yoke, they didn't change any.

       11. LOOK AT YOUR PROTESTANT CHURCHES! YOU CAN HARDLY TELL THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A PROTESTANT CHURCH & A ROMAN CHURCH! If you walked into the average formal Protestant church such as Episcopalian, Church of England or Presbyterian, some of those more formal denominations, they all look the same inside, benches all facing the pulpit, pulpit up there, fancy decorations & beautiful windows. About the only thing that tells you that you are not in a Protestant church is the imagery, the images & statues which the Protestants are supposed to abhor. But you walk into an Episcopalian church, the first official governmentally-inspired & recognised Protestant church, you'll find sometimes almost as many statues there in the Church of England, Episcopalians, & if you go there you'll hear almost the same type of sermons, you'll see almost the same kind of ceremonies & mass. They call it different names, but it's the same kind of gorgeous costumes & robes & formal ceremonies & everything. You'll find very little difference. Rome is still there! Rome & the Roman church are still there, even in the Protestant churches.
       12. AND AS I'VE SAID, NO MATTER WHAT KIND OF CHURCH YOU'RE IN, THE VERY FACT THAT THEY HAVE A SEPARATE TEMPLE TO WORSHIP IN, a separate building that they build just for worship, shows they're still following the old, not only Roman, but pagan templism, where they had to have separate buildings for worshipping God! You'll find the Protestants do the same. So we still have Rome, the influence of the Roman church. The Protestants broke with the Roman church as a religion & denomination, but they never broke fully with Romanism & the Roman style of church building, although they're not always as fancy as the Romans' churches, because the Romans are much richer. That church as an organised religion has been around a long time & had time to accumulate a lot of wealth & rob a lot of poor.
       13. BUT YOU'LL STILL FIND PRETTY MUCH THE SAME BOX WITH THE SAME BENCHES WITH THE SAME PLATFORM & PULPIT, OR WHATEVER YOU WANT TO CALL IT. What do they call it in the Roman church? (Fam: The altar.) The altar is a special thing on a raised dais. What do you call that raised part there? The Protestants call it a platform, the World calls it a stage.--Same thing, it's a show! And then you've got the main principal actor, be he priest or preacher or pastor or whatever you want to call him! It's the same old score all over again! He gets up & leads & carries them through the ceremonies & they've got their box to worship in & their benches to sit on & their raised platform for the show & the one guy up there runs the whole show. Really there's no major difference between a Protestant & a Catholic church, building, service, type of worship or "You must go to church on Sunday" idea & "You must belong to the church to be a Christian, you must come to church to go to Heaven," this all over again!
       14. DEAR LUTHER EVENTUALLY TRIED TO BREAK THE PROTESTANTS AWAY FROM ALL OF THIS. He wasn't really planning to leave the Roman church at all. He was trying to reform the Romans, but of course the major part of them refused to reform, so he took his literal religious revolution to the people, & they took him literally. When he talked about destroying the Roman church as being of the Devil & all their idolatry etc., they started going around wrecking Roman churches, breaking the windows, smashing the idols, wrecking the churches, & you have the Peasants' Revolution of Germany & the 30 Years' War! He tried to stop it, he tried to calm'm down & said, "No, no, you mustn't become violent & do all that sort of thing!" But that was the natural fruit of what he taught! He taught hatred of their evil & of their templism and their idolatry & their Indulgences & all their false doctrine, Papal worship & all this sort of thing, so the people just got angry at how they'd been fooled & sucked in all these years by all that junk, & they just wanted to tear it down, tear it up!
       15. LUTHER WAS NOT PLANNING A REVOLUTION AT ALL, HE JUST WANTED TO REFORM THE CHURCH, he just wanted to sort of purify it & reform it. But he created an actual violent revolution! The people took it literally to the ultimate extreme, & that was tear it down, root it up, destroy it!--Which is exactly what Jeremiah said. The only way to get rid of it is tear it down, root it up & destroy! (Jer.1:10) [DELETED] Well, probably the World would have been better off if they had, but the Protestants fell prey to the same kind of practices.
       16. THEY JUST WENT OUT THE DOOR OF ONE CHURCH & WENT RIGHT BACK IN THE DOOR OF ANOTHER CHURCH, right straight back into their templism and sacrificial worship & their idolatry of the priest or the pastor & the dictatorship & churchianity works religion, so that you could hardly tell a Protestant church from a Catholic church any more. Basically they all still had the same fundamental requirements, & what are they, of this false churchianity?--A building, special services, special laws to be a Christian, requirement of certain works to be a Christian, & a dictatorship priesthood to teach them all their false doctrines & to misinterpret the Bible.

       17. SO I SEE VERY LITTLE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE ROMANS & THE PROTESTANTS MYSELF, THEY'RE ALL IN THE SAME CHURCHIANITY RUT! They're all in the same works religion! Right? And they're all in the same ceremonialism. Have you any idea what ceremonialism means? A ceremony is a formal religious practice of some kind in which they go through some kind of religious ritual. Now we have a few. What is our most outstanding religious ceremony or ritual that we still go through, because Jesus said to do it? (Fam: Communion.) But we have very few ceremonies left. We've dumped all the unBiblical ones & unScriptural ones & all these churchianity practices. Whether it be Roman or Protestant, it makes no difference. We've dumped the whole works, including a lot of their false ideas of morality & false ideas of salvation & works & all the rest. So we have very few formal ceremonies.
       18. AND OUR COMMUNION IS NOT VERY FORMAL EITHER, WE'RE QUITE INFORMAL ABOUT IT! If they'd see us sitting around here like this taking communion, they'd think it was sacrilege, wouldn't they? "It wouldn't do them any good to take communion, they're already lost!" Isn't that ridiculous? I mean, the Devil tricks the people & the church people particularly into straining at gnats like nudity & so-called pornography & sexual freedom. They strain at these gnats to try to pretend how righteous they are, how holy they are, how they're saved by their works. Whereas they commit murder & mayhem & war & everything else that's horrible, killing their babies! At least the Catholic church doesn't stand for that. But they do much worse things than running around naked! They do much worse things than having free sex & sharing! They do much worse things than FFing!
       19. MY GOD, THEY ACCUSE US OF ALL THE THINGS THAT ARE REALLY LITTLE MINOR DIFFERENCES, actually, but which they have magnified & exaggerated & blown up to immense size as being the most important things. "The most important thing for a Christian is not to run around naked! The most important thing for a Christian is to get formally, legally married & have nothing to do with anybody else after that!"--All of these great laws of works & righteousness that they consider the most important things in the life of a Christian. In the Roman church, & it's the same hangover in the Protestant church, you're not really married unless you got married in church, unless you had a marriage license & you had a wedding & you formalised the whole baloney.--When all it took was a baloney!
       20. ALL ADAM USED WAS HIS BALONEY!--NO MARRIAGE CEREMONY, NO PREACHER, NO LITTLE BLACK BOOK, NO BIG EXPENSIVE WEDDING & RECEPTION & ALL THAT JUNK! That stuff is only for the birds anyhow. I mean, it's for the relatives, all those vultures that hang around ready to devour'm! You never heard of a married couple, newlyweds, that enjoyed the ceremony. I never heard of any yet, did you?--Not really. It's an agony before the ecstasy! Sometimes they've already had the ecstasy & they'd just as soon get the agony over with & get the Hell out of there & away from all those damn relatives to where they can have a little peace & quiet & privacy & enjoy each other!
       21. WEDDINGS ARE AGONY! THEY ARE A TRIAL! THEY ARE SUFFERING FOR THOSE GETTING MARRIED. The only people who enjoy it are the relatives. It's a nice big family reunion, a get-together to have cake & ice cream & enjoy seeing each other again & watching the beautiful ceremony, the couple getting married & everything. But the bride & the groom both are practically shaking & trembling with fear & fright & nervousness! I mean, it's agony! And yet the church requires it, you've got to go through it. It's one of the required ceremonies or you're not legally joined together. I guess they would have considered Adam & Eve as being illegal & immoral & their children were illegal, illegitimate bastards, because Adam & Eve never got married! There wasn't any church to get married in, there was no preacher to marry them except God, & I doubt if He whipped out His little black book & performed any ceremony before Adam fucked Eve! How about that?

       22. YOU KNOW, WITHOUT ANYBODY TELLING ME, JUST BY READING THE BIBLE, I FINALLY CAME TO THE CONCLUSION THAT I WAS SAVED!--In spite of all my sins & ups & downs & thinking I wasn't saved & off-again, on-again Flannigan type of religion, like the Holiness churches that I lived in & was brought up in. They never knew for sure when they were saved. They could think a bad thought & suddenly get unsaved! The only way in the World I ever knew that I had eternal everlasting life was when I was reading my Bible as a teenager one morning. I was very discouraged because it seemed I just couldn't be a Christian, I just couldn't stay saved.
       23. FOR ONE THING, I WAS ALWAYS MASTURBATING, & TO THE CHURCHES & THE SYSTEM, THAT WAS ALMOST THE WORST SIN OF ALL! "My God, that's terrible!" They think it's wicked! Isn't that ridiculous?--When it's perfectly normal & natural. God put it there, you can feel it & it's just natural. You'll find little babies even play with themselves. It's perfectly normal & natural, there's nothing wrong with it at all unless you overdo it, like anything. You can over-eat, over-exercise, over-sleep, you can over-sex, whatever! You should be moderate & temperate in all things, & children maybe have to be taught that, but not that it's some wicked, evil, monstrous thing that's going to damn'm to Hell forever with no escape!
       24. THAT'S THE WAY IT WAS TAUGHT IN OUR CHURCHES IF THEY EVER MENTIONED IT AT ALL! Usually they never mention it in church, but they were clever enough to give you little books about it that told you the things that they were ashamed to even talk about. That's how they handled it. Isn't that the way they handled it in your church, your religion? They were afraid to talk about it, they didn't even dare talk about it, even that was wicked to even say those words & talk about it! So the cowards gave you a little book to read instead, & that told you how horrible it was & how it would drive you insane or you'll get diseases from it & all kinds of horrible terrible things, you'd wind up in the insane asylum a lunatic! My God, they had us terrorised about a simple little normal natural thing like masturbation!
       25. WHY DO YOU EAT? (Fam: Because you're hungry.) Well, why do you eat because you're hungry?--Because you like it, you enjoy it, it feels good! You're deprived & hungry & upset if you don't get it, & that's exactly the same way with sex! God made it a very necessary function just like eating, so that you desire it & it feels good, so it must be good for you!
       26. ALL THE THINGS THAT YOU ABSOLUTELY NEED & HAVE TO DO, GOD MADE VERY ENJOYABLE, VERY DESIRABLE, LIKE EATING, SLEEPING, EVEN WORKING, PLAYING, SEXING, WHATEVER YOU WANT TO CALL IT! God made the most essential things in the World, the things you need the most, very desirable, in fact virtually irresistible!--Like you beautiful girls & sex & even masturbation. It must be good for you, because you need it, you desire it.--Especially if you can't get a girl or a boy to do it for you, or fuck, you have that need anyway. Didn't you have that need even when you were young? Some of you started when you were just children, like me. Some of you, like dear Sara, said she didn't start till she was 22! She was a slower comer, but boy, how she can come now! God bless her!
       27. MY GOODNESS, HOW DO I GET INTO ALL THESE SUBJECTS ANYHOW?--TALKING ABOUT CHURCHIANITY! I don't dare get on the church or I sure go astray! But here are all these natural, normal things that they condemn, & yet they practice far worse, wicked sins such as murdering babies, waging wars & slaughtering millions, condoned & advocated & prayed for by the churches & the church people!

       28. DO YOU KNOW WHO THE ONES ARE THAT ARE EGGING REAGAN ON TO HAVE WAR WITH RUSSIA? Do you know who the ones are that are his main sponsors & are encouraging his hard line dealing with Russia & building more bombs & more nuclear weapons, etc.? Do you know who his major supporters are? [DELETED] Who are they? (Fam: The church people!)--The supposed Christians. Do you know who the major supporters of Hitler were in Germany? If you know your history, it was the church people, & he even got the Pope to make a pact with him that he would lay off the church if the Pope would lay off of him!
       29. WHEN DEAR OLD BROTHER TED WARE WAS DOWN IN CUBA (MAYBE THIS IS ONE TIME THE CHURCH PEOPLE WERE RIGHT), DO YOU KNOW WHO WERE THE MAJOR SUPPORTERS OF CASTRO IN HIS REVOLUTION AGAINST BATISTA?--And if there was ever a needed revolution, that was it! But guess who were his major supporters besides the poor of Cuba, people who even led the revolution & cooperated with him hand-in-glove, hid guns under their floors & hid him in the mountains? Guess who his major sponsors were? At that time the Catholic Church considered him a Socialist, a Communist, & especially his cousin Ché Guevara who was a committed Communist, even when Castro was only a Socialist & didn't want Communism, didn't want Russia. Guess who his major sponsors were? (Fam: The Catholic Church?) Not the Catholic churches, no, because he had already declared war on the Catholics & the minute he came to power he shipped 2000 nuns & priests out of Cuba! But then he got on television & said Cubans should be more Christian, which would solve their problems.
       30. HERE HE'D JUST CLAMPED DOWN ON THE CATHOLIC CHURCH & SHIPPED OUT TWO THOUSAND CATHOLIC LEADERS, SO WHAT CHURCH DO YOU SUPPOSE WAS SPONSORING HIM? (Fam: The Protestants.)--Especially the Evangelicals! And most of the Protestants in Cuba at that time, because they were missionaries & missionary congregations in what had been a solid Catholic country, they weren't just formal Protestants who wouldn't have gotten anywhere with the Cubans, they were active, militant, aggressive, Evangelical, Fundamentalist Protestants who really believed in real Salvation & winning souls & preaching the Gospel & getting people born again! They were his main supporters. They hid his guns under their church floors, under the floorboards & smuggled in arms for him. They had powerful connections in America.
       31. AND AT FIRST THE UNITED STATES WAS ALL FOR CASTRO & THE REVOLUTION! The U.S. was almost the first government to recognise his government when he took over. Everybody knew that Batista was a monster & a horrible ... I can't say enough words about him! He was robbing & killing the people & encouraging vice & crime & was virtually controlled & run by the U.S. Mafia. At the time when the Mafia was getting thrown out & driven out of the United States, they moved to Cuba, the Bahamas, etc. They still run the Bahamas. But Castro chased them out of Cuba, closed up all their gambling casinos & whorehouses & all the rest of the stuff that they ran, & chased out their hoodlums & their bigshots. They were headquartering down in Cuba & he said they were just exploiting the Cubans, which they were.
       32. BUT THEY WEREN'T THE ONLY ONES EXPLOITING THE CUBANS, RICH AMERICANS OWNED THOUSANDS OF ACRES OF CUBAN SUGAR CANE PLANTATIONS, owned virtually all the big businesses, the big utilities, the chain stores, almost everything. They just practically owned Cuba! Castro's motto was "Cuba for the Cubans" & to throw out that rotter Batista that everybody knew was run by the Mafia & was corrupt as he could be & cruel. So Americans at first were all for Castro, the vast majority of the sentiment was for Castro. And they knew & recognised at first that he was not a Communist, that he was what they called a Socialist, of course, because he believed in socialising the government.
       33. THEY WERE HOPEFUL THAT MAYBE THEY COULD CURE HIM OF THAT, that maybe he wouldn't nationalise the industries, maybe he wouldn't nationalise the banks & maybe he wouldn't take over all the utilities & oil & everything & maybe he wouldn't break up the great feudal estates of the Americans down there in Cuba & give them back to the Cubans. They were hoping that he'd get rid of that stinker Batista, whom they were having trouble with & with the Mafia using his country for a haven. They had hoped Batista would take their dictates & run things the way the U.S. government wanted things run. But they got to where they couldn't control Batista any more, so they favoured Castro.
       34. BUT THE MINUTE CASTRO GOT IN & STARTED GIVING EVERYTHING BACK TO THE CUBANS & BACK TO THE POOR & BREAKING UP THE GREAT FEUDAL ESTATES & BUILDING SCHOOLS & CLINICS & HOUSING FOR THE POOR, THEY SAID, "MY GOD, HE'S A COMMUNIST! He must be one of those anti-Christ, anti-God Communists!"--Even though he got on TV & he still talks about Christ & says the Cubans should be good Christians, etc. But of course they won't believe that, they think that's just propaganda, false front, lies! They won't believe a word he says!

       35. THE POOR NICARAGUANS ARE DOING THEIR BEST TO TRY TO MAKE PEACE WITH THE U.S. GOVERNMENT. They've offered peace talks, they've offered cease-fires, they've offered to kick out all foreign forces & advisors, Russians, Cubans whatever, if the U.S. will do the same & kick out all their so-called "freedom fighters." You see, the [DELETED] U.S., when the guerrillas are fighting against them or somebody they like, then they're terrorists, guerrillas, these vicious forces! But if they're fighting for the U.S. against some Socialist or Communist government, oh, then they're freedom fighters!--Entirely different!
       36. WE'RE PUTTING SOME VERY GOOD, EXCELLENT CARTOONS ALONG THAT LINE IN THE WND. You can see the difference in how America talks about one side & the other side.--Talking about Nicaragua or Afghanistan, "Oh, they're all glorious freedom fighters!" But if it's in Israel or someplace where they're fighting American forces, then they're terrorists, guerrillas, vicious killers!

       37. WELL, BACK TO THE 19TH VERSE: "THEN I WOULD KNOW THE TRUTH!"--WELL, THAT'S WHAT I'VE BEEN PREACHING TO YOU!--"OF THE FOURTH BEAST, which was diverse from all the others, exceeding dreadful, whose teeth were of iron, & his nails of brass; which devoured, brake in pieces, & stamped the residue with his feet; & of the ten horns that were in his head." They came out of the head of that Fourth Beast, out of what, in other words? (Fam: Rome.)--The Roman Empire. That must mean that Rome is still with us today. As I told you before, Roman religion is the major religion of the Western World today, whether it be Catholic or Protestant.--And Roman law is the basis of virtually all Western law.
       38. EVEN ROMAN MONEY IS STILL IN USE TODAY! You say, "Wait a minute, Dad, those old antique Roman coins, they're not in use, they're worth a lot of money!" Well, if you'd been over the Mideast & Near East as much as we've been or you've been in London, where do you think they got that expression the "Pound"? It's from a Roman word, a Latin Word, meaning Libra, & it was a unit of Roman measurement & money! And all over the Mideast they still call the small coins piasters. The common people still call the little tiny pennies piasters, even though the government has changed the name & tried to make'm call'm something else. They can't get out of the habit of calling them the Roman piaster, which is the smallest Roman coin, the literal penny of the Bible.
       39. THE INFLUENCE OF ROME IS STILL WITH US TODAY, ROME IS STILL WITH US TODAY! Rome still rules the Western World of today.--In fact, it's pretty well taken over the Eastern World too, as you who live in the East can see. They still have Roman laws, it's all ancient Roman law established by the Romans centuries ago.

       40. (VERSE 20:) "AND OF THE TEN HORNS THAT WERE IN HIS HEAD, & OF THE OTHER WHICH CAME UP, & BEFORE WHOM THREE FELL." What fell? (Fam: Three horns.)--Three governments, in other words, three nations. And you know what that Little Horn was, don't you?--Or will be. Its government is already here, it's already arisen. What government? (Fam: Russia.)--Right. Russia is the beginning of the Antichrist government. "Even of that horn that had eyes, & a mouth that spake very great things, whose look was more stout than his fellows."--Meaning a very strong personality is going to lead that government eventually. A single man personalises this horn very much, right? The others might be beasts, etc., but this Horn is symbolic of a man.
       41. AND DID YOU KNOW THAT IN MOST OF THE BIBLE SYMBOLISM, BEASTS CAN REPRESENT GOVERNMENTS & OFTEN DO, BUT WHERE A HUMAN PERSONALITY IS USED AS A SYMBOL, IT USUALLY MEANS HE'S BACKED BY SOME SPIRITUAL POWER, in other words, a Devil or Satan-possessed man, in this case evil. Sometimes a man is used as a symbol of God's power & His spiritual power, either way. But from this description it's obviously Satanic.
       42. "HIS LOOK WAS MORE STOUT." Now we've got to explain that to the children. To the kids of today, if you say the girl is stout, what does it usually mean? (Techi: Fat!) You may have thought from reading this, "It sounds like the Antichrist is going to be a fat man!" No, this is an old English word which in those days meant very strong, very tough, not fat. I don't know how it got to be twisted around in modern days to mean fat, but in the time of the King James Bible it meant very strong, much stronger than the others, much more powerful than the others.
       43. IS RUSSIA TODAY MORE POWERFUL THAN THE OTHER HORNS OF THE TEN? Russia the 11th horn, outside of the ten that sprung up, is much more powerful than any one of the ten, in fact more powerful than all the ten put together! Do you think Russia will have enough power to overthrow three of the original ten? We've already studied which three she would have to overthrow--which three? (Fam: France, Germany & Britain.) And she's in the process of it right now & it won't be long!
       44. (VERSE 21:) "I BEHELD, & THE SAME HORN MADE WAR WITH THE SAINTS, & PREVAILED AGAINST THEM." That's going to be when? (Fam: Tribulation.) Here we have a picture of the past, Rome, which is even still present. Then we have a picture of what in the 20th verse? (Fam: The Antichrist.) Yes, & is that past, present or future? (Fam: Future.) That's something yet to come, right? And the 21st Verse is even more in the future, the last half of his reign, the Tribulation. It's just that simple. Thank God, even his question is almost more simple than his vision. And as if that wasn't enough, the Lord goes on in the next few verses to explain the whole thing.
       45. SO HE PREVAILED AGAINST THE SAINTS, PERSECUTED THE SAINTS IN THE TRIBULATION UNTIL WHEN? (22nd Verse:) "Until the Ancient of days came"--who's that? (Fam: God the Father.) "And judgement was given to the Saints of the most High." Until the Saints became judges! When does that begin? In the beginning of the Millennium you're going to start being judges!

       46. WE ARE GOING TO HAVE FOUR MAJOR MINISTRIES DURING THE MILLENNIUM, CAN ANYBODY NAME ANY OF THOSE? (Fam: Teaching the people about the Lord.)--Right. The Bible doesn't say as much about that as it does even the two other ministries. (Fam: Cleaning up the World.) That's true, yes, but I don't think you & I are going to have much to do with that, we're going to make them clean up their own mess! (Fam: Kings & priests.)--Right, we are going to be the rulers. Not only teachers, you hit an even less well-known one to the churches because the Bible doesn't talk as much about it--it does, but they don't recognise it. But the one that they're usually aware of & that is mentioned the most is that you're going to be kings & princes & priests & governors. In other words, a term that fits it all is rulers of the World. You're going to be most of all, in fact, rulers of the World, & under that rule you're going to be teachers.
       47. OKAY, NOW WE HAVE THE RULERS & THE TEACHERS & WHAT'S ANOTHER MINISTRY? (Dora: Judging.)--Very good! Boy, that's a brain there! God bless dear Dora! (Dora: You taught us!)--Yes, but you remember it! You learned in this Chapter that we're also going to be judges! In fact, Jesus speaks of it many times that we're going to judge, & the Apostles spoke of it in their Epistles, in their Letters. We're going to judge Angels! (1Cor.6:3)--Probably fallen angels, the Devil's angels, & send them where they belong!
       48. WHAT DO YOU THINK'S GOING TO HAPPEN TO ALL HIS DEMONS & LITTLE DEVILS WHEN HE GETS CAST INTO THE PIT? Do you think the Lord's going to let them go free to still run around & cause trouble? They're going to go with him! You bet they are!--Along with the Antichrist & the False Prophet & the whole works! Otherwise they'd really cause us trouble! But God wants to give us a big headstart & get rid of the main troublemakers, so that only the humans will be responsible from then on, & they will either get the credit or the blame & not be able to blame it on the Devil. In that day the rebels will probably do like the Jews, blame whatever goes wrong on God. That's what they were always doing, giving God the blame.
       49. BUT OUR MAJOR MINISTRIES OF THE MILLENNIUM WILL BE RULING, TEACHING & JUDGING! We're going to start off judging right away! What's to be done with this Antichrist? What's to be done with this False Prophet? What's to be done with his forces? What's to be done with the real bad wicked people that are to be judged & gotten rid of right off the bat? The Judgement of the Saints or the Saintly Judgement! What could we call it to help you remember?--Judgement by the Saints, Saintly Judgement, would that be good? If you say Judgement of the Saints it sounds like the Saints are being Judged. What are we going to call it? (Fam: Judgement Seat of the Saints.) That's a pretty good idea. There's the Judgement Seat of Christ, there's the Great White Throne Judgement, but this is Judgement by the Saints, the Saints' Judgement, Saintly Judgement. You're going to be Judges!

       50. IF THE HEAVENLY CITY IS GOING TO BE SO CLOSE BY & SO HANDY, IF THERE IS ANYTHING THE EARTHLY HUMAN MORTAL PEOPLE LEFT ON THE EARTH ARE GOING TO NEED after all they've been through, besides Ruling & Teaching & Judgement, what are they going to need, because they are still physical, normal, natural human people? (Fam: Healing.) So what's to prevent us from carrying down the Leaves of Life from the Heavenly City for the healing of the nations? The Bible doesn't say it was confined just to the New Earth. That's where it's first mentioned, but that doesn't mean we haven't been doing it all the time all during the Millennium, especially if the City's handy right there & the Trees of Life are there & we can pick the Leaves. If there's anything they're going to need--just like we need today because we're so physical--it's healing!
       51. I HAVE BECOME CONVINCED SINCE YESTERDAY! LAST WEEK, CITY CLOSEBY, YESTERDAY, MILLENNIAL HEALING! Isn't that fun? We've got a religion that keeps adding nice new things every day or every week, TTL! Well, that's the way the Lord reveals things to you. You can't take it all in one dose, so He's gotta give you one little pill at a time.--Especially when they're sweet you can't stand that much candy. He's gotta keep adding to it & adding to your revelation, enlightening your mind. And it just dawned on me, "My goodness, if the people of the New Earth need the healing of the Leaves, certainly those very physical people, still normal physical natural Earthlings of the Millennium will need healing above all!"
       52. SO I HAVE BECOME CONVINCED THAT WE ARE GOING TO HAVE A MINISTRY OF HEALING! I mean, we already have a Ministry of Healing, don't we? Why shouldn't we have it then during the Millennium when the people need it the most, healing of their physical bodies. Of course there won't be so much of the Curse & so many diseases & so many poisons & so much pollution, all the things that cause disease. But whatever disease might be, if somebody happens to die even though they're considered a child at a hundred, they still died, they must have died for some reason! So there must still be a few things around that are still causing death because of natural man. The Lord didn't make him suddenly perfectly sinless just because it's the Millennium, he's still natural. There will still be sinners & sinfulness that will take its toll upon some people, & there will still be some people who need Healing, as well as Teaching, Judging & Ruling!
       53. NOW, WHICH ONE OF YOU CHILDREN CAN TELL ME THE FOUR MINISTRIES OF THE MILLENNIUM?--Millennial Ministries!--The MM's! (Davida: To judge, to teach, to heal...)--And most of all, the thing that is mentioned the most, we are going to be what? (Davida: Ruling!)--Very good! "A little child shall lead them," & if Davida can remember that, you sure ought to be able to remember it!

       54. "JUDGEMENT WAS GIVEN TO THE SAINTS OF THE MOST HIGH; & THE TIME CAME THAT THE SAINTS POSSESSED THE KINGDOM!" That's when? (Fam: The Millennium.)--Beginning of the Millennium. In fact, it begins with the Battle of Armageddon. Before you can possess a Kingdom you've got to destroy the foes, you've got to destroy the armies of that kingdom, right?--The armies who have usurped that kingdom, the armies who have possessed it & the aggressive armies that have taken over that kingdom, the forces of Satan that have taken over the World! We have got to destroy them first before we can take it over! And the Bible right here says that we take it! We take it away from them by force & violence & it's given then to the Saints to possess the Kingdom!
       55. NOW, HERE WE HAVE THE QUESTION. First we had the vision, then this is just the end of the question, believe it or not. Now we have the explanation by the Angel or Saint who's standing there. (Verse 23:) "Thus he said, The Fourth Beast shall be the Fourth Kingdom upon Earth, which shall be diverse from all kingdoms, & shall devour the whole Earth, & shall tread it down & break it in pieces."--The whole Earth! Now remember, He's thinking not only about old Rome, but this revived Roman Empire of the present, a continuation of Rome right to the end through the horns.
       56. (VERSE 24:) "AND THE TEN HORNS OUT OF THIS KINGDOM ARE TEN KINGS THAT SHALL ARISE."--OR KINGDOMS LITERALLY. "AND ANOTHER SHALL RISE AFTER THEM."--Who came first, the chicken or the egg? Who came first?--All these nations that we're always naming as Europe & the ten kingdoms of Europe, the ten major nations that now form the European Economic Community, official Europe? Which arose first?--Russia or those?--The ten! Of course, Russia has been around a long time, but Communist Russia is a new government, a new horn.
       57. "AND ANOTHER SHALL RISE AFTER THEM," THE 11TH HORN. Who is that? (Fam: Russia.)--Russia, & finally its leader. "And he shall be diverse from the first"--that means the first ten--"& he shall subdue three kings"--three of the ten. Is Russia different from the ten? Does it have a different type of government from the ten governments of Europe?--Completely different! Communism is a new thing, a new type of government. And he's going to overthrow three of them. That's all he has to overthrow, God's Word says the rest then give their power to the Beast. (Rev.17:12-13)
       58. (VERSE 25:) "AND HE SHALL SPEAK GREAT WORDS AGAINST THE MOST HIGH"--who's that? (Fam: God.) "And shall wear out the Saints of the Most High"--who's that? (Fam: Us!)--Us or Christians, those who love the Lord, the Saints of the Most High. When is that going to be? (Fam: The Tribulation.)
       59. "AND THINK TO CHANGE TIMES & LAWS." Have they changed laws?--They've got a whole different governmental System, still out of old Rome, still like Rome, & in fact, more like Ancient Rome now than ever before, with a great Caesar.--Not a series of Caesars, but just one major Caesar. He's a real Caesar! He's had a seizure & he's going to seize'r! He got possessed by the Devil!
       60. "TIMES & LAWS"--I'LL BET A LOT OF YOU DIDN'T KNOW THIS, BUT WHEN THE COMMUNISTS FIRST TOOK OVER IN RUSSIA THEY WANTED TO ABANDON THE SEVEN-DAY WEEK, because that was definitely a religious law of times. So do you know what they did? Does anybody know? See, you're pretty ignorant even of modern history! They immediately established a 13-day week to try to completely divorce it. They didn't even want 14 days! They were going to have to work for 12 days & then take the 13th day off, 13 to them apparently being some kind of a sign of the Devil or something, & the 13th day was going to be the day off to celebrate Communism, the Devil's rule, Satan's rule! Isn't there something about 13 in Satanism that's prominent? It's supposed to be an unlucky number, Friday the 13th is supposed to be an unlucky day, blah blah.
       61. WELL ANYHOW, THEY TRIED TO ESTABLISH THE 13-DAY WEEK, & DO YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENED?--IT FAILED! They couldn't make it work. The people rebelled & refused & they got too tired & the absenteeism was worse than ever because the people couldn't work that many days in a row without a day of rest, & they were forced by their own people to change it back to the 7-day week. Think of that! It doesn't say he's always successful, does it? But he shall "think to change times & laws." He'll think to, try to, but some of these laws of God can't be changed.
       62. ROOSEVELT PERSUADED EUROPE & ALL TO GO TO THE FAMOUS TIME CHANGES OF DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME, slow time, fast time & changing back & forth a couple times a year. Well, if there was ever a kind of an Antichrist, it was Roosevelt, a symbolic type of the Antichrist! And this caused no end of confusion when they first tried it under Roosevelt as I recall. A lot of people resisted it & didn't like it, especially the farmers. It was made for the benefit of the city workers, but the farmers didn't like it at all & they refused & a lot of farm states & farm communities still refuse to accept this time change.
       63. NOW THEY'VE EFFECTED THAT TIME CHANGE ALL OVER THE WORLD WHERE THEY PRACTICALLY FORCE THEIR PEOPLE TO CHANGE THEIR CLOCKS & TIMES, ETC., & it causes all kinds of confusion in schedules. When at first time changes, people don't remember it & they're late to school, late to work, late to church or too early or all kinds of confusion. The Devil is the author of confusion! (1Cor.14:33) He shall seek to change all those things, "and they shall be given into his hand until a time & times & the dividing of time."--3-1/2 years.

       BAD ARTICLES!--"You're No Friend of Caesar's!"
       64. (VERSE 26:) "BUT THE JUDGEMENT SHALL SIT!"--WHOSE JUDGEMENT? (FAM: OURS!)--OURS, THE JUDGEMENT OF THE SAINTS OR THE SAINTS' JUDGEMENT.--Not the Satanic judgement, but the Saintly Judgement. "And they shall take away his dominion"--whose dominion? (Fam: The Antichrist.) "To consume & to destroy it unto the End."--His whole kingdom. And what's the end of it? What's the final battle that destroys it? (Fam: Armageddon.)
       65. EVEN AFTER ARMAGEDDON THERE MAY BE SOME MOPPING UP. We're going to hunt'm down to the last man & destroy them, because they're totally incorrigible! They've got this brainwashing Mark of the Beast implanted in their heads & they will always belong to the Beast & to Satan until we hunt'm down & destroy them to the very last man or woman! The major victory is going to be Armageddon, but don't you think there could be a few left scattered around all over the World that we have got to hunt down & judge & destroy? There's going to be a lot of cleaning up to do! We'll probably use the A-ACs for that job & give them the power & authority & the judgement to do it.--Or some of us might even enjoy getting revenge on some of these people that caused us so much trouble!
       66. [DELETED] Do you know what nasty, filthy, dirty lies [EDITED: "FreeCOG is"] getting out about us now in India? To show you the Devil's own work, it's the anti-government newspapers of India. Maybe they found out we're pro-Gandhi! I'm convinced that he's possibly a secret believer, a Christian. He married a Christian, a Western girl, Italian girl, & they say even his mother might've been Christian [DELETED], but she was quite a good leader & did her best to strike a middle-of-the-road course between Russia & the U.S. Of course Russia is right on the border of India, so naturally she had to be a little more touchy & polite with Russia. And naturally when the Americans came in after the British moved out & tried to take over India, she didn't like it, neither did her father or her uncle, I think it was her uncle. Nehru was her father.
       67. BUT ANYHOW, SHE HAD BEEN TRYING TO BE NON-ALIGNED & MIDDLE-OF-THE-ROAD & BALANCE THE INFLUENCE OF THE TWO, but the aggressive, persistent influence of Americans has been much worse even than the Russians! I don't think the Russians have been as worried about it because they're right there, they could move in any time they wanted to. Besides, the Americans sided against India in an outright war! In India's war with Pakistan it was the United States of America who armed Pakistan to the teeth & furnished the tanks & the guns & the bullets & the planes & the bombs that bombed India & Indian forces in the Indian war with Pakistan. So you can imagine that didn't make Indians love the Americans any more!
       68. SO NOW, BECAUSE ALL THE NASTY DIRTY LIES ABOUT US HAVE NOT BEEN ENOUGH TO TURN GOVERNMENTS AGAINST US, WHAT DID THEY START DOING IN INDONESIA? What kind of lies did they start telling about us there?--Not just sex & not just all these other things they're always accusing us of, but what? (Fam: Saying we're Communists.)--Yes, the Indonesians began branding us Communists! They found that all their other accusations didn't phase the government, they didn't care whether we were sexy or not, they didn't care about all this religious angle. But then they branded us, "Aha! Subversives!"--Just the way they did Jesus! The Romans said, "We don't care anything about your blasphemy, Son of God & all that religious junk, that doesn't mean a thing to us!" The Jews said, "Yes, but they're subversives, they're trying to overthrow Rome! If you're their friend, you're no friend of Caesar's!" (Luk.23:2; Jn.19:12) That was a different story!
       69. SO WHAT DO YOU SUPPOSE THEY'RE BEGINNING TO BRAND US AS & COME OUT & SAY OUTRIGHT? In fact, the articles are all the same, virtually the same wording & everything, so they're a standard article that somebody put out, a big lying article. They apparently found out that all their objections to us to the government in India didn't phase the government any, they didn't care if we were sexy or religious or a cult or whatever! So now guess what kind of lie they're saying?
       70. NOW THIS BEGAN, IN A WAY, IN FRANCE. Some guy with a kind of a Chinese name got out an article which was copied all through Europe saying that our girls were spies working for [EDITED: "an Arab leader"], getting information for the Arabs & trying to influence powerful politicians & powerful men of influence. They certainly are trying to influence people, but they're not spies, [DELETED] nor trying to change governments! They're trying to influence those men to be saved! So yes, maybe they are trying to change governments, trying to influence them to become citizens of the Government of God, the Kingdom of God! That way they change governments, they get the men to change governments, to forsake the World & the Devil & join the Kingdom of God!
       71. BUT THEY BEGAN BY ACCUSING OUR FFers OF BEING PAID FIFTH COLUMNISTS OR SPIES[DELETED]! Isn't that a scream? [DELETED] But this newspaper article that's been copied by papers all over India now originated down in Mysore in the South, along with the Province of Tamil Nadu, the two areas of predominantly guess what religion? (Fam: Christian.)--Christian religion, where most of the Christians of India are located, most of the churches, and the most foreign missionaries.
       72. DO YOU KNOW WHAT STORY THEY'VE COOKED UP? THEY FOUND THAT JUST ANOTHER RELIGION DIDN'T MATTER, even a sexy religion didn't matter & all the rest didn't matter to the government. But now they've come out flatly accusing all of us of being CIA agents for the United States, that we're American spies trying to overthrow & subvert the Indian government! Can you imagine such crazy lies? We even favour the Indian government & we were thanking God when Mrs. Gandhi was there, & now that her son's taken over he's even better from all we've heard. All reports are very good about Rajiv Gandhi & about his wife.
       73. SO NOW THEY FOUND NOTHING OF THIS OTHER PROPAGANDA ABOUT RELIGION, SEX OR WHATEVER WAS ENOUGH, IT DIDN'T PHASE THE GOVERNMENT, but now we're all being accused of being American spies [DELETED] saying all we were trying to do is trying to overthrow the Indian government!--Same old story, the same tactic the Devil used in Israel with Jesus & the Scribes & the Pharisees & the government. If they can't get you on one charge & the government doesn't pay any attention to that, they try to use something that worries the government. And the fact that the CIA & the U.S. government have been trying to overthrow the government of India for a long time is self-evident!--Including furnishing the weapons of war to Pakistan to try to beat India in that war.
       74. SO NOW YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE IN THE EYES OF THE WORLD! That will probably spread. They started by calling our girls spies & blackmailers in France, Communists in Indonesia, now we're CIA American spies in India. Isn't that ridiculous? It sounds stupid & idiotic & ridiculous to us because we know it's not true. But what about the ignorant people & even ignorant officials of government? [DELETED] Can you imagine?--Just lies of the Devil, complete lies!
       75. WELL ANYHOW, PRAISE GOD! "DESTROY IT UNTO THE END!" [EDITED: "AFTER JESUS' RETURN"] WE'RE GOING TO ENJOY DESTROYING OUR ENEMIES, I believe it!--Full of the Devil, incorrigible, unsaveable, unchangeable, Beast-marked people!

       76. (VERSE 27:) "AND THE KINGDOM & DOMINION & THE GREATNESS OF THE KINGDOM UNDER THE WHOLE HEAVEN, SHALL BE GIVEN TO THE PEOPLE OF THE SAINTS OF THE MOST HIGH, whose Kingdom is an everlasting Kingdom, & all dominions shall serve & obey Him." Isn't that what we've said all the time? Isn't that what we've been teaching?--The Kingdom of God! What are the characteristics of it? "Under the whole Heaven"--what's under the Heaven? (Fam: The Earth.) And how long is it going to last? (Fam: Everlasting.)--Forever! We only begin with a Thousand Years on Earth in the Millennium!
       77. NOW HERE'S A STRANGE LITTLE STATEMENT RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE THAT MAYBE YOU DIDN'T CATCH: "SHALL BE GIVEN TO THE PEOPLE OF THE SAINTS". You can take that one of two ways, first that it means one & the same, the people of the Saints, the Saintly people. But could you also perhaps apply that to the friends of the Saints? Who have we been talking about as being the friends of the Saints? (Fam: The A-ACs.)--Those who have befriended us & helped us & hid us & fed us & fought against the Antichrist.
       78. WHO DO YOU THINK WE'LL BE FIRST TO PUT IN POSITIONS OF AUTHORITY & RUNNING THE COMMON EVERYDAY WORKADAY WORLD & all the things that are going to have to be done? We're certainly going to take it away from anybody who fought against us, destroy them, & maybe even if they were dupes who didn't know any better, didn't have the Mark of the Beast but were still on his side, we're certainly not going to give any responsibility to them, are we? We'd be most likely to first give the responsibilities of everyday governing & all the small jobs of running the World to our friends, "the people of the Saints"!--The friendly people who help the Saints! Well, you don't have to accept that, that's a private interpretation.
       79. THE BIBLE SAYS THAT "NO PROPHECY OF GOD IS OF PRIVATE INTERPRETATION", IN OTHER WORDS IT MUST BE GENERALLY ACCEPTED. (2Pet.1:20) However, amongst the church people you'll find there are almost as many theories & interpretations of Bible Prophecy as there are people!--Like the old story about the two Irishmen in the room. If you put two Irishmen in a room, they'd come out with three different political parties, & that's about the way the church is in its doctrines, particularly on Bible Prophecy. So you have to have pretty generally accepted interpretation to make it valid.
       80. WELL, YOU DON'T HAVE TO ACCEPT THAT INTERPRETATION, MAYBE THAT'S MY PRIVATE INTERPRETATION. I never heard that interpretation before. But as I was reading it I thought, "Who are the people of the Saints?" Maybe that was a revelation, not just an interpretation! Certainly we're going to give responsibility to our friends, the people who helped us & were hospitable to us & took care of us & hid us & fed us & protected us! Amen? It's happened before. When Luther arose literally to power in Germany, it was his friends & the kings & governors who helped support him that he favoured & befriended & persuaded the people to lift up & follow & obey! Luther was really the power! But it was the kings & the governors that he favoured that the people followed. Praise God!

       81. WELL, THE LAST VERSE, YOU DON'T HAVE TO HAVE ANY INTERPRETATION OF THAT: "HITHERTO IS THE END OF THE MATTER. As for me Daniel, my cogitations"--in other words the workings of his cogs up here in his head--"much troubled me, & my countenance changed in me." It made him both kind of confused in his head, & probably lots of people would have thought he was crazy with these crazy dreams etc. if he'd made them public, so he didn't. What did he do with them? "But I kept the matter in my heart." He kept the matter in his heart. Who else in the Bible does that remind you of?--Somebody that hid all these things in her heart? (Techi: Mary.)--Right! Techi even remembered that! (Luk.2:51)
       82. IF HE'D BROADCASTED THEM THEN THEY WOULD HAVE THOUGHT HE WAS CRAZY, & maybe the existing government would have thrown him in jail for predicting that they were going to be overthrown. Right? I mean, the Babylonian Kingdom was priding itself on being the ruler of the World favoured by God & built a big Idol & all that stuff, all on Daniel's prophecies. If Daniel had come out & told Nebuchadnezzar about all the beasts that were going to destroy him & his kingdom & the governments to follow, I don't think he'd have liked that, would he?
       83. DO YOU THINK THE U.S. LIKES OUR MESSAGE THAT RUSSIA'S GOING TO WIN? They didn't like it when we used to preach that back in the U.S., they said we were a bunch of Communists! Somebody's father used to put that on the front of all his letters he sent out for FreeCOG maligning us & lying about us, he used to put my name right on the front of the envelope: "Blah blah--U.S. Number One Communist!" Talk about lies, you know I'm not a Communist! We talk almost as much against the Communists as the U.S.! Well, maybe not quite as much as against the U.S., because the U.S. is more to blame & more responsible! They had the Truth & the Light & they've gone against it & become more wicked than Russia. So, praise the Lord! Amen! TYL! It's past time to quit but you had an extra lot of bonus sermonettes thrown in there, so you got more than your money's worth! PTL? TYL! Hallelujah!
       84. THANK YOU JESUS FOR THIS WONDERFUL WORD OF THINE, THESE WONDERFUL TRUTHS, MARVELLOUS TRUTHS, LORD, THAT GIVE US SUCH COURAGE & INSPIRATION & ENCOURAGEMENT! In spite of the fact that things are going to get worse, the sooner they get worse, Lord, the sooner they're going to get much much better than they have ever been before & forever! TYL! As we pray together the prayer You taught us to pray: (Prays the Lord's Prayer.) TYL! Hallelujah! God bless & keep you all!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family