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DANIEL 8:9-11!       ET #48       DO 2178       5/85
--And Lessons on Communism, Youth Revolutions, Leaving the Farms for the Cities, the Rich & the Poor & the Hosts of Heaven!

       1. WE'RE STUDYING WHAT? (FAM: DANIEL 8.) AND WHAT VERSE? (FAM: VERSE 9.) Oh yes, you wanted to know where he was, which one of the four kingdoms the Antichrist came out of. Well, we've got to know where they were first, don't we? So once again, let's review the four kingdoms into which the Grecian Empire of Alexander the Great was divided. Of course, part of the Grecian Empire was what country? (Fam: Greece!) And next to Greece is what? (Fam: Turkey.) And next to Turkey is what? (Fam: Syria.) And at that time it covered all this area here. And next to that is what? (Fam: Egypt.) So if you go clockwise, somebody else name'm real fast. (Fam: Greece, Turkey, Syria, Egypt.) Now somebody name'm without me pointing at them real fast. (Fam: Greece, Turkey, Syria & Egypt.) Very good! You're learning, slow but sure!
       2. (VERSE 9:) "AND OUT OF ONE OF THEM CAME FORTH A LITTLE HORN." Here's that Little Horn cropping up again. We already found out it was the Antichrist, right? In the past Chapter this Little Horn sprang up amongst ten & overthrew three of them, & the rest of them gave their power to him. Here he is again: "Out of one of them came forth a Little Horn." The only difference is, here they tell you where he's from. "Which waxed exceeding great, toward the South & toward the East & toward the Pleasant Land." So where was he? Well, I don't think He would have repeated any of these directions in here, would He?
       3. ONE OF THE SECRETS IS, WHAT'S THE PLEASANT LAND? (FAM: ISRAEL.) All the Jewish Prophets, of course, touted Israel as being the most pleasant land, & it was a beautiful country, & is becoming beautiful again. After God cursed the Jews & kicked'm out & scattered them all over the World it became a desert, but having come back again, in fulfilment of prophecy, they've caused the desert to "blossom as the rose." (Isa.35:1) They've used all kinds of irrigation practices & done all kinds of things to water the land & divert so much of the water of the Jordan it's almost running dry, & the land of Israel is again blossoming like a rose. Also the early & latter rains have returned again.
       4. IN SPITE OF THE JEWS, FOR SOME REASON OR ANOTHER GOD IS SEEMING TO BLESS THE LAND & BRING BACK ITS FERTILITY & PRODUCTIVENESS & BEAUTY!--Not necessarily for the sake of the Jews [DELETED], but if nothing else, just to fulfil prophecy. He needs to get Jews back there so He can save that remnant in the Last Day, & no Jews are going to want to go back there if it's just a desert. When the first ones went there it was just a desert & they didn't like it very much, so the Zionist Movement had a very difficult time trying to persuade the prosperous Jews of Europe, much less America, to go back to Israel. Like that old joke I used to tell about the Jew at the Wailing Wall. He said, "I vant to be vith my people! I vant to be vith my people!" And the guy said, "Hey, buddy, what's the matter with you? You're with your people! This is the Wailing Wall! This is Jerusalem!" "I vant to be vith my people on Miami Beach!" I think you've heard it before, but maybe this lesson needs it.

       HITLER WAS GOOD FOR [EDITED: "ZIONISM"]!--Communism & the Passing of the Hippies!
       5. SO THE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO THE ZIONIST MOVEMENT WAS WHAT?--YOU COULD PUT IT IN ONE WORD!--HITLER! Somebody has said that if there hadn't been a Hitler the Jews would have had to create him, because they couldn't get those rich Jews out of their cities & out of their banks & out of their industries & even out of their Communist leadership. They couldn't persuade them to go to Israel. Zionism was being virtually defeated until finally along came Hitler. And the news is out now that as he began to persecute the Jews & try to get'm out of Germany, that he even cooperated with the Zionists & they cooperated with him & they couldn't have been happier, because he was helping them ship Jews out of Germany to Israel! So the Zionists liked Hitler & cooperated with him because he was driving Jews out of Germany & out of Europe right where they wanted them to go, to Israel! Most of them would never have gone there if it hadn't been for Hitler.
       6. SO AS I SAY, HITLER WAS THE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO THE JEWS AS FAR AS THE ZIONISTS WERE CONCERNED, because he helped to get the Jews out of not only Germany, but Europe, & get'm to Israel.--At least some of them. Of course more of them fled to the United States than to Israel! [DELETED]

       7. [EDITED: "Before the war there"] was a very great Depression & Communism just thrives on trouble, depression, economic collapse, joblessness & unemployment, any kind of trouble where the people become very dissatisfied & are willing to fight for food, fight for bread, fight for anything to stay alive, & for anybody.
       8. SO THE COMMUNISTS ARE VERY SMART! THE MINIONS OF THE DEVIL GET IN & PERSUADE THE PEOPLE THAT COMMUNISM IS THE ANSWER! "Grab everything, you should own everything, you should run everything!"--All the common labourers & the common people who of course don't really have enough sense to run everything. But they deceive'm & make'm believe that they can do it, & of course the people who intend to run everything are the ones that are persuading'm! These smart, intelligent, educated sons of the rich who are smart enough to run everything want to take it away from their parents, their Moms & Dads, & run it their way. That's what Communism amounts to! It's a rebellion of the youth against the older generation because they're sick & tired of the way the older generation has been running things.
       9. --AND A LOT OF TIMES THEY'RE RIGHT!--LIKE OUR REVOLUTION IN AMERICA! We were sick & tired of the older generation's System & the way it was running things & ruining things, so the youth of America were trying to overthrow it. We succeeded!--We're the only ones who did. We didn't exactly completely overthrow it, but we got out of it, & in a sense that's success. If you get out, you have succeeded in at least getting rid of it as far as you're concerned. We got rid of it by getting out of it.
       10. BUT THE POOR YOUTH WHO HAD STRUGGLED & FOUGHT IN THE VIETNAM WAR & AGAINST THE VIETNAM WAR & FOUGHT THE SYSTEM, the Hippie generation that rebelled & did everything they could to try to topple the System, the Establishment, they failed, they succumbed. And now they say that the younger generation, the teenagers that came up, have become more Establishment, more dyed-in-the-wool Systemites than any generation they ever had! That's what's put Reagan in office, & that's what's made them so militant & belligerent & great patriotic defenders of the System!
       11. AND WHERE ARE THE HIPPIES?--MUCH LESS THE BEATNIKS! WHERE HAVE THEY GONE? IT'S A LOST GENERATION! They were defeated. Nixon finally decided to really get rough & get tough, & when they blocked the roads with sit-downs etc., he just told the trucks & buses to drive ahead, run right over them! He got tough & they couldn't take it, so they surrendered & went under. Guess what Jerry Rubin is doing today? If you read the WND, you should remember. Of course, maybe you didn't know who Jerry Rubin was. (Fam: He works on Wall Street.) He's a stock broker!--Ha! He was one of the most radical, fanatical of the Hippies, one of the few real leaders, a Communist is what he really was, old Red Rubin! He led things like the Chicago Revolt where they got thrown in jail & all kinds of things. Now he couldn't lick'm so he joined'm, he's a stock broker on Wall Street. It shows you that those kids were sons of the rich, the intelligentsia, the educated & the powerful, or he couldn't have gotten to be a stock broker on Wall Street! He probably was just rebelling against his parents who were Systemites!
       12. WE HAVE READ STORY AFTER STORY OF THOSE FORMER LEADERS OF THE YOUTH REVOLUTION OF THE '60s & '70s & THEY HAVE ALL REJOINED THE SYSTEM & now are Systemites of the Systemites, stock brokers, wealthy businessmen, died-in-the-wool Systemites! It shows they didn't have real conviction about it that was really heartfelt & really to the core. It was only a surface rebellion, they were just fed up with their folks. Finally when they got out from under their folks & could make a place for themselves in the same Systemite World that their folks had been in, they did it! They just wanted to get rid of the power of their parents over them, that's all, & if they could steal the business away from Dad, they did it. If they could take the authority away from Mom & run the home, they did it. By the time they got old enough to get married & have children of their own, they were dyed-in-the-wool Systemites & they did run the home & the Grandmother doted on the grandchildren & that was it.
       13. WE WERE THE ONLY ONES WHO REALLY MADE THE ESCAPE! We couldn't overthrow the System, not then, not yet, but we got out of it. We forsook all & dropped out & escaped & got away from it, & if you ask me, that's getting rid of the System as far as we were concerned! We couldn't get rid of it for the whole country, because God knew the hearts of those other youth & young people who resisted us & rejected our Message & refused to receive Christ & refused to follow the Jesus Revolution, that they didn't deserve to be delivered. They didn't want deliverance from the Devil, they didn't want deliverance from the things that really were oppressing them & binding them, sin & Satan & all the rest, they just thought they wanted deliverance from the System.
       14. THEY DIDN'T REALLY WANT DELIVERANCE FROM THE SYSTEM, THEY JUST WANTED THE SYSTEM THEMSELVES & WANTED TO TAKE IT AWAY FROM THEIR PARENTS, SO NOW THEY'VE GOT IT! And as a result they've got the most ultra-conservative government they have ever had in the United States for many years, a very Hard Right, belligerent, aggressive, tough, super-religious, super-church government that is leading the U.S.A. right into the holocaust of war if somebody doesn't stop it first! But how did I get from the Pleasant Land to that? [DELETED]
       15. SOMEONE HAS SAID IF THERE HADN'T BEEN A HITLER, THE [EDITED: "ZIONISTS"] WOULD HAVE HAD TO INVENT HIM!--Why? Those rich, modern, wealthy, powerful Jews [EDITED: "in"] Europe before the days of Hitler & even during the days of Hitler, they didn't want to go back to a little desert country the size of a postage stamp somewhere off in the Mideast, actually located in Asia & a land bridge to Africa, full of strangers with strange tongues & their bitter enemies the Arabs. The only thing they could do was go there & live on a cooperative farm, a kibbutz, where everybody had to wash dishes & plow the land & feed the chickens & do hard farm labour. Some of the hardest work in the World is running a farm, that's why if you know anything about farmers you really admire them.

       16. MILLIONS OF PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD ARE LEAVING THE FARMS & GOING TO THE CITIES! All of a sudden they hear about what's going on in the city, maybe go to a bar or someplace & actually get a glimpse of city life on television, & they think, "Boy, that's the life for me, no more of this hard work! Baloney! I'm going to the city to live like a king where the streets are paved with gold!" Blah blah! Some European immigrants actually thought the streets of New York were paved with gold, thought it was Heaven on Earth, the same thing, but they soon found out differently. They came off the hard-working farms to the cities & are having to live in worse conditions than they did on the farm, in little huts & shacks & shanties in the midst of shit & corruption & bad water & foul conditions, where in many cities they're drinking the same water they shit in! Pardon that dirty word, my Mama wouldn't let me use that word, but it's such a good word, it really shows you how bad it is!
       17. THE POOR PEOPLE WHO COME TO THE FILTHY CITIES DRINK THE SAME WATER THEY SHIT IN, THINK OF IT! They come from the country where all the streams are nice & clean, of course, & where there are so few people that even if a few people did throw their garbage in it, it didn't make that much difference.--Beautiful streams, gorgeous rivers, pure water, clean atmosphere, very few people, lots of land. They don't understand the city! They come to the cities & find out that they're having to live in their own shit!--Shit it, eat it, drink it & wash in it, all out of the same water! Imagine what a mess!
       18. GOD DIDN'T INTEND FOR PEOPLE TO LIVE THAT WAY! They should never have come to the city in the first place. They'd have been a thousand percent better off to stay out in the nice pure country with nice green grass & fresh air & fewer people & clean water. But oh no, they saw this vision of the luxury & the no-work conditions of the city where you hardly have to work at all. If you can't get a job & make money, you can go out & steal it & rob people & get money the easy way without having to work so hard for it.--Or go on welfare!
       19. IT'S FUNNY HOW THE POOR REALLY HAVE THE BEST CONDITIONS ON EARTH TO LIVE IN OUT IN THE COUNTRY & ON THE FARM! The very best & purest, most healthful conditions in the World are out on the farm.--The hardest work too, but that's good for them! It keeps them out of trouble, it keeps them strong physically & disease-resistant. They have pure air, pure water, pure food, lots of good exercise & hard work, pure families, plenty of place for the children to play where they can even have animals & all the rest, a good healthy peasant life which God designed for the poor from the time Adam got kicked out of the Garden.--Hard work to keep him fit against the evils of the penalties & diseases of sin, to help him survive it, & lots of hard work so he'd be so busy working it would keep him out of trouble & mischief. Idleness is the Devil's workshop!
       20. BUT IT'S GOTTEN TO BE AN ALMOST INCONQUERABLE PROBLEM NOW IN THE POOR COUNTRIES. All over the World shanty towns, shack towns & squatter towns are building up around the big cities of the Third World until they are just an almost impossible problem & they don't know what to do with them! Towns from Bombay to Brazil have sprung up with shanty towns around the main cities of nearly millions of squatters, the pitifully poor living in squalor & filth & the worst poverty you can possibly imagine, with disease, crime, everything!
       21. BUT IT'S THEIR OWN FAULT BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T WANT THE HARD WORK OF THE FARM! They didn't want to slave away out there just for food, they wanted to come to the city. They see those fine cars, television, beautiful homes & think, "That's what we want, Heaven on Earth!" That's what they think is Heaven--possessions, things--worship of Mammon again. The poor are just as guilty of it as the rich! That bum out in the park, or that poor man in shanty town loves his little shack & worships the few little things he's accumulated in that shack just as much as the rich worship their mansions & all their luxuries. And they go to the cities for that one reason--things!--Less work for more things!--Just the opposite of God's rules & God's laws for happiness & for health.
       22. SO THEY GO TO THE CITIES & THEY GO INTO DEGRADATION! Their families fall apart, the children get into drugs & crime & they become diseased & criminals & horrors, just horrors! Tourists look with horror on the conditions when they visit these cities & say, "Why doesn't the government do something about this?" Well, I'm sure the governments try & keep trying, but it's almost like trying to empty the ocean with a teacup, there are so many of them pouring in. They pour in from the hard labours & the hard work of the farms faster than they can flush them out!
       23. SO DON'T BLAME IT ALL ON THE GOVERNMENT! What do you think is best for those people?--For the government to build them houses & feed them & take care of them? Do you think that's good for people, to just give them welfare, dole, handouts & support them so they can loaf around & laze around & do nothing while the government houses them & feeds them? "Dad, you sound like some of those hard-hearted Capitalists, those reactionaries against the revolution of the poor!" Well, my God help me, if what exists in the squatter towns & shanty towns & shack towns of the poor Third World countries is any sample of the revolution of the poor & freedom of the poor, to Hell with it! It's a hell of a mess, Hell on Earth!
       24. THEY LEFT THE HEAVEN OF THE FARM--WHAT THEY THOUGHT WAS HELL, ALL THAT HARD WORK! They left the purity of the country, the beauty, the healthfulness, the Heaven of the farm to live in the Hell of the city! And that's what they get & that's what they deserve for being unwilling to follow the laws of God & the commandments of God!--That from now on man would have to live in the sweat of his face & have to till the soil for his living!--Otherwise you can't trust him! He has to work so hard he's too tired to do anything wrong when the day's work is done, & work so much that he hasn't got time to do anything bad.

       25. WORK WAS NOT A CURSE! God cursed man with work to make it a blessing, to keep him out of trouble! After he fell into sin & became wicked & his heart evil, God knew the best thing in the World for him was to keep him working so hard he didn't have the strength to do evil, & working so long he didn't have time for it! But they come to the city & they don't want that. They don't want to obey the natural laws of God's agricultural economy & life, it's too hard, too much work, too lonesome out there on the farm. So they come to the city & live like Hell in the worst conditions they've ever lived in!
       26. THEY DIDN'T ALWAYS LIVE LIKE THAT, THEY HAD NICE LITTLE FARMS, NICE LITTLE HOMES! Maybe they might have looked like shanties & shacks out there, but they were certainly cleaner than what they live in now, with more room & more breathing space & living space & more room for their kids to run & animals to run, better food & better health, less disease & less pollution. They would have been far better off to have stayed there.
       27. BUT YOU SEE, THEY'RE VIOLATING THE LAWS OF GOD! God ordered man to go to work when he fell into sin. "By the sweat of thy face thou shalt eat bread! You'll have to till the land & work hard to grow your food!" (Gen.3:17-19) That was for the good of man. Do you think God would have ordered man to do something that was bad for him? God loved man, He created man! But when man insisted on falling into sin & causing himself all this trouble, God did the best thing He could do to try to keep him out of trouble, gave him so much hard work to do that he didn't have the time or the strength for trouble.
       28. BUT THEY'RE STILL REBELLING AGAINST IT. [DELETED] There's nothing wrong with being a servant! My Lord, everybody here in this house is a servant! I clean the toilet every morning! You scrub floors, wash dishes, cook meals, type letters! We're all servants! What's wrong with being a servant? We're all servants of the Lord. There's nothing wrong with being a servant, nothing wrong with even being a beggar if you're begging for the right cause. Praise God?
       29. THEY CALL US BEGGARS ON THE STREETS, THEY CALL US SLAVES IN OUR HOMES, PRISONERS, BRAINWASHED, PROGRAMMED, so they think they have to unbrainwash us & deprogram us. Then they get them out there & really make slaves out of them, put'm in prison behind bars & really torture & torment'm & regiment'm until they've driven some of them crazy & some of them just gave up & went back to the System. Thank God, some of them got loose!
       30. IT'S GOD'S LAW, GOD'S RULE FOR WICKED, INIQUITOUS, EVIL-HEARTED, FALLEN, SINFUL MAN THAT NOW HE HAS GOT TO WORK HARD FOR A LIVING, & so hard & so busy & so long that he hasn't got the time or strength for so much wickedness! Do you get it? Before sin entered the heart of man the Lord could allow him to just wander around through the Garden & not have to wear any clothes, he didn't have to wash or iron or mend, didn't have to cook, just picked his food off the trees, didn't have to wash dishes, didn't have to eat a piece of fruit on a dish, didn't have to build houses. It was such a pleasant climate he could sleep on the grass & the grass wouldn't sting & the bugs & the snakes wouldn't get him. He could lie down on a nice carpet of soft grass without fear of getting bit, or sleep under a tree, whatever, everything delightful, ideal!--No bugs, no pests, no poisons, no curses, & man could be trusted with such an easy life.
       31. BUT HE HAD TO DO A LITTLE WORK, HE'D HAVE GOTTEN PRETTY SOFT IF HE HADN'T! God's Word says He put man in the Garden to tend it & to keep it, so there must have been some work to it. (Gen.2:15) You wouldn't be happy if you didn't have something profitable to do. So he took care of the Garden somehow. I've been trying to figure out what he did, since there were no pests & no diseases & no blights & no death & we don't even know if the plants died or if they even got dead leaves or anything. As far as we know, everything was living forever, like man!
       32. WHY DID GOD CHASE MAN OUT OF THE GARDEN? He said, "Lest he eat of the Tree of Life & live forever!" (Gen.3:22) He couldn't trust man to live forever after he got into sin. He was going to have to let him die pretty soon. So they only lived for a thousand years, then after the Flood things were so bad they only lived for 70, a few for a hundred, very few. He just can't trust wicked, iniquitous, sinful, evil man with life for very long, He certainly couldn't trust him with eternal life! And He cannot trust natural, normal, evil, wicked, sinful, fallen man with an easy life of luxury any more, with not much work or no work.

       33. LOOK AT THE RICH! The rich are the most corrupt, the most evil, the most crooked, the most cheating of anybody, robbers of the poor, robbing each other. They're even the worst because they've got the time & the money to get into it! They can afford to be crooked & to cheat & to rob & to figure out ways to chisel the government & each other. It's horrible! The rich, wherever they are, are always the worst & most corrupt. If you hadn't been children of the rich you wouldn't have had money to buy drugs & time to get in trouble. When I was a kid in Depression days, even if they didn't have a job everybody was busy out on the farm or doing something trying to earn a living & trying to feed themselves, just thankful that they were alive & could eat & they had someplace to lay their heads! Now this generation is not satisfied unless it's got a mansion, a limousine, ten TV sets & all kinds of luxury, drugs & even enjoying crime if they can't get their kicks any other way!
       34. RICHES CAN BE BAD! God's Word teaches that all the way through, that they become a curse to those who have them if they don't use them right. (Pro.23:5; Mat.19:23; Mark 4:19; Jam.5:3; 1Tim.6:9) It's a curse to be rich if you don't love the Lord & know how to use it, because you're bound to use it for selfish reasons & for the Devil & evil. The thing about the Devil's rich is that they are never satisfied, they never have enough, they always want more! If they finally get their own home, house, car & all the works & an easy living, then they want somebody else's. Then they want to run their little community or whatever it is, then they want the whole town, then they want to be powerful enough to get the whole country, & by & by they want the World! That's what's wrong with the United States--& Russia too! They're not satisfied with what they've got, they always want more. The rich are never satisfied.
       35. BUT THE PITY OF IT IS, THE POOR ARE JUST AS GUILTY, THEY'RE NEVER SATISFIED EITHER!--When they've got greater riches & a better life & better health & better living conditions & less pollution, besides the blessing of God on living the way He wants them to live out there in the country. They are richer than the richest of the rich living in big mansions in the filthy cities in the midst of crime where they're afraid to even get out & walk on the street. They drive out of an armoured garage in an armoured car with guards carrying pistols & all the rest! They can't even enjoy their riches for fear of all the wicked poor around that are apt to rob'm or shoot'm, & it happens every day. They are the poor ones, living like prisoners in their own houses, afraid to go out on the street without bodyguards. They live in fear all the time.
       36. PROBABLY THE RICHEST MAN THAT EVER LIVED SAID THAT THE LABOURING MAN LIETH DOWN AT NIGHT & HIS SLEEP IS SWEET, BUT THE RICH CANNOT SLEEP FOR CONCERN ABOUT ALL OF HIS RICHES! (Ecc.5:12) If you ask me, then the poor hardworking farmer out there in the fields is the rich man! He's got health, pure living conditions, he's got beauty, he's got the blessing of God, he's staying out of trouble, he's not getting into drugs & crime & the shit of the city. He's the blessed one, he's really the rich one, rich in the things that really count! He can be sure he's got plenty to eat, he can be sure that his family & his children are going to be fed & live in healthy conditions & happier, with the blessing of God even if he doesn't know the Lord.

       37. YOU'LL SELDOM FIND A FARMER WHO DOESN'T BELIEVE IN GOD & IN A GREAT BEING OF SOME KIND THAT CONTROLS THE FORCES OF NATURE. Because when you're a farmer you know how dependent you are on God & on the weather for your crops etc. Living on the farm really makes you live close to nature, they say, but literally to God, the Force behind all nature. You'd better keep right with Him or you don't get any rain! You'd better keep right with Him or you get blights on your crops! You are totally dependent on the Lord when you live on the farm. Man has fled from the farm to the city to get away from dependency on God, to where he's totally dependent upon man instead! And that's why your cities are so horrible & so corrupt. In many cities you see virtually none of the creations of God, hardly ever see a tree or a plant! At least some people in the cities still like plants & the beauties of God's creation, the people who haven't been too long off the farm that they've forgotten it!
       38. BUT TAKE CITIES LIKE NEW YORK, WHAT DO THEY EVER SEE? THEY HARDLY EVER SEE THE SKY, ALL THEY SEE IS THE CONCRETE JUNGLE! They run around like rats in burrows down in the subways & live like savages in cliff houses. That's living? That's life? I mean, the worst kind of an existence is in the city! They're not the people who are blessed, they're not the people who are happy, they're not the people who are content & peaceful! The people in the cities are the ones who are causing all the trouble & starting all the wars & always have, ever since man first began!
       39. CITIES ARE A CURSE TO MAN! As even the great historian Toynbee said, who I've quoted so many times: "Cities are the festering sores on the body politick!"--Festering cancers on the body of man, horrible! Cities are a curse! They're cursing humanity, cursing the World, & they cause all the trouble, owned by the rich & abetted by the poor! The poor are just as guilty. They just haven't had their chance to rob somebody else yet, or they just haven't had their chance to get rich & rob some other rich, they just haven't had their chance to get powerful yet. But if they were, they'd do the same things just as bad.
       40. SO IT'S BETTER THEY STAY POOR, & IT'S CERTAINLY A LOT BETTER IF THEY'D STAY BACK ON THE FARM & stay out of the city & out of trouble & live the way God intended man to live. God can't trust man to live in a garden just picking his food off the trees any more, He can't trust him with that much leisure & pleasure. But He knows if Man lives at least out on the farm & has to till the soil & work hard he'll stay more out of trouble.
       41. THAT'S WHY YOU'LL FIND THAT FARMERS ARE ALMOST ALWAYS GOOD PEOPLE, FRIENDLY PEOPLE, HOSPITABLE PEOPLE, KIND TO TRAVELLERS. They've got a reputation for that, haven't they? Even in the United States of America they've got a reputation for being good, honest, hardworking, hospitable, law-abiding citizens. The farmers aren't the troublemakers, it's these rats that run around in the burrows of the city that cause all the trouble! The cities have become a curse to the nations, a curse even to the country!
       42. FARMERS AREN'T EVEN ALLOWED TO RUN THEIR OWN BUSINESS THEIR OWN WAY ANY MORE. The cities want to tell'm how to run their farms & what to do & make slaves out of them by loaning them a lot of money they don't need that they don't know how to handle, & then they lose it & then they lose the farm too! All those suckers, those poor farmers that everybody's feeling so sorry for are losing their farms--& why are they losing their farms? They started borrowing, going into debt for money to buy a nice new home or get a nice new car & have the luxuries of the city people. They figure, "The next crop will be good & I'll pay it back!" But God cursed it & the next crop didn't come & they couldn't pay it back & the bank came & took the farm! That's a simplification of it. So they're just as guilty as the people who voluntarily left the farm & went to the city, forsook it all, all the good life & the blessing of God, for the cursed life & the Hell of the Devil!
       43. THEY CLAIMED THEY WANTED TO STAY ON THE FARM, BUT THE TROUBLE WAS, THEY WANTED TO LIVE THE CITY LIFE ON THE FARM!--Have a nicer house, better car & fancier furniture, so they borrowed money. And the government & the banks encourage that kind of economy, borrowing money, because the government does it & nearly everybody does it nowadays. Nearly everybody you find in the rich countries is living on borrowed money & a borrowed future, buying everything on time payments. What is that but mortgaging the future?--Living on borrowed time & borrowed money. They have danced, & sooner or later they're going to have to pay the fiddler!
       44. WHY DO YOU SEE ALL THOSE GLORIOUS BEAUTIFUL SKYSCRAPERS IN THE 3RD WORLD CAPITALS?--Fancy buildings! Luxury hotels! Where'd they get the money? The poor Third World countries sure didn't have it! No, the big fat [EDITED: "ACs"] running the banks & the big fat rich countries encouraged them to borrow, in fact they forced it on them, encouraged them to take it: "Here, take it & pay it back some day! Buy now, pay later!" And instead of spending it on industries & agriculture & things which would reproduce themselves, living things, reproducing things that would multiply & gain like the creations of God, they spend it on dead concrete & fancy homes & cars & furniture & stuff that wasn't going to reproduce itself, not helping the local industries, not helping agriculture, not helping the people to support themselves & help themselves. But they want to build a grander, glorious, more beautiful city with taller skyscrapers, bigger, fancy banks, all these buildings!
       45. NOW THEY'RE BUILT & THE MONEY IS GONE, as well as the income that they could have had if they'd invested the money properly into reproductive & productive enterprises such as helpful, local industries & agriculture etc. So they're still just as poor as ever, still struggling to survive & they can't pay the bills. Now they're the slaves of the bankers, the slaves of the big banks of the big rich countries & they can't pay'm back. That ought to be their theme song. (Sings:) "I can't pay you back, [EDITED: "ACs"]! I can't pay you back, banks!" That's their theme song. Ours is "I can't pay You back, Lord." But that's their song now, they can't pay it back.
       46. SO THE BORROWER HAS BECOME THE SLAVE OF THE LENDER (PRO.22:7), & now the Third World countries are all slaves of the World Bank & the IMF & the big [EDITED: "AC"] banks of the World. And that's exactly where the [EDITED: "ACs"] wanted to get'm, just like Joseph did, to where they'd sell their bodies for something to eat--& they've done it & they're doing it. So don't blame it all on the rich alone, the poor were just as guilty. They weren't satisfied with what they had, they didn't wisely invest what they've got. Even if they did borrow, they didn't put it into things that would have profited them & been productive & reproductive so that they would grow naturally according to God's laws of economy such as agriculture & even making necessities. Most of the big industries of the World are not engaged in making the necessities of life.
       47. WHAT DO WE NEED BESIDES FOOD, CLOTHING & SHELTER? Well, people think they need a lot of things today, But that's actually all you need. In fact, God says, "Having food & clothing therewith be content." (1Tim.6:8) You can't live without food & clothes, can you? Well, in some warm countries you could probably go without clothes, but they won't let you, at least not outside the house. But you have to have food, it's a necessity, & in most places clothing is a necessity or you couldn't survive, it's cold. But you can live with food & clothing even without a house, believe it or not. You can survive. Look at the Eskimos, they live in a little igloo. That's not much of a house, is it? The Arabs live in tents. We lived in caravans, trailers & campers for years! You don't have to have a nice fine house to live & exist, do you?

       48. THE LORD TOLD THE GYPSIES IF THEY WOULD LIVE IN TENTS ALL THE DAYS OF THEIR LIVES HE WOULD SPARE THEM & THEY'D ALWAYS HAVE SOMEBODY ALIVE! (Jer.35:7,19) In fact, they have multiplied & prospered & scattered all over the World so that you find Gypsies living in almost every country in the whole World! That way they survive better, too, because they're not all concentrated in one place where somebody wants to fight a war with them. They haven't heaped up all their riches & their possessions & their houses & their lands in one city or one country where somebody else wants it. They've really dispersed, they've scattered.--Decentralisation! So today in richer countries they're considered the poorest of the poor, living in caravans, tents, trailers & whatnot in trailer parks.
       49. WE REALLY FOUND OUT AN AMAZING THING WHEN WE WERE SCOURING FRANCE FOR PLACES TO PUT OUR TRAILERS. We found out that many, if not most of the big trailer parks were owned & run by Gypsies! They're pretty smart! If some of the snootier, snottier, snobbish trailer parks wouldn't have'm, they just bought it! And now most of the Gypsies of France are Christians, Pentecostal Christians, Full Gospel Christians, preaching the Gospel, strong, banding together to resist their enemies, buying out trailer parks. Some of the places they didn't want us moving in because the Gypsies didn't want anything but other Gypsies, Christians like themselves. They made all kinds of other excuses, but it was really kind of funny: "Well, we might have a place." But we looked around & all we saw was Gypsies everywhere. They didn't want strangers living amongst them, especially when they were now all Christian & Pentecostal Gypsies, no better than we'd want strangers & Systemites living in our homes! So God's blessed them.
       50. IT PROBABLY SEEMED TO SOME OF THEIR CHILDREN THAT MAYBE IT WAS A CURSE TO HAVE TO LIVE IN TENTS: "Oh, God's making us live in tents all our lives, we never have anything but a tent to live in or a mobile home!" But as a result, they survived the invasions of empires! They were able to quickly pick up & pack up & fold up their tents & flee & move off & move on, & there are records of it in the Bible & throughout history! When they got persecuted & pursued & chased, they fled! Jesus said, "When they persecute you in one city, flee ye to another" (Mat.10:23)--& that's what they did. They kept moving & they've been moving ever since, & as long as they keep moving, God promised to protect them & keep them.
       51. THAT'S THE ONLY WAY THE POOR CAN SURVIVE IN THIS KIND OF WORLD! It's when they settle down & heap up riches & houses & lands & cities & buildings & power that somebody else with the same looks over with a jaundiced green eye of jealousy & wants what they've got & wants to send their army over to get it! That's what it amounts to, that's what it's all about! You may think that's an oversimplification of man's economy, but that's what it's all about, the worship of Mammon, the worship of things, the desire to accumulate more & have more, & as a result, have to have power to have more. You've got to have power & guns & armies to steal it! Oh, they always say they're just for self-defense, but look how they finally use them.

       U.S. WARS!
       52. THE UNITED STATES HAS FOUGHT MORE WARS ON OTHER PEOPLE'S SOIL THAN IT HAS ON ITS OWN! How many wars did the United States fight in self-defense? They didn't even fight the Revolutionary War in self-defense, they were stealing the colonies of England, the property & the goods of England, wouldn't even pay a stamp tax or a tea tax! After all England had done to help them & ship them over there & get'm started & give'm what it took to get set up & everything else, they turned around & bit the hand that fed'm & stole what literally belonged to England with a war. And then the North wasn't satisfied with what it had, it wanted what the South had, so they sent their robbers down in uniform with big guns to steal it!
       53. NATIONS ARE ROBBERS TOO!--Only they don't just run around alone or in little small gangs with a few pistols, they organise armies of millions with big guns & send'm in to take it away from the others, always claiming it's self-defense. The North didn't rob the South for self-defense, it just wanted what the South had! Then America had several wars after that with Spain & Britain & Germany & whatnot, & every one gained territory, not one of them was actually in self-defense. They are out to rob other countries, other nations, other empires, & they probably got more off of the Spanish than almost anybody else! They got Cuba & Puerto Rico & a bunch of those Caribbean Islands & the Philippines & Florida & the Southwest, all territories conquered in wars with the Spanish or the Spanish heirs like Mexico etc., not in self-defense.
       54. OH, THEY ALWAYS CLAIMED IT WAS IN SELF-DEFENSE, BUT HOW COME WHEN IT WAS JUST IN SELF-DEFENSE OF THEIR OWN TERRITORY THEY ALWAYS WOUND UP WITH THE OTHER GUY'S TERRITORY? That's the excuse all countries make. No dictator ever ruled unless he claimed it was all in self-defense! He was arming the country to the teeth & he was causing them to sacrifice & appealing to them to come & die for fatherland, die for your country! What good did it do the guys that died for their country? They're over there in those graves under the big headstones. It didn't do them any good. It didn't even do some of their countries any good. When they tried to steal somebody else's country & it turned out the other guy happened to be tougher & happened to have more guns & have a greater desire to steal their country, they wound up losing.
       55. WELL, I MUST SAY, I THINK HITLER HAD MORE EXCUSE TO TRY TO DEFEND HIS COUNTRY AGAINST THE [EDITED: "COMMUNISTS"] THAN MOST COUNTRIES!--Ha! If he'd have just stuck to that he might have been all right! But he wasn't satisfied with that, he wanted to start defending all of Europe against [DELETED] the Communists, he claimed. And the rest of the World got the point that maybe he was going to try to defend them too! Who needs that kind of defense? With friends like that, who needs enemies? But that's the way of the World & the way of the World's economy, & that's why God doesn't bless it.--And why no matter how much power & wealth & cities & land they accumulate & all the rest, they all fall eventually to some stronger enemy.
       56. THERE HAS NOT BEEN A WORLD EMPIRE YET WHICH HAS NOT FALLEN!--INCLUDING THE PRESENT ONES, WHICH ARE IN THE PROCESS OF FALLING.--Including the last one, the Antichrist Empire, which is going to fall also. But the poor who obey God & stay out there in the country & on the farm & on the land are going to survive them all, & have survived them all for thousands of years. And they're still there, still alive, their children & their grandchildren & their great grandchildren. I don't blame those people for worshipping their ancestors, they were smart enough to stay on the farm! That's God's economy, that's God's way!
       57. THE POOR ARE RICHER THAN THE RICH! The poor of the country, the poor farmers of the fields are richer in God's sight & in God's blessing & freedom from trouble & crime & disease & all the rest of the curses of the city. They are richer than the rich mansioneers & businessmen of the city.--Businessmen whose major business is robbing other men! That's what it's all about. The big business game, the monopoly game, is to see how fast you can rob the other guy. And the big business empires built in every single so-called civilisation or every single rich nation, are built on the bodies & the crushing of both the poor & the rich. Somebody just managed to cop it all. But they'll lose it all. The rich never last, they always lose it in the end.
       58. BUT LOOK AT THE LITTLE FARMER, THE PEASANT OUT THERE IN THE FIELD, HE'S STILL THERE, HE'S STILL GOT IT! They say that's why the Vietnamese don't worry about having such big enemies like the United States & China, etc. "Oh, now I'm sure Dad's a Communist, he's for the Vietnamese!" No, I'm just using them as an illustration. They have lasted for thousands of years! They have out-lasted & out-fought empire after empire, including the Chinese of past thousands of years. And of late, the Germans, the French, the Americans & now the Chinese, & it looks like I wouldn't be surprised once again the Americans! They're already at war with the Americans on the borders of Thailand & Cambodia. There's a war going on there not just between the rebels of Cambodia & the Vietnamese, but the Russians are arming the Vietnamese & the Americans are arming the Cambodian rebels & the Thais! So there is a war between the Superpowers going on already on the border of Thailand & Cambodia. It's already a war & it's getting hotter all the time!
       59. BUT DO THE VIETNAMESE WORRY ABOUT IT? Do you know what they say? "See our peasants out here in the rice paddies? They've been here for thousands of years! You'll never overcome us, you'll never beat us!" The thing that beat South Vietnam was its cooperation with the Superpowers of its day, the French, the Americans etc. That's what corrupted them & made them weak until they finally fell prey to the strong independent North. They followed the ways of corrupt civilisation & the rich powers, & when the rich powers lost, they lost along with'm!
       60. THEY'RE NOW CELEBRATING THE 10TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE SETTLEMENT OF THAT WAR. Well, the war was settled by the Vietnamese driving out what was supposed to be the strongest nation on Earth! But now the U.S. makes all kinds of excuses & President Reagan even said recently that it was a victory! I don't see how he gets a victory out of what looks like to me seeming defeat! Maybe that's what he's trying to do, apply Grandma's message. Well, the only victory it was is that they managed to get anybody out at all! They completely, totally lost the war in ignominious defeat at the hands of what were virtually poor, primitive, peon peasants! They lost the war! The most powerful nation on the face of the Earth lost a war & more men in that war than they'd lost in some other wars. Think of it!
       61. THEY LOST ANOTHER WAR, THE KOREAN WAR! You say, "Oh, they saved South Korea!" Yes, but that's all they saved. The North Koreans defeated them until they had to declare a truce: "Well, we'll split it 50/50, you keep the North, we'll keep the South." The U.S. lost that war, literally lost it! They were trying to get the whole of Korea clear up to the border of China & they didn't make it. They were finally thankful to settle for South Korea alone, so they lost the Korean War.
       62. THEY ALSO LOST THE CHINESE WAR! You didn't know that the U.S. was over there in China fighting a war with the Chinese awhile back, did you?--During World War 2. General Marshall himself was in charge of American forces fighting the Chinese Communists under Mao, & he finally told the President, "We can't win, we're losing. We'd better get out fast while we can before we lose everything." So they lost the war with the Chinese & they had to run off & left their allies stranded, so that poor Chiang Kai-Shek & his forces had to flee to an island offshore, Taiwan. They lost the war!
       63. THE U.S. HAS LOST A LOT OF WARS BECAUSE THEY'VE BECOME WICKED & EVIL & CORRUPT! In fact, they were wicked & evil & corrupt from the beginning, from the first war they fought with the British, shedding blood, killing brothers & fathers & killing their own people for selfishness, greed, independence & pride! Don't give me any of that stuff that there's any excuse for that kind of war, not at all! Not one of those wars the U.S.A. ever fought was ever justified, not one! They always wound up with more greedy possessions & more territory & more power.
       64. NOW THEY WANT THE WORLD & THEY'RE READY & WILLING TO FIGHT THE RUSSIANS TO GET IT!--In fact, they're ready & willing to destroy it rather than lose it! If they can't have it, they want to destroy it, they're not going to let the Russians have it. "If I can't have it, then I'm going to fix it so you can't have it either, so let's blow it up!" That's exactly the attitude of the Americans today: "If we can't have it, we're going to blow it up!"--Horrible! That's the philosophy & attitude of modern man, so-called civilised man, Western man, industrialised man, scientific man. He's just gotten more modern, more industrialised, more civilised & more scientific now so that he can learn how to destroy the whole thing! That's your modern man & economy, & it's all in defiance of the Will & the laws & the economy of God!

       65. SO BACK TO DANIEL 8--HOW DO WE KNOW WHERE THE ANTICHRIST IS GOING TO COME FROM? (9th Verse:) "Out of one of them came forth a Little Horn which waxed exceeding great toward the South, & toward the East, & toward the Pleasant Land." So we know he wasn't from the East, because he went East. He must not have been from Israel because he went there, he expanded in that direction. You'll notice it doesn't mention West because he doesn't come from the West & he doesn't really go so much West at this time, at the beginning when he first arises. He has greater success in the South & the East & toward the Pleasant Land.
       66. SO WHERE COULD HE BE FROM? (FAM: EGYPT!)--Why? (Fam: Because it says he came "out of one of them.") He had to be from one of these four divisions. We can do it by the process of elimination if nothing else. Obviously he wasn't from Greece. Obviously he wasn't from Turkey. You say, "Well, if he'd been from Turkey he could have gone toward the South & the Pleasant Land at the same time, both South." Well, it's a theory, you can believe that if you want to, but I haven't seen that Turkey's had too much success of late in expanding toward the East. It looks to me more like the East is expanding toward the West with Iran fighting Iraq, etc., & Turkey's afraid of them, so is the whole Mideast. So maybe he was from Syria. He could have gone South & toward the Pleasant Land at the same time, but you certainly don't see right now much chance of Syria expanding Eastward, do you?
       67. SO THERE'S ONLY ONE PLACE LEFT--EGYPT! Perhaps if the Lord hadn't given us indications, & other people too, that he was to come out of Egypt, & even gave us an exact Scripture on that once, we may never have gotten the point that somehow he was going to arise from Egypt. You say, "Well, how can you interpret that if Egypt is the place that he came from?" Well, what nation is considered the most powerful nation in all Africa?--That is of African nations, not counting South Africa. (Fam: Egypt.) Of all the nations of that day known to the Prophets & the Bible, what nation has always been the most powerful nation in all of Africa? (Fam: Egypt.) It once ruled the known World of its day, even ruled the Jews, how about that?--But they even got out of that one with the help of the Lord, thank the Lord. I guess we can say thank the Lord, because after all, we had to have our Messiah & they had to bring Him into the World & the Word of God, etc.
       68. BUT IF HE IS FROM EGYPT, YOU SAY, "WELL, HE'S ALREADY SOUTH." But let's just theorise, let's suppose he is from Egypt. It doesn't really look very likely that he's from Greece or Turkey, that's for sure. Some people theorise that maybe he's from this area here, Syria, but there's really no country here that is powerful enough to be considered a prospect for the development of the Antichrist, except perhaps Israel.
       69. WELL, IT SAYS THAT HE DOES WAX GREAT TOWARD ISRAEL, & RIGHT NOW, WHAT TWO COUNTRIES ARE IN A PEACE PACT TOGETHER, BOTH SUPPORTED BY THE U.S. [DELETED]? What two countries in this area are working together? (Fam: Israel & Egypt!) You say, well not always, but they have made peace together, & therefore the U.S. has bought their peace & bought their loyalty & is paying the bills for both Egypt & Israel, the two most powerful countries right now in the Mideast! You say, "What about Iran? It's a great big powerful country! And what about Iraq, it's got one of the biggest armies in all the Mideast! And down here are all these Arab countries, they're almost the richest countries in the World per capita, how about them?" Well, there are only two countries in that whole area that the United States, the most powerful nation on the face of the Earth, is backing--Egypt & Israel!
       70. SO IF HE IS GOING TO GROW UP IN SOME KIND OF A PLACE & BE FROM SOME KIND OF A PLACE WHERE HE HAS SOME KIND OF AN OPPORTUNITY TO HAVE INFLUENCE & BECOME POWERFUL, if he's to come from here & from a country that is now already at peace with Israel & both backed by the United States, he's got a better chance of pushing where?--East! And where else? (Fam: South.)--South to Africa. The Communists have pretty well taken over most of Africa already. Russia already supports Iraq & is partly supporting Iran & a lot of these Mideastern countries, Syria is hand-in-glove with the Russians or has been. Here you've got a whole bunch of Communist or pro-Communist or Communist-leaning countries, but you've got here a man supposedly coming from this country & this country that are now allied with the United States, of all things, the World's greatest anti-Communist country!
       71. AND HOW CAN HE BE FROM EGYPT IF EVENTUALLY, ACCORDING TO ANOTHER SCRIPTURE, HE COMES FROM THE NORTH? Well, as I've often said, he may originate in Egypt. Now remember, this is all theory, I can't prove it, except there's plenty of Scripture that seems to indicate so. He may originate in Egypt. But if he's going to come from the North, he's going to have to go North first, which will mean he will have to go to Russia & become powerful enough in Russia to be the King of the North & eventually invade the South, from which he came.
       72. IT'S A RATHER VAGUE, MYSTERIOUS WAY OF BEATING AROUND THE BUSH & GETTING BACK TO THAT CONCLUSION, but that's the only way you can reconcile the two theories & the actual Scriptures, as far as I can see, & that is that he somehow or another originated down here in one of these four divisions of the Grecian Empire. It's very unlikely that he originated in Greece or Turkey, & quite unlikely that he originated in Syria. It's more likely & many other prophecies & confirmations have come from the Lord that he is somehow originally from Egypt.
       73. THE SCRIPTURE IS VERY EXPLICIT & SPECIFIC THAT HE COMES OUT OF ONE OF THOSE FOUR DIVISIONS! But maybe in the eyes of God, in a sense he is out of the Egypt of the World. He is the King of Egypt, the King of the World, the King of Worldliness, the Antichrist King of the Antichrist World, & if you want to theorise & spiritualise it that way, okay. My father & a few other people did that. But I found out that spiritualising things & making everything symbolic & not taking anything literally gets you in trouble. If I can take it literally I'll take it literally, & if the Bible says he arose out of one of these four divisions of the Alexandrian Empire, I take it literally, not symbolically, that he came from one of these four countries!
       74. SO NOW YOU'RE JUST AS MUCH IN THE DARK AS YOU WERE BEFORE, YOU STILL DON'T KNOW! Well, I don't think I claimed to know, did I? I just told you I was going to tell you where he came from as far as I'm concerned, what I think. But the Lord has given many confirmations & many prophecies, not only mine, but even Jeane Dixon & other people, that he came from Egypt, a son of the Pharaohs, of a long line of descent from the Pharaohs themselves. Well, we're almost at the end of our time here. Do you want to go one more Verse? We spent too long on this, & that's the trouble with theories, it takes too much to establish them.
       75. BUT THAT'S MY CONVICTION, PERSONALLY, THAT SOMEHOW OR ANOTHER HE'S AN EGYPTIAN, either from way back or from origin, but he has somehow got to make his mark in Russia in order to become King of the North & invade from the North. He spends a lot of time going back & forth between those two places as we read later. He comes from the North, he comes South, he goes back North, comes South, & he's always going back & forth. So it sounds like he's almost from both places, & he's never satisfied until he conquers this part here that gives him the most trouble, the Jews!
       76. THAT'S THE TROUBLE WITH THIS BUSINESS OF GETTING INTO THE DETAILS OF BIBLE PROPHECY, you just spend so much time on little insignificant details that just seem to be a waste of time. But the point is, you need to know these details thoroughly so that when it happens you'll say, "Ah, there, that's it for sure! Now we know!" We're like a scientist going through experiments in a laboratory. You try everything, you try all the possibilities. You try it by the process of elimination, this doesn't do it & that doesn't do it & something else doesn't do it, until finally you've got it whittled down to when suddenly you hit it, you recognise that's it! That's how you find out a lot of things when you're working with Bible Prophecy, by the process of elimination, & finally by the process of actual recognition of the fact.
       77. WE MAY NOT KNOW EXACTLY YET, BUT ALL INDICATORS ARE THAT HE COMES FROM EGYPT ORIGINALLY, WHICH WAS ONE OF THE DIVISIONS OF THE ALEXANDRIAN EMPIRE. Whichever one he comes from, we know he's going to come from one of them, & we have pretty good reason to believe he's going to come from Egypt. So somehow when you find out about him & his history, somewhere, somehow he came from Egypt. I believe it! You can fight for Syria or you can fight for Israel or Turkey or Greece if you want to, but I'm rootin' for Egypt as his point of origin!

       78. (VERSE 10:) "AND IT WAXED GREAT, EVEN TO THE HOST OF HEAVEN." You mean the Angels? "And it cast down some of the host & of the stars to the ground." You mean the Antichrist can conquer the Angels & cast them to the ground? Be careful! Some of you don't know what to say or how to answer & you're slightly nodding your heads. Well,let me tell you, if the Antichrist has got power over Angels we might as well quit right now! But it's not talking about the Angels. The hosts of Heaven & some of its stars are never going to be conquered by the Antichrist!--The Devil, yes. A third of the Angels follow him out of Heaven when he's cast out (Rev.12:4), so if you want to twist that like some Bible Prophecy teachers do & say, "Well, the Antichrist was possessed of the Devil, the Devil really is the Little Horn & he does cast down a third of the Angels, therefore that fulfils this Scripture", all right, you can interpret it that way if you want to. But because of the way this is fit in here & because of many other Scriptures, I'm more convinced it's talking about his war with the greatest host of Heaven! And do you know who they are?--You!
       79. IN THE EYES OF GOD, YOU'RE THE HEAVENLY HOST, YOU'RE GOING TO BE THE GREATEST HOST OF HEAVEN! "Know ye not that ye shall judge Angels?" (1Cor.6:3) God said at first that He even made Jesus a little lower than the Angels. (Heb.2:9) That was only in His Earthly life. But the day is coming when having gone through this test, some things that even the Angels haven't gone through, you're going to judge Angels! My Mother used to sing:
       "And when we sing Redemption's Story,
       Angels close their wings.
       For Angels never knew the joy
       That our Salvation brings!"

       80. YOU ARE GOING TO TELL ANGELS WHAT TO DO! YOU ARE GOING TO JUDGE ANGELS! YOU ARE GOING TO BE GREATER THAN THE ANGELS OF GOD! They are going to be like the genies of mythology to you. They are going to be your servants at your beck & command to do your will & to obey you & to be the mighty powers that will rule the Earth & help rule the Earth for you. "It's hard to believe, Dad! What about that great big Angel we saw in that picture of yours standing on that pearl?" What's he doing? Whose orders is he obeying? Is he bossing you around just because he says "Enter"? He's there for your protection. He's there to obey you, he's there to let you in the gate, he's there under orders from the Lord to please you!
       81. ALL THESE ANGELS THAT ARE SURROUNDING US RIGHT NOW & ARE PROTECTING US FROM THE SYSTEM & OUR ENEMIES & DEVILS & DEMONS & SATAN HIMSELF, WHOSE SAKE ARE THEY HERE FOR? Who are they serving? Who are they protecting? Who are they guarding? They are yours & they're here for your sake, serving you! You're not serving them--God put them here to serve you & take care of you. How about that?
       82. SOME OF YOU CHILDCARE WORKERS & CHILDREN CAN APPLY THAT! Who's the servant?--The child?--Or the childcare worker who takes care of the child & slaves away night & day taking care of the child? You're guardians, you're caretakers, you're governesses, you're nurses, you're cooks. Some of you kids have been thinking, "Well, I'm just a slave to Dora! I'm just a slave to Sara & I just have to do whatever she tells me to do & have to obey her" etc. Yes you do, but they exist for your sake. In fact, if it weren't for you, they wouldn't even be here! They are your servants! And sometimes I guarantee you they feel like slaves the way they have to take care of you, night & day, all the time! 24 hours a day they're taking care of you, serving you, your servants, your slaves! They may be bigger than you are, more powerful than you are, but all their bigness & power is devoted to serving you & taking care of you, just like the Angels.--Get it?
       83. SO IN A WAY, YOU CHILDREN ARE MORE POWERFUL THAN THEY ARE! If it weren't for you, they wouldn't even be here! It was your power as a little baby & a little child, David, that brought Sara & Alf here to be with us. So you have power over them. If it weren't for you, they wouldn't even be here. It was your power, Techi, that brought Dora here to take care of you & slave away night & day taking care of you & being a mother to you, your servant, your slave! That doesn't mean you should get the wrong idea now & start bossing them around! No, you're still under them. They're your teachers & you're still to do what they tell you to do & learn from them. But they are here for your sake to serve you. That's why they're here, otherwise there wouldn't be any reason for them to be here.
       84. BEFORE YOU KIDS CAME ALONG THERE WAS ONLY MAMA & ME--THOU, ME & NO OTHER--& WE GOT ALONG JUST FINE, WE DIDN'T NEED ANYBODY ELSE. We lived in one room & either she cooked for me or we ate out. We took care of ourselves, nobody else, until we started having children! Well, the first thing that made us get the first person to come live with us was when we made the decision of getting ourselves a house. When you get a house for only two people, then you've got to have somebody to take care of it & clean it. I was the fireman, I always fired the furnace, but then we started accumulating a few people to take care of us & the house. Then by & by, of course, Maria needed a secretary.
       85. BUT THE MAIN REASON WE'VE GOT OTHERS IS FOR YOUR SAKES, TO TAKE CARE OF YOU CHILDREN! That's how we started getting them. But you'll find out the more people you get together, the more people you need!--Support staff, as it's called. I remember one time when dear Jethro had almost 400 people at the old Bromley Factory. I said, "What do you need all these people for, Jethro? We need to get them out in the field, out witnessing! Scatter'm! What have you got all these people for?" He said, "I need this many people to take care of them!" I said, "Well, if you didn't have so many people, you wouldn't have to take care of them."--And it proved true.
       86. I BROKE UP THAT BIG BLOB & SCATTERED THEM, & IT WAS A GOOD THING BECAUSE THEY SOON LOST THE FACTORY ANYHOW.--And that factory owner, this big industrialist Frampton, became one of our bitterest enemies, just because we robbed him of his whelps. His two sons Samson & Micaiah joined us, & his daughter-in-law Ara, the daughter of another one of the richest men in London, a multi-millionaire, one of the big men who ran Christie's Auction House, the second biggest auction house in London next to Sotheby's. Micaiah eventually went back, sad to say, backslid, & it sounded almost like he turned his father against us, & of course he was already against us. And then poor Samson compromised with his father & the Devil & he went nuts. But dear Ara is still with us, she didn't compromise. She stood for awhile with Samson, but now she's not & the Lord's taking care of her, & lastwe heard even Samson was back associating with the Family & litnessing with the Posters! GBH! How did I get onto them?
       87. WE'RE THE HOST! WE'RE THE STARS OF THE SHOW! WE ARE WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT! It does not say that the Kingdom is going to be delivered unto the Angels, it says to the Saints of God! We're the hosts! We're the stars! We're the only ones that now in our human frail flesh the Antichrist could possibly have that much power over to vanquish & to destroy some of us! But remember, we are not the only ones. Some people say we think we're the only Christians, the only saved people in the World, but that's not so! There are millions of Christians in the World & most of them belong to the visible, organised, powerful churches of this World.
       88. AND WHO ARE GOING TO BE THE FIRST TO BE ATTACKED & OVERCOME & PERSECUTED & CAST DOWN & TRAMPLED UPON?--Not us! They can't even find us! That's what God has shown us to do, to get scattered out & hidden so they'd have a hard time finding us. So who are going to be the first ones that they attack?--The ones they can find, the churches! They're full of God's hosts, those that are saved, & they even have a few stars amongst them. I found almost every church had at least a saint or two or three that was willing to witness & win souls, usually some little humble nobodies that nobody paid any attention to, who they thought were kind of crazy because they'd go out Saturday night & pass out tracts, & go into bars & whorehouses & do crazy things like that.
       89. SO THOSE TWO OR THREE PEOPLE IN THE AVERAGE CHURCH OF A HUNDRED OR TWO, THEY'RE THE STARS, GOD'S STARS! They're going to shine as bright as the stars that win many to righteousness! (Dan.12:3) But there's a whole host of others who are also saved. In lots of those churches they're born-again, they're saved, but because of the stupidity of the System & what they've been taught, that's as far as they got. They just barely got born, they're big retarded monsters, but they're part of the host, & there sure is a host of them! I believe there are millions of Christians who are genuinely saved in the World today, hosts of them, with a few stars leading them--not from the pulpit, but often leading them from the basement!--The janitor & the poor & the tract-passers etc., stars & hosts!

       90. "AND STAMPED UPON THEM!" Do you think that God would ever allow the Antichrist, a mere man, even if he's Devil-possessed, to stamp on the Angels? Don't be silly! But He's going to allow him to do that to some of you, because He's going to allow, as He always has, a few to be martyred, a few to be stamped on, & the power of the host to be destroyed.--That's the visible, organised, temporal power of the churches.
       91. I THINK MAYBE EVEN THE POPE IS SAVED! He's into a lot of false doctrine, imagery, image-worship, idolatry & all that, but I think he's sort of just going through the motions because he's got to, to keep his position in order to be there & have power & influence the World toward Christ, which I think he has done. I think this is one of the best Popes they ever had & he has shown it by humbling himself & risking his life. He's visited more countries & more of his church & more of his people than any other Pope I think in all history! It couldn't have been possible before, there wasn't the transportation, there wasn't the security! He's shown himself to be, what looks to me, like a real sincere man of God, & I wouldn't be surprised that it's because he's really saved. But to keep his position of influence & power, he's got to stay on the inside of the church & he's got to play their little game & go through their little motions that they're accustomed to. He's got to play along with their policies & doctrines in order to stay there & influence them for good. Now that's a possibility.
       92. I BELIEVE THERE ARE MILLIONS OF SINCERE CATHOLICS WHO REALLY BELIEVE IN THE LORD & WHO MAY EVEN BE SAVED, & I KNOW THERE ARE LOTS OF PROTESTANTS THAT ARE SAVED. And I know that nearly all the Evangelicals & Fundamentalists who believe in real born-again Eternal Salvation are definitely saved--even though they're some of our bitterest enemies! How could that be? Jesus Himself said the time's going to come when "he that killeth you will think he doeth God service." (John 16:2) They're so deluded, so deceived! You say, "Well, how can they be Christians, born-again, & be so deceived & so deluded?" Ho, ho! Let me tell you, I've seen Christians deluded & deceived for years! I've been picked up bodily & thrown out of good Christian churches by good, staunch, born-again, saved Christians! You don't think they can be deluded & deceived, even kill you, thinking they're doing God service? There are some Christians right now who'd like to kill us & get rid of us if they could find us!
       93. BUT THEY'RE NOT GOING TO HAVE ANY TROUBLE FINDING THE CHURCH PEOPLE & THEIR CHURCHES & THEIR PASTORS & THEIR CHRISTIANS! Their names are in the phone book, they're listed on the church rosters. They're going to be the first & the easiest ones to find to put down & to stamp on & trample on & destroy the power of the mighty & the holy people. They're mighty!--And they're considered holy, at least religious, today, especially if they're saved. But he is going to destroy that churchianity.
       94. I'VE OFTEN SAID GOD HAS ALLOWED THE ANTICHRIST TO COME TO DO SOME THINGS TO THIS WORLD THAT NEED TO BE DONE.--To destroy the rich, to destroy the powerful, to make a one-World efficient government that will even help the poor & stop the war, save the economy & destroy churchianity & religiosity, which is one of the best things that could ever happen to the church.
       95. HAS THIS EVER HAPPENED BEFORE? HAS IT HAD THIS GOOD EFFECT BEFORE? They say there are now more millions of Fundamental, Evangelical Christians in Russia than there were before the Russian Revolution!--Millions of them! They have been driven out of their churches & out of their old dead buildings & out of their old rut! And now it may cost them their life to serve Christ & be loyal to Jesus, they have to live & die for the Lord! But they are stronger Christians than ever & they are living more & witnessing more & doing more for the Lord now than they ever did under the Czars when they were just dead bumps on the church log benches under that dead formal churchianity religion that they had.
       96. LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING, THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST IS MORE ALIVE IN RUSSIA TODAY THAN IT EVER HAS BEEN IN ALL HISTORY! Hallelujah! (Strong tongues!) "Hear ye the Words of your Father & the Truths that I have given unto David!" Hallelujah! TYJ! PTL! Amen! Does persecution do us good? (Fam: Amen!) Even if he destroys the temporal power of the church & its buildings & its organisation, that's going to make real Christians out of them, real Christians! It may drive them underground, it may drive them into smaller cells & little home meetings & home churches, & that's what it's done!
       97. THAT'S WHAT IT DID IN CHINA! The Chinese Church after the Revolution & under persecution from Mao became more Christian! Writers & theologians are all saying it, that it did the church good in China, that they scattered out from their buildings, & "church in the home" is the most popular type of church in China today! It's growing by leaps & bounds & is on fire & growing & developing! China has more real Christians today than it had before the Revolution! It does them good! It drives them out of their dead churchianity & their dead religion & it makes real Christians out of them, on-fire Christians, witnessing, soul-winning, suffering, persecuted Christians, but better Christians than ever before! Praise God? Hallelujah! Well, I guess that's about all we'd better take time for.
       98. THAT'S A VICTORIOUS NOTE TO END ON, ANYHOW! Praise the Lord! Let's pray! GBY! Thank you for your patience. Sorry it takes me so long to get around to everything, but that's the way it goes! Amen! Our King of the Host in Verse 11 is going to come pretty soon & take us out of it all & deliver unto us the Kingdom, not to the Angels, but to you & me! Praise God? And the Angels are literally our servants, our policemen, our guards, they exist for our benefit. So let's pray for the Kingdom, because we're the ones that are going to get it! TYJ! (Prays the Lord's Prayer) God bless & keep you all & give you a good day with lots accomplished for the Kingdom! God bless you, ILY!--IJNA!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family