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THE GREAT RUSSIAN REACTOR FIRE!       DO 2179       30/4/86
--Ivan Ivanovitch Gives Inside Information!

       (This was received in the early morning of April 30, 1986, the night after the explosion before these facts were made known on the news later that day!:)

       1. I WONDER IF I COULD GET SOME INSIDE INFORMATION ON THAT EXPLOSION IN RUSSIA FROM IVAN IVANOVITCH! (See also "Our Man in Kiev," ML #279.) He knows what's going on there! Lord Jesus, You could do it, Lord, in Jesus' name! (Maria: Amen!)
       2. GET OVER, HONEY, & GO TO SLEEP, YOU WANT ME TO GO TO SLEEP! (Maria: No!) Yes, you do! (Maria: Not if you're going to get something from Ivan Ivanovitch!) Well, I don't know if I am or not, I'm just saying I could. (Maria: Well, why don't you?) Well, let's go to sleep & see if I can get something in my dreams or something, that's the way I usually get things, in that twilight zone. But I don't think I'm going to get any twilight zone with you hanging over me with a tape recorder! Just shove off a little bit, Honey, back off a little, & let's try to go to sleep!
+ + + + + + +

       3. (LATER:) WE REALLY OUGHT TO GET WORKING ON GETTING SOME INSIDE INFORMATION on the bomb attack, on that nuclear plant meltdown.
       4. I CAN SEE IT RIGHT NOW! Yes, they've got a very big fire going on! They've got a meltdown that could sink right down into the heart of the Earth! It's giving off radioactive clouds of fallout that could contaminate a lot of countries!
       5. I THINK THE LORD IS TRYING TO HUMBLE THE U.S.S.R. & CAUSE IT TO EVEN APPEAL FOR HELP TO THE WEST! I think the U.S. is past humbling, but there's still hope for the U.S.S.R. But the U.S. is hopeless, it's so proud & bigoted there is no hope! I think it will take utter destruction to humble the U.S., but a big disaster like that in the U.S.S.R. I think will help to humble them by making them seek help from the West, like they are. (Maria: Is that why it happened?) (Tongues:) XXXXXXX! (Tongues: Amboska Davida ... Papa.) XXXXXXX! Yes.
       6. IT'S A BIG HUMBLING, A BIG HUMILIATION FOR THE U.S.S.R. THAT THEY'RE HAVING TO ASK FOR HELP FROM THE WEST! Of course, the U.S. is gloating over their accident failure! The bigger & the worse it is, the better the U.S. will like it! But thank God for Europe that has a little compassion & sympathy for Russia. I think they'll help them! Lord, do help them & help them to pray, Lord! Help them to pray, because You can stop it! You can help them, Lord!
       7. (TONGUES) IVAN SAYS YOUR FATHER LOVES THEM & GIVES THEM SEVEN KISSES OF DAVID & THEREFORE HE WILL HELP THEM! The Lord will help them because God knows the heart of David, that he loves them & has compassion upon the poor poor starving Russians! Starving? Don't you know why they're starving, huh? (Maria: Why?) They're starving for faith & the Word & the Love & the Lord! They're starving! Pitiful, pitiful!
       8. (TONGUES) IVAN? THANK YOU, IVAN, YOU SHOWED US THE SCENE, IT'S REALLY QUITE A DISASTER! It's really a big fire! The whole plant is burning furiously, it's giving off big fumes, smoke with radioactive fallout. And the Russians are scared! It's a big meltdown & they can't control it & they're pleading for help from Scandinavia & Germany to help them stop it & put it out!
       9. BUT IT'S A BIG WARNING FROM THE LORD THAT THEY NEED HIS HELP! They've defied Him, they haven't acknowledged Him, they haven't yielded to Him & now they have to pray, because it's a big crisis, very dangerous, dangerous to all of Russia & all of Europe, while the U.S. sits by & gloats & rejoices in iniquity! But the Lord will have mercy on poor Europe & the Russians!
       10. (TONGUES) AMEN, IVAN, THANK YOU, SON! THANK YOU, JESUS! IT'S VERY SERIOUS, VERY IMPORTANT, A BIG THING! Europe sympathises & wants to help, while the U.S. is rejoicing in iniquity. The U.S. is gloating & happy over the disaster, & as far as they are concerned, the worse the better! But Europe is concerned & has sympathy & wants to help, because they know that Russia is part of Europe so they've gone to help.
       11. AND GOD WILL HAVE MERCY, THIS WILL NOT BE THE END, NOT YET, THE END IS NOT YET! But it is a warning to the World, the dangers, that they are playing with fire, they are playing with God's Power, nuclear power activated by the Devil! Amen! Hallelujah! TYJ! PYL! Rebuke them all, in Jesus' name!
       12. THE LORD WILL STOP IT! ONLY GOD CAN STOP IT! But they will pray, they are praying. Many Russians, many Europeans are praying & are desperate for God's help. God will help them!--But not the U.S.A., for the U.S.A. is gloating over the disaster, not sympathising, not caring! The U.S.A. is horrible, terrible!
       13. SO GOD WILL HAVE SYMPATHY & GOD WILL HAVE DIRECTION TO SAVE RUSSIA & EUROPE, because they need to be saved so they can destroy America! But this is to humble them & make them amenable to the force that is to come to destroy! Praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus! Amen!
       14. (MARIA: HAVE PEOPLE DIED?) Oh yes, many, many, many have been killed & wounded & radiated, poisoned! It's almost like the explosion at Hiroshima! Many, many, thousands of people, I see thousands of people killed & wounded! It's a big thing, a great big thing!
       15. (MARIA: WHAT ABOUT KIEV?) Well, it's 120 kilometers away, but it's affected. Mostly it is frightened. You know, where I have my studio, my architectural studio? (Maria: You have it there right now?) You know I have it, Honey, I always have it! You know, I design buildings! (Maria: Are you all right there?) We felt the explosion like an earthquake & tremors. (Maria: A big earthquake?) It's like an earthquake & we feel shocks. And we have radiation & we know that many many people are killed & hurt! We're not so much hurt, thank the Lord, because we're 120 kilometers away but we are very very careful. We protect against radiation & contamination. TYL!
       16. (MARIA: WILL THE FIRE SPREAD? IS THAT WHAT CAN HAPPEN?) Well, you know the threat in "China Syndrome"? They're always afraid that the fire of the meltdown would actually sink right into the Earth & maybe come out the other side in China! But the Lord won't let it, He won't allow His Creation to be destroyed. Just a lesson to Russia & the people, to shake them up & frighten them & cause them to call on God! They are calling on God tonight because they are face-to-face with the wrath of Satan, the fires of Hell, so they are calling tonight on God! (Maria: Because they believe in Him?) The people of Russia, yes, yes, yes, yes! Many dear poor people of Russia believe in God & they will worship & pray, & they are praying, praying for God to help, & He is helping!
       17. HE IS GOING TO CONTAIN IT! IT IS NOT GOING TO DESTROY THE EARTH OR GO TO CHINA!--Ha! It would take more than that to go to China! (Maria: And Kiev will be spared from too bad damage from the radiation?) It is spared, it is spared! There will be some fallout, but the Lord won't let it happen too much to His people. Thank You Jesus! Thank You Lord! Hallelujah! For I, Ivan, love the Lord & I have given you already many revelations & we here in Kiev are safe from too much radiation or fallout, & I continue designing buildings for the Millennium. And the Russian Government is pleased with my work because they figure that it will help the Future. (Tongues) PTL! TYJ!
       18. YOU HAVE TO BLEND WITH THE SOCIETY, YOU HAVE TO COOPERATE WITH THE POWER! I cooperate with the power, because it is important to help the power that God has ordained. So I am helping to draw up plans for the Future! (Maria: So we need plans for the Future?) Actually they're plans for the Millennium, but they don't know it! Many places & many scientists & many people all over the Earth are already planning for the Millennium & designing structures & plans & agriculture, organisation, everything! God is preparing them for the Millennium! They don't know it, but they are. So that is my job. I'm designing buildings to help in the organisation & administration of the Millennium.
       19. ALEXIS IS SORT OF A PLAYBOY! He likes to be the Volga River boatman & play on the Dnieper River! But he is a good boy & he & I have a lot of fun together for relief, you know? I've told you about that before, huh? (Maria: Have you seen our Posters? Our latest Posters?) Yes, of course, like I told you, they're up in the railroad station. (Maria: Right now?) Yes, of course! (Maria: They allow them to be there? They don't take them down?) Well, I mean, for awhile at least before they scrape them off! But our dear children keep putting them up! They're there! They have an effect! PTL!
       21. (MARIA: HOW DID YOU & ALEX FIND JESUS?) Oh, Honey, you know about that! You know about that! We hear about you a long time. And we get, we read newspapers about Jesus Revolution & we hear about it & we already know about Salvation from Russian Christians & we already know about Jesus. So we're encouraged by Jesus Revolution, we're encouraged to receive, so praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus! Amen!
       22. (MARIA: HOW OLD ARE YOU?)--Which me? (Maria: Ivan!) Ivan? There have been many Ivans! (Maria: The Ivan in Kiev right now.) You know I'm about 45. It's been about 15 years since you first met me, remember?--When I was young & swashbuckling & funny & happy, but now I'm more serious, I have a lot of very important work, Honey, to do, to design these buildings. So you mustn't keep me awake, OK? I've got to go now. (Tongues) XXXXXXX!
       23. SO IT'S A BIG THING BUT IT IS NOT TOO BIG, YOU KNOW, IT IS NOT GOING TO KILL EVERYBODY! But it is a warning to Russia from the Lord that they are not in control. God is in control & they'd better ask for His help or they'll all be gone! Praise the Lord! OK, let's go to sleep, Baby! I really need to go to sleep! (Maria: Thank you, Ivan.)
       24. (SINGS:) "IVANOVITCH, THE TERRIBLE RUSSIAN!" You know I forgot the song? (Maria sings:
       "I'm Ivan Ivanovitch,
       That's my name, it's true!
       I'm Ivan Ivanovitch,
       Yes, I do, I do!")

       (Dad continues song:)
       "I'm Ivan Ivanovitch
       And my name is news.
       I'm Ivan Ivanovitch & I love you too!"

XXXXXXX! Amen, that's good! You have a good memory, Honey, you're a good lover for Ivan & Alex! You FFed me & Alex with your gorgeous naked body! Amen!
       25. HELP THE CHRISTIANS THERE, LORD, IN JESUS' NAME! Help them to pray & not get hurt too badly or radiated too much. Help Russia to pray, Lord! It's a big thing, a big atomic explosion, like a bomb!--And they are humbled & asked for help, thank You Lord, God bless them! God damn the United States that gloats in the iniquity!--Rejoices in iniquity & the destruction of the poor! God damn the U.S.!
       26. THEY COULD HELP THEM IF THEY WANTED TO, BUT THEY DON'T WANT TO HELP THEM! They want to damn them & they hope they blow up, you know? God damn the U.S., it is the most wicked of all nations on the face of the Earth!--Because they knew better, but they violated the laws of God, His laws of Love! The U.S. is so responsible! It knew so much, had so much Light & they have defied it all under the leadership of the God-damned anti-Christ[EDITED: "s"]!
       27. AMEN! THANK YOU JESUS! WE NEED TO GO TO SLEEP NOW, HONEY, BECAUSE THEY'RE COMING IN BIG WAVES! We have to go to sleep because there's coming big waves! (Maria: What kind of waves?)--Of reaction from the atomic explosion in Russia. And we need to keep safe. We've got to watch out for fallout! There's a big, big, big, very big fallout! Mostly it goes North, but it could come back, you know, it could blow around. So far the Lord has been very good to us so it didn't come down, it went mostly up, you know, to Scandinavia, to Germany.
       28. IT'S A BIG THING, HONEY, EVEN KIEV IS CONCERNED! But we have pretty good rain & pretty good wind to wash away. Savvy? So will you please not worry about Kiev? I, Ivan Ivanovitch, I am in command of Kiev for the Lord, OK?--And I will protect it from all evil & its Christians from all harm, because we have many many thousands of Christians here, you know that? You didn't know that? So I am responsible to the Lord to protect them & keep them & help them not to feel any radiation.
       29. (MARIA: WHO IS RESPONSIBLE TO THE LORD?)--Me! (Maria: You?) Ivan Ivanovitch, yes! I told you! I told you so! (Maria: But how can you be, when you're a human being working in an office? How can you be responsible to protect everything?) Oh, Honey! That's just my cover! That's just my cover! I'm a very important spiritual entity. I'm a very powerful spirit! (Maria: Oh, really?)--The spirit of Kiev, the governor of Kiev, the overseer of Kiev in the sight of the Lord! In the sight of man I'm just a little architect engineer. In the sight of God I'm a great great spirit of God to protect Kiev & all its Christians!
       30. (MARIA: ARE YOU A HUMAN SPIRIT OR AN ANGELIC SPIRIT?) What do you mean human angelic spirit? (Maria: I mean a departed spirit that lived before?)--I'm both! I'm both! You know what I am! I'm a very great big powerful spirit for the Lord to protect Kiev. You know? (Maria: And you sit there in your office as a little man, an architect, but you're actually a very important spirit?) You know, just like Superman! Clark Kent! (Maria: And you do all those things like that?) You know, like Clark Kent!--He pretends to be just a little newspaper man, you know? But he is like a very powerful spirit, a very powerful Angel really! So I go in & out. I do my little work in my office & then I go out & I am Protector Angel of all Kiev!
       31. SING ME THAT SONG! THAT'S MY SONG! (Maria: Do we have Family there?) (Dad starts to sing song.) Of course we have Family there, Honey! (Maria: Do you protect them too?) Of course! The Lord protects all of our Family everywhere! (Maria: I know, but do you help to protect them?) Of course, Honey, I'm a very big powerful spirit over all Kiev, I am Archangel of all Kiev!--Disguised as little humble architect working in small office designing buildings for the Future! (Maria: Do you actually go around like Clark Kent does to people & sort of shield them from bullets or things like that that are sort of physical?)
       32. I'M RIGHT NOW SHIELDING ALL KIEV WITH GREAT DOME OF FORCE to shield it from radioactive fallout from the plant that blew up! (Maria: But you can't be sitting in your office in the flesh & still be out there with your dome, can you?) I leave office temporarily. (Maria: Oh, because when you're in the office you can't be anything but a human, right?) Yes, that's my cover, just like Clark Kent is a newspaper correspondent cover, but in reality he is like very big strong spiritual entity!--So am I! I use my little cover & my little job to give me earthly base, don't you understand? But then from there I go out & I go up & I go around & I protect all Kiev as a great mighty Archangel of God! Don't you understand? (Maria: Wow! That's pretty fantastic!)
       33. THAT'S THE WAY GOD DOES IT IN THE SPIRIT WORLD & USES THINGS! But we have to go to sleep now. (Maria: And you put a big dome over the whole city to protect it?) A forcefield, yes, God's forcefield to protect Kiev & all of its innocent inhabitants of women & children, to keep them from radioactive fallout from the big plant explosion fire meltdown at that big atomic center. OK, then let's go to sleep now! I told you, that's enough. (Maria: OK.)
       34. YOU SEE IT ALL! GOD THROWS BIG BLANKET OVER KIEV LIKE A BIG DOME FORCEFIELD to resist the radioactive fallout of that place that's called Centreville. Well, that's the way you translate it in American.--In the place where the big full reactor blazes!
       35. (MARIA: WILL THE RUSSIANS SEE IT AS A MIRACLE THAT KIEV WAS SPARED FROM THE RADIOACTIVE FALLOUT?) Well, they'll think it's an accident of nature. But the Christians will know it was the Lord!
       36. BUT IT IS A WARNING TO THE WORLD of the danger of fooling around with the forces of God's Creation! It could cause a terrible, terrible, horrible, awful war!
+ + + + + + +

       37. (LATER:) (MARIA: DO YOU REMEMBER WHAT WE GOT LAST NIGHT?) The last thing I remember we were asking Ivan Ivanovitch for information about the nuclear plant, the accident near Kiev. (Maria: He told us a lot of information!) Well, he must have taken over, because I don't remember it!
       38. I REALLY FEEL WOOZY! I feel like I just got through drinking & that I drank a lot. I must have gotten drunk in the Spirit! (Maria: Well, it was quite an amazing experience!) The Prophet said he was sick certain days afterwards. It must have been too much! Wow! I feel like I had a double dose! I really OD'd!
       39. THE LORD CAN MAKE YOU A LOT DRUNKER THAN WINE, but it seems like your body is still affected by it, like some of the Prophets fainted & got sick, & almost like they were dead! (Dan.8:18; 10:15-18) They couldn't even get up until the Angel strengthened them! So our poor weak physical bodies can't take very much.
       40. WELL, LORD, YOU STRENGTHENED THOSE PROPHETS & YOU HEALED THEM, SO PLEASE HEAL ME NOW, LORD, IN JESUS' NAME! I guess I can't stand too many big spiritual experiences, the human body just can't take it!
       41. WHAT WAS SO IMPORTANT? (Maria: It was a tremendous experience!) What was so important to knock me for a loop, huh? (Maria: It was just a tremendous experience for you to be right there, to be seeing it through Ivan's eyes & being right there right now & being able to see what is actually going on!) Yes, now that you mention it I can remember the picture, it was horrible!
       42. IT'S TERRIBLE, LIKE AN ATOM BOMB EXPLOSION, ONLY WORSE DEVASTATION! I was almost afraid to call for Ivan because I was afraid it wouldn't work. I was afraid I'd be disappointed & maybe wouldn't get anything. Thank You Lord! Thank You Jesus! The Lord didn't fail!--And Ivan didn't fail either. Isn't that something? He came when I called him & he took me there, unless he was transmitting his vision or something.
       43. IT WAS JUST LIKE THAT TIME I SAW THE VALLEY OF ROSES IN BULGARIA THROUGH ABRAHIM'S EYES, it was just like I was seeing this all through Ivan's eyes! Isn't that funny? All my life I always pronounced that name Ivan until I met him. (Maria: That's the American pronunciation.) That's what I mean! I never knew the right pronunciation until I met Ivan Ivanovitch! (Ee-von' Ee-von'ovich)
       44. YOU JUST REALLY HAVE TO HAVE THE FAITH TO ASK & YOU REALLY NEED TO KNOW! People don't understand what big things are happening! I guess that's what you call a vision. Maybe that's how you get visions, seeing them through other people's eyes.--Just like I saw all those things that happened to Abrahim. I mean, it was all so vivid that I was seeing it all! I realise now that I must have been seeing it through his eyes or through his memory or something, but at the time I thought that I was actually there & that I was Abrahim & that I was recalling it as memories!
       45. JESUS, LORD JESUS, HELP THE POOR RUSSIANS! Maybe they can't put it out, but He can put it out! (Maria: The Lord said He'd help them & He'd take care of it. And Ivan is putting a big dome over the city to protect Kiev!) Wow! Really? How about that?--A forcefield!--Because millions of people could be hurt by that fallout!
       46. THE NEWS MEDIA IS TRYING TO TALK IT DOWN & KEEP FROM SCARING PEOPLE, like the Russians said on their newscast they had everything under control & blah, blah!
       47. THAT'S REALLY SOMETHING! IT JUST SHOWS THAT IF YOU ASK, THE LORD WILL GIVE IT TO YOU! I thought maybe I was just making a fool of myself, but then I thought, "Well, if I don't try, I might really miss something! Nothing ventured, nothing gained!" I figured, "What have I got to lose?--Nothing but my pride if it fails!" (Maria: Thank You Lord! I'm so thankful you did!) But evidently it didn't fail & the Lord didn't fail!
       48. WELL, I VERY MUCH WANTED TO KNOW WHAT REALLY HAPPENED, because the whole World is mystified & the Russians aren't telling. And it came to me as clear as anything, "Well, you can know if you just ask!--Just ask Me!" It kind of scares me, though, when I think I can ask & find out! That's a big responsibility, but I really wanted to know! I thought, "What's going on? And how will it affect us?"
       49. MAYBE IT WILL BRING A LOT OF THESE WARMONGERS TO THEIR SENSES WHO WANT TO BLOW UP THE WORLD! Maybe they won't be so anxious to blow things up when they see what happens! Even the atom bombs haven't scared them enough to stop them!
       50. I WAS THINKING, "LORD, WHAT'S HAPPENED THERE that the Russians are even asking for help from Western Europe?" It must be pretty serious!
       51. IT MUST JUST BE THE MERCY OF GOD ON THE FEW PRAYING CHRISTIANS THAT IT HASN'T ALREADY HAPPENED IN THE UNITED STATES! They've had some pretty serious accidents, but they never got that far! It looked like the dead & dying were just scattered all over everywhere! Russia must have been pretty desperate to ask for help from the West, of all things! Well, it sure looked bad, I'll tell you! It was devastation! It was like it had wiped out their whole plant & community around there!
       52. I WONDER IF THEY'LL EVER LET THE WORLD SEE! THEY USUALLY COVER THOSE THINGS UP. China covered up that Tsientsin disaster, that horrible quake they had there that killed a million people! They covered that up for several years before they finally revealed all the damage that had been done & showed pictures of it! I think they were afraid that Russia was going to attack them or something while they were weakened with that disaster, which shows that Russia must really be scared or in trouble to ask for help from her enemies when she could be afraid that the West would attack her while she was in such a desperate situation!
       53. MAYBE THIS WILL SCARE THE U.S. & SHAKE THEM UP! I don't know, they're so hard! They're so absolutely hell-bound for war! She might even condescend in her hypocritical magnanimity to give Russia a hand, & to pretend that she has no malice, & show the World how merciful she is! It will be a miracle if she doesn't try to knife Russia in the back while Russia is weakened by this disaster!
       54. THE LORD IS A NEVER-ENDING SOURCE OF WONDER! He never fails! But sometimes we're just scared to ask Him for things so big! But I thought it was important that we know! I felt really like I was justified in asking, because we really need to know what is going on in case it affects the World & is something that will affect us!
       55. WELL, IT WILL PROBABLY SHAKE THE WORLD UP ENOUGH TO KIND OF MAYBE SLOW THINGS DOWN A LITTLE BIT!--I hope!--Amen?--TYJ!--TTL for His care for us! GBAKY!--In Jesus' name, amen!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family