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THE ANTICHRIST & HIS GOVERNMENT ARE ALREADY HERE!--Daniel 8:11-19.       ET#49       DO 2184       5/85

       DANIEL 8:11, PRONOUNS!
       1. WHAT BOOK ARE WE ON? (FAM: DANIEL!) CHAPTER? (FAM: 8!) VERSE? (FAM: 11?) (VERSE 11:) "YEA, HE MAGNIFIED HIMSELF EVEN TO THE PRINCE OF THE HOST." Who's the Prince of our Host? (Fam: Jesus!)--Jesus, Prince of the Host! Now actually they should have capitalised "Prince" here, some places they do & some places they don't. Throughout the Bible, capitalisation isn't necessarily consistent. You find that in the Bible they seldom ever capitalise pronouns & words standing for the Deity. This of course is Jesus, the Prince of the Host. Who's the first "he"? (Fam: The Antichrist.) "He magnified himself even to the Prince of the Host"--that literally means against the Prince of the Host.--What Host? (Fam: The Saints.)--Us, the Saints! And Who is the Prince of our Host? (Fam: Jesus!)--Of course!
       2. "AND BY HIM THE DAILY SACRIFICE WAS TAKEN AWAY"--BY WHOM? (Fam: The Antichrist.) That's one of the difficulties of Bible Prophecies in English. Now in many languages, in fact in the original Hebrew & also in Greek, usually the pronoun has gender or it has some way to tell to what noun it refers, & there's no misunderstanding or mistaking to whom it refers. But in English it's a little difficult sometimes & often I get corrections on articles & Letters, etc., in the GN, "Now what does this mean? Who is the 'they' & who's the 'him,' etc." & it is a little unclear.--Because you can be talking about 2-3 different people & say "they" or "him" or "her" or "it," & you don't know which one that pronoun stands for.
       3. DO YOU KNOW WHAT A PRONOUN IS?--THE VERY WORD ITSELF TELLS YOU WHAT IT IS. If you study roots of words, then you can understand. Do you know what a noun is? I guess we haven't studied too much English yet, it's a pretty deep subject, I must admit. What's a noun? (David: A noun is a person or place or animal or thing.)--Very good, it is the name of a person, place or thing, & I guess you include animals under things.
       4. A PRONOUN--WHAT DOES THAT PREFIX "PRO" MEAN?--Some of you old pros! Don't expect the poor kids to know that yet. (Fam: Before?) It means "for," or literally "in place of." It is a word used for a noun, or in place of a noun. Name me a few pronouns. (David: I, you.)--Yes, I, you, him, her, she, them, they, it, all those little words used in place of the actual name of the person, place or thing. See, I have to stop & teach English at the same time!
       5. SO IT'S A LITTLE CONFUSING SOMETIMES IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHO THEY'RE TALKING ABOUT, WHO THE PRONOUN REFERS TO. Somebody who didn't understand this Scripture could really get messed up, as dear old Samson got messed up on the prince of the Covenant, etc. They're kind of mixed up here, & how do we know who it's referring to? Well, for one thing we know that what it says about this person couldn't be true of Jesus, or what it says about Jesus couldn't be true of the Antichrist, & that's how you find out. You know by the context. The context means the text that's together with the word. "Con" means "together with" & "text" is the rest of the words. You learn who it means by the context, by the rest of the text that's there together with it.

       6. SO WHEN IT SAYS "AND BY HIM THE DAILY SACRIFICE WAS TAKEN AWAY," FIRST OF ALL, WHAT DAILY SACRIFICE IS HE TALKING ABOUT HERE? (Fam: The Jews' daily sacrifice in the Temple.)--The daily sacrifice that the Jews have resumed. It's certainly not talking about the daily sacrifices which were in existence in Daniel's day, still being made, because this whole thing is strictly about the very End.--2,000 years after the daily sacrifice was taken away long ago by the Lord Himself by removing the Ark & rending the veil in twain & finally destroying the Temple! The Jews could no longer have daily sacrifices.
       7. BUT UNDER THE COVENANT THE DAILY SACRIFICE IS RESTORED. So apparently, obviously at this time, the daily sacrifice has been restored & is in progress again, which means the Temple has already been rebuilt & the altar replaced & the sacrifices resumed. So this means of course this has got to be the Antichrist because that's not true today. There's no Temple there today, no altar, no sacrifices, no official worship like that at all.
       8. I ASKED ONE RABBI ONE TIME, "WELL, WHAT DO YOU DO ABOUT THE SCRIPTURE REGARDING YOUR FORMER WORSHIP & MOSAIC LAW THAT SAYS 'WITHOUT THE SHEDDING OF BLOOD THERE SHALL BE NO REMISSION OF SINS'. Moses said this speaking of the daily sacrifices." (Lev.17:11; Heb.9:22) He said, "Oh, today we consider that prayer in our synagogues, that's our sacrifice." Sacrifice was a sort of a symbolism of prayer, burning it there & the smoke rising to Heaven. I'll agree that it was a symbolism of prayer & praise to God. He said, "We don't have to do that any more because our prayers are our daily sacrifices."
       9. WELL, IN OUR CASE IT'S TRUE, BECAUSE WE ALREADY HAVE ACCEPTED OUR ONE & ONLY FINAL SACRIFICE FOR SIN, THE LAMB OF GOD, JESUS CHRIST, & He doesn't have to be crucified again & again. We don't have to crucify the Son of God afresh daily, as you might almost say the Catholics do in the Mass, in the Holy Eucharist. They actually call it a sacrifice, don't they? Come on, Catholics, wake up! You don't even know your own religion! They call it the sacrifice of the Mass, the sacrifice of the Holy Eucharist!
       10. SO EVERY TIME THEY DO A MASS THEY'RE SACRIFICING CHRIST AGAIN! And this is what Paul is talking about when he said, "Who crucify the Son of God afresh & put Him to an open shame!" (Heb.6:6)--Again and again and again, every time there's a mass, as though the first time was not enough, you had to have a priest do it over for you now.--And you've got to go to church to do it & there's got to be an official mass by the right people appointed by the right officials with the right credentials or it doesn't do the work, it doesn't save you from your sins since last Sunday, or since yesterday, whatever it was.
       11. THEY'RE AS BAD AS THE HOLINESS PEOPLE, SAVED & UNSAVED, SAVED & UNSAVED! They've gotta keep going to church. It's a works religion, & so is Holiness. "Yes, Jesus saves us, but we've got to keep ourselves saved!"--Get it? That's Holiness, that's Catholicism, that's churchianity, that's virtually the belief of almost every religion in the World! "Our God may have saved us, yes, but we have to keep ourselves saved by our own works!"

       12. SO AT THIS TIME THE DAILY SACRIFICE HAS OBVIOUSLY BEEN RESUMED FOR SOME TIME, BUT "BY HIM"--THE ANTICHRIST--"THE DAILY SACRIFICE WAS TAKEN AWAY & the place of his sanctuary was cast down." In other words, the Antichrist is going to destroy the altar on which the sacrifice is made, I doubt if he's going to destroy the Temple because it says in the Bible he's going to occupy it himself. "He'll sit in the Temple of God saying that he is God."--2Thes.2:4. So he's not going to destroy the Temple.
       13. BUT IT MEANS IT'S MADE ABOMINABLE, IT'S DESECRATED, IT'S MADE NO LONGER SACRED, & this is why the Idol or the Image is called "the Abomination of Desolation." It's an abomination to God & it's going to desolate the World. It's called that time & time again throughout the Bible, in both the New & Old Testament, so it's a very well-known term. And this is obviously at the time when the Abomination of Desolation occurs & the Holy Place is desecrated by the Antichrist.
       14. AND HOW IS IT DONE? WHAT IS THE ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION? It is set up in the holy place--what do you set up? You set up an image, right? And of course he has to stop all worship of any other gods, so he stops the sacrificial worship "& the place of his sanctuary is cast down," literally desecrated by setting up the Abomination of Desolation.

       15. (VERSE 12:) "AND AN HOST WAS GIVEN HIM AGAINST THE DAILY SACRIFICE." Again, who's working against the daily sacrifice? (Fam: The Antichrist.) Who's his host? (Fam: His followers.)--An host! Maybe the Lord allows the Devil to even give him a host of demons, no doubt, to help him in his devilish work, whether human or spiritual or both, most likely both! A great host of both evil humans & devils "is given him against the daily sacrifice." He has to stop all other worship in order to get them to worship him.
       16. "BY REASON OF TRANSGRESSION"--BECAUSE OF TRANSGRESSION. WHOSE TRANSGRESSION? Why does God allow this to happen? Why does He allow this Jewish worship to be stopped & the place desecrated & an abomination of desolation put in there? Whose sins? Who's worshipping? (Fam: The Jews.) He allows it to happen because of their sins, actually as a blow against their own sacrificial worship. The Antichrist doesn't like it, but here's a shocker, God doesn't like it either! Because the day of all that ignorance is past! There's no more Temple, no more Temple-worship, there should be no more Temple, God saw to that, there should be no more Temple-worship, no more sacrifices! Jesus was the one & only & final Sacrifice, & this kind of sacrificial worship is an abomination in itself to God! So God allows the Antichrist to destroy it!
       17. THE LAST TIME HE ALLOWED THE ROMANS TO DESTROY IT, & HERE'S THE NEW LEADER OF ROME DESTROYING IT AGAIN! The Romans were the tools of God to destroy the Temple & sacrificial worship & Temple-worship of the Jews because of their sins, & there it's happening all over again. "By reason of their transgression," their sins.

       18. "AND IT CAST DOWN THE TRUTH TO THE GROUND & IT PRACTICED & PROSPERED."--Who's the "it" here? How does the verse begin? (Fam: The host.) Who does his dirty work for him?--His soldiers, his armies, his World government police, etc., his followers.
       19. BOY, I'LL TELL YOU, EVERY TIME I READ THE NEWSPAPER I THINK, "MY GOD, WHAT A HOST IS FOLLOWING THE ANTICHRIST TODAY!" What a host is anti-Christ, lying, cheating, stealing, twisting the truth, completely destroying the truth everywhere they go, taking the Bible out of schools, taking prayer out of schools, putting in the diabolical, anti-Christ teachings of evolution, etc.!
       20. WHO HAS DONE IT? WHO HAS BEEN THE MOST ACTIVE IN ALL OF THESE CASES IN THE UNITED STATES? Every single one of them was promoted by the [EDITED: "ACs"]! They are the most active at trying to take Christ out of Christmas & make it "Xmas," take Jesus out of the schools, take even the manger scene out of the town park!--Everything they can! They're as anti-Christ as they can be! [DELETED] They hate God! They hate Jesus & they want to destroy all the truth & destroy every mention of the name of Christ or anything that reminds you of Christ!
       21. AND THEY ARE AT WORK IN THE WORLD TODAY & THEY'VE ALMOST GOT THE WHOLE THING IN THE PALM OF THEIR HAND NOW, RIGHT NOW! It's just about done! About all that we await right now is the announcement of the Antichrist, the appearance & revelation of the Antichrist! They have got the World in the palms of their hands right now! They've got World business, industry, show business, movies, banks, money, government & politics, they've got it all!--And about all they're waiting for is to promote their man at just the right moment to save the World & get it all together under his government!
       22. THE ANTICHRIST GOVERNMENT, BELOVED, IS ALREADY HERE! The machinery for it & the people for it & the leaders for it & the media for it & the money for it is all here already! And the man is here already too. They're just waiting for the right time to promote him, so the World will follow him, & I believe it's going to be the Crash! Something terrible's gotta happen to make the World want this Antichrist to lead them & be willing to sell their souls to the Devil, as that leader of NATO said, "If he'll solve our problems!"

       23. IT'S HERE! SEVERAL YEARS AGO I WROTE A LETTER SAYING, "THE CRASH IS HERE!" (See No.854.) And a lot of people thought since then, "Well, Dad was a little premature, it hasn't happened yet!" It has already happened, but the people just don't know it yet, they haven't waked up to the fact yet! The World is already broke! The World is already bankrupt! Governments are already in the hole! The Crash is already here but the people still refuse to believe it & therefore they don't panic. They're still worshipping their false gods & relying on their false prophets & still thinking everything is all right.
       24. BUT IT'S LIKE THAT OLD SICK JOKE ABOUT THE GERMAN & THE COLOURED BOY IN WORLD WAR 1. You've heard this sick joke, I'm sure, but it illustrates it so well. The German was fighting with the bayonet & the American coloured boy was fighting with a razor in WW1, Germans against Americans. And the German was going this way with his bayonet, & the coloured boy was going whsst whssht whsst whsst with his razor! I'm not talking about a little safety razor, I'm talking about one of those big long-bladed razors that men used to use, that had a handle about this long & then a blade about this long, & you could really use it!
       25. FINALLY THE GERMAN BACKED THE COLOURED BOY UP AGAINST THE EDGE OF THE SHELL HOLE & had the bayonet at his throat like this, & he said in German, "Now I've got you!" The coloured boy must have gotten the point & the coloured boy said, "Oh yeah? Jes' wait'll you tries to shake your head!" In other words, he'd gone "Whsst!" & already cut off the German's head, so the joke goes. Get it? But the German didn't know it yet because the razor was so sharp. Some of you guys, after all these years of telling that joke, you finally got it! "Oh yeah? Jes' wait'll you tries to shake your head!"
       26. YOU THINK THE CRASH HASN'T HAPPENED SINCE I WROTE "THE CRASH IS HERE"?--Just wait till the World tries to shake its head in the next financial crisis & it goes tumbling down!

       [EDITED: "THE ACs"]
       27. SO IT'S ALL HERE! THE SET-UP IS ALL HERE, THE ANTICHRIST PEOPLE ARE ALL HERE & THE ANTICHRIST LEADERS ARE ALL HERE! They've got the World in the palm of their hand!--Industry, money, banks, politics, the media, everything! They control it, they rule it! They're still working on it, of course, & getting more of it all the time.
       30. NOBODY IN THIS WORLD IS SET UP FOR IT LIKE THE [EDITED: "ACS"]! It's amazing! [DELETED] They are in power everywhere! And they speak the languages, they know the people, they're citizens of the countries! They're ideally placed & suited to run the World! They are citizens of every nation, in power in every nation, they speak the language of every nation!
       31. WHAT BETTER, MORE IDEALLY-ORGANISED & SUITED PEOPLE IN THE WORLD COULD THERE POSSIBLY BE FOR RUNNING THE WORLD? Maybe it's the wisdom of God--copied by the Devil with his converts, his Devil-saved ones throughout the World, preparing to run the World, because they're in every country & in power everywhere & they know the language & the people. They've got the machinery, they've got everything it takes to run the World. They're just gradually getting it together, making the situation & waiting for it to culminate so they can strike with their great "supreme lord" leader, the Antichrist!

       33. I'D SAY 99% OF THE GERMANS PROBABLY DIDN'T EVEN KNOW WHAT WAS GOING ON IN THE FIRST PLACE & COULDN'T CARE LESS, THEY JUST HAD TO OBEY, THAT'S ALL. If there's anything the Germans of the old Germany were taught, it was discipline, obedience, do what you're told! That's what every army teaches! That's exactly how we were trained in the army when I was in the army. I asked them, "What is all this marching around for?" I like close order drill. I like this "To the rear, march! To the front, march! Left turn! About face!" I loved it because it was really thrilling & interesting & I liked the exercise & it was a skill that you acquire. And you learn to obey at a moment's signal, at the point of command, instantly, without question! You are taught in the armies of the World to obey without question! You don't have to know why. If there was anything we were ever taught in the military, it was to obey without any questions!
       34. AND SO WITH THE GERMANS, MOST OF THEM WERE JUST DOING WHAT THEY WERE TOLD TO DO, THAT'S ALL. They didn't know if it was right or wrong or what, they just had to do it because they were told to! Here were 2,000 men lying dead from the war, killed by the Americans & the Russians & the British & the French, & here the President of the United States is supposed to go there & make a gesture of friendship for the Germans. In other words, "The war is over! We're no longer enemies, we're sorry we had to kill so many of you! We're sorry for your dead! Forgive us! Let's make peace, let's be friends!"
       35. [DELETED] [EDITED: "BUT"] FOR THE JEWS THE WAR IS NOT OVER, THEY'RE STILL IN THE HEAT OF BATTLE! [DELETED] There's still that hatred for the Germans!--Not just for Hitler, but for the Germans! They still hold the Germans--every individual man, woman & child in Germany--responsible for all their ills!--Just like they always blame God for everything!
       36. AND DID YOU KNOW THAT THE GOVERNMENT OF GERMANY IS HAVING TO PAY MILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN REPARATIONS TO THE STATE OF ISRAEL FOR WHAT HITLER [DELETED] DID TO THE JEWS! Can you imagine? There has never been the like of that sort of thing in all history, that a nation has had to pay another nation that wasn't even in existence & whom it never even wronged, millions of dollars in reparations for what that paying nation was supposedly responsible for doing to their people before they even became Israelis! [DELETED] Hitler did nothing to the Israelis, Israel wasn't even in existence, it was just the Jews, some of their forefathers!
       37. AND THEIR JEWISH CHILDREN OF TODAY ARE MAKING THE CHILDREN OF THE GERMANS PAY FOR IT! [DELETED] A few Germans have spoken out [DELETED] & said, "Listen, it wasn't our war, we didn't fight it, we weren't responsible & we don't think we ought to pay!" A few of them have said so! Give former Chancellor Helmut Schmidt credit for making that remark. [DELETED]
       44. THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A TRIP FOR THE SAKE OF GERMANS & THE GERMANY OF TODAY & THE LEADERSHIP OF TODAY!--NOT HITLER'S PEOPLE! Kohl, the head of Germany, was just a kid when Hitler was in existence! He wasn't responsible for what Hitler did! Reagan went over there as a gesture of friendship to the Germans & the leaders of Germany & the vast majority of the citizens of Germany who were not Jews!--To show that he wanted to be friends with them. Would the Jews let him?--No! Not without an international stir!--Stirred up the whole World against it, hoping to defeat it & hoping to make the President of the United States back down & not go to the German cemetery!
       48. MY MOUTH CAN'T EVEN KEEP UP WITH MY MIND! That's a fact! Sometimes I'm so aggravated because my mouth is so slow, I can't talk fast enough! [DELETED] Well, [DELETED] now they're talking the whole World into it to try to talk Reagan out of going to have a little sympathy for the Germans!--Still blaming the Germans for all their troubles!--Still blaming the children of the Germans for their troubles, innocent children who had absolutely nothing to do with it, holding them responsible for their ills & the sins of their fathers, etc. Well, the Lord did say He would allow the sins of fathers to be visited on their children, & I'll tell you, if any children have ever been visited with the sins of their fathers, it's been the poor Germans! The innocent children had to suffer for their fathers' sins which they had nothing to do with!

       [EDITED: "HISTORY"]
       50. THAT'S A PROPHET'S JOB & HIS BUSINESS, TO TELL YOU THE FACTS & THE TRUTH THAT IS NOW BEING EXPUNGED FROM HISTORY, blotted out, hidden, lied about & twisted with a whole new kind of history being written by the [EDITED: "ACs"]! You're not getting hardly anything about history or even about World War 2! You don't know anything about World War 1, but you know even less, it seems, about WW 2 & what happened, except what the [EDITED: "ACs"] have told you, except what the [EDITED: "ACs"] have put in their history books, except what the [EDITED: "ACs"] have allowed to be taught in the schools!

       51. THEY ARE NOW IN CONTROL ALREADY! Can you get that through your heads? They now control most of the World & the most powerful nations on Earth, & the only nations that make them angry & rankle them & they fight with hatred tooth-&-toenail are a handful of little nations that resist'm!--Mostly little tiny Third World nations like Nicaragua, Chile, Cuba, South Africa & a few other little tiny weak nations that really don't amount to a lot.
       52. BUT THEY WILL NOT BE SATISFIED UNTIL THEY'VE GOT EVERY SINGLE NATION ON THE FACE OF THIS EARTH DANCING TO THEIR TUNE while they call the tune, every nation kowtowing to them, every single nation doing what they want them to do. That's why they're so angry at those little countries & why the newspapers, all controlled by the [EDITED: "ACs"], are so constantly belittling those countries & lying about those countries & condemning those countries with one constant flood & barrage of [EDITED: "AC"] propaganda against those countries constantly!
       53. THE ANTICHRIST WORLD GOVERNMENT, BELOVED, IS ALREADY HERE, & its members & citizens are already here, & the setup is all ready just for the announcement of the man himself! It is here! The Antichrist Government & its people are already here! They're just waiting to produce their man! And they've already got him hidden away somewhere, just like they said they'd do! They said they were going to hide him until the time was ripe & propitious for producing him, when the World would follow him.
       54. THE WORLD'S GOT TO GET PRETTY DESPERATE TO WHERE THEY'RE WILLING TO YIELD THEIR "NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY," as they call it. This is what the South wouldn't stand for in the U.S. Civil War. They said, "We're sovereign states! We are sovereign, independent, self-ruling, self-governing independent states, & we're not going to have any other state telling us what to do!--Or any group of states telling us what to do! We voluntarily associated with this country, the United States, & if we want to leave it, we can quit!" But the North said, "No, you don't! You've got a lot of things we want. You've got a lot of land we want, a lot of people we want, a lot of agriculture we want, cotton we want, money we want, wealth we want, even slaves we want!" They told a different story, but that's really the facts! "So you can't leave, we're going to force you to stay & we're going to conquer you & kill you if you don't!"--Same tactics exactly that the [EDITED: "ACs"] are using today to establish the Antichrist World Government!
       55. EITHER YOU SING THEIR LINE, TOE THEIR MARK, OBEY THEIR POLITICS, PAY THEIR BANKS, "OR WE'RE GOING TO SLAUGHTER YOU & JERK THE FINANCIAL RUG OUT FROM UNDER YOU!" Great nations like Argentina & some of those countries were rich, rich nations! Brazil was rich in natural resources & everything! How did they get in such a mess? How did they go bankrupt & broke & begin to have civil strife & all kinds of things? How did they ever get in such a mess?--They made the mistake of swallowing the [EDITED: "AC"] line, especially the banks' financial line, & taking money that was almost forced on them. The bankers said, "Oh, that's all right, pay later!" Then the [EDITED: "ACs"] had them as their slaves! The borrowers are servants or slaves to the lenders, until they finally got'm in their grasp! (Pro.22:7)
       56. NOBODY COULD EVER CONQUER BRAZIL OR ARGENTINA UNTIL THE [EDITED: "AC"] BANKS MANAGED TO DO IT by giving them money that they wanted back at high rates of interest, usury, which is condemned by the Bible, even condemned by the Koran & Mohammed! How they could ever have Arab banks, I don't know, because the Koran specifically, definitely condemns usury. So does the Bible.
       57. DO YOU KNOW WHAT USURY IS? IT MEANS LENDING MONEY AT A COST. In other words, you have to pay back more money than you're lent. They lend you so much money & you've got to pay it back with so much interest. Interest is rent on the money. Here's somebody that needs money, the Bible says give it to him! "Him that would borrow of thee, ask thou not again." (Mat.5:42) Give it to him if he needs money. Well, the South American countries & some of the Third World countries are just about to tell the banks that too: "Don't ask us to pay it back!" I think that's probably what's going to bring on the Crash, & a lot of other people think that too. They're getting together.
       58. THE NEW PRESIDENT OF PERU IS ENCOURAGING THIS, BY THE WAY, WHERE WE HAVE BEEN AWHILE--maybe he got the message--we've been harpin' on it & hammering on it! "Don't pay! Say no! They owe it to you! They exploited you for centuries!" They robbed the poor for centuries down there. They don't owe the money back to those God-damned American [EDITED: "AC"] banks or European banks either one! If anything, those banks owe it to them for the centuries of exploitation & robbing of the poor!
       59. THEY HAVE ROBBED THOSE POOR NATIONS OF MUCH MORE MONEY THAN THEY HAVE EVER LENT THEM IN RETURN! So the only thing they can possibly do is default, & a number of leaders now in South America are getting to that point where they're ready to rise up against the [EDITED: "AC"] IMF & [EDITED: "AC"] World Bank & the [EDITED: "AC"] banks & simply say, "No! We will not repay because we can't pay! We are in a bad enough economic situation as it is without having you rob us even more than you have for centuries!"
       60. THEY'VE HAD AROUND 500 YEARS OF THAT SORT OF THING ALREADY IN SOUTH AMERICA, THEY'VE HAD THOUSANDS OF YEARS OF IT IN EUROPE! Kings were controlled by [EDITED: "AC"] moneylenders. Just read European history. They don't bring it out much, you know, they don't want it to be known how much they have controlled history for thousands of years! But the kings looked to the [EDITED: "AC"] bankers & moneylenders & jewelers for their wealth & money to pay their armies & all the rest! So the [EDITED: "AC"] bankers & the wealthy dictated government policies to the kings. "Well, all right, we'll lend you the money providing you do so-&-so." And whenever the government refused to do it, they'd jerk the rug out from underneath'm & down would go that king!
       61. IT'S ALL HISTORY, THROUGH THE HISTORY BOOKS! Maybe it's not in the history books any more. They used to have it in the history books. [DELETED]
       62. BUT YOU SEE, THE GREEDY SELFISH WORLD, THEY DEAFEN THEIR EARS TO THE PROPHETS & go on in their self-destructive way because they want the money, they want the power the [EDITED: "ACs"] offer to'm. Like the Devil offered Jesus the World: "Just bow down & serve me! I'll give you the money, I'll give you the power!"
       63. IF YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT THE FACT OF THE MATTER IS ABOUT ALL THIS CONTROVERSY about South Africa, about Pinochet & Chile, about Nicaragua & all the rest of them, these are little countries that have defied the [EDITED: "ACs"]. If you'll go back & study their history & carefully watch the news, you'll see. They are every single one of them countries who are refusing to kowtow & kneel down & bow down & say "Uncle" to the [EDITED: "ACs"]!

       64. MAYBE THAT'S A GOOD TITLE FOR THIS PARTICULAR LESSON: "THE ANTICHRIST GOVERNMENT IS ALREADY HERE!" The Antichrist is already here! He's undoubtedly running things from behind the scenes! He is demon-possessed, brilliant, superman intelligent. And he is no doubt calling the shots & organising & engineering & scheming & orchestrating the whole thing from behind the scenes right now.
       65. THE ANTICHRIST IS HERE! THE ANTICHRIST GOVERNMENT IS ALREADY HERE! There are just a few little pockets of resistance here & there that they are now mopping up. They've already got the United States, except for Reagan & some of his religious fanatics, Christians. With that they somehow didn't manage to swing it. They waited till too late to decide on who they wanted to vote for. Maybe they did it on purpose in order to stage a government which they could persuade the World to so much resent & hate that they could turn the rest of the World against it, which they're doing.
       66. THEY'RE TURNING MOST OF THE WORLD AGAINST THE U.S., ESPECIALLY AGAINST THE REAGAN ADMINISTRATION. Every article in the paper, all of their editorials & everything are constantly anti-Reagan. Well, I'll grant you, I don't like him too much & he's made plenty of mistakes & he's kind of a big dumb cluck, nothing but an actor who's like a puppet on a bunch of strings pulled by the powerful men who really run things in the U.S. But I believe sincerely, personally, he's a sincere good man & possibly even a Christian.--At least a professing Christian. Whether he's actually born-again & really knows the Lord, that's a moot question.
       67. THAT'S WHY I DOUBTED THE SALVATION OF JIMMY CARTER, I couldn't see how anybody who is genuinely a born-again Christian & has a measure of the Holy Spirit, if not filled with the Spirit, could do some of the things & say some of the things & be as big a fool as he was, particularly about the [EDITED: "ACs"]!--Because he really followed their line!
       68. THE ANTICHRIST IS ALREADY HERE, SOMEWHERE, HE JUST HAS YET TO BE REVEALED! The Antichrist Government is already here! So what you're reading about here is not what is just going to happen, it is already happening! Do you understand? And not even on a small scale, but on a worldwide scale! He already is here & he already has his great host of millions following him, the [EDITED: "ACs"] leading'm & leading their [DELETED] dupes, the stupid, ignorant, dumb [EDITED: "masses"]! I never saw such a bunch of dummies as these [EDITED: "masses"]! It looks like you can hand them any kind of a line & they'll believe it! You can tell them anything & they'll swallow it! The [EDITED: "ACs"] just lead the [EDITED: "masses"] around by the nose. [DELETED]

       69. [DELETED][EDITED: "T"]he Evangelical, born-again, saved, Fundamentalist, Pentecostal Christians [EDITED: "are"] duped worse than anybody! They are the very best friends of Israel today. The very best friends of [EDITED: "Israel"] are these Fundamentalist, Evangelical, born-again, saved, supposedly, even Pentecostal Christians.--Scofieldite Christians!
       70. THAT SCOFIELD BIBLE DID MORE TO TURN THE CHRISTIAN & CHRISTIAN CHURCHES IN FAVOUR OF [EDITED: "ISRAEL AND ZIONISM"] THAN ANY OTHER BOOK THAT WAS EVER WRITTEN!--And especially the Evangelical Fundamentalists, Pentecostals, real saved, born-again Christians. Karl Marx couldn't kid the Christians! Lenin couldn't have deceived the Church as well as did Scofield & his Bible. [EDITED: "The two things"] that he perpetrated on the Church, the genuine Church, is first of all persuading them to [DELETED] worship the Jews & Israel.--And of course the other one was a stupid, fool, idiotic doctrine that the Church is going to get rewarded by being taken out in the Rapture before the Tribulation!
       71. WELL, DEAR OLD SCOFIELD KNOWS BETTER NOW, LET ME TELL YOU, & I SOMETIMES WONDER WHETHER HE'S UP THERE OR DOWN THERE! Well, he did teach pretty straight on Salvation at least, Eternal Salvation, so God in His mercy may have him Upstairs, but down in the basement shining shoes for all his sins, leading the whole Church astray! [DELETED]

       73. I COULDN'T OVERLOOK THAT FACT, IN TALKING ABOUT THE HOST FOLLOWING THE ANTICHRIST, THEY'RE ALREADY DOING IT, ALREADY HERE! That can be the title of this talk! "The Antichrist & His Government Are Already Here!" They are already also in power & in control, they just haven't yet quite got total control, there are a few pockets of resistance. And when they get ready to introduce their superman, I'm sure he'll make sure those pockets of resistance are cleaned up in a hurry so there won't be any more. Or at least he'll try to clean them up. But that's where we have, thank God, some hope & some friends, because there will be resistance & he will never be able to overcome it all! Praise God?
       74. (VERSE 12B:) "AND IT CAST DOWN THE TRUTH TO THE GROUND; & IT PRACTICED & PROSPERED." Doesn't that sound exactly like what the [EDITED: "ACs"] are doing today?--Exactly!--Casting down the Truth to the ground on almost every television show, almost every movie, even the stories & the newspapers & the works, casting it all down. And practicing it--lies--& prospering! That's your picture of the Antichrist [DELETED] System of today.

       75. (VERSE 13:) "THEN I HEARD ONE SAINT SPEAKING, & ANOTHER SAINT SAID UNTO THAT CERTAIN SAINT"--now you notice he's not talking about Angels, he's talking about Saints! Funny how the church never told us about these things! Funny how the church never emphasised all the good Saints & spirits that are in existence, all they did was warn us against devils & evil spirits & "Don't have anything to do with spiritism & spiritualists & people that talk about spirits. There's only one Spirit, the Holy Spirit, that's all!--Except for all the demons & devils." My God, they've got the whole Kingdom of God completely outnumbered with demons & devils, they don't want to acknowledge the existence of all the good Saints & good spirits when here it is right in the Bible all the time!--One Saint's talking to another Saint!
       76. "I HEARD ONE SAINT SPEAKING, & ANOTHER SAINT SAID UNTO THAT CERTAIN SAINT WHICH SPAKE." Daniel didn't ask the question, one Saint is asking the other Saint. Apparently the people that were standing around listening to all this & hearing all this & seeing this vision, all the spirits, the good spirits, were also curious about what was going on!
       77. HERE'S ANOTHER PROOF THAT WHEN YOU GET TO HEAVEN & YOU GET YOUR RESURRECTION BODY & YOU SUDDENLY ARE CATAPULTED INTO THE SPIRIT WORLD, THAT YOU DON'T KNOW EVERYTHING ALL OF A SUDDEN! You have to still learn & still be taught. But wasn't that the idea that the church & the preachers conveyed to you, if you ever got any at all, that by the time you got to Heaven you'd know everything, you wouldn't have all these questions? Well, here's one that's been in Heaven already way back there asking questions!
       78. "HOW LONG SHALL BE THE VISION CONCERNING THE DAILY SACRIFICE AND THE TRANSGRESSION OF DESOLATION?" He's asking how long, concerning this daily sacrifice, this sacrificial worship of the Jews at the new Temple, & the transgression of desolation.--Here's again the Abomination of Desolation, that's what it's speaking of, the Image, in the Holy Place.
       79. "CONCERNING THE DAILY SACRIFICE, THE TRANSGRESSION OF DESOLATION"--THAT COVERS THE TRIBULATION PERIOD--"TO GIVE BOTH THE SANCTUARY & THE HOST TO BE TRODDEN UNDER FOOT." The sanctuary, in other words the Temple, in a sense, is going to be trodden under the foot of whom? (Fam: The Antichrist.)--The Antichrist & his forces. They're going to tread Jerusalem down, God's Word says, they're going to tread it under foot! That doesn't mean destroy it, in this case, but they're going to conquer it, rule it, tread it under foot, & the Antichrist is going to walk into the Temple, sit down in the high priest's throne & say, "I am God! Worship me!" God's Word says so as clear as anything! Where does it say that? (Fam: 2nd Thessalonians 2.)--TTT!--2Thessalonians 2! It says there that he shall sit in the Temple of God, as God, claiming that he is God! That's the desecration of the Temple, treading the sanctuary under foot.
       80. OBVIOUSLY THE TEMPLE MUST BE REBUILT IN ORDER TO HAVE IT THERE & BE TRODDEN UNDER FOOT. That's the sanctuary. And who's the host that's trodden under foot? (Fam: God's people.)--The true people of God! [DELETED] There may be a few honest Jews who are finally going to see he's not the guy when he starts making them worship him & his idol. But the Jews are not the principal ones that he treads under foot. The ones he treads under foot first are going to be the Christians, & any other religion that tries to oppose him, & the Christians & the Moslems are probably going to be the first to oppose him, the first to recognise his falsehood.
       81. THE MOST TRUTH, OF COURSE, IS IN CHRISTIANITY. That's the truest religion in the World. And believe it or not, Islam comes next, because there's a lot of Christianity in Islam, & even a certain amount of belief in Christ & a lot of Bible, & they're bitterly anti-idolatrous, terribly against idolatry & that sort of thing. Christians are probably going to recognise him first as being false, & the Muslims next. The Jews I think are going to wake up last, but as usual, they cause him the most trouble when they finally wake up. He has more wars with the Jews than anybody else, just read the Bible. You've read it, we've studied it already!
       82. SO THIS SAINT ASKED THE OTHER SAINT, HOW LONG IS IT GOING TO BE, THIS PERIOD INCLUDING THE DAILY SACRIFICE, and the transgression or abomination of desolation, to give the sanctuary & the host to be trodden under foot. How long is it going to be until, as in the last part of the 14th verse, it says "the sanctuary shall be cleansed." So how long does he say?

       DANIEL 8:14--2300 DAYS!
       83. (14TH VERSE:) "AND HE SAID UNTO ME, UNTO TWO THOUSAND & THREE HUNDRED DAYS." How many days is that?--2,300 days! What's the matter? You guys can't even answer, "Where's Joan of Arc from? What's George Washington's last name?" You're scared of making a mistake! That's pride! Why don't you look at it & read the Bible, it's right there. He said 2,300 days! I asked how many days?--Everybody's afraid to answer! It's almost unbelievable! You guys are really far out! I don't know where you're out to, but you're sure not reading the text!
       84. WHAT'S ANOTHER WAY OF SAYING THAT? (Fam: Twenty-three hundred.)--Twenty-three hundred days. And something that's even more understandable to most people, how long is that in our present way of telling time, besides days. (Fam: 6 years & 3 months.)--About 6 years & 3 or 4 months! Divide 30 days into 2300 & see what you get.--About 77 months. I've never done it that way before, I never even realised before that it's about 77 months. That's significant, isn't it? Now can you divide 12 into 77 months? 12 goes into 72 six times, so there's six years, & 4 or 5 months left over. So depending on how you figure it--whether you figure 365 days into 2300 days, or whether you figure 360 days into 2300 days, or if you want to use lunar months--you'll get something about six years & from 3 to 5 months.
       85. NOW WHY WAS THE LORD SO SPECIFIC ABOUT THIS FIGURE? He didn't even take a chance on giving you months or years, because a lot of different nationalities & different calendars & different religions figure in different kinds of months & different kinds of years of different lengths!--Everything from 28-day lunar months to 31-day months of the Roman calendar or the 28-day Jewish calendar. So you come out with different length years going by such months. But most of them figure from 360 to 365 days a year, they have to because that's how long it takes the Earth to get around the Sun, one complete orbit. That's how long the Earth's orbit is, actually, 365 days plus a few hours, to be exact.
       86. BUT ALL THE VARIOUS CALENDARS VARY, DON'T THEY? You'll get more or less days in the month, more or less days in the year. So what did the Lord do to make it exact & specific? You can't make a mistake on days. Whether they're short Winter days or long Summer days, they're still days! They are still even 24-hour days, because what is a day? (Fam: The light & the darkness, the day & night.) Well, that's a simple way to explain it to the primitives & early man as God did in the Bible, night & day is a 24-hour day, evening & morning were the first day.
       87. GOD COUNTS THE NIGHT FIRST & THEN THE DAY, THE NIGHT CAME FIRST & THEN THE DAY. That's almost symbolic. In Creation the night came first, then God created the day. In eschatology, Bible Prophecy, we're now living in what amounts to the night as far as God's concerned, the day is coming, the day is not yet here. The day has dawned in your & my hearts! Hallelujah! TYJ! PYL! But there's a Great Day coming, the Greatest Day of all, the Great Day! The Seventh Day of creation is yet to dawn, the Seventh Thousand Years is going to be the Millennium, the greatest of all! Praise God!
       88. BUT REGULAR DAYS ARE HOW LONG? WHETHER THEY ARE WINTER DAYS OR SUMMER DAYS, LONG DAYS OR SHORT DAYS, THEY'RE EXACTLY 24 HOURS if you add the night & the day together. So you can't misunderstand or mistake days, can you?--The night & day combined. So when you count days you're being specific, exact, mathematically perfect!
       89. SO THIS NUMBER OF DAYS IS ONE OF THE MOST EXACT TIME PROPHECIES IN THE ENTIRE BIBLE! There are only two other prophecies that even come close--can you tell me what they are? What other prophecy is measured in exact days? (Fam: 1260 days.) What's 1260 days long? (Fam: 3-1/2 years.)--3-1/2 years roughly speaking, but what is that? (Fam: The Great Tribulation.) The Lord says the Tribulation is going to be exactly 1260 days long, which is approximately 3-1/2 years. I say approximately 3-1/2 years because the years depend on how you figure'm, how many months in a year, how many days in a month, etc. But you cannot misunderstand 1260 days! And where is that measurement given?--Referring to what period? (Fam: The Tribulation.) And it's referring to the exact length of the Tribulation. And how long is that?
       90. WHEN DOES THE TRIBULATION BEGIN? (Fam: In the midst of the week.) Jesus Himself tells us, well, Daniel told us too, in the midst of the week, we'll get into that in the next chapter, Daniel 9. But Jesus Himself gave the exact pinpoint of when it would begin. (Fam: "When ye shall see the Abomination of Desolation...") "When ye therefore shall see the Abomination of Desolation set up in the holy place, then shall be great tribulation such as the World has never known!"--Mat.24:15. That's the exact pinpoint of when the Tribulation begins!
       91. WHEN THAT HAPPENS, BELOVED, YOU ARE GOING TO KNOW THE EXACT DAY THAT JESUS CHRIST RETURNS TO RAPTURE HIS SAINTS, no misunderstanding about it! Oh, I had the preachers tell me, "Oh, Jesus Himself said no man knows of that day nor the hour, not even the Angels know!"--No! They didn't know & still don't know! But when the Abomination of Desolation is set up in the Holy Place then they'll know, & so will we! Think of that!
       92. GOD HAS GIVEN YOU THE EXACT TIME, EXACT DAYS, THE EXACT WAY IN WHICH TO MEASURE FROM THE MOMENT THAT HORRIBLE TRIBULATION BEGINS! But not only that, He gives you here another specific day prophecy, predicting the exact length of time, but from what to what? (Fam: From the daily sacrifice.) From the day the daily sacrifice begins, that's exactly what it means here, until the day the sanctuary is cleansed. Not 7 years of Antichrist reign, not 3-1/2 years of Tribulation, but about 6 years & a few months, that's less than the Antichrist reign. We've told you this before & I suppose you remember. Therefore it can only mean what? It includes the daily sacrifice & it goes on through the Great Tribulation, the Abomination of Desolation, etc., until the very end when the sanctuary is cleansed.

       93. NOW WHAT DO YOU SUPPOSE IT MEANS BY THE SANCTUARY BEING CLEANSED? There's another day prophecy at the end of Daniel, we studied it already. (Fam: The Battle of Armageddon?) You might say that. Your theory on this is just as good as mine, your guess is just as good as mine. I have normally interpreted it to mean that the sanctuary is cleansed when Jesus comes back & rescues His Own in the Rapture, at the second coming of Christ. I think that's what I've taught. I've just supposed, because that's what I was taught, that from the beginning of this period of sacrifice, that would mean to the end of the Tribulation. It's less than the 7-year reign of the Antichrist, so I thought it must mean to the end of the Tribulation.
       94. BUT NOW THINK ABOUT IT! AS WE GO OVER THIS NOW IN DETAIL & WE REALLY ANALYSE SOME OF OUR BELIEFS, ARE THEY TRULY SCRIPTURAL? Were we right in just taking what we were told by some preacher or some book that I read--I think Scofield is one of them, he led me astray for a few years too, as he did most of the Church, & some other Bible prophecy teachers. They just assumed that it meant that when Jesus came back, that that was the end of the Tribulation, therefore that was the end of the Abomination & therefore the sanctuary was cleansed. But was it?
       95. WE HAVE LEARNED A FEW THINGS SINCE THEN! WE HAVE LEARNED FROM THE END OF THE TRIBULATION THERE IS ANOTHER PERIOD, & what is it called? (Fam: The Wrath of God.) And it is how long? (Fam: 75 days.) In the 12th Chapter of Daniel it tells you exactly how long, because he gives you that many more days beyond the end of the Tribulation. "Blessed is he that cometh to that many days," beyond the end of the Tribulation. Obviously, entering into the Millennium is the only thing you could call blessed, certainly not entering into the Wrath of God or entering into the Battle of Armageddon!--Except for us conquering forces coming from Above. He's talking about the people on the Earth, blessed is he that survives through all that & into the Millennium, which is how many days, as we have figured it before, from the end of the Tribulation to the end of the Battle of Armageddon? (Fam: 75 days.)
       96. AND IT'S DIVIDED INTO TWO PERIODS, WHAT ARE THEY? (FAM: 30 DAYS & 45 DAYS.) We don't know what for, we don't know why He divided it that way, but I believe when it comes we're going to know, we'll know then. We have surmised that perhaps the 30 days is the Wrath of God, it shouldn't take Him very long, & it takes us 45 days with God's help to clean up the Battle. That's just pure theory, we can't prove it, but I'm theorising!
       97. WHAT ARE THE TWO MOST IMPORTANT THINGS ABOUT THAT PERIOD FROM THE END OF THE TRIBULATION TO THE BEGINNING OF THE MILLENNIUM?--This period of the Wrath of God. (Fam: Marriage Supper & Wrath of God.)--Yes, but we're not talking about the Marriage Supper now, we're talking about the people who have to survive down here on Earth. (Fam: The Wrath & Armageddon.)--Exactly. The two most important things happening are the Wrath of God & the Battle of Armageddon, & it looks like to me that's probably what He's talking about. I can't prove it, you don't have to believe it, that's theory, but what else could it be? Well, we'll wait & see if we were right!
       98. BUT IT WOULD CERTAINLY BE ENCOURAGING TO THE PEOPLE STILL LEFT ON EARTH, STILL TRYING TO FIGHT THE ANTICHRIST. And by this time, after all this is happening, they'll be virtually believers in God, if not even Jesus, persuaded by all these fulfilments of prophecy. The Rapture!--Think what a mighty event that is to convince people. Then the Wrath of God will be poured out, just like we've told them & the Bible's told them for years! Don't you think that's going to persuade a lot of people to believe? And finally, down we come in the Battle of Armageddon to save them & rescue them & fight off their wicked Antichrist enemies. If anything is ever going to create faith, I should say it was that!--When they see us riding out of the Heavens on great white chargers to slaughter their enemies!--That ought to make'm all believers!
       99. I THINK WE'RE GOING TO START OUT THE MILLENNIUM WITH A WHOLE LOT OF NEW BELIEVERS! I mean it!--Who are firmly convinced that God was right, the Bible was right & we were right & Jesus is It! I just got through telling you you shouldn't call a person "it," but that's just an expression to mean He is the real Messiah, the Saviour, really what He claimed to be, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Messiah, the Salvation of the World! So that's theory, but the days aren't theory! The days are Scripture & exact!
       100. NOW LET ME USE A LITTLE LOGIC & REASONING & LET'S TRY A LITTLE ESCHATOLOGICAL ALGEBRA! You've got certain known factors, you've got the exact length of the Tribulation, you've got the exact length of these days, you know exactly what's going to initiate the Tribulation. The day that the Antichrist sets up that Idol in the Holy Place, that's the first day, that begins it. When the 1260 days from then is ended, that's the exact end of it, & the only way it can possibly end is with the Rapture, the Second Coming of Jesus Christ!
       101. SO THERE WE HAVE ONE OF THE MOST SPECIFIC DAY PROPHECIES IN THE WHOLE BIBLE, that it is going to be exactly 1260 days from the first day the Antichrist sets up his Image, until the very day that Jesus comes! Let me tell you, you're going to be counting the days! Why do you think God told us that exact number of days? (Fam: For our encouragement.)--For your encouragement! You are going to be ticking those off on the calendar, "Thank God, one more day done! We've only got so many days to go!" So many days to Christmas! Isn't that what they do before Christmas? They're always telling you it's so many days till Christmas because they want you to buy lots of junk, trying to get you all worried about how few days there are left. Well, you're going to be encouraged about how few days there are left until your Christmas when you're going to be rescued out of this horrible old World & taken away & given your mansion & given your reward & gifts & a new name! That's going to be better than any Christmas you ever had!
       102. SO THEN WHAT DOES THIS PROPHECY MEAN? We've got that one exactly pinned down, we know it's 1260 days from the first day of the Tribulation to the last day. No matter how you count it in months or years or whatever, it is that many days! And it is going to be exactly that many more days--75 days, 30 & 45--until you'll feel blessed, at least the folks still here on the Earth. So according to what it says, it's gotta be 75 days from the end of the Tribulation, the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, to the end of the Wrath of God & the Battle of Armageddon. It's there, it's counted, it's given you in days in the Bible! What else can it be?
       103. BUT WERE WE ALWAYS RIGHT IN SAYING THAT THIS CLEANSING HAPPENS WHEN JESUS RETURNS AT THE END OF THE TRIBULATION? Depending on how you count your years, how many days in your years, how many days in your months, it's exactly six years & either 3 to 5 months from the beginning of the daily sacrifices. That's where this period begins, it's plain as day. It speaks of the daily sacrifices. Until the end of 2300 days, "then shall the sanctuary be cleansed."
       104. NOW THINK OF ALL YOU KNOW ABOUT BIBLE PROPHECY & THIS PERIOD & THE TRIBULATION, COMING OF CHRIST, WRATH OF GOD & ALL THE REST. I was always taught this & I told you, & every now & then I have to back down on something, because I find out through Bible Study that the guys who taught me were wrong, that that's not exactly what it said. Now we know what the beginning of that period is, don't we?--It includes the daily sacrifices, but if we pinpoint the end of it as being the coming of the Lord, do you think that even such a climactic, stupendous, colossal, gigantic--I can't use a Hollywood word big enough for it--event is going to stop the Antichrist?
       105. DO YOU THINK HE'S GOING TO SUDDENLY REPENT & MAKE EVERYTHING RIGHT & CLEANSE THE SANCTUARY & take down his Image & get himself out of the Temple & say, "Forget the whole deal, I'm not God after all!" Do you think he's going to do that? I can't believe that! It just doesn't stand to reason or logic that he'll repent just because millions of Christians are suddenly caught out of the World, I'm sure that's going to scare a lot of people half to death, but he's not people! He is the Devil in the flesh, Satan! He knows what's going on & he knows that his time is short, therefore his wrath is great & he's going to fight harder than ever & be more fiendish than ever & more Satanic & devilish & cruel & horrible than ever! That's why God's going to have to pour out such horrible Wrath on his kingdom!
       106. HIS KINGDOM IS STILL GOING TO BE IN EXISTENCE DURING THE WRATH OF GOD! Do you think that he's therefore going to get rid of his Idol & cleanse the sanctuary, just because Jesus has come & raptured His Saints & they've escaped his clutches? Any kind of fiend or devil who loses his prey & who loses the spoil, is he happy about it? He is more furious than ever! That's why God has to pour out such horrible Wrath on him & his forces to try to spare the people who don't like him. It keeps him busy with so much trouble he can't persecute people very much any more. But do you think that's going to persuade him to stop all this man-worship, this devil-worship, this idol-worship, this worship of the Antichrist? Do you think he's going to cleanse the sanctuary then & repent & say, "I'm sorry, it was a mistake"?--I don't believe it, I don't see it!
       107. I'VE GONE OVER THIS PASSAGE AGAIN & AGAIN NOW & I JUST CAN'T SEE THAT THAT FITS! I've been studying this again & asking the Lord to give me the right interpretation. Let's be exact, here's an exact day prophecy, exactly, we know it begins with the daily sacrifices because it covers that period. We know it goes through the period of the Tribulation because it covers the period of the transgression of desolation. But it ends with the cleansing of the sanctuary.
       108. DO YOU THINK THE ANTICHRIST IS GOING TO CLEANSE THE SANCTUARY RIGHT AFTER JESUS COMES & SAY, "WELL, I'M SO SORRY!"?--I don't believe it! I think some of those Bible experts & scholars are wrong about this particular interpretation, that it's cleansed at the Coming of Jesus. One reason is I think a lot of them are a little bit mixed up about what happens.

       109. THERE'S A GREAT MIX-UP OVER WHAT HAPPENS AT THE SECOND COMING OF THE LORD. You will find that the Seventh Day Adventists confuse that with the Revelation, when we come back with Him on horses from Heaven to fight the Battle of Armageddon & wipe out the Antichrist. And a lot of churches & Bible teachers & scholars & theologians & eschatological experts have that confused & make it one event, that when the Lord comes back to rapture His Church, they turn right around & come down on white chargers & fight the Battle of Armageddon & finish the works right then & there.
       110. BUT YOU & I HAVE STUDIED IT & WE'VE SEEN CLEARLY THAT THE FEAST OF THE MARRIAGE SUPPER OF THE LAMB IS GOING ON IN HEAVEN WHILE THIS WRATH OF GOD'S GOING ON DOWN ON EARTH, & that it covers a certain period of days between the two events.--That the Rapture is distinctly separate from the Revelation, as it's called in theology & eschatology. The Rapture of the Saints caught out of this Earth in the Antichrist Tribulation into Heaven is a distinct event separate from their return on white horses out of Heaven to fight the Battle of Armageddon & take over the World! Are you convinced?
       111. THAT'S HOW MANY DAYS LATER? DANIEL TELLS US, 75 DAYS FROM THE RAPTURE TO THE BEGINNING OF THE MILLENNIUM. Maybe we'll have 30 days to get acquainted in Heaven, a month-long feast! That's quite a feast! That ought to be plenty of time to pass out all the rewards & all the crowns, etc. We picture Jesus handing them out personally, & that's nice, but if Jesus had to hand them all out personally to billions of people within 30 days, He would sure be busy! So probably not only Jesus is handing them out, but He's probably got millions of Angels or Saints busy through the whole crowd passing out the prizes! There would have to be!--That is, if He's going to wind it up in 30 days. Even a 30-day feast isn't long enough for that kind of a big job unless there are a lot of people helping Him. We like to picture Jesus doing it & I wouldn't be surprised He's going to pass out some of them, but He's going to have a lot of helpers.
       112. EVEN SANTA CLAUS HAD TO HAVE A LOT OF HELPERS, he couldn't even get around to all the chimneys by himself, although they claim he does. Imagine a big fat man like that going down a chimney, he sure would be dirty, wouldn't he? He'd have an awful hot seat in December too when all the fires are burning! That's such an impossible, ridiculous fairy tale it couldn't possibly be so, & riding around on rooftops in a sleigh drawn by reindeer, it was hard enough to ride on the snow & the ice in a sleigh drawn by two horses, much less flying around in the air! Well, they say we've got some pretty wild ideas too, we're going to come down out of the sky on horses. Well, we really are! But Santa Claus isn't, in fact he never did & he never will! The only Santa Claus that's ever going to come charging down out of Heaven on a white horse is Jesus! Praise God? Hallelujah!

       113. SO WHAT ABOUT THESE 2300 DAYS? Let me ask you! You need to be taught how to try to seek the Lord & seek the Spirit for answers to things you run across, & try to ask the Lord, "Now what could that be? What could that mean? How could that be?" Somebody asked the Lord once, "How can these things be?" (Jn.3:9) Why can't you?
       114. WHAT DO YOU THINK WOULD BE THE LOGICAL TIME, & BY WHOM, FOR THE SANCTUARY TO BE CLEANSED?--In other words, this worship of the Antichrist stopped. When is it obviously going to be stopped? (Dora: When he's cast out.) When do you think that's going to be? (Dora: At the end of Armageddon?) Or? (John: At the beginning of Armageddon?) Well, your guess is as good as mine!
       115. I'M A LITTLE MORE INCLINED TO ACCEPT YOUR THEORY PERHAPS, JOHN, BECAUSE WE FIND OUT THAT ARMAGEDDON IS GOING TO OCCUR WHERE? Where are we going to land to win that battle? (Fam: In Israel.)--In Israel at Jerusalem! It ends at Jerusalem. I don't think it's going to take us 45 days to get only 200 miles from the Height of Megiddo to Jerusalem. I don't know, maybe so! Your guess is as good as mine! Maybe you're right, Dora, maybe we'll have to fight until the end of the battle when we really conquer them, to cleanse the Temple, to cleanse & destroy the Idol & kick out the Antichrist & send him to Hell! Maybe that's the most logical conclusion, that the battle isn't really over until we've captured him & tossed him into the Lake of Fire, cleansed the Temple & destroyed the Idol!
       116. BUT IF I WAS LEADING THE ARMY COMING DOWN FROM HEAVEN SUPERNATURALLY ON GREAT WHITE HORSES & HAD SUPERNATURAL POWER, WHO DO YOU THINK I'D ATTACK FIRST? (Fam: The Antichrist!) I think I'd attack the head of the government & its seat of government first. Wouldn't you? Wouldn't you try to destroy that first? Well, maybe he's got such power & such power of the Devil & his demons & all that sort of thing that he can fight it & stave it off long enough until the end.
       117. SO I'M NOT GOING TO TELL YOU WHEN THESE 2300 DAYS END, BECAUSE I DON'T KNOW! But they do not necessarily end at the coming of Jesus. So all of a sudden that changes what? That changes the date of the beginning of the Jewish sacrifices. It changes it at least from 30 to 75 days.--Whether it's cleansed at the beginning of Armageddon or the end of Armageddon. So we're thrown 30 to 75 days off there. We could be wrong.
       118. IN OTHER WORDS, THE COMPLETION OF THE REBUILT TEMPLE & RESUMPTION OF SACRIFICES COULD BE 30 TO 75 DAYS LATER! You say, "Oh Dad, you're nitpickin' & piddlin' over little tiny details that we don't know anything about & couldn't really care less!" Well, let me tell you, do you know when you're going to care? When are you going to care about these 2,300 days? (Fam: When the sacrifice begins!)--When you see on television & it's announced worldwide that the Jews are going to dedicate the Temple on such-&-such a day & resume animal sacrifices once again upon the altar! Because to you that day means a great deal, just as a few years later the day the Antichrist sets up his Image in the Holy Place is going to mean a lot! That's going to tell you exactly when Jesus is going to come.
       119. BUT WHEN THE JEWS BEGIN TO SACRIFICE AGAIN--& they always do that at the dedication of the new Temple, they've done it for thousands of years--you will know then that it will be 2300 days until what? (Fam: The sanctuary is cleansed?) And when will that be? Well, then you'll find out later, won't you, that undoubtedly it's either going to be at the beginning or ending of Armageddon. So it couldn't be more than 45 days off one way or the other, as far as we know, or 75 days. I'd say 45 days.
       120. BUT WHATEVER IT IS, THAT INTERPRETATION--you can call it guesswork if you want to--that interpretation that the cleansing of the sanctuary could not possibly occur until we've gotten rid of the Antichrist & his kingdom, which couldn't possibly occur until the Battle of Armageddon, whether it's at the beginning or the end of it, that throws our calculation of the completion of the Temple off about 30 to 75 days, & it then makes it later than we previously figured.
       121. IN OTHER WORDS, THE COMPLETION OF THE TEMPLE IS GOING TO BE ABOUT A MONTH TO TWO-&-A-HALF MONTHS LATER THAN WE HAD FIGURED. We know the period of Tribulation is exact, right?--1260 days, no matter how you figure the years. Are you sure? You don't look sure. We know the period from the end of that till we're blessed with the Millennium is 75 days. So what's the 2300 days?--From the beginning of the sacrifices till the sanctuary is cleansed.--From the beginning of the sacrifices to the Battle of Armageddon!--Or the end of it.
       122. IN SPITE OF MY PREFERENCE OF WANTING TO GET RID OF THE ANTICHRIST FIRST, MAYBE WE'LL BE SO BUSY FIGHTING WE WON'T HAVE A CHANCE to destroy the Image & cleanse the Temple & all that sort of thing until the end of the battle. But whatever it is, it only throws off our previous estimate--which wasn't too accurate at that, in years & months, because it was 6 years & from 3 to 5 months, making it how many months after the beginning of the Antichrist reign? If it was 6 years & 3 months from the end of the reign, it would be 9 months from the beginning of his reign. But if it were 5, maybe even 6 months, 6-1/2 years from the end of his reign, it would be earlier. How much earlier? It would only be about 6 months. If it's 6 years & 3 months, it's 9 months till the Temple gets built & the sacrifice begins. If it's 6 years & 6 months & somewhere around there, it would be 6 months from the beginning of his reign.
       123. SO IT COULD BE THAT IT'S EARLIER. But since that period doesn't end until a month-&-a-half later, & since our estimate is so indefinite & unclear in months & years, don't worry about it! About all you can say is you know that the Temple will be rebuilt & sacrifices will begin sometime, & I would say a safe guess is within the first year of the Antichrist reign, depending on how long it takes them to get the Temple built.
       124. I THINK THAT THIS 2300-DAY PROPHECY IS MOSTLY TO LET US KNOW ANOTHER DEFINITE SIGN OF WHEN THE END IS GOING TO BE, because when the daily sacrifices are resumed, we will know exactly how long it is going to be until either the beginning or the ending of Armageddon. Because that is a specific sign we can look for much earlier than the setting up of the Abomination of Desolation. We won't have to wait till the beginning of the Tribulation, we'll know much earlier than that!
       125. BECAUSE WHEN THAT HAPPENS, WHEN THE DAILY SACRIFICES ARE RESUMED, WE'LL ONLY BE ABOUT 9 MONTHS INTO THE 7 YEARS. The signing of the Agreement, the Covenant, is most likely going to be the very first sign of the beginning of the Antichrist Reign. The next sign that it is already in progress is the building of the Temple & the resumption of the sacrifices of the Jews. But the resumption of the daily sacrifices not only is a sign the Antichrist Reign is in progress but it is the first very specific & important sign of when the End will be, specific to within 30 to 75 days.
       126. IT IS A MUCH EARLIER SIGN THAN HAVING TO WAIT TILL THE BEGINNING OF THE TRIBULATION TO KNOW WHEN THE END WILL BE. It is kind of an early warning signal. In other words, we would know at least 2-&-1/2 years before the beginning of the Tribulation. It's one of the several different signs the Lord has given on His schedule, His Endtime timetable, to let you know where you are at.
       127. SO YOU THOUGHT YOU WERE GOING TO KNOW SOMETHING NEW, A GREAT TRUTH EXACTLY TO THE VERY DAY--& YOU WILL! When the sacrifices begin you'll know exactly how long it's going to be to the very day, to either the beginning or the end of the Battle of Armageddon.

       128. ALL RIGHT, VERSE 15 & 16: "AND IT CAME TO PASS, WHEN I, EVEN I DANIEL, HAD SEEN THE VISION & sought for the meaning, then behold, there stood before me as the appearance of a man. And I heard a man's voice between the banks of Ulai, which called & said, Gabriel, make this man to understand the vision!"
       129. SOMEBODY SUDDENLY APPEARED WALKING ON THE WATER IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RIVER & HE SAID, "MAKE THIS GUY TO UNDERSTAND THE VISION!" And He's ordering Gabriel, one of the Archangels, to tell Daniel the vision. So who do you suppose is the Boss & Who's talkin'? (Fam: Jesus!)--Jesus! He's saying, "Gabriel, make this man to understand the vision. Help this stupid little idiotic man to understand, he's so dumb he doesn't understand all these things." Well, He's really saying it in sympathy & in love to try to help Daniel.
       130. (VERSE 17:) "SO HE CAME NEAR WHERE I STOOD, & WHEN HE CAME I WAS AFRAID." Gabriel walked over to Daniel & what happens? "I fell upon my face. But he said unto me, Understand, O son of man, for at the time of End shall be the vision." "Don't worry, Daniel, it's not going to happen in your day. Don't be afraid, don't be scared! It's not going to happen right away, it's for the time of the End." Did that help Daniel very much? He was still flat on his face!--Not only flat on his face, he was unconscious, he had fainted! That's why he was flat on his face!
       131. (VERSE 18:) "NOW AS HE WAS SPEAKING WITH ME, I WAS IN A DEEP SLEEP ON MY FACE TOWARD THE GROUND." Daniel had fainted, flat, dead away, on his face! "But he," the Angel Gabriel, "touched me & set me upright. (Verse 19:) And he said, Behold, I will make thee know what shall be in the last end of the indignation." He says, "Now I'm going to tell you what all this means. It's going to be in the very End, in the last end of the indignation."

       132. WHAT'S THE END OF THE INDIGNATION? WHAT'S ANOTHER WORD FOR INDIGNATION?--Wrath or anger. The Tribulation is the indignation of man, the Antichrist, but there's a period that follows it also called The Indignation, the Wrath of God! That's really the end, isn't it? The Wrath of God is really the End! The Antichrist thinks he's the livin' end or the dead end in his indignation against the Church. But that's not the End, God has His laugh last, the Wrath of God!
       133. "FOR AT THE TIME APPOINTED, THE END SHALL BE." And what is going to be the real end of all these things? (Fam: The Millennium?)--No. The end of Man's rule. We're talking about the days of Man. When we're talking about the End, Beloved, I thought we went over that point before, we are not talking about the Millennium! The Millennium is the beginning! All these prophecies about the End are about what end, whose end? (Fam: Man's rule on Earth.)--Worldly, wicked Man's end & his rule on Earth! And it doesn't come to an end till when? (Fam: The Battle of Armageddon.) The end of the Battle of Armageddon, that is T-H-E, The, E-N-D, End! That is it, the End! Get it?
       134. THE MILLENNIUM IS THE BEGINNING OF WHAT? (Fam: God's Rule.)--The Kingdom of God & your rule! That's the beginning, that's a new day! That's a whole new era! That's a whole new dispensation, & even a dispensation of grace. That's the beginning of a new age! That's not the End! I don't know that I ever said it was the End, & if I did I was mistaken, I was mixed up. The Millennium is the beginning of the Kingdom of God on Earth in person literally controlling the World!
       135. ACTUALLY, EVER SINCE THE DAYS OF JESUS, EVER SINCE THE EARLIEST BELIEVERS OF ABRAHAM, MOSES & WHATNOT WAS THE BEGINNING OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD IN US, but we're not controlling the World right now. It doesn't really become His Kingdom until the Saints possess the Kingdom! Didn't He say that here?--"Until the Saints possess the Kingdom!" (Dan.7:22) That is the beginning, really, of the rule of God & His Saints! The End of the Battle of Armageddon, that's the end of earthly, wicked Man's reign, & the Antichrist reign, that is the End. The Millennium is the Beginning!

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