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DANIEL 8 CONTINUED!--Verse 20-End--Languages & Empires!       ET# 50       5/85       DO 2185

       1. THE FIRST PART OF THE CHAPTER IS PRINCIPALLY ABOUT WHAT TWO GREAT EMPIRES? (Fam: Medo-Persia & Greece.) And Greece was led by what great king? (Fam: Alexander.) And his kingdom was divided into how many parts? (Fam: Four.) And who wants to name'm? (Fam: Greece, Turkey, Assyria & Egypt.)--Very good. You can drop the "Ass" & just say Syria from now on, because from then on that's what it was called. It's still called Syria today, only that's just a bare small part of that part that was Syria.
       2. AND OUT OF ONE OF THESE SPRANG FORTH A LITTLE HORN, ALSO CALLED A LITTLE HORN IN DANIEL 7. It was very small at first. And who was that? (Fam: The Antichrist.)--Not who was, but who will be! Because that's the part that's future. Did we ever figure out which one he sprang out of? (Fam: Egypt.) Well, we theorise, at least, or estimate that that's where he comes from, mostly because it's been confirmed by various other prophecies. It's not all that clear right here. But the way we figured it out logistically, it's most likely Egypt.
       3. HOW FAR DID WE GET LAST TIME? (David: Where the Angel was explaining.) The 19th verse was the last verse that we studied. And what did he say? When was all this going to happen, or at least this last part? (Fam: The End.) "At the time appointed the End shall be!" It's going to be at the Time of the End, right? So the 20th Verse is really our first verse for today.

       DANIEL 8:20-23
       4. (VERSE 20:) "THE RAM WHICH THOU SAWEST HAVING TWO HORNS ARE THE KINGS OF MEDIA & PERSIA." Isn't that what we guessed before? (Verse 21:) "And the rough goat is the king of Grecia." Now this shows you again how in Hebrew they use the same word for either king or kingdom. Because here both the goat & the king are called king, so literally, the power. "The rough goat is the king of Grecia, & the great horn that is between his eyes is the first"--meaning the greatest--"king." Who's that? (Fam: Alexander the Great.)
       5. (VERSE 22:) "NOW THAT BEING BROKEN, WHEREAS FOUR STOOD UP FOR IT, FOUR KINGDOMS SHALL STAND UP OUT OF THE NATION."--What nation? (Fam: Greece.) The Grecian Empire, in other words. "But not in his power."--Whose power? (Fam: Alexander.)--Not as great as Alexander. Now, here we skip generations, hundreds of years, in fact millenniums, about 2300 years!
       6. (VERSE 23:) "AND IN THE LATTER TIME OF THEIR KINGDOM"--WHOSE KINGDOM? (Fam: The four.)--Those four. Are those four countries still in existence? (Fam: Yes!) They are all still in existence & all still bear the exact same names that they did then except one! What are they again? Name the names that are still existent today. (Fam: Greece, Turkey...)--No, no! Turkey was not Turkey then, not at all! I'm talking about what were their names then at that time of the four who sprang out of Alexander's great Empire. Which ones are still called by the same names? (Fam: Greece, Syria & Egypt.)
       7. GREECE, SYRIA & EGYPT STILL BEAR THE SAME NAMES ABOUT 2300 YEARS LATER! Why do I say 2300 years? When was Alexander the Great?--A very easy date to remember. (Fam: 333.)--333 what? (Fam: B.C.) Don't forget the B.C.! So what do you add to make 2300 years? (Fam: 2000?)--Almost 2000 right now. What's this year?--1986. I mean, '85, almost '86. I keep thinking about '86 so much, I'm already jumping there! '85 & 33 is 118. And 1900 & 300 is 2200. I'm showing you how to do rapid calculations, the easy way in your head so you don't even have to write it down. So how much is that all together?--2318 years! Just what I told you, about 2300 years ago. That is not exactly where you shine, Son, in math. Don't laugh, none of you shone very well! But if you're going to be good at Bible Prophecy, you'd better be good at figures too, & something besides girls' figures! Amen?
       8. SO ALEXANDER THE GREAT HAD HIS GREAT EMPIRE, BEGAN HIS GREAT CONQUEST OF THE EARTH, AT LEAST, IN 333 B.C., which was, again, how many years ago? (Fam: 2,318.) Why don't you say it the easy way: 23 hundred 18 years ago. That's a long time ago! Alexander died in 324, I think it was, after 10 years of conquest, having conquered all the World that mattered in those days, the great Middle East & Western World, & suddenly here we leap clear over 2300 years & the Lord starts talking about what's going to happen at the very End.
       9. NOW WHY DID THE LORD DO IT THAT WAY, DO YOU THINK? He gives you the basis first of all, He gives you the foundation or the picture. Where did this guy come from? The rest of the whole chapter & the next chapter & the next chapter & the next chapter is about whom? He's building up to the revelation of this particular man, & a description of him & what he does & history, in great detail! He spends a lot of time on this man & his rule & reign, which is very short. But He jumps over 2300 years of history to do it--why? (Fam: Because it's so important.)--Right. (Fam: I was going to say in this particular case because He's trying to bring out the point of where he comes from.)--In this particular chapter, yes. Very important.
       10. HE'S BUILDING A BACKGROUND FOR THIS MAN ALL THE TIME IN ALL OF THESE CHAPTERS. Really He did it in the 2nd Chapter about the Image, he got down to the 10 toes. Then He did it again in the 7th Chapter about the beasts, particularly the last beast of the 7th Chapter, which was Rome & its final ten kings, & then the greatest of the kings.
       11. THE WHOLE BOOK OF DANIEL ENTIRELY IS INVOLVED IN GIVING YOU THE HISTORICAL BACKGROUND OF THE ANTICHRIST! Think of that! He considered it so important! But it was so difficult to understand, Daniel himself didn't even understand it. And apparently, as you'll find out in this Chapter later, he must have conferred with a few other people, & they didn't understand it either. Because it was not for them to understand! In fact, God told him to shut up the book for it would be many years later before anybody would understand. And no one has even hardly tried to understand this book for centuries, until just about the last 100 to 200 years.

       12. I'LL HAVE TO GIVE THE CATHOLICS CREDIT, AT LEAST, IN THEIR DOUAY VERSION, THEY DID COME UP WITH A FEW GOOD FOOTNOTES to try to interpret what this was all about. But how long has the Douay Version been in existence? I'm not talking about the Latin Vulgate but the Douay Version. The Douay Version was originally French. The Catholic Bible was first in Vulgate, which literally meant the vulgar language of the people. Latin was once a common language of the whole World, the Western civilised World, the Roman Empire. It was the language of the people, the vulgar language. It didn't mean something bad, just the common language of the people. So it was called the Latin Vulgate Bible, & that was the Catholic Bible. That was the worldwide church Bible for centuries under Rome & the Roman church. It was the most widespread language, so of course they had it in Latin. Nearly everybody spoke Latin. Even if it wasn't their native tongue, their mother tongue, during all the thousand years of the Roman Empire it was the required tongue of the government, you had to do business in that.
       13. MANY COUNTRIES HAVE PROBLEMS ON THAT TODAY WHERE THEY HAVE SEVERAL DIFFERENT LANGUAGES, BUT THEY REQUIRE THEM TO DO BUSINESS IN A CERTAIN LANGUAGE. In India it's required in English because it's the only national language they have, otherwise they speak a different language in every province & even several different languages in those provinces! So English has become the national language, the official legal language, of many a nation who never even knew English before the English came along. Because it was the only language which actually united their nation.
       14. CAN YOU IMAGINE WHAT A MESS INDIA & OTHER COUNTRIES WOULD BE IN WHO HAVE NO NATIONAL LANGUAGE IF THEY DIDN'T HAVE ENGLISH? Thank God for that! Look how God prepared the Eastern fields for the Gospel!--Just like He prepared the Mediaeval World during the thousand years of the Roman Empire, plus another thousand years of the Holy Roman Empire, the Catholic Church, 2000 years of Latin, which was worldwide, widespread, so that all professionals spoke Latin & still studied Latin right on up to my time. I even still studied Latin when I was in Junior High School, I took a year of Latin. Because it's the language of professionalism to this very day!
       15. ALL YOUR MEDICAL TERMS ARE IN LATIN, THINGS THAT HAVE TO BE SHARED WORLDWIDE BY MANY NATIONALITIES & DOCTORS ALL OVER THE WORLD. All of your botanical terms are in Latin, shared by the whole World, so that men of science of any language can still understand each other & understand those terms & understand what they're talking about! Can you imagine what a mess things would be in if every single language had a different name for different flowers & animals like they do in some countries? Imagine what a confusion the World would be in!
       16. SO THE MEN OF LETTERS, THE MEN OF SCIENCE, THE INTELLIGENTSIA OF THE WORLD, AGREED UPON CERTAIN LATIN TERMS, & I'll bet you anything the Jews engineered that too, GB'm, that there should be an international language of culture, of science, of botany & horticulture & flora, fauna, whatever you want to call it, & also even of religion. It was the international language of religion. The priesthood of the Holy Roman Empire all either spoke Latin already or learned Latin so they could have everything in Latin & understand each other & they could have big convocations & big councils & big meetings that they did, international meetings of the church in those days, & they could go there & all speak the same language, Latin!--A united language which greatly facilitated the spread of the Bible & the Gospel throughout the whole known Western World, from the days of Christ onward.
       17. NOW THE WORLD BEFORE THAT HAD SPOKEN WHAT INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE, BECAUSE OF A GREAT EMPIRE THAT SPREAD ACROSS ALL THE KNOWN WORLD OF THAT DAY? (Fam: Greek.) It was the most beautiful language, & still is one of the most beautiful languages. It's one of the most beautiful languages I ever studied. I'd say the language that comes the closest to it is Spanish, because Spanish is very Greek. Although it's called a Romance language & has a Latin base, it is full of Greek terms & full of Greek types of pronunciation. Even the accentuation of syllables is all according to the Greek rules in Spanish.
       18. AND NOT ONLY THAT, IF YOU HEAR SPANISH MUSIC, YOU HEAR GREEK MUSIC! If you hear Greek music, you can hear Spanish music, & largely thanks to the dear Gypsies who wandered about from place to place & made their kind of music popular in both places, particularly in Southern Europe. You'll even hear it from the Italians. But particularly Greek & Spanish music are very interrelated, & the languages are very very interrelated.
       19. SO GREEK BECAME A WORLD LANGUAGE BEFORE THE DAYS OF THE ROMAN CONQUEST, & was spoken by all the men of letters & science & education, the intelligentsia, it was also the official language of the government, of the Grecian Empire & its successors, until Rome. It was the worldwide language of art, literature, science, religion, philosophy, all kinds of culture.
       20. SO WHEN JESUS CAME & DIED & THE GOSPEL BEGAN TO BE PREACHED, WHAT INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE WAS USED to spread the Gospel in those early days of the Church? Come on now, you folks have heard this before! You got confused just because I talked about Latin! It was Greek! What was the original language of the New Testament? (Fam: Greek!) Don't let some of these so-called "higher critics" tell you otherwise! They get so high, they land down in Hell!--The ones who don't believe the Bible & find all kinds of fault with it & say, "No, no, the original language of the New Testament was not Greek, it was Aramaic, blah blah! Jesus didn't speak Hebrew, He spoke Aramaic," blah blah! Oh, they're always trying to bring out all kinds of new things that they supposedly found out, blah blah!
       21. WELL, FOR HUNDREDS OF YEARS, IN FACT FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS, IF ANYBODY OUGHT TO KNOW, THE CATHOLIC CHURCH OUGHT TO KNOW & they knew because it was originally some of their own scholars who did all this work & worked it all out & knew what languages it was in! The first New Testament ever written, all those letters of Paul, all the Gospels might have been written in some original language, but they were translated into Greek so everybody in the whole Grecian Empire could understand, as well as the Roman Empire.
       22. EVEN AFTER ROME TOOK OVER, GREEK WAS STILL THE LANGUAGE OF SCIENCE & CULTURE & ART, PHILOSOPHY, RELIGION, ETC., FOR QUITE A FEW YEARS, during the early years of the church, so it could spread rapidly across the World. Then as Rome took power & took over, the Romans, of course, wanted everybody to speak their language. Every conqueror does that. They take over a country & they insist that everybody speak their language. They're the conquerors, they're the leaders, they're the powers, they're the big shots & they want everybody to speak their language now!

       23. I THINK OUR FAMILY COMES CLOSE TO SPEAKING GOOD ENGLISH BECAUSE YOU'VE PRETTY WELL FOLLOWED ME & I SPEAK FAIRLY GOOD ENGLISH most of the time, except when I get mad or I get excited or I start using "dirty" words & slang words & harsh terms to really get it across to the Americans because I know they'll understand that kind of language. Most of the time I speak fairly good English & I have written fairly good English. And thank God, I think the Family has learned fairly good English from me. My folks spoke it.
       24. EVEN THOUGH MY MOTHER SPOKE GERMAN IN THE HOME & MY FATHER SPOKE SWEDISH IN THE HOME, THE ONLY WAY THEY COULD GET THE FAMILY TOGETHER, THEY AGREED, WAS TO SPEAK ENGLISH in my Mother's & Father's home, so that we children would not grow up speaking other languages. Now I'm sorry, I wish they had also taught us German & Swedish. But they determined to speak only English in our home so that we children would learn English & speak English. See, I'm really European because in a sense my Mother & Father were both European. Although my Mother was several generations from Europe, my Father was actually born in Europe & they spoke different languages. But they decided the family must be of one language, & since they were living in America, American was it, so-called English.
       25. SO WE LEARNED ENGLISH & WE LEARNED IT PRETTY WELL, I was a good student, & I finally even became an English teacher! Think of that! You wouldn't think that to hear me sometimes, would you? But once in awhile, in order to get it across to Americans, I've gotta speak American.--Things like "gotta" instead of "got to." You've gotta speak American to the Americans to really get it across!

       26. SO THESE INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGES ARE VERY USEFUL! Greek was probably the first truly great international language. It covered more territory, more nations than any other language had previously. Then as the Romans took over, Latin superseded the Greek, & although Greek was still the language of culture, science, art, philosophy, religion, etc., the Romans made Latin the official legal language of law & the courts & business. They had to speak Latin to do business & in the courts of law. Because the Romans were the rulers, & they spoke Latin, you had to speak Latin in their courts, & the lawyers had to speak Latin. So all the law books were written in Latin. And most of our laws today are laws which were merely translated from the Latin into the laws of all the various modern languages of Europe today, all still Roman law. We're still living under the powerful influence of the Roman Empire.
       27. EVENTUALLY THEN, LATIN PRETTY MUCH SUPERSEDED GREEK EVEN IN OTHER FIELDS, as the Latins, or the Romans, became more cultured & began to have their influence in all these other fields such as science & art & philosophy & religion, etc. Then all the scientists & scholars, etc., began to speak Latin, so they could understand each other. And they could have these big international convocations & counsels, etc., & all speak the same language. How are you going to have a council or a conference if everybody speaks a different language & you can't understand each other?
       28. SO GREEK WAS THE FIRST GREAT INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE, LATIN WAS THE SECOND, & there were several different international languages for awhile after Latin. The first were actually Romance languages. The French Empire & all of its parts spoke French & still do. The Spanish Empire & all of its parts, particularly Latin America, still speak Spanish. In fact today, Spanish is the second most widely spoken international language in the whole World, & the official language of more countries than any other language in the World. This was because, by the way, the Spanish spread all over the World.
       29. EVEN PORTUGUESE BECAME A FAIRLY WIDE SPREAD INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE. You don't think so much now, you think, "Well, that's just Portugal & Brazil!" Oh no! The Portuguese were the greatest pioneers of Africa! They had more colonies in Africa than any other European nation, & they were spread over more of Africa than any other nation of Europe! The greatest part of the Portuguese Empire was Africa! So a great part of Africa to this very day still speaks Portuguese. I'm not going to take time to name all the former Portuguese colonies.
       30. SO THERE WERE A NUMBER OF EMPIRES IN BETWEEN. Also, don't forget the Arabian Empire, spread over all the Mideast, Arabia, North Africa, so that Arabic was a great international language of the Arabian Empire. But all of these were much more limited, they did not conquer all the known World or all the civilised World or all the Western World of their day, each Empire only had part of it. The Arabians were really first, they were the first big international empire after the breakup of the Roman Empire. They were really the first great one, which began back in the 600s.
       31. LATER ON CAME THE SPANISH & PORTUGUESE EMPIRES & THEN THE FRENCH EMPIRE, & THEN FINALLY, IN FAIRLY RECENT HISTORY, THE BRITISH EMPIRE, which spread around not only Europe, but into North America & the Mideast & the Far East. They spread their Empire & along with it their language, which was what? (Fam: English.)--Genuine English. And their religion, which was what? (Fam: Christianity.)--At least churchianity, but a certain amount of Christianity, knowledge of Christ, Jesus & His Salvation.
       32. THAT WAS THE LAST GREAT WORLD EMPIRE, OR PARTIAL WORLD EMPIRE. It did not hold complete dominant power over the whole World. So the Bible doesn't even mention these other Empires, because none of them were as great as the ones which preceded them, each one of which had conquered all of the World that mattered at all in Western History.

       33. WHY DOES THE BIBLE IGNORE THE GREAT EMPIRES OF THE DYNASTIES OF CHINA & JAPAN? (Fam: Because the Prophets didn't even know they existed.) That was one of the main reasons, they knew very little about the Far East, & they had little communication or contact or interrelation with them whatsoever, intercourse, trade or anything until very late, the times of Marco Polo, and that was about when? (Fam: 1200s.) You don't have to remember a specific date, if you can even get the century you're doing good. In the 1200s Marco Polo went to the Far East, China and all that. Until then, the days of the Renaissance, the Western World knew very little, if anything, about the Eastern World. So it did not influence the Western World to any great extent. In fact, the so-called Chinese Empire actually only covered about one country really, China. At times they conquered a little bit further, they had wars with Japan.
       34. JAPAN'S EMPIRE, ACTUALLY, INTERNATIONALLY SPEAKING, EXTENDED MORE INTERNATIONALLY FURTHER THAN THE CHINESE EMPIRE, because they gobbled up parts of China during their days of great empire, & Manchuria & Korea & all of those various areas, & they even conquered China itself in several wars. So the Japanese had quite an empire, although they were confined mostly to a small group of little islands that when I was a kid only held 80 million people & couldn't even support that many, couldn't grow enough food for that many, that's why they were trying to expand onto the mainland. Today they've got a population of around twice that many & are still trying to expand. They don't expand militarily any more, they failed in that last great effort in World War 2, so they are now expanding commercially & financially, economically, until they are the leading, most powerful nation of the entire Orient. Japan is the great leader.
       35. WATCH OUT, JAPAN, HERE COMES CHINA! What was the last actual stat on Japanese population?--120 or 140 million, something like that. I said almost twice as many million now, but look at China--one billion! That is one thousand million!--Not a mere 80 million or 120 or 140 or even 150 or 160 million, which might be Japan's potential.--Not just a mere, let's make a wild guess, 150 million. I think it was 120 or 140 million the last I heard. But China has 1000 million! Do you know the difference between 120 & 1000?
       36. SO CHINA IS APT TO COME UP PRETTY FAST & LEAD THE EAST IF SHE NOW MODERNISES & HAS A CHANCE. And under us she'll have a chance! Don't worry about who's going to run Hong Kong, we're going to run it! Praise God? [DELETED]
       37. ANYWAY, THE SO-CALLED CHINESE EMPIRE & ALL OF ITS EMPERORS NEVER EXTENDED MUCH FURTHER THAN CHINA PROPER, NEITHER DID THE JAPANESE EMPIRE, except in World War 2 Japan just about took over the entire Far East & spread all the way everywhere! They took over the Philippines, they took over Malaysia, they took over all Southeast Asia, they took over China, they took over Korea! They could have conquered the United States if they'd kept following up their lead after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.
       38. PEARL HARBOR WAS TOTALLY HELPLESS, THEY COULD HAVE COME RIGHT IN & CLEANED IT UP! But some Japanese General advised against it & said it was too risky, that Pearl Harbor might be prepared for them on the next attack, & they lost their initiative. They could have wiped out Hawaii, & at that time they could have gone right on & taken over California & the United States, because the U.S. was completely at their mercy after the wiping out of the biggest part of their fleet there in Hawaii. They could have followed up the lead & gone right over & taken over California, the United States, & then they wouldn't have had any enemies in the Pacific region to even worry about. Why didn't they? (Fam: The Lord stopped them!)
       39. THE LORD DIDN'T LET THEM! Who put it into that general's mind to be afraid to continue the attack & go on? The Lord didn't allow it because He had other plans. He didn't want Japan to get too big & so powerful & so cocky that it was going to insist on spreading its religion across all that part of the World. He wanted to protect the amount of Christianity that already existed & had existed for some hundreds of years in places like the Philippines, & even places like China, & some Christianity had even gotten into Japan.
       40. BUT THESE EMPIRES OF JAPAN & CHINA, ETC., WERE NEVER VERY LARGE & THEY NEVER AFFECTED THE MAIN COURSE OF WORLD HISTORY WHICH WAS GOING ON. The mainstream of World history was progressing in the West. And the Western World, obviously, if you know anything about history, became the greatest & most powerful part of the World, so that they considered the Orient as some kind of barbarians & backwoods people & underdeveloped & undeveloped, etc., even though their actual civilisation & culture was more civilised than that of the West. The West were barbarians to them, they called them the white foreign devils! They were more barbaric than the Chinese, who were quite civilised & polite & courteous & had gorgeous art & beautiful culture, etc., Japanese too.
       41. ACTUALLY, HOW DID JAPAN GET STARTED IN HAVING SUCH A BIG POWERFUL POPULATION & SO AGGRESSIVE & WITH SO MUCH BRAINS? (David: They were prisoners from China.)--Exactly, they were a Chinese penal colony! So the Chinese exiled many of their troublemakers & political prisoners, etc., to the islands of Japan. Well, apparently a lot of them were their best brains, that's probably why they were troublemakers.
       42. THE BIGGEST TROUBLEMAKERS I HAD IN MY SCHOOL CLASSES WERE THE GUYS WITH THE BEST BRAINS & THE SMARTEST, the smart-alecks, the guys with a lot of aggression & a lot of drive & who were always doing something, saying something, & always in motion. They were the smartest guys in the class, really.
       43. SO CHINA, TRYING TO GET RID OF THESE GUYS THAT WERE MAKING TROUBLE FOR THE LEADERS & THE EMPIRES, DID JUST WHAT JETHRO & DEBORAH DID, they got rid of all the best people & the best brains & the most spiritual people & put'm down or put'm out!--Because they were considered competitors, rivals for control of the Chain. And that's what many an empire has done. It's taken some of its best brains & exiled them or gotten rid of them, for fear they would compete with the powers that be, the status quo.
       44. SO CHINA EXILED TROUBLEMAKERS IN THE DAYS OF HER GREATNESS. They considered the Japanese were just simple barbarians over there on those islands, the aborigines & what do they call them? They've still got some. They've got a name for them in Japan, the original occupants of the islands.--The Ainu. (See WND 74, pg. 6.) They're sort of a backward people & it's one of the discriminated-against ethnic groups of Japan, more of a native type of people. That's all there were in Japan until China sent all its brains & troublemakers & aggressive people & people with drive over to Japan to get rid of'm so they wouldn't rival the empire! As a result, Japan became a great empire itself with all those brains & people with drive, etc., & began to rival China, until finally she licked China in several different wars!

       45. AUSTRALIA IS ANOTHER EXAMPLE! THE FIRST PEOPLE THERE WERE WHAT WE MIGHT CALL SAVAGES, the primitives, the Aborigines, the black natives who were into all kinds of deviltry & very backward in almost every way except killing each other & killing animals--all kinds of occult deviltry & witchcraft, etc., a lot of them still in it. I believe the Lord sent the British to a lot of these places to Christianise them, if nothing else.
       46. SO WHO WERE THE FIRST BRITISH SENT TO AUSTRALIA? (Fam: Prisoners.)--Again, exiles!--Political prisoners, political exiles, criminals were sent to Australia. It was a penal colony for the British Empire! Now you know why the Australians are so wild! But they were very aggressive, they had a lot of drive, they colonised & settled & civilised--if you can call the Australians civilised!--This great continent, the largest island in the World, & they made a fairly Westernised, civilised country out of it that speaks English, the predominant language, because the British became predominant there.--Until they outnumbered the Aborigines and they outfought'm and outflanked'm and everything else and took over the Island.

       48. SO MANY GREAT COUNTRIES, NATIONS & PEOPLES ORIGINATED AS CRIMINALS! This was even the beginning of the Americas! A lot of people back in the home countries of Europe that the kings didn't know what to do with & were causing trouble & they considered rivals & they were afraid of, if they let'm stick around they might take over the throne. So with a great show & pretence of being good to them & favouring them, they gave them great big hunks of countries in North & South America. The Spanish kings did that to their rivals whom they gave whole countries in South America. The British & French kings did that to their rivals whom they gave whole big hunks of North America, to get rid of them! It wasn't necessarily favouritism, they did it to get rid of them! You don't read that very often in the history books.
       49. SOME OF THOSE PLACES NOW KIND OF REWRITE HISTORY, you know, the Ministry of Truth, 1984--well, it's still effective in 1985! They don't want you to know that that's really how they started, as a bunch of criminals, exiles & troublemakers who were just given the country to get rid of them! But that's the way it happened!
       50. THE CATHOLICS WERE VERY HAPPY TO GET RID OF THE PROTESTANTS & SHIP'M OFF TO NORTH AMERICA. The French were glad to get rid of the Huguenots, they were nothing but troublemakers as far as they were concerned. The French Huguenots were the French Protestants, anti-Catholics, so they gladly gave them big tracts of land over in the New World & sent them over to the New World just to get rid of them, get rid of all these problem cases & troublemakers.

       51. THE ORIENTAL EMPIRES WERE VERY SMALL COMPARED TO THE GREAT EMPIRES OF ALEXANDER THE GREAT, THE GRECIAN EMPIRE OR ROMAN EMPIRE. They were not even as great as the Arabian Empire, I would say, nor the great Spanish Empire, French Empire or Portuguese Empire, which covered more territory & more important parts of the World than just China & Japan & their environs. So that's why the Bible somewhat ignores the history of China & Japan, along with the history of a lot of other smaller empires. So don't you Chinese & Japanese feel too bad about it or feel slighted because the Bible seems to ignore you, it ignored a lot of other so-called empires as well, smaller empires which were not really influencing the course of World History, of the major mainstream of World History which was going on in the West primarily!
       52. SO ALTHOUGH THERE WERE EMPIRES AFTER THE HEIGHT OF ROME, THEY WERE SMALLER EMPIRES, AS WE'VE SAID. The Arabian Empire, the Spanish, Portuguese & British Empires, etc., none of them were as great as Rome, nor even Greece, as far as being the one-World dictatorship, as far as being a one-World Empire, so to speak, over all the powerful so-called civilised parts of the World, the powerful nations that really counted as far as controlling World History. As great as the Chinese & Japanese Empires were, they did not control the rest of the World, nor the mainstream of World History. They were great on their own & in their own places, but they were not controlling other great empires of the West who were really so to speak running the World, like Greece, Rome or even those smaller empires.

       53. BUT ANYHOW, FINALLY, THANK GOD FOR THE BRITISH EMPIRE BECAUSE IT DID SPREAD THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE, not only throughout the Western World & virtually most of North America, but all of its great empire. In India, the second largest country in the World, seven- or eight-hundred million people, English is their only national language, the only language that they all understand, or at least somewhat understand. Otherwise there are 200-&-some different dialects in India!
       54. SO WE CAN THANK THE BRITISH, GOD BLESS THEM, & WE CAN THANK THE BRITISH EMPIRE FOR THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE BEING SPREAD THROUGHOUT ALL OF THE EAST PARTICULARLY! I have advised English-speakers in Latin America to come East, because you may not speak their various languages, but they speak yours, as the Lord told me, they speak English. So that most of the people in the Orient--even Japanese, Chinese, Southeast Asians--nearly all of them who have any education at all beyond their little rice paddies & little uneducated peons in the provinces, the educated people all speak English as a second language, because it has become the World's greatest international language, more widespread & spoken by more people than any other language in the World.
       55. WE PUBLISHED A LIST IN THE GN SHOWING THAT ENGLISH IS SPOKEN BY MORE PEOPLE, MORE DIFFERENT COUNTRIES INTERNATIONALLY, ETC. I think the estimate was that something like 1 billion people altogether throughout the World speak English! In India they almost all speak English. (See GN 29, pg.44.)
       56. SO ENGLISH HAS BECOME THE INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE OF THE WORLD!--First under the British Empire & then under the American Empire. So if you want to really get anywhere in business, science, technology, be able to read technical textbooks on various technologies, most of them are written in English. And if anything else, they're a translation from English textbooks. So doctors, scientists, nearly everybody has to learn English if they want to get the very best education & go the furthest in their particular field.
       57. I CAN REMEMBER THE TIME WHEN IT WAS GERMAN BEFORE WORLD WAR 1, & A TIME AFTER WORLD WAR 1 WHEN IT WAS FRENCH, believe it or not. French was the international language, because the French then became dominant in Europe, even over the English, because the English had been exhausted by the war & France became powerful & literally ruled Europe, you might say, as the most prominent nation & the most wide-spoken language. And they insisted that French be used in all the World conferences & the congresses & at the United Nations, first the League of Nations, etc.
       58. SO EVEN TODAY YOU'LL STILL FIND SOME REMNANTS OF FRENCH BEING USED AS AN INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE. You will probably find both English & French in some passports, as being the most widely used international business languages in the whole World. International people, people that do business internationally, either speak English or French!

       59. I THINK TENERIFE IS ONE OF THE FIRST PLACES I WANT TO GO BACK & VISIT IN THE MILLENNIUM! Isn't that wonderful? We won't have to worry about passports, visas, reservations, tickets, we'll just go whssst!--Like Superman off through the sky! Won't that be a beautiful trip? We can see all this scenery in a flash & land in Tenerife & walk around our old haunts & see our old friends who are now running Tenerife, or will be then. Won't that be wonderful?--Or go back & visit France where some of you lived for so long & learned to speak fluent French. There was a time when David could even speak Spanish, we all had to learn Spanish when we were there.
       60. I HOPE SOME OF OUR FAMILY ARE LEARNING RUSSIAN! After all, you'd better learn the language of the World's conquerors, the people that are going to rule the World very soon. Not only that, but it would be good to learn Chinese, because it's a marvellous developing new country which we're going to be running soon & someone's going to have to know Chinese. Thank God we've got quite a few Chinese that know Chinese in the Family. We have got to be like the Jews, we've gotta know all these languages! So that's what the Lord has done, He's scattered us into all the nations of the Earth where we've learned all these languages so that when the Millennium comes we can rule those countries, know their languages, talk to them in their own languages, as well as our heavenly code languages, languages of Angels! PTL!--As well as read their minds!
       61. ISN'T THE LORD FITTING US FOR THE JOB SO BEAUTIFULLY? Are you really getting fitted for the job that you're going to have in the Millennium? Well, you guys are probably still going to be taking care of me, I presume, because you know me best & I know you best. I'm sorry, folks, not everybody in the whole World can come live with me. After all, I'm only human! I'm not omnipresent, omniscient & omnipotent, I'm only in one place at a time! I can maybe get around quite a bit to quite a few of you, & I know a lot of women who want me to visit them, but otherwise I pretty much have to be located in one place.

       62. THIS IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN GOD & THE DEVIL! GOD IS {\ul \i OMNISCIENT}--that means He knows all--He is {\ul \i omnipresent}--He is everywhere--& He is {\ul \i omnipotent}--that means He is all-powerful, & not one of those words is true of the Devil! He is not everywhere, he doesn't know everything, & he is not all-powerful! Satan can only be in one place at a time, because he is only a fallen archangel.--Like the Angels: They can only be in one place at a time.
       63. I DON'T KNOW IF I SHOULD SAY THIS OR SHOCK YOU, BUT IN A SENSE, BECAUSE JESUS HAD A PHYSICAL HUMAN BODY, EVEN THOUGH IT'S NOW A GLORIFIED, RESURRECTED BODY, HE CAN ONLY MANIFEST HIMSELF AT LEAST PHYSICALLY IN ONE PLACE AT A TIME. Now being the Son of God & part of God, He also is omniscient, omnipresent & omnipotent. Those are big words, I hope you know how to spell them, dear typist. If not, look'm up in the dictionary, I don't have time to teach you everything right now. If I start spelling I'll have a whole spelling bee here! I'm bad enough, I don't know if we've even gotten to the first Verse here or not!


       64. BUT HERE'S THE SITUATION, IT'S GOOD TO BE SCATTERED IN ALL THESE COUNTRIES SO WE'LL KNOW ALL THESE LANGUAGES & know the people, so we will be ready to take over when God says, "All right, go get'm! Let's go! You've gotta run that country!" Some of you are going to be leaders in your field! God is marvellously preparing us for the job! I'm not kidding, I'm serious! It's the truth!
       65. AND BECAUSE I LOVE THE WHOLE WORLD, I THINK THE LORD'S PROBABLY GOING TO MAKE ME A KIND OF AN AMBASSADOR-AT-LARGE. I want to go around & visit all these fields!--Especially all my old haunts & familiar fields & see old friends. Then I'm going to want to launch out & visit new fields that I didn't have a chance to go to, & see what they're like & meet our folks there & visit with friends there, etc.
       66. IT'S THAT REAL, BELOVED! IT'S THAT REALISTIC! Do you realise it's real? It's going to happen! That's the truth! Because the Saints shall possess the Kingdom & it shall be forever! Thank God! Amen? Well, now you've had the lesson, maybe you can have a few Scriptures!

       DANIEL 8:23a
       67. (VERSE 23:) "AND IN THE LATTER TIME OF THEIR KINGDOM WHEN THE TRANSGRESSORS ARE COME TO THE FULL."--WHY? As people used to say during World War 1, "If God is God, why doesn't He stop Hitler?" We used to say, "Well, why didn't He stop you, you're a sinner, you're an anti-Christ [DELETED], why doesn't He stop you?"--Why? (Fam: Their cup of iniquity wasn't full yet?) Well, how do you know God's got to stop it sometime sooner or later, & now mostly sooner? Why? (Fam: Or they're going to destroy the World.) God has got to stop it soon or man will destroy the Earth & himself completely!
       68. THAT TIME WILL COME WHEN GOD WILL DO THE JOB AFTER HE HAS RESCUED & SAVED AS MANY PEOPLE AS HE CAN! He's still got a lot of people to save right now during this age. He's got a lot of people still to save during the Millennium. And it's only at the end of the Millennium, another thousand years, when He finally decides He's gotta wipe out the Earth!--Rescue all the people that deserve it & slaughter all the rest of them & wipe them off the face of the Earth & even wipe off the face of the Earth completely!--Burn up all the pollution & all the junk, even all the junk flying around in the atmosphere & stratosphere & space & whatnot! It might be a menace to everything.
       69. THE MILLENNIUM IS A CHANCE TO SEE HOW MANY PEOPLE WILL STILL ACCEPT THE LORD! The Millennium is an opportunity to try to save more souls, teach more people, even to try to renovate the Earth in a way, & to learn why, in the long run, God has got to absolutely destroy all the rebels, & the whole face of the Earth & the atmospheric heavens. We will learn why, during the Millennium, that even the Millennium is not enough. And even the restored old Earth, rehabilitated, renovated, Curse removed, made like the Garden of Eden, we're going to find out why that's still not enough. That's still not perfect enough, that's still not pure enough, there's still too much contamination & pollution left by man all around the World. The old Earth is still not good enough & pure enough for you & me & for Heaven on Earth.
       70. SO WE'LL HAVE A THOUSAND YEARS OF TRYING, NOT FAILURE BUT JUST TO SHOW US WHY, why the old World is not good enough, & why even in a Millennial situation with Garden-of-Eden-like Earth it's still not pure enough, & why some people still won't learn even when they see it, & so it will still have to be eliminated & why the Earth has to be purified. We're going to learn during the Millennium, a thousand years, but we're going to accomplish a lot, thank the Lord, save a lot of souls & teach a lot of people, having learned a lot ourselves! That's one of the main reasons for the Millennium.

       DANIEL 8:23-END!
       71. YOU THINK I'M CRAZY, DON'T YOU? WELL, OF COURSE I AM! In the eyes of this World you've got to be crazy to be sane, like Don Quixote! But praise God, the Word is true, it's going to happen! When the cup of their iniquity is full, "when the transgressors are come to the full, a king of fierce countenance & understanding dark sentences shall stand up." Who's that? (Fam: The Antichrist.) See, He's explaining this vision that Daniel already had of these beasts & the horns & the little horn, & here it is just like we said, how about that! We had the right interpretation because we already read this!--Ha!
       72. (VERSE 24:) "AND HIS POWER SHALL BE MIGHTY, BUT NOT BY HIS OWN POWER." By whose power? (Fam: The Devil.)--By Satan's power! He's Devil-possessed, Satan-possessed. "He shall destroy wonderfully, & shall prosper & practice & shall destroy the mighty & the holy people." Who's that?--The Church, right?--Christianity as a whole, churchianity as a whole. He's going to destroy the mighty & the holy people, who are right now so-called Christians, church Christians, nominal professing Christians, & maybe some of them are Christians, this mighty & holy people of all the churches & religious people.--Not only the mighty & holy people of Christianity, but also the mighty & holy people of Islam, the mighty & holy people of Judaism, the mighty & holy people of some other religions of the World. He is going to destroy their power & destroy them if they don't obey, or try to. It tells us so in Revelation & many other places & other chapters, especially the 7th Chapter, etc.
       73. (VERSE 25:) "AND THROUGH HIS POLICY ALSO HE SHALL CAUSE CRAFT TO PROSPER." What does that mean?--Handicraft? Is he going to make baskets & pretty things? (Fam: Witchcraft!)--Yes, exactly. Craftiness! Deceitfulness! Witchcraft! Deviltry! He's going to cause all that occult stuff to prosper. Well, it's already prospering, only he's going to be behind it then. It'll be part of his religion, no doubt.
       74. "AND HE SHALL MAGNIFY HIMSELF IN HIS HEART."--What does that mean? (Fam: Proud.)--Very proud! "I'm a big shot! I'm God!" "And by peace shall destroy many." How can you be destroyed by peace? (Techi: It means, "Shall come in peaceably.")--Exactly! Pretending to bring peace!
       75. HOW HAS COMMUNISM SPREAD MORE THAN ANY OTHER WAY?--By big wars & big armies & lots of guns & bullets & ships & tanks? Is that how Communism spreads?--Not at all! It is spread more or less peacefully by capturing the minds & the hearts of men & getting them to take over their own governments--politically, even diplomatically or economically. Communism has spread by peaceful means throughout most of the World, there are only very few places where they had to have an actual shooting revolution, beginning in Russia. But since the first revolution, most of it has spread by peaceful means, by ideology, capturing the minds & hearts of people, by conversion, by soul-winning, by the same style, you might say, the same method that we are taking over the World today. The Devil can't do anything new, he doesn't know anything new, he just copies God's methods. So Communism has spread by Communistic evangelisation of the World & conversion of hearts & minds peacefully. Most of it has been done peacefully.
       76. "HE SHALL ALSO STAND UP AGAINST THE PRINCE OF PRINCES."--Who's that? (Fam: Jesus.) He even capitalised it this time to make sure you knew!--Jesus! King of kings! "But he shall be broken without hand."--Who, the Prince of princes? (Fam: No, the Antichrist.)
       77. (VERSE 26:) "AND THE VISION OF THE EVENING & THE MORNING WHICH WAS TOLD IS TRUE." How long did it take? (Fam: The evening & the morning.) No wonder Daniel was worn out! You say, "Well Dad, it doesn't sound like it took that long!" Well, to see all these things & have them all explained & understand it all, it sounds like it took all night, from the evening to the morning.
       78. "WHEREFORE SHUT THOU UP THE VISION FOR IT SHALL BE FOR MANY DAYS!" "It's going to be a long time, Daniel, before it happens. Don't worry! Shut it up! It's not for you, it's not for now, it's not for a long time."
       79. (VERSE 27:) "AND I DANIEL FAINTED & WAS SICK CERTAIN DAYS." Don't you think that was kind of an ordeal to go through that kind of a big revelation? Even little spurts of revelation & dreams & visions & messages & prophecies I've received, these things are powerful for human flesh! They really take a lot out of you! They put a lot into you, thank the Lord, inspiration, spirit, revelation, but they're hard on the physical body! They're so powerful! Sometimes you almost vibrate like you're getting an electric shock with what the Lord's doing!
       80. ONCE IN AWHILE YOU EVEN GET A LITTLE SHOT IN CLASS HERE, & IT'S LIKE AN EXPLOSION COMES OUT WITH FORCE, WITH POWER!--Sometimes when I wasn't even expecting it at all & boom, the Lord just speaks to command you to listen & to know that your Father's revealing to you the Truth, hear ye Him! That's usually what He says. PTL! It's not my idea, it's His! He just wants to make sure you know it & He confirms it by the Spirit! PTL!
       81. "AFTERWARD I ROSE UP & DID THE KING'S BUSINESS; & I WAS ASTONISHED AT THE VISION, BUT NONE UNDERSTOOD IT." He must have told somebody, huh? He must have shared it with a few other prophets & patriarchs & some of the leading lights of Israel, some of the great religious friends of his, but nobody understood it, nobody! Because it was not for them, it was not intended for them to understand. They would never live to see that day. It was intended for you, for us today, because now is when it is happening & already here & about to blossom in full horrible bloom!

       82. GBY! ILY! YOU'D BETTER REVIEW CHAPTER 9 FOR NEXT CLASS & MAKE SURE YOU GET ALL THOSE FIGURES STRAIGHT. Here's some more math for you. You who are a little poor in math had better get that straight in your head so you get the right answers! Really this is just more or less review! We've told you most of these things before. But you are learning a few little new details, right? So I hope it's worth it, taking all your time like this, my time too. I really get behind in my work when we have these Classes, but Maria says it's important, she says it's necessary. She says you guys can do my work after I'm gone as far as publishing the Classes & all that, but she says I'm the only one that can have the Classes & tell you all these things. Well, PTL! I must have learned something in all these years, & the Lord has revealed a lot to us, PTL! TTL!
       83. I'M JUST PASSING ON TO YOU WHAT THE LORD'S ALREADY SHOWN ME & WHAT IS GOING TO BE HELPFUL TO YOU to recognise these things when they occur in the days that are not soon to come, but already here! PTL? You're already seeing some of these things, right? We've already got the 10 nations of Europe, right? All these things are already happening. We've already got the Antichrist forces spread throughout the World & all we're waiting for is the revelation of the man himself! And he's already here somewhere! They've got him hidden away to bring him forth in their time!
       84. SO IT'S FOR YOU! THIS BOOK WAS WRITTEN FOR YOU! These visions & dreams were given for you so you would understand what was happening in these Last Days! Isn't the Lord wonderful? Isn't He loving & merciful to be so concerned about you to reveal all this to you so you wouldn't be scared or surprised or shook up by getting shocked by all these things happening you didn't expect!--Like the church is going to have a shakeup & be shocked & surprised & dumbfounded by things that are happening because they got so twisted & deceived by Scofield & some of those guys!
       85. SO THANK THE LORD, AMEN?--THAT HE'S RESERVED ALL THIS FOR YOU! Even this art, even these ideas of Heaven, the Lord said He reserved for us & He promised to give our artists visions!
       86. THE LORD WANTS TO BRING ALL THESE THINGS OUT NOW SO YOU CAN SEE THEM & BE THRILLED BY THEM, INSPIRED BY THEM, EXCITED BY THEM & LOOK FORWARD TO THEM!--Be encouraged by them!--Amen? It's to give you the strength to carry on & the desire to get it done quickly so He can stop all this as soon as possible. Amen?--In Jesus' name! So let's pray for the Kingdom, shall we? (Prays the Lord's Prayer) Lord, do bless & keep us now the rest of this day & help us to accomplish much for Thee, & make us a blessing in Jesus' name! Amen! ILY!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family